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Historic Morristown,
New Jersey:





Morristown in the Spanish-American War.
Life of Captain Jeremiah O'Brien, Machias, Me.
Memorials of Hon. Joshua S. Salmon, etc.


The Howard Publishing Company

Morristown, New Jersey,

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A decade and more has elapsed since the author of
this vokime deUvered, before a large Sunday morning
congregation, an historical sermon in commemoration
of the sixty-fourth anniversary of the dedication of the
church edifice in Morris County, New Jersey, in which
there worshiped the religious organization of which he
was then the regularly installed pastor. The prepara-
tion of this sermon, which was subsequently published
in pamphlet form, necessitated careful research of
township and county annals, which were found to be
of rare interest ; so far, particularly, as concerned their
relation to the seven years struggle for national inde-

Later and more thorough research of the annals of
the county seat of Morris, the story of which, as the
author was impressed, had never been consecutively
nor adequately related, fruited in the purpose to
attempt, in the not distant future, the writing of a his-
tory of Morristown which should aid at least in giving
it the prominent place in the annals of our great coun-
try to which it is rightfully entitled. In accordance,


therefore, with this purpose, the author has for several
years past been gathering material for the contemplated
work ; meanwhile he has consulted every known and
available source of information concerning his subject.
Not alone from printed page and musty document, how-
ever, but from not a few living repositories of local his-
tory and tradition, has material been procured by the
author for the present volume.

For the verification of the locale and present appear-
ance of the various camping grounds of Washington's
army in Morristown and vicinity, during the winters of
1777, and 1779-80, as described by several local his-
torians, the author has, either alone or in company with
rseidents of the county seat, more or less acquainted
with these grounds, gone over them nearly a score of
times during the year now nearing its close. Kodak
and camera have been kept busy during the year past
transferring to practically imperishable paper the accu-
rate and indisputable representations of historic grounds
and buildings and monuments and ruins, the sight of
which in photographic form, cannot fail to quicken the
heart action of even this distinctively commercial age
and people.

As the author has again and again, in the deep quie-
tude of the woods and hill-slopes tramped over the
grounds once alive with the armed participants in the
War of the Revolution, and looked, not always with
dry eyes, upon the countless heaps of stones once com-
posing the fire-places and chimneys of the rude log huts
which sheltered their occupants in the awful winter of


1779-80, it has occurred to him that no finer thing in
the way of an exhibition of patriotism could be done,
than to gather these stones, bring them to the beautiful
county seat of Morris, and there, in some central loca-
tion, construct of them a suitable memorial building,
the presence of which would furnish inspiration to com-
ing generations, and aid in keeping alive the sentiment
of our beloved Whittier, enunciated in the words :

"Freedom's soil hath only place
For a free and fearless race !"

The author gratefully acknowledges his indebted-
ness for several photographs for illustrations for this
volume, and for interesting data, to the following
named individuals : Mrs. Mary D. Halsey, widow of
the late Hon Edmund D. Halsey, of Rockaway ; Maltby
G. Pierson, William A. Dunn, Hon. Charles F. Axtell,
Isaac N. Pierson, J. Frank Holloway, Harrie A. Free-
man, Mrs. Julia R. Cutler, widow of the late Hon.
Augustus W. Cutler, Emory McClintock, LL.D.,
George W. Fleury, John W. Mehck, Philip H. Hoff-
man, Henry B. Hoffman, Clifford A. Fairchild, Frank
H. Fairchild, Francis E. Woodruff, John D. Guerin,
Mrs. Charlotte C. Lee, Frederick F. Curtis, Mrs. Anna
W. Little, widow of the late Theodore Little, Esq.,
Mrs. M. G. Twining, Secretary of the Morristown and
Madison Chapter, D. A. R., Amidee Boisaubin
(deceased), Gustav A. Kissell, John S. Green, Edward
Howell, Heyward G. Emmell, of Morristown. To


these names should be added those of Henry V. Con-
diet, Esq., of Jersey City ; Samuel A. Farrand, one
of the headmasters of the famous Newark Academy,
of Newark ; Mrs. Adrain Dickerson, of Montclair,
whose maiden name was Elizabeth Anna Lewis, daugh-
ter of Major William Johnes Lewis, formerly of Mor-
ristown (now deceased) ; Rev. James A. Ferguson, D,
D., pastor for considerably more than a quarter cen-
tury, of the Hanover Presbyterian Church ; Amos L.
Shangle, of Oskaloosa, Iowa, a native of Morris
County ; Edwin A. Ely, of Livingstone ; R. Heber
Breintnall, Adjutant-General of the State of New Jer-
sey ; Dr. M. S. Simpson, of Middle Valley ; Aaron K.
Fairchild, of Hanover; Frederick A. Canfield. of
Dover; Mrs. James B. Bowman, of Mendham; Miss
Eleanor A. Hunter, of ]\Iontclair ; Joseph M. Sayre,
of Newark ; Mrs. Charlotte Sayre Boorman, of Fort
Washington, New York City ; Alfred B. Johnson, of
South Orange; Dr. B. L. Dodd, of Newark; John
M. Lindley, Ph.G., of Winfield, Iowa, and John S.
McMaster, Esq., of Jersey City.

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