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itone In memory of William Brereton, gent, who died
December 31, 1697 ; and his arms.

In this town belongs an extenfive common, for the
improvement of which an acl; of parliament has
been lately obtained.

In 1 749 the late Rev. George Molden was pre-
fented to the reclory of Felthorpe by the crown, on
whofe death, in 1777, the bifhop of Norwich pre-
fented the Rev. John Jeffery.

FRETTENHAM or FRETENHAM, wrote in Doomf-
day book Fretham.



FRETTENHAM MANOR. Roger, of Poitiers in
France, had the grant of this town, of which Edric,
a free-man was deprived ; valued at 4!. then, but at
the furvey at 81. was one leuca long, and half a one

This Roger was third fan of Roger de Montgo-
mery, a Norman, earl of Montgomery, who at-
tended the Conqueror into England, and com-
manded the center of the van of his army in the
battle of Haftings, and was created carl of Lau-

He had, befides this town, the lordfhips of Ham-
ford, Spixworth, Croflwick, and Maidefton in this
hundred of Taverham ; Coltifhall in South Erping-
.ham ; Tunflead, Hoveton, and Weflwick in Tun Read ;
zmd Eaft Rifton in the hundred of Happing, in Nor-
folk : hm rebelling againfl Henry T. and taking part
with his brother Robert, duke of Normandy, he was
deprived of all his eftatcs and earldom in England.

Robert Bertram was afterwards lord of this town,
and a Norman, but taking pait with the French
king againft king John, the laid king in his 6th year,
granted it to Peter de Naiiord, who being accufcd of
making great vvafte therein, the king re-affumed it,
and gave it to Roger le Poure, at the requeft of
Robert Fitz-Roger, lord of Horsford, to be held at
the king's will ;- and on his death, Robert le Poure,
his fon and heir, poffeffed it, and had a grant of free-
warren in the 5ift of Henry III. but in the following
year conveyed it by fine to Thomas Bviidolph, with
the advow(on of the church, who granted to Robert
an annuity of twenty marks for life, with a claufe of
diflrefs in his manors of Spixworth and Weft Winch.


*6 H U N D R E D O F

This Thomas, in the 15th of Edward I. claimed
free-warren, the aflife and vie\v of frank-pledge, and
in the i8th of that king was impleaded by John de
Redmere, Thomas having view of frank-pledge, and
John having lands in the town, and not appearing in
his leet or tiihing, he had diftrained John's oxen,
vvho pleaded that lie was a clerk, and a fcholar, and
that no clerks, or Jcholars, ought to be put into the
tithing againft their confent in any leet, and produced
the bifliop of Norwich, and chancellor of the uni-
verfity's letter to teflify the fame ; fo that judgment
was given againft the lord of the leet, and that a
clerk need not appear at the leet without his pre fence
tvas particularly neceffary, and the oxen were reltored

In the 6th of Edward II. a fine was levied between
John Bardolf, querent, and Joan, daughter of Tho-
mas Bardolf of Spixworth, deforciant, of this lord-
fhip and advowfon, which Cecilia, 'widow of the
faid Thomas, held for life, of the honour of Lan-
cafter, by one fee, and IDS. per ann. and in the igth
6f Edward III. it was fettled on John Bardolf, and
the heirs of Thomas Bardolf held it in the 4th of
Henry IV. who thofe heirs were is not mentioned;
but in the reign of Edward IV. John Skerning, &c.
conveyed it with lands in Horflead, Cioftwick, Be-
laugh, :c. tojohn Winter, efq.

By the will of John Briggs, efq. dated Salle, May
sv, 1494, it appears that he died feifed of it, and
devifed it to his wife Margaret, for life, after to fir
Henry Heydon, on his payment of 400 marks to his
executors ; and in the 15th of Henry VII. Edmund
Pafton and Margaret, late wife of Thomas Briggs,
granted it by fine, with the advowfon and warranty


T A V E R H A M. 27

the heirs of Margaret, to fir Robert Clere and
iir Robert Drury.

Sir Anthony Heveningham was lotd in the i ft of
Edward VI. and patron, and Mary, his widow, who
married Philip Appleyard, efq. died poflefled of it
December 1 2, in the 4th and 5th of Philip and
Mary, and Arthur Heveningham, her fon, inherited
it ; and fir Arthur fold it with the advowfon to Tho-
mas Peck, efq. alderman, and mayor of Norwich
in 1586.

William Peck, efq. died lord in 1634, and Thomas
Peck, elq. his ion and heir, was lord in 1640.

In iGSS the earl of Yarmouth was lord, as alfo in
1 700 ; and Harbord Harbord, efq. in i 740 was lord
and patron, in which family it remains: fir Harbord
Harbord of Gunton, and M. P. for the city of Nor-
wich, being the prefent lord and patron.

The fheriff's turn for the hundred was kept on
Frettenham hill.

MAIDESTON, was a village adjoining to, and a bc-
ruite of Frettenham, or Hainloid; Roger of Poic-
tiers, earl of Lancafter, was lord of it, and Albert
was lord before the conquefl ; then valued at 305.
but at the furvey at nothing, probably accounted for
in Frettenham, or Hainford : it was three furlongs
long, and three broad. .

Robert Charles grants by fine this manor in the 3d
ot Edwaid 1. to Thomas Charles, in tail.

Thomas Charles was lord of Meydington (called
after Moyton-Hall) in the '?,d of Edward I. wkh



view of frank-pledge, free-warren, a tumbrel, &:c.
a fair, and a weekly market on Friday.

In the 6th of that king it was found, that Wc-.lfer
de Kam, a long time before his death, had enfeorled
William Charles of lands, See. in Frettenharn and

. In the lyth of Edward IIT. John de St. Maur,
conveyed to fir John Wingfield, by fine, this lord-
fhip which Thomas Atte-Church held for the life of
Catherine his wife.

In the 3d of Henry IV. fir John White, of Shot-
tifham, was lord of Moyton-Hall in Frettenham, held
by a quarter of a fee of the honour of Lancafter, late
St. Maur's.

Sir John gave it to John White, efq. his fon by his
fecond wife Julian, daughter of Peter Hovel, efq. of
Swannington : this John, with Alice his wife, daugh-
ter and heirefs of Robert Burnham, efq. of Lynn,
are interred in Frettenham church.

Margaret^ their daughter and heirefs, brought it
by marriage to Giles St. Lowe, efq. (he died on the
24th of December, 1435, and was buried by them.

In the ift year of Edward IV. on February 24, fir
-John Howard, knt. (afterwards duke of Norfolk) had
a grant of this lordihip, called Moyton-Hall, late
Giles Saintlow's, of London, attainted, and other
forfeited eflates.

But this grant was foon after (as far as related to
thts lordfhip) recalled, for it appears, that Giles left
by Margaret his wife, one daughter, Elizabeth, mar-

T A V E R II A M. 29

ried to Henry Statharn, cfq. who died in 1481, and
left Joan [heir daughter and fole heir, married to John.
Sachcverell. and Gr Henry Sachcvcrell conveyed it
by fine, in the i 8th of Henry VIII. to fir John Shel-
ton, S:c. but yet the Whites of Shottiflham had fouic
iutercfl herein.

Edmund White, cfq. who married Elizabeth,
daughter of Thomas Froximere, of Broomflhorp
in Norfolk, died fcifed of it in 1521, leaving George
his fon and heir, who was an ideot, and died without
iffuc in 1546, and this manor, &c. was fettled by
Thomas, duke of Norfolk, his guardian, on Ed-
mund White, efq. his uncle, who died in 1538, fb
that on George's death it came to Edward White, fon
of Edmund, who died fingle in i r >5S, and his in-
heritance dcfcended to his filler Ann, the wife of
Henry Doylcy, of Pondhall in Suffolk, who had li-
very of it in the faid year.

In the 1 8th of James I. Thomas Biofield, and
Edward Coke, gents, had a prsecipe to deliver it to
fir John Heveningham, fir Thomas HolUiHl, Edward
Pafton, efq. &c.

The earl of Yarmouth was lord in 1700, and
Harbord Haibord, efq. in 1 740. Sir Harbord Har-
bord, bart. is now (1779) loid.

The church of Frettermam is a reclory, dedicated^
to St. Swithin; the ancient value was twenty-fix
marks; the prefent value is lol. and pays firft fi uits.
The abbey of St. Martin of Sees, or de Sez, in Nor-
mandy, of the Benedictine order, founded by Rogei;
de Montgomery, earl of Shrewfbury, and father of
Roger of Poicliers, lord of this manor, and patron,
had a portion of 55.

D On


On a grave-done in the chancel, Hie jacet Marga-
rita Jilia Joh. Whyte, Jilij Jecundj Joh. Wliyte, mililis,
uxor. JEgidij Seyntlowe, Arm. <b D'na de May ton, Jilia
Alice, Jilie et heredis Robtj Burnham de Lynne, et uxor
Joh. Whyte idi. p' dicli, et obijl in vigilia natalis D'rtj.
A. D'nj. 1435. On the (lone the arms of St. Lowe
impaling White.

' In the chancel windows were the arms of lord
Bardolph, Bardolph of Spixworth, and Felthorpe.

In 1718, the church of Frettenham was confoli-
dated with Stanninghall ; and in i 764 the Rev. Tho-
mas Carthew was prefented to this united re&ory by
the late fir William Harbord, bart. of Gunton.

HAINFORD, or HAYNEFORD, called in Doomf-
day book Hamford, was the lordfhip of Roger of
Poioiftrs', earl of Laricafler. Ketel held it under
Stigand the archbifhop, and was on the conqueft

William, fon of Rofceline, was lord in the loth
of Richard I. and about this time William Blund
impleaded the aforefaid William for this manor, fet-
ting forth that it had been granted to him and Alice
his wife by his anceftor Blund, in dower, for the
moiety of the village of Walfham, and to return to
him on the death of Alice.

" Rofceline pleaded that the exchange vras good,
and that Alice had refigned her dower at Walfharn
for this, had given alfo twenty marks, and a war
horje, and that Henry II. had confirmed this ex-

T A V E R H A M. 31-

In the gth of king John, William Blund convey
ed it by fine to William, grand fon of Rofceline, to
hold it of Blund by one fee.

John, fon of William Rofceline, held it by one
fee in the 34th of Henry III.

William Rofceline, lord in the 3d of Edward I.
and in the i <jth of Edward I. claimed free-warren,
affifc, a tumbrel, Sec. and held it in the 231!! of the
laid king of the honour of Lancafler, and the pay-
ment of los. per ann.

In the iftof Edward III. John Rofceline fold it
to Peter dc Merkcfhale, Reginald de Reefham, Agnes
and Alice their fillers by marriage.

In the fame year a moietv of this lordfhip and
advowfon was fettled on fir Thomas de Bavent and
Alice his wife ; and in the 2oth of the faid reign,
William Bavcnt and Robert Pavilly weie lords, and
held one fee late Rofceline's.

In the 3d of Henry IV. George Felbrigg and John
Pavilly, of Ryburgh, were found to hold it of the
honour of Lancafler ; and John Shardelow, in the
8th of Henry V. and fir John Faftolf died feifed,
as is faid, in the 3Sth of Henry VI.

Sir Robert Southwell died lord in the 6th of Hen-
ry VIII. being then held of the king as of the dutchy
of Lancafter, and Richard his coufin was heir ; and
on October 21, in the 38th of that king, it was
granted by the king to Andrew Mansfield, efq. with
the advowfon, who prefented to the church in 1547,
and Joan Mansfield, his widow, in 1554. This An-
drew left a daughter and heir, Sufan.

D 2 After


After this Charles Cornwallis, efq. enjoyed it,
from whom it came to Charles leGrys, efq. of Brock-
difh. who was found to die poifeffed of it in the i yth
of Elizabeth, and the advowfon, William being his
fon and heir.

John Peck, efq. prefented to the church in 1729,
and the late Wharton Peck, L. L. D. in 1 739, 1771,
'7 73 1 7/4. an d * n l ll& ne prefented the Rev. Fitc
John Brand.

The temporalities of St. Faith's priory were 43.

The church is a reclory, dedicated to All Saints ;
the ancient value was lixteen marks, the prefent va-
lue is 61. as. id, and pays firft fruits, 8cc.

In the 25th of Edward I. Mr. Thomas de Ker-
defton conveyed his right of patronage to William

In the church were the arms of Rofceline, azure,
three round buckles, or. Argentine Faftolf. Dr.
Mansfield and his wife were here buried.

In the church-yard was the chapel of the blelfed
Virgin in 1463.

wrote in Doomfday-book Hailefduna. Parkin fays
it takes its name from its fcite on a hill by a water
or river; but we are rather inclined to think its real
name has been Hillfdown. or HillVtown.

On the deprivation of Stigand, archbifhop of Can-
terbury., who held it as a lay-fee, the Conqueror
granted it to Godwin Haldene, valued at 4!. iss, Sd.


T A V E R H A M. 33

and there was a church but not endowed with any
land. It was ope leuca and an half, and twenty
perches long, and one leuca and three furlongs

This Godwin, Haldene feems to be of Danifli ex-
traclion, and one thing is remarkable of him, that
he held under earl Guert, brother of king Harold,
the lordfhip of Gnatingdon in Srrmhdon hundred,
in king Edward's time, and at the Conqueft, when
he was alfo rewarded wilh this lordfhip, thofe of
Oxnead ,'h South Erpingham, and Barnham Broom
in Forehoe hundred ; a proof that he was a rebel
againft king Harold, and affilted the Conqueror.

Soon after the Conqueft it was divided into two
lordfhips, one held by the family of de Barnham,
the other by that of Hauteyn, of the honour of Clare,
coming to thofe earls from the GifFards, earls of

BARNHAM'S MANOR. William de Barnham was
lord of this town, Oxnead, Barnham, &c. in the
reign of Richard I. held of the honour of Clare, in
which family it continued fome time.

In the 36th of Edward III, fir Giles de Barnham,
and Robeit his brother, releafed to Walter de Ber-
ney, citizen of Norwich, this manor and advowfon,
with the rents, fervices, Sec. and in the faid year
John de Bamham, brother and heir of fir Giles, re-
leafed it to the aforefaid Walter, and to Richard de
Haylefdon and John his fon, citizens of London, all
his right.

Andrew Bomond, clerk, nephew of Hugh de

Barnham, releafed alfo to Walter de Berney, Richard

D 3 de


de Haylcfdon, &c. all his right in the 5ifl of the
faid king, and Walter de Berney prefcnted to this
c! urcli in 1565, 8cc. and in 1388 fir John prefented
in right of Joan his wife.

John de Haylefdon, citizen of Norwich, was bu-
ried in this church in 1384, by his father and mo-

John Gournay, and Alice his wife, were in poflef-
fion of it in the i.gth of Richard II. when they
paffed it, with the manor of Dray ton, and the ad-
vowfon of the two chauntries in this town, to John
Winter, 8cc. and in the 4th of the faid Richard II.
John Hokere conveyed this lordfhip to John Church-
man and Bartholomew Marfh, citizens of London,
feoffees of John de Haylefdon.

Richard Selling and Alice conveyed it, in the
i ith of Henry VI. to fir John Faflolf and John Paf-
ton, efq. enjoyed it, and John de la Pole, duke of
Suffolk; from which family it came to the .crown,
on the execution of Edmund, earl of Suffolk.

Henry VIII. granted it to Charles Brandon, duke
of Suffolk, arid on his death, efcheating to the
crown, it was" given, April 11, in the 4th of Ed-
ward VI. to the bifhop of Norwich and his fucccf-
fors, with Drayton ; and the bifhop is lord at this

HAUTEYN'S MANOR. Theobald de Hauteyn had
a lordfhip here in the reign of Henry II. by the
marriage of Agnes, daughter of Albert de Grefley,
who was alfo lord of Oxnead.


T A V E R H A M. 35

On the death of Theobald, flie married de

Amaundevile, and in iiSs;, flie held this manor in
dower, having three fons by Theobald,

Walter de Hauteyn, of Hellefden, was alfo liv-
ing in the 8th of Henry II. and had an intereft here,
holding two fees of the honour of Clare.

Hamond dc Hauteyn fucceeded his father John,
and was cuftos of the county of Norfolk, and ac-
counted for the profits thereof, in the 44th of Hen-
ry III. and in his 53d year had the king's writ, da-
ted December 3, that whereas he had forfeited his
lands, which were given to Patrick de Chaworth, for
fiding with the barons, he was empowered to fum-
mon Patrick before the fherifF, to (hew caufe why
they fliould not be reftored to him.

Sir Bartholomew de Hauteyn had alfo an intereft
here about the fame time, and the king had granted
his lands on the fame account to Ernifius de Stotevile.

Sir Hamond de Hauteyn and Robert de Ludham
were appointed juftices to look after the Jews af-
fairs, and there was a mandate to the Barons of the
Exchequer, to deliver to them the keys of the cheft
of the Jews, with the rolls, See. belonging to that

In the 3d of that king, he claimed the afTife, free-
warren, a gallows, 8cc. in the nth of the faid
king, he was furnmoned to meet the king in parlia-
ment at Salop, and in the 15th was fufpended from,
his office, as judge of the Jews, for certain mif-

D 4 William


William -his foa and heir fucceeded, and was
lord in 1301, and dying in the year 1326, fir John
Hauteyn was his (on and heir; but it does not ap-
pear that he inherited this lordfhip: his father is
laid to have incurred the difpleafure of Edward I.
and to have paid a fine of 569!. 6s. Sd. for certain
Iran fgre (lions, in not attending him in fome expedi-
tion, as is faid; and in the i gth of Edward II. not
long before his death, had conveyed by fine this
lordfliip to Walter de Barnham and Maud his wife,
\vidow of his father Hamond, and fo was united
foon after to the manor of Barnham.

This fir John was probably the fame perfon who
\vas receiver of the king's cuftoms of wool, and ci-
tizen of London, in the i6th of the faid king. Sir
John fealed with argent, a bend fable, and fome
of the Hauteyns fealed with bendy of 8, ardent and

From the Barnhams it came to Walter de Ber-
ney, Richard de Haylefdon, fo to Gournay, Faflolf,
&c. and fo to the fee of Norwich, as mentioned in
Barnham manor.

Here was alfo a lordOiip called Fairchiid's, which
arofe, we imagine, from the grant of fir Robert de
Hauteyn of loos, per ann. in lands, Sec. to Eve his
daughter, on her marriage with Ralph de Tyville
about the 2 8th of Henry III.

In the reign of Henry VI. fir John Faftolf was
lord and patron, and fir John Pafton died poffefled
of it in the 6th of Edward IV. as fir John Wihfhire
did in the reign of Henry VI. before it came to
Faftolf : his will is dated at Hellefden, November


T A V E R H A M. 37

In the Soth'of Henry VIII. fir John CrefTencr
conveyed Fairchild's to Nicholas and John Sothcrv
ton; and Samuel Sothcrton, gent, died pofleffcd of
it, April 18, in the - ; th of Charles I. held of the
biiliop in foccagc, of his manor of Uellefdon, and
of twenty-two acres of land, late die priorefs of Car-
rowe's, held of the king in capite, by the hundredth
part of a fee.

The Sothertons arc an ancient family ; Nicholas
Sothcrton, efq. was fheriff of Norwich in 1530, and
mayor in 1539.

Leonard Sotherton was a citizen of Norwich, of
eminent loyalty in Kctt's rebellion, in the reign of
Edward Vl'.

John Sotherton, efq. fheriff of Norwich in 1565,
had by Mary his wife, daughter of Auguiline Stew-
ard, mayor of the aforefaid city in 1534,. four fons ;
John, Nowell, who was baron of the Exchequer,
Nicholas and Thomas,

Thomas Sotherton, probably brother of John So-
therton, efq. married Elizabeth, another of the daugh-
ters of Auguliine Steward, and was mayor in 1 565,
and burgcfs in parliament in the 39th of Elizabeth,
whole defendants were not lefs eminent in this

Auguftine Sotherton, efq. of Hellefdon, their fon t
fucceeded. Alfo his fon Samuel, whofe daughter
Ann, married to Roger Dunfter, had a daughter and
heir, Ann, who by marriage brought it to John Ber-
rington, efq. who was lord in 1664.



After this it came to Hey ward, and to fir William
"Goflin, a lace-man of Pater-notter-row, London,
whole lady held it in jointure in i(igo.

In the lath of Henry III. Robert Hauteyn granted
to the abbot of St. Rennet's at Holme, the mill called
New-mill in Helleidon liberty, with common paf-
ture, and the bank to the mill pool, with the ifland,
and liberty to clean the pool, and fir Robert Hauteyn
gave twenty-four acres of land to Langley abbey out
of this town.

John, fon of Ralph de Tyvile, granted to the
prior, 8cc. of Norwich, an annual rent, which he
ufed to receive of him, and which they lately held
of his grandfather fir Robert Hauteyn.

Temporalities of Norwich priory iSs. 6d. of
Langley 275. of St. Faith's 405. and of Carrowe
8s. per ann.

The chnrch is a reclory, dedicated to St. Mary ;
the ancient value was twenty-four marks ; the prefent
value is 12!. and pays tenths.

In the Sih of Richard I. the prior and convent
of Caflle-acre conveyed by fine to John Hauteyn,
the advowfon of this church, with the tithes of the
mills, and the land called Butlinghall; and Hauteyn
conveyed to the prior, 8cc. the church of Herringby,
which Robert Hauteyn, his brother, held for life of
the faid prior, at the rent of 205. per ann. Eborard,
bifliop of Norwich, had confirmed to the faid priory
this church of Hellefdon.

The church is a fmall pile, confifling of a body,
or nave, and a chancel, and a north aile that runs


T A V E R H A M. 39

the length of the body, all covered with lead ; and
has an o&angular to'.ver, and one bell, with a cap,
or cupola of wood, covered with lead.

In the chancel before the image of St. Mary,
patronefs of the church, was a lamp burning night
and day, at the charge-cf the abbot and convent of

On a gravc-ftone here Hie jacet Mag. Pdrus jVey-
lond quo da, reclor. ijii. ecctte.

Another For John Awcocke, of Buckenham-Ferry,
gent, who died November 14, 1646.

One For Eliz, Awcocke, wife of John, who died
Nov. 14, 1652.

In the nave Here lyeth Alice Hdifden, &;c.

In the north aile, at the eaft end, a grave-flone,
with the portraiture of a prieft in his robes. Hie
jacet Ricard Thafeburgli, quo da reel. ijti. ecclie qui obt.
13 Fcbruarii, A. 1389.

A marble grave- ft one For Mrs. Thomajine Aw-
cocke, who died May 25, 1626.

Another In memory of Anne Berington, wife of John
Berington, of Hellefdon Hall, who died Nov. 28, 1651,
aged 29.

On one Depofitum Anna; Bell, Jilie Thoma Sothcr-
ton, Armig. et Cecilia uxoris cjus, nupla fuit Gul".
Bell, Clerico, obt. Augujl 20, 1665, atai 2 9-


40 H (J,N D R E D O F

On another Ric. Meredith, S. T. P. ob. \ Dec.

ts t ficut Jum, fijlc lector, difce mori, fu-

The eafl end of this north aile, was the chauntry
of John de Hellefdon and Joan his wife, who both
lie buried here under a marble grave-done, with a
brafs plate, Hie jacet JoKes dc Haylfjdon, tt Johanna
confers tj; quondam patroni huj ; ecdie. et funda torts
hnj; contarie et diclus Dn. Joh. ob. xix die. men/is
Aprilis, A. Dnj. Mccctxxxnn, quof . diab; fipit.
J)eus, Amen,

Near to this lies the marble grave-ftone of his fa-
ther and mother, with their bufts, and their hands
erecl and joined as praying; fhe, with her beads, on
a plate of brafs Richard dc Haylcfdon et Beatrice, Ja
feme, gijont icy, Dieu d Palmes eii mercy. Amen.

Qui p" leur almes p 1 era,
X ans el XL jours de pardoim avera."

Over the porch of the fouth door of the church is.
an arch of flone, and a chamber over it ; and in the
church-yard Hands an old crofs, which marks the
divifion between the county of Norfolk and the
county of the city of Norwich.

In 1579 George Gardiner, D. D. dean of Nor-
wich, was collated by the bifliop.

On November 11, 175,5, this church was confoli-
dated with Drayton ; and at the fame time the Rev.
\ViHiamJackfonwas prefented to the united living
by the bifhop of Norwich,


T A V E R H A M. 41

John Churchman, who was fheriff of London in
the qth of Richard IT. and executor to John de
Haylefdon, had in the faid year a patent for founding
the chauntry beforementioned, for two chaplains, to
pray for the fouls of John de Haylefdon, and Joan
his wife, and Walter de Berney ; they had lands and
tenements here, and twenty marks per ann. rent out
of tenements in the parifh of All Saints, in Grace-
church ftreet, London, &c. and in the 15th of die
faid king, Churchman aliened lands in Ne&on, Cref-
iingham and Ickburgh to it.

In 1395 Churchman prefentcd the two chaplains,
John Fyn and William More; each pricfi's portion
was valued at 61. 135. lod. which fhows their en-
dowments to be couiidcrable.

At the diiJblution the two priefh had each of them
a penfion of 61. per ann. granted ; we fometimcs
rind it called " the college of priefis at Haylefdon."

Hellejdon is a fmall village, all of which, except
the church and one or two houfes, is within the li-
berties of the city and county of Norwich. Jt lies
clofe to the river Wenfum, two miles above Nor-

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