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ings. Including the San Francisco

Mountains, the Lava Flows of

Northern Arizona, the Gallon of the

Colorado Chiquito, the Petrified

Forest, etc

" 23. — The Mesas of Acoma, Zuni and Moki,

with Indian Legends of Awatobi,

Tai-yo-al-a-ni, Katzimo, CiboUeta

and Mount San Mateo

" 30.— The Gallons of the Gliff Dwellers,

De Ghelly, Del Muerto, Colorado

Chiquito, Walnut, Havasu and


Saturday Afternoon Course by the Staff of the Museum.

Jan. 7. — An Exploration for Dinosaurs in th^ Rocky Mountain Plateau

Region Dr. J. L. Wortman.

** 14. — A Hunt for Fossil Camels and Horses in Kansas and Colorado.

Dr. W. D. Matthew.
** 21. — The Bird Rocks of the Gulf of St. Lawrence . .Mr. Frank M. Chapman.
'* 28. — Explorations of Zapotecan Tombs of Southern Mexico.

Mr. H. H. Saville.
Feb. 4. — The Jesup North Pacific Expedition : Archaeological Exploration in

British Columbia Mr. Harlan I. Smith.

** II. — The Jesup North Pacific Expedition: The Indian Tribes of the

State of Washington Dr. L. Farrand.

** 18. — Rocks of the State of New York as Illustrated in the Museum.

Mr. L. P. Gratacap.

Mar. 4. — The Squirrels of North America Dr. J. A. Allen.

Feb. 25. — A Collecting Trip in Europe Dr. E. O. Hovey.

Mar. II. — The Life Histories of Butterflies of the Vicinity of New York.

Mr. Wm. BeutenmUUer.
** 18. — The Hyde Expedition : Exploration of the Ruins of the Pueblo of

Bonito, New Mexico Mr. George H. Pepper.

** 25. — Peoples of Asia : The Philippines to Japan . . Prof. Albert S. Bickmore.

Board of Education Lectures.
Jan. 10. — Picturesque Sweden Mrs. J. H. Gore.

** 17.— Within the Arctic Circle Prof. J. H. Gore.

'• 24. — England Mr. Wm. Freeland.

** 31. — Andreas Hofer and the Tyrol ^. .Mr. W. D. McCrackan.

Feb. 7.— The Rhine and the Black Forest Prof. H. E. Northrop.

" 14. — Glimpses of Quaint Old Holland : Its People and Customs.

Mr. Myers R. Jones.

** 21. — Modern Greece Mr. J. P. Leotsakos..

** 28. — Among the People of the Balkans. . . Mrs. Emma Paddock Telford.
Mar. 7. — The National Yellowstone Park Mr. John Hutchison.

*' 14.— The Yosemite Valley Miss Mary V. Worstell.

** 21. — Colorado and the Grand Gallon Mr. Th. Douglas.

** 28. — Cuba : Havana and Santiago Mr. Walter P. Terry.

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30 Report of the President,

Apr. 4. — North Atlantic Ocean : The Bermudas Mr. H. L. Bridgman.

*• II. — The West Indies Mr. George Donaldson.

•• 18. — Jamaica and Porto Rico Mr. F. S. Dellenvaugh.

** 25. — Hawaii : Our Pacific Paradise Mr. R. S. Dawson.

Oct. 10. — Porto Rico Miss Anne Rhodes.

** 17. — Naval Gunnery in the Spanish-American War. . Lieut.' G. L. Garden.

** 24. — Life in the Philippines. . Mr. Fritze Andreae and Wm. H. Reeves, Jr.

** 31.— Paris and Her Suburbs > t^^ tt p. TM,«^^k«r«^

Nov. 7. - Paris and Her Suburbs f ^^- "' ^' Northrop.

** 14. — La Belle France Mr. R. S. Dawson.

*• 21.— Holland Mr. W. E. Griffis.

*• 28. — Venice Mr. Jesse L. Hurlbut.

Dec. 5. — Finland Mr. H. Montague Bonner.

** 12.— The Transvaal Dr. John C. Bowker.

The New York 2o5logical Society.
Jan. 12. — The Zoological Parks of Europe and the New Zoological Park of
New York City Prof. Henry F. Osbom.

The New York Botanical Garden.

Apr. 13. — The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, England.

Prof. Lucien M. Underwood.

The LiNNiEAN Society of New York City.

Jan. 19. — A Naturalist in Florida Mr. Frank M. Chapman.

** 26. — A Naturalist in Labrador Dr. Robert T. Morris.

Feb. 2. — A Naturalist on the Pacific Coast Dr. Bashford Dean.

'* 9. — A Naturalist in Wyoming Mr. Ernest Seton Thompson.

J» * ^' \ Sixth Annual Reception of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Mar. 23. — Second Annual Meeting of the Audubon Society of the State of New

Attendance at Lectures.
Teachers' Lectures (Saturday, A. M.)— January 21st to December i6th,

1899 13,525

Holiday Lectures — ^January 2d to December 25th, 1899 3,39i

Saturday Evening Lectures (Columbia University)— -January 7th to

December 30th, 1899 5»37i

Botanical Lecture — April 13th, 1899 420

Linnaean Society Lectures — January 19th to February 9th, 1899 2,658

Membership Lectures — February i6th to December 28, 1899 4,99'

New York Zoological Society Lecture— January 12th, 1899 4^

Board of Education Lectures — January loth to December 12th, 1899. . 32,191
Saturday Afternoon I^ectures (Curators* Course)— January 7th to March

25th, 1899 3>Q42


Publications. — The publications of the Museum issued in the
past year greatly exceed those of 1898, and include the following :
Vol. XII of the Bulletin, consisting of pages i-xii, 1-342, with 14
plates and 102 text figures; Part II of Volume XI of the Bulle-
tin, pages 73~i88 ; Parts IV and V of Volume I of the Memoirs,
pages 167-214, with plates xxi-xxviii, and 26 text figures; Parts

Digitized by


Report of the President. 3 1

III and IV of Volume II of the Memoirs, pages 129-392, with
plates xiii-xx and 315 text figures; Part I of Volume III of the
Memoirs, consisting of 228 pages, with 4 plates, and 291 text figures
(still in press, though nearly completed). The list of articles pub-
lished in 1899, arranged by departments, is as follows :


Observations on some " Mud Flow " Markings on Rocks from near Albany,
N. Y. By R. P. WhitHeld. (Bull. XII. pp. 183-188, 3 text figures.)

Note on a Calcite Group from Bisbee, Arizona. By E. O. Hovey. (Bull.
XII, pp. 189-190, pi. viii.)

Notice of two very large Lobsters in the Collection of the American Museum
of Natural History. By R. P. Whitfield. (Bull. XII, pp. 191-194, pi. ix.)

Catalogue of the Types and Figured Specimens in the Palseontological Col-
lection of the Geological Department, American Museum of Natural History.
By R. P. Whitfield, assisted by E. O. Hovey. (Bull. XI, pp. 73-188.)

Department of Vertebrate Zoology.

On Mammals from the Northwest Territory, collected by Mr. A. J. Stone.
By J. A. Allen. (Bull. XII, pp. i-io.)

Descriptions of Five New American Rodents. By J. A. Allen. (Bull. XII,
pp. 11-18.)

Descriptions of Three New Squirrels from South America. By E. W. Nel-
son. (Bull. XII, pp. 77-80, I text figure.)

Descriptions of Five Apparently New Birds from Venezuela. By Frank M.
Chapman. (Bull. XII, pp. 153-156.)

Descriptions of Three New Free-Tailed Bats. By Gerrit S. Miller, Jr.
(Bull. XII, pp. 173-181, 3 text figures.)

New Rodents from Colombia and Venezuela. By J. A. Allen. (Bull. XII,
pp. 195-218.)

Report on Birds Received through the Peary Expeditions to Greenland. By
Frank M. Chapman. (Bull. XII, pp. 219-244, 8 text figures.)

History and Character of the Family Natalidae. By Gerrit S. Miller, Jr.
(Bull. XII, pp. 245-254, pi. X.)

Description of Two New Subspecies of Cofymbus dominicus Linn. By
Frank M. Chapman. (Bull. XII, pp. 255, 256, i text figure.)

The Generic Names Echimys and Loncheres, By J. A. Allen. (Bull. XII,
pp. 257-264.)

Department of Vertebrate PALiEONTOLOov.

A Provisional Classification of the Fresh-Water Tertiary of the West. By
W. D. Matthew. (Bull. XII, pp. 19-76.)

The Ancestry of Certain Members of the Canidse, the Viverridae, and Procy-
onidae. By J. L. Wortman and W. D. Matthew. (Bull. XII, pp. 109-138.)

Restoration of Oxyctna lupina Cope, with Descriptions of Certain New
Species of Eocene Creodonts. By J. L. Wortman. (Bull. XII, pp. 139-148,
10 text figures.)

Fore and Hind Limbs of Carnivorous and Herbivorous Dinosaurs from the
Jurassic of Wyoming. By Henry Fairfield Osbom. (Bull. XII, pp. 161-172,
8 text figures.)

Digitized by


32 Report of the President,

A Complete Mosasaur Skeleton, Oseous and Cartilaginous. By Henry Fair-
field Osborn. (Mem. I, Part IV, pp. 165-188, pi. xxi-xriii, 14 text figures.)

The Skeleton of Diplodocus. By Henry Fairfield Osborn. (Mem. I. Part
V, pp. 189-214, pi. xxiv-xxviii, 14 text figures.)

Department of Anthropology.

Description of an Ancient Anomalous Skeleton from the Valley of Mexico ;
with Special Reference to Supernumerary and Bicipital Ribs in Man. By
Dr. Ale§ HrdliSka. (Bull. XH, pages 81-108, pll. i-v, 10 text figures.)

The Eskimo of Smith Sound. By A. L. Kroeber. (Bull. XH, pp. 265-328,
pi. xi-xiv, 54 text figures.)

Archaeology of Lytton, British Columbia. By Harlan I. Smith. (Mem.
n, pp. 129-162, pi. xiii, 117 text figures.)

The Thompson Indians of British Columbia. By James Teit. Edited by
Franz Boas. (Mem. II, pp. 163-193, pi. xiv-xx, 198 text figures.)

Symbolism of the Huichol Indians. By Carl Lumholtz. (Mem. Ill, pp.
1-228, pll. i-iv, 291 text figures.)

Department of Entomology.

Synopsis of the Species of Melitia of America, North of Mexico, with Descrip-
tion of a New Species. By William Beutenmttller. (Bull. XII, pp. 149-152.)

Some Species of North American Lepidoptera. By William BeutenmQller.
(Bull. XII, pp. 157-160.)

Several papers for the Bulletin and Memoirs are well under way,
including a Monograph of the Sesiidae by Mr. Beutenmllller, with
several colored plates, for Volume I of the Memoirs. Owing to
lack of funds for the publication of all the material that has been
prepared relating to the work of the Museum, several papers have
been published in other scientific journals, by permission of the
Museum authorities.

Early in the coming year the publication of a periodical, to be
called "The American Museum Journal," will be commenced.
It will contain short articles relating to the past and present work
of the Museum, and is intended to keep the members informed
respecting the work carried on in the several departments.

1 take pleasure in calling the attention of the members of the
Museum to the important results of the various expeditions during
the past year. In some instances the work has been supported
from the funds of the Museum, but in the main, the cost of field
research has been met by private contributions.

A very encouraging beginning has been made in the investiga-
tion of some of the Indian tribes of California and the Indian
Territory ; an extended reference to which is made in a preceding

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Digitized by


Digitized by


Report of the President, 33

page of this report. The marked success already achieved has
prompted the donors to increase their contributions for the com-
ing year ; and I am gratified to add that another friend of the
Museum has generously subscribed a sum for the extension of the
field work among the Indian tribes of Oregon and Washington.

The rapid expansion of our collections more than keeps pace
with the recent additions to the building, and it is manifest that
the space available for exhibition is already inadequate for the
material now on hand. In this connection, it should be remem-
bered that the accessions to the collections from all sources
steadily increase with each succeeding year.

We are indebted to the municipal authorities for their cordial
cooperation with our efforts to complete the recent extensions of
the building ; likewise, for an increase of the annual appropria-
tion, as authorized in the law enacted by the Legislature in March

I have heretofore dwelt on the necessity for a largely increased
Endowment Fund, and I trust that in the near future this much-
desired result may be accomplished.

I desire to record an expression of my earnest appreciation of
the generous aid and cooperation which I have received from my

On behalf of the Trustees I extend their thanks to those mem-
bers and friends who have aided the Museum during the year by
contributions of money or specimens.

To the Curators and their assistants, and others in charge of the
several departments, my thanks are due for the praise-worthy
manner in which they have carried on the work assigned to them.



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The American Museum of Natural History



Department of Parks $95,000 00

Transfer from Endowment Accounts :

To balance deficit of the year 1898 ii«354 46

To balance deficit of the year 1899 22,614 55

$128,969 01

Examined j ANSON W. HARD, \ Auditing

and approved, { GEORGE G. HAVEN, S CommitUe,

Correct.— Joseph W. Edwards, Auditor, Feb. 8, jgoo.


Diaitized bv


in account witA CHARLES LANIER, Treasurer.



Cash deficit, January i, 1899 (11,354 4^

Expressage 490 94

Postage 256 50

Repairs 3,035 70

Coal 6,687 60

Labels 2,978 30

Stationery 612 74

Poison 167 95

Annual Report 231 1 5

Supplies 6,003 73

Salaries 48,685 69

Fixtures i ,444 98

Labor 44,331 17

General Expense 2,672 22

Interest on Debit Balances 15 88

$128,969 01


[E. & O. E.]

New York, Dec, j/, i8gg,


Digitized by


The American Museum of Natural History


Cash on hand, Jan. i, 1899 $7*473 56

Freight Rebate 15 22

Sale of Museum Publications 124 34

Admission Fees i ,288 50

Annual Members 7.5^0 00

Life Members :

iames B. Ford $100 00

f orris Loeb 100 00

Grenville L. Winthrop 100 00

E. Dwight Church 100 00

Arthur Kyle. 100 00

James Sjpeyer. 100 00

Ueorge C. Boldt 100 00

Mrs. Catherine L. Olmsted xoo 00

Wm. L. Flanagan xoo 00

August Belmont 100 00

iames H. Hyde 100 00

. Turner Atterbury 100 00

/m. R. Warren, New York State Archaeological Explorations, 300 00

Theodore Cooper, *' ** ** 20000 I,700 OO

Fellow : Robert S. Brewster 500 00

Patron : Dr. Frederick E. Hyde . 1,000 00

Sale of Specimens (Shells) 75 00

Collecting Permits 36 00

Interest on Invested Funds 18,423 34

State Superintendent of Public Instruction 12,000 00

Mexican Expedition Refund 43 60

J. F. Loubat — Mexican Expedition 500 00

Henry F. Osbom 2,000 00

B. T. B. & Frederick E. Hyde. Jr.— Hyde Expedition 900 00

John B. Trevor Fund :

Mrs. J. B. Trevor 10,000 00

Interest 448 go

Morris K. Jesup :

Jesup North Pacific Expedition 1 1*144 07

** ** '* ** Publications 2,00000

*• Expedition to U. S. of Colombia 3,ooo 00

** Collection of North American Forestry 243 80

Mrs. Morris K. Jesup, North American Indian Research 1,000 00

C. P. Huntington, ** " *' 1,000 00

Dr. Frederick E. Hyde — Delaware Valley Explorations 1,000 00

James M. Constable — Constable Expedition to Northwest Territory. 1,200 00

Kuhn, Loeb & Co 500 00

Wm. E. Dodge — Terrell Collection of Fossil Fishes 802 01

For Pampean Collection of South American Fossil Mammals :

D. Willis James $2*000 00

H. O. Havemeyer 2,00000

Adrian Iselin 1,300 00

Wm. E. Dodge 3,oco 00

James M. Constable t,ooo 00 8,200 OO

Trustees' Subscriptions:

Oswald Ottendorfer %^oqo 00

Joseph H. Choate x,ooo 00

Charles Lanier 1,000 00

Wm. Rockefeller StOoo 00

H. O. Havemeyer 5,000 00

D. O. Mills 2,50000

Adrian Iselin 2,00000

Anson W. Hard 1,000 00

C. Vanderbilt . . ., 10,00000

Wm. E.Dodge.. 2,50000

D. Willis James 1,000 00

iames M. Constable 8,750 00
forris K. Jesup 10,000 00

T. Pierpont Morgan xo,ooo 00

Wm. C.Whitney 3,50000

Archibald Rogers 250 00 68,500 CO

1162,638 34

Examined J ANSON W. HARD. t >« «^.7,W r^ w//^

and approved.! GEORGE G. HAVEN, M*^'"^^'^'"''"''
Correct.— JosBPH W. Edwards, Feb. «P, iqoo.

3^ Digitized by Google

in account with CHARLES LANIER, Treasurer.



Minerals $i66 49

Labels I55 86

Mammals 71 99

Library 998 33

Mammal Groups I45 04

Appleton Sturgis Collection 8,295 52

Skeletons 300 00

Bird Groups 59 98

Geology 508 12

Postage 201 69

Traveling Expenses ' 63 70

Conchology 11 50

Peruvian Expedition 4i033 16

Annual Report 322 18

Stationery 126 35

Edwards Entomological Collection 790 00

Entomology 80 96

Spang Collection 2,073 33

Haines Collection 6,950 00

General Expenses 878 72

Special Loan No. i 15,000 00

Interest ** ** ** 32300

Special Loan No. 2 18,000 00

Interest ** ** ** 80400

Marine Invertebrate Zo5log^ 78 45

Interest on Debit Balances 98 go

Printing \ 263 90

Anthropology 4,374 37

Jesup North Pacific Expedition i i,i44 07

Ethnic Groups 698 64

Vertebrate Palaeontology 5,043 42

Department of Public Instruction 9,662 61

Constable Expedition to Northwest Territory 1,200 00

John B. Trevor Fund Investment 10,536 11

Vertebrate Zoology 610 38

Jesup Expedition to U. S. of Colombia 3,000 00

** North Pacific Expedition — Publications 1,807 36

** Collection of North American Forestry 267 12

North American Indian Research 1,915 05

Bulletins 5.414 9^

N. v. State Archaeological Explorations 505 27

Collection of Pampean South American Fossil Mammals 200 00

Terrell Collection of Fossil Fishes 802 01

Mexican Expedition 1,005 50

Transfer to Maintenance Accounts :

To balance deficit for the year 1898 $1 1,354 4^

** ** ** '* ** ** 1899 22,614 55 33,96901

Cash on hand, December 31, 1899 9,681 29

$162,638 34


[E. & O. E.]

New York, Dec. j/, t8<)g.

yj Digitized by


Chapter 126.

AN ACT to authorize further appropriations for the maintenance of the Ameri-
can Museum of Natural History in the city of New York.

Accepted by the city.

Became a law March 23, 1899, with the approval of the Governor. Passed,
three-fifths being present.

The People of the State of New York^ represented in Senate and Assembly^ da
enact as follows :

Section i. The board of estimate and apportionment, upon the requisition
of the department of parks, is hereby authorized to include annually in its final
estimate of the amounts required to pay the expense of conducting the public
business of the city of New York, in addition to the sum or sums now provided
by law by the terms of chapter three hundred and seventy-eight of the laws of
eighteen hundred and ninety-seven for the maintenance of the American Museum
of Natural History, such further sums not exceeding forty thousand dollars as
the said board of estimate and apportionment may appropriate.

§ 2. This act shall take eflfect immediately.


Digitized by


List of Accessions, 1899.



Benjamin Adams, Brooklyn, N. Y

Albert !•% Prince Souverain de Monaco

F. Ameghino, La Plata, S. A

Edward Atkinson, Brookline, Mass

S. P. Avery, New York City

O. Bangs, Boston, Mass

Dr. Carlos Berg, Buenos Aires, S. A

William BeutenmUller, New York City

Prof. A. S. Bickmore, New York City

Otto Bismark, Berlin, Germany

Mrs. D. G. Brinton, Media, Pa

G. C. Broadhead, Columbia, Mo

A. W. Butler, Brookville, Indiana

T. C. Chamberlin, Chicago, lU

Hon. William Astor Chanler, Washington, D. C

Dr. E. Cohen, Berlin, Germany

Willis Cummings, London, England

M. Cossmann, Paris, France

M. P.-A. Dangeard, Poiters

J. W. de Peyster, Tivoli, N. Y

** ** ** ** I Photograph

S. D. Dill, New York City

George A. Dorsey, New York City

Anthony Drake, Caracas, Venezuela.

Daniel Draper, New York City

Vve. Ch. Dunod, Paris, France

A. S. Gatschet, Washington, D. C

Antonio de Gordan y de Acosta, Habana, W. I .

Arnold Hague, Washington, D. C

R. J. Haight, Chicago, III

Septimus J. Hanna, Boston, Mass

Harper and Brothers, New York City

Hugh Hastings, Albany, N. Y

Frank L. Hoogs, Honolulu, Hawaii

Si Is





Digitized by



Library —Donations,

Eh-. AlcS HrdUdca, New York City

Morris K. Jesup, New York City

•* *• •* I Map

Joseph Le Conte, Berkeley, Cal

Joseph J. Little

C. G. Lloyd, Cindnnati, Ohio

Duke of Loubat. New York City

Arthur MacDonald, Washington, D. C

Robert Baird McLain, Wheeling, Ohio

MacMillan Company, New York City

A, B. Meyer, Dresden, Germany

E. S. Morse. Salem, Mass

Mandeyille Mower, New York City

Munn & Co., New York City

M. de Nadaillac, Paris, France

R. BuUen Newton, London, England

Felix F. Outres, S. A

Norris J. Parker, Philadelphia, Pa

George H. Pepper, New York City

NicoksPike, Brooklyn, N. Y

Prof. F. W. Putnam, Cambridge, Mass

Henri de Saussure, Geneva, Switzerland ,

M. H. SaviUe, New York City

Dr. Ed. Seler, Berlin, Germany

Eugene Seligmann, Frankfurt a M., Germany

Henry Shanks, New York City

Eugene Smith, Washington, D. C

H. B. Smith Machme Co., Smithville, N.J

Harlan L Smith, New York City

Thorwald Solberg, Washington, D. C

Technical Institute, Hebrew, New York City

The Art Student, New York City

Dr. Paul Topinard, Chicago, III

William Wallace, New York City

Anthony Woodward, New York City

Miss Lucy S. Woodward, New York City

William A. Woodward, New York City

Central Experiment Farm, Ottawa, Canada

Department of Marine and Fisheries, Ottawa, Canada

Government Printing Bureau, Ottawa, Canada

7 Maps

Ontario Department of Ag^culture, Toronto

Department of Agriculture and Immigration, Winnipeg

Miramichi Natural History Association, New Brunswick, Nova


Colorado State Agricultural College, Fort Collins

Yale University, New Haven, Conn

Florida Agricultural Experiment Station, Jacksonville

Board of State Charities of Indiana, Indianapolis

Northern Indiana Historical Society, South Bend

Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Indiana

Iowa Board of Railroad Commissioners, Des Moines

































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Diaitized by VjOOQIC
Eskimo Man from thk Wkst Coast ok Hudson Bay

Digitized by


Diaitized by

Eskimo WomaM VWnvi tup Wcot- nrkAcr n,ir TJiTi»o/-.»T W*v


Digitized by


Library — Donations.


Iowa State Horticaltural Society, Des Moines

** ** University, Iowa City .*

Kansas Academy of Science, Topeka

Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station, Frankfort

Maryland ** College, College Park

** ** Experiment Station, College Park . . .

** State Weather Service, Baltimore

Boston Book Co. , Mass

Library Bulletin Co., Boston, Mass

Massachusetts Horticultural Society, Boston

New England Zo5logical Club, Cambridge, Mass

City Library Association, Springfield, Mass

Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass

Journal American Folk-Lore, Boston, Mass

Museum of Art, Detroit, Michigan

Michigan Ornithological Club, Grand Rapids

'* Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics, Lansing. . .

•* State Horticultural Society, Lansing

** ** Treasurer, Lansing

University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, St

Anthony's Park

Washington University, St. Louis, Mo

Helena Public Library, Montana

Nevada State University, Reno

Geological Survey of Newfoundland

New Jersey Free Public Library, Newark

Bureau of Statistics and I^bor, State N. Y., Albany

New York State Department of Agriculture, Albany

Institute of Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn, N. Y

Medical Society of County of Kings, Borough of Brooklyn, N. Y.

Grosvenor Free Public Library, Buffalo, N. Y

Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y

New York State Reformatory, Elmira

Farmers' Institute Bulletin Publisher, Fayetteville, N. Y

New York Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, N. Y

Lake Mohonk Conference International Arbitration, N. Y

American National Red Cross Relief Committee, New York City.

** Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,

New York City

Arctic Club of America, New York City

Art Collector. New York City

Camera Club, New York City

Chicago and North Western Railway Co., New York City

City Charity Organization, New York City

Cooper Umon, New York City

Directors N. Y. Juvenile Asylum, New York City

International Navigation Co., New York City

Monumental Records Association, New York City

National Academy of Design, New York City

New York Association for Improvement of Poor, New York City.

** " Entomological Society, New York City

** ** Post-Graduate Medical School, New York City. .





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Library — Donations,

New York Scientific Alliance, New York City

•' ** Yacht Club, New York City

People's University Extension Society of N. Y., New York City

Roosevelt Hospital, New York City ,

Scoville and Adams Co., of N. Y., New York City

Sheltering Arms, New York City

The Auk, New York City

The Philippines Company, New York City. . . v

•^ I Map

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