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wich, over which there is a bridge and mill he-re.

HORSFORD. Robert, lord Malet, baron of
Eye in Suffolk, had a grant of this town, for his
eminent fervices to the Conqueror, on the depriva-
tion of Edric, lord of. it in king Edward's reign. It
was valued at the furvey at 1 los. and was one ieuca
and an half long.

Robert, lord Malet, enfeoffed one of his knights
(Welter dc CaJomo,* who attended him "into England

* Said to be a younger brother of Robert, lord Malet.


at the conquefl) of this lordfHip, which was called
the barony of Horsford, to be held of the honor of

Robert, fon of Walter, married Sybilla, daughter
and heirefs of Ralph de Cheyney, and is often called
Robert Fitz-Waltcr, and was founder of Horfharn
priory ; by her he had three fons, who affumed the
name of de Cheney; Roger, who died without iffue ;
John, called the vicecomes, or fheriff, who died
without iffue male; and- William de Cheney, who
was lord of Horsford, living in the zd of Henry II.
and fheriff of Norfolk, fometimes called William de

King Stephen granted to him the hundred and half
of Forehoe, with the manor of Hingham, and the
hundred f Taverham, in exchange for Moleham,
&c. and Henry II. gave him the lordfhip of Blith-
burghin Suffolk, by charter, dated at Lincoln. He
was founder of Sibton abbey In Suffolk, and left by
Gilla, his wife, three daughters and co-heirs.

Margaret, married to Hugh de Crefli; dementia,
to Jordan de Sackvile; and Sarah, to Richard de
Engaine ; and on a divifion of their inheritance, this
came to Hugh de Creffi, who in the 21 ft of Henry
II. was (with Ralph de Glanvile) a juflice itinerant,
and fettled the tallages of the royal demeans.

Margaret furvived her hufband Hugh, and re-mar-
,ricd Robert Fitz-Roger, lord of Warkworth in Nor-
thumberland, fon of Roger Fitz-Richard, which
Richard was fon of Euflace Fitz-John.

Margaret had by Hugh, a fon, Roger de-Crcifi,
who in the ift of king John married Ilabel, youngcft


T A V E R H A M. 43

daughter and co-heir of Hubert de Rye, with whom
he had feventeen fees and an half, the moiety of the
barony of Rye. He was in the barons wars again ft
king John, and that king gave his lands in this
'county, and Suffolk, to Robert de Ferrarijs, but
were reflored by Henry III. he had two fons by Ifa-
bcl ; Hugh de.Creffi, the elded, who paid a relief
of i ool. for his lands, about the 3oth of Henry III.
and died in the 47 th of [hat king, and in the follow-
ing year it appears that Ifabel was dead ; and that
Oliva, her filler, was to have certain lands delivered
to her. on condition that Ermentrude, widow of fir
Stephen de Creffi, fon of fir Roger de Crefii and
Ifabel, was not with child, but if fhe was, then the
lands to be in the king's hands.

But 'tis certain this lordfhip came at this time to
John Fitz-Robert, alias John de C layering, fon of
Margaret de Cheyney, by her fecond hufband Ro-
bert Fitz-Rogcr, who was ftieriff of Norfolk and
'Suffolk in the 3d, 4th, &c. of Richard I. and founder
of Langley abbey in Norfolk, an accomptant for the
cuftoms of Norfolk, and fheriif of Northumberland
in the reign of king John.

Sir John de Clavering, his fon, married Ada de
Baliol, who by deed without date, then wife of fir
John, granted to fir Hugh de Eure the manor of
Stokcfby, and a moiety of that barony, and a
moiety of the forcft of Eedale in Yorkfhire, and for
want of heirs of fir Hugh, to fir Robert de Eure, ha
fon, by fir Thomas, fon of Robert de Eure.

After this fir Robert Fitz-Roger de Clavering, mar-
ried Marj>:v, daughter of lord Zouch, and died
lord in the 3d of Edward II. and John de Clavering
-was his fon and heir, aged 40 ; he was a knight, and



left Eve his only daughter and heir, by Hawife his
wife, daughter of fir Pain Tibctot.

Eve had four hufbands ; firft, Thomas dc Audley..
cfq. by whom fhe had no iffue; fecond, Thomas de
UfFord, foil of Robert de Ufford, jufHce of Ireland,
by whom fhe had three fons ; her third hufband wa>
fir James de Audley, by whom (he had two fons.
James and Peter, and two daughters, Ann and
Hawife; James, the cldcft fon, was the famous lord
Audley of Helagh, remarkable for his gallantry at
the battle of Poi&iers. The fourth hufband was fir
Robert de Benhalc, and fhe appears to be his wife in
the i ith of Edward III. in which year he was in an
expedition made into France, and had fummons to
parliament among the barons in the 34th of that
king: Barns in his hiftory of Edward III. fays,
44 he fought a remarkable duel with a Scotchman
and killed him :" his arms were, gules, a crofs mo-
line, argent, furmounted by a bendlet, fable, arid
was buried in Langley abbey.

The lady Eve died in the 45th of Edward III. and
was buried in Langley abbey, as was alfo her third
hufband, fir James de Audley. Parkin fays, " I have
feen a curious feal of this lady ; in the centre was
half the arms of UfFord, impaling half the arms of
Audley, and above ( in a triangular pofiiion, thie;
fmall fbields of her owu arms de Clavering, iu a

Sir Edmund de UfFord, her third fon, bv her fc-
cond hufband, inherited this lordfhip; he married
Sibilla, daughter of fir Simon Peirpoint, of Belilead,
and Henftead in Suffolk, and was buried in Langlcj;
abbey ; he was father of fir Robert de Ufford, whg
married Helen, daughter of fir Thomas Jbelton^


T A V E R H A M. 45

died in 1400. and Was buried in Langley abbev,
leaving Joan his daughter and co-heir, who brought
it by marriage lu fir William Bower, of an ancient
family in Cumberland, and brother of Henry Bower,
archbiihon of York.

Sir William rcTidcd at Wrcntham in' Suffolk in
the 5ih of Henry V. and was taken prifoncr by the
French at the battle of Bangy in France, in the fjtli
of the laid king, in which the duke of Clarence was
flain. It is probable he died a prifoner there foot*
after, for it appears that he was dead in the loth year
of the faid king, and was buried, with his lady, in
Langley abbey.

Elizabeth, his daughter and heir, married fir Tho-
mas Daoe, (on and heir of Thomas lord Dacre of:
Giilfland in Cumberland, and in her right was iord
ot this town ; but being llain at Tow-ton Field in
1400, Joan his daughter and heir brought it to fir
Richard Ficnnes, who was loid Dacre in her right.

In this family it continued, (lord Dacre of the
fouth) till illue male failing, Margaret, fitter and heir
cf Gregory lord Dacre. marrying Sampfon Lennard,
efq carried this lordihip, with the cflate and honour,
into that family: his grlmdfbn Thomas, lord Da-
cre, was created earl of Suffjx in die year 1674 : he
married Ann 1-iu-Roy, daughter of the dutehefs of
Cleveland by Charles II. and left two daughters and
co-heirs, Barbara and Ann. Thomas Barrett Len-
nafd, lord Dacre, of Iklhoufe in kikx is the pre-
icnt lord of this manor.

In the 34th of Henry III. Hugh de Crelty, lord
i Horsford, granted by fine 10 the prior of Hor-
St. Faith's, common of pafiurc i;i his park, oi
E Horsford,


Horsford, for all the cows and oxen of the faid
priory, from the feaft of Pentecoft to that of St. Mi-
chael yearly, and for their fvvine, from St. Michael's
day to that of St. Martin, with a drove way for the

The ancient lords, as barons of Horsford, had a
caftle here, the fcite of which is ftill to be feen, and
was inclofcd by a circular moat, and the keep was
about fifty feet from this moat, and furrounded by
another moat.

The temporalities of Horfham St. Faith's priory
were 145. i id.

The church is dedicated to All Saints, and was a
re$ory, valued at twenty marks, but appropriated
to the priory of Horfham St. Faith's, and a vicarage
was fettled in the patronage of that houfe, 1335,
valued at fix marks ; the prefent value is 4!. 55. sd.
and is difcharged.

It confifls of one aile or a nave, a chancel thatch-
ed, a north chapel covered with tile, a fquare tower
and three bells.

At the end of the chancel, a marble grave-Hone
In memory of Roger Tibbenham, Gent, who died May
26, 1712, aged 59, and Margaret his wife, Dec. 6,
1709, aged 56.

- One In memory of Daniel Wifeman, A. M. rettor
of Mar/ham, and vicar of Horfeforth, who died Jan.
1675, aged 36.

"In 1588 Richard Southwell, efq. prefented; in
1603 William- Philips of Crodwick- in 1647 fir


T A V E R H A M. 47

John Hobart, bait, in 1707 fir Ralph Hare; and in
1734, Elizabeth vifcountefs of Hereford.

We find in the igth of queen Elizabeth, a portion
of 4os. per ann. paid to the vicar out of the lands
belonging to Horfham priory, and the arms of bi-
fhop Goldwell ; Hennes, lord Dacre ; and Dacre,
lord Dacre.

The building of the new tower, mentioned in
1456, and on June 22, 1493, tne D i^hP granted
to the meflengers of this village power to afk alms of
the citizens, and through the diocefe, of Norwich,
for the repair and building of their church and

The town, fays Mr. Parkin, takes its name from
a ford over the Hor, or Or, as Horfliam, Horftead,
&c. Orford in Suffolk.

In 1767 the Rev. Thomas Gibfon was prefented
to this vicarage by Philip Stephens, efq. Lord Da-
cre is now patron.

This village lies on the road leading from Nor-
wich, four miles, to Holr, feventeen miles.

HORSHAM, wrote fo in Doomfday-book, and
now called Horfham St. Faith's, was alfo the lord-
fhip of Edric in the reign of the ConfefTor, and
granted by the Conqueror to Robert lord Mallet,
and fo parted, with Horsford, to the lords Dacre, &c.

In Edric's time the king and the earl had the foe,
and it was .then valued at 3!. but at the furvey at
4!. IDS. was one leuca and a half long, and one

E 2 In


In the 3cl of Henry III. William de Stotevile ani
Ermerurude his wife, reieaied the third pare of fevcmv
five -acres of land, and t\vo hundred of wood, claimed
by her in dower, as widow of Stephen de Crelii, to
the prior of Horfham St. Faith's ; and in the 15111 of
Edward I. the jury find that Ermentrude held 15!.
per arm. here, and lol. per ann. in Lyng, in dower,
and was then wife of Roger de Colviile, fen. but
married without the king's licence.

cated to St. Faith, the Virgin and Martyr, and founded
by Robert de Cadomo (or Caen) ion of Walter dc
Cadomo, lord of Horsford, and Sibilla his wife,
daughter and heirefs of Ralph de Cheney, in 1103;
on this occafion (as hiftorians relate) returning thro'
France, from Rome, where they had been in pilgri-
rnage, were let upon by robbers, and irnprifoned, till
by their prayers to God, and St. Faith, the Virgin,
they were miraculoujly delivered.

After which they vifited the fhrine of St. Faith at
the abbey of Conches in France, and being there
kindly entertained, they vowed on their return into
England, to give their manors of Horsford, and
Horfham, to build a morraftery here, in honour of
God and St. Faith, which they accordingly per-
formed, placing herein two monks of the abbey of
Conches, to which abbey they gave this houie as a-
cell, in the reign of Henry I.

The foundation deed was as follows : "In nomine
TTnj noftri Jem Chriiti, Amen. Notum volumus
fieri omnibus fidelibus Chrifli tarn prefentibus, quam
futuris, quod Ego Robertus Walter] filius^ et uxor
mea nomine Sibilla edifkavimus ecclefram de Hor-
fham, inpropria terra, et iuhonore Dej et See Fidis,


T A V E R H A M. 49

vir_inis et martins remedis et falvationc animarum
noftrarum ct filiorum noflrorum. et omnium ftdeliurn
vivenmitn live defunclorumq ; concedimus, canclem
ecclcfiarn Deo et monachis de Conches in ecclefja
Sec' Fidis, virginis, et martiris ct huic a nobis, edifi-
catc cede fie concedimus ecclefiam de Horsford,.-ecclc-
Hani de Reydone, ecclefiam de Mor'. ad faciendum
aimivcrfarium Sibiiic uxoris mec, Dccimmn Abrcton,
et dc Wibetone, ct dc Wilmordcuon, et de Hclming-
ham. et de Flemvvorih, et dc Wodeton, et de Semcre,
et dc Bikebrome, et de Refham, et de Fork, et de
Wcling, et de Stamon, ct dc Sarlingham, et de Stokes,
et de Hertham, et de Hou, et de unoquocj ; manci io,
unam, r.cram tcrre adcongruendam Decirnam, et con-
ccdo dc omnibus procurationibus meis, quas fecero
in Angliafemper decimas, huic ccclcfia. Sciatis in-
fuper quod ego predicla Sibilla concefli rerrani meaiyi
de Rudham quam pater meus dedit in liberum mari-
tagum. Sciatis infupcr quod ego Robertus Walter],
films, Sibilla uxore mea, Rogero ct ceteris filiis meis
voleniibus, et in hoc bono operant bus prediclam- ec-
defiam de Horfham et fupra dicla omniu Deo et bea^:
Fidci de Conches et monachis ejus conceilimus ct
dcdimus, ut a Deo. ipfa beata virgine intercedente,
parent; noil, et nobis, deter venia; ct ilia qae pro-
mifit fideiibus fuis, que nee oculus vidit, nee auris
audivit, affequamus gaudia. He carta fefla fuit
permifliorie et affirmatione D'nj Anglorum Hcnricj
Regis, et ordinatione et confeniu Hcrberti, epiCcopi,
fi quis autem generis vel fuccefnonis mee, vcl aliquis
alius huic donationj volurit obeffe, noverit fe Deo et
fanclis fuis et Anglorum regi contrarium, ncc C.hrif-
tianuiu Ccd antedulftum efle. 1 '

In 1 1 63 the foundation was confirmed by Pope
Alexander III.

E 3 John,

50 H U N D R E D O F

John, fon of Robert de Caclomo, gave by deed
without dale fixty acres cf land in Horsford and
Hoifham to jhe faid priory, and confirmed the grant
of his father and mother.

William, fecond fon of Robert, confirmed all tha
donations of the churches, and the tithes of his fa-
ther and mother, in the time of Eugenius, the Pope,
and king Stephen.

Stephen de Crefiy, fon of fir Roger de CrefTy, con-
firmed the grants of his anceflors, and gave them
his wood, called Southvvood, in Hoifham, and paf-
ture for their cattle in his park at Horsford.

Robert, fon of Roger, lord of Warkworth and
Horsford, confirmed alfo the fame, by deed dated at
Horsford, on the vigil of St. Andrew, the apoftle,

William, fon of Ralph de Hauvile, granted by
fine in the i2ih of Henry III. to Euftachius, the
prior, the mill of Doketon, or Deighton.

In the uth of Richard II. the priory was dif-
charged of its lubjeciion to the abbey of Conches,
and was an Englifh priory, and incligeni.

The abbot of Sibton payed a penfion to this priory
in 1426.

John Salifbury, the prior, with John Attimere, and
five other monks, refigned this priory to Henry VIII.
and mbic.ribed to his fupremacy Auguft i 7, 1534;
in 354 here remained in charge 4!. in fees, and
al, *3S. 4d. in an annuity; Salifbury was afterwards


T A V E R H A M. 51

'of Norwich, and furfrngan bifliop ofThetford,
and bifhop of Man in 1570.

Jc was valued at 162!. iGs. i id. as Dugdale, and
at 193!. as. ^d. halfpenny as Speed.

The feal of this priory in 1326 was oblong, of
green wax, with the image of St. Faith, feated under
an arch and crowned; near to the head. of the image
a dove, and under the image the prior on his knees.

The fcite of this priory with the lordfhip, lands, -
appropriated reclory, and the reclory and advowfon
of Horsford, were granted about the 36th of Henry
VIII. to fir Richard Southwell, of Wood-Rifmg in
Koi folk, and Edward Elrington.

Richard Southwell, efq. held it in 1588, and fold
it to fir Henry Hobart, the judge, and his fon, (ir
John, inherited it.

After this in 1707, fir Ralph Hare, bart. poffeffed
it in right of Sufan his wife, co-heirefs of Walter
Narborne, efq. and prefentcd to Horfham vicarage ;
and in 1734 Elizabeth, lady Hereford; after this
Narborne Berkley, efq. late lord Botetourt, and Go-
vernor of Virginia.

Philip Stephens, efq. Secretary of the Admiralty,
and reprefentative in parliament for Sandwich in
Kent, purchaled of lord Botetourt, and is the prefent
proprietor and patron.

Hugh de Creffi, lord, had a fair, a market, and a

prifon here, in the 41 ft of Henry III. which fair

probably came after to the prior, who in the 1410. of

Edward .1. claimed one, by a grant of Henry I.

4 by

5 f H U N D R E D O F

a nd at this time liere is a very confiderable fair kept
feveral davs ; beginning on St. Faith's day, Ocl. 17.
where drovers out of Scotland, and the norih of
England, bring cattle ; and for cheefe, butter, &:c.

Tn 1451, fir Henry Inglofe was buried in the pref-
bytery, by Ann his wile: alto in 1528, Thomas
Felmingham, gent, of Hautboys, was buried in the
priory chu;ch.

In the 14th of Henry III. they had a grant for
two parts of the advowfon of Tybenham church, in
the gift of the fame king for the advowfon of Run-
ham, and in the 34th for that of Heveringland.
The founder alfo gave diem the patronage of St.
Margaret's Mofes church in London.

Several learned Carmelite Friars were born here.

In this town was alfo an hofpita! belonging to the
Knights Templars of St. John of Jcrufalem, and
granted by them to this priory, as appears from the
bull of pope Alexander in 1 163.

In 1766, the Rev. John Longe, retor of SpJx-
worth, and brother of Francis Longe, efq. of Spix-
worth, was prefented to the curacy of Horfliam St.

This village lies on the road from Norwich, four
miles, to Aylfliam, eight miles, and is fituated in a
populous and fertile country. The fair annually
held here is efteemed one of the moft confiderable
in England for Scats cattle.


T A V E R H A M. 53

TV T EVVTO\ ST. FAITH'S, is nn hamlet belonging to
and in the parifli of Hnrfham. Francis Mapes, of
Rollefbv, efq. died March 9, 1637, fcifed of fixty
acres of land in Newton Sc. Faith's, held of the
king by the 4oth part of a lee.

Andrew Mansfield had on October 21, in the
Sth of Henry V1I1. the grant of a capital meffuage

The church of Horfham was manv centuries paft
t reclory, dedicated to St. Faith the Virgin, and ap-
propriated by the grant of Robert dc Cadomo to th$
priory of Horfham St. Faith's, being valued at thir-
teen marks, and is an impregnation, ferved by a
ftipendiary curate.

In the church were the arms of Bowet, impaling
Ufford lord Dacre of Giilfland quartering Ufford,
Bowet, and Vaux-Fienncs, lord Dacre of the fouth.

In a north window were, Orate p. aiab; Rob.
Bernf)' ct Margar. uxor. ej\ and in a louth, Orate p.
aia Tko. Furdley, and his arms.

Grate p. aia T/w. Bramptcn, Arnrig. and Brampton.
impaling Walcote ; Brampton and Aylmer, and

In the church were the guilds of St. Faith and St.

In 1521, Helen Carter, widow, gave an acre of
land to the repair of the crofs in the church-yard,
edified by her; and here was in Chapel-clofe, South-
wood, a chapel.



HORSTEAD, wrote in Doomfday-book Horfteda.
At ihe furvey this was the lordfhip of the Conque-
ror, and William dc Noiers took care of it for that
king, of which Stigand, the archbiihop of Canter-
bury, who held it as a lay-fee, was deprived.

' This manor remained in the crown till William
If. granted it to the nunnery of the Holy Trinity
of Caen in Normandy, founded by his mother
Maud, queen confort to William I. and confirmed
by Henry I. but eight ibcinen, added to the fee of
Roger of Poicliers, belonged to this manor of Spix-

Cecilia, the eldeft daughter of the Conqueror,
fiRer to William II. and Henry I. was abbcfs of

In the gd year of Edward I. the abbefs of Caen,
as lady of this manor, was found to have appropri-
ated the bank of the river, from the houfe of Ni-
cholas de Ho'rftead, to the mill of the faid abbefs;
and in the 15th of that king fhe claimed free-warren,
view of frank-plcrigCj affife of bread, Sec. a tum-
brel, foe and fac, toll, infanthef, &c. and in ^28
the temporalities of this abbey were valued at 20!,
los. Cd. per ann.

This priory was diffolved in the 2d of Henry V.
among other alien priories, and fo came to the crown,
and fir Thomas Erpingham having a grant for life,
died pofTeired of it in the 6ih of Henry VI. the faid
king, in his igth year, on his foundation of the col-
lege of St. Mary and St. Nicholas (now called King's
college) in Cambridge, gave it to that fociety, who
are the prefent patrons.


T A V E R H A M. 55

In this parifli is a rivulet which runs underground
about a furlong, and over it the land is ploughed.

Here was alb a little fee, called Catte's. Henry
Catte had a charter of free -warren in his demeans
here, in Hcvingharn and Soaih-walfharn, in the loih
of Edward II.

Sir Thomas Windham conveyed, by fine, a moi-
ety of the manor of Catte's to Elizabeth Yaxley, yi
the nth of Henry Vlil.

Sir Edmund Themilthorpe died poffefTed of it in
1613, as did Barbara his daughter and heir, under
age, in the i jth of James I.

Roger Townfhend, fon of Thomas Townfhend,
of Tcflenon, efq. had a lordfhip here by Ann his
wife, daughter of Edward Morrifon, of Lincolnfliire,
efq. and Thomas his fon married Briciget, daughter
of fir Charles le Gros of Croflwick, who died with-
out ifTue in 1662. Ann his fecond wife was daugh-
ter of Nevill Cradock, gent, of Kent.

This Thomas fold it to Thomas Ayde, gent, fa-
ther of John Ayde, efq. of Lincoln's-Inn, living in
1604, and had a grant of arms from fir Edward
Walker, Garter king of arms, and married Eliza-
beth, daughter of Nathan Knevet, gent, in 1666,
whofe fon was lord in 1729.

This eflate was purchafed of the Aydes by Leo-
nard Batchelor, efq. barrifler at law, who married
the elded daughter of fir Horatio Pettus, bart. by the
daughter of fir John Meers, of Lincolnfhirc, bart.
co-heirefs of fir John with the lady of the late Tho-
mas Whichcot, efq. knight of the fhire for the coun-


56 Ji U N D R E D O F

ty of Lincoln : his only fon Thomas Batchelor, efq"
is the prefent loid, who married the deleft daughter
of Peter Elvvin, efq. of Booton.

The church is a rectory, dedicated to All Saints.
The abbefs of Caen had a portion of tithe valued
at five marks and a half, and the patronage was in
that abbey. The prefent value is 7!. los. and pays
firfl fruits, &c.

In 1761, the provofl ancj fellows of King's col-
lege, Cambridge, prefented the Rev. William Han-
nier to this recloiy.

A grave-ftonc in the chancel to Ric. Sutton, S.T.P.
rector, cb. April 16, 1619.

One, In memory of ElhabfLh, wife of Ealph Ward,
Jenior, gent, daughter of Tinman Croft, ejq. who died
fob. 14, 1649, a e d 77' anc ^ l ' ie arms f Ward.

One to Mwid, wife of Haifa Ward, junior, gent*
daughter cf Sir Char I c* Lc Grofc, Knt. luho difd July
7, 1652, aged 24. Ward impaling Le Grofc.

( ).nc to Audrey Horfndl, wife of Gco. Horfaell, gcut,
icccajcd March 5, 1644.

Another to John Toiwjhwd, fon of Roger T0wn-
ficvd, efq. ob. zg Dccemb, 16-, aged 4$, andtbearn>s
of Townfliend.

Henry Ward of Horftead, gent, fon of Richard
"Ward of Gorlenon, who married Ann, daughter of
Richard Gonvilc, ctq. lies here : he died March 4,
jC'45, aged 83, and a fliielcl on a brafs plate, Ward
2nd Gonvile, jijipaiing Crofcs.


A (tone to Bridget, daughter of fir Charles Le
Grofc, km. and wife of 1 homas Townfhend, gent.
of Horftead, who died Feb. 7, 1662, aged 36, and
this Oiield, Townfliend impaling Le Grofe.

One to Robert and Cecil, fons of Cecil Tirceliit,
efq. who died Ocl. 7, 1746.

Another to Ann, daughter of Thomas Waller,
efq. who died ]uly 26, 1637.

Stones to Ann, daughter of John Townfliend, gent,
who died Feb. 17, 1636; and Frances, wife: of John
Tcwnflierid, gent, who died Oclober 26, 1637, aged
23 years.

The roof of the church is ornamented with black
eagles, the arms of the emperor of Germany.

In the church was the light of Henry VI. who
was efleemcd as a faint, us appears from the will-
book, called, Regijier \Vrigkt, Xorw. p. 499.

Alice Cook of Horftead, wife of Robert Cook,
wills to be buried in the church-yard of Horftead.

Item. " I will have a man for to go theft pil-
" gry mages. To our lady of Refham. To Seynt
" Spyrite. To St. Parnell of Stratton. To St. Lco-
" nard, without Norwich. I'o St. Wandrede of

" Byfkeley. To St. Margaret of Hot fled. To

" our Lady of Pity of lioiftead. To Si.

" head of Tiymingham, and to the Holy-Rode of

" Crotle^heyu $ig\ C^i^i. JWt. JiL 7!.



RACKHEATH, wrote in Doomfdav-hook Ra-
cheifham. There were formerly two dillinc! towns,
one called Great and the other Little Rackhcath, and
each village had its church.

The principal lordihip was in the king at the fur-
vey, and Godric was his fteward; it was valued at
the furvey at 6os. It was one leuca long and eight
furlongs broad, and nine free-men in Beeflon had
forty acres and a carucate in the laid value, belong-,
ing to this lordfliip, of which the king and the earl

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