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which is dated in Lewes chapter-houfe. This Fulk
had two fons. Jeffrey Baynard, his fecond fon, was
a priefl, and farmed all the prior's lands in Merton,
paying only the rent of 45. and two pounds of wax per
ann. to the chief lord.

Sir Fulk Baynard, eldeft fon and heir of fir Fulk,
held eight fees and an half in Merton, Hadeflon, Sec.
of Robert Fitz- Walter, as of his barony of Baynard
eanMe. In the time of Henry 111. he held in Merton
one fee, of which John de Gurney held one quarter of
him. In 1225 Henry III. granted him a licence to
have a market at Merton ; in 1256 he was fined for
not being knighted, and was obliged to take that ho-
nour in 1271. In 1274 he had affize of bread and
ale in Merton, waif, trebuchet, and free warren, and
paid 285. rent for this, and Hadeflon, every 24 weeks,
to the guard of Baynard caftle. In i 286 he was one
of the three or lour confervators of the peace for this
countv, an office then of great truft, Succeeded by
thofe now called juftices of the peace, lie died in
1305, and left fir Robert his fon and heir, who was
lord here in 1315, and at his death left it to Futk
Baynard, his fon and heir; who in 1327 held eight
tecs and an half of Robert Fitz-Walter, in Hadefton,
Merton, Bunwell, Carleton, Tibenhara, Thompfon,


W A Y L A N D. 47

Threxton, and Thirflon ; this Fulk left three daugh-
ters, his co-heirs, Ilhbcl, Emme, and Maud. I label
married fir Thomas dc Grey, km. and had Morton,
Buuwell, &:c. for her fhare, in whole family it hath
continued ever fince.

There were many younger branches of this Bayn-
ard family, that had good e dates in other parts of
Norfolk, but as they had no relation to this place, we
omit to mention them. Nay, fo late as 1563 Willi-
am Baynard gent, had lands in Mcrton.

The family of the Grais, Greys, Graas, or Grays,
for by all thefe names they are fpoken of in ancient
evidences, are all defcended from Anlcitil, or Anfchi-
til de Grey, a Norman, who came in with the Con-
queror, being firnamed from the place of his reli-
dence, and had large pofleflions of that prince's gift;
the peerage, p. 148, gives us a higher account of this
family, but it being conjeclure only, we choofc to go
no higher thanAnfchiiil, whole fon, Richard deGraP,
was a benefactor toEynefham abbey, and was fucceed-
ed by John de Grey, his fon and heir, whole fccond
brother, John de Grey, was bifliop of Norwich, and
his third brother, Henry de Grey, was in great favour
with Richard the iirft, as is evident from the grant
that prince made him of the manor of Tin roc, in Ef-
fex, in the year 1 194, and that he was in the good
graces of his fucelTor, king John, is evident, not only
from the confirmation of his predeceflbr's grant, but
from his public charter of fpecialj privilege, to hunt
the hare and fox in any lands belonging to the crown,
excepting the king's own demefne parks. Neither


* This John, the eldeft brother, left ifTue Robert, the eldeft ;
Walter, the fecond fon, was bifhop of Litchtield, in 1210, and
of Worcefter in 1213, and archbilhop of York in 1216, which
he held to his death in 1255, &c.

4S H U N D R E D O F

did he lofe his prince's favor after this king's death,
for Henry III. his fuccefibr, in the very fir ft year of
his reign, gave him Grimflon manor in Nottingham-
fhire, which xvas part of the poffeffions of Robert Bar-
dolph, to fupport him in his prince's fervice. After
this he married Ifolda, or Odeyne, filler and co-heir
of the faid Robert, and in 1224 had the third part of
all his eftate, in his wife's right. John de Grey, his
uncle, was alfo a great favourite of king John's, who
in the firft year of his reign made him archdeacon of
Gloucefter, and the very next year, viz. 1200, Sept.
24, bifhop of Norwich, and afterwards chief juftice of
England, in all which pods he behaved fo well, that
the king would fain have made him archbifhop of
Canterbury, but was out-witted by the pope ; in 1211
lie was made lord juftice of Ireland, where he ftaid
two years ; he died as he returned in his embafTy from
die pope, at Piciou, Oct. 24, 1214, and was buried in
his cathedral at Norwich.

Henry aforefaid left four fons, viz. i. Richard,
\vhofe principal feat was at Codnovre, in Derbyfhire,
of wham fa in Ditgdales Baronage, vol. i. Jol. 709, his
defendants being parliamentary barons, their lives
and noble actions are there recorded. 2. John,
who was fomctime juftice of Chefter, and progenitor
to the noble families of Grey, of Wilton, Rutbyn,
.Grovby, marquis of Dorfet, and vifcount Lifle, the
generations and tranfaclions of which families are re-
corded in the aforefaid vol. fol. 712, <bc. 3. Wil-
liam deHjrey, or Graa, third ion of the faid Henry,
vas fit ft of Landford in Notinghamfhire, then of San-
xly-acre, in Derbylhire, and after of Cavendifh, in Suf-
iolk, he left John de Grey, of Cavendifh, efq. his fon
and heir; and Henry Grey, efq. his fecond Ion. 4.
Kobert de Grey, of Rotherfield, whofe family is


\V A Y L A N D. 49

largely treated of in the aforefaid author, fol. 723,
they alfo being parliamentary barons.

Sir Thomas de Grey, of Conerth, in Suffolk, knt.
fon and heir of John de Grey, efq. of GreyVhali, in
Cavcndifh, was married before 1306, to Alice daugh-
ter and fole heirefs of fir Richard de Cornherd, of
Cornerth, knt. after xvhich match perceiving the pa-
ternal arms of Grey to be borne by fo many families,
he totally omitted them, and aiTumed thofe of Corn-
herd, which he and his defendants to this day have
borne as their paternal arms, viz. Az. a fefs between
two cheverons or, which arms- the Cornherd, or Cor-
r.erth family, took in imitation of the Bainards, theic
fupcrior lord, of whom they held great part of their
eilate, whofe arms are the fame exactly as Cornherd's,
only the field and cheverons differ in colour. Sic
Thomas died in 1321, Alice hi:> wife furviving litm
in 1322 flie fettled lands on her fons, Roger and
John. Sir Thomas de Grey, knt. their fon and heir,
fucceeded, and married liabel, eldeft daughter and co-
heir of Fulk Eaynard, of Menon efq. who had Mer-
ton,' Bunwcll, S:c. fjr hr fhare, he came and fettled
at Merton, in the ancient feat of the Baynards, whofe
arms he always bore, quartered with his own (or Cor-
nerthYi in her right, and their pofterity have always
done the fame. In 1337 they fettled the manor of
Merton, kinds in Hock\vold, the manor and advow^
ion of Bunwcll, on themielves in tail, Merton manor
being then held by Kathcriue, widow of Fulk Bayn-
ard, in dower. In 1345 he held one fee in Merton,
of John Fiiz-Walter, who held it o( the king, which
was lately Fulk Baynard's, one quarter of which
Thomas Gernoun held of the faid Thomas. Ihis
quarter of a fee in Morton was fir ft the inheritance
of the Baidolphs, given by Robert Bardolph, with Ifol-
da, to Henry de Grey her hufband, in whole family



it continued, till one of them enfeoffed it in the Caf-
tans, in the time of Henrv III. from whom it defccnd-
ed to the Pakcnhams. ' At their deaths they left ir to
fir Roger de Grey, of Merton. km. He ordered his fa-
ther, fir Thomas de Grey's debts to be paid, and died in
1371. Thomas de Grey, his fon and heir, died a mi-
nor, leaving two lifters ; Margaret, after married to
fir Thomas Shardelo;ve, and Joan, to Thomas Pinch-
beck, and then this manor was divided into three
parts. Thomas de Grey, clerk, their uncle, had one
third part, which in 1338 he fettled on Pinchbeck,
and fo they had two thirds, and fir Thomas Sharde-
lowe the other third, the whole being inuiled, for want
of iffue of the nieces, on Thomas de Grey their un-
cle, and his heirs, as it feems they did ; for in 1402
Thomas de Grey, clerk, held this manor, andthewhole
of theeflateof the Greys in Norfolk, and died poffefled
of it before 1404 ; for in that year Fulk de Grey, efq.
fon of Fulk dc Grey, nephew and heir to Thomas de
Grey, clerk, had livery of his eftate in Norfolk and
Cambridgefhire, being lord of Vernon's manor in
Elme, in Cambridgefhire, in right of Eleanor Vcrnon
his mother, Merton, Sec. He married Eleanor Bar-
nardiflon, and was fucceeded by William de Grey, of
Merton, efq. who married Chriflian, daughter and co-
heir of John Manning, of Great Ellingham. Bv his
will, dated November 3, 1474, he ordered his body to
be buried in St. Peter's church of Merton, by Chrif-
tian his wife; his grave-done now lies in the middle
aile ; it had four elcutcheons, the flrfl with Grey's
arms flili remains, the fecond was Grey quartering
Baynard ; the third was Grey quartering Manning;
and the fourth was Grey impaling Manning, and this

infcription.' " Orate pro animabiu With: de. Grey,

Armigeri, el Chrijlians uxeris ejus it jdic Join*; Man-
nyngc miper de Ellingham Magna, gent: et pro animabus
omnium bentfattorumjiicr^n, ci pro animabm pro quibus.


\V A Y L A N D. 51

Hnentur. - Qui quidem Willns: drill in ff/lo Jci .'
Martitii Epi : anno Dni. MCCCCLXXIV. dicta Chrijiiana
obiit in fejlo Jci : Ptlri ad inada. j

William de Grey, of Merton. efq. his fon and
heir, had two wives, Mary, daughter of fir Henry
Bedingfield, of Oxburgh, in South Grecnhoe hun^
died, and Grace, daughter of Thomas Teye, efq.
widow of Francis Hethe, of Worlington, to \
two daughters he was guardian ; Agnes, the e!dc(t,
dying young, was buried at Mefton ; Margaret, the
iecond, married George Boke'nham, of Snitterton,
efq. after the death of his firfl wife, Chriftian, daugh-
ter of William de Grey, her guardian. In 14(52 fif
Henry dcGrev*, ofKetteringham, inHumblevardhnn-
dred, fettled ihat manor by will, for want of heirs of
the body of Ann. his daughter-in-law, wife of Thn-
mas Heveningham, efq. on this William, and his
heirs, but we cannot fav pofitively how near related
they were. In 1494 he held the manors of Merton,
and Had (Ion, alias Baynard's, in Bumvcll, of John
Ratcliff, lord Fitz-Walter.

Againfl the north wall there is a monument for
this William and his two wives, the braifes are all
remaining, lave the infcriptions, which are torn off;
his effigy in armour, with the arms of Grey and
Baynard quartered, is in a kneeling pofture, having
his helm lying by him, a fcroll, and Grev's arms,
quartering Baynard, over his head ; behind him are
his five ions in' loofe gowns, with a difrobed fcroll
over their heads ; oppofite to him is Mary Beding-
field, his firfl wife, kneeling, with her three dau^h-


* He was flieriff of Norfolk and Suffolk in 143$, and is
named among the principal gentry of Norfolk. Fulle r't li'cnh,
p. 263, 269. Jofcnde Grey, efq. his brother, was fheriffia 1449.


tcrs behind her ; over her head is another imperfect
fcroll. with the arms of Grev quartering Baynard,
impaling Bedingfield, quartering Tudenham. Be-
hind them is Grace Teye, his fecond wife ; behind
lier their two daughters with difhevelled hair ; over
her has been a fcroll, befides the arms of Grey,
quartering Baynard, impaling Teye, of Effex.

Edmund de Grey, efq. his fon and heir, married
Elizabeth, daughter of fir John Spelman, km. and
died feifed of this, and Bun well manor, in 1548,
and is buried in the chancel, with an infcripnon
fattened on a brafs on the north chancel wall, and
de Grey quartering Baynard, impaling Spelman : he
died May 20, 1548.

Thomas dc Grey, of Merton, cfq. eldeft fon of
William de Grey, by Mary Bedingfield, his firft
wife, did not inherit his father s eftate ; he married
Elizabeth, daughter of fir Richard Fitz-Lewes, knt.
but had no children ; after her death he was ordained
pried, and lived 41 years in orders, and dying in an
'advanced age, lies buried with his wife in the fouth
aile, for whom is an infcription on a brafs plate
againfl the wall: he died September i, 1.^56.
Arms, de Grey quartering Baynard, impaling Fitz-

Thomas de Grey, efq. fon and heir of Edmund,
married firfl, Ann, daughter of Henrv Eveiard, of
Lvniied, in Suffolk, efq. fecondly, Temperance,
daughter of fir Simond Carew, of Anthony, in
Cornwall, by whom he had no illue; fhc out-lived
him, held Bunwell. in jointure, and re-married fir
Chriftopher Heydon, of Baconflhoipe, knt. he died
ieifed of Hadfton, or Baynard's manor, in Bunwell,
held of the call of buil'ex at one fee; Benyhall ma-

11 or.

W A Y L A N D. 53

nor, in EIHngham, held of the earl of Suflex, as o
his manor of Attlcburgh ; the advovvfon of Bumvell,
held of fir Thomas Lovell by fealty, and 135. 4d.
rent ; the manor of Merton, held of the carl of Suf-
fex, as of his manor of Woodham-Walter, in
EfTex ; parcel of Fitz-Walter's, alias Baynard's ba-
rony ; 300 acres of land, loo acres of paflure, 20
acres of wood, 1000 acres of marfh, 300 acres of
Brucry, and a fold-courfe and commonage for 160
cows, in Thompfon, Grifton, Watton, Tottington,
and Merton, held of the queen in capite, by the
2oth part of a fee. He was buried under a fair mar-
ble at the eafl end of the fouth ailc, having three
fliields on it, two at the head, viz. his own arms im-
paled with his two wives ; and at his feet, Grey and
Baynard quartered; he died May 12, 1562.

Thomas de Grey, efq. his fon and heir, was only
feven years old at his death, and fo became ward to
qUcen Elizabeth, but died a minor in 1556; his
cftate went to his uncle, Robert de Grey, efq. who h:id
livery of it that very year ; he married Ann, daughter
of fir Thomas Lovell, of Harling, knt. died Feb. 28,
1600, and is buried in the chancel, on the louth fide
of which, againfl the wall, is a monument, with the
effigy of Time at the top, and Uie mantle, creft, and
arms of Grey, impaling Lovell, and an infcripiion :
he died February 28, 1600.

Sir William de Grey, knt. only fon and heir of
Robert, was as eminent for his probity as dcfcent ;
he married Ann, daughter of fir James Cakhorpc,
of Cockthorpe, knt. and died Oci. 19, 1632, idled
of Merton, &c. and lies buried in the chancel, by
his father, leaving fir Robert dc Grey, his fon and
heir, twenty years old at his father's deuih, who was
knighted, with Chriftopher Athoe, of Beechainweii,
E cicj.


cfq. by Charles I. June 23, 1641 ; he married Eliza-
beth, daughter and co-heir of William Bridon, ot
Ipfwich, gent, died in 1644, and was buried in
the chancel under a large grave-flone, having a biafs
fliield at each corner the fir ft is Grey, or Cornerth,
impaling Calthorpe; the fecond is Grey, viz. Barry
of fix with an annulet*, for difference, impaling Bri-
don ; he died Oclober 20, 1644. At his death James
de Grey, elq. his next brother, fucceeded ; he married
Elizabeth, daughter of fir Martin Stutevile, of Dai-
ham, in Suffolk, knt. they are buried under a black
marble in the chancel, with infcriptions and arms.
Hedied June 30, 1663; fhe September 15, 1696,
aged 80 years

William de Grey, efq. their only fon, fucceeded,
who was burgefs in Parliament for Thetford in 1685,
and married Elizabeth, filter and co-heir of Thomas
Bedingfield, of Darfliam, in Suffolk, elq.

Thomas de Grey, efq. his fon and heir, fucceeded ,-
he was chofen for Thetford in 1705, and again in
1708, and fince that time hath worthily ferved in
Parliament for the county, and was juflice of the
peace, as many of his predeceffors had generally
been* Wednefday, June 7, 1721, an Acl: of Par-
liament paffed for difcharging feveral eftates in the
counties of Norfolk and Suffolk from the ufes con-
tained in the marriage fettlement of Thomas de Grey,
elq. and for fettling other eflates in the faid counties
to the fame ufes. The faid Thomas was lord and pa-
tron, and left iffue by Elizabeth, daughter of William
Windham, efq. of Felbrigg, in North Erpingham hun-

* He affumed the original coat of the Greys, and fhould
have borne it with a mullet, as third fon, and not an annul(t t as
fih fon, for they are defended from a third fon.

W A Y L A N D. 55

dred, i. Thomas de Grey, efq. who fucceeded him;
2. fir William dc Grey, knt. 3. Elizabeth, manied to
the late Rev. Edward Chamberlain, reclor of Great
Creilingham, in South Greenhoe ; and 4. Catherine.

Thomas de Grey. efq. the prefent lord, was edu-
cated at Chrift college, in Cambridge, and was after-
wards in the fecretary of date's office. In the late
war, when the Norfolk militia was embodied, he fer-
ved as captain in the weftera battalion ; and in the
yeariy/jq, when the kingdom was threatened with
an invafion, marched down to Portfmouth with that
corps, of which he afterwards became lieut. colonel.
On the deceafe of the late lord Townfhend, he was
elected, without oppofition, reprefentative in parlia-
ment for the county of Norfolk, in the room of the
preicnt lord vifcount Townfhend, being in point of
family and abilities inferior to none in the county.
In the year i 768 he was clefted again, after a (harp
cornel! with fir Edward Aflley, ban. of Melton, the
numbers on the poll being as follows :

POLL taken at NORWICH, March 23, 1768.

Sir Armine Wodehoufe, bart. 2680

Thomas de Grey, efq. 2 754

Sir Edward Aflley, bart. 2977

\\cninan Coke, efq. 2610

Sir William de Grey was educated at Trinity-Hall,
Cambridge, pralifed afterwards with great eminence
at the bar, filled the offices of folicitor and attorney-
general with great reputation, and is now the prcient
highly edcemed lord chief juOice of the Common
Plcas^ His fon, Thomas dc Grey, efq. is now under-
feereiary ia the fccrctai y of date's oh'icc for the Ame-
E 2 rican


rican department, and reprefentative in Parliament
for Tamworth, in Siaffordfhire.

Monuments in the church of St. Peter, at Mcrton,
befides thole already taken notice of, are, a grave-
ftone in the church, which a marmfcript tells us was
for Mary, wife of William de Grey, and Jijler to Ed*
mund Bedingjield, efq.Jhe died April 5, 1480.

It appears by the fame manufcript, that formerly
in the north and fouth windows, oppofite to one ano-
ther, on the enteiinginto the chancel, flood the coat
of de Grey, or Cornerth, quartered with Baynard,
creeled in 1403. And in a fouth window at the up-
per end of the church was the effigy of St. Ed-
mund in his princely robes, holding in his left hand
an arrow ; and lower in the fame window was de-
picled the portraiture of fir Robert Clifton, knt.
kneeling, with his hands held up. in armour, with
his mantle, and coat of arms thereon, quartered
xvith Caily's, a book before him, and in a fcroll from
his mouth, SanfteEdmunde or a pro nobh.

In the fame window was an effigy of a de Grey,
kneeling, on his mantle his coat armour impaled
with Baynard, and this, Oiate pro animabus Robert
Clifton, militis, ac [Will.] de Grey, armigeri, ft pro bono
Jlatu Alicia m her uxoru corundem et pro quorum : : : :
By which it appears that fhe put it up after the death
of both her hufbands, their fouls being prayed for in
it. This is now gone.

Here are alfo grave-ftones to the families of Fin-
cham, and Buckenham, with their arms.

On a flone in the chancel, having de Grey's arms
in a lozenge, Ann, daughter of James de Grey, ej$.
Jhe died Feb. 4, 1702, a^ed 30.


W A Y L A N D. 57

On another near the former, having the fame arms,
Safari de Grey, fccond daughter of James de Grey;
jhe died December 30, 1697, a red 47. In affettwn to
whoje memory her brother-in-law, Jir William Rant, of
Thorpe-Market in this county, knt. hath at his own charge
caufcd this marble to be laid.

The chancel is tiled, as is the fourth porch ; the?
nave, fouth aile, and north porch, are leaded; the
fteeple is round, having in it three bells, its roof is
flat, but formerly was pyramidical.

The feat of Thomas de Grey, efq. who is lord and
patron, (lands a -little diftance from the church, to
the fouth-weft, and is environed with an extenfive
park and plantation. The fituation of Merton, and
the improvements made recently, are remarkably beau-
tiful, and the houfe is a noble Gothic fabrick, with
excellent gardens to it.

Merton is on the weft fide of the road leading from
Watt on to Thetford.

The church is dedicated to St. Peter, and was
given by Jeffery Baynard to the monks of St. Pancras,
at Lewes, in Suffex, viz. the church and parfon of
Merton, with his land, and alfo the tithes of the de-
rnefne lands of the hall, and eighty acres of his gift.
The reclory in Edward I. was valued at thittcen
marks, the prior of Lewes's portion at ten marks,
Peter-pence igd. all which revenue continued in that
monaftery till its diflblution, and then came to Tho-
mas duke of Norfolk, and were afterwards fold to
the Greys. It (lands in the king's books by the name
of Marton, alias Merton, and is valued at 61. 5d.
and being fworn of the clear yearly value of 40!. 55.
3 it


it is difcharged of firft fruits and tenths, and fo is ca-
pable of augmentation.

This town paid 3!. IDS. 6d. to the tenths, and is
valued at 241!. to the land tax.

In 1374 there wa's a compofition made between
the prior and re&or, by which the reclor was for
ever to have all their portion of tithes in Merton,
with a toft, called Lewes-Yard, and fifty acies, called

" In 1764 the Rev. Jofeph Forby was prefented to
this reclory by Thomas dc Grey, efq. the piefent
lord and patron.

OVINGTON. Uvytone church is dedicated to
St. John the Evangelift, was valued at nine marks,
and paid i jd. Peter-pence. Roger Bigot gave the
monks of Thetford a portion of tithes here, which
was taxed with their revenues in Watton. Here were
two guilds, one dedicated to St. John the Evangelift;
and the other to St. Margaret. There are fixteen
acres of glebe.

The church and chancel are thatched ; there is a
fquare tower/ and one bell, but no memorial of any
kind; it is valued at yl. 35. bd. ob. and being fworn
of the clear yearly value of 37!. 55. it is diichargcd
of firll fruits and tenths.

The temporals of the prior of Pentney were taxed
fit 3!. jos. lod.

This village paid 3!. los. to the tenths, and is now
yalucd at 403!. 6s. 8d. to the land tax.


W A Y L A N D. 59

Bozrx's MANOR. This town at the furvcy muft
be included in Saham, for there is no mention of it
in Ooomfday, but that one carucate, which belonged
to Saham, was given very early to the Bigots, and
by them enfeoffed in the family firnamed de Saham,
together with the advowfon, to be held at one fee.
In 1202 Robert de Saham conveyed it to Roger Bo-
zun ; and in 1227 the faid Robert granted the advow-
fon which belonged to this carucate to Peter Bozun,
fon of Roger, and his heirs, who now was lord and

In i 263 a charter for free-warren in Ovington was

There was another half fee here, which was granted
from the crown to the Marfhals ; the record, called
Tf/la de Ncuill, tells us, that William Talbot held it
of William Marifcal. jun. and that it was worth
aol. This belonged to Baldwin de Rofey in the time
of Heury 111. and loon after to Peter Bozun, of
Whiflbnfet, in Launditch hundred, who in 1306
held one part of the earl Warren, the other of the
earl Marfhal, and was fole lord and patron.

Jn 1432 Richard Bozun held it of John Mowbray,
duke of Norfolk, at one fee, as of his manor of
Forncet ; and in 1450 gave it to Margaret, his wife,
for life, who married John Peacock, of Norwich,
and it continued a long time in this family, though
fomctimes in truftees hands.

In 1558 Thomas Townfend, of Tefierton, efq.
releafed all his right in the manor and advowfon to
John Bozun, of Studdey, efq. who in 1568 conveyed
it to William Smith; and he in 1579 to Richard
, and Thomas Lingwood. Both moieties
E 4 were


were afterwards in the Wightmans ; in 1606 Ni-
cholas Wightman fold it to Robert Wright; and in
1667 Thomas Wright, of Samon-Downham, efq. fold
it to the chancellor, matter, and fcholars of the uni-
verfity of Cambridge, who are now lords and patrons.

WOODKOUSE-MANOR pafled as is before obferved.
till Peter Bozun divided it from BozuiVs manor, and
in 13 24 John Butetort held it for life. It came after
to Robert de Stuteville, and in 1432 Catherine queen
of England was lady. In 1557 John Jenny fold it to
John Ives, with the fold-courfe, from whom it came
to the Calibuts, and was given to Mr. Repps ; it was
lately the lady Potts's, who fold it to Thomas Wright,
of Harling, efq. in which family it remains.

The knights templars in 1221 had lands here, as
belonging to the commandry of Carbrooke, and their
tenants here were quit of toll throughout all England,
as the reft of their tenants always were, by grant of
Henry III.

In 1312 William de la More, the laft matter of
the templars in England, died in the Tower of Lon-

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