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building. Calvary Baptist church. Masonic Temple and many private residences in
Albany, Troy, Leno.x, Hoosick Falls and elsewhere. He is a thirty-second degree
Mason, a member of the Albany Club, and in 1885 was appointed city assessor
by Mayor Wilson, but resigned. He has four sons, Fred J., Thomas, jr., Walter
B., and Goldsmith C.

Schaefer, Frederick William, Ph. G., son of Philip and Margaret (Rau) Schaefer,
was born in Albany, N. Y., September 23, 1866. He attended public school No. 12,
from which he was graduated at the age of thirteen and spent one year in the High
School. He then went into the employ of his brother, a druggist and pharmacist at
No. 245 Central avenue, as clerk and remained with him until he graduated from the
Albany College of Pharmacy, March 8, 1887. After his graduation Mr. Schaefer
accepted the position of head clerk in William R. Laird's pharmacy in Jersey City,
N. J., where he remained two years. He thereupon returned to Albany and on
October 10, 1891, succeeded his brother as proprietor of the pharmacy at No. 245
Central avenue. January 18, 1896, Mr. Schaefer moved his present handsome store


to No. 251 Central avenue, where he carries on a successful business. He is a mem-
ber of Guttenburg Lodge No. 737, F. & A. M., Mountaineer Lodge No. 321, I. O.
O. F.. New York Encampment No. 1, and Grand Canton Memo No. 1, P. M. L O.
O. F. He is also the historian of the Alumni Association of the Albany College of
Pharmacy. January 18, 1893, he married Elizabeth Henkes, and they have one son,
Frederick J.

Slingerland, William Harris, jr., was born in Slingerland, Albany county, N. Y.,
December 10, 1863, and is a son of Col. W. H. and Elizabeth (Wayne) Slingerland.
At an early age he entered the ofKce of his father, a civil engineer and surveyor in
Albany, anr'i he has followed that profession ever since. In 1883 he assisted in lo-
cating the Albany branch of the West Shore Railroad, remaining with that company
until the completion of its lines. In 1889 he made the preliminary surveys for the
Troy & New England Railroad, since constructed as far as Averill Park. During
the years 1891, 1892 and 1893, Mr. Slingerland was engineer of street improvements
in Albany and Greenbush, N. Y., and during years work costing over a
half million dollars was completed under his direction. Mr. Slingerland is a mem-
ber of a family that was always active in political affairs, his father being member of
assembly from the first district of Albany county in 1879, and his uncle, John 1).
Slingerland, member of Congress in 1860 and for several terms an assemblyman from
the same county. He is a Republican, as were both of the above named gentlemen,
and was appointed postmaster at Slingerlands, under the Harrison administration,
holding that office from 1887 to 1892. In 1894 and 1895 he was a member of the
Board of Supervisors from the town of Bethlehem, receiving at his election the largest
majority ever given a candidate for that office in this town. In 1896 he married
Alice Bullock,, daughter of Charles C. Bullock of Saratoga, N. Y. He is an active
member of Friendly Union Lodge No. 381 1. O. O. F., being past grand master of
that body and also a member of the Holland Society of New York and several other

Vineberg, Archibald, M. D., son of Capt. Lozier and Malcha Vineberg, was born
in Helena, Ark., September 18, 1802. Capt. Lozier Vineberg was in the Mexican
war under General Taylor and served with Jeff. Davis and succeeded him as captain.
In 1863 Dr. Vineberg went with his parents to Abrotis, Portugal, on the mouth of
the Tagus River, where he remained from six to eight years and where he was taught
by a private instructor. From there he went to Toweron, Posen, Germany, where
he remained until he was fourteen years of age, returning to Madrid, Spain, where
he attended the De Zabbo Medical College, from which he was graduated and re-
ceived the degree of M. D. in 1879. In 1880 Dr. Vineberg came Lo New York city,
where he remained about a year with Professor Lang. He then went to New Orleans,
La., where he practiced medicine for three years. In 1883 he again went to Europe,
traveling for a year and a half and returned to America from Japan by the way of
San Francisco. From thence he went to New Orleans, where he started in the op-
tical business, making a specialty of correcting errors of refraction. In 1886, being
in ill health, he sold out his business and traveled extensively in Colorado and Cal-
ifornia. He settled in Norfolk, Va., where he married Bettie Guttman Frankfort.
From Norfolk he removed to Albany, N. V., where he opened an optical store at No.
113 North Pearl street; subsequently he moved to No. 65 North Pearl street and in


1893 to No. 3 North Pearl street, where he is now doing business as an optician.
Dr. Vineberg is a member of Temple Lodge No. 14, F. & A. M., Capital City Lodge
No. 440, I. O. O. F., Fort Orange Council No. G97, Royal Arcanum, Albany Council
American Legion of Honor, of which he has been the district deputy for the past
five years, and Gideon Lodge. He has four children: Hiram, Ray, Ruth and L.

Van Gaasbeek, Amos C, is descended from an old Dutch family which came from
Amsterdam, Holland, to Kingston, N. Y., about 1660. Alexander B. Van Gaasbeek,
his father, the son of an eminent physician, Dr. James, was born in Middlelnirg,
Schoharie county, in 1816, and came to Albany in 1833 as a clerk for John Guernsey
and later for William Bagley. In 1836 he engaged in the dry goodsand carpet busi-
ness, but in 1849 sold out and went to Panama, where he was engaged in commerce
for two years. Returning to Albany he re-engaged in trade, dealing solely in car-
pets, a business he still continues. Amos C. Van Gaa.sbeek, born in Albany, July
39, 1853, received his education at the Boys' Academy, under private tutelage, at
Professors Anthony's and Collins's Classical Schools (all in Albany), and at Mt. An-
thony's Seminary in Bennington, Vt. When seventeen he became a clerk in the
carpet house of John H. Pray, Sons & Co., of Boston, but four years later returned
to Albany and entered his father's store, in which after one year he was made a part-
ner under the firm name of A. B. Van Gaasbeek & Co. This continued for fifteen
years. In 1889 he removed to New York city and with Bartlett Arkell formed the
present firm of Van Gaasbeek & Arkell, opening a store at Broadway and 33d street
and Fifth avenue, where they engaged in importing, wholesaling and retailing
oriental rugs, carpets, etc.. and after seven years are recognized as the leading firm
in their line in the United States. They control more than one-half of the looms of
India, and are the heaviest importers of rugs in America. Mr. Van Gaasbeek was
largely instrumental in securing the funds and causing the erection of the Y. M. C. A.
buildin;< in All. any, serving as treasurer of the building fund and as a member and
later as iliaii man I'f the Ijuilding committee. He was an organizer of the Standard
Rmerv Wheel Cunipany of Albany, of which he has continuously been the president.
He is a member of the Holland Society, the Uptown Association, the Chamber of
Commerce, and the Albany Society, all of New York city, and the !':sse.-; County
Country Club, of New Jersey. November 4, 1874, he married Helen W., daughter
of Allen Comstock of Lenox, Mass.

Williams, E. P., was born in Pierrepont Manor, Jefferson county, N. Y., June 3,
1860. He attended the village sehoi.l and later learned telegraphy. In 1880 he
moved to Minneapolis, Minn., ami for lliiee years was a telegraph operator in the
employ of the Minneapolis & St. Loui:, Railroad; he then moved to Albany, N. Y.,
where he started in his present business, that of produce commission merchant.
Mr. Williams is a thirty-second degree Mason, a member of the Acacia Club and
president of the Capital Citj' Cold Storage Warehouse Company. He is also a di-
rector of the United States Building, Mutual Loan and A*ccumulating Fund Asso-
ciation. In 1886 he married Ida G. Buchland of Whitehall, N. Y.

Michel. Fred G., M. D. S., son of Dr. Frederick W. and Saloma (Bergman) Michel,
was born in Boonville, N. Y., July 16, 1851, and was educated in the public schools


of Utica, where the family settled about 1853. He first learned the trade of raanu-
faeturing jeweler with Jeremiah Gumph of Utica. March 8, 1871, he came to Al-
bany and entered the employ of H. G. Gumph, manufacturer of fine tools, with
whom he remained until 1883. He then began the study of dentistry with Dr. S. W.
Whitney; also mechanical dentist for Dr. E. C. Baxter from 1885 until the time of
his death; and in 1889 he associated himself with Dr. H. L. Whitbeck. In 1893 he
received the degree of M. D. S. from the State Board of Examiners and in April,
1893, began the practice of dentistry alone. He is a member of Wadsworth Lodge
No. 417, F. & A. M., a charter member of William Macy Lodge No. 93, I. O. O. F.,
aud was a charter member and is past chancellor of Flower Lodge No. 336, K. P.,
and was a charter member and is now commander of Albany Tent No. 363, K. O
T. M. ; also charter member of Albany Senate No. 641, K. A. E. O., and a member
of the Albany City Curling Club. In 1873 he married Charity, daughter of Alanson
Hitchman of Howe's Cave, N. Y., and they have had two children: Emma and
George C, both deceased. Dr. Michel is treasurer and trustee of All Souls Uni-
versalist church.

Lochner, Dr. George Emory, was born in Albany, July 19, 1867, and is a son of
Jacob L. Lochner, who for thirty-live years was engaged in the fruit business at
the corner of South Pearl and State streets. On the maternal side Dr. Lochner is
descended from Revolutionary stock, his mother being Nellie J. Best of Schoharie.
When Dr. Lochner was eight years of age his mother died. His early education
was received at private schools and in Public School No. 11, and was graduated from
the High School in 1885. He then registered with Dr. Albert Vander Veer, under
whose care he studied medicine for three years. He had previously attended clinics
at the City Hospital. While with Dr. Vander Veer he attended the Albany Medical
College, graduating in March, 1888, being honored by selection as historian of the
class. At the competitive examination which followed for appointment to the Al-
bany Hospital, Dr. Lochner outstripped all competitors and the result entitled him
to the place. During the summer of 1888 he continued his studies in New York
city. In September, 1888, he entered the Albany Hospital and served twenty
months as ambulance surgeon and house physician and surgeon. His term expired
in April, 1890. and upon retirement he received a diploma from the staff, gift of
surgical instruments from matron and associates, and a letter of commendation from
the Board of Governors. Leaving the hospital, he began the practice of his pro-
fession at No. 1 South Hawk street. In 1890 he was appointed by Dr. J. M. Bigelovv
as an instructor in the Albany Medical College in larnygology and rhinology and the
following year by Dr. J. P. Boyd, as instructor in obstetrics and gynjccology and in
anatomy by Dr. S. R. Morrow, which place he still holds. In October, 1891, he re-
ceived the appointment of physician to the Albany Hospital Dispensary for di.seases
of women and children. As a member of the Albany County Medical Society he
was, in October, 1891, chosen as its secretary and served as censor in 1893 and 1894.
In 1892 he was appointed physician to the Albany Fire Dejjartment. Dr. Lochner
is a member of the alumni associations, of the Albany High School, of which he is
now serving as president, and Medical College, and of the e.\ecutive committee of
the High School; he also belongs to the Press Club, A.K.P. and P.E.K. fraternities;
is also a member of Masters Lodge No. 5. F. &• A. M. On .May 1, 1897. he re-
moved to No. 196 State street, where he is now located.


Wolfe, Andrew J., was born in Coeymans in 1841. He is the son of Anthony and
the grandson of John T., who came from Greene county with his father, Tennis, to
Coeymans about 1790. Mr. Wolfe has been actively engaged, most of his life, on
Hudson River, being both owner and captain of steamers until 1885, when he re-
tired. Mr. Wolfe's mother was Henrietta, daughter of James Selkirk, one of the
prominent early families of Albany and Bethlehem. Mr. Wolfe has two sons:
Calvin, who is a mechanical engineer, and Walter S., who is a graduate of River
View Military College, and also the Albany Business College.

Hatt, George J., was born in Morristown. N. J., and is a son of Rev. Josiah Hatt
and Mary Ball Hatt, both of whom died when he was in infancy. He attended the
district and select schools in New Jersey, and was graduated from the Fort Ed-
ward (N. Y.) Collegiate Institute in 1ST6. He became a resident of Albany in 1881,
at first securing a position as bookkeeper with C. Van Benthuysen & Sons, where he
remained until 1886, when he formed the copartnership of Underbill & Hatt in the
grocery business, which continued until May 1, 1897, during which time the firm
built up and successfully maintained a business second to none in the city. On May 1
he became a stockholder in and secretary of the F. N. Sill Company, one of the
largest coal companies in Albany. Mr. Hatt is a Republican in politics, but has
never aspired to office, although he has always taken an active interest in the affairs
of the city. He is largely interested in church and benevolent work, is a member of
the Emanuel Baptist church, and has been president of the local union of the Y. P.
S. C. E., and was chairman of the hall committee of the State Convention when held
in that city. He married Carrie L. Clark, daughter of Dr. George W. Clark, the
noted commentator.

Young, Henry W. , son of Peter and Rebecca (Austin) Young, was born in the town
of New Scotland, (Voorheesville) April 14, 1839, and was educated there in the public
schools. In 1855 removed to Albany, N. Y. , where he served an apprenticeship under
John Bridgfnrd, mason and builder. He remained with Mr. Bridgford for eleven years,
at the end of which time, he established himself in business as a contracting mason
and builder, in which business he is still engaged. He was elected supervisor of the
Si.xteenth ward for one term, and in 1895 was appointed city assessor by Mayor
Wilson, and held that office till spring, 1897. He is a member of Ancient City Lodge
No. 452, F. & A. M., De Witt Chnton Council No. 32, R. & S. M., Capital City Chap-
ter No. 242 R. A. M., Temple Commandery No. 2, K. T., of all the Scottish Rite
bodies and Cyprus Temple Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, being a thirty-second degree
Mason. He is also a P. M. of the Ineffable Sublime Grand Lodge of Perfection of
Albany. In 1886, during Albany's bi-centennial, he was chosen vice president (and
the following year became president) of the Master Builders Exchange. He is also
Past Grand of Phoenix Lodge, I. O. O. F. Mr. Young became a member of Trin-
ity M. E. church in 1856, since which time he has served for twenty-five years as a
member of the board of trustees being president of that board for twelve years. He
is also a member of the Board of Directors, of the local branch of the New York
Mutual Savings and Loan Association, and of the Republic and Loan Association
of New York city. In 1856 he married Johanna Gates of Schenectad)-, N. Y., and
they have two children ; Ella and Edgar L.


I^angan, John R., is a sou of Michael and Kate (Fitzpatrick) Langan, both natives
of Albany, and a grandson of John Langan, who came here from Athlone, Ireland,
in 1829, settling permanently in 1833, and died in April, 1881. John Langan was a
wholesale potato dealer, and married Margaret Tracey, who was born in Ireland in
1810, and who died in 188T. (Mrs. Kate Langan was a daughter of William Fitz-
patrick, who was a native of the north of Ireland.) John R. Langan, born in Albany,
October 13, 18G5, was graduated from the high school in 1884, read law with the late
John B. O'Malley, and with Newcomb, Bailey & Nusbaum, took the degree of LL.B.
from the Albany Law School in 188.5 and was admitted to the bar in 1887. Since
the spring of 1888 he has been in the active practice of his profession at Albany, N.
Y. November 27, 189."), he married Celia M. Lavella Hayes, daughter of John Hayes,
of Syracuse.

MacAllaster, William, was born in Albany, N. Y., on May 31, 1805, and is a son
of Charles E. and Harriet (Roberts) MacAllaster. William was educated in the
public schools at Albany, after which he served his apprenticeship in the drug busi-
ness, in the store of Joseph Nellegar. In 1884 he passed the State Board of Phar-
macy, and later entered, and was graduated from the Albany College of Pharmacy,
and still later took a course in the Albany Medical College. In 1885 he established
his present business as druggist and apothecary in which he has been successful.
Mr. MacAUasteris a member of Wadsworth Lodge No. 417, F. & A. M., of American
Lodge No. 32, I. O. O. F., and of the Unconditional Republican Club, all of Albany,
N. Y.

Wickham, Richard, jr., was born in Albany. N. Y., on (')ctober 7, 1874, and was ed-
ucated in the public schools of his native town and St. Izeier College, near St John,
B. C. At the age of nineteen he learned his father's trade, that of carpenter and
builder, and has ever since continued in that business. He has made a special study
of architecture, and at the present time draws all the plans for the buildings that he
erects. In 1895, Mr. Wickham, sr., practically retired from the business, and since
that time Richard has successfully carried it on alone. He is a member of Mt. Her-
mann Lodge No. 38, I. O. O. F., of Albany, and as a business man he commands
the respect of all with whom he comes in contact.

Sauter, Louis, jr., was born in Albany, N. Y., on March 17, 1858, and was educated
in the Boy's Academy, of that city. He entered upon his business career at si.xteen
years of age, learning the drug business with his father, and has ever since remained
in that business, buying out his father's interest in 1894, at which time Mr. Sauter,
sr., retired. Louis is a practical businessman and has been eminently successful.
In 1880, he was united in marriage with Miss Minnie Leyboldt, a daughter of Fred
Leyboldt, the leader of the 12th Regiment Band of New York City, and they have
two children. Mr. Sauter is a member of the local K. P. and of Mt. Vernon Lodge
No. 3, F. & A. M., of Albany.

Ronan, Parker C. was born in Albany, N. Y.. on July 22, 1868, and is a son of the
late Patrick Ronan, who was, for a great many years, the sole proprietor of the
" Ronan Line" of Steamers, plying between Albany and New York City. Parker
attended the "Boys Academy." at Albany, and when twenty years old, entered his
father's oflfice, as book-keeper, and remained as .such for several year.s. He was


later made superintendent of the line, and upon the death of his brother, John D.,
(in 1893) he succeeded to the proprietorship of the entire business, which his father,
Patrick, had bequeathed to the brothers shortly before his decease, (in 1888). Mr.
Ronan was united in marriage, in the autumn of 1888, to Miss Isabelle M. McOuade,
of Albany, and they have one child, a son, Samuel M. Mr. Ronan is treasurer of
the Albany Lodge, No. 49, B. P. O. E., a member of the Albany Club, and Albany
Yacht Club, and a life member of the Catholic Union. He is a man of sterling worth
and successfully maintains the business left him by his father.

Leavy, Mark S., M.D. and surgeon, was born on January 1, 1862, at Fort Edward
N. Y., and is a son of Michael and Ann (Donohue) Leavy. Michael Leavy is a
native of Ireland, and emigrated to America about 1840, settling at Fort Edward,
N. Y., where he resided for a number of years, later removing his residence to Al-
bany. Mark S. attended private school, and early developed a liking for medicine.
He took a course in the Medical Department of the University of Wooster, at Cleve-
land, Ohio, and ivas graduated therefrom, with honors in 1888. He then returned to
the home of his parents, at 317 Madison Avenue, Albany, N. Y., where, in the same
year, (1888) he began the active practice of his profession. He has been eminently
successful, and justly deserves the high esteem in which lie is held, in both profes-
sional and social circles. Dr. Leavy is a member of the Catholic Union, and Knights
of Columbus, of Albany, and of the Albany County Medical Society.

Harrigan's Sons, John, undertakers and embalmers. John Harrigan came to Al-
bany, N. v., from county Limerick, Ireland, in 1847; (1853 business established,) in
1863 he was elected coroner for a term of three years, and re-elected in 186.5. He
also served in the Rebellion, enlisting in Co. G, 3.')th Regt., in 1861. John J. (died
1893), Harvey T. V., Daniel S. and Joseph F. composed the firm. From a small be-
ginning at No. 22 Canal street, the business in 1861, was moved to the building No.
21 Canal street and finally to the business block, corner of Canal and Chapel streets,
which they erected in 1890. The building comprises seven lots and has a large
stable in the rear. This firm has the finest assortment of burial cases always on

Dyer, William S., son of Zebediah A. and Lucy Esther (Gallup) Dyer, was born
in the town of Berne, Albany county, March 19, 1863. James Dyer, great-grand-
father of William S., was one of five brothers who came from England, date un
known. He married Mary Marcy of the family of Governor Marcy, by whom he
had nine girls and five boys. James served seven years in the Revolution died in
1^33, and was buried in Whipple Cemetery. Bradbury, son of James, was born in
Massachusetts and went to Jefferson, Schoharie county, with his father at the age of
twelve and later to the town of Kno.x, Albany county, where he bought the Van
Vranken farm, after living for a time in Shingle Bush, Schoharie county, where
Zebediah A., the father of William S., was born. Zebediah A. was supervisor of
the town of Berne during 18.58 and 1859, and at two different periods was school
commissioner of the towns of Berne, Rensselaerville and Westerlo. He was active
in ])olitics, being a prominent Democrat, and a lawyer. Lucy Esther Gallup, mother
of William S. Dj-er, the subject of this sketch, was the daughter of Nathaniel
Gallup, who was the eighth in descent from John trallup, who came to America from


the parish of Moslerne, County Dorset, England, in 1630. Nathaniel Gallup, great-
grandfather of William S. Dyer, married Lucy Latham, daughter of Capt. William
Latham, who was second in command at the massacre of Fort Griswold, where he
was severely wounded. William S. Dyer attended the district schools until he was
fourteen years of age and in 1879 removed to Albany. He graduated from the Al-
bany High School in 1883 and was one of the commencement speakers. In the fall
of the same year he commenced the study of law in the office of Stedman & Shep-
ard. and remained four years with them and their successors, Stedman, Thompson
& Andrews, meanwhile attending the Albany Law School, from which he was grad-
uated in 1886. He was admitted to the bar in the same year. In the fall of 1887
Mr. Dyer opened an office at No. 110 State street, Albany, and was attorney for Col.
Walter S. Church, the owner of the Van Rensselaer manorial cases covering por-
tions of Albany and Rensselaer counties. Mr. Dyer remained with Colonel Church
until his death, just prior to which he had formed a partnership with his brother in-
law, Jacob L. Ten Eyck, under the firm name of Dyer & Ten Eyck. This firm has
been for several years located at Nos 80-83 .State street. Mr. Dyer is past master of
Berne Lodge No. 684, F. & A. M., and an affiliated member of Masters Lodge of Al-
bany, and from 1886 to 1893 was president of the Albany High School Alumni Asso-
ciation. For many years he has been a member of the Albany Press Club. He was
for several years a health commissioner of the city of Albany.

Stonehouse, John Ben, M.D , was born on Jime4, 1851, at Albany, N. Y., and is a
son of the late General John B. Stonehouse, who was born at Maidstone, England, in
1813, and who was prominent, from the time of the breaking out of War of the Re-
bellion, until 1885, (the year of his decease, at Washington, D. C.) in military affairs.
both State, and National. During the latter years of his life, he was commissioner
for the settlement of war claims, of the State of Nevif York, against the U. S. Dr.
Stonehouse attended private school, and the Albany, (N. Y.), Boys Academy, and

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