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Digitized by VjOOQIC

DEC 27 1921

Old Seribb, > Continuation of tbe ( New Series,

Vol. XLVI. J Bulletin op the Nuttall Ornithological Club ( Vol. XXXVIII.

The Auk

9 <6uarted2> Journal of (f^rmtdologp


VOLUME xxxvin

published bt

The Jlmari€:«n Ornithologists' Union



Entered as second-class mail matter in the Post Office at Lancaster, Pa.


Digitized by VjOOQIC

Digitized by VjOOQIC



♦J. A. Amjbn, 188a-1890. ♦Chas. B. Cort, 1903-1906.

•D. G. Eluot, 1890-1892. Chas. F. Batchbldbb, 1905-1908.

♦EiJJOTr Coves, 1892-1895. E. W. Nelson, 1908-1911.

♦William Brewster, 1895-1898. Frank M. Chapman, 1911-1914.

Robert Ridowat, 1898-1900. A. K. Fisher, 1914-1917.

C. Hart Mbrriam, 1900-1903. John H. Sage, 1917-1920.
WiTMER Stone, 1920-


♦Elmott Coues, 1883-1890. ♦Chas. B. Cort, 1898-1903.

5 1883-1891; Chas. F. Batchelder, 1900-1905.

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5 1891-1894; A. K. Fisher, 1908-1914.

H.W.HBNSHAW, ^i9n_i9i8. WmiER Stone, 1914-1920.

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Jonathan Dwight, 1920-


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T, S. Palmer, 1917-


C. Habt Mbrbiam, 1883-1885. ♦Willlam Dtjtchbr, 1887-1903.

«Chas. B. Cory, 1885-1887. Jonathan Dwight, 1903-1920.

W. L. McAtee, 1920-

' Deceased.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


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* i 1896-1899. Joseph Grinnell, 1914-
*Thomas McIlwraith, 1888-1889. Harrt C. Oberholser, 1918-

Geo. Bird Grinnell, 1918-

Officers are ex-officio members of the Council during their terms of
office and ex-presidents for life. Ex-officio members are included in
the above.

* Deceased.

Elections have been in November except in 1883 and 1884 (September).
1887 (October), 1907 and 1909 (December), 1914 (Aphl) and 1915 (May),

Digitized by VjOOQIC



The Dickcissel (Speza americana) of the Illinois Prairies. By

Alfred 0. Gross, Ph. D. (Plates I-IV) 1

A NEsmNO OF the Philadelphia Vireo. By Harrison F, Lewis, . 26
Notes on Ortalis vetula and its Allies. By W, DeW, MiUer

and Ludlow Oriscom 44

Further Notes and Observations on the Birds of Hatlbt,

Stanstead County. Quebec, 1919. By H. Motidey ... 51
Bohemian Waxwing (Bombycilla garrula) in New England.

By Horace W. Wright 69

Notes on North American Birds. X. By Harry C. Oherholser . 79
The Geographic Races of CYANOcriTA christata. By Harry

C. OherhdsfT 83

Thirty-eighth Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists'

Union. By T. 8, Palmer 89

REPcmT of the Secretary. By T. S, Palmer 105


The Homed Grebe (Colymbus auriiw) at Hatley, Stanstead County,
Quebec, 108; The Glaucous Gull (Larus hyperboreiui) at Buffalo,
N. Y., 108; Blue Goose {Chen caervlescens) m Massachusetts, 109;
American Egret {Casmerodius egretta) in Maine, 109; Some Old Shore
Bird Records for the Chicago Area, 110; Estimated Numbers of Shore
Birds, 110; Prairie Chicken (Tympanuchus americanus )in Arkansas,
112; American Osprey (Pandion haliaelus carolinemis) in Arkansas,
113; Description of a ^^ew Species of SiUasomus from Northeastern
Brazil — SiJttasomus ceairensiSy 113; An Arkansas Kingbird {Tvrannus
verUcalis) at Ipswich. Massachusetts, 113; Arkansas Kingbird in
Massachusetts, 114; Arkansas Kingbird in New Jersey, 114; Even-
ing Grosbeak at Saulte Ste Marie, Mich., 114; The Grasshopper
Sparrow in the Montreal District, 115; New Nesting Areas of Kirt-
land's Warbler^ 16; Female Bay-breasted Warbler in Male Plumage,
117; Bewick's Wren and the Cape May Warbler in Kansas, 117;
Sociable Water Ouzels, 118: Huasonian Chickadee (Penthestes hud-
sonictts) at East Lansing, Mich., 119; Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in
Massachusetts, 120; Unusual Visitors at Elizabeth, N. J., 120; Notes
on Five Birds Taken Near Charleston, South Carolina, 121; Two
Rare Birds in the Chicago Area, 123; Rare Birds in the Indiana
Sand-dunes, 124; Additions to the Birds of Lake Cotmty, Minnesota,
124; Three Important Records from Hatley, Stanstead County,
Quebec, 126; Ornithological Notes from Southeastern Alaska, 127;
A Strilong Case of Adventitious Coloration, 129.


McGregor on 'Some Features of the Philippine Omis,' 131; Swarth on
the Fox Sparrows, 133; Griscom and Nichols on the Seaside Sparrows
134; Silloway on the Birds of the Pahsades Interstate Park, 135;

Digitized by VjOOQIC

ii ContentM of Volume XXXVIII

Witherby's 'Handbook of British Birds/ 136; Bangs and Kennard on
The Birds of Jamaica/ 136; McClymont's 'Essays on Early Orni-
thology/ 137; Scoville's 'Every-day Adventures/ 138: Hudson's
♦Birds of La Plata,' 139; New Genera by Ridgway. 140; Murphy on
the Peruvian Guiana Birds^ 141; Dr. ^ufeloft's Bibliography, 141;
Aves in 'The Zoolomcal Record— 1918/ 141; Whitman's 'Familiar
Studies of Wild Birds/ 142: Sclater and Mackworth-Praed on the
Birds of the Sudan. 142; Mathews' The Birds of Australia/ 143;
Recent Papers by Domaniewski. 144; Recent Papers on Bird Pro-
tection, 144; The Ornithological Journals, 145; Ornithological Ar-
ticles in Other Journals, 152; Additional Publications Received, 154

Baker's 'life of the Pleistocene,' 156.


Obituary: Walter Faxim, 157; Professor J(An Macoun, 158; Nelson R.
Wood. 159; The Emerson Collection of Bird Skins, 160; Erratum.
160; Art Exhibition of the American Chnithologists' Union, 161.



The Dickcissel (Spi a amebic ana) of the Ilunois Pbaibies. By

Alfred 0. Gross, Ph.D, (Plates V-XIII) 163

k Nesting op the Philadelphia Vibbo. By Harrison F. Lewis 185

Nesting Habitb op the Nighthawk at Tacoma, Wash. By J.

Hooper Bowles 203

The Histoby and Pubposes op Bibd Banding. By Frederick C, Lin-
coln 217

Recent Retubns fbom Tbapping and Banding Bibds. By S.

Prentiss Baldwin 228

The Mabbiage Relations op the Housb Wbbn (Tboglodttbb a.

aedon). By S. Prentiss Baldwin 237

The English Spabbow (Passeb dombsticijs) and the Motob

Vehicle. By W, H. Bergtdd 244

A List op the Bibdb of Royal Palm Hammock, Flobida. By

Arthur H. HoweU 250

Sixth Annual List of Pboposbd Changes in the A. O. U. Check-
List OP Nobth Amebican Bibds. By Harry C, Oberholser . 264


A Loon (Gavia immer) Caudit on a Fishing Line, 269; Dovekie (AUe
aUe) at Wallop's Island, va., 269; King Eider (Somaieria spectabilis
in Pennsylvania, 270; The Blue Goose in the Province of Quebec,
270; Blue Geese (Chen caertdescens) in Massachusetts, 271; Massa-
chusetts Geese, 271 ; The Whistling Swan (Olor coLumbianus) on the
Coast of South Carolina, 272; Wmstling Swan — ^A Correction, 273;

Digitized by VjOOQIC

CanierUa of Volume XXXVIII iii

An Egret (Herodias egretta) Record from Oswego County, N. Y.,
273: A Late Record for the Red-backed Sandpiper, 273; Sanderling
on Nantucket in December, 273; A Very Late Record of the Pas-
senger Pigeon {Edopistea migratoritis)^ 274; Three-toed Woodpecker
in Michigan, 274; A Crowd of Hummers, 275; Plumage of the Chim-
ney Swift, 275; Mortality among Chimney Swifts, 275; An Attack
on Live Stock by Magpies (Pica pica huasonia), 276; Strange Be-
havior of a Bullock's Oriolej277; Domesticated Ipswich Sparrows
{Passercxdus pnnceps), 277; The Green-tailed Townee (OherhoUeria
chlorura) on the Coast of South Carolina, 278; The Bohemian Wax-
wing in Iowa in Vast Numbers, 278; The Loggerhead Shrike (Laniu%
ludaioicianua ludovicianua) seen Killing a Large Bird, 279; Orange-
crowned Warbler in Boston in Midwmter, 280; The Proper Name
of the Pine Warbler, 280; Hooded Warbler {WxUonis cUrina) on Belle
Isle^ Detroit, Mich., 281; Some Records of Breeding Birds for the
Vicmity of WashingtoUj D. C, 281; Rare Records for Ann Arbor
and the State of Michigan, 282; The Song Periods of Individual
Birds, 283; Convergent Habits in Fur Seals and Penguins, 284; A
Bagworm Plague, 285; An Anon3rmous Work of John Cassin, ^6;
Correction, 286.


Howard's 'Territory in Bird Life,' 288; Saunders' 'Distributional List of
the Birds of Montana,' 290; Hartert on the Types in the Tring Mu-
seum, 292; Gumey's 'Early Annals of Ornithology,' 292; Swarth'e
'Birds of the Papago Saguaro,' 293; Economic Value of the Starling,
in the United States, 294; Mathews' 'The Birds of Australia,' 295;
Van Oort's 'Birds of Holland,' 296; Wetmore on Cave Birds of Porto
Rico, 296; Recent Papers by Oberholser, 297; Todd on New South
American Birds, 297; Chapman on New Birds from South America,
297; Bangs and Penard on Some American Birds, 298; Hellmayr on
the Birds of Southeastern Peru, 298; Kuroda on New Japanese fiirds,
299; Gumey on Norfolk Ornithology, 299; Bulletin of the Essex
County Ornithological Club, 299; Bufletin of the Illinois Audubon
Society, 300; Annual Report of the Chief of the Biological Survey,
301; Crandall on the Eclipse Plumage in the Domestic Fowl, 302;
Economic Ornithology in Recent Entomological Publications, 302;
The Ornithological Journals, 304; Ornithological Articles in Other
Journals, 311; Additional Publications Received, 312.


A Letter of J. P. Giraud, Jr., 314.


Annual Meeting of the A. O. U., 316: Obituary; Stewardson Brown,
316; John Burroughs, 317; Complete Sets of 'The Auk,' 319.

Digitized by VjOOQLC

iv CantenU of Volwne XXYVIII


Which Sex Selects the Nesting Localtit. By H. Moudey . 321
Impressions of Bird Life in France. By E, L. Poole. (Plate

XIV.) 329

The Birds of Lake Poop6 Bolivia. By WiUiam Ray Allen, . 340
Moulds and Bacteria on Egg Collections. By Frederic H,

Kennard 345

Notes on a Collection of Accipitres from the Merida District,

W. Venezuela. By H, Kirke Sioann 357

Description of a New Loon. By Louie B. Bishop .... 364
Notes on the Winter and Early Spring Birds of Southeastern

Arkansas. By Chrestvell J. Hunt 370

The Mockingbird in the Boston Region and in New England

AND Canada. By Horace W, Wright 382

The Name of the Eastern Hermit Thrush. By Outram Bangs

and Thomas E, Penard 432

A Review of the Crackles of the Genus Holoquiscalus. By

James L. Peters 435


American Common Tern Recovered in West Africa, 453; Swans on the
Hudson River, 454: King Eider (Somateria spectabilis) in Michigan
Waters, 454; An Earlier Consideration of Botaurus lentiginosus,
455: Louisiana Clapper Rail in Mississippi, 455; The Type Locality
of Ortahs v. vetula — a Correction, 455; rassenger Pigeon in Wis-
consin, 456: West Africa the True Habitat of Glaucidium tephrono-
tum, 456: A Kingbird's Unusual Nesting Site, 457; Arkansas King-
bird in Virginia, 458; Note on the Name Gazzola Bonaparte, 458;
Magpies and Live Stock. 458; Notes of the Starling, 459; A Question
Concerning the Cowbird, 459; The Nonpareil Wintering in Florida,
460; The Black-backed Kamchatkan Wagtail, Motacilla lugens
Kittlitz in Alaska, 460; The Mockingbird of St. Thomas, West In-
dies, 461; Coereba bahamensis at Miami, Fla., 461; The Sycamore
Warbler (Dendroica dominica albilora) on the Coast of South Caro-
lina, 462; The Orange-crowned Warbler in Indiana, 462; The Hooded
Warbler in Delaware, 463; The Tufted Titmouse (Baeolophus bi-
color) in Erie County, N. Y., 463; The Willow Thrush in the District
of Columbia, 463; Notes on Alabama Birds, 463; Some Birds Ob-
served at Pine Mountam, Kentucky, 464; Records of Interest from
Meriden, Connecticut, 465; Some Unusual Bird-Records for North-
em Vermont, 467; Mutants, 468; The Criterion of the Trinomial,


Beebe's 'A Monograph of the Pheasants,' 470; Mathews' and Iredale's
*A Manual of the Birds of Australia,' 473: Mathews' The Birds of
Australia.' 475; Dr. Patch's *Bird Stories,' 475; Witherby's 'Hand-
book of British Birds,' 475; Miss Cooke's List of Washington Birds,
476; Riley on New Genera, 476; Chapin on New Birds from the
Belgian Congo, 476; Mabbott on the Food Habits of Seven Shoal
Water Ducks, 477; Shufeldt on Pictures of the Passenger Pigeon,
477; Lincoln's Instructions for Bird Banding, 478; Murphy on the
Sea Coast and Islands of Peru, IV and V, 478; Speck on Bird-Lore
of the Northern Indians, 478; Year Book of the Rhinebeck Bird

Digitized by VjOOQIC

Contents of Volume XXXVIII v

Club, 479 : Wetmore on the Ducks of the Bear River Marshes. Utah,
479: Food Habits of the Rin^-neck Pheasant, 480; Recent Reports
on Game and Bird Conservation, 480: The Ornithological Journals,
481; Ornithological Articles in Other Journals, 486.


Delay in Publication, 490; Obituary, Dr. J. A. Allen, 490; Charles B.
Cory. 492; William Palmer, 493; John Lewis Childs, 495: Sergius
Nikolaevich Alpheraky. 496; Col. Henry W. Feilden, 496; Frederick
H. Waterhouse, 497; Dr. Valentin L. Bianchi, 497; Brewster Mem-
orial Medal, 498; Personal Mention, Dr. Alexander Wetmore. 498;
R. N. Davis, 498; H. S. Swarth, 498; Prof. William Alanson Bryan,
499; Aretas A. Saunders, 499; Burroughs' Correspondence, 499;
Dr. Anton Reichenow, 499; The Polish National Museum, 499; S.
A. ButurUn and M. A. Menzbier, 499; Ten Year Index to 'The Auk,'
499; The Maine Naturalist,' 500; The A. O. U. Meeting at Phila-
delphia, 500.


In Memobiam: William Dutcher. By T, S, Palmer (Plates XV) 501

Pearwn (Plates XVI-XVII) • 513

The Latbb Flights of the Passenger Pigeon. By Fnmk Bond.

(I%te XVni) 523

Reuabks on the Migration of Southern Hemisphere Albatrosses

AND Petrels. By Leverett M, Loomis 527

Ted Abbreviated Inner Primaries of Nestling Woodpeckers

By James P. Chapm (PlateXIX) 531

Breeding Birds of Warland, Lincoln Co., Montana. By

Thomas D. Burleigh 552

The Feeding Habits of the Black Skimmer. By Stanley Chisby

Arthur (Plates XX-XXI) 566

Descriptions of Seven New Forms of Japanese and Corean

PicmoNAE. By Nagamichi Kuroda 575

Notes from CJonnecticut. By Louis B, Bishop, M, D 582

ScniE Southern Michigan Bird Records. By Norman A. Wood. 590


An Oil-Soaked Loon (Gavia immer) at Watch Hill,R. I., 594; Fish-catchins
by the Black Skimmer, 595; Laughing Gull {Larus atricilla) Captured
by Snapping Turtle, 596; A Mating Performance of the Least Tern,
596; Brown Pelican in Osw^ County, N. Y., 597; Jaeger at Sandy
Pond, Oswego County, NT Y., 597; Double-crested Cormorant
(Phalacrocoraz auriius auriius) in Ontario, 597; Egret and Little Blue
Herons at Elizabeth, N. J^ 598; Egrets on the Potomac, 598; Egret
near Albany, N. Y., 598; Egrets near Schenectady, N. Y., 598; An
Egret (Casmerodius egretta) on Long Island, N. Y., 599; Aramus
y^»ferus and Branta canadensis canadensis in Florida, 599; Hudson-
ian Curlew and Golden Plover at Nantucket, 600; Occurrence of Buff-

Digitized by VjOOQIC

VI Contents of Volume XXXVIII

breasted Sandpiper (TtyngUea aubnificoUia) in Chicago Parks, 600:
Piping Plover Breeding in New Jersey, 600; Notes on the Breeding of
the S^nipalmated Plover (Aegialiiis semipcdmcUa) in Nova Scotia, 601;
An Unusual Dove's Nest, 601: The Turkey Vulture in Michigan, 601;
Short-eared Owl Nesting at Elizabeth, N. J., 602; Arkansas Kingbird
in Maine, 603; Blue Jay Feeding on Pecans, 603; The Starling again
atCumbearland Maryland, 604; Evening Grosbeak Breeding in Michi-
gan, 604; Albinism in the Sharp-tailed Sparrow (Passerherhidtts
cavdcumiua), 604; The English Sparrow and the Motor Vehicle, 604;
Goldfinches and Purple Finches Wintering at Hatlev, Stanstead
County, Quebec. 606; Nonpareil (Passerina dria) in Pennsylvania,
606; ThePhiladeiphin Vireo (Vireosylva philaddphica) in the Province
of Quebec, 607; Golden-wingedWarbleratSaultSte Marie, Mich., 607;
Golden-winged Warbler in Kansas, 607; The Kentucky Warbler in
Clarendon County. South Carolina, 607; Mockingbird and Catbird
Wintering in Cumberland, Maryland, 608; Early Spring Records at
Hatley, Stanstead County. Que., 609: Unusual Winter Occurences at
Chicago, 609; Additional Notes on Arkansas Birds, 610; Early Bird
Banding, 611.


Chapman on Bird-Life in the Urubamba Valley, Peru, 611; Wollaston's
'Life of Alfred Newton,' 612; Stresemann on the Woodpeckers of
Sumatra, 614; Rothschild on Birds of Yunan, 614; Hartest on the birds
of Capt. Buchanan's Expedition to Air, 615; McGregor on Birds of
Panay, 615; Murphy on the Seacoast of Peru, 615j Over and Thoms
on the Birds of South Dakota, 615; Dwight and Gnscom on Atlapetes
gutturalis, 616; Witherby's 'Handbook of British Birds,' 616:
Calif omia Hawks: How to identify them, 617; The Ornithological
Journals, 617;

The Audubon Clubs, 618; Obituary: William James Bennetts, 619.

Index Page 623

Ebrata . . , "651

Dates op Issttb " 652

Officers of the A. O. U. Past and Present " i

Council of the A. O. U. Past and Present ** i

Contents " i

Officers and Members " ix



I. Nests of the Dickcissel (two views).

II. Habitats of the Dickcissel (two views).

III-IV. Nests of the Dickcissel (two views each).

V-X. Young of the Dickcissel (seventeen views).

XI-XIII. Skins of the Dickcissel (two views each).

XIV. Field Sketches of French Birds.

XV. William Dutcher.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

Contents of Volume XXX VI 1 1 vii

XVI. Pelicans on the Bird Islands of Texas (two views).

Nest of Reddish Esret.
XVII. Terns and Tern's Eggs on the Bird Islands of Texas (three

XVIIL A Flight of Passenger Pigeons.
XIX. Young Flickers at Nest Hole (two views).
XX-XXI. Black Skimmers Feeding and Skimming (two views each).

Curves of growth of bill, wing, tail, tarsus, etc. of jroung Dick-

Page 175

First pnmary of Dendropicoepoecilolaemue " 532

Wings of Ptcue viridis "534

Wings of Spkyrapicue varitts variue " 537

Wings of nestiing Woodpeckers " 537

Wings of nestling Woodpeckers " 539

Wings of nestling Woodpeckers ** 543

Key to Young FUckers. Plate XIX, fig. 2 "549

Digitized by VjOOQIC

Digitized by VjOOQIC


Expiration of Term

Stonb, Witmbb, President November, 1921.

Gbinnell, Gbobgb Bibd I

DwiGHT, Jonathan ) Vice-Presidents " 1921.

Palmer, T. S., Secretary " 1921.

McAtbb, W. L., Treasurer " 1921.

Additional Members of the Council.

Dbanb, Ruthven .'. . November, 1921.

" 1921.

" 1921.

" 1921.

" 1921.

*' 1921.

" 1921.


Grinnell, Joseph

Lucas, Frederic A

Oberholser, Harrt C

Osgood, Wilfred H

Richmond, Charles W

Roberts, Thomas S

Allen, J. A

Batchelder, Charles F

Chapman, Frank M

Cory, Charles B

Fisher, Albert K

Merriam, C. Hart

Nelson, Edward W

RiDGWAT, Robert

Sage, John H

Editorial Staff of *The Auk.'

Stone, Witmbr, Editor November, 1921.

Committee on Biography and Bibliography,
Palmer, T. S., Chairman Deanb, Ruthven

Allen, Glover M. Richmond, Charles W.

Committee on Bird Protection,

Fisher, A. K., Chairman Nelson, E. W.

Richmond, Charles W.

Committee on Classificaiion and Nomendaiure of North American Birds'
Stonb. Witmer, Chairman Richmond, C. W.

Oberholser, H. C, Secretary Dwight, Jonathan

Palmer, T. S.

Committee on Publications.
Stone, Witmer, Chairman
Dwight, Jonathan

Palmer, T. S.
McAtee, W. L

Digitized by





APRIL, 1920.1


*Life FeQow.

Date of

Allen, Db. J. A., Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist., New York, N. Y Founder

Anthony, A. W., Ironside, Ore (1885) 1895«

Bangs, Outram, Miiseum Comp. Zoology, Cambridge, Mass. .(1884)1901

Barrows, Prop. W. B., Box 1047, East Lansing, Mich 1883

Batchblder, Charles F., 7 Kirkland St., Cambridge, Mass Founder

Bbbbb, C. William, New York Zool. Park, New York, N. Y.. (1897)1912

♦Bent, Arthur Cleveland, Taimton, Mass (1889)1909

♦BiCKNELL, Eugene P., 30 Pine St., New York, N. Y Foimder

Bishop, Dr. Louis B., 366 Orange St., New Haven, Conn (1885)1901

Brown, Nathan Clifford, 218 Middle St., Portland, Me Foimder

Chadbourne, Dr. Arthur P., The Copley-Plaza, Boston, Mass. (1883) 1889
Chapman, Dr. ^rane M., Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist., New York, N. Y.


*CoRT, Charles B., Field Museum Nat. Hist., Chicago, 111 Founder

Deans Ruthvbn, 112 W. Adams St., Chicago, 111 1883

DwiGHT, Dr. Jonathan, 43 W. 70th St., New York, N. Y (1883)1886

Fisher, Dr. Albert K., Biological Survey, Washington, D. C. . .Founder
Fleming, James H., 267 Rusholme Road, Toronto, Ontario. . . (1893)1916

FoRBUSH, Edwabd H., State House, Boston, Mass (1887)1912

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