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Surgery. The report * of this Board was so important and so instruc-
tive that it had wide influence at the time not only among those con-
cerned with military and naval affairs, but among civilian groups.
Captain Phelps, as the medical member, naturally was of great service
in conducting the Board studies and enquiries and in preparing
the report.

The Committee on Award presents this Honorary Life Membership
in the American Social Hygiene Association in recognition of Captain
Phelps' service to humanity and in appreciation of his years of active
cooperation in promoting the work and ideals for which the
Association stands. W. F. S.

* Published in U. S. Naval Medical Bulletin, December, 1925, pp. 527-59, and
JOURNAL OF SOCIAL HYGIENE, Vol. XII, No. 2, February, 1926.


As previously announced, six regional conferences headed up
the thousands of meetings and other events held in connection with
Sixth National Social Hygiene Day. For the record and for future
reference, the "JOURNAL gives here the programs in summary and
other facts concerning these meetings. A future issue of the
JOURNAL will contain additional reports on many important com-
munity and group Social Hygiene Day celebrations and other special
events which took place at this time.*


Time and place: February 3, Copley Plaza Hotel, Boston. Attendance: 1,000.

Local auspices: Massachusetts Society for Social Hygiene, with 81 regional,
state and local sponsoring agencies, and the Massachusetts Committee on Social
Hygiene Day, with the following members: Governor Leverett Saltonstall, Hon-
orary Chairman; Ralph Bradley, Chairman; Mrs. S. W. Miller, Executive Secre-
tary, Massachusetts Society for Social Hygiene, Secretary; Msgr. Robert P.
Barry; Dr. Joseph Bolten, Medical Director, U. S. Public Health Service;
Dr. Walter B. Cannon, Harvard Medical School ; Hon. Albert Bradley Carter,
Commissioner of Probation; Hon. Richard K. Conant, Director, Division of
Health and Social Services, Massachusetts Committee on Public Safety ; Mrs.
Burtis E. Dresser, President, Massachusetts Parent-Teacher Association ; Dr. G.
Lynde Gately, Commissioner, Boston Health Department; Dr. Paul Jakmauh,
Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Public Health; Capt. H. L.
Kelley, District Medical Officer, First Naval District, U. S. Navy; Raymond T.
King, Chairman, Springfield Social Hygiene Committee; Rev. Joshua Loth Lieb-
man ; Philip R. Mather ; John J. Murphy, Field Supervisor, Section on Social
Protection, Federal Security Agency; Lt. Col. Abbot Peterson, D.D., Chaplain,
Station Hospital, Camp Edwards; Col. J. J. Reddy, Chief Surgeon, First Corps
Area, U. S. Army; W. Duncan Russell, Regional Representative, United Service
Organizations; Dr. George C. Shattuck, President, Massachusetts Central Health
Council and Boston Health League; Dr. George Gilbert Smith, President, Massa-
chusetts Society for Social Hygiene; Hon. Joseph Timilty, Commissioner, Boston
Police Department; and Mrs. David A. Westcott, President, Massachusetts State
Federation of Women 's Clubs.


Morning Session 9:45 A.M.
Subject: Today's Emergency Problems


The Community Closes Eariks, JOHN J. MURPHY

Prostitution Must History Eepeat? BASCOM JOHNSON, Associate Director, Amer-
ican Social Hygiene Association

Wanted An Ounce of Prevention, MIRIAM VAN WATERS, Superintendent,
Reformatory for Women, Framingham, Mass.

* Especial mention should be made of the 'community meeting held at San
Diego, California, February 8th, when the San Diego Social Hygiene Associa-
tion was formed, and Honorary Life Membership in the American Social Hygiene
Association was conferred on Captain Joseph R. Phelps by Dr. Walter Clarke.
(See page 153.)



Discussion Leader: MRS. DONALD J. HURLEY, Massachusetts Society for Social

Luncheon Session 12:30 P.M.
Annual Meeting, American Social Hygiene Association

Presiding: PHILIP R. MATHER, Chairman, Committee on National Defense Activ-
ities, American Social Hygiene Association

Award of William Freeman Snow Medal for Distinguished Service to Humanity
Army. Presentation by MAJOR GENERAL MERRITTE W. IRELAND, Former
Surgeon General, TJ. S. Army

Award of Honorary Life Memberships in the American Social Hygiene Association
to CLAUDE C. PIERCE, M.D., Medical Director, U. S. Public Health Service;
and to BASCOM JOHNSON, Associate Director, American Social Hygiene Asso-
ciation. (See pages 142-3 for details.)

Address: Health and Morale The Federal Wartime Program, GEOFFREY MAY,
Deputy Assistant Director, Federal Office of Defense Health and Welfare

Afternoon Session 3 P.M.
Subject: Building for the Future in Wartime
Presiding: REV. PHILLIPS ENDECOTT OSGOOD, Emmanuel Church, Boston

A Postgraduate Course for the Public, DR. ERNEST B. HOWARD, Director, Division

of Genitoinfectious Diseases, Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Wartime Parents, MRS. SIDONIE M. GRUENBERG, Child Study Association of America
Youth Has Priority, DR. WILLIAM F. SNOW, Chairman of the Executive Committee,

American Social Hygiene Association


Time and place: February 4, Hotel Astor, New York. Attendance: 3,000.

Local auspices: Social Hygiene Committee of the New York Tuberculosis and
Health Association, with 114 sponsoring organizations, and the New York Com-
mittee on Social Hygiene Day, DR. WILLIAM F. SNOW, Chairman; JACOB A.
GOLDBERG, Secretary, and representatives of the sponsoring organizations

Morning Sessions 10 A.M.

I. Social Hygiene and National Defense

Presiding: DR. W. BAYARD LONG, Chairman, Social Hygiene Committee, New
York Tuberculosis and Health Association

Speakers: DR. OTIS ANDERSON, U. S. Public Health Service; CAPTAIN C. S.
STEPHENSON (MC), U. S. Navy Division of Preventive Medicine; DR. EDWARD
S. GODFREY, JR., Commissioner of Health, State of New York; MAJOR JOHN
A. WARNER, Superintendent of New York State Police.

II. The Nurse and Social Hygiene
Presiding: AMELIA GRANT, Director, Bureau of Nursing, New York City

Speakers: CAROLINE E. FALLS, Supervisor, Lenox Hill Nursing Service, Com-
munity Service Society ; ALTA ELIZABETH DINES, Director, Department of Edu-
cational Nursing; M. A. BONOMO, Director of Instruction, Out-Patient De-


partment, Kings County Hospital; ELEANOR E. COCKERILL, Director, Depart-
ment of Social Service, Long Island College Hospital; HELKNE OLANDT,
Director of Nursing, St. Luke's Hospital.

Discussion: MAT SHAMP, Supervisor of Nurses, Out-Patient Department, Mt.
Sinai Hospital; NETTIE CEOSWHITE, Social Worker, Hospital for Joint
Diseases; LORAINE G. DENNHARDT, Director, Lincoln School for Nurses.

777. Firm Foundations for Family Living
Presiding: HAZEL CORBIN, General Director, Maternity Center Association

Speakers: DR. LEONA BAUMGARTNER, Acting Director, Bureau of Maternal and
Child Health, New York City Department of Health; DR.. DONOVAN J.
McCuNE, Chief Pediatrician, Babies Hospital; MRS. SIDONIE M. GRUENBERG,
Director, Child Study Association of America; DR. ERNEST G. OSBORNE, Asso-
ciate Professor of Education, Teachers College, Columbia University.

Discussion: DR. WILLYSTINE GOODSELL, Director, American Eugenics Society
MRS. HELEN LEIGHTY, Director, Children's Welfare Federation

IV. Social Hygiene Films and National Defense

Presiding: DR. F. L. MOORE, Executive Officer, Department of Preventive Medi-
cine and Community Health, Long Island College of Medicine

Films shown: Plain Facts About Syphilis and Gonorrhea; In Defense of the
Nation; With These Weapons the Story of Syphilis; Health Is a Victory
the Story of the Fight against Gonorrhea

Speakers: DR. CHARLES C. WILSON, Professor of Health and Physical Education,
Teachers College, Columbia University ; DONALD SLESINGER, Director, Amer-
ican Film Center; DR. KOYAL H. BURPEE, Program Secretary, William Sloane
House, Young Men's Christian Association.

Luncheon Session 12:30 P.M.

Presiding: DR. J. BURNS AMBERSON, JR., President, New York Tuberculosis and
Health Association

Forging the Weapons of War, DR. EGBERT C. CLOTHIER, President, Rutgers

The Program in Action, REAR ADMIRAL Ross T. MC!NTIRE (MC), Surgeon General

U. S. Navy
Award of Honorary Life Memberships in the American Social Hygiene Association


Afternoon Sessions 3:15 P.M.
7. A Panel Discussion on Venereal Diseases

Presiding: DR. DAVID J. KALISKI, Chairman, Coordinating Council of the County
Medical Societies; Syphilologist, Beth Israel Hospital

Speakers: DR. WILLIAM LEIFER, Instructor, Dermatology and Syphilology, New
York University; DR. Louis C. JOHNSON, Professor of Clinical Medicine and
Director of Clinical Laboratories, Long Island College Hospital; DR. JOHN
F. MAHONEY, Senior Surgeon and Director, Venereal Disease Research
Laboratory, U. S. Marine Hospital, Staten Island, N. Y. ; DR. ROBERT M.
LEWIS, Associate Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Yale
University School of Medicine; and DR. ALFRED COHN, Gonococcus Research,
New York City Department of Health

77. The U.S.O. Program and Social Hygiene
Presiding: MR. HARPER SIBLEY, President, United Service Organizations

Speakers: DR. JANET FOWLER NELSON, Program Supervisor, Social Hygiene
and Family Relationships, U.S.O., Young Women's Christian Association;
FRANK L. WEIL, President, National Jewish Welfare Board


Discussion: HON. JONAH J. GOLDSTEIN, Judge, Court of General Sessions; Miss
SARAH IVINS, Director of Field Work Department, New York School of Social
Work; GEORGE J. NELBACH, Executive Secretary, Committee on Tuberculosis
and Public Health, State Charities Aid Association; Louis L. BENNETT,
Regional Supervisor, Section on Social Protection, Federal Security Agency

777. Current Delinquency Problems
Presiding: AUSTIN H. MACCORMICK, Executive Director, The Osborne Association

Speakers: COMMISSIONER EDWIN ASHLEY SALMON, Chairman, City Planning
Commission; MRS. LEOPOLD K. SIMON, Chairman, Welfare Council Committee
on the Woman Offender; PAUL BLANSHARD, Executive Director, Society for
the Prevention of Crime

Discussion: MORRIS PLOSCOWE, Chief Clerk, Court of Special Sessions; DR. EALPH
S. BANAY, Psychiatrist-in-Charge of Classification, Sing Sing Prison

IV. Youth Today and Tomorrow A Challenge
Presiding: PROF. JAY B. NASH, Professor of Education, New York University

Speakers: DR. CAROLINE B. ZACHARY, Director, Institute for the Study of Per-
sonality Development, Progressive Education Association; PROF. GEORGE P.
MURDOCK, Chairman, Department of Anthropology, Yale University; DR.
ABRAHAM LEFKOWITZ, Principal, Samuel J. Tilden High School

Discussion: DR. GEORGE S. STEVENSON, Medical Director, National Committee
for Mental Hygiene ; DR. HOLGER F. KILANDER, Dean and Professor of Health
Education, Panzer College of Physical Education and Hygiene; KARL D.
HESLEY, State Administrator, National Youth Administration for New York
State, Federal Security Agency; DR. WILLIAM PAUL BROWN, Senior Super-
visor, Health Service, State Department of Education


Time and place; February 4, Gibson Hotel, Cincinnati. Attendance: 1,000.

Local auspices: Cincinnati Social Hygiene Society, 42 sponsoring agencies, and
the Committee on Social Hygiene Day, with the following members: Honorary
Chairman, Hon. John W. Bricker, Governor of Ohio; Chairman, Charles P. Taft,
Assistant Director of Defense Health and Welfare Activities, Federal Security
Agency; Honorary Vice-Chairman, Dr. R. H. Markwith, Director of Health, State
of Ohio; Vice-Chairman, Dr. Carl A. Wilzbach, Commissioner of Health, Cin-
cinnati, Ohio; President, Cincinnati Social Hygiene Society; Secretary, Roy E.
Dickerson, Executive Secretary, Cincinnati Social Hygiene Society ; and Mrs. G.
T. Addison, Dr. Ada Hart Arlitt, Bolton Armstrong, W. F. Armstrong, Ferd
Bader, Jr., Dr. C. J. Baldridge, Oscar Berman, Theodore M. Berry, Mrs. James
M. Birrel, Judge Frank S. Bonham, C. M. Bookman, Fred Breyer, LeRoy Brooks,
Alfred S. Brown, Ellsworth C. Bundy, Dr. Ann Buntin-Becker, Dr. Elizabeth
Campbell, Mrs. Reber Cann, Homer Caswell, Mrs. E. R. Chapman, Dr. L. B.
Chenoweth, Dr. H. L. Claassen, Dr. R. E. Clark, Mrs. Claude V. Courter, Miss
Etta Creech, John M. Cronin, Otto Davis, Robert Davison, Tarn Deering, Miss
Louise De Montluzin, Dr. F. M. Deuschle, Dr. Stanley E. Dorst, Walter Eberle,
John J. Emery, Dwight L. Fisher, Miss Ruth Fleming, Dr. A. N. Franzblau,
Alfred J. Friedlander, Cecil H. Gamble, Dr. Otto P. Geier, Elmer Grischy, Wil-
liam S. Groom, E. R. Gwinner, Albert E. Heekin, Mrs. F. W. Heinold, Rabbi
James G. Heller, Mrs. L. J. Hillhouse, Judge Charles W. Hoffman, Bishop
Henry W. Hobson, Mrs. Eleanor Holmes, H. N. Hooper, Dr. Robert W. Hoyt,
James M. Hutton, Dr. Charles Iliff, Mrs. Dean Johnston, Dr. William S. Keller,
J. Harvey Kerns, Dr. Daniel J. Kindle, Wilfred Kleeman, Rev. R. S. Lambert,
Daniel Laurence, Dr. Thomas LeBlanc, H. R. LeBlond, S. M. Lowry, Paul H.
Luce, Brigadier Fred Malpass, Bleecker Marquette, Miss Mary E. McChristie,
Dr. Arthur McCormack, Harvey Miller, Mrs. George Mills, Dr. E. W. Mitchell,
Albert Morrill, Dr. Wm. Muhlberg, Dr. W. T. Nelson, Dr. Harry V. Paryzek,

Public Ubnri

Kansas Clty> N*


William Patterson, L. A. Pechstein, Julian Pollak, James Pottenger, Carl W.
Rich, W. H. Kichardson, Herbert Eitchie, J. G. Schmidlapp, Dr. Louis E. Schmidt,
Dr. E. H. Schoenling, Col. C. O. Sherrill, Mrs. C. C. Shively, Wm. J. Shroder,
Maurice J. Sievers, Dr. John Skavlem, Mrs. C. H. Smith, Dr. Parke G. Smith,
Evans Stearns, Mrs. G. E. Stemler, Joseph S. Stern, J. B. Stewart, Hon. James
Garfield Stewart, Mayor, George S. Strietmann, J. Harrison Stein, Mrs. Charles
L. Thomas, Mrs. Derrick Vail, Monsignor K. Marcellus Wagner, Dr. Raymond
Walters, Eugene T. Weatherly, and Charles F. Williams.

Theme: Social Hygiene in War Time

Morning Session 9:30 A.M.
Presiding: DR. R. H. MARKWITH, Director of Health, State of Ohio


The Parents' Part in War Time, AIMEE ZILLMER, Lecturer, Wisconsin State
Board of Health; Social Hygiene Chairman, National Congress of Parents
and Teachers

Facing the Prostitution Problem, DR. WALTER CLARKE, Executive Director, Amer-
ican Social Hygiene Association

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati-; IRVING K. FURST, Field
Representative, Fifth Region, Section on Social Protection, Federal Security
Agency; BERTHA ASHBY HESS, Lecturer, Mental-Social Hygiene, Ohio State
Department of Health; DR. CARL A. WILZBACII, Commissioner of Health, Cin-
cinnati, Ohio ; President, Cincinnati Social Hygiene Society

Luncheon Session 12:15 P.M.

Award of Honorary Life Membership in American Social Hygiene Association
to ELIZABETH CAMPBELL, M.D., of Cincinnati. Presentation by DR. WILLIAM


The War Time Attack Upon Syphilis and Gonorrhea, DR. THOMAS PARRAN, Sur-
geon General, United States Public Health Service

Combating Syphilis Among Industrial WorTcers in Cincinnati, W. H. RICHARDSON,
Chairman, The Cincinnati Industrial Committee for Control of Syphilis

Discussants: DR. JOHN W. FERREE, Health Officer, State of Indiana; ELEANOR
HOLMES, Executive Secretary, Cincinnati Industrial Committee for Control of

Afternoon Session 3:00 P.M.

Presiding: DR. WILLIAM S. KELLER, Senior Surgeon, Reserve, United States
Public Health Service, Medical Officer, Fifth Corps Area, Civilian Defense


Community Measures for the Protection of Girls and Women, KATHARINE LEN-
ROOT, Chief, Children's Bureau, United States Department of Labor

Wanted An Ounce of Prevention for Youth, ROY E. DICKERSON, Executive
Secretary, Cincinnati Social Hygiene Society; Associate Director for Edu-
cational Extension, American Institute of Family Relations.

Discussants: ELEONORE L. HUTZEL, Chief of Woman's Division, Detroit Police
Department; REV. ROBERT S. LAMBERT, Rector, Calvary Church, Clifton,
Cincinnati; President, Cincinnati Council of Churches.

Reception and Tea 4:45 P.M.

Tendered to Members of the Conference by the Cincinnati Industrial Committee
for Control of Syphilis and Cincinnati Social Hygiene Society.



Time and place: February 4, George Washington Hotel, Jacksonville, Florida.
Attendance: 300. Theme: Social Safety in War-Time and After.

Local auspices: Florida State Board of Health; Venereal Disease Control Com-
mittee, Florida Medical Association; Florida State- Wide Public Health Com-
mittee; Health Committee, Duval County Council Parents and Teachers; Health
Committee, Jacksonville Woman 's Club.

Platform guests: K. K. Waering, M.D., Duval County Health Officer; W. W.
Rogers, M.D., Director Communicable Disease Control, Jacksonville City Health
Department; W. T. Gordon, President, Jacksonville City Council; P. M. Ulsch,
Chairman, Jacksonville City Commission; P. M. Burroughs, Chairman, Duval
County Budget Commission; Joseph F. Hammond, Chairman, Duval County
Commissioners; W. Daniel Boyd, Superintendent, Duval County Schools; James
T. Etheridge, Chairman, Duval County School Board; Rex Sweat, Sheriff, Duval
County; H. A. Roberts, Chief of Police, Jacksonville; Hon. J. Turner Butler,
State Senator; Hon. St. Elmo W. Acosta, Duval County Representative to 1941
Legislature; Hon. Charles E. Bennett, Duval County Representative to 1941

Morning Session 10 A.M.

Presiding: MRS. WILLIS M. BALL, Health Chairman, Jacksonville Woman's Club,
and Chairman, State Social Hygiene Committee.

Invocation: REV. WILLIAM F. DUNKLE, JR., Snyder Memorial Methodist Church.

Welcomes: HON. JOHN T. ALSOP, Mayor of Jacksonville; FRANCIS P. FLEMING,
Co-Chairman, Duval County Medical Society; WILLIAM H. PICKETT, M.D.,
State Health Officer, and President, Florida Public Health Association;
ERNEST B. MILAM, M.D., President, Duval County Medical Society; MRS. S.
M. COPELAND, Chairman, Health Committee, Duval County Council Parents
and Teachers; MRS. MALCOLM MCCLELLAN, Vice-President, Florida State-
Wide Public Health Committee; MRS. DAVID E. BAIL, Chairman, Health
Committee, Duval County Federation of Women's Clubs.

Response: EDWARD L. KEYES, M.D., Honorary President, American Social
Hygiene Association.

Prostitution and the War, PHILIP S. BROUGHTON, Division of Information, Federal

Security Agency, Washington
Florida, Spearhead of the Nation, L. C. GONZALEZ, M.D., Director, Division

Venereal Disease Control, State Board of Health
The Private Physician Spealcs, E. T. SELLERS, M.D., Chairman, Venereal Disease

Control Committee, Florida Medical Association

Discussion: Led by MRS. JOHN R. PARKINSON, Chairman, Volusia County Public
Health Committee.

Luncheon Session 1 P.M. Jacksonville Exchange Club


Protect Your Armed Forces, PERCY S. PELOUZE, M.D., Assistant Professor of
Urology, University of Pennsylvania.

Afternoon Session 2:30 P.M.

Presiding: T. Z. CASON, M.D., Member Executive Board, State-Wide Public

Health Committee.

Jacksonville Closes EanTcs, L. J. HANCHETT, M.D., Director, Jacksonville-Duval

Countv Venereal Disease Demonstration Unit


No Armistice for Disease, LT. COMMANDER KARL KING, U.S.N.R., Southeastern

Naval Air Station, Jacksonville

Health Has Priority, MAJOR C. B. WOODS, Camp Blanding
Knowledge + Courage -f Action = Success, M. E. WINCHESTER, M.D., Director,

Glynn-Mclntosh-Camden County Health Department, Brunswick, Georgia

Discussion: Led by ERNEST B. MILAM, M.D.

Summary of Conference

DEAN WALTER J. MATHERLY, Chairman of the Conference, and President, Florida
State- Wide Public Health Committee.


Time and place: February 6, Biltmore Hotel, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Attendance: 500. Theme: How Government Agencies and Voluntary Groups
WorTc Together to Protect the Armed Forces and Defense Industrial Workers
from Sypliilis and Gonorrhea.

Local auspices: Oklahoma County Tuberculosis and Health Association, Okla-
homa State Health Department and Oklahoma Committee on Social Hygiene Day,
including: Chairman, L. M. Jones, Secretary; Arthur H. German, Executive Sec-
retary, Oklahoma County Tuberculosis and Health Association; Hugh Payne,
Oklahoma Public Health Association; Neal Sullivan, President, Oklahoma Social
Welfare Association; Carl Puckett, M.D., Oklahoma Tuberculosis Association;
Guy T. Gebhardt, Oklahoma Council of Churches; L. J. Moorman, M.D., President,
Oklahoma County Tuberculosis and Health Association; G. F. Mathews, M.D.,
Commissioner, Oklahoma State Health Department; J. B. Harper, Director,
Oklahoma Public Welfare Commission ; Mrs. John A. Wadlin, President, Okla-
homa Congress of Parents and Teachers; Clyde M. Howell, Oklahoma Education
Association; Voyle Scurlock, Director, State Vocational Rehabilitation Service;
Joe N. Hamilton, Oklahoma Commission for Crippled Children; Judge Clarence
Mills, Oklahoma City Council of Social Welfare; General Robert U. Patterson,
Dean, University of Oklahoma School of Medicine; R. H. Graham, Oklahoma
State Medical Association; and Mrs. E. Lee Ozbirn, President, Oklahoma Fed-
eration of Women's Clubs.


Morning Session 9:30 A.M.

Presiding: G. F. MATHEWS, M.D., Commissioner, Oklahoma State Health Dept.
Invocation: RABBI JOSEPH BLATT. Greetings: MAYOR R. A. HEFNER.

How the Army Works to Protect Soldiers from Syphilis and Gonorrhea, KNOX

E. MILLER, Medical Director, U. S. Public Health Service; Liaison Officer,

Eighth Corps Area, San Antonio, Texas
Venereal Disease Control in Industry, G. H. GEHRMANN, M.D., Medical Director,

E. I. duPont de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Delaware

Public Health Service; ANSON L. CLARK, M.D., Member, National Anti-
Syphilis Committee, American Social Hygiene Association; J. G. TOWNSEND,
Medical Director, Chief, Division of Industrial Hygiene, U. S. Public Health
Service ; J. J. BLOOMFIELD, Sanitary Engineer, Division of Industrial
Hygiene, U. S. Public Health Service.

Luncheon Session 12:00 Noon
Chamber of Commerce Public Forum, Commerce Exchange Building

Presiding: GEXKRAL ROBERT U. PATTERSON, Dean, University of Oklahoma
School of Medicine.


Individual Support of the Unified War Time Venereal Disease Control Program,


U. S. Public Health Service
Facing the Prostitution Problem, WALTER CLARKE, M.D., Executive Director,

American Social Hygiene Association
Industrial Health and National Defense, G. H. GEHRMANTX, M.D., Medical

Director, E. I. duPont de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Delaware.

Afternoon Session 2:30 P.M.
Presiding: L. M. JONES.

The Place of Education in a Social Hygiene Program, LESTER A. KIRKENDALL,

Head, Division of Educational Guidance, University of Oklahoma
The Community's Part in Protecting Hie Armed Forces and Defense Industrial

Workers from Syphilis and Gonorrhea, M. A. FELLIIAUER, JR., Regional

Supervisor, Section on Social Protection, Federal Security Agency, Kansas

City, Missouri.

Discussion: EDITH JOHNSON, Editorial Staff, The Daily Oklahoman; LORRAINE
B. KETCHUM, Assistant Director, Oklahoma Public Welfare Commission ;
ALICE SOWERS, Director, Oklahoma Family Life Institute, University of
Oklahoma; MRS. EDIYTII T. WALLACE, Home Counselor, The Oklahoma Pub-
lishing Company.


Time and place: February 12, Multnomah Hotel, Portland, Oregon.
Theme: Social Protection in If'ar-T-ime and After.

Local auspices: Division of Social Hygiene Education, University of Oregon
Medical School, and Social Hygiene Day Committee, including:

Honorary Chairman, Governor Charles A. Sprague of Oregon; Chairman,
Dr. Adolph Weinzirl, Director, Division of Social Hygiene Education, University
of Oregon Medical School ; Chairman, Committee on Arrangements, Mrs. George
Moorhead, Executive Secretary Marion County Public Health Association; Hon.
Earl Riley, Mayor of Portland ; Hon. Fred Peterson, Commissioner, Department
of Public Affairs, Portland ; Dr. Wells Bauni, President, Oregon State Medical
Society; Del Nickerson, Executive Secretary, Oregon State Federation of Labor;

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