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Writings on American history, 1903. A bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1903, with some memoranda on other portions of America online

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Online LibraryAndrew Cunningham McLaughlinWritings on American history, 1903. A bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1903, with some memoranda on other portions of America → online text (page 11 of 33)
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Willis, J. L. M. Early history of medicine in
Maine. OLD ELIOT, VI (July) 109-119.


Willis, J. L. M. Eliot [Me.] in the olden time.
OLD ELIOT, VI (Oct.) 145-147. [1059


Cordell, Eugene F. The medical annals of
Maryland, 1799-1899. Baltimore. 880 p.
i facsim., 3 pi., 28 port. 8. [1060

Gambrill, J[ohn] Montgomery. Leading events
of Maryland history. Baltimore, Md.,
Cushing co. xi, 322 p. front., illus.,
maps. i9cm. [1061

Contains also: "History of the counties of Mary-
land, from The teachers' manual, comp. by Dr. M.
Bates Stephens."

Hetzel, Susan Riviere. The building of a
monument; a history of the Mary Wash-
ington associations and their work. Lan-
caster, Pa., Wickersham co. 255 p. pi.,
port., facsim. 2ocm. [1062

Their work resulted in the .dedication of a monu-
ment to Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, May
10, 1894.

Jones, Elias. History of Dorchester county,
Maryland. Baltimore, Williams and Wil-
kins co., 1902. 473 p. front., illus.,
plates, fold. map. 23 Jem. [1063


Abstracts of Bristol co., Mass., deeds from
1700, beginning with "the third book of
records for the county of Bristol, May 1 2,
1699." GENEAL. QUAR. MAG., Ill (1902-3)
179-182. [1064

Ayer, John F. Neighborhood sketch No. 6.
Medford and Walnut streets. HIST.
LEAVES, II (July) 42-46. [1065

Ayer, Mary Farwell. Boston common in co-
lonial and provincial days. Boston, pri-
vately printed [D. D. Updike] 47 p.
front., 2 pi., 4 plans. 23cm. [1066

1067 1093 J



Bacon, Edwin M. Boston; a guide book.
Boston, Ginn. x, 190 p. illus., maps,
plans. ly^cm. [1067

Well illustrated with numerous and well chosen
maps and handy indexes. Rev. in: Nation,
LXXVII (July 23) 73; Dial, XXXV (July 16) 45.

Boston. Engineering dept. List of maps of
Boston published between 1600 and 1903,
copies of which are to be found in the pos-
session of the city of Boston or other col-
lectors of the same. Reprint of app.
I, Annual report of the City engineer.
Boston, Municipal print, off. 248 p. fold,
facsim. 23cm. [1068

Boston. Historical sketch and m atters apper-
taining to the King's Chapel burying
ground . . Pub. by the Cemetery depart-
ment of the city of Boston . . Boston,
Municipal print, off. 52 p. plates, plans.
2 3 cm. [1069

Besides the historical sketch of the burying
ground, there are historical sketches of prominent
persons buried there. Rev. in: New Eng. hist,
and geneal. reg. (Jan., 1904) 104.

Boston. A volume of records relating to the
early history of Boston containing Boston
marriages from 1752 to 1809. (In Boston.
Record commissioners' report. 1903. 3oth)


Boston. A volume 6f records relating to the
early history of Boston, containing Boston
town records from 1784 to 1796. (In
Boston. Record commissioners' report.
1903. 3 ist) [1071

Boston. A volume of records relating to the
early history of Boston, containing the
Aspinwall notarial records from 1644 to
1651. (In Boston. Record commission-
ers' report. 1903. 32d) [1072

Brookline village, 1865 to -1902. From notes
of Martin Kingman, Esq. BROOKLINE
HIST. soc. PUB., no. 2, 29-48. [1073

Brown, Abbie Farwell. Old Ipswich Town.
NEW ENG. MAG., XXXIV (June) 416-423.


Brown, Abram English. Beacon Hill [Boston]
NEW ENG. MAG., XXXIV (Aug.) 631-650.


[Buckham, John Wright] The Salem Pilgrim :
his book. Salem, Mass., D. Low and co.
22 p. illus. 1 8 Jem. [1076

A guide book, with brief historical sketches.

Calder, Edna Frances. Extracts from the
Ames diary. DEDH. HIST. REG., XIV
(Jan.-Oct.) 35-36, 71-72, 99-100, 129-130.

Candage, Rufus Q. F. Address. Delivered
at the second annual meeting of the Brook-
line historical society, Jan. 28, 1903.
BROOKLINE HIST. soc. PROC., 5-15. [1078

Includes an account of some old Brookline

Candage, Rufus Q. F. The Gridley house,
Brookline, and Jeremy Gridley. BROOK-
WNE HIST. soc. PUB., no. i, 3-32. [1079

Chester, Arthur Herbert. Trinity church in
the city of Boston; an historical and des-
criptive account (illustrated) with a guide
to its windows and paintings; rev. and enl.
by Charles Edward Chester. Boston, W.
Spooner. 89 p. front., plates, ports.
i7cm. [1080

Cummings, Charles. The days of hand [fire]
engines [in Medford, Mass.] MEDF. HIST.
REG., VI (July) 63-67. [1081

[Cummings, Charles] Medford in 1847.
MEDF. HIST. REG., VI (Apr.) 39-47. [1082

Davis, Walter A. The old records of the
town of Fitchburg, Mass. A copy of a por-
tion of the records contained in vol. VI,
pages i to 278, inclusive, being volume six
of the printed records of the town. Fitch-
burg. 391 p. 8. [1083
Published by authority of the City council ; Vol.
VI; a copy of a portion of the records . . Mar.,
1830-Nov. 27, 1843.

Dedham village in 1795. DEDH. HIST. REG.,
XIV (Apr.) 39-48. [1084

Dedham village in 1817. DEDH. HIST. REG.,
XIV (July) 73-74- [1085

Dennis, William D. The fire clubs of Salem.
1-28. [1086

[Edes, Priscilla Rice] Some reminiscences of
old Concord. [Gouverneur, N. Y., C. A.
Livingston. [35] p. port. i6 x i3cm.


Reminiscences beginning about 1835 by a resi-
dent of Concord.

Essex county, Mass., probate records, pt. i.
Boston, Research pub. co. 46 p. 24^001.


Extracts from a description of Boston, ap-
pearing in the third edition of the American
Gazetteer, compiled by Jedidiah Morse,
D. D., and first printed in 1797. Boston in
1810. JOUR. GEOG., II (June) 33-333-


Gillingham, James L., and others. A brief
history of the town of Fairhaven, Massa-
chusetts. [Fairhaven, Mass.] 8. [1090

Qoddard, Julia. The Goddard house, Warren
street, Brookline, built about 1730: its
owners and occupants. BROOKLINE HIST.
soc. PROC., 16-34. [1091

Green, Samuel Abbott. Ten fac-simile repro-
ductions relating to various subjects. Bos-
ton. 36 p. 23 facsim. 37 x 27|cm. [1092

Contents. Some engraved portraits of the
Mather family; The south and north batteries;
An early Boston imprint, 1681 ; The Boston news-
letter, 1704; Reprints of early Boston newspapers;
Panorama of Boston, 1775; The midnight ride of
Paul Revere; The battle of Bunker Hill; The
crossed swords; Lawrence academy, Groton,

Green, Samuel A. The "Washington Elm"
at Cambridge. MASS. HIST, soc., PROC.,
ser. 2, XVII (Mar.) 128-129. [1093




Greenfield, one hundred and fifty years old,
1753-1903. Greenfield, Mass., C. M. Moody.
[io]p. 59 pi. I5|x23cm. [1094

Guild, Curtis. Address. Delivered at the

twenty-second annual meeting of the Bos-

tonian society, Jan. 13, 1903. BOST. soc.

PROC., 5-18. [1095

Contains an account of some Boston antiquities.

Gulliver, F. P. The geographical develop-
ment of Boston. JOUR. GEOG., II (June)
323-329- [1096

Haley, M[ary] A. The story of Somerville
[Mass.] Boston, Writer pub. vi, 157 p.
plates, igcm. [1097

Haynes, George H. "The tale of Tantius-
ques." NEW ENG. MAG., XXXV (Nov.)
340-356. [1098

"Oldest living mine in the United States,"
located in Sturbridge, Mass.

Heavens, F. J. Centers of historic interest
near Boston, Pilgrim Plymouth. EDUC.,
XXIII (Feb.) 337-346. [1099

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. The old cor-
ner bookstore [Boston] INDEP., LV (Sept.
10) 2144-2147. [1100

A history of the town of Freetown, Massachu-
setts, with an account of the old home fes-
tival, July 3Oth, 1902. Fall River, J. H.
Franklin and co., 1902. [i. e. 1903] 287
p. illus., ports., map. 25cm. [1101

Made up of sketches by various local writers.

Howe, M[ark] A[nthony] De Wolfe. Boston,

the place and the people. New York,

Macmillan. xv, 397 p. illus., plates.

2icm. [1102

Rev. in: Nation, LXXVII (Dec. 10) 471-472.

Keyes, John S. Story of an old house. [Con-
cord, Mass.] Concord antiq. soc. [1902?]
17 p. front. 23cm. [Concord antiq. soc.
pub. no. 5] [1103

The Smedley-Jones house.

Knapp, (Mrs.) 0. S. Washington , street
(Somerville) as it was. HIST. LEAVES, II
(July) 46-47- [H04

Lewis, Alfred Henry. Concord, the historic-
EVERYBODY'S, IX (Dec.) 773-780. [1105

The Lowell explosion and other New England
disasters. NEW ENG. MAG., XXXV (Sept.)
3-15- [H06

Main street [Medford, Mass.] 1835-1850.
MEDF. HIST. REG., VI (Oct.) 92-95. [1 107

Marble, Annie Russell. The passing of a
literary landmark [the old corner book-
store, Boston] CRITIC, XIJII (Nov.)
423-424. [1108

Marble, Arthur J. The old Pine Meadow road
and its forgotten bridge. WOR. soc.
ANTIQ., XIX, 118-128. [1109

Maynard, George. Annual field day of Wor-
cester society of antiquity at New London
and Groton. WOR. soc. ANTIQ., XIX,
211-232. [1110

With historical notices.

Mystic River above the bridge, 1835-1850.
MEDF. HIST. REG., VI (Jan.) 15-20. [1111

The old corner book-store: the famous liter-
ary landmark of Boston, and the men who
met there. NEW ENG. MAG., XXXV (Nov.)
303-316. [1112

The old north ferry and Dixy's horse-boat
[Salem, Mass.] ESSEX INST. HIST. COLL.,
XXXIX (Jan.) 29-32. [1113

The old school boys of Boston. Organized
1880. Boston. 283 p. illus. 8. [1114

The passing of the Baldwin house. WOR.
MAG., VI (Sept.) 80-86. [1115

Oldest dwelling house of Worcester.

Poor, (Mrs.) Mary W. Recollections of
Brookline. BROOKUNE HIST. soc. PUB.,
no. 2, 13-28. [1116

The preservation of Park street Church, Bos-
ton. Boston, pamphlet. [1117

Rantoul, Robert S. Ancient Salem. EDUC.,
XXIII (Mar.) 401-409. [1118

Record of the dedication of the monument on
Dorchester Heights, South Boston. Bos-
ton, Wright and Potter. [1119

Remick, Christian. Perspective view of Bos-
ton harbor, islands, and men-of-war land-
ing the 29th and i4th regiments, October
1,1768. [Boston] [1120

Process reproduction of a water-color drawing.
Reprinted for the Club of odd volumes.

A Republican institution in the town of Bos-
ton. Boston. 14 p. 12. [1121
This institution was founded 1819 for purposes
of uniting political parties . . list of members 185 1-

Rich, Frank B. The streets of Hyde Park;

by whom and for whom they were named.

HYDE PARK HIST. REC., Ill, no. i (Apr.)

77-86. [1122

Richardson, George L. History of Stony

Brook in Hyde Park and Boston. HYDE

PARK HIST. REC., Ill, no. i (Apr.) 47-54.

Ricketson, Daniel. New Bedford of the past.

Boston, Houghton. xiii, 196 p. front.

(port.) 22^cm. [1124

Appeared in New Bedford Evening Standard

in 1875.

Sanborn, F. B. Concord and Lexington.

EDUC., XXIII (Apr.) 490-501. [1 125

Shrewsbury's new public library. WOR. MAG. ,

VI (Nov.) 149-158. [1126

Includes an historical address by Maj. Wm. T.

Harlow, of Worcester.

Shurtleff, Arthur A. The Boston park sys-
tem. JOUR. GEOG., II (June) 302-314.


Sellers, Alida Q. Ten Hills farm, with anec-
dotes and reminiscences. HIST. LEAVES, I
(Jan.) 9-2 1. [1128

Somerville, Mass.

Stearns, Charles H. The Sewall house.
BROOKUNE HIST. soc. PROC., 35-45. [1129

1130 1162]



Stiles, F. Q. A full century of the Light in-
fantry. WOR. MAG., VI (July) 6-10. [1 130

Stone, El ma A. The old Trescott house [in
Dorchester, Mass.] H YDE PARK HIST. REC.,
Ill, no. i (Apr.) 73-76. [1131

Strangers in Medford [Mass.] MEDF. HIST.
REG., VI (July-Oct.) 68-71, 90-91. [1132

Records of strangers in Medford ("warnings")

Suffolk deeds. Liber XIII. Boston, Rock-
well. i4cm. [1133
Covers the period July 21, 1683-May 24, 1686.

Swift, Lindsay. Literary landmarks of Bos-
ton; a visitor's guide to points of literary
interest in and about Boston. Boston,
Houghton. iv, 58 p. illus. i7^cm.


Ticknor, Howard Malcom. The passing of the
Boston museum. New ENG. MAG., XXXIV
(June) 379-396. [1135

Tolman, George. John Jack, the slave, and
Daniel Bliss, the Tory. [Concord, Mass.]
Concord antiq. soc. [1902?] 21 p. front.
23cm. [Concord antiq. soc. pub., no. 6]


Throws light on Concord life before 1800.

Tucker, John A. A paper read at the 225th
anniversary of the formation of the Milton
Church. Milton, Mass., Nov. 15. Boston,
David Clapp and son. 6 p. 12. [1 137

Waite, Emma F. Old-time taverns of Wor-
cester. WOR. soc. ANTIQ., XIX, 70-82.


Waldo, Frank. Cambridge [Mass.] historic,
literary, scientific. EDUC., XXIII (May)
559-568. [1139

Walpole, Mass., warnings [1779-1807] NEW
141-143. [1140

W. H. Dexter's gift to Charlton, his native
town. WOR. MAG., VI (July) 27-30. [1141

Wolkins, George G. Historic Boston. EDUC.,
XXIV (June) 583-605. [1 142

Wood, Albert E. The plantation at Muskete-
quid. [Concord, Mass.] Concord antiq. soc.
[1902?] 26 p. front, (fold, map) 23cm.
[Concord antiq. soc. pub. no. 7] [1 143

Worcester's first permanent settler. WOR.
MAG., VI (Nov.) 164-171. [1144

Jonas Rice (1713)

Worcester in the Spanish war. Light infan-
try, Company C, 2d regiment, M. V. M.
WOR. MAG., V (Jan.-June) 19-24, 57-60,
89-94, 135-138, 174-177, 183-187; (July-
Oct.) 10-14, 51-56, 90-100, 120-125.


Worth, Henry Barnard. . . Nantucket lands
and land owners. [Nantucket, Mass.] Nan-
tucket hist, assoc., 1901-02. 182 p. fold,
plan. 23cm. (Nantucket hist, assoc. bul.
II, no. 1-3) [1146


Bailey, John R. The province of Michili-
mackinac. MICH. HIST. soc. COLL., XXXII,
395-404. [1147

Bates, George C. The Beaver Island prophet.
The trial in this city [Detroit] in 1851 of
"King" Strang. MICH. HIST. soc. COLL.,
XXXII, 225-235. [1148

Beal, W. J. Pioneer life in southern Michigan
in the thirties. MICH. HIST. soc. COLL.,
XXXII, 236-246. [1149

Gould, Lucius E. Four papers on the early
history of Shiawassee county. MICH.
HIST. soc. COLL., XXXII, 247-304. [1150

The Grand Rapids Herald, Grand Rapids,
Mich. Grand Rapids illustrated. Sup-
plement to the Grand Rapids Herald, 1902.
The Grand Rapids Herald co., 1902. [48]
p. illus. (incl. ports.) 22 x 29^cm. [1151

Hodgman, Francis. A pre-historic fort at
Climax. MICH. HIST. soc. COLL., XXXII,
384-386. [1152

Humphrey, James W. The Selkirk reserva-
tion [Allegan county, Mich.] MICH. HIST.
soc. COLL., XXXII, 381-383. [1 153

Keep, Helen E. Detroit. NEW ENG. MAG.,
XXXV (Oct.) 195-216. [1154

Knapp, John I., and R. 1. Bonner. Illus-
trated history and biographical record of
Lenawee county, Mich. Adrian, Mich.,
Times print, co. 511 p. incl. front., illus.,
ports. 25$cm. [1155

Leach, M. L. History of the Grand traverse
region. MICH. HIST. soc. COLL., XXXII,
14-175- [1156

Legler, Henry E. A Moses of the Mormons.
Strang's [James J.] city of refuge at Voree
and his kingdom on an island in Lake
Michigan. MICH. HIST. soc. COLL.,
XXXII, 180-224. [1157

Miller, Lewis M. Reminiscences of the
Michigan legislature of 1871. MICH. HIST.
soc. COLL., XXXII, 419-447. [1158

Oliver, David D. Centennial history of Al-
pena county, Michigan. Giving sketch of
Michigan from its earliest settlement, for-
tunes and misfortunes of first settlers.
The survey, settlement and growth of
Alpena county, from 1837 to 1876. Al-
pena, Mich., Argus print, house. 186 p.
front, (port.) illus. 22icm. [1159

Palmer, Friend. Ferry service between De-
troit and Windsor. MICH. HIST. soc. COLL.,
XXXII, 463-467- [H60

A short history of the Beaver islands [North-
ern part of Lake Michigan] MICH. HIST.
soc. COLL., XXXII, 176-179. [1161

Sparks, Frank M. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
and Ontario. NAT. MAG., XVIII (July)
512-518. [1162




Williams, Meade C. Early Mackinac; an
historical and descriptive sketch. 4th ed.,
rev. and enl. St. Louis, Buschart bros.
print. 176 p. front., illus., plates, ports.,
maps, ig^cm. [1163

First published 1897^


Brower, J[acob] V. Minnesota. Discovery
of its area, 1540-1665. Contributions
by Dr. W. M. Sweney, Henry Colin Camp-
bell, Benjamin Suite and Warren Upham
[ist ed.] St. Paul, Minn. [H. L. Collins co.]
127 p. front., illus., port., fold. maps.
3icm. (Memoirs of explorations in the
basin of the Mississippi, vol. VI) [1 164

Forster, George F. Stories of Minnesota.
Boston, Educ. pub. co. 152 p. front,
(map) illus. (incl. port.) i8cm. (Young
folk's library of choice literature) [1 165


The Biloxi Daily Herald. Twentieth century
coast edition of the Biloxi Daily Herald
. . historical and biographical [Biloxi, Miss.,
1902] loo p. illus., pi. (ports.) 3ocm.


Brough, Charles Hillman. Historic Clinton
[Miss.] Miss. HIST. soc. PUB., VII, 281-
311. [1167

Deupree, Mrs. N. D. Some historic homes in
Mississippi. Miss. HIST. soc. PUB., VII,
325-347. [1168

Halbert, H. S. Origin of Washulaville.
Miss. HIST. soc. PUB., VII, 389-397. [1 169

Jenkins, Wm. Dunbar. The cholera in 1849.
Miss. HIST. soc. PUB., VII, 271-279. [1 170

With special reference to the epidemic on the
Tarbert plantation, Wilkinson county.

Leftwich, George J. Cotton Gin Port and
Games' Trace. Miss. HIST. soc. PUB., VII,
263-270. [1171

Cotton Gin Port, an old abandoned town in
Monroe co., Miss. ; Games' Trace, one of the routes
of the southwest.

Love, William A. Lowndes county, its an-
tiquities and pioneer settlers. Miss.
HIST. soc. PUB., VII, 351-372. [1 172


Clark, W. A. Montana, her past, present and
future. MONT. HIST. soc. CONTRIB., IV,
77-88. [1173

Cowan, Mrs. George F. Reminiscences of
pioneer life. MONT. HIST. soc. CONTRIB.,
IV, 156-187. [1174

Harriman, Alice. Pacific history stories.
Montana ed. v. I. San Francisco, Whit-
aker-R. 198 p. illus. 17 Jem. (West-
ern series of readers) [1175

Sanders, Wilbur F. The pioneers [of Mon-
tana] MONT. HIST. soc. CONTRIB., IV,
122-148. [1176


Harvey, George W., comp. A condensed
history of Nebraska for fifty years to date.
Omaha, Neb., Neb. farmer co. . 140 p.
illus. 2iicm. [1177

New Hampshire*

Bennette, George Roby. Governor's Island
[N. H.] Lake Wentworth. (Island Pond)
GRANITE MO., XXXV (Sept.) 148-152.


Briggs, James F. Sketch of General James
Wilson of New Hampshire. Manchester,
N. H., Manchester hist, assoc., 1902. 26
p. port. 23cm. [1179

Concord, N. H. History of Concord, New
Hampshire, from the original grant in
seventeen hundred and twenty-five to the
opening of the twentieth century; pre-
pared under the supervision of the City his-
tory commission; James O. Lyford, editor
. . [Concord, N. H., Rumford] 2 v. fronts.,
illus. 28cm. [1180

Paged continuously, v. I: xiii, 683, ixp. ; v. II:
viii, [685J-1477 p. The General narrative, v. I.
p, 65-612, is the work of Amos Hadley, with articles
on special topics by various contributors. Rev.
in: Nation, LXXVII (Nov. 12) 392.

Hoskins, E[Ikanah] B. Historical sketches of
Lyman, New Hampshire. Lisbon, N. H.,
C. P. Hibbard. 149 p. 18 port. i8cm.


Jenkins, Frederick Warren. The old Garri-
son house of Exeter [N. H.] GRANITE
MO., XXXIV (May) 386-390. " [1182

Linehan, John C. New Hampshire's early
Scotch settlers from Ireland. GRANITE
MO., XXXV (July) 30-43. [1 183

Lord, C. C. The throat-distemper. Hop-
kinton's great epidemic [1820] GRANITE
MO., XXXV (Sept.) 153-158- [1 184

Nashua, N. H. The official report of the
semi-centennial celebration of the city of
Nashua, New Hampshire, June 28, 29 and
30. Comp. and pub. by the Telegraph pub.
co., Nashua, N. H. 215 p. illus., plates,
front. 17 x 25^cm. [1185

Old home day and one hundred and fiftieth
anniversary. Addresses delivered in the
Town hall, Walpole, N. H., Tuesday, Aug.
1 8, 1903, by Prof. Franklin W. Hooper . .
and Hon. Henry K. Howland. With an
account of the celebration. Keene, N. H.,
Sentinel print, co. 23 p. illus. 8. [1 186




Patten, Matthew. The diary of Matthew
Patten of Bedford, N. H. From Seven-
teen hundred fifty-four to Seventeen hun-
dred eighty-eight. Pub. by the town.
Concord, N. H., Rumford. 545 p. front.
24cm. [1187

Rev. in: Nation, LXXVIII (May 19, 1904)

Proceedings and addresses at the triennial
reunion of the alumni of McCollum Insti-
tute. Old Home Week exercises. And
the one hundredth anniversary of the in-
corporation of the town of Mount Vernon,
N. H., Sept. 5 and 6, 1903. Milford, N. H.,
W. B. Rotch. 58 p. illus. 8. [11 88

Society of the Cincinnati. New Hampshire.
Cincinnati memorial hall and military mu-
seum, Exeter, New Hampshire; for many
years known as the Oilman house. Built
1721, now owned by the Society of the Cin-
cinnati in the state of New Hampshire.
[Boston] 29 p. illus. 8. [1189

Thompson, E. P. Some Belknap county
[N. H.] officers. GRANITE MO., XXXV
(Nov.) 268-269. [1190

Willey, George Franklyn, ed. State builders;
an illustrated historical and biographical
record of the state of New Hampshire at
the beginning of the twentieth century.

Manchester, N. H., N. H. pub. co. 503

front., illus., plates, ports.



New Jersey.

Carpenter, Benjamin. Extracts from the

diary of Benjamin Carpenter, Gloucester

county, New Jersey [1778-79] PA. MAG.

HIST., XXVII, 507-508. [1 193

Drescher, William H., jr. History of West
Hoboken, N. J. [West Hoboken? N. J.]
Lehne and Drescher. [no] p. illus. (incl.
map) 23cm. [1194

[Hoffman, Philip H.], comp. History of
"the Arnold tavern," Morristown, N. J.,
and many incidents connected with Gen-
eral Washington's stay in this place, as his
headquarters in winter of 1777. With
views of historic buildings and places of
Revolutionary interest. Morristown, N. J.,
Chronicle press. 28 p. ports., illus. 23
cm. [1195

Landis, Charles K. The founder's own story
of the founding of Vineland, New Jersey.
Pub. by the Vineland hist, and antiq. soc.
[Vineland, N. J.] Vineland print, house.
[7}-22 p. front, (port.) 2^cm. [1196

Martin, George C. History of Asbury Park
and Long Branch, together with the tradi-
tions of the Indians and settlers of Mon-
mouth and Ocean counties, N. J. 2d ed.
[n. p.] Priv. pub. 15 p. i8cm. [1197

New Mexico.

Places of interest in Santa Fe, New Mexico;
presidential ed., May 5th, 1903. [Santa
Fe?] 19 p. illus. 1 5 Jem. [1198

Brief historical accounts of the places mentioned.

New York.

Bascom, Robert O. The Fort Edward book,
containing some historical sketches, with
illustrations, and family records. Fort
Edward, N. Y., J. D. Keating. 274 p.
front., 4 pi., 2 maps. 23 Jem. [1 199

Beldad, Henry Q. Guia ilustrada de Nueva
York y sus alrededores; comprende una
descripci6n . . de Nueva York y pobla-
ciones limitrofes de Brooklyn, Bronx y
Staten Island . . sitios de recreo, puntos
balnearios circunvecinos . . etc., etc. . .
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illus., fold. map. 19011. [1200

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Extract from his report to the Groton, Ct.,
Union conference, Jan. 2, 1807. BUFFALO
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Chronological index of Onondaga history in
the Documentary history of New York.
Arranged by Franklin H. Chase. ONON-
DAGA HIST. ASSOC., 2d s., no. i. [1202

City history club of New York. Free lectures
to the people: syllabus of a general lecture
and a course of three lectures on the history
and development of the city of New York.
[New York, J. W. Pratt co., 1903?] 80 p.
23cm. [1203

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progress. NEW MET., XVIII (May) 191-
196. [1204

New York City.

Donaher, Franklin M. "Die lersman Van
Dublingh," "Jan Andriessen" and his
Irish compatriots of early Albany. Read
before the American-Irish Hist. Soc. at its
annual meeting in New York, Jan. 19,
1903- 13 P- 8. [1205

Reprinted from the Argus, Albany, N. Y., Feb.
8 and 15, 1903.

Oilman, Winthrop S., comp. The story of
the Ferry. Being an account of the ferry,
between Dobbs Ferry, Westchester co.,
N. Y., and Snedens Landing, Rockland co.,
N. Y., on the Hudson River, established
about the year 1698. Also Nicholas Ges-
ner's diary, and other papers relating more
or less to the history of Palisades, N. Y.
[Palisades, N. Y.] 2 v. 71 phot (incl. 4
port., 5 maps) 2 maps, 2 plans. 23$ x
iSjcm. [1206

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memories. [New York City] NEW MET.,
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50 :



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and its first attempted settlement under
British rule. BUFFALO HIST. soc. PUB.,
VI, 35-45- [1210

Kellogg, David Sherwood. Early mention of

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