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had the foe.

A family, who took their name from the town,
feem to have had the chief part of the above-men-
tioned fee in the 8th year of Richard I. when Peter
Rackheia, or Rackheath, was lord, and had the ad-
vowfon of the church.

After this William de Rackheath had lands, Sec.
in this town, Wroxham, Plumftead and Thorpe.

In the 37th of Henry III. Robert de Bruys had
a charter lor free-warren here and in Runham.

In the year 1300, Simon Eft prefented to the
church of All Saints in Rackheath Magna, who
was alfo lord, and held it of the honour of Clare ;
being granted to the Giffards, earls of Bucks, foon
after the furvey. One of the fame name held of
Adam de Lyons a lordfhip in Helmingham of the
faid honour.

In 1315, Andrew de Yelverton was lord, and in
the 4th of Henry IV. Thomas But, citizen of Nor-
wich, conveyed the manor of Blakenham-hall in this
town, with 75. rent, 8cc, by fine to John Yelverton,


T A V E R H A M. jg

c!q. who piefented to the church of All Saints in
kuckheaih, 1396.

Robert Yelverton, efq. his Ton, lord of Rackbeath,
bv iiis will in 1420 gives to Margery his wife all his
lands, &c. in Rackheath Magna and Parva, Yelver-
ton and Saxthorpe, with the advowfon of All Saints
church in Rackheath Magna for life, for her fupport
and her children, and after her dcceafe to Thomas,
her Ion, under age, and appoints her executor.

Margery, his widow, re-married William Clop-
ton, who in 1422 prefcnted to the church of All
Saints, as Thomas her fon did in 1435.

This Thomas probably died without iflue, and
William Yelverton, efq. prefemed in 1488, who
fee ins to be the grandfon of fir William Yelverton,
the judge.

After this James Helme, efq. was lord about 1520,
and prefented to All Saints church in 1532, in right
o f f his wife Ann, which Ann was buried in the chan-
cel of Rackheath church by her hufband. She was
fiRer and heir of William Yelverton, efq. who died
lord of this town in 1318.

William Helme, efq. fold it about 1.590 to Tho-
mas Pettus, efq. alderman and mayor of Norwich in
that year.

In this family it remained till lately, fir Horatio
Pettus, bart. being the lad lord and patron. He
married Rebecca, daughter of Humphrey Prideaux,
efq. of Padftow in Cornwall, Ion of Humphrey
Piideaux, D. D. dean of Nunvich.


6(1 H U Ts T D R E D O P

In the 6th of king John, Walter dc Evermue, and
his parceners, Held land* to the value of lol. here,
Sec. by ferjeanty, and payment of two meafuret> of
red wine, and 200 pearmains yearly into the Exche-
quer, on the feaft of St. Michael ; and in the <^d
of Henry III. Rocfia de Blakenham granted by fine
to Robert de Martham, a wind-mill in Rackheuih
Magna, with the whole fuit of all her men, paying
one mark per ann. for ever, Robert agreeing that flic
and her heirs, and the whole family living in her
court, and belonging to her, or hei heirs, fhould have
the firft grinding thereat, and toll-free, 'as often as
they fent any of their family to the mill, and if de-
nied, they might diftrain Robert on his land in Rack"
heath Magna and Mariham.

In the 4th of Edward I. Benedict de Blaken-
ham, of Blakenham in Suffolk, purchafed by fine
of Jeffrey Fitz-Peter, land, &C. with 2os. rent, iu
Rackheath Magna and Parva.

John de St. Philibert, in the loth of Edward II.
had a lordfhip here, and in the following year had a.
charter of free-warren here, as aUo in fevcral loid-
fhips in Berkfhire, Gioucefterihire, Oxfordfhire, Ef-
fex and Suffolk. He was fon of Hugh dc St. Phiii-
bert, lord of Bray in Berkiliire, and of Beacham-
>vell in Norfolk.

John de St. Philibert above-mentioned, lord of
this town, held in the i6th of Edward II. the lands
that were late Benedidl dc Blakenham's.

On the death of this John, in the ydi of Edward
III. John was found to be his fon and heir, aged fix
years, and had livery of his inheritance .in the i!iil
of that king: he married Margaret, daughter and


T A V E R H A M. 61

co-heir of Edmund de Sr. John, lord of Bafirtgfloke
in Hampshire, and being a knight was furnmoned to
parliament in the following year, as lord of Bafaig,
and was major of Bourdeaux in France.

Sir John, in the 2^d of the faid king, conveyed
by fine to John de Foxlcy, Richard de Bictering and
John de Afkham, the lordfhip of .Rackheath, \vith
the fen-ices oj divers pcrfons, laid to be held .in foe-
cage of Runhani manor ; about the fame time he
alfo conveyed to the king, his lordfhips of Bray and
Kerfwell in Berkfhirc ; and the king, in his 2 6th
year, granted them to the college of Windfor.

In the 25th of that reign, fir John fold to Willi-
am dc Edyndon, bifhop of Winchefler, feveral ma-
nors in Gxfordfhiie, &c.

Sir Henry Inglos, by his will, dated the 2gth of
Henry VI. and proved July 4, 1451, orders his
manor in Rackheath to be fold, for ike good of his

After this it came to the family of the Helmes,
Sec. William Helme was lord in the year 1570, and.
in the iSth of Elizabeth, in confideration of the
counfel of his lawyer, | Edward Flowerdcw, cfq.]
granted him an annuity of 405. per ann. out of his
manors and lands iri Salhoufe, Rnckhcath, Wrox-
hani and Sprowiion, for life: this William fold it,
with the manor before-mentioned, about 1590, to
Thomas Pettus, cfq. who in the faid year is faid to
be lord of Blakenham and Burwood manors in Rack-
heath, Sprowfton, Wroxham, 8cc. whole defcendant
fir Horatio Pettus was lately lord. Ed\vard Straccy,
efq. is the prefent lord and patron, by [Martha fe.

F Ralph

6s H U N D R E D O F

Ralph de Beaufoe had the grant of a fmall fee,
held by three free-men in the Confeflbr's time. His
daughter and hciiefs, Agnes, brought it to Hubert
de Rye, caftellan of Norwich caftle ; whofe defcen-
dent Hubert de Rye, baron of Rye, dying in the
i8th of Henry II. left two daughters and co-heirs,
Oliva married to John Marfhall, nephew to the earl
of Pembroke, and Ifabel, the wife of Roger de

This Roger was fon of Hugh de Creffi, by Mar-
garet his wife, daughter and co-heirefs of William de
Cheney. Margaret had an intereft here, as appears
from her grant of lands here, and in Wroxham, to
the priorefs of Carrowe, by Norwich, in the reign
of Henry II. which defcended to her from her fa-
ther, who was lord of Wroxham, which manor ex-
tended into this town.

William de Cheney is faid to have had a grant
of this town from king Stephen, with the town of
Hingham. Madox Formul. 154.

In the gd of Henry III. a fine was levied at Ivel-
chefler, between Walter de Cadomo and Mary his
wife, petents, and Robert de Norfolk, her fon, te-
nent, of one hide of land in Rackheath.

In the 1 8th of Edward I. John de Heacham had
the king's licence to give to the faid priory, lands
and tenements in this town, Baflwick, Croftwick,
Sec. valued at five marks per ann. and held of the
priorefs by i8s. rent per ann.

The temporalities of the priory in this town were
valued in 1.448 at 415, 3d.


T A V E R II A M. 63

r j he abbot of St. Cennct of Holme had alfo an
iniercfl. hoc, which land was purchafed by a monk
of this abbey, for half a mark of gold, of Alvvi de
Colchefler, fo that he held it without the kings li-
cence ; it was valued at ibd. per at;:i.

The lands and paftufes in the tenure of William
Hclmes, late belonging to Carrowe abbey, was grant-
ed to fir Miles Corbet, July 13, auno 3 of James I.

On the dcceafc of fir Horatio Pctlus, bart. this
lordfhip dcfcended to his two daughters and co-
heircrTes, married lincc to John Dafhwood, efq. of
Cocklcy Cley, near S'.vaff ham ; the elded is de-
ccafcd. Sir Horatio fcrved the office of high-ihcriff,
lived in great hofpitality many years at Rackheath,
iinJ had no inconfidcrable iniercft in the county,
and in the city of Norwich.

RACKHEATH PARVA. The lordfhip of this village
feeiAs to have been in the Coauablcs, lords of

Edith, daughter and co-heir to her brother Jeffrey,
fon of Peter le Conflable of Melton, recovered the
light of patronage of Rackheath Parva church, in
the yth of Edward I. and the patronage remained
in the family in 1407.

The church of Rackheath is a reclory, dedicated
to All Saints, anciently valued at {'ex*en marks; the
prefent value is 61. 135. 4d. and is dikharged.

The church of Rackheath Parva was a rectory,

dedicated to the Holy Trinity, the ancient value was

five marks ; this has been consolidated long fince

F s (aboui


(about 1407) to the church of All Saints Rackhcath

The prcfentation of Rackheath Parva was in the
family of Aflley, of Melton Conftable.

The Rev. John Freeman is the prefcnt reclor. be-
ing presented thereto, in 1739, by the late fir John
Pettus, bart. elder brother of the late fir Horatio

Rackheath is now the elegant feat of Edward
Stracey, efq. who has judicioufly blended modern
tafle with its antient fplendor. It lies about four
miles north-eaft of Norwich, and near to Moufhold
heath, from which, we imagine, it has had its name,
though Mr. Parkins, as ufual, derives it from Jomc

manors mentioned hereafter in Wroxham extended
into Salhoufe, it being an hamlet of that town, and
was valued and accounted under thofe lordfliips.

The temporalities of the priorefs of Carrowe in
1428, were here valued at 143. ;d.

In the 36th of Henry VI. John Reddell held the
manor of Reddell in Salhoufe.

Thomas Reddell, gent, died September 20, in
the 34th of Henry VIII. feifed of Salhoufe manor
in Wroxham, and tenements held of Thomas, duke
of Norfolk, in foccage of his manor of Wroxham,
and paying 2 os. id. rent per annum, and fuit of


T A V E R H A M. 63

Mr. John Reddell, his Ton and heir, conveyed ic
by fine to Nicholas Sothertori.

There was formerly a chapel in this hamlet to
which the vicar of Wroxham is alfo inftituted, with
his vicarage, there fccms to have been one at the
rime of the Conqueror's furvey, wherein it is faid
that there were two churches, as may be feen in
the account of Beau foe's manor in Wroxham ; it was,
dedicated to All Saints, the church-yard belonging
to it is mentioned in 1465 and in 1 523.

Robert Elliot, vicar of Wroxham, gave to the re-
pair of this chapel 135. 4d.

The impropriation of this village is in firHarboid
Harbord, bart. of Gunton.

Richard Ward, efq. major in the eaftern battalion
of the Norfolk militia (encamped at Goxheath near
Maidftone in Kent in 1779) has a handfome feat and
confiderable property in Salhoufe. Major Ward had
retired from the army fome years, but has now re-
fumed his military character, and with other gentle-
men of fpirit marched out for the defence of this
country, when threatened with an invafion by the
combined fleets of France and Spain.

The prefent church of Salhoufe ftands on high
grounds, which rife from the river Burc. In 1776
the Rev. Daniel Collyer was prefented to the confo-
lidated vicarage of Wroxham with Salhoufe, by fir
Harbord Harbord, bart. reprefentative in Parliament
for the city of Norwich.

SPIXWORTH, wrote in Doomfday-book Spike-

fuurda. Roger of Poidiers, earl of Lancafter, had

F 3 a grant

66 H U N D R E D O F

a grant of this lordfhip, and enfeoffed Albert, one
cf his dependents herein, who held it of him at
the furvey.

Stuart, a free-man, held it under Harold in the
time of the Confeflbr. Here were a!fo fix free-men
of Stigand the archbifhop ; the whole was always
valued at 4!. it was one leuca and a half long, and
one broad. Stigand had the foe, but Roger had it
with the land at the conqueft.

Peter Bardolph was lord in the ift year of king
'John, and in the gd of Henry III. granted to Robert
Palmer twenty-four acres of land, to be held of him
by the rent of 35. 8d. per ann. and 6d. fcutage to the
king, when it was at 2os. and fo in proportion, and
for this he paid to Peter three marks of filver.

In. the 52d of the faid king Thomas Bardolph
was lord, and granted an annuity of twenty marks to
Robert le Povre out of it, and the manor of Weft-
Winch for life, on his fale of Frettenham lordfhip
to Thomas; he was lord in the loth of Edward I.
when the jury, on the death of Robert de Grelley,
lord of Tunftead, prefent that he held here half a
fee of the manor of Tunftead, and the payment of
fix marks per aim. lent ; and in the 14th of that
king he claimed view of frank pledge, the afllfe, Sec.
here, and in Frettenham, which his anceftors had
lime immemorial. x

This Thomas Bardolph left a daughter Joan, who
about the loth of Edward II. conveyed her right to
John Bardolph, and he left it to Thomas, his fon
and heir, a minor, in 1354, who prefented to Fret-
tenham in 1372.


T A V E R H A M. 67

He died in 1383, and was buried in the. church
of Spix worth.

Thomas Bardolph fucceedcd, and prefented to this
church in 1402, as he did alfo in 1416.

In 1451 Agnes, widow of Oliver Bardolph, pre-

In 1458 John Skeming, efq. who with Margaret
his wife, had a right in this lordfhip, wkh Fretten-
ham, as a co-heirefs, probably a defcendant of Oliver
Bardolph: he alfo prefented in 1461.

In 1474 William Catfield of Haddifcoe-Thorpe,
by his will dated January 14, 1475, bequeaths the
lordfhip of Spixworth, after the fpace of twenty
years, and the death of Alice his wife, to the right
hfiri of thcjaid manor.

Soon after it came to the Southwells of Wood-
Rifing, and Richard Southwell, efq. was lord and
prefented in 1483.

Sir Robert Southwell died poffeffed of it in the 6th
of Henry VIII. and left it to his nephew Richard
Southwell, efq. (then a minor) fon and heir of his
brother Francis Southwell, efq. being held of the
dutchy of Lancafter; afterwards this Richard was
knighted, became a great courtier and itatefman,
and left by Mary his fecond wife, a fon, Richard
Southwell, efq. who prefented as lord and patron in
1567 and 1570.

From the Southwells it came to William Peck, efq.

who was lord, and prefented in 1612; the affignces

of Thomas Peck, his fon, prefented in 1643, anc * * n

F 1675

6-3 I! U N D R E D OF

1675 Thomas Peck; in 1688 Thomas Peck'" 1 r:r,:l
Edmund Themilthorpe. After this it was fold to
the Longes.

Francis Longe, efq. was lord and patron in 1704,
and Francis Longe, efq. in 1729.

Francis Longe, efq. who purchafed it about 1690,
was younger fon of Robert Longe, efq. of Reymer-
fton, by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Francis
Bacon, a juftice of the King's Bench.

He was bred to the Bar, and was eminent in his
profeffion ; was elecled recorder of Yarmouth, and
executed that office many years with great reputation,
and died at Spixworth, Dec. 12, 1734, aged 76.

He was fucceeded in his eflate by his fecond fon,
Francis Longe, efq. of Reymerfton, who but a (hort
time furvived him, dying at Spixworth, Oclober io t
1735, setat 46. He left two fons and a daughter;
Francis, who- fucceeded him in the eftate, John, the
prefent redor of Spixworth (1779) and Sufan, mar-
ried, to the Rev. Mr. Howes, of Mourningthorpc
in this county.

Francis Longe, efq. of Spixworth, was a minor at
the deccafe of his father, was educated at Weftmin-
fter, and afterwards removed to Emanuel college in
Cambridge, where he refided fome time a fellow-
commoner, In 1743 he married Tabitha, daughter
of John Howes, elcj. of Mourningthorpe, and fiflcr
of the Rev. Thomas Howes, juft mentioned: fhe
died in. 1 760.


* This Thomas Peck was the gentleman who erected the re-
markable and experifive fign at Scole Inn, near Difs, of which
s. drawing is given in this work.

T A V E R H A M. 69

Mr. Lonje fcrved the office of high-fheriff of this
county, and was in the commiffion of the peace: in
the lalt war he ferved fir (I as captain and afterwards
as major in the eaftern battalion of the Norfolk mi~
litia, and in the memorable and glorious year 1759,
when the French king threatened this country with
an invafio-n, and before the deadly blow given to his
fleet by admiral Hawke, he marched down to Portf-
mouth with the Norfolk mililia to defend that coafl,

" A man, of whom all men fpeak well."

Major Longe had two children, who furvived their
mother, Francis and Sufan, the laiter died at the age
of 16.

Francis Longe, efq. the prefent lord of Spixworth,
fucceededhis father in 1776: he fcrved as lieutenant
in the regiment of Horie Guards Blue, but retired
from the army before the decesfe of his father. He
married the fecond daughter of George Jackfon, efq.
deputy fecretary to the Admiralty, and a gentleman
of family and eflate in Yorkfhire. Mr. Longe has
made many improvements at Spixworth, and raifcd
fome flourifhing plantations.

The late major and Mrs. Longe were both interred
at Spixworth, with the following infcription to their
memory :

" To the proud prince let mauf oleums rife,

'' And cloud-capt pyramids infult the ikies!

" There ftate entomb'd magnificently lie

" Kings and their queens, for kings and queens

muft die !

" Friendfhip and beauty, this fond pair afleep,
" O'er the fadfhrine eternal vigils keep!

" All


" All focial virtues blefsM the heart of Longe,

", Wlii ill his fair confort charm' d th' admiring


" No arch we bend, no tow'ring column rear,
" Love, truth, and honour, are the heralds here."

The temporalities of St. Faith's priory 6s.

The church is a refiory, dedicated to St. Peter, the
old value was eleven marks, and the abbey of St.
Martin de Sez, or Sees, in Normandy, had a portion
of tithe valued at los. the prefent value is 61. and
is difcharged,

In the chancel is a very fair monument, with the
portraitures of a man and his wife in marble, under
an arch fupportcd by marble pillafters, and a latin
epitaph To William Peck, efq, obi. junij 2 \ , A.
Dnj. 1634, atat, 63.

On the pavement a graveflone In memory cj Fran-
cis Longe, eft. who died Dec. 12, 1734, aged 76 ; he
left IJaac his fon, /', his only wije Sufannah, daughter
and heir nf Tobias Frere of Redenhall, gent, and Robert
end Francis, Ellen and Sujan ; with the arms of

A"fave-ilone In memory oj Charles Longe, L.L.B.
latereftor, who died April ^Q, <ztat. 34, 1729.

One In memory of Francis Longe, ejq. who died 0$.
10, 1735,^/^^46; he married Elizabeth, daughter of
Edward Godfrey, of Rijby in Suffolk, ejq. and had ijfue
by her two Jons and cm daughter, Francis, John,

and Sujan with the arms of Longe impaling



T A V E R H A M. 71

. - In the clmrch was a ftonc In memory of William
Davy, citizen of Norwich, and vintner, a benefaclor to
the church. He gave an altar clot ft with orate p. aiab.
Will i Davv et Eliiab. nxor. ejus. I'iventes in came orate
p. defunclis, quia morieminj. Which was aid ou the.
altar, on a dirge, or dirige; he dud in 1475.

In 1704 the Rev. John Hoadley was preferred to
this rcxiory by Francis Louge, efq. he was afterwards
lord archbifhop of Armagh, and lord primate of all
Ireland. He left an only daughter, who married
Bcllingham Boyle, efq. a near relation to the right
honourable Henry Boyle, fpeaker of the Houfe of
Commons in Ireland, chancellor of the Exchequer,
and one of the lords juflices in that kingdom, created
earl of Shannon in 1756 by the late king, for his
eminent fervices.

In 1756 the Rev. John Longe was preicnted to the
reclory of Spixvvorth, by his brother, the late Francis
Longe, efq.

This town, according to Parkin, feems to take its
name from a river,, or dies, and Worth.

SPROWSTON, or SPROUSTON, wrote in Doomf-
day-book Sproweftuna. The Conqueror had a lord-
fhip in this town, which Godric (as his ftcward)
took care of; Edric had been ejected, who was lord
in the time of the Confeffor; feveral free-men in
Catton, Beefton, Wroxham, and Rackheath be-
longed to it, and it was valued with them at the fur-
vey at 6os. but in the ConfefTor's time at only 205.
was one leuca long and eight furlongs broad.



Robert dc Moumeney held in the reign of Henry -
11. this lordfhip of fir Richard dc. Lucv, lord chief
juftice of England: it came to that family by the
grant of Henry 1. to fir Richard, and to fir Arnold
de Mounteney, on the marriage of Dionyfia, fourth
daughter and co-heir of that knight ; this Robert was
probably fon of fir William de Mounteney, who
married Lecia, eldeft daughter and co-heir of Jordan
Brifet, a baron, and Muriel his wife, founders of the
priory of St. John of Jerufalem, near Smithfield,
London, in 1 100.

In 1306 fir Arnold de Mounteney was lord, and
patron of the priory of Ging Mounteney in EfTex.

In the gd of Henry IV. John Lancafter held here,
in Catton, Beefton, &c. three quarters of a fee, late
Mounteney's, of the earl of Rutland ; after this it
was in the Jermy's in the reign of Edward IV.

Sir John Jermy granted the fcite of Mounteney
manor in this town, with mefluages, pafture land,
wood, furze, with a free-hold, and 305. rent per
ann. to John Corbet, efq. in 154.5, and his pofterity
enjoyed it 'till it was fold by fir Thomas Corbet,
bart. to fir Thomas Adams, bart.

Sir Thomas Corbet, bart. the laft baronet of this
family, was a great royalift in the king's army, and
fuffered much on that account, and died (as is faid)
atThetford, unmarried; having fold this town to
fir Thomas Adams, bart. leaving Elizabeth, married
to Robert Houghton, efq. of Ranworth; and Ann,
married to Francis Corey, of Bramerton, efq. his
fitters and co heirs: he was living in 1661, and was
buried at Ranworth.


T A V E R H A M. 7 ,

Thomas Corbet, efq. grandfather of the laft fir
Thomas, was high-fheriff of Norfolk, in 1622, auJ
in !%") knighted by Charles I. at RoyRon : he was
alfo lord of Eccles in Happing hundred.

His eklefl. fon, fir John Corbet, was created a ba-
ronet September 12, 1623, died January 19, 1627,
buried at St. Margaret's, Weftminfter, in the north

Miles Corbet, cfq. brother of fir John, was of Lin-
coln's Inn the time of the long parliament ; he was
one of the regifters in Chancery, worth 700!. per ann.
chairman of the committee for fcandalous minifters,
of loool. per ann. and chairman of a committee in
1642, as by an order under his hand, dated Nov.
10, to John Hunt, ferjeant at arms, to arrefl and
.bring before him \\iiliam Marfh, gent, and being
one of king Charles's judges, figned the warrant fur
his execution.

At the rcftoration he fled into Holland, where he
was fcized on bv Downing, the king's envoy, lent iuio
England in 1661, and executed as a traitor; he is
alfo faid to be chief baron of the Exchequer.

Sir Thomas Adams, who purchafed this lordfhip
of fir Thomas Corbet, ban. was fan of Thomas
Adams, gent, of Wem in Shropfhire, lord mayor of
London in 1645, afterwards was knighted, and in
December 1 663 created a baronet, died at his houfc
in Ironmongers Hall, London, February 24, 1667,
aged 81 ; and on the loth of March his corps was
folemnly conveyed to St. Catherine Creed church in
the faid city, attended by the lord mayor, aldcnutia,
draper's company, the governors of St. Th
lioipital, and heralds at anas ; \vl:..i\: a funeral fermon


74 H U N D R E D O F

was preached by Dr. Hardy, dean of Rochefter ; the
body was placed in the veflry of that church, and
on the isth carried in a hearfe and bulled in the
chancel of this church.

Sir Thomas married Ann, daughter of Humphrey
Mapted, of Trenton in Effex, by whom he had five
fons and two daughters : he was fucceeded by his
voungeft fon and heir (the others being dcceafed
without iffue) Sir William Adams, bart. buried alfo
at Sprowflon. He left four fons, who all died with-
out heirs male.

From the family of Adams it was fold to fir Lam-
bert Blackwell, bart. created baronet of Sprowfton-
lialljuly 16, 1718, and remains in the family.

The Conqueror had another lordfhip in this town,.
which William de Noiers took care of as his fteward,,
or bailiff; Stigand the archbifhop held it before the
Conqueft., in his own right, as a lay-fee, and was
ejecled: and was valued in the manor of Thorpe,
by Norwich, of which Stigand was alfo lord before
the conqueft.

This lordftiip feems to' have been held by parce-
ners in ages [aft.

Roger de Sprowfton was lord about the reign of
Henry III. and at this time the matter of St. Giles's
hofpital in Norwich, held twenty acres of land of
this lord.

In the i6th of Edward I. Adam de Creting, as
lord of Sprowflon, had the prelentation to the church
of Plumftead Parva.


T A V E R H A M. 75

Reginald de Sprouflon was lonl, and prefented to
the church in 1300, and 1307, and Hugh' de Sprouf-
ton in 1355.

William de Witchingham and Robert dc Yelvcrton

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