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structure was completed. In 1865 the Holy See appointed Father Con-
roy bishop of Albany, but he, however, retained the title of rector of
this church until 1874. When Bishop Conroy took up his pennanent
residence at the Cathedral in 1866, he left the Rev. T. M. A. Burke iij
char-ge of St. Joseph's. Father. Burke was appointed pastor in 1874.

During the administration and pastorate of Father Burke a commo-
dious school for l)oys was erected, the church and grounds were im-
proved and beautified, a large and handsome parochial residence was
built, and more than $100,000 of debt was paid. Father Burke remained
in charge of St. Joseph's until December 6, 1896, when he removed to the
Episcopal residence on Madison avenue. From this parish have been
taken the parishes of the Sacred Heart (North Albany) and St. Patrick's.
Father Joseph H. Mangan is now in charge of this church. The Church
of the Holy Cross (German), corner of Hamilton and Philip streets, was
erected in 1849-52, and was consecrated in the latter year during the
rectorship of Father Noethen. He remained with the church until
1878 and was succeeded by Father Ottenhaus, who is still rector. Al-
■ though the church has been a prosperous one, it was in later years
greatly reduced by withdrawals to form other congregationfe, which
were the Church of Our Lady of Angels, 1868; Church of the Assump-
tion, 1869, and Our Lady Help of Christians, 1880.

St. Ann's parish was formed in 1866 from the Cathedral parish and
St. John's; its first priest was Father Thomas Doran, who had pre-
viously been in charge of St. Mary's. The corner stone of St. Ann's
was laid in 1867 and the edifice was dedicated December 20, 1868, the
site, on the corner of Fourth avenue and Franklin streets, having been
donated by John Tracy, who with Thomas Kearnan, John Carmody,
and James Coyle, were the trustees. The congregation has always
been zealous in advancing the church and in establishing connecting


societies, among which are Sunday vSchool Union, St. X'inccnt de
Paul's, and a Ladies' Aid Society. Father Terry is now the rector.

Church of the Assumption. — On January 1, 1868, the French Cana-
dians of Albany founded the St. Jean Baptist society with twenty five
members, its objects being to aid sick members and provide a fund
from which to pay a certain sum at death. In 1869 there were 130
French Canadians in Albany without church accommodations, and this
led to the immediate erection of their church on the corner of Dallius
street and Fourth avenue. In the spring of 1871 the residence ad-
joining the church was bought for $4,000. The parsonage was erected
in 1876 and cost $8,000. Father Alphonse Villeneuve is the present

The Catholic congregation bearing the name of Our Lady Help of
Christians is an outgrowth of the Holy Cross church, and was or.gan-
ganized in 1873 by Father Teodore Noethen, vicar-general for the
Ciermans of the Albany diocese. The church property on Second ave-
nue was purchased in 1873 and a frame building then standing was
converted into a chapel and a school was soon opened in connection
and taught by John Hess, which is now in charge of the Sisters of St.
Francis of Syracuse. In June, 1874, Father Stephen A. Preisser was
placed in charge of the congregation, and the corner stone of the pres-
ent church was laid June 28, 1880, and the dedication services are held
August 28, 1881. Father Bernard Schoppe is the present rector.

Our Lady of Angels Church (German), on Central avenue at the cor-
ner of Robin street, was erected in 1868, soon after the organization of
the society, the first priest being Father Francis Neubauer, who con-
tinued until 1877. In 1887 the church was considerably improved, and
in 1892 a convent was erected adjoining. Rev. Fidelis M. Voight is the

St. Patrick's church, the organization of which in 1859 has been
alluded to, is situated on the corner of Central avenue and Perry street,
having been erected in 1868 and consecrated on August 30th of that
year. The first priest in charge was Father McGough, who began his
work in 1859. Father P. J. Smith is the present priest.

The parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was formed August 5, 1884,
by Bishop McNeirny, who appointed Father Francis J. McGuire the
first rector. The site of the present church on Walter street was pur-
chased at a cost of about $7,000, but for temporary use a chapel was
built on Erie street. The necessity for larger accommodations was



soon felt and the present new church was begun in Juh% 18?

Online LibraryAmasa J. (Amasa Junius) ParkerLandmarks of Albany County, New York → online text (page 36 of 138)