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Writings on American history, 1903. A bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1903, with some memoranda on other portions of America online

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Louisiana purchase . REV. OF REV. , XXVII
(May) 578-584- [653

U. S. Dept. of state. State papers and cor-
respondence bearing upon the purchase of
the territory of Louisiana. Washington,
Gov. print, off. 299 p. 23cm. (57th
Cong., 2d sess. House. Doc. no. 431)


Winship, A[lbert] E., and Robert W. Wallace.

The Louisiana purchase as it was and as it
is. Chicago, Flanagan. 1 77 p. illus. i^cra.



UNITED STATES 1789-1829 (WAR OF 1812)


War of J8J2.

Askin, John. Extracts from the diary of
John Askin. MICH. HIST. soc. COLL.,
XXXII, 468-474. [656

Prom the Burton library, Detroit. Deals with
War of 1812.

Askin papers. MICH. HIST. soc. COLL.,
XXXII, 474-515. [657

Brown, Jacob. Letter to Daniel B. Tomp-
kins, Governor of New York. Dated Near
Quarters, Sackett's Harbor, June i, 1813.
Battle of Sackett's Harbor, 1813. BOSTON
PUB. LIB. BUL., VIII (Feb.) 72-76. [658

Prom Chamberlain manuscripts, Boston pub.

Captures made by the U. S. private schooner
Perry, Capt. John Coleman, 1814. PA.
MAG. HIST., XXVII, 248. [659

Clark, Byron N. Accounts of the battle of
Plattsburg, n September, 1814. From
contemporaneous sources. GENEAL. QUAR.
MAG., Ill (1902-3) 234-252. [660

Included are lists of Americans killed and
wounded, and British prisoners taken.

Clark, Byron N. Accounts of the battle of.
Plattsburgh, September n, 1814. VT.
ANTIQ,, I (Mar.) 75-93- [661

Hannay, James. The War of 1812. CANAD.
MAG., XX (Jan.-Apr.) 230-245, 327~343,
429-445, 539-553; XXI (May-Oct.) 39~55,
1 39-i5i, 240-250, 344-355, 429-446, 524-
540; XXII (Nov.-Dec.) 41-57, 164-180.


Lundy's Lane historical society, Welland, Ont.
The documentary history of the campaign
upon the Niagara frontier in the year 1813.
Part II. June to August, 1813. Collected
and edited . . by Lieut. -Colonel E. Cruik-
shank. Welland, Tribune office. [Its
Documentary history of the Campaign on
the Niagara frontier in 1812-14, pt. 6,
332 pp] [663

Marine notes. From a news book kept in
Salem, Mass., 1812-1815, at the office of the
Essex insurance company, Nathaniel Bow-
ditch, president. ESSEX INST. HIST. COLL.,
XXXIX (July) 294-310. [664

[Miller, Thomas Harvey] The capture of St.
Mary's, Georgia, by Admiral Cockburn.
So. HIST. ASSOC. PUB., VII (July) 233-237.

Letter, dated March 22, 1815.

Stevens, Benjamin F. Privateers of 1812.
UNIT. SER., XLII (Sept.) 315-322. [666

Stevens, Benjamin F. Some heroes of the
War of 1812. UNIT. SER., XLI (Apr.)
1074-1083. [667

Stevens, Benjamin F. The Wasp and Frolic
and other incidents of the War of 1812.
UNIT. SBR., XLII (Aug.) 181-189. [668

Views of John Sevier OH the second war with
England, 1812-1815 [letter to Gov. Shelby]
GULF ST. HivST. MAG., I (Mar.) 357-358.


Draper coll., Sumter manuscripts, Vol. I, no.

Waine, Benjamin. Account of capture of
U. S. ship Frolic by the Orpheus frigate,
Captain Hugh Pigot, 19 April, 1814. N.
Y. PUB. LIB. BUL., VII (Aug.) 278. [670
From original manuscripts in Ford collection,
N. Y. pub. lib.

War 1812. Williams papers. MICH. HIST
soc. COLL., XXXII, 516-523. [671

From the Burton library, Detroit.

Wilson, H. W. The War of 1812-1815. (In
Cambridge modern history, VII, 335-348)


Young, Bennett H. The battle of the Thames,
in which Kentuckians defeated the British,
French, and Indians, October 5, 1813, with
a list of the officers and privates who won
the victory. Louisville, Ky., J. P. Morton
and co. xii, 274 p. front., pi., port., plan.
32 x 25cm. (Filsonclub pub. no. 1 8) [673

Rev. in: So. hist, assoc. pub., VII (Nov.) 454-


Davis, W. W. H. The Fries rebellion [1798-
1799] ERA, XII (Aug.) 175-180. [674

Dixon, [Susan (Bullitt)] History of Missouri
compromise and slavery in American poli-
tics. 2d ed. Cincinnati, R. Clarke, xii,
623 p. front, (port.) 2^cm. [675

McCaleb, Walter Flavius. The Aaron Burr
conspiracy. New York, Dodd. xix, 377
p. fold. map. 2i^cm. [676

Based largely upon hitherto unused material in
the archives in Mexico, Texas, and Washington and
upon contemporary Kentucky and New Orleans
newspapers. Discredits the treason theory and
presents evidence to show that Burr's real purpose
was a filibustering expedition against Spanish
territory. Burr's maps are reproduced in fac-
simile. Rev. in: Am. hist, rev., IX (Jan., 1904)
377-380; Ann. Am. acad. pol. sci., XXII (July)
223-224; Nation, LXXVII (July 9) 36-37; Dial,
61-63; Pol. sci. quar., XVIII (Sept.) 538-539.

McMaster, J. B. The struggle for commercial
independence (1783-1812) (In Cambridge
modern history, VII, 305-334) [677

McMaster, J. B. The growth of the nation
(1815-1828) (In Cambridge modern his-
tory, VII, 349-377) [678

Morgan, James Morris. How President Jef-
ferson was informed of Burr's conspiracy.
PA. MAG. HIST., XXVII, 56-59. [679

Powell, E. P. The Federal era in American
history. ONEIDA HIST. soc. TRANS., no. 9,
23-41. [680

Stanton, Theodore. Lafayette's last visit to
America. LIPPINCOTT'S, LXXI (Apr.) 544-

549- [681

Correspondence of Lafayette's son, George
Washington de Motier de La Fayette: Aug. 12,
1824-Jan. 26, 1825.





Bainbridge, William. Letter to General H. A. S.
Dearborn. Dated Philadelphia, Mar. 13,
1831. BOSTON PUB. UB. BUI,., VIII (Feb.)
71-72. [682

From the Chamberlain manuscripts, Boston pub.

Clay, Henry. Letter to Theodore Freling-
huysen on the presidential campaign of
1844. May 22, 1844. N. Y. PUB.LIB. BUI,.,
VIII (Apr.) 127-128. [683

From original manuscripts in Ford collection,
N. Y. pub. lib.

Cowan, John E., comp. Condensed history
of the Mexican war and its glorious results,
by Hon. William McKay . . also reminis-
cences of the war by Colonel Daniel E.
Hungerford . . and Colonel Chas. J. Mur-
phy. [New York? 1902?] 41 p. 3 port.
22|cm. [684

Crandall, F. A. Contentious public "docu-
ments." NATION, LXXVI (Feb. 5) 109.


Letter on reprint ordered of Senate doc. no. 37,
41st Cong., 3d sess., giving Spalding's notices on
Marcus Whitman.

[Griffin, Martin I. J.] The Irish citizens of
Philadelphia opposed General Andrew
(July) 118-120. [686

Hon. Wm. R. King to Col. Jno. W. Womack.
[Letter dated Washington City, March 10,
1849] GULF ST. HIST. MAG., II (Sept.)
125-127- [687

Letter from Sam Houston [to Gov. Jos. Mc-
Minn, dated Nashville, March 30, 1823]

TEX. HIST. ASSOC. QUAR., VII (July) 72-73.


McCarthy, Charles. The antimasonic party:
a study of political antimasonry in the
United States, 1827-1840. AM. HIST.
ASSOC. REP., 1902, I, 367-574. [689

Justin Winsor prize essay, 1902.

McMaster, J. B. Commerce, expansion and
slavery (1828-1850) (In Cambridge mod-
ern history, VII, 378-404) [690

Wilson, Woodrow. State rights (1850-1860)
(In Cambridge modern history, VII, 405-
442) [691


Bacon, Leonard Woolsey. Anti-slavery before
Garrison; an address before the Connecti-
cut society of the Order of the founders and
patriots of America, New Haven, Septem-
ber 19, 1902: Being a contribution toward
the hitherto unwritten life of the true
William Lloyd Garrison. New Haven,
Tuttle. 37 p. 23cm. [692

Frazee, George. An Iowa fugitive slave case,
1850. ANN. IOWA, ser. 3, VI (Apr.) 9-45.


Heston, Alfred M. Story of the slave; paper
read before the Monmouth county histori-
cal association on October 30th, 1902,
wherein is given some account of slavery
and servitude in New Jersey, with notes
concerning slaves and redemptioners in
other states. Camden, N. J., S. Chew and
sons co. 40 p. 22cm. [694

Contains an account of the last trip of the
"Wanderer" with its cargo of slaves, as told by
the sole survivor of that vessel.

Owen, Thomas M., ed. An Alabama protest
against abolitionism in 1835 [documents]
GULF ST. HIST. MAG., II (July) 26-34. [695

Siebert, Wilbur H. The underground rail-
road. NEW ENG. MAG., XXXIII (Jan.)
565-578. [696

Wood, William D. Recollections of the growth
and development in the North of the anti-
slavery sentiment that led to secession.
GULF ST. HIST. MAG., II (July) 18-25. [697


Barker, Eugene C. The Tampico expedition
[ I 835] TEX. HIST. ASSOC. QUAR., VI (Jan.)
169-186. [698

A filibustering episode in the Texas revolution,

Canfield, James Hulme. A bit of secret his-
tory [relating to the annexation of Texas]
INDEP., LV (Apr. 16) 914-915. [699

Documentary progress of Texas revolutionary
sentiment as seen in Columbia. So. HIST.
ASSOC. PUB., VII (Jan.-July) 25-31, 85-95,
200-206, 238-246. [700

Garrison, George P. The Texan revolution.
NATION, LXXVII (Aug. 13) 133-134. [701


Adams, Charles Francis. Remarks on an al-
leged interview between Queen Victoria and
the American minister to Great Britain
during the Civil War. MASS. HIST. soc.
PROC., ser. 2, XVII (Oct.) 439-448. [702

Another account of M'Pherson's death. CON-
FED. VET., XI (May) 221. [703

Armstrong, Zella. A national memorial park
[The battlefields of Chickamauga and Chat-
tanooga] MUNSEY'S, XXX (Oct.) 65-72.


Aston, Howard. History and roster of the
Fourth and Fifth independent battalions
and Thirteenth regiment Ohio cavalry vol-
unteers: their battles and skirmishes, ros-
ter of the dead, etc. Columbus, O., Heer,
1902. iii, 65 p. front., ports. ig^cm.


Contains diary of the author, a list of engage-
ments in which the 13th reg't took part, rosters,
personal narratives by members, and biographical




Avary, Myrta Lockett, ed. A Virginia girl in
the Civil War, 1861-1865. New York,
Appleton. x, 384 p. ig^cm. [706

Relates the experiences of the wife of a Con-
federate cavalry officer in camp and barracks dur-
ing the war with an account of her adventures in
crossing and recrossing the Union lines. Rev. in:
Nation, LXXVI (Mar. 19), 227; Dial, XXXIV
(Apr. 16) 275-276; So. hist, assoc. pub., VIII (Nov.,
1904) 486-487.

Bahnson, Henry T. The last days of the
war. N. C. BOOKLET, II (Apr.) 22 pp. [707

Narrative of a private in the Confederate army.

Baltz, John D. Battle of Ball's Bluff. UNIT.
SER., XLII (July) 46-66. [708

Barry, Joseph. The strange story of Harper's
Ferry, with legends of the surrounding
country . . Martinsburg, W. Va., Thomp-
son bros. 233 p. 2 pi. i9cm. [709

Deals principally with John Brown's raid and
Civil War period. Anecdotal.

Battle of the Crater, July 30, 1864. Roster of
the members of the 1 2th Virginia infantry,
Mahone's brigade, who were engaged.
So. HIST. soc. PAP., XXXI, 271-274. [710

From the Richmond, Va., News Leader, Nov.
24, 1903.

Baylor, George. The army negro. So. HIST.
soc. PAP., XXXI, 365-369. [711

From the New Orleans Picayune, September 6,

Belin, H. E. The Civil War as seen through
southern glasses. AM. JOUR, socioi,., IX
(Sept.) 259-267. [712

Bell, John T. Civil War stories; comp. from

official records Union and Confederate.

San Francisco, Whitaker R. 189 p. front.

(port.) 2ocm. [713

Rev. in: Nation, LXXVII (July 16) 52.

Bennett, Edwin C. Somerville soldiers in the
Rebellion. HIST. LEAVES, I (Jan.) 22-31.


Berkeley, F. M. Imboden's dash into Charles-
town. So. HIST. soc. PAP., XXXI, 11-19.


From Baltimore Sunday Sun, Aug. 30, 1903.
With comments by "Sentinel" of Baltimore.

Berry, J. M. Prison life in Camp Douglas.
CONFED. VET., XI (Jan.) 37-38. [716

Bishop, J. W. Van Derveer's brigade at
Chickamauga. UNIT. SER., XLII (Nov.)
448-464- [717

Blair, C. H. M. An historical sketch of the
Confederate navy. UNIT. SER., XLI (May)
1155-1183. [718

Blake, W. H. Coal barging in war times,

1861-1865. GULP ST. HLST. MAG., I (May)

409-412. [719

Bobbitt, B. Boisseau. Our last capital. Dan-
ville's part in the closing hours of the Con-
federacy. So. HIST. soc. PAP., XXXI,
334-339- [720

From the Raleigh Morning Post, January, 1902.

Borton, Benjamin. On the parallels; or,
Chapters of inner history; a story of the
Rappahannock. Woodstown, N. J., Moni-
tor-register print. 333 p. port., i pi.
2ocm. [721

Revised and enlarged edition of "A while with
the blue," 1898 Civil War reminiscences.

Bowman, Robert. Yazoo county [Miss.] in
the Civil War. Miss. HIST. soc. PUB., VII,
57-73- [722

Box, Sam. End of the war exiles in Mexico.
CONFED. VET., XI (Mar.) 121-123. [723

Boyle, John Richards. Soldiers true; the
story of the One hundred and eleventh regi-
ment Pennsylvania veteran volunteers and
of its campaigns in the war for the union,
1861-1865. New York, Eaton; Cincin-
nati, Jennings. 368 p. illus., plates, ports.
2 fold. maps. 2^cm. [724

Bright, Robert A. Pickett's charge. So.
HIST. soc. PAP., XXXI, 228-236. [725

From the Richmond, Va., Times-Dispatch, Feb.
7, 1904.

Brown, Henri Le Fevre. History of the Third
regiment, Excelsior brigade. 7 2d New York
volunteer infantry, 1861-1865 [Jamestown,
N. Y., Journal print, co.] 1902. 151 p.
front., pi., ports. 23cm. [726

The burning of Chambersburg. CONFED.
VET., XI (Oct.) 444-445- [727

Cabell, W. L. The Confederate states' flag.
Its evolution. So. HIST. soc. PAP., XXXI,
68-70. [728

Cabell, W. L. True history of our battle flag.
CONFED. VET., XI (Aug.) 339. [729

Chalaron, J. A. Hood's campaign at Mur-
freesboro. CONFED. VET., XI (Oct.) 438-
440. [730

Chisholm, Alexander Robert. The Confeder-
ate battle flag. CONFED. VET., XI (May)
223. [731

Christian, George L. North Carolina and Vir-
ginia. Report of the history committee of
the Grand Camp Confederate veterans, of
Virginia. So. HIST. soc. PAP., XXXI, 340-
364. 1732

City battalion, Richmond, Va. Roster of
officers in the Twenty-fifth battalion of
infantry. So. HIST. soc. PAP., XXXI,
323-325- [733

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Feb. 14,

Company C, Thirty-seventh Va. infantry. A
list of the officers and privates and brief
history. So. HIST. soc. PAP., XXXI, 185-
189. * [734

From the Richmond, Va., Dispatch, May 16,

Confederate currency. Valuable informa-
tion concerning the notes issued. The best
collection. So. HIST. soc. PAP., XXXI,
I45-I5L [735

From the Charlotte Observer, June, 1903.




Confederate roster commissioners. Proceed-
ings and memorial of a conference . . at
Atlanta, Georgia, July 20-21, 1903.
Montgomery, Atlanta print, co. 16 p. 8.


Crosby, Ernest. If the South had been al-
lowed to go. No. AM. REV., CLXXVII
(Dec.) 867-871. [737

[Cuffel, Charles A.] History of Durell's bat-
tery in the Civil War (Independent battery
D, Pennsylvania volunteer artillery) A
narrative of the campaigns and battles of
Berks and Bucks counties' artillerists in
the war of the rebellion . . [Philadelphia,
Craig, Finley and co.] 265 p. plates,
ports. 24cm. [738

Cullen, William B., and Richard Beard. Inci-
dents of Gen. M'Pherson's death. CON-
FED. VET., XI (Mar.) 118-119. [739

Cutcheon, Byron M. East Tennessee cam-
paign and siege of Knoxville. MICH. HIST.
soc. COLL., XXXII, 410-418. [740

Dana, Charles A. Recollections of the Civil
War; with the leaders at Washington and
in the field in the sixties. New York,
Appleton, 1902. xiii, 296 p. front, (port.)
2 1 cm. [741

First issued in 1898.

Day, W. A. Battle of the Crater, July 30,
1864. CONPED. VET., XI (Aug.) 355-356.


Deupree, J. Q. Reminiscences of service with
the First Mississippi cavalry. Miss. HIST.
soc. PUB., VII, 85-100. [743

Dinkins, James. The battle of Shiloh, April
6, 1862. So. HIST. soc. PAP., XXXI, 298-
320. [744

From the New Orleans Picayune, Dec. 27, 1903,
and Jan. 24, 1904.

Dodge, Qrenville M. Letter on the Hampton
Roads conference [Apr. 2, 1903] IOWA
JOUR. HIST., I (July) 422-424. [745

Douglas, H. T. Reminiscences of the Penin-
sula. CONFED. VET., XI (Dec.) 554-556.


Dwire, Henry Rudolph. The New York
Times and the attempt to avert the Civil
War. So. ATLAN. QUAR., II (July) 273-
280. [747

Ewer, James K. The Third Massachusetts
cavalry in the war for the union. Pub. by
direction of the Historical committee of
the Regimental association. [Maplewood,
Mass., Wm. G. J. Perry press] 452, cxiv.
front., illus., 2 pi., ports., port, groups,
plans (partly fold.) 23|cm. [748

In addition to a general history of the regiment,
contains personal reminiscences of its members
and biographical sketches.

Executive and congressional directory of the
Confederate states of America, 1861-1865.

GULP ST. HIST. MAG., I (Jan.) 253-261.


Compiled from official records by Record and
Pension office and reprinted by permission.

First regiment of infantry, Massachusetts vol-
unteer militia, Colonel Robert Cowdin,
commanding, in service of the United
States, in answer to the President's first
call for troops to suppress the rebellion,
April 15, 1861; comp. from original papers
in the Adjutant General and Auditor's
offices of the commonwealth. Boston,
Wright and Potter. 50 p. front, (port.)
facsim. 24cm. [750

A roster of the regiment, with orders issued con-
cerning it in April and May, 1861, and action of the
General court in 1903.

First shot of the war was fired in the air.
W. H. Gibbs, of South Carolina, aids in es-
tablishing the fact of who fired it. So.
HIST. soc. PAP., XXXI, 73-79. [751

From the Richmond, Va., News-Leader, Aug.
14, 1893.

Fleming, Walter L. The peace movement in
Alabama during the Civil War. So. ATLAN.
QUAR., II (Apr.-July) 114-124, 246-260.


Foote, Frank H. Recollections of army life
with General Lee. So. HIST. soc. PAP.,
XXXI, 237-247. [753

Prom the New Orleans Picayune, Sept. 20, 1903.

Forbes, John Murray. Observations on af-
fairs in the South in the spring of 1865 [as
given in a letter to his wife] GULF ST.
HIST. MAG., I (Jan.) 285-287. " [754

Freytag-Loringhoven, [Hugo Friedrich Philipp
Johann] Studien iiber kriegfiihrung auf
grundlage des nordamerikanischen sezes-
sionskrieges in Virginien. Berlin, B. S.
Mittler und sohn. 3 v. illus. (maps,
plans) 8 fold. maps. 23^cm. (v. 3, 24^cm)


Qarnett, James M. Battle of Winchester.
So. HIST. soc. PAP., XXXI, 6 1-68. [756

From the Baltimore Sun, Sept. 26, 1903.

Qarnett, James M., Alexander Hunter and

Alexander R. Chisholm. The battle of

Antietam or Sharpsburg. So. HIST. soc.

PAP., XXXI, 32-45. [757

From the Baltimore Sun, Sept. 16-Oct. 18, 1903.

Georgia's flag. Replaced stars and stripes
before Sumter was fired on. So. HIST.
soc. PAP., XXXI, 236-237. [758

From the Augusta, Ga., Herald, Feb., 1904.

Qilmour, Alan P. The "Trent" affair. A
rejoinder. WESTM. REV., CLIX (Mar.)
338-340. [759

Gordon, John B. Antietam and Chancellors-
ville. SCRIBNER'S, XXXIII (June) 685-
699. [760

Gordon, John B. Gettysburg. SCRIBNER'S,
XXXIV (July) 2-24. [761

Gordon, John B. My first command and the
outbreak of the war. SCRIBNER'S, XXXII
(May) 515-528. [762




Gordon, John B. Reminiscences of the Civil
War. New York, Scribner. xiii, 474 p. 3
port. (incl. front.) 22icm. [763

A narrative of the author's personal experiences
rather than a critical account of military move-
ments. Contains new material on the battle of
Gettysburg, the Wilderness, and Cedar Creek.
Rev. in: Am. hist, rev., IX (July, 1904) 842-843;
Nation, LXXVIII (May 12, 1904) 373-375; Dial,
XXXV (Nov. 1) 302-305; So. Atlan. quar., Ill
(Apr., 1904) 187-188.

Guild, Amasa. The Eighteenth Massachu-
setts regiment volunteer infantry in the
Rebellion, together with some personal
reminiscences. DEDH. HIST. REG., XIV
(Jan.-Oct.) 2-1 1, 48-55, 75-83, 108-117.
Contd. from 1902. [764

Hallum, John. Reminiscences of the Civil

War. Little Rock, Tunnah and Pittard,

printers. 400 p. 2ocm. [765

Confederate war reminiscences obtained directly

from private soldiers and subordinate officers.

Hart, Albert Bushnell, ed. The romance of
the Civil War; selected and annotated by
Albert Bushnell Hart with the collabora-
tion of Elizabeth Stevens. New York,
Macmillan. xiv, 418 p. illus. 19 Jem.
(Source-readers in Am. hist., no. 4) [766
Illustrative extracts from various writers with-
out any attempt to give a continued narrative.

Hockersmith, L[orenzo] D. Morgan's escape.
A thrilling s.tory of war times. A true his-
tory of the raid of General Morgan and his
men through Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.
Madison ville, Ky., Glenn's graphic print.
iv, 54 p. port., plan. 22cm. [767

Hopkins, William P. The Seventh regiment
Rhode Island volunteers in the Civil War,
1862-1865. Providence, R. I., Snow and
F. xxiv, 543 p. pi., port., fold, maps, plan.
23|cm. [768

Edited by George B. Peck. Includes biograph-
ical sketches of commissioned officers and a register
of the regiment.

Houston, Henry C. The Thirty-second Maine
regiment of infantry volunteers; an his-
torical sketch. Portland, Southworth bros.
xii, 537 P- ports. 24001. [769

The 32d regiment was consolidated with the
31st in Dec., 1864.

Howard, McHenry. Closing scenes of the
war about Richmond. Retreat of Custis
Lee's division and the battle of Sailor's
Creek. So. HIST. soc. PAP., XXXI, 129-

145- [770

From the New Orleans Picayune, Oct. 4-11,

Hudson, Joshua Hilary. Sketches and remi-
niscences. Columbia, S. C., The State co.
190 p. front, (port.) plates, facsim. 23
cm. [771

Civil War reminiscences and sketches of South
Carolina history. Rev. in: So. hist, assoc. pub.,
VIII (May, 1904) 237-238.

Humphreys, David. Heroes and spies of the
Civil War. . . New York, Neale. 223 p.
front, (port.) 2ocm. [772

Illinois infantry. 74th regiment, 1862-1865.

Reunion proceedings and history of the

regiment. Rockford, 111., W. P. Lamb.

245 p. 24cm. [773

Includes a history of 74th 111. volunteer infantry.

An incident of Fredericksburg. W. C. B.
UNIT. SER., XLI (May) 1218-1222. [774

Irwell, Lawrence. Blockades. GREEN BAG,
XV (Feb.) 62-66. [775

Jackman, Mrs. Louisa. Two loyal Kentucky
women [Mrs. M. G. Vaughan and Mrs. Jack-
man. An incident of Mar., 1863] McLEAN
co. HIST. soc. TRANS., II, 389-394. [776

Jefferson Davis, privateer. So. HIST. soc.
PAP., XXXI, 53-55- [777

From the Savannah News, Dec. 1, 1903.

Jones, A. K. The battle of Fort Gregg.
So. HIST. soc. PAP., XXXI, 56-60. [778

From the New Orleans Picayune, Dec. 13, 1903.

Jones, J. H. The rank and file at Vicksburg.
Miss. HIST. soc. PUB., VII, 17-31. [779

Jones, J. William. Confederate generals are
all passing away. So. HIST. soc. PAP.,
XXXI, 189-192. [780

From the Richmond, Va., Times-Dispatch, Jan.
12, 1904.

Jones, J. William. Thomas and Lee His-
torical facts. CONFED. VET., XI (Nov.)
559-56o. [781

Submitting that Gen. Thomas "was a strong

Kellogg, Sanford C. The Shenandoah Valley
and Virginia, 1861 to 1865; a war study.
New York, Neale. 247 p. 2ocm. [782
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The battle of Lexington, fought in and
around the city of Lexington, Missouri, on
September i8th, igih and 2oth, 1861, by
forces under command of Colonel James A.

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