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mitted to the Albany Hospital. In accordance with authority from
the commander-in-chief, Surgeon-General Vanderpoel, on April 19,
1861, appointed Drs. Alden March, Thomas Hun, and Mason F. Cogs-
well of this city, a commission for the examination of candidates for
the position of surgeon and assistant surgeon of the volunteer regi-
ments from this State. Dr. John "\'. Lansing was named as secretary,
and Dr. Joseph Lewi was added to the commission as an adjunct mem-
ber. Four hundred and sixty-eight applicants were examined by this
board. Of this number two hundred and twenty eight qualified as
surgeons, and one hundred and sixty-seven as assistant surgeons. This
commission remained in service until December 10, 1861. Many of
the best minds in the profession from this city tendered their ser-
vices and were assigned to duty in camp, field, and hospitals. Dr.
Mason F. Cogswell was surgeon in charge of a post hospital and
served as a volunteer surgeon in the Army of the Potomac in 1862.
In 1863 Dr. Cogswell, in connection with Dr. Thomas Hun, inspected
for the Christian Commission, the military hospitals of the west and


southwest. Dr. Alden March, at the time professor of surgerv at the
Albany Medical College, devoted much of his time to the care of the
sick and wounded inmates of the Soldiers' Home located at Albany.
Dr. John V. Lansing was appointed acting assistant surgeon and as-
signed to duty as examiner of recruits at the Albany barracks. Dr.
Henry March, son of Alden March, was commissioned assistant sur-
geon of volunteers in 1862 and assigned to hospital duty at Fortress
]\Ionroe and at Fredericksburg, \'a. Dr. William H. Bailey, a prom-
inent physician of Alban}', was commissioned as surgeon of volunteers
and assigned to duty at Washington, D. C, and in field hospitals of
the Army of the Potomac. Dr. John Swinburne served at the recruit-
ing rendezvous at Albany from 1861 to 1862. Dr. Swinburne was also
a member of the corps of volunteer surgeons assigned to duty with
the Army of the Potomac during the peninsular campaign in 1802.
In connection with Drs. Willard, Cogswell, and Lansing, he was di-
rected by the medical director of the Army of the Potomac to estalilish
a field hospital on the Pamunkey River at a point known as the White
House, and remained in charge of this hospital until he was appointed
acting assistant surgeon U. S. A. and assigned to duty as surgeon in
charge of field hospital at Savage Station, Ya. Dr. James H. Armsby
was one of the attending surgeons at the Soldiers' Home in this city.
Drs. Levi Moore, James L. Babcock, Ira Delamater, and A. P. Ten
Eyck, men esteemed by the community and respected as physicians,
largely assisted in caring for the sick and wounded soldiers confined in
hospital and barracks. Dr. Samuel H. Freeman, still active in the
profession, served as an attending physician at the Soldiers' Home.

Physicians who performed military service other than professional
were Dr. O. D. Ball, who enlisted November 1, 1861, and was mustered
as sergeant of Co. M, 3d Artillery, N. Y. Vols., December 9, of the
same year. Doctor Ball was promoted 3d lieutenant of Co. I, May 21,
1864. February 14, 1865, was advanced to 1st lieutenant and mustered
out of service with his company July 7, 1865. After the close of the
war Doctor Ball practiced medicine in Otsego county, N. Y. In 1874
he removed to Albany and is still actively engaged in the practice of
his profession. Doctor Ball is a member of the State Medical Societv
and ex-president of the County Medical Society,

Dr. Edward E. Brown was commissioned 1st lieutenant of Co. K. 5th
Artillery, X. Y. Vols., September 21, 1862, was promoted captain
January 30, 1863, and resigned his commission May 3, 1865. Doctor


Brown is a graduate of the Albany Medical College, practiced his pro-
fession in the town of Bethlehem and at Albany and removed to

Dr. Ezra A. Bartlett enlisted as a private in the 4th U. S. Artillery
in lS6o. He served with the Army of the Cumberland and Tennessee,
participating in many engagements and was wounded at Pulaski, Tenn.,
in Januar}-, 1865. In 1866 he was honorably discharged from the ser-
vice and completed his collegiate education. After graduating he stud-
ied medicine at th; Albany Medical College and began the practice of
his profession at Albany. Doctor Bartlett is a lecturer at the Albany
Medical College, a member of the staff of the Albany Hospital and a
contributor to the literature of his profession.

Dr. Frederick C. Curtis was enrolled as a private in Co. B, 40th Regi-
ment Wisconsin Vols., May 17, 18(i4, and was discharged on the 16th
of September of same year by reason of expiration of term of enlist-
ment. His regiment, mainly recruited from colleges and academies,
Doctor Curtis at the time being in his sophomore year at Beloit Col-
lege, served in the defenses of Memphis, Tenn., and participated in the
engagement defending the city against the raid of General Forrest.
Doctor Curtis is active in the profession, is a member of the .State Board
of Health, connected with the college faculty and hospital staff, and since
1888 has been secretary of the New York State Medical Society.

Dr. John H. Wilbur at the outbreak of the Rebellion was a student of
medicine registered with Dr. J. D. Wheeler, West Fulton, Scho-
harie county, X. Y. He enlisted as a private in Co. C, 44th N. Y.
Vols., August ^2 1861, and was discharged for disability May ,5, 1863.
After leaving the army he resumed the study of medicine and was
graduated from the Eclectic Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa., in
1864. Doctor Wilbur practiced medicine at West Fulton for three
years, removed to Oak Hill, Greene county, N. Y., where he remained
four years. In 1874 he settled in the city of Cohoes and practiced his
profession until his death March 20, 1896.

The passage of the act of March 18, 1806, authorizing the formation
of medical societies, marked the beginning of a new era in the profes-
sion Previous to that date physicians had been free to begin practice
when and where they saw fit. The result, as has been seen, was to de-
grade the noble profession. The ignorant pretender, in many localities,
stood upon substantially the same footing as regarded success in ob-
taining patients, with the skilled and educated man. The field was


overrun with (juacks of all kinds and who based their claims to business
upon all manner of pretenses. The time was sure to arrive when rep-
utable physicians would adopt measures for self protection, which
would serve to sepai-ate them from the army of disreputable practi-
tioners. Dr. Thomas Hun wrote in 1844 that : "Quackery must be
suppressed, not by legislation, but by enlightening public opinion of
its dangers. The respectability of our profession is to be promoted,
not by asking for legal privileges, but by an increase of individual zeal
and co-operation." That was written nearly forty years after medical
societies came into existence and indicates what must have been the
conditions of the profession at a much earlier period.

It has frequently been placed on record that the Albany County Med-
ical Society is the oldest medical society in the State. This is an error.
The date of its organization was July 39, 1806, at which date there
were five other county medical societies in existence, all of which ex-
cepting that of Columbia county, were, however, organized in the same
month with the Albany County Society. This society has been one of
the most persistently active in the State, and has met with regularity.
It has been instrumental in contending against local epidemics and un-
sanitary conditions, its advice having been frequently sought by the
mayor and council of Albany. Its discipline over unprofessional mem-
bers has been both strict and just, and it has been more than generous
in perpetuating the memory of its deceased members in printed biogra-
phies and in the publication of its own proceedings.

Following is a chronological list of the members of this society from
its organization, with the year of graduation, and other details;

Chronological List of the Medical Society of the County of Albany from rrs
Organization, with Year of Admission and Place of Graduation вАФ The Living
Resident Members are Indicated by a Star*.

1806, Hunloke Woodruff, New York city, died 1811, aged 56; William McClelland,
Edinburgh, died 18r.2, aged 43; Charles D. Townsend, Columbia College, medical
department, 180'3, died 1847, aged 70; John G. Knauff, probably in Germany, died
1810; Elias Willard, Boston, died 1827, aged 71; Wilhelmus Mancius, studied med-
icine with his father. Rev, G. W. Mancius, 1758, died 1808, aged 70: William Ander-
son, LTniversity of Pennsylvania, died 1811, aged 40; Joseph W. Hegeman, Prince-
ton, died 1837, aged Go; Cornelius Vrooman, jr.. University of Penrisylvania, died
1811, aged 30; Alexander G. Fonda, licensed 1806, died 1869, aged 84; Caleb Gauff,
Bethlehem ; Augustus Harris, licensed by Supreme Court, 1800, died 1857, aged 81 ;
Augustus F. R. Taylor, University of Pennsylvania, 1804, died 1841, aged 58.

1807, Peter Wendell, University of Pennsylvania, 1807, died 1849, aged 64; Jacob
L. Van Deusen, Regent's degree, 1806, resigned 1825.


1808, Archibald H. Adams. Universit)- of Edinburgh, died 1811, aged 43; Charles
D. Cooper, New York, died 1831, aged 63; Isaac Hyde, probably licensed, died 1833,
aged 61 ; James Low, University of Edinburgh, 1807, died 1823, aged 40.

1809, Simon Veeder, licentiate of this society, 1807, died 1860, aged 72.

1810, William Bay, Columbia College, Medical Department, 1797, died 1865, aged
93; Jonathan Eights, certificate of two physicians, died 1848, aged 75; John Stearns,
University of Pennsylvania, died 1848, aged 65.

1811, T. Roraeyn Beck, College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1811. died 1855,
aged 64.

1812, Jonathan Johnson, licentiate of this society, 1812, died 1860, aged 75; Eras-
tus Williams, -licentiate Vermont State Society, 1800, died 1843, aged 69. Peter iJe
Lamater, studied medicine, 1794, died 1849, aged 77.

1813, Enoch Cheney; Oliver Lathrop, studied with Dr. White, of Cherry Valley,
died 1824, aged 57.

1816, Moses Brownell, died March 12, 1879, aged 90; Richard Brownell, filed
diploma with county clerk. 1816, removed to Rhode Island; Samuel Freeman, Dart-
mouth, removed to Saratoga, died 1862; George Upfold, jr.. College Physicians and
Surgeons, 1816, died 1872, aged 76; Plat! Williams, Columbia College, Medical De-
partment, 1810, died 1870, aged 86; Joel A. Wing, licentiate Montgomery County
Society, 1811, died 1852, aged 65.

1817, Thomas J. Gibbons, College Physicians and Surgeons, 1817, died 1819,
aged 22.

1819, William Humphreys, College Physicians and Surgeons; 1819, died 1826, aged
31; Charles Martin, licentiate of this society, 1818; Ashbel S. Webster, College
Physicians and Surgeons, 1819, died 1840, aged 44; Caleb Woodward, soon left the

1820, John James, College Physicians and Surgeons, 1819, died 1859, aged 70;
Robert Viets, died 1853.

1831, Moses Clement, licentiate of New Hampshire State Society, 1807; died 1831,
aged 51. Henry B. Hallenbeck, licentiate of this society ; died 1825, aged 29. Ly-
man Spalding, died 1841, aged 46. Barent P. Staats, licentiate New York State
Medical Society, 1817; died 1871, aged 74. Samuel S. Treat. College Physicians and
Surgeons, 1821 ; died 1832, aged 33. Peter Van O' Linda, licentiate New York State
Medical Society, 1820; died 1872, aged 75. Christopher C. Yates, licensed by Su-
preme Court, 1803; died 1848, aged 70.

1832, Valentine Dennick, licentiate of this society, 1822, date of birth and death
not known.

1833, John W. Bay, College Physicians and Surgeons, 1833, died 1877, aged 76 ;
Lewis C. Beck, licentiate of this society, 1818, died 1853, aged 55; Alden March,
Brown University, 1830, died 1869, aged 73.

1824, Michael Freligh, licensed by civil process, died 1853, aged 83.

1835, Rensselaer Gansevoort, College Pyhsicians and Surgeons, 1834, died 1838,
aged 35; John W. Hinckley, licentiate of this society, 1825," died 1860, aged 57.

1836, Charles E. Burrows; David W. Houghtaling, licensed 1833, died 1839,
aged 33.

1837, Hazael Kane, licentiate of this society, 1833, died at Nassau ; Henry Van
O'Linda, licentiate of Montgomery County Society, 1836, died 1846, aged 41.


1838, James P. Boyd, University of Pennsylvania, 1825, died May 10, 1881, aged
77; James M. Brown, licentiate of this society, 1835, died 1854, aged .50; Elisha S.
Burton, Berkshire Medical College, 1827, died 1873; *Benjamin B. Fredenburg,
licentiate Columbia County Society, 1819; Samuel Humpfreys, licentiate State So-
ciety, 1821, died in Liberia, 1832, aged 30; Edward A. Leonard, Yale College, Med-
ical Department, 1837, died 1837, aged 31 ; Michael Malone, licentiate State Society,
1836, died 1844, aged 46; James McNaughton, University of Edinburgh, 1816, died
1874. aged 78; Peter McNaughton, University of Edinburgh, 1835, died 1875, aged
75; William Noble, removed to Albion, Orleans county; Peter B. Nrfxou, licentiate
of this society, 1834, died April, 1883, aged 86; Peter P. Staats, licentiate State So-
ciety, 1825, died 1874, aged 71; William Tulley, licentiate Connecticut State Society,
1810, died 1859, aged 74; Henry Van Antwerp, licentiate State Society, 1835, died
1859, aged 57; Luke Wellington, Berkshire Medical College, 1835, removed; Asa
Burbank, Berkshire Medical College, 1833. died 1833.

1829, -Ebram T. Bigelow, Fairfield Medical College, died about 1868; Henry Green,
Fairfield Medical College, 1814, died 1844, aged 54; Isaac Hempstead, licentiate of
this society, 1837, died 1852, aged 48 ; Augustus F. Lawyer, Fairfield Medical Col-
lege, died March 27, 1883, aged 75; Solomon Lincoln, licentiate State Society, 1829,
removed; Nicholas Markay, died; Francis N. Selkirk, licentiate of this society,
1829, died 1849, aged 40; John Styles, removed to New York city; Benjamin Van
Zandt, died; James Wade, licentiate Schenectady County Society, 1812, died 1867,
aged 78; Nanning V. Win-ne, Yale Medical School, IsiN, (Wed 1>!58. aged 51.

1S;^0, Henry Bronson, removed to New Haven, Conn, ; Jdiuithan H. Case, Fairfield
Medical College, 1838, died 1865, aged 58; Obadiah Crosby, m New York, 1828, died
1838, aged 38; Vernor Cuyler, licentiate State Society, 1833, removed; David-
son; Thomas Hun, Univensity of Pennsylvania, 1830, Albany, died June 33, 1896,
aged 86; James S. Low, died; David McLachlan, University of Glasgow, 1839, died
1858, aged 55; Richard Murphy, licentiate State Society, 1830; William O'Donnell,
removed to New York city; William Pearce; Alva W. Rockwell, Berkshire Medical
College, 1830, died 1837, aged 41 ; Nelson Rusk, licentiate Chautauqua County So-
ciety, at Stuyvesant. N. Y. ; Samuel Shaw, removed to Massachusetts; Guy Spald-
ing, died 1854, aged 75; John F. Townsend, University of Pennsylvania, 1830, died
1874, aged 65.

1831, David R Burrus, Vermont Academy of Medicine, 1833, removed to Saratoga
county, 1859; Hiram Christie; Lansing Cory; Darius Coy, removed to Cobleskill ;
Palmer C. Dorr, licentiate of this society, 1834, died 1840, aged 43 ; Richard J. Dusen-
bury. removed to Chicago; Edward W. Ford, University of Pennsylvania, 1831,
died 1875, aged 45; Ten Eyck Gansevoort, University of Pennsylvania, 1835, died
1843, aged 40; Lewis B. Gregory. Fairfield Medical College, 1830, died 1838, aged
30; Abraham Groesbeck, removed to Chicago, 111.; Ammond Hammond, Vermont
Academy of Medicine, died 1849, aged 46; Alson J. Hallenbake. licentiate State So-
ciety, 1831, died 1846, aged 38; Carroll Humphrey, University of Pennsylvania, died
at Calcutta, 1834, aged 39; E. A. Lacey ; David Springsteed, licentiate of this so-
ciety, 1830, died March 36, 1894, aged 86; Luther M. Tracey ; John T. Van Alstyne.
Fairfield Medical College, 1833,- died 1876, aged 76; Leonard G. Warren. Vermont
Academy of Medicine, 1836, died 1866, aged 63.

1832, Jarvis Barney, died 1838, aged 33: Stephen D. Hand, Berkshire Medical Col-


lege, 1831 ; Josiah W. Lay, licentiate Greene County Medical Society, 1816 died 1803,
aged 71 ; Piatt Wickes, removed.

1833, Levarette Moore, Berkshire Medical College, 1839, removed to Ballston ;
Van Denmark.

1834, James H. Armsby, Vermont Academy of Medicine, 1883, died 1875, aged 06;
Frederick Crounse, Albany county ; Samuel Dickson, licentiate State Society, 1839,
died 1858. aged 51; N. L. Hungerford, licensed 1830, died 1839, aged 34; We.stley
Newcomb, Vermont Academy of Medicine, 1833, removed to Ithaca; William G.
Radcliff, removed to Philadelphia; Bernard Sabalis, returned to Holland; Sidney
Sawyer, removed to Chicago, 111. ; Herman Wendell, College Physicians and Sur-
geons, 1833, died 1881, aged 73.

1837, William F. Carter, Dartmouth Medical College. 1834. died 1866, aged 54; M.
A. Grant, removed to Connecticut ; Francis W. Priest, left city after short residence ;
J. B. Rossraan,. Fairfield Medical College, 1839, died December 33, 1883, aged 77;
Edward O. Sewall, removed to Canada; John H. Trotter, licensed to practice, died
1801, aged 48; John Van Buren, University of the City of New York, died 1856, aged
48 ; Alexander Van Rensselaer, removed to New York city.

1839, John Babcock, Vermont Academy of Medicine, 1838, died March 13, 1879,
aged 65; John Van Alstyne, died at sea, 1844; Peter Van Buren, College Physicians
and Surgeons, 1833, died 1873, aged 71; John Wilson, Fan-field Medical College (?),
died 1877.

1840, Mason F. Cogswell, College Physicians and Surgeons, 1833, died 1804, aged
54; Otis Jenks, licensed by State Society, 1840, died 1854, aged 55.

1841, John O. Flagler, died December 17, 1883; E. B. O'Callaghan, licentiate State
Society, 1841; died 1880, aged 80; Charles H. Payne, removed to Saratoga; U. H.
Wheeler, died in Brooklyn.

1843, Selah B. Fish, Berkshire Medical College, 1841, removed from the county.

1844, John Campbell, Albany Medical College, 1843; entered United States army
in 1847; C. E. Dayton; Patrick Gannon, in New York, died 1854, aged 74; David
Martin, Fairfield Medical College, 1838, died 1853, aged 53; William J. Young, re-

1845, Uriah G. Bigelow, Albany Medical College, 1843, died 1878, aged 53; Chris-
topher C. Griffin, licentiate of this society, 1843, died 1856, aged 41 ; Edward Perry,
University of New York, died at the age of 43; J. V. P. Quackenbush, Albany Med-
ical College, 1843, died in 1876, aged 57; Richard H. Thompson, Albany Medical
College, 1843, died 1864.

1846, Isaiah Breakey, Royal College of Surgeqns, Dublin, 1816, died 1848, aged 59 ;
*Samuel H. Freeman. Albany Medical College, 1846, Albany.

1847, Henry B. McHarg, Albany Medical College, 1847, died 1848, aged 33; Ben-
jamin A. Sheldon, Albany Medical College, 1847, died September 10, 1864, aged 39;
John Swinburne, Albany Medical College, 1846, Albany, died March 38, 1889, aged
65 ; C. C. Waller, left the city, 1855.

1848, Edward H. Clarke. Albany Medical College, 1848, removed to Buffalo;
Henry B. Fay, Albany Medical College, 1843, removed to New York city; WiUiam
Geoghegan, Royal College Surgeons, Dublin, 1837, died 1877. aged 83; Alexander
W .McNaughton, Albany Medical College, 1848, died January 7, 1865, aged 36; Paul
Todd Taber, Albany Medical College, 1848, died 1851, aged 35; Howard Townsend,


Albany Medical College, 1846; died January 15, 1867, aged 44; Sylvester D. Willard,
Albany Medical College, 1848, 'died April 3, 18G.5, aged 40.

1849, David Wiltsie, Albany Medical College, 1847; died 1875, aged 55.

1850, Abram H. McKown, Albany Medical College, 18451 died 1853, aged 33;
Thomas H. Neeley, Albany Medical College, 1850, died 1851, aged 35; Jacob Rein-
hart, Heidelberg and Gottingen, 1847, died 1800, aged 35; James H. Sallisbury, Al-
bany Medical College, 1850, removed to New York city; Augustus Viele, Fairfield
Medical College, 1837, died February 13, 1883; AlonzoG. Westervelt, Albany Medical
College, 1850, removed to Durham, Greene county.

1851, James L. Babcock, Albany Medical College, 1850, died February 13, 1881,
aged 58; J. R. Bullock, Fairfield Medical College, 1836, Albany county ; Ira M.
De Lamater, Albany Medical College, 1850, died September, 1864, aged 45; David
E. Fonda, Fairfield Medical College, 1838, died January 13, 1883, aged 66; Will-
iam A. Hawley, Albany Medical College, 1851, removed to Syracuse; Charles D.
Marsh, Albany Medical College, 1850, removed" from the city; William B. Sims, Al-
bany Medical College, died October 18, 1881 ; S. O. Van Der Poel, JeiTerson Medical
College, 1845, removed to New York 1881, died Macrh 12, 1886; I. N. Wyckoff, Al-
bany Medical College, 1853, never practiced medicine, died.

1853, F. L. R. Chapin, Albany Medical College, 1851, removed to Glens Falls,
died April 10,1889, aged 65 ; Samuel Ingraham, Albany Medical College, 1849, removed
to Palmyra; *Joseph Lewi, University of Vienna, 1847, Albany; Levi Moore, Albany
Medical College, 1851, died June 30, 1880, aged 53; Henry F. Spencer, Albany
Medical College, 1853, died at sea, 1863, aged 36.

1853, Hiram A. Edmonds. Albany Medical College, 1858, died 1857, aged 39;
Henry March, Albany Medical College, 1853, died May 7, 1886; J. H. Scoon,
Albany Medical College, 1849, died July 23, 1880, aged 54; John P. Witbeck, Albany
Medical College, 1852. died 1873, aged 44; Harvey B. Wilbur, Berkshire Medical
College, 1843, removed to Syracuse.

1854, *WilliamH. Bailey, Albany Medical College, 1853, Albany; William H.
Craig, Albany Medical College, Albany, 1853, died October 4, 1889; Charles Devol,
Fairfield Medical College, 1831, Albany, died March 5, 1894; Alexander H. Hoff,
Jefferson Medical College, 1843, died 1876, aged 55; S. P. Uline, Vermont Academy
of Medicine, 18.52, removed to Lovifville.

1855, Stephen J. W. Tabor, College Physicians and Surgeons, 1841, removed to
Iowa; Daniel Wasserbach, University of Hague, 1843, died September 11, 1880,
aged 66.

1850, Frederick C. Adams, Albany Medical College, 1847, died 1862, aged 40;
Amos Fowler, University of New York. 1846, Albany, died October 23, 1895; *Henry
G. McNaughton, Albany Medical College, 1856. Albany; Staats Winne, Albany
Medical College, 1851, died May 30, 1880, aged 53.

1857, O. C. Alexander, Albany Medical College, 1854, Albany; *Hiram Crounse,
Vermont Academy of Medicine, 1847. Albany; *George H. Newcomb, Albany
Medical College, 1855, Albany ; William C. Rodgers, Albany Medical College, 1854,
died 1860 aged 30; *A. Shiland, Albany Medical College, 1853, West Troy; John I.
Swart, Ablany Medical College, 1853, died November 24, 1878, at Schoharie, aged
47 ; Alfred Wands, Albany Medical College, 1845, died 1870, aged 48.

1858, John H. Becker, Albany Medical College, 1853, died 1873, aged 45; *H. S.


Case, Albany Medical College, 1853, Albany; Alex. A. Edmeston, Albany Medical
College, 1853, died 1871, aged 42; Thomas Helme, Albany Medical College, 1854,
McKownsville, Albany county, died March 17, 1889; Milton M. Lamb, Vermont
Academy of Medicine, 1856, removed to Lansingburgh, 1873; J. J. Myers, Albany
Medical College, 1857, Albany; James E. Pomfret, Albany Medical College, 1858-
died February 33, 1869, aged 43; Leroy McLean, Albany Medical College, 1855, re-
moved to Troy; George Steinart, University of New York, 1855, removed to New
York city; Andrew Wilson, licentiate Columbia County Society, died 1871, aged 56.
^ 1859, *Charles H. Porter, Albany Medical College, 1859, Albany; R. S. McMurdy,
Albany Medical College, 1847, removed to Minneapolis. 1873; R. H. Sabin, Albany
Medical College, 1856, West Troy, died December 4, 1888; *Charles H. Smith, Al-
bany Medical College, 1859, Albany; Thomas Smith, Albany Medical College, 1845,
died 1862; Charles P. Staats, Albany Medical College, 1853, died April 16. 1884, aged
53; Oscar H. Young, Albany Medical College, 1858, removed to Michigan.

1860, Joseph Atherley, died 1864; J. R. Boulware, Albany Medical College, 1859,
died October 17, 1887 ; William B. Chambers, Albany Medical College, 1858, re-
moved to Fulton county; A. S. Harlow, Albany Medical College, 1859, removed
from the county; Washington Kilmer, Albany Medical College, 1860, removed to
Florida; John V. Lansing, New York Medical College, 1854, died May 9, 1880, aged
56; Martin L. Mead, Albany Medical College, removed to Ohio, 1871; J. W. Moore,
Vermont Academy of Medicine, 1850, Cohoes, died 1886; Cornelius D. Mosher,
Albany Medical College, 1859, Albany, died September 26. 1890; Joseph N. North-
rop, Vermont Academy of Medicine, 1839, died September 17, 1878, aged 61; John

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