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fucceeded in title and eflate by his fon, the prefent
fir John Berney.

The family eflate in Barbadoes lies near Garlifie
Bay, and is a very confiderable plantation.

The abbey of St. Bennet at Holm had a lordfhip
here, of the gift probably of king Canute.

On an exchange of lands between Henry VIJI.
and bifhop Rugg, this manor came to the fee of


W A L S H A M. 35

Norwich, and was leafed by bifhop Hopton to John
Berney, efq. at 61. 135. 4d. per ann.

The families of Pye, lord Mileham, de Wotton,
de Barfbam, Wythe, Stymward, Jnglofe, Jenney,
VVitchingham, Calthorpe, Windham, Yaxley, and
Coote, feem to have had an intereft in tke manors
of Mileham, Wythe and Reedham, which afterwards
came to the Bcrneys.

Reedham Ferry was another poft the earl of Or-
ford had in contemplation to occupy in cafe of an
invafion from the French, and has accordingly di-
recled a plan to be taken by Mr. Armftrong, at pre-
fent (1779) employed in a general furvcy of the

The courfe of the river Yare from Norwich is by
Thorpe, Poftwick grove, Surlingharn, Claxton, Free-
thorpe, Reedham, Burgh-CafUe on the fouth fide,
where it is joined by the Wavcney, and by the Buie
on the north fide, and thence is a confluence, of
thefe rivers, and fo empties itfelf into the harbour
at Yarmouth, and the main ocean below the fort.

The church is a relory, and dedicated to St.
John the Baptift.

Reedham took its name from the great quantity
of reeds growing in the marfhes by it.

The prefentation was in the Recdhams, Berneys,
Blackwell's, &c. and now in the Leathes.

In the chapel, on the fouth fide of the chancel,
is buried Henry Berney, efq. and Alice his wife.

C 2 Here


Here alfo, under a grave-done, lies buried John
Berney, efq. with his two wives, Alice daughter of
Southwell, and Margaret daughter of Wentworth,
with their arras. Alfo, John Berney, efq. and his
two wives, Read, and Sydnor, of Blundeflon in

Under another grave-ftane lie John Berney, efq.
and Ifabel daughter of Hevingham, with their arms
alfo on a brafs plate.

In the windows are the arms of Mortimer, of At-
tieburgh, of Norwich, Maulby, Calthorpe, Yelver-
ton, impaling Berney. The arms of other families
before mentioned.

The Rev. Edward Leathes was prefented to this
re&ory^in 1775, by Carteret Leathes, efq. of Bury
St. Edmund's.

TUNSTALL, or TONSTALL. Ralph de Beau-
foe, a near relation of bifhop Beaufoe, had a grant
of a lordfhip at the furvey.

TUNSTALL MANOR. Eudo de Rie, fleward of the
Conquerer's houfliold, had the grant of this lordfhip,
in whofe family it remained till it came to fir Roger
de C re fly and John de Marihall, by marriage of two
daughters and co-heirs in the reign of king John.

Robert Fitz-Roger de Corbridge (who was a wit-
nefs of king Richard the Firfl's charter to the city of
Norwich in his fifth year) granted to the abbot of
Sibton homage, &c. in Tunltall.

William de Halfrehate, by deed Jans date, grants
to " God, St. Mary, and the monks of Sibetune,


W A L S H A M. 37

*' all his right and claim, 8cc. in the advowfon and
" right of patronage of the church of Tuneflalle,
" and in all things that they held, or their afligns,
" of the gift of iir Stephen de Creffi, forever."

The Marfliall's intereft here came by marriage to
the lords Morley, who held it in capitt in the 34th
of Edward III. and the ^d of Richard II. Sec.

The family of the Tunflalls had alfo an interefl
herein : Alfred de Tunftall had lands here, as ap-
pears by a fine in the loth of Richard I. aud Alan
in the 3d of Henry III.

from this family the manor took its name.

The Tunftall's intereft came, as it feems, to the
family of Atte Lee; Thomas de Tunftall conveyed
lands to John Atte Lee in the reign of Edward I.
John Atie Lee, of Tunltall, was living in the 1 jth
of Edward II,

After this, by the marriage of Margaret, daughter
and heir of Robert Baynard, of Spekfall St. Peter in
Suffolk, efq. it came to John Bacon, of Baconfthorpe
in Norfolk, efq. who died lord in 1462; he left it
to Thomas his fon and heir, who dying about 1485,
had by Margery his wife, daughter of John Jenney,
eiq. two daughters and co-heirs, Elizabeth and Ann ;
and on a divifion of the Bacon eflate a moiety of this
lordfliip was allotted to Elizabeth, who was married
to fir Thomas Glcnham, of Glemham Parva in Suf-
folk, who died in the sgth of Henry VIII. when it
came to his fon and heir Chriftopher ; and on his
death, in the 4th of Edward VI. to Thomas Glen-
ham his fon.



Ann, the other daughter and co-heir, brought
her moiety to Robert Garneys, of Kenton in Suf*
folk, efq.

Thomas Garneys died poflefled of it in the 1 6th
year of Elizabeth, and left Elizabeth his daughter

and heir, married fh ft to Jernegan, and after

to Philip Strelley, of Nottinghamfhire.

Robert de Verli had a lordfhip, xvhich came to
the earls Warren, and was held of them of the lords
Bardolph, of Wormegay.

John Faftolf died feifed of a lordfhip here in the
yth of Henry IV. and Hugh was his fon and heir ;
and fir Hugh Faftolf his fon, in the year 1417, when
John was found his fon and heir, aged ten years ;
Maud, widow of fir Hugh ; had a dower herein, in
the i rth of Henry VI. John Rookwood had alfo.
an intereft herein in the 5th of that king, held of
the lord Bardolph.

Parkin tells us of feveral others who had an inte-
reft in Tunftall.

The church is dedicated to St. Peter and Paul,
was a rectory, and granted about the reign of Ri-
chard I. to the abbey of Sibton in Suffolk, bv Ro-
bert Fitz-Roger, and after a vicarage was fettled on
its being appropriated.

The patronage of the vicarage, with the appro-
priated re&ory, was granted on July 31, in the sSth
Henry VIII. to Thomas Howard duke of Norfolk,
on whofe attainder, coming into the crown, was
granted on July i, in the ;th of Edward VI. to Ed-
ward Spanye and John Bafpole, with the meffuages,


W A L S H A M.


called Tytley-houfe, or manor, Sec. to be held in
foccage, and rinding a curate, or chaplain, on their
paying 436!, 135. jd. to the crown.

It was a curacy, and confolidated with Moulton
October 4, 1699; but, in 1743, the confolidation
was dhTolvcd, and it is now held as a perpetual cu-
racy. The Rev. Jofeph Price was licenfed in i 765.

From the Spaneys it earner, by the marriage of
Jane, daughter of John Spaney, to Thomas Jenkin-
ion, of Norwich.

Richard Jcnkinfon was lord in the sift of Eliza-
beth : he married Margery, daughter of Thomas
Ward, of Brooke, and had Thomas his fon and
heir, bora in 1577, and was living in the 22d of
James I. In ihe (aid year, on September i, he con-
veyed the appropriated reclory to fir John Hobart,
but the lordfhip was in his fop, Miles Jenkinfon,
who died in prifon at Norwich ; his widow held it
in 1702, her fon Thomas died fmgle, but her daughter
was married.

On the 23d of July, in the 37th of Henry VIII.
iir Tbomas Clerc had a grant of Child's marfh in
Tun (tall, late belonging to Heringbye college, with
rodfuages and lands.

In the chancel window, fable, a fefs, be-
tween three eaglets difplayed, or, Spaney's arms.

The Rev. James Hicks was prefented to thefe
united parifhes in 1769, by Thomas AnguiQi, efq.
of Great Ruffel-flreet, BloomJburv, London.



UPTON. This lordOiip, with Fifhley and South-
Wai fh am, was in the Conqueror's hands, and God-
lie his flevvard took care of it at the furvey ; and by
the crown it was granted to the family of Le Bote-
ler. Godric had lands in his own right here.

In the reign of Henry II. it was feifed by the king
as an efcheat. Andrew Le Boteler refilling to per-
form the fervices due to the king, when it was grant-
ed to Ralph de Glanvile, who gave it to Reyner de

, and he enfeoffed Nicholas Le Boteler of it,

with his fitter in frank marriage.

On the death of Nicholas Le Boteler without if-
fue, who is faid to have held it of Hugh de Aubcr-
ville, it came to Adam de Brancafler, and William
de St. Clare; but William de Wythelefham held it
during the life of his wife Beatrix, widow of the
aforefaid Nicholas ; and they in the firft year of
Edward I. convey by fine to Guy de Botetourt thsir
intereft herein, with lands, rents, &c, in Fifhley,
South-Walfham, &c.

The part or moiety of the St. Clare's appears foon
after to be veiled in the Botetourts.

In the 3oth of the faid reign, fir Guy de Bote-
tourt had a grant of a market and a fair here.

John Le Botetourt, his defcendent, leaving an only
daughter Jocofa, brought it by her marriage to fir
Hugh Burnel, who polfefTed it in the zd year of
Henry IV.

After this it was in the Witchingham family.


W A L S H A M. 41

Edmund Witchingham married Alice, daughter
and heir of John Faftolf, by whom he had four
daughters and co-heirs; Amy, the eldeft, married
Richard Southwell, efq. of Wood-Riling, and of
Upton in her right ; and their defccndants fir Ro-
bert Southwell was lord in the 6th of Henry VIII.
when it was found to be held of the countefs of Suf-
folk, as of her manor of Benhale in Suffolk.

After this it was in the crown. The lady Ann
of Cleves had it, and after that Charles Brandon,
duke of Suffolk.

On the ^th of May, in the 37th of Henry VIII.
it was granted to fir Richard Southwell, knt. with
the manor of Wendling, Kerdeflon, See. who con-
veyed it to lhat king in the following year; and the
faid king, on December 1 1 , in the fame year, fettled
it on the dean, Sec. of Chriii Church in Oxford,
where it flili continues.

The priories of St. Bennct, Beefton, and \Vcy-
bridgc, had each an interefl in this parifh.

The church was a rcclory, dedicated to St. Mar-
garet, and was granted by Ralph de Glanville, lord
chief juRice of England, to the priory of Butley in
Suffolk (who was the founder of it) about 1171.

On the appropriation a vicarage was fettled, and
the abbot of Butley prefented till 1512,

The manor and impropriate re&ory was in the
lady Anne of Cleves after the difTolution, next in
Charles Brandon duke of Suffolk, and the manor
being granted to the dean, Sec. of Chrift Church,
the rectory remained in the crown, with the patron-


age of the vicarage, till granted by queen Elizabeth
to the fee of Ely, on her taking many lordfhips, Sec.
from it.

The Rev. John Bermifon was prefented to this
vicarage in 1775, by the lord bifhop of Ely, patron
and impropriator.

SOUTH-WALSHAM lies caft of the city of
Norwich about eleven miles. This town gives the
name to the hundred ; and has in it the churches of
St. Mary and St. Laurence.

On the conqueft the king feifed on this, and Go-
dric at the furvey was his Reward. Goclric had alib
in his own right land, &c. and the moiety of a falt-

Out of the fees and tenures of this parifh fcveral
lordfhips took their rife, the principal and chief of
which was that of the Bigots, earls of Norfolk ;
and granted probably by king Stephen to Hugh Bi-
got, on his being created earl of Norfolk ; from
which family it came to Thomas de Brotherton, earl
of Norfolk, and fo to the Mowbrays and Howards,
dukes of Norfolk, who were lords and patrons of
the church of St. Lauience.

Another lordfhip that was the king's, and was af-
terwards granted to the family of le Boteler : and in
the i5th of Edward I. William de Rothing and
Joan his wife, held it of the family of de Botetourt.

In the i6th of faid reign, Henry de Catt recover-
ed oi Ralph de Rothing mefluages, land, &c. here,
in Upton, Hemlington, Wickhampton, &c. and in,
{lie c/.h of Edward II, Henry Catt was lord.
- . John

W A L S H A M. 43

John Faftolf, and Margery his wife, reli of
Henry Catt, pnrchafed in the gth of Edward II. a
manor here, of the lady Margaret Foliot, who had
it of Ralph Rothing ; he of the heirs of Botctourt.

In the 30th of Edward HI. fir Conftamine de
Mortimer, fen. and Catherine his wife, conveyed
by fine, meffuages, land, meadow, wood, rnarfh, and
fold-couries here, Sec. to Agnes widow of Robert

John Wymondham, efq. and Elizabeth his wife,
late widow of fir John Hevingham, held the manor
of Rothings in this town, in the i 2th of Edw. IV.
when it was fettled on him for life.

On the death of fir John Hevinlgham, Auguft 5,
in the 28th of Henry VIII. Anthony his fon and
heir had livery of the manor of Rothings in South-
Walfham ; and fir Anthony died feifed of it, as ap-
pears by his will, proved June j, 1558. It was
after conveyed to John Holditch, efq.

Petronilla widow of fir Roger de Broomc was lady
of this hall, in the parifh of St. Mary, of South-
Walfham ; and in the asd of Richard II. Robert
de Broome gave to Henry his ion and heir, his ma-
nor of Sunderland-hall in this town, Upton, Fifh-
fcy, Sec.

Sir Robert de Salic had an intered herein at his
fleatli, in 1340, and left it to be fold.

Robert Bloome, of Blow-norton, efq. by his will,
dated Sept. 15, in the 34th of Henry VI. devifcd
i to Richard his fon axid heir.



CRIKETOT'S MANOR. Simon de Crikctot had a
lordfhip in the 8th of Rich. I. when he implcaded Ni-
cholas de Walfham, about the right of prefentation to
the church of St. Mary of Walfham ; and Nicho-
las in the faid year granted it to Simon, by fine.

In the 24th of Henry III. a fine was levied be-
tween Avicia de Criketot, petcnt, and Simon de
Criketot, tenant, of the third part of two knights
fees in Blyfbrd, Suffolk ; and of the third of the
fourth part of a fee in South-Walfliam, as the in-
heritance of Ralph de Criketot, her daceafed huf-
band, granted in dower to Avicia, 8cc, ftie releafing
all her right in other lands,

Hugh de Bavent, and Felicia his wife, fued for a
moiety of this manor, and the third part of lilyford
manor in Suffolk, againft Warin de Montchenfy,
of the inheritance of Simon de Criketot, her late
hufband,' held in the foccage of Nicholas le Boteler,
and recovered it.

ST, RENNET'S MANOR. This belonged to the
chamberlain's office in that abbey, in the reign of
the Confeifor.

Ralph Guader, earl of Norfolk, granted it to his

Robert de Turtevile releafed to the abbot, in the
reign of king Stephen, all his right in the lands in
this town, Hemlington, Ranworth and Panxford,
which his father William had granted to him.

In the i ^th of Henry III. Bartholomew de Stifkey
and Robert de Curfon, granted to Sampfon then ab-
bot, forty-four acres of land ; and the abbot re.T


W A L S H A M. 45

granted to them a moiety of it, and the moiety of a
meiluage, a marfh and a meadow, and of the rents
and fervices ; paying to the abbot and his fucceffors
leven marks and 33. per ann. And in the 3yth of
that king the abbot had a charter of free warren.

Adam parfon of Heigham, and Jeffrey de Ban-
ningham, gave to this convent the fourth part of
the manor of South-Walfham, which was held of
it by fee-farm rent, in the 5th of Edward II.

Henry Brooke, 8cc. aliened lands to it in the gth
of the faid king ; and it appears that the abbot had
a right of fifhery, for two nets, from Wroxham-
bridge to Wey-bridge.

In this abbey of St. Bennct it remained till the
exchange of lands made between Henry III. and
Dr. Rugg, bifliop of Norwich, when it was granted,
with other lands, &c. late the abbey of Holme, to
the laid bifliop, who exchanged it with other lands,
with John Corbet, efq. for his manor of Bacon in
Ludham ; and the faid John Corbet, efq. died lord
of Chamberlain-hall in Soudi-Walfham, in 1556.

ST. LAURENCE'S CHURCH. Ralph Guader, earl of
Norfolk, lord of the town, granted his right in the
patronage of this church to the abbot of Holme,
but in the firft year of Richard I. by a fine levied,
Ralph the abbot releafed it to Roger Bigot, earl of
Norfolk, on his granting to the abbot a penfion oufc
of it.

It appears that Nicholas le Boreler had alfo an
intereft in the church of Walfham, St. Mary,
which he in the yth of Richard I. granted to the



There are many very fine broads for fifhing in
this' hundred, near South-Walfham, Baflwick and
other places, where perch and pike are taken in
great plenty, and of a remarkable fize. Norwich
and Yarmouth markets are not a little obliged to
thefe and other broads for their great fupplv of fifh
in the proper feafons.

In 1410, the patronage was in Joan queen o

Queen's college in Cambridge prefented- to this
retory their prefident, the Rev. Mr. Crownfield, in
the year 1742, having purchafed the patronage of
this church of his grace the duke of Norfolk about
the year 1730. In 1774 the Rev. James Marfh
was prefented to this re&ory by Queen's college,

ST. MARY'S CHURCH. Ralph de Criketot, and
Hubert his fon and heir, grant by deed, for the re-
miflion of their fins, the church of St. Mary of South-
Walfbam, one hundred acres of land in Panxford,
and all their lands in Sunderland in this town, to
the abbey of St. Bermet of Holme.

In the 42d of Henry III. William de Suffeld,
alias Calthorpe, conveyed by fine the advowfbn of
it to the mailer and brethren of the hofpital of Su
Giles in Norwich, founded by his brother Walter
de Suffeld, bifhop of Norwich, who foon after ap-
propriated it to the laid hofpital.

Roger, bifhop of Norwich, alfo is faid to have
appropriated this church on the 5th of April, 1268,
on the refignation of Richard de Witton, the reclor,
who had the right of patronage from bilhop Surfeld.


W A L S H A M. 47

The Rev. Richard Day was preferred to the vica-
rage of St. Mary, South-Walfham, by the corpora-
tion of the city of Norwich, 1775.

WICKHAMPTON, was in the Conqueror, which
Godric, his Reward, took care of at the furvey.

This lordfhip was granted (as in Acle, Sec.) to the
Bigots, earls of Norfolk, and was held of them by
the antient family of De Gerbridge, who took their
name from the bridge at Yarmouth over the Yar or
Gcr, and Jer ; and feems to have had an intcreft
herein in the reign of king John.

William de Jerbridge was living in the 24th of
Henry III. and purchafed fourteen fhillings rent in
Yarmouth of Ifabel de Caftre, by fine.

William de Gorton, as truftee, fettled on fir Wil-
liam de Gerbridge, of Wickhampton, knt. memi-
ages, lands, 8cc. in this town, Tunftall, Halvergate,
Moulton, 9ec: with the advowfon of Wickhampton
church, in the gth of Edward II.

In the 20th year of Edward III. fir Edward Ger-
bridge was found to hold the third part of a fee.
Ralph Gerbridge, and Alianore his wife, fettled it
on themfelves and in tail, by fine, levied in the 4oth
of Edward III.

In 1397 Edward Gerbridge was lord, and pre-
fented to this church. This Edward left by Cecilia
his wife, a daughter and fole heir Elizabeth, a mi-
nor; and Richard II, on his death, feifed on this
lordfhip, and granted it to Thomas Grace and John
de Aldei ford ; but on the application of fir Thomas
Erpingham, fir John White, &cc. who were truitees



for it, it was recovered by them in the firft year of
Henry IV.

John Bray, and Elizabeth his wife, held it in the
I^th of Henry VI. and then fold two hundred acres
of marQi in Caftor to fir Thomas Faftolf.

This Elizabeth was heir of Edward Gerbridge and
Cecilia his wife beforementioned.

The faid Elizabeth, widow of John Bray of Nor-
wich, by her will, dated June 1, 1473, and proved
in Oclobcr following, bequeaths her manor of Mount,
called Mill-hill, &c. in Wickhampton, Halvergate,
Tunflall, Moulton, Frcethorpe, Upton, &c. with
the ad vow fon of the church, to John her fon, who
did not long furvive her.

In 1486, Robert Clere, of Stokefby, efq. pre-
fented to the church.

In 1505, John Breton, efq. prefented to this church
as lord and patron, grandfon of John Breton, efq.
of Witchingham, by Margaret his wife, filler of Ed-
ward Gerbridge, efq.

In 1593, J onn Daynes prefented; from him it
came to the Berneys of Reedham, and Richard Bcr-
ney, efq. was lord and patron in 1619.

In this family it remained till it was mortgaged
by Richard Berney to Michael arid James Edwards,
efqrs. who prefented in 1697; arid on the fale of
this manor, fir James Edwards was lord and patron
in 1710, and afterwards fir Lambert Blackwell, bart.
and his heirs in 1742.


W A L S H A M. 49

The church is a reftory, and b dedicated to St.

In the eafl window of the chancel were the aims
of Gerbridge, alfo of Breton of Witchingham, and
of Hetherfet.

On the north fide of the chancel, an altar tomb,
with the effigies of fir William Gerbridge, with hU
fliield of arms obfcure by length of time.

Alfo another, probably for his wife, the arms alfo
obi cure.

The Rev. Thomas Goddard was prefented to this
re&ory in 1731, by the Governor of the South-Sea

WOOD-BASTWICK. At the furvey the king
had lands here, which Godric, his fteward, took,
fare of,

This came by a grant from the crown to the fami-
ly of Le Veile. In the 6th of Richard I. Emma,
widow of Richard le Yeile, gave fifteen marks for
liberty to marry whom (he would, and to have cuf
tody of her heir, and their land, during the king's

pleafurc. Moft widows in thefe more enlightened

times marry whom they pleafe, without afking leave
of the king, or any one elfe,

In the i oth of kipg John, Thomas le Veile con-
veyed by fine forty acres of land to Walter Breton.

Sir Roger le Veile, in the 4th of Edward I. grants
feveral lands here to his Ion John, and in Leiher-
jnglet, &x. relerving an eftatc for life to himfelf, and


John was returned to have a lordfhip in the gth of
Edward II.

John Veile, efq. was living in the gth of Henry
IV. and in the 6th of Henry VI. William Je V le
died lord of this manor, and of Letheringfet in Holt
hundred; and John le Veile was lord in the 5th of
Edward IV.

Mr. Philip Curfon, alderman of Norwich, by his
will in 1502, appoints that Agnes, daughter and heir
of John le Veile, his wife, fhould have all her fa-
ther's lands in this town, called Le Veile's, for life ;
and all his land, purchafcd here and in Ranworth
and Salhoufe, to his fon John, who conveyed it to
John Walpole in the 32d of Henry VIII.

The abbey of St. Rennet at Holme had a lordfhip
at the furvey given, as is faid, to that convent by
Edward the Confeflbr.

In 1 250, the rent of aflife of this manor was forty-
one (hillings and five-pence farthing ; and there were
fixty-one acres of arable land at four-pence per acre.

.In the 15th of Edward I. the abbot had the amfe
of bread and beer, as the kings bailiff of the hun-
dred, and held the town as part of his barony.

On October 12, 1545, this manor, with the rec-
tory, &c. was, by way of exchange, granted by bi-
ihop Rugg to John Corbet, efq. for his manor of
Bacon in Ludham, by the king's licence ; he was
alfo lord of the manor of Le Veile in this town ;
and Miles his fon had livery of it in the ifl of queen
Elizabeth. In this family it continued till the death
of fir Thomas Corbet, bart. who dying without iffuc,

foon "

W A L S H A M. 51

foon after the rcftoration of Charles II. it came to
Elizabeth, one of his fitters, married to Robert
Houghton, efq. of Ranvvorth ; and in 1698 there
was an aft of parliament to veft the eftate of John
Houghton, cfq. in Wood-Baftvvick in trullees, for
payment of his debts.

The late fir William Harbord inherited this manor
from his uncle colonel Harbord, and was patron of
the living. Sir William was formerly a captain of
foot in the army, and changed his name from Mor-
den to Harbord. He was joint candidate to repre-
fent this county in parliament in the year i 734 with
Mr. Coke, but both loft their election; and fir Ed-
mund Bacon, bart. of Garboldifham, and William
Wodehoufe, efq. fon of fir John Wodchoufe, bart.
of Kymberley, were returned to parliament.

Sir Harbord Harbord, bart. reprefcntative in par-
liament for the cityof Norwich, is the prefent lord
and patron, and has obtained an acl: for dividing and
inclofing the commons and wafte grounds in this

The church was dedicated to St. Fabian, and was
appropriated to the abbey of St. Bennet at Holme,
firfl by William Turbe bifhop of Norwich, next by
bifhop William Raleigh, and after by William dc
Suffeld, bifhop in 1249, and a vicarage was fettled.

In the 4th of king John, the advowfon of this
church was acknowledged to belong to the abbot.

The priory of Carrowe had lands here, valued at
i is. 6d. in 1428.



Ralph de Bcaufoe had a lordfhip and other lands

Online LibraryAnna Riggs MillerHistory and antiquities of the county of Norfolk (Volume 9) → online text (page 23 of 31)