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of the Confeflbr, in the faid abbey, which was
granted to it by Canute the Great, on his foundation
thereof, as an appendix to Honing, and contained
lands, &c. valued at aos. At the conqueft it was
granted to Alan earl of Richmond, who was lord of
it at the furvey.

In 1299 the abbot of St. Bennct granted licence to
fir Reginald le Grofs to have a free chantry in the
oratory of his manors of Overhall and Netherhall,
in Irflead, by reafon of the diftance from the parifh
church, with ajalvo for the rights of the faid church.
This family of le Grofs feem to have held it of the
honor of Richmond, belonging to the earls of Rich-
mond, and in the gih of Edward II. the abbot.
Reginald le Grofs, and Jeffrey VVy the, were returned
to have lordfhips here.

In the 52d of Henry VIII. fir Richard Southwell,
knt. conveyed by fine to Anthony Gourney, efq. the
manor of Irflead, with lands in Barton, Neatifhead,
Smal burgh, &c. and the faid Anthony died lord on
January 4, in the 2d and 3d of Philip and Mary,
whofe grandfon, Henry, is faid, by Mr. Parkin, to
hold his manor of the bifliop of Norwich.

The church is dedicated to St. Michael, and is a
reclory, valued at twelve marks; in the reign oi
Edward I. when the reclor had a manfe, and i'cven
acres of land, the abbot of Holme was patron, and
bad a portion of tithe, valued at one mark.

E The


The prefent value is 61. 135. 4d. and is difcharged,
and the bifliop of Norwich is patron ; the pen fie n of
135. 4d. came to, and remains in the bifliop.

I" '349 William de Wickharn xvas prefented by
the king to this reclory, the temporalities of the
abbey being then in the king ; this was the great
Wickharn, afterwards bifliop of Winchefler.

In 1603 tne re & or returned forty-fix communi-

December 13, 1755, this church was confolidated
with Barton-Turf, and in 1762 the Rev. Henry
Headley was prefented to the united re&ory by the
bifhop of Norwich.

The rector paid 6s. Sd. per ann. to the facrifl of
St. Bennet, for mynftre fhcafes.

Parkin fays, " The abbot creeled a wooden bar
Jn the water between this town and Tunflead, where-
by the paffage of boats, &c. was flopped, and the
ftieriff had orders to remove it, in the iSth of Ed-
ward I. at the abbot's coft, that the boats, &c.
might pafs under the bridge of Warthford;" but
we judge this paragraph is an entire miftake.

In the ift of king John, Weft Dereham abbey
had a confirmation of 6s. Sd. rent out of a mill here.

William de Reedham, re&or of this church, im-
pleaded the abbot of Holme for the tithe of the
lands of fir Stephen de Reedham, brother of Wil-
liam, and it was adjudged to the abbot, by the ab-
bot of Cokhefter, delegated by the bifliop on this


T U N S T E A D. 67

The church flands near to the marfhes, and to the
navigable river Ant. The village is fcattered on the
edge of the hard grounds.

called in Doomfday-book Snatefherda, or Snatef-
herd, " taking its name," fays Parkin, " from the
head of fome ftream, or rivulet, here rifmg formerly,
called the Inet, thus Snetefham, Snetefton, 8cc."
This, however, we think improbable, as here is no
river which could give name to a town. The ab-
bot of St. Bennct was lord of it in king Edward's
reign, and at the furvey, and had lands, 8cc. valued
at 4!. It was one leuca and a half long, and one
broad, and there was a church with 10 acres.

This lordfhip was given to the abbot by king Ca-
nute on his foundation of that monaftery; in the Rc-
g'fter of Holme, fol. 121, may be fecn the cufto-
mary tenants and their Cervices belonging to the ab-
bey manor.

In the 2^d of Edward I. it is faid William dc
Stalham aliened lands here, in Irflead, and Becfton,
to that abbey, and in the gth of Edward II. the
abbot, Reginald le Grofs, and William de Borwood,
were returned to be lords; in the loth of that kinj
Henry Brook meflfuages and lands here, in Honing,
Barton, and Smalburgh. In the 1 4th of Richard II.
the abbot had licence for the manor of Burwood, in
this town, and ten acres of land in Potter-Heigham,
granted by John de Thorpe, of the yearly value of
625. Their temporalities in 1428 were ill. 145. 4d.

On the diflblution, on an exchange of lands be-
tween Henry \ 111. and the bifhop of Norwich, it
was granted to that fee.

E 2 The


The bifhop is now lord of the manor, impropiia-
tor of the great tithes, and patron of the vicarage ;
his leffee is Jacob Prefkm, efq. of Beeflon St. Law-

In the 4th and 5th of Philip and Mary the rents
of affizc were 14!. j 25. yd. rents of the tenants of
Burwood 265. of the farm of the re&ory, the manor
and fold-courfe, gl. los. ad. perquifites of court - -.
rent belonging to the facrift of Holme 2os. Beef-
ton rectory tithes a6s. 8d. for the homage of the
town of Barton, KybakTs manor, 8s. for the tithes
of Barton Grainge, extending into Beefton and Smal-

burgh, in the tenure of John Eafpole . the

penitentiaries rents 25. 8d. pentors d.

From an old writing, without date, we have
taken the following account: -It is iniitled " A
note of all fuch fums as have been received of the
iffues and profits of Neatifhead, by the fpace of ten
years laft paft, by Robert Downes, efq. and Francis
Shilling, as alfo fuch returns of money as the afore-
faid Francis is to allow for the fine of fuch lands as
be in his poffeffion, by decree out of chancery, as
alfo of fuch fums of money as the aforefaid Francis
is to receive by virtue of this award."

" Received by Robert Downes, efq. here and
above his allowances, 6;1. i6s. 6d."

" Received by Francis Shilling, over and befides all
his allowances, 141!. i6s. lid. and he is to allow for
the fine of his lands, by the decree, 96!. 6s. 4d. and
he is to receive of Rookwood in eleven years, by
lol. per ann. nol. Item, to be paid to Shilling, by
John Amoas, 61. 435. 4d. Item, paid by Rookwoad


T U N S T E A D. 69

of the rents allowed to the bifliop, and clefawlked out
of Shillings' reckoning, 12!."

This Robert Downes was lord of Bodney, in the
hundred of South Greenhoe, and living in the be-
ginning of queen Elizabeth's reign.

The church is dedicated to St. Peter, appropriated
by William Turbe, bifhop of Norwich, and con-
firmed by Theobald, archbifliop of Canterbury, and
a vicarage fettled, valued in oblations, See. in 1262,
at 81. 135. 4d.

In the reign of Edward I. the vicar had a manfe,
and ten acres of land, and was valued at 405. in the
patronage of the abbot of Holme, and the appro-
priated reftory at twenty-eight marks ; the prefent
value of the vicarage is 3!. 135. id. ob. and is dif-

King John in his 15th year prefcnted to the rec-
tory, on the vacancy of an abbot, but by this pre-
fcntation it feems that the appropriation had been fct
afide, or that the king difregarded it. In the year
1343 the abbot granted to the vicar feveral lands in
exchange for certain tithes.

The vicar in 1603 returned two hundred commu-

The church, which {lands alone, is a fmgle pile,
the aile and chancel covered with reed ; over the
porch hangs a bell, the fteeplc being down.

On the left hand, near the entrance into the chan-
cel, is an altar-tornb, and on a brafs plate, Orate p.
dial; Joh. Cubett, tt Elenc uxor. ej. qi. obt, xvin*.
E 3 Marcij.


Marcij. A, Dni. MCCCCLXXXXVI. He gave two

pieces of land to the town, which they now enjoy,
and money for town flock, now loft.

On a brafs plate, on a marble grave-Rone,
Wiltmsjactt hie Emmyjon Marmorc te/le,
Ills vicar, ecclfjie fuit, hujus honr/lc,
Impenjisfimul expenjis dccoravit tandem,
Quinquaginta tribus libns, Jedfunere tandem,
Migrantc luce pia qa. nata tjl Virgo Maria,
Anno mil. c qualer, quo Jemplcx Lfuitx. ter,
Exoremus itafibi dclur celica vita.

In 1767 the Rev. Anthony Barwick was preiented
to the vicarage of Neatifhead.

PASTON, wrote in Doomfday-book Paftuna.
The great manor of Baclon extended into this town,
and was held of the Glanviles ; Bartholomew de
Glanvile gave the church of Pafton, of which town
he was lord and patron, to the priory of Broom-
holme, founded by his father.

On the death of Jeffrey de Glanvile this lordfhip
came to his five fitters and coheiicfTes, about the be-
ginning of the reign of Henry III. the families of de
Pcche, Humingfield, Leche, Latimer, Sec. whofe in-
tereft therein centred in the Paftons, as may be feen
in Baclon.

HOLME-ABBEY MANOR. In the reign of king Ed-
ward, and at the furvey, St. Bennet's abbey of Holme
had a lordfhip,. valued at los. It was one leuca long,

and four broad, paid i5d. gelt, and was given

to find provifion for the monks.



The abbot foon after the conquefl granted to Of-
born dc Paflon, the prieft of Pafton, lands of St.
Bennct, in fee to him and his heirs; and the abbot
in the reign of king Stephen gave to Richer de
Paflon, (on of Ofborn, all the land of the con-
vent here, with their men. &c. which continued in the
Paflon family many centuries, and was fold after the
death of William Paflon, earl of Yarmouth, to lord
Anfon, with Oxnead, and many other lordfhips,
which defcendcd on that lord's death, in i 762, to his
brother and heir, Thomas Anfon, efq. on whofe de-
ceafe it came to George Adam, efq. his nephew, who
has taken the name of Anfon, and is now lord of
the whole town.

Admiral Anfon, on his circumnavigation round
the world, took an Acupulca fhip worth 313,000!. in
the South Seas, and brought her home June 14, i 744.
By this prize he acquired immenfe riches, and was
created a baron by George II.

George Anfon efq. the prefent lord of Paflon, Sec.
is representative in parliament for Litchfield, and re-
fides at Shugborough, near ihut city.

Bifhop Rugge. in the 34111 of Henry VIII. ex-
changed with fir Thomas Pafton, knt. one of the
privy chamber, the manor of Pafton, for Darfingham
reclory, X:c.

William earl Wanen hail a errant of a lordlhip of
which five free-men were deprived, and a chinjii.
with one acre, valued at 405. and the abbot of Holme
had the foe. Turold held ic under the earl at the

K 4 John



John earl Warren was lord in the 151!! of Ed-
ward I. and had view of frank-pledge, affifc of bread,
&c. and free-warren. In the gth of Edward II. the
Paftons held it of the faid lord, as they had done
many years. Clement de Pafton, who married Ce-
cily, daughter and heirefs of William Leche, had
the grant of an oratory, or chapel, in his houfe at
Pafton, in 1314, and fo was annexed to their Oliver

William de Scohies held alfo at the furvey twenty
acres of land, and a borderer, of which u free-man
was deprived, who was under the protection only of
Edric, valued at 1 2d. This came after to the earl of
Clare, and was held of that honor by the Paftons.

In 1603 the manors of Paflon, Leche, Latimer,
Huntiiigfield, Sec. were valued in the whole at 238!.
135. 7d. with 172 combs three bufhels of barley, &c.
and out of thefe there were 3!. gs. lod. 3q. per ami,
to the manor of Gimmingham, by fir William Pafton.

The old hall of this family flands near to the
church, and had two courts; in the inner court is a
well; the buttery-hatch, with the hall, is flanding,
but the chambers over it, and the chapel, are in


Over a door of the great flair-cafe, out of the hall,
the arms of Ecrry are carved. Sir William Pafton,
the judge, married a daughter and heirefs of fir Ed-
mund Berry.

The church was a retory, dedicated to St. Marga-
ret, valued at fifteen marks and a half, and was
granted by Bartholomew dc Glanvile to Broomholmc
priory, with fifty-two acres of land, and being ap-

T U N S T E A D.

a vicnrne w:;s ferried, valued st 2os.
The prefcnt value is 61. 135. .jcL.and is difcharged;
it confills of one ailc, anct a chancel, coveted with
reed, has a fquare tower and five bells.

On the diffolmion Henry VIII. conveyed to fir
Thomas YYoodhoufe, of Waxham, the patronage of
this vicarage, with the appropriated redlory, on June
5, in his 37th year; and in the igth of Elizabeth
Henry Woodhoufe had licence to fell it to William

In 1603 the curate returned 127 communicants.
Sir William Patlon then received all the profits, al-
lowing fome heibages to the curate.

In 1774 the Rev. John Price Jones was prefented
to this vicarage by George Anfon, efq.

In the church was the guild of St. Ethelbert, and the
light of Bekhiihe, alias Bekkerga-.e, maintained by
that part of the paiifh.

There is a curious tomb in the chancel, ereted for
lady Katherine Pafton, with her effigy, made by the fa-
mous (latuary Mr. Nicholas Stone, and fet up by him in
1629, for which he was paid 340! and was very ex-
traordinarily entertained. To the reviving memory of the
virtuous and right worthy Lady Dame Katherine Pa/Ion,
daughter of the right worfhipful Jir Thomas Knevet, knt.
and wife of Jir Edward Pa/Ion, with whom Jhe lived in
Wedlock 26 years, and had iffue two Jons, yet fur viv ing,
William and Thomas ; JJie died March 10, 1 628.

The fame flatuary alfo creeled a monument here
for fir Edmund, which coft lool. Juxta hoc marnior



podlfS funt exuvia D"ni. Edmi. Pafion, equitis aurati, qid
obt. Ano. Dm. 1628, a: tat. Jute 48.

Here were alfo buried Clement Pafton, efq. and
Beatrice, his wife; he died in 1419: between the
fouth door and the totnb of his wife, the father and
mother of fir William, the judge. Alfo, a monu-
ment for Erafmus Pafton, efq. and his wife, Marv,
daughter of fir Thomas Windham, ornamented with
brafs plates, Sec.

Mention is made of a. chapel in the meadows.

This village is pleafantly fituated on the hanging
edge of a hill, which rifes towards the fea at Pafton-
cliff, three quarters of a mile north-eaft. Between
the town and Baclon runs a fmail dream, which feems
to arife a mile or two above, but lofcs itfelf before
it comes to the coaft at Kefwick, in Baclon.

RIDLINGTON was the lordfhip of Ralph, bro-
ther of IJgar, and fixteen foe- men held under him
what was valued at sos. It takes its name as lying
on meadows, by fome rivulet, and was wrote in
Doomfday-book Ridlinkctuna.

Several perfons had an intereft herein ; Thomas dc
Walcote, by deed without date, releafed, as lord, to
Roger de Veile the moiety of this church. The Rof-
celines had alfo a lordfhip here, and in Honing. Sir
John de Veile, of VVitton, releafed his right in a moi-
ety of the advowfon, with lands in Witton, as did
John le Veile, his fon.

In the 51 ft of Edward III. Thomas Rofceline had
a charter of free-warren in his demefne lands. Regi-
nald de Dunham, heir of John le Veile, gave to the


T U N S T E A D. 75

abbey of Broomholmc ei^ht acres of land in this
town, and Broomhoimc. and the advowlon of a moi-
ctv of the church, which he held, with his manors
of Fifhley and Witton, of the king, by keeping a
godiawk for him. EJch. 27 Edw. I,

Peter Rofcdine, John de Vaux, John dc Gimming-, William de Croftwich, 8cc. were returned to
have intercfls here, as lords, in the gih of Edward II.
This was in the earl of Orford in 1700, and the
countefs of Orford held it in jointure in 1760.

The prior of Broomholme had alfo a lordfhip in
the 31 ft of Edward I. he had licence to receive in
mortmain the advowfon of this church, with lands in
\\iuonaad Baclon ; and in the 41 ft of Edward III.
he was impleaded for flopping the watcr-courfe at
Ridlington bridge, between Witton and Ridlington,
and ordered to let it have its ufual courfe.

On the diflblution it. feems to be granted to fir
Thomas Woodhoufe, with the advowfon; and his
fon, fir John, had livery of it about the 15th of Eli-

The temporalities of the priory were valued in
1428 at 265. 4d.

John Norris, efq. was patron in 1740, and lord in

Here was a fair on Lady-day. The church is de-
dicated to St. Peter.

In the reign of Edward I. the prior of Lewes had
the patronage of a mcdiety ; Mr. Ralph Gymingham


76 H U N D R E D O F

was patron of another; each medicty was valued at
two marks and a half. The prefent value of the rec-
tory is 4!. 6s. 8d. and is dilchargcd.

In 1603 the reclor returned fcvcnty-two communi-
cants, and that fir Henry Wooodhoufe was patron,
but that medicty was appropriated. In 1621 Tho-
mas Cannam prefented hoc vice.

February 10, 1757, a mediety of this church was
confolidated with Eaft Rifton, in Happing hundred ;
and in the fame year the Rev. Thomas Hewitt was
prefented to the vicarage by the late John Norris,
cfq. ofWitton.

Mifs Norris, of Witton, now a minor, is alternate
patron of a mediety with the bifhop of Ely.

Ridlington church (lands near the road from Hap-
pifburgh to North Walfham, The village is feat-
tered up and down the parifli.

In the church were the arms of Bois impaling
Gimmingham, and Bois impaling Repps.

On a grave-ftone with a brafs plate, in the chancel,
Prejbyter hicjtratus quidtm jacet intumulatus,
Vir bonus tt grains, Thomas Stacey, vorilalus,
Cautor Subtiiis pueris, nagnus Rdevator,
Et Campanilis Ridlington erat fabricator.
M. Anno. C. quattr bis in XI. mil ijit
Luce bis x tt \ April. Jletjibi Chri/li. Amen.

SLOLEY, wrote in Doomfday-book Slaleia. The
capital lordfhip of this village was at the furvey in
Ralph de Beaufoe, and was held by a foe-man of St.
Bennet's abbey in king Edward's time; there be-


longed to it land, &c. valued at 40$. was fix furlongs
long, and five broad, paid ^d. ob. gelt, and a church
with one acre, valued *t 2d. belonged to it. From
the Bcnufocs it came to the Marfhals, and to lord

The abbot of St. Bennefs had alfo at the furvey
one foe-man, with fixteen acres, valued at 165.

The ancient family of le Grofs was enfeoffed of
of this manor. Sir Reginald le Grofs was lord and
patron in the time of king Stephen, and held it of the
dependents of de Beaufoe, barons of Rye. In this
family was alfo the patronage of the church.

Oliver le Grofs, efq. by his will, dated July i.
1439, requires to be buried in the chapel of St,
James, in this church, and gave lol. to the repair
of Sloley church.

Robert Aflifield, fon of John Afhfield, and Ami-
da, his wife, daughter and heircfs of Simon le Grois,
conveyed their right herein to Edmund Jenney, in
the i8th of Edward IV. and at this time there fee ins
to be a moiety of this manor in the AQifieldb.

In 1522 fir Edmund Jenney died feizcd of it,
leaving it to Francis, his grandfon and heir, who
conveyed a moiety of the manor of Sloley, five mef-
fuages, a water-mill, 300 acres of land, 12 of mea-
dow, 40 of pafture, five of wood, 100 of heath, 50
of marfh, and loos, rent here, and in other towns,
to John le Grofs, who in the ift of Edward VI. fold
it to Miles le Grofs, with the ad vow Ion,

In the Grofs's it continued till conveyed to the
Walpoles, eails of Orford.



At the furvey Rainald, fon of Ivo, had a fmall fee
held of him by Roger, valued in Scpttow. We find
no further account of this, but fuppofe ic was united
to the le Grafs fee.

The temporalities of Broomholme priory were I 25.
and of St. Bennct's abbey 175. lod. ob. for thefc
135. 4d. were deduced out of the faid tenths.

The church was dedicated to St. Bartholomew, va-
lued in the reign of Edward I. at nine marks, and
was a rectory. The veclor had a manfe and fixteen
acres. The prefent value is 5!. 6s. Sd. and is dif-

The church, which ftands alone, has a nave, and
two ailes covered with lead, the chancel with reed,
and has a tower with three bells.

In 1603 the reclor returned 55 communicants.

In 1753 Thomas Bateman was prefentcd by Mar-
garet countefs of Orford ; and in 17)4 the Rev.
James Adamfon was prefented to this rectory by
John Sharp, hac vice.

Robert Glavine, reclor, died in 1503, and has
a grave-flone in the chancel.

Sloley lies between Tunftead and Wcfl wick, and
between Smalburgh and Scotiow.

wrote in Doomfday-book SmalKga. The chief
lordihip of this town was at the furvey in the ab-
bot of Holme, and held of him by a foe man, who
had a carucate of free land, and gave it to that ab-


bey in the time of king Edward, and held it after
ot the abbot : there belonged to it other lands, Sec.
\alued at 205. The whole was ten furlongs long,
.iiiu twelve perches broad, and the gelt was 8d.

The abbot's temporalities, in 1428. were valued
at 255. and 75. in rent at the dilfolution.

The family of de Smalburgh, were cnfcofFed of
the greatcft part of it foori after the conqueft, and

claimed the right of patronage belonging to it.

in the 12th of Henry III. John de Smalburgh
granted to Peter de Brompton, and Maud his wife,
lands claimed as part of her dower from Henry dc
Smalburgh, her late hufband. The lands of this
family extended into Barton.

Of this family was fir William de Smalburgh,
who died about the 48th of Edward III.

CATT'S MANOR was held of the abbot by fealty,
and the rent of 43. per ann. Edmund Bokenham,
cfq. who died in 1479, na< ^ lands and a tenement
in Smalburgh, called Baxter's, and purchafed this
lordfhip of the executors of Henry Catt.

From John Witchingham, efq. in the reign of
Henry VII. it came to his daughters and co-heircfles.
In the 33d of Henry VIII. Chriftopher Cootc, efq.
parTed it to William Arnold. In 1575, Thomas
Pettus, alderman of Norwich, poflefled it; and in
the igth of James I. fir Francis Jones was feized of
it in right of his wife, with Trufbutt's, in this town,
and of a Hlhery called Eale-Set, in Barton and Sui-
ton Broads, valued at 12!. 6s. 8d. per ann.



Roger Bigot, anceftor of the earls of Norfolk,
had, on ihe conquefl, the grant of a lordlliip, of
which three free-men were deprived. One of them
was under the protection of the predeccffor of Ro-
bert Mallet, and the other of St. Bennet of Holme,
which abbey had the foe.

In the 3d year of Henry III. William de Stal-
ham held of Robert de Bofco a carucate of land in
this town, Sec. by one knight's fee.

This came in the next reign to fir Jeffrey Wythe,
by the marriage of Ifabel, daughter and co-heirefs
of fir William de Stalham ; he was found to hold
one fee here, and in Dilham, of fir Robert de Bois ;
arid fir Robert of fir Richard de Rokele, who held
it of the earl Marfhal.

Jeffrey Wythe, the prior of Norwich, John de
Sinalburgh, and Roger de Gyney, were returned to
have lordfhips here in the gib, of Edward II. and
in the 9th of Edward III.

Sir John Wythe, by his will, dated February 22,
1387, defires to be buried in the chancel of Bccflon
church ; and left a daughter and hcirefs, Amy, or
Anne, married to fir John Calthorpe.

In this family it continued, fir Philip Calthorpe
dying lord in 1535; Elizabeth, his daughter, bciug
hcirefs to her brother Philip, who died without iflTue,
brought it to fir Henry Parker by marriage, who had
livery of it in the 3d of Edward VI. and it was fold
by fir Philip Parker, in the reign of queen Elizabeth,
to Charles Cornwallis, efq. who, about the 3Jth of
that reign, conveyed it to Thomas le Grots, efq.
and fir Charles le Grofs prefented to the reclory in



if>'2n; and in 1693 Charles le Grofs, efq. was lord:
he fold it to Giles Cutting, an attorney, at Norwich.

, The hcircfs of Cutting married Mr. James Smith,
mercer, of Norwich. Mr. Parkjn fays, that " in
1713 Catherine Smith, widow, prefented as her right,
it being an alternate prefemation," but we are well
aflured that the advowfon of the rcclory is abfoluU
in the fee of Norwich, and is not an alternate prefen-

The Rev. Mr. Aufrerc having fmce married Mrs.
Smith, is now lord of the principal manor.

The prior and convent of Norwich had alfo a
lordfhip here. Gunuora, filler of Hugh Bigot, earl
of Noifolk, gave them a free-man, for an exchange
of whom the faid earl, by deed without date, in the
reign of king Stephen, or Henry II. gave them two
free-men, with their lands.

Pope Alexander III. in 1176, confirmed to the
bifhpp of Norwich lands here, and in Dilham, of
the fee of earl Hugh.

The earl Warren had alfo an intereft here; his
manor of Wition probably extending into this town.
In the 3d of Henry IV. Richard Kirope, and hia
parceners, were in pofTcmon of it, held of the heirs
of Oliver Wythc, and they of the earl of Arundcl.

The temporalities of the prior of Hickliog were

i is.

The church is dedicated to St. Peter, and is a
redlory. By an inquifuion taken befoie the arch-
deacon of Norfolk, it was found that the church of

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