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fettled at Sioley, near Tunftead, many centuries pad ;
John Grofs, and Miles, abovementioned, were the
firft that we find to have any intereft in both thcfc
lordfhips, and to poflefs the whole town, where they
feem to have fettled about that time, and their pofte-
rity had an agreeable old feat, called Croft wick-hall :
we fhall therefore make choice of this place to give
fome account of this family from ancient records and

Sir Reginald Grofs was living in the time of king
Stephen, and patron of Sioley church ; and fir Re-
ginald Grofs had a patent for a market at Wor-
ftead in the gyth of Henry III.

In the 15th of Edward III. William Grofs was
fummoned to be a knight, and not appearing on his
promife to take that order of the king when he ftiould
go to Scotland, had a. Juperjedeas granted.

In the i ft of Edward IV. John Afhfield claimed
this manor, and Irftead, in right of his wife, but it
was adjudged to the heiis male of the Grofs's.

Sir Thomas Grofs was knighted by James I. May
1 1, 1603, at the Charter-Houfe, London. Sii Charles,
his fon, had feveral daughters; Catherine, married
to Richard Harman, c.f Wood-Dalling, in the hun-
dred of South Erpingham: her brothers, Thomas
and Charles Grofs, dying without iffue, Thomas left
the eftatc of Croftwick to Thomas Harman, fecond
ion of Richard, by Catherine, his fifler, and Tho-
mas dying unmarried, it came to Charles Harman,
his brother, eldeft fon of Richard and Catherine
aforefaid ; he took the name of Grofs, and married
Elizabeth, daughter of William Turner, of North


T U N S T E A D. 33

Elmham, attorney at law, and fifler of fir Charles
Turner, bart. of Warham, and fold this eftate to
Robert Walpole, efq. of Houghton, (afterwards earl
of Oifoid) about the year 1720, whole grandfon, the
right honorable George earl of Orford, is the prefent

The church of Croft wick is dedicated to All Saints,
and is a reclory : it appears by a fine levied in the
soth of Henry III. that the advowfon was appcndant
to the manor of Walcot.

In the reign of Edward I. fir Peter Rofcelyn was
lord and patron. The rector had a manfe and twenty
acres of land, valued at 5!.

The church is a fingle pile, covered with reed, has
a fquare tower, with three bells, and a chancel, co-
vered with reed. It flands in an open field, near the
road from Happifburgh to North Walfham.

In 1603 the reclor returned forty-fix communicants.
The prefent value is 5!. 6s. 8d. and is discharged.

On a grave-jftone in the church, with a brafs plate,
Orate p. aia Hen. Lefingham, rtfloris dt Banning-
ham,jilij h k&redis Hen. Lefingham, Gen. oit. Apr. i,

Tn the church were the arms of Clavering, quar-
tciiy, alfo of Kerdeflon and Ailake.

In 17-6 the Rev. Thomas Hutchinfon was pre-
fented to this re&ory.

G Croflwick-


Croftwick-hall was the refidence of the late lord
Walpole, of Houghton, but is now out of repair,
being occupied by a tenant.

CLARE. In this hundred we find a town at the
furvey called Clareia, held then by Robert earl of
Morton, in Normandy, and of Cornwall, in Eng-
land, of which earl Harold was lord in king Ed-
ward's time, confiding of land, Sec. valued at 6s.
this, with the lordfhip of Roughton, in North Er-
pingham hundred, was all that this earl had of the
gift of the Conqueror, in Norfolk, who was his half
brother. How this pafied afterwa'ds, or whereabouts
in this hundred it lay, does not appear.

DILHAM, and PANCFORD. Robert lord Mallet
was lord of the moft confiderable manor of this
town, of which Edric was deprived ; there belonged
to it lands, Sec. valued then at gos. at the furvey at
355. it was eleven furlongs long, fix broad, and paid
gd. gelt.

The family of the de Gfanviles were enfcoffed of
it \ William dc Glanvile was lord in the reign of
Henry I. and gave the church to the priory of Broom-
holme. After them the family of de Gyney held it.
Sir Roger Gyney was lord in the reign of Edward I.
Sir John Gyney made his will, and gave this manor,
after the death of Alice, his wife, to fir Henry Inglos,
which was proved in 1423, Nov. 5. The faid Henry
Jnglos was in the wars of France; and in the 3d of
Henry V. then an efquire, preferred a libel in the
court of the conflable and earl marfhal of England
'-againft fir John Tiptoft, who had retained him with
fixteen lances, feveral archers, Sec. and rcfufed to
pay him, and fo he the {aid Henry declares, that
" He was ready, by the help of God and St. George,

" 10

T U N S T E A D. 55

" to prove againfl the faid fir John, body to body,
" as the law and cuftom of arms required in thatbc-
" half;'' and in 1421, being then a knight, was
taken prifoner at the battle at Bengy, in France,
where the duke of Clarence was flain ; and in the
5th of Henry VI. he being proxy for fir John Faf-
tolf, was inflalled knight of the garter for him.

Henry, his fon and heir, fuccecded him, wliofe
{on, Edward Inglos, fold it by fine, with ten mef-
fuagcs, 8cc. to John Bozun, efq. after this it came to
the Windhams, and Thomas Windham, efq. was
lord in 15/0; in this family it remains, William
\Vindham, efq. of Felbrigg, being now (1780) lord.

St. ECXNET of HOLME'S FEE. At the furvcy
the abbot of St. Benedi&i de Hulmo had a foe-man,
\viih thirty acres of land, a borderer, and one cam-
cate, valued at 6s. 8d.

This, as we take it, was held of the abbot by the
lords abovementioned : Odo the crofs-bow man is
fai J to have held of the abbot that which Rembertus

Alan earl of Richmond had in Dilham, arid Pane-
ford, a hamlet, probably to Dilham, with lands, iLc.
belonging to it, valued at #s. but at the iurvey

Ralph, fon of Ribald, gave to the church of the
Holy Trinity of Norwich all his lands in Dilharn,
and Pancford. Ribald was a brother of eail Alan,
and in recornpence for this benefaction, the monks
of Norwich paid for him twenty marks, to Mo-
rcll, a Jew, and to acquitted him of it; die leal is
C 2 round,


round, and the imprefs a crofs flory ; it is now in thd
dean and chapter of Norwich.

Roger Rigot had alfo land, of which a free-man of
Edric had been deprived, valued in Suffield.

Pope Alexander III. in i 176, in the iyth year of
his pontificate, granted to John bifhop of Norwich
the land of Ralph, fon of Ribald, which the prior
of Norwich bought of Ralph, of the fee of Hugh

Ralph le Bnteler, of Heflington, by York, graritcd
to the prior. &c. of Norwich, all his right in 405.
per ami. which William de Croftweyt ufed to pay
him out of a tenement and lands here, in 1282.

The temporalities of this priory were valued at
,575. 40!. in 1428, and are now in the dean and chap-
ter of Norwich. The temporalities of Broomholme
priory were 55. 4d*

Henry Inglos, efq. foh of fir Henry, died lord oil
September 15, in the ^d of Henry VIII. whofe fon,
Edward, fold it to John Bozun, efq.

The church was a rectory, dedicated to St. Nicho-
las, granted to the priory of Broomholme by William
de Glanvile, the founder, and appropriated to it,
being valued at twenty marks per ann. a vicarage was
ordained, valued at two marks, the prefent value of
which is 5!. 75. lod. and is difcharged.

In the regifter of Broomholme, fol. 43, it appears,
that there was a controverfy between fir William de
Gvney and the prior, about the advowfon of this
church, and fir William covenanted to relcafe and


T U N S T E A D. 37

levy a fine, die prior paving him forty-five maiks of
filver, and to deliver a deed under fcal, dated at
Croftwick in the 2d of Edward I. referving to himfelf
the right to his chapel here, and the fervices of the
prior's tenants.

On the diffoluiion the patronage of the vicarage,
with the appropriated re&ory, came to the crown ;
and in 1600 John Ofraond was collated by the bi-
fhop, a lapfe. In 1603 he returned 145 commu-

In 1612 the bifhop of Ely prcfented, being granted
by queen Elizabeth to that fee, on an exchange of
land belonging to it. Mr. Matthew Stokes, fellow of
Caius college, in Cambridge, held this rc&ory im-
propriate of that fee, by leafe, and gave it about
1630 to that college, for the ftipend of one fellow,
three fcholars, Sec. but the advowfon remained in
the fee of Ely.

In 1755, May 15, this church was confolidated
with Honing; and in 1776 the Rev. Leonard Addi-
fon was prcfented to the united vicarages by the bi-
(hop of Ely.

The church ftands by itfelf, a furlong north-eaft
of the village. In the north aile, an old monument,
or tomb, with the effigies of a man and woman ; the
arras and infcription defaced: this , was in memory of
an Inglos, or a Gynney, and had the arms of Gyn-
ney, Inglos, Boys; alfo, quarterly, le Grols, Rokely,
Walcot, Kerdefton, Stapleton, and Charles. On the
fouth fide, Failolf, with a label, argent, and Honing.
- In a window, Inglos impaling Uois, an4 Inglo*
and Gynney quarterly.

C 3 A branch


A branch of the navigable fiver to Yarmouth
reaches up to what is called Dilhain Staithe, by
which market-boats convey corn, coals, &c. \viih
eafe and expedition. The ruins of a very large ma-
nor-houfe, with lofty trees fun ounding it, are on the
north fide of this village.

EDINGTHORPE. This town is not mentioned
in Doomfday-book, being accounted for under the
lordfhips of Witton and Pafton, in this hundred,
lordfhips of V\ 7 illiam earl Warren, which extended
into. the village.

John de Sancla-Fide, of St. Faith's, had an inte-
teft here in the 24th of Henry III. as had the abbot
of Holme, and in the ift year of Edward I. the
carl Warren reftored to the abbot a Icet which he
had here, and in Paflon, which he had taken away,
and granted that it fhould be held by the abbot's
bailiff in the prefence of the earl's bailiff, &:c. The
carl claimed, in the 15th of that king, the affife,
free-warren, view of frank-pledge, Sec. and in the
3 1 ft, Hugh, fon of Clement Atte-Fen, conveyed by
fine to Thomas de Sanfta-Hde mclluages, lands, &x.
with 175 3d. ob. rent in this town, Witton, Baclon,
Swafield, &c.

In the gth of Edward II. Laurence de Reppe, the
prior of Broomholmc, Hugh Atte-Fen, and George
de Svvanton, were returned to have lordftiips here ;
Laurence, in the i6th of that king, died poffeffed of
a manor held of the earl Warren, by the fervice of
los. per aim. and valued at loos, per ann. and left
two daughters and co-heirefles, one of whom brought
it to- John de Wilby, or Willoughby, in the iSth of
the faid reign.


T U N S T E A D.

Several others fecm to have had an intereft in
in this parifh.

\Vi!15am Mountney, of Old Buckenham, con-
veyed this manor of Edingthorpe, in the loth of
Henry VII. to fir Henry Hcydon, fir William Bo-
leyn, James Hobart, Sec.

On April 13, in the 36th of Henry VIII. the
king granted to fir William Woodhoufe the manor
of Hawebone's, alias Hatching's, with the manor of
Barton Bury-hall, paying for Hawching a fee-farm
tent of 2 is. id. ob. and for Barton 125. 40!. fee-
farm rents per ann. alfo the manor of Rothinghall,

paying 225. 4d. ob. q. Stalham Wild's manor

los. lod. ob. Stalham Lyn fold's 235. 1 id. ob. q.

in Norfolk, with the lordfhip of Keflingland, in Suf-
folk, 165. 3fl. q. and all other the lands and pof-
feflions of the college of Herringby, in England,
except the precinct and fcitc of the faid college, and
a marfh called Child's, in Tunftead, with all the
lands, clofes, and manor of Herringby, being given
to the faid college by the will of the founder, Hugh
Atte-Fenn, in 1475.

After this it was in Miles Hobart, efq. lord in the
reign of queen Elizabeth, and Ant. Hobart, efq. in
the i3th-of James I.

Queen Elizabeth, on May 3, in her sgth year,
granted to Edward Wymark, gent, two acres of land
called Holy-Bread Land, paying 6d. per ann.

The chief manor held by the earl Warren came
to the earls and dukes of Lancafler, and fo to the
crown, where it flill continues as part of the Duchy
f Lancafter.

C The


The temporalities of Broomholme pi lory were
45. sd. ob.

The church is dedicated to All Saints. In the
reign of Henry III. anno 46, a fine was levied be-
tween John de Warren, earl Warren, querent, and
John de Sancla-Fide, deforcient, of the advowfon of
this church granted to the earl ; and in the reign of
Edward I. the reclor had fixteen acres of land, but
no inanfe, and was valued at 5!. The prefent value
is 5!. 55. sd. ob. and is difcharged.

In 1302 Francis de Tvois was inftituted reclor,
prefented by John earl Warren; in 1318 this reclor,
having a right to the tithes of certain lands in Wit-
ton, Pafton, and Baclon, as parcel of this parifh, of
which three towns the prior of Broomholme was
reclor impropriate, containing in the whole fifty-fcvcn
acres, and he detaining them from this reclor on a
fuit, he recovered it this year of the prior: in the
faid year the manor and advowfon were fettled by
fine on Thomas earl of Lancafter, and his heirs, by
John earl Warren and Surrey.

In 1375 John king of Caftile prefented, and in
1603 the rector returned fixty-eiglu communicants.

In 1748 the Rev. Thomas Woody er was prefented
to this reclory by the crown.

In the church, which {lands on a rifmg ground,

cafl of the village, is a black marble ftone For

William Call, gent. Jon and heir of And. and Elizabeth,
his wife, died May 5, 1683.

FELMINGHAM. wrote Felmicham in Doomfday-
book. Roger Bigot, anceflor of the earls of Nor-


folk of that name, bad a caracutc of land which
lour free-men of Suffield were deprived of, to which
there belonged feven borderers, and four foe-men,
with lands, 8cc. valued in Suffield; four free-men
alfo held what was then valued at los. at the furvey
at i6s. 4d. It was one leuca long, and five furlongs
broad, paid 1 8d. gelt, and one of thefe four men
was under the predeceffor of Robert lord Mallet.

Here was alfo a tenure in the Conqueror's hands,
which Offert, a free-man, poffefied in the Saxon
time, valued at 6d. and Godiic was the king's ftew-
ard of it.

Both thefe tenures were in a family that aflumed
their name from the town, by being enfcoffed of
them. Henry II. granted his fee to Abraham de
Felmingharn. Oihcrs alfo of the faid family had au
imerefl herein.

Eva, daughter of Robert de Felmingham, releafed
to the abbot of St. Bennet all her right in the advow-
fon of this church; and in the 41 ft of that king
Roger Bigot, earl of Norfolk, releafed by fine a
moiety of the advowfon to the abbot.

In the i ^th of Edward I. Roger Bigot, earl of
Norfolk, had the atfife, view of frank-pledge, free-
warren, Sec. and in 1303 Gregory de Felminghatu
prefemed to the reclory as lord. Gregory dying lord
of a fourth part of a manor in the I4th of Edward
II. left fix fitters and co-hcirelfes ; Alice, married
to James de Whit well; Catherine, wife of James

In 1322 John Rightwife prefentcd to the reclory ;
and in 1349 John dc Whit well.



John Whitwell, efq. died lord in the 7th of Henry
VI. feifcd of the advowfon, and was buried in the
chancel of this church ; and Richard Whitwell in
ihe aoth of Edward IV.

John Whitwcll, by his xvill. proved May 8, l ^46,
was buried by his mother in the chapel of St. John
Bapiift in this church, and having no ififue, Ann,
his filter, wife of Richard Crofts, of Witton, was
his heir, who had livery of it in the 351!! of Henry
VIII. and on the demife of the faid Ann, Thomas,
her grandfon, had livery in the ift of queen Mary.

In the Stli of Charles I. Thomas Crofts, efq. of
Felmingham, fettled it on John, his fon and heir,
and Jane, daughter of Thomas Tilney, on their mar-
rbge; and in the nth of that king the faid John
and Jane had licence to alien it to fir Wiiliam Denny,
knt. of Norwich, by- deed, dated June 18; and
in the following year, Sept. l, Thomas Croft, the
father, joined in the fale.

Sir William Denny, bart. held it in 1645, an< ^ con-
veyed it October 12, iS-jg, to fir Richard Berney,
ban. of Reedham, and William Berney, a younger

Richard Berney, efq. (fon of William) of Swan-
ningfon, by his will, dated October 2, 1675, gives
to his filler, Ann, this lordfhip, 8cc. who dying with-
out iOTue in 1679, William Bladwell, efq. in right,
probably, of his wife, Philippa, who was mother of
Richdrd and Ann Berney alorefaid, and daughter of
Thomas Brown, efq. of Elfing, poffefled it, and fo ic
came to Giles Bladwell, efq. his fon, and half bro-
ther to Ann aforefaid, who was lord in 1715, and



afterwards fold it to Talman, who poGTeffed it in

BRIAN'S MANOR. In 1321 fir Ralph de Skeytoft
relcafed to Alice Breton, and her heirs, and to Ro-
bert Brian, of Felminghanv and his heirs, all his
claim in the homages, fervices, Sec. which they held
of him ; and in the 26th of Edward III. William
Brian, of Felmingham, querent, and William dc
Witchingham, deforcient, fettled on Brian a lordfhip,
Sec. here.

Sir Henry Inglos, by his will, proved in 1451,
ordered his inanor of Brian's here to be fold.

In the 2d of Edward II. Thomas de Antingham
pnffed by fine to Jeffrey Sybil le, of this town, lands
here; and Bartholomew dc Antingham died fcifed of
a manor in the 39th of Edward III.

The abbot of St. Bennet at Holme held at tta fur-
vey, and before, lands, Sec. and a church with two
acres, valued at 205. This remained always in the
faid abbey, and the temporalities were valued in
1428 at 275. 4d. ob.

Robert Rugge, citizen and alderman of Norwich,
farmed it in the 4th and 5th of Philip and Mary of
the bifhop of Norwich, at 61. 135. 4d. per annum,
and was called the Chamberer's manor, with the
fifhery, Sec. and extended into North Walfhara, &c.

William Rugge, cfq. fon of Robert, was heir to
his uncle, the bifhop, and lived here, as did his
fon, Thomas.



The family of Rugge took their name from a lord*
(hip. or hamlet, in the town of Pattington, in Staf-
fordfhire, and were of good decree and eminency ;
the younger branch came into Norfolk in the 49th
of Edward III. Nicholas Rugge, fccond fon of John
Rugge, of Rugge, feated himfelf there. A part of
this family lived at North Repps.

The church is dedicated to St. Andrew, and there
\vere four portions, or parts, belonging to it, three
of which were appropriated to the abbey of St. Ben-
net, who had a manfe, with one acre and a half of
land, and thefe were valued at twenty-feven marks;
this was in the time of Walter Suffield, bifliop of
Norwich, and a vicarage was founded, valued at 5!.
The prefent value of the re&ory is 61. and is dif-

A divifion was made in the king's court, on which
the three parts of the church belonged to one reclor,
preferued by the abbot, and the fourth part, or por-
tion, to another reclor, to be prefcnted by Abraham,
and his fucceffors. Of this fourth part Hubert Wal-
ter was reclor, and was afterwards archbifhop of Can-

In 1417 John Whitwell, of Felmingham, had
five parts ot the manor of Felmingham, and fo a
right to prefent fuccefiively five times.

In 1603 the reclor returned two hundred and eleven

In 1 756 the Rev. Robert le Grys was prefented to
the quarter part of the reclory by the late Thomas
Soihmpn, e(q. of Taveiham.


T U -N S T A D. 4$

Tn 1749 the late Rev. George Molclen was prc-
fented to the vicarage by the crovvil.

The prcfcnt value of the vicarage is 61. and ii dif-

Ori a gravc-ftone for John Whitwell, his arms ;
alfo on one for John Witchingham, and Bramptoh,
and their arms.

In the church alfo a tomb, For Thomas Jenny,
ejq who died in 1.503, and his (wo wives, AnnYelverton,
and Elizabeth Brampfon, and their arms ; and Jermy,
Mountney, and Wroth.

"The village of Felmingham lief on the load be-
tween Aylfham and North Walfham.

HONING takes its name frdm/fj*, an hill, and/,
a meadow, and is wrote Honinga in Doomfday book.
The principal manor was at the furvey in the abbot of
St. Rennet, with two carucates of land, and Edric held
it of the abbot in the Confeflbr's time, who on grant-
ing to Edric a moiety of his lordfhip, Edric granted the
abbot a moiety belonging to his" own fee, and then held
the whole of the abbot on certain fervices ; the whole
was valued at 405. was one ieuca long, ten furlongs
broad, and paid lod. gelt. Robert Malct, and Ro-
bert de GUnvillc, held it at the lurvey of the abbot.

William de Glanvile, on his founding the priory
bf Broomholme, gave two parts of the tithes of
Honing, and two parts of the tithes of a mill here,
to that priory.

Jeffrey de Glanvile dying without iffue, his rii^ht
Kcrein came to his five fillers and c^heirdTes ; Alia-


norc, tlie eldeft, married Baldwin, a Norman ; his
part was fcized on by Henry 111. and after granted
to Richard earl of Cornwall.

In the regifter of Broomholme priory is an entry
of a deed of agreement about the 14th of Edward I.
between Edmund earl of Cornwall and John de
Honing, whereby the earl releafes all his right of the
lands of the faid John, that they fhall not be amer-
ced at his court-leet at Baclon for breach of afiizc,

John de Gimmingham, and Thomas Pechc, had
an interefl herein about the i 6th of Edward I. which
Thomas was grandfon of Ahnaric Peche, who mar-
ried Elizabeth, fourth filler and co-heirefs of Jeffrey
de Glanvile.

Roger BoJs held it in the 3d of Henry IV. and fir
Roger Bois died poffeffed of it in 1421.

Robert Bois, efq. dying in the ayth of Henry VI.
it came to his daughtet and heirefs, Catherine, who
brought it by marriage to fir Edmund Jenncy, of
Knatefhall, in Suffolk.

The Jenneys quartered the arms of Buckle, Lcy-
fton, Gerrard, Caufe, Bois, Plumflead, Gimming-
ham, with thofe of Witchingham and Faftolf.

This came to the le Grofs's ; Thomas le Grofs.
cfq. was lord in the 25th of Elizabeth, and fir Charles
le Grofs in the 34th of Charles I.

Here was another lordfhip, which was granted to
Ralph, brother of Ugar, of which a free-man was de-

T U N S T E A D. 47

prived ; it contained lands, &:c. valued at 205. and
St. Bennet's abbey had the foe.

Richard le Veile diedfeifed of this in the goth of
Henry II. he married a daughter of Humphrey da
Eotetourt, and left her endowed in it, held, as it is
faid, of William de Edgeficld, valued at 7!. per

William Gerberge, Peter Brookefden, Nicholas
Drake, &c. held half a fee of Roger Fitz-Roger in the
reign of Henry III. and William Gerbsrge, and
John de Gimmingham, were lords in the qth of Ed-
ward If. In the 2dof Edward III. Edmund, fori of
fir William Gerberge, conveyed to John dc Gimming-
ham, and Roger de Reymcs, thirty meifuagc3, o::c
mill, one hundred acres of land, &c.

Soon after this it came to the family of Bois t as
above, and Roger Bois in the Jd of Henry IV. held
the lordihip, late Gerberge's, and Drake's, by half a
fee of the heirs of Robert Ufford, of the manor of

Here was a yearly fura paid out of this lordfliip to
the almomar of St. Bennet's abbey, to pray for Wal-
ter de Suffield, bifhop of Norwich, who appropriated
this church for Edward Holkman, eiq. fir Miles Sta-
pleton, Sec.

SMALBURGH MANOR. Man' Coote, widow of
Richard Coote, efq. held this manor in the 1 ith of
Henry VIII. and fettled it then on her Ion, Chnfto-
pher Goote, of Blownorton, efq. v/ho fold k

that king to Ann Stede, widow; and fhe in
h of tlutreign, April 29, granted it to William



Brampton, gent, her fon by a fccond hufband, with
the manor of Eccles, by the fea.

Thomas Brampton, of Blownorton, gent, his bro-
ther, fold it to Muffet, and he to John Tant ;

and Thomas Hufband, efq. purchafed it of Tant
in the sSih of Elizabeth, there being a capital mcf-
fuagc, feventy-two acres of land, Sec. belonging to it
in Honing. Chriftopher Hufband, gent, died pof-
fefTed of it Nov. 22, 1634, held of the manor of
Hockcring, and left by Sapha, his wife, Valentine,
his fon and heir.

The church of Honing is dedicated to Sts. Peter
and Paul, and was appropriated to the priory of
Broomhoime ; a grainge belonged to it, but no land,
and was valued at fifteen marks; the vicar had a
manfe, with twelve acres, valued at 2os. In the reign
of Edward I. the prior was obliged to pay to the ab-
bey of St. Bennet of Holme 4!. los. per arm. for
two parts of the tithe of the demefnes of John de
Veile, in Honirrg, and for tithes in Pafton ; this was
verted in the bifhop of Norwich, on the exchange of
lands with him and Henry VIII. and ftill is in the
fee. Parkins . Continuation, v ide.

The prefent value of the vicarage is 4!. 138. 4d.

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