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answers to their several objections against the proceeding of
the parliat., qn Traq^ was commissioner, all in a paper which
is in Humbie's study.

After I cam home, I found that M'^ Ro* Broun and his
wiffe were newly gone, having been in Haystoun since
Tuysday ; I found also my wiffe and children in good health,
blissed be the Lord, so I retired myself to dutie in secret, and
then to familie, and so I went to supper.

I found this day my heart hard to gather.

Two hours raine about noone.

17, Saturnday^ 8 a'cloak. — This morning I lay someqt
long, being weary w* ryding yesternight. After I was ready
I took my breakfast, and then went to Bigger, and met w*
M^ Alex^, who told me he had corresponded w* Lanerick, and
that they had transported M^ Tho. Laurie from Robertoun
to Lesmahagow, w*out one contrarie voice except M'^ Jon.
Hamilton and some that were unclear, and that they made
ane act promising to endeavour that the stipend of Robertoun
shall not be worsted by this transportan. He shew me also
a letter from M^ Sam. Austin and M"^ Alex. Strang, desireing
to meet them at Craufurd kirk Wednesday nixt, which I
suspect to be about my lady Queensberry her bussines.

I heard that S^ Jo^ Hay was buried this day 8 days, having
died of a decay in the french disease. I cam doun and dyne<l
w* my wiffe, and therafter did read upon Durhams treatise
on Scandall, 4*^ pt., concerning the distinction betuixt schisnie
and division, and the severall rises of division in a church,
and the sad effects thereof, and q* be the reasons of such
sad effects, etc.

Toward night I retired myself to my weeklie scorch, and

138 ANDREW HAY'S DIARY [17 sept.

found that the Lord had dealt very favorablie w* me through
this week, both in conducting me and giveing me succes in
my journey, and giveing me allowance in dutie qn I was
abroad, and that yet my heart has been much more loose nor
formerly, for which I beg the Lords mercie in Jes. Christ,
and in his strength purposes to amend it ; so I closed the

I found this day pretty free of temptatiouns.

Windie in the morning and raine afternoone.

18 Sepf, The Lords Day, 5-6 a'cloah. — This morning
before the sun, I got a letter from S. Jo. Cheislie, shewing me
y* his lady was brought to bed at midnight, and desiring me
to come over to sermon and be witness to the baptism, so,^
after secret and family worship, I went to Kerswell, and stayed
ane houer and prayed ther, and then I went to Carnwath
kirk. I heard M^ W"^ Broun lecture on Ps. 69. 9, etc. Obs.
That spirituall greivances should be Gods people*'s main com-
plaint. 2° That a mans integrity nor his weel deserving will
ward off the malice of the wicked. 3*^ That its no new thing
for seekers of God not only to have many but pouerfull ene-
mies. 4^ That its good to have a good cause be the end, q^
we are intrants, v. 5. That God is an all-knowing God.
2° That its advantage to a beliver q^ he is all thro-uther to
know God thus. 3° That impressions of the all-knowing of
God is a good mean to bring furth confession of sin. v. 6.
That its the property of the godly man to bear respect to
the godlie, etc.

Therafter he preached on Luc. 10. 42. Obs. 1, That of
all the many things that folk are taken up with, there is but
one thing prin^^y needful). 4 reasons of it and 3 uses. Obs. 2,
That to know God in Jesus Christ, and to injoy and enter-
tein communion w^ him, is the one thing absolutely needfull.
Cleared from scripture, and 3 reasons of the point. 2 argu-
ments to ingadg us to mak this our maine study. 4 wayes
how the study of this one thing, proves ane antidote against
carping cares, etc.

Afternoone I was witnes to the baptisme of S^ Jo. Cheislie
his sone named Walter. Therafter I heard M'^ W°^ Broun


{)reach on Luc 10. 42. Three more argts. to persuade ws to
mak the study of that one thing needfull. Our maine work.
5 advantageous wayes how the making of that one thing our
maine bussines will help ws to manage all our external worldly
bussines ; 4 eminent advantages to the beliver by winning to
this fellowship in God in Christ. What it is not to give that
one thing needfull its oune roume, in 3 ; 4 marks of such as
give the one thing needfull its oune roume, etc.

After sermons I begged leave of S^ Jon and cam away
hom to the Stane about 5 a'cloak, and after I had retired
myself about ane houer and a half, I went about the explica-
tioun of the catechetical 1 questions to the people y* conveene
at our hous on the Sabbath.

This day I was somq* disordered tho' it was a good day.

A faire day but very cold.

19, Munday, 7 a cloak. — This morning, after I was readie,
I took my breakfast, and ther cam one James Maxwell to me,
who was in necessity. I gave him some money, and promised
to bespeak the presbrie in his behalf for some reliefF. Ther-
after I went to Bigger and met w^ M'^ Alex'^ and M'^ Ro*
Broun, who wer w* M'* Hen. Scot and Ja. Thriepland. I sat
besyd them a whyle and payed for some seek but drank none,
which I did not in Bigger thes three years. Then M' Jo"
Veitch and M'^ Tho. Laurie did invite me to decyd a bussines
betuixt them, which being very difficult I spok a litle to it,
and advysed y^ to bring all their papers, which might be a
mean to secure M'^ Jo^ Veitch in his 250 mks. per anum out
of the stipend of Robertoun, and appoint a new day and
acquaint me.

Therafter I cam doun to the Stane w* M*" Ro* Broun, and
we dyned together somq* late. He stayed till it was past 4
at nyt and so went. I heard that the parliat. of Ingland have
resumed our act of Union and are going on in it. That the
king of Sweden is dissatisfyed w* the agreement betwixt Ing-
land and Holland. That the Inglish fleet is come home from
the Zound wtout order becaus they had no victual Is. Y' the
lady Humbie cam to I^ondon from Bath upon the 10^'' of this
moneth, and that ther is a meeting of 4 presbiterian, 4 inde-

140 ANDREW HAY'S DIARY [19 sept.

pendent, and 4 anabaptist ministers at London to guard
against all the encroachments upon ordnances : all this is in
Waristons letter dated Sept. 10. At night I retired myself a
litle to my book. Then to dutie : and found this was but
ane idle day.

Frost in the morning, then cold and faire.

20 Sepf, Twysday^ 7 d cloak. — This morning, after I was
readie, I went to Bigger kirk, and heard M^ Alex. Lev. preach
on Jude 12. Feeding wtout fear is charged on them here
as their sin. 4 wayes it may be understood, I*' wtout fear of
God, 2" wtout fear of judgm*, 3° wtout fear of Church cen-
sure, 4^ wtout fear of snares. Use to study the holy use of
the creature. From the 2^ p* of the text obs. that its lau^^
for the servants of God to use similitudes to presse home
truths on folks consciences. Fruitles christians are compared
to clouds wtout water in two, 1° becaus they are unprofitable,
2° becaus they are tossed w* every wind of doctrine, etc.

After sermon I went in to the sessioun, and ther we did
agree w* the presbiteries act to relax Marion Sinclar from
excommunicaon, we also spok of contribution for the schoole,
but left it till after harvest, only I was desired to speak for
some timber in Leith.

Therafter I went to the ministers hous, being desired by
M^ Jon. Veitch and M'^ Tho. Laurie anent agreeing them,
and they did both submit the difference to M^ Alex. Lev.
and me, so I caused Ja. Crightoun draAv ane submission, and
they two wer to subscryve it and leav it w* M^ Alexr., M^
Tho. produced ane submission to the presbrie and the presbries
act and decreet ordeining M^ Jo. Veitch to have 250 merks
all his life, subscryved be M'" Pet. Kid, Clerk.

Therafter M'* Tho. cam doun and dyned w* me, and we
spok of the business. After he was gone, I did read the rest
of the afternoone upon Durhams treatise of Scandall, and
then retired.

This was a tollerable good day to me.

Very rainie till nonne, therafter fair.

21, Wednesday^ 7 d cloak, — This morning, after I was


ready, I did read a litle on a compend of Sleidans comen
concerning the 4 monarchies, for refreshing my memorie in
the generall historic of the world through the Caldean,
Persian, Grecian, and Roman monarchies, and so outred the
first book, which caryes on the story till the birth of Christ.

I dyned about 12 a'cloak w* my wiffe, and afternoone I
did read whollie upon Durhams Treatise of Scandal], 4*^ pt.
cap. 10, What is to be done in order to visiting. 11 cap.
what is to be done in closing doctrinall differences ; cap. 1 2
what is to be done about personall faults or matters of fath.
c. 13. What is to be done in divisions aryseing from Church
government, cap. 14. Concerning doctrinall determinations,
cap. 15. What is to be done in order to union about such
decisions as have practical! consequences following y^°^, etc.,
in all which he handles our present division in the church of
Scotland most abstractly, but very solidly and tenderly.

Toward night, I wrote a letter to my sister Mary to tak
off a sute of hairturk ryding cloths to my wiffe, and sent it
in to Ed'' w* Jo" Calender, and to bring me word how all in
Humbie are. Therafter I retired myself to my secret dutie,
and then to family, and after supper did read a storie out of
Reynolds his triumph of Gods judgement against the execrable
sin of murther.

This day I was quiet but much indisposed.

A very rainie night and morning, faire afternoone.

22 Septr., Thursday^ 7 archaic. — This morning after I was
ready, I went to breakfast, and therafter I went to Bigger
kirk to the presbrie : I heard M'^ Arch. Porteous exercise on
Act 5. 23. In the text the officers bring a report which is
both for their oune and the keepers vindication. The word
(trewly) two wayes interpreted. Obs. That if any prisoner
meet w* extraordinary closing of dores, it is such as preach
the Ghospell. 2° That the officer and keeper can play to
vthers handes from v. 24. That ordinarly grace and great
wit go not often together, etc.

M"" Alex'^ Pethan added in the text 2 : the Apostles sure
imprisonment, and their deliverance. Ous. 1, That some-
times the Lord maks his eneniys fii-st earand bearers of his

142 ANDREW HAY^S DIARY [22 sept.

peoples delivery. 2° That wicked men leav no mean unes-
sayed to embitter the lot of the righteous. 3*^ That ordi-
narly the Lord disappoints enemy es when they think themselves
most sikker. 4° that its a hard thing to bear home the
conviction of a disappointment on the wicked. 5° that the
wicked are so blind as they cannot see most palpable proofes
of Gods pouer. 6° that God whyles trysts his peoples deliver-
ance w* impossibilities, etc.

After sermon I went in to the presbrie, qn we examined
the business betuixt Old Birthwood and Jo^ Gala, and found
nothing in it. We gave a contribution at my request to Ja.
Maxwell of Newlands. We did hear from the moderator that
M' Geo. Blair was like to submit to church discipline, and
ans' to us at Bigger, and so we are desired to delay the lady
Queensberry ; so we arose and went to denner, where I was
appointed to pay the wyne. About 5 at night I cam doun,
and then retired.

This was a tollerable good day.

Very rainie till neer night.

23, Fry day ^ 7 cC cloak. — This morning after I was readie I
did read upon Durhams treatise on Scandall, 4*^ pt. cap. 16,
concerning the remedeyes of division arysing from misappli-
cation of pouer in ordination of ministers, and admitting to
and debarring from communion, and in censuring or sparing
ministers reall or supposed, also of the fears of misgovernment
for the tyme to come, and remedeyes thereof; also what is
incumbent to magistrats and people for remedying division
in a church, together w* the grounds and motives of the
desired Union. And so I closed and ended the book befor

I dyned w* my wiffe, and therafter saw my nighbour begin
to lead in his beer. Therafter I took my hors and went to
the feilds. I went first to Skirling, then to Wintermoore and
bespok And. Jenkisone to send his wife to be nurse to S*^ Jo^
Cheislies child, and then I went to the hills and spok w* Rot.
Patersone for some weathers to kill for the hous, and so came
home. Therafter I did read upon Sleidans compend or
method of historic from the tyme of Constantine the great,


who devyded the empyr in Westerne and Easterne till the
time of Charles the Great, Em p. of the west, etc.

Toward night I did read the lives of Augustine and
Chrysostome, becaus they are often cited by M^ Durham in
reference to the divisions that were betuixt the Catholicks and
Donatists in thes days, and how they caryed therin. Ther-
after I retired myself to duty.

This was a tollerable good day.

A louring grey day, rainie at nyt.

24, Saturnday, 7 a cloak. — This morning after I was readie,
I did read out that compend of historie written by Sleidan,
and continued till the reigne of Charles 5, emperor, wherin
are many busslings betuixt the Emperors and popes, and how
the popes by degrees have stollen up to that greatnes and
uncontroUednes they are at to-day, and someqt also concerning
the historicall applicatioun of Daniels prophecies both in
reference to the 4 monarchies and to the Turkish impyre.

I resaved a letter from the Lady Humbie, dated Whithall,
13 Septer, qrin she desires me earnestly to mak use of her
factorie, but knowing there is no money in cash, and that
ther is no present execution of justice, I resolved to forbear
till her homecoming. About 11 a'cloak M. fisher cam doun
to me and stayed denner. She told me of Gedeon Jacks
povertie and of Sam Levingstones imprisonment, and told me
that if Geordie could not serve any longer, she wold find a
M^ to him. After we had dyned, I went to the feilds and
stayed abroad neer 2 hors, and therafter cam in againe.
Toward night I went about my weeklie search, and found
yt tho the most part of the week had been free of outward
temptations, yet my heart had been for the most pt
hardened and heavie, neither can I observe any reall service
I have done to God therin, yet he has been pleased to bring
me thro it without any publik tash.^ Blissed be his name.

* A stain in a metaphorical sense ; disgrace, an affront.

* Mr. Hog was one from whom the greatest opposition to prelacy was expected,
and therefor a tash must be put on him at this Synod.'— Wod row, vol. i.
p. 41. Jamieson's Dictionary ^ sub voce.


So I closed the day, the week and all w* praises to his blissed
name for evermore.

This was a quiet day free of outward temptan.

Foule in the forenoon and faire afternoone.

25, The Lords Day, 7 a\doak. — This morning after I was
ready and had done family dutie, I went to Bigger kirk and
heard M'' Alex^ Lev. lecture on Lev. 9. The cap. hath 5 pts.
Some things relating to Moses, some things to Aaron, some
things to both, some things to God, and some things to the
people. From the first obs. that its a praiseworthy thing in
magistrats to be a good example unto vthers. 2*^ That no
practice is allowable in Gods hous wtout his warrand. From
the 2^, That in constituting a kirk God has his oune way of
fitting instruments for his extraordinary service. 2° That its
a dangerous thing to doe worship upon bare carnall prinlls. 5
eminent things in Aaron : from the 4 obs. that its a delight-
full thing qn God taks pleasur in his peoples service, etc.

Therafter he preached on Math. 5. 8. Obs. That purity
of heart is weel beseeming thes that are on their way to
heaven. 3 objections answered anent endeavouring puritie
of heart. 3 directions for going about this dutie. 4 wayes
how to mak it our only work. 2 wayes how to exercise
faith. Obs. 2, That the pure and upright in heart are
blissed in this, that they shall see the Lord. What is under-
stood by sight and qt by seeing the Lord. 4 marks of
resemblance betuixt belivers seeing of God, here and their
seeing of him in heaven, etc.

Afternoone I heard him lecture on 2 John. In the epistle
4 things, a salutaun, a commendan, ane counsall, and the
conclusion, v. 1. Obs. That its a great honour to begin young
to seek God, and continue so till grey haires. 2^ That
honors in the world are very consistent w* the grace of God.
V. 3. That the best ornament that decors the Christian is
grace, v. 4. That its a great commendan to a honorable
family, to be much for Christ. 2° That its a sweet thing to
see noble persons descended of religious parents following
their example, v. 5. That following of holiness should be
prest on lovers of holines, etc.




Therafter he preached on Matthew 5. 8. Three previous
consideraons anent the seeing of God. 3 reasons why its a
blissednes to see God. 3 things in this sight concur to mak
ws happie, the object being sutable, the , and

the faculty of seeing itself. 6 advantages arysing to the
beliver from the seing of God. One use of reproofe and
another of exhortaun, both to them that see, and them that
are in darknes, etc.

After sermons I cam home w* my wifFe, and met the buriall
of Jo^ Youngs wife ; therafter I retired myself to dutie, and
I found this a tollerable good day, and my heart was somqt
refreshed in secret prayer.

A gouling, windie, faire day.

26 Sepf^ Munday, 7 a cloak, — This morning after I was
readie, I went about some bussines in the hous, my wiffe
having tuned up a great claret wine puncheon full of strong
aill, becaus our malt was all spoiled w* mytes. Therafter M.
Fisher spok to me anent Geordie,^ and I judged myself
someway bound to keep him still for one terme more, in regaird
honest servants are so hardlie found, and he is pious also.

I dyned about 12 a'*cloak w* my wifFe, and therafter M'^
Jo^ Greg cam doun to me and told me how dissatisfyed M^
Blair and M^ Rutherfurd wer w* my L. Waristoun for his so
great concurrence w* the English at this tyme ; he told me
also that non cam to our appointed committee at Bigger this
day, which we should have keepit anent Marg Robisone ^ sus-
pect of witchcraft.

After we had conferred a whyle, he and I resolved to begin
our Hebrew about Mertimes, and to mak use of M' Jo.
Rows ^ gramer. About 4 a''cloak my wiffe and I took horse
and went over to Quodqn, being to mak som visits, and I
being to go to Lesmahago to M' Thos. Laurie his admissioun.

^ George Wilson, besides doing the duties of beadle and minister's man, must
also have been in the employment of Mr. Hay.

" This and subsequent entries show that Margaret Robison in Skirling was
suspected of witchcraft, and that an investigation took place. Mr. Hay prepared
the process against her before the Presbytery.

' The author of this Hebrew Grammar was son of John Row, minister at
Perth, and born there in 1568. He was minister of Carnock.



So we cam to Quodqn, and found M'" Rot. and my sister
very weel, and wer made very welcome. I did read a litle
upon Cobitt upon prayer, who I judg does not so weel upon
that subject as Gee. At nyt we supped, and M^ Rot. lectured
on Ps. 2, and we had some debates upon it, concerning the
word — This day have I begoten thee. So we went to bed.

I was not in a right frame this day.

A louring morning, raine afternoone.

27, Twysday^ 7 a' cloak. — This morning, being at Quodqn,
after I was ready and we had taken our breakfast together, I
went to the correspondent meeting at Libertoun, and did tak
my wifFe that way toward Kerswall. Ther met non from
Lanerick, but the brethren of Bigger mett, and we spent till
neer 4 at night in prayer, and conference about the two
heads — 1° What are the grounds of hope that we have now
under thes dark, cloudie dispensans of God toward the land.
2*^ What is our dutie to doe in thes tymes, when the Lord is
threatening to shak the very foundatiouns of religion.

About 4 a'cloak we took a drink w* M^ Rot Levingstoun,^
and therafter parted, my wifFe and I went to Kerswall to see
the lady, having borrowed a naig from M^ Jo. Rae to ride
doun to Miltoun tomorrow. After we cam to Kerswell S'
Jo^ gave me all 1. Waristouns Ires to read, wherin I find ther is
lik to be great contest who shall come doun commissioners to
Scotland : That the act of Union is neer readie, leaving out
the clause anent tolleran, also the article concerning our
lawes : That the K. of Sweden is very offended w* the
Inglish for deserting him : That the emperor has fallen in
on Pomer, hes taken Dam, and beseidged Stettin : That the
Turks dominion is all infested w* the plague : That ther is
lik to be a stop of the mariage betuixt Franc and Spain, etc.

Therafter we went to supper, and so to exercise, and then
retired and to bed.

I found this a tollerable good day.

A rainie day w* wind.

^ Graduated as A. M. in 1636, was admitted minister of Liberton in 1649, and
died in 1677.


28 Sept., Wednesday, 7 d'cloak. — This morning being in
Kerswell, after I was readie, S'^ Jo'^ told me that my brother
had written a letter to him, desireing to meet w^ him anent
some place under Waristoun q^ he coms doun, but he ansred
him he was not coming. I did write a letter to the lady
Humbie, showing that I would not medle w* her factorie
seing she is to be at home so shortlie, and also diswading
her to come be sea, becaus it is so uncertaine and tempestuous

After breakfast my wiffe and I cam away and mett with
M^ Alex' Lev., M' Ro* Broun, and M'^ Jo. Rae, at M' W"^
Brouns hous, and therafter went all together to Lanerick,
and gave them all their denner at Mary Maxwells hous, and
after denner we went in, and visited my L. Carmichell and his
daughters. My lord told me he heard that Sir George Booth
was distracted in the tower. Therafter I acquainted S'^
Daniel that my L. Hoptoun had been visiting Skirling, and
wold readilie step in betuixt him and that bargaine.^

About 3 a'cloak I took leav of them, and M'^ Ro* Broun
went w* my wifFe and me doun to the Miltoun. We cam
there about sunsett, being very wett, and met w* the lady,
who made ws very welcome, therafter her husband cam home,
and told ws that he had been convoying to his prison in
Douglas Castle my L. Selkirk.^ Ther is a great death of
horses in this countrey and at Hamiltoun. We went to supper
and then retired.

I found this day somq* raving to me.

A very great raine all day.

29, Thursday, 7 a'cloak. — This morning being at Miltoun,
after I was ready and had taken my breakfast, I allowed my
wifFe to go doun w* her brother to Calderwood to see her
father, who is very sick and like to die ; and M'^ Ro^ Broun
and I cam away and crossed Clyd at Crossefurd, and cam to

* Negotiations were then going on for the purchase of Skirling by Sir Daniel
Carmichael from Bailie Murray, who had let the mansion-house to Mr. Hay.
There were some apprehensions of Lord Hopetoun offering for the estate.

'^ Lord Selkirk was the husband of Ann, Duchess of Hamilton. Through
this alliance hu had the title of the dukedom conferred upon him.


Lesmahago kirk about 11 hors, to the admissioun of M'^
Tho. Laurie.

I heard M^ W"^ Broun preach on John 21. 15. In the
words 5, The tyme, the person, the question, the ansr., and
the charge. He raised observations from each of thes, but
mainely insisted on thes three. Obs. 1, That Christs sheep
must have food and cannot want. 5 reasons of the point.
Obs. 2, That its a ministers maine concernment to feed
Christs sheep. 5 reasons of the point. 6 things necessarilie
required for right feeding. 5 things qrin the minister must
be very skilful. Somthings also requisit in the people.
7 things which maks the sheep losse their appetit. Obs.
that the maine qualifican. of a right feeding minister, is great
love to the Lord Jesus Christ. Some marks of great love to
Christ, etc.

After sermon M^ Tho. Laurie was admitted, and he took
the heritors and elders be the hand, and me among the rest,
in token of submission and acceptatioun. I could not refraine
weeping, and wished Gods blissing to the bargane.

Therafter I heard M^ W^ Jack preach on 2 Chron. 15. 2.
From the context obs. that in all tymes of reforman. reformers
meet w* great opposiun, but the Lord helps ym through.
From the text obs. That such as forsake God shall be for-
saken of him. 6 consider aones for clearing the text. 5 cases
qrin a people may be said to forsake God. 3 cases qrin God
is said to forsake a people. The use of the doctrine applyed
to the congregatioun, etc.

After sermons I was pressed to dine w* the brethren in

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