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Association, the American Academy of Political and Social
Science, and the Pennsylvania Fish Protective Association,
of which latter he filled the office of president recently.

Mr. Gazzam married, October 30, 1878, Anna, daughter
of the late John G. Reading, one of Pennsylvania's successful
business men, and a great-grandson of Hon. John Reading,
Colonial Governor of New Jersey. Two children were the
result of this imion : —

(26J) Sada ; born September i, 1879; died November
17, 1880.

{266) A7itomette Elizabeth ; born March 8, 1883.

Mr. Gazzam married a second time September 7, 1893,
Nellie May, daughter of Benjamin and Olivia A. Andrews,
of New Orleans, who still survives (1894),

[From a picture iti the possession of A. deB. Mackenzie, Reading, Pa.]

(See page 57.)












When the Revohition that resulted in the freedom of the
American Colonies was over, and after peace had been de-
clared between the United States and Great Britain, Joseph
II, Emperor of Austria, sent as Resident Minister of that
country to the new republic, (/) Baron Frederic Eugene
Francois deBeelen Bertholflf.*

The Baron brought with him his wife, the Baroness
deBeelen {iiee Marie Theresa de Castro y Toledo), and their
only son, {2) Constantine Antoine, and remained as Minis-
ter from 1783 to 1787. During the latter year he was or-
dered home ; but, being prevented from returning by reason
of political complications, his estates in Austria were seized
by the Government and confiscated. It was this, probably,
which finally determined the Baron to remain in America,
and leaving Philadelphia he settled in Chester County, Pa.,
near what is now Honeybrook Station, where he built an
imposing residence, for along time known as " The Castle,"
the surrounding estate lying partly in Chester and partly in
Lancaster Counties. Later the Baron removed to York
County, where he acquired some considerable additional


Baron deBeelen Bertholflf and his wife both died in York
County, Pa., and their remains repose in a sequestered
cemetery upon the bank of the Conawaga, the spot marked
by what was once an imposing monument.

*For information concerning the earlier family see "Annuaire de la Noblesse de
Belgique," published by Baron Isidore de Stein D'Altenstein, Belgium, 1871. Also, see
"Denny's Memoirs of his Father." Also, Rev. Lambrig's " History of the Catholic

fSee deed, post.


Constantine Antoine, the only child of (/) Baron and
Baroness deBeelen Bertholff, was born at Brussels, Bel-
gium, June 9, 1770.

An ancient document in Latin, on hand-made paper
much worn by the tooth of time, bears the following
endorsement in English, in the firm and cultivated hand-
writing of Constantine Antoine deBeelen : —

My Father's Certificate of my Baptism (Mon Baptistaire), taken from
the record of the Cathedral of Ste. Gudule in the City of Bruxelles, in

The contents of this paper, translated, are as follows :

On the ninth of June, in the year 1770, was baptized Constantine
Antoine, legitimate son of Sir Frederic Eugene Francois deBeelen
Bertholff and Lady Jeanne Marie Theresa de Castro y Toledo, husband
and wife ; born at nine o'clock in the morning, the 9th day of June, 1770.
The sponsors were by name Lady Marie Theresa Constance deBeelen
and Sir Antoine de Castro y Toledo, Toparcka in Zoombeeck, Van-
dengver ; and Lady Carolina and Sir Nicholas deBeelen, husband and

After the death of his parents {2) Constantine Antoine •
deBeelen Bertholff settled in Pittsburg, where he became

well and favorably known as an importing merchant. It
is said that had he so desired he could have returned to the
home of his ancestors, reclaiming the title and estates of
his father. But it appears he had become too much im-
bued with the love of American institutions to submit him-
self and his fortunes to monarchical rule.

*The certificate of baptism is {1S94) in the possession of Hon. Joseph M. Gazzam, of
Philadelphia, Pa.

[From a picture in the possession of J. M. Gazzam, Philadelphia, Pa.]


(See page 58.)



'public LIBRARY'

, A»t»f, Lenax and Tlldwi ,


While in Pittsburg he discontinued the use of the suffix
BertholfF, being commonly known as Antoine deBeelen.

He married in that city Elizabeth Antoinette Murphy,
daughter and only child of Captain Patrick Murphy, of the
Continental Army, around whose parentage there clings a
little romance.

It seems that sometime during the latter half of the 17th
century, a poor gentleman became tutor in the family of an
Irish nobleman, the father of a beautiful daughter. The
tutor fell in love with his charge, there was an elopement,
a hasty marriage, and — America.

During the Revolution the tutor became an officer in the
Continental Army. After peace was declared he moved to
Pittsburg, in which city his wife died at the time of the
birth of her daughter. It was this daughter who became
the wife of Antoine deBeelen.

Upon the death of his wife Captain Murphy sent to Car-
lisle, Pa., for a young woman named Molly, who had left
Ireland to come to America as maid to Mrs. Murphy,
marrying here and settling at Carlisle, shortly afterward
becoming a widow. She consented to take charge of the
infant daughter, and subsequently Captain Murphy married
her. From this union there was no issue, but Mrs. Murphy
survived the death of the Captain many years. He left
her comparatively well off and she became projector of
many business enterprises, being interested in the first gas
works and one of the first rolling mills ever started in
Pittsburg. Through clear-headed business ability she
acquired considerable additional property, in later years
extremely valuable.

Dying childless, this property was bequeathed to the de-
scendants of her stepdaughter, Elizabeth Antoinette.


Constantine Antoine deBeelen and Elizabeth Antoinette,
his wife, left several children. But two of them married,
however : —

(j) Mary ; married Dr. William Simpson, of Pitts-
burg, Pa., and was the mother of the wife of the late Ben-
jamin Rush, Esq., of Philadelphia.

( 4) Elizabeth Antoinette ; born at Pittsburg, Pa. , in 1 8 1 7 ;
married, March 24, 1835, to Dr. Edward D. Gazzam.*
Mrs. E. A. Gazzam was a gentlewoman of fine education, of
polished and easy manners, hospitable disposition, good
and truly charitable nature, and ever ambitious to relieve
the wants of her suffering fellow-beings — a liberal Christian
in the broadest sense of the word. She lived a life of
influence, and in her death, which occurred suddenly on the
25th of July, 1 87 1, at Pittsburg, all who knew her recog-
nized the transition of an immortal soul from earth to a
happy and eternal heaven.

Constantine Antoine deBeelen survived his first wife, and
subsequently married a Miss Aiken. Of this marriage there
was issue five children : —

(5) Eliza; born March 24, 18 16.

{6) Frederick A.; born April 12, 1827; married and
lived in Brazil for a number of years.

( 7) Anna Maria ; married to General James A. Oakes,
U. S. A., in November, 1854.

{8) Caroline ; married to George S. Lovett, of Phila-
delphia, in October, 1850.

(p) Adeline; married to Colonel W. Milnor Roberts,
a celebrated civil engineer, who for many years was in the
service of Dom Pedro, the late Emperor of Brazil. /

*See page 40.

[From a picture in the possession of J . M. Gazzani, Philadelphia, Pa.]


(Nee Elizabeth Antoinette deBeelen.)

(See page 60.)


There are several old documents in existence that pertain
to the Baron deBeelen's residence in this country. The
following is the copy of a deed relating to the purchase by
him of a tract of land in York county, Pa., which is of imme-
diate interest : —

THIS INDENTURE, Made the first day of February,
in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and
ninety-eight, between John Brillinger, of York Township,
in the County of York and State of Pennsylvania, miller,
and Catharine, his wife, of the one part, and Frederic Eu-
gene Francois, Baron deBeelen BertholfF, of Manchester
Township, in the County of York aforesaid, gentleman, of
the other part.

WITNESSETH, That the said John Brillinger, and
Catharine, his wife, for and in consideration of the sum of
two hundred and fifty pounds of the current gold and silver
money of Pennsylvania, to him, the said John Brillinger, in
hand paid by the said Frederic Eugene Francois, Baron de-
Beelen Bertholff, at and before the ensealing and delivery
of these presents, the receipt and payment whereof is here-
by acknowledged, and the said Frederic Eugene Francois,
Baron deBeelen Bertholff, thereof acquitted and forever dis-
charged by these presents.

Have granted, bargained, sold in fee, offered, released and
confirmed, and by these presents do grant, b argain, sell
in fee, offer, release and confirm unto the said Frederic
Eugene Francois, Baron deBeelen Bertholff, and to his heirs
and assigns, all that the following described messuage, ten-
ement and tract of land, which is situate, lying and being


in Hellam Township, in the County of York aforesaid,
bounded and limited as follows : Beginning at a marked
black oak ; thence by land of Peter Garhaw, Sr., formerly, now
of John Fritz, north sixty-five degrees, east one hundred and
thirty-six perches, to a marked chestnut oak ; thence by
lands of James Smith, Esq., formerly, now of Wilkes Ket-
tera and Samuel Jago, Esq., north fifty-five degrees, east
one hundred and eighty-three perches, to a marked white
oak, thence north twenty-three degrees, west seventeen
perches, to a marked black oak ; thence by land of Wilkes
Kettera and Samuel Jago, south seventy degrees, west one
hundred and six perches, to a marked chestnut; thence north
thirty degrees, west forty perches, to a marked chestnut oak;
thence by vacant land, south sixty-two degrees, west seventy-
two perches, to a marked chestnut oak ; south thirty degrees,
east twelve perches, to a marked hickory; thence by the
said vacant lands of Philip Fellero, south sixty degrees, west
one hundred and fifty-seven perches, to stones ; thence by
lands of John Fritz, south forty degrees, east seventy-nine
perches, to the place of beginning, containing 134 acres, and
the usual allowance of six acres to the hundred for roads, &c.,
within the bounds and limits thereof [Being the same
which Philip Klug and Christina, his wife, by indenture of
bargain and sale bearing date the 23d day of January last past
for the consideration therein mentioned, did grant and con-
firm unto the said John Brillinger (party hereto), and to his
heirs and assigns forever, as, in and by the said in part
recited deed, intended to be recorded, reference having
thereunto had, may more fully and at large appear.]

Together with all and singular the houses, out-houses,
edifices and buildings thereon erected and built, and all
ways, woods, under woods, waters, water courses, meadows,
orchards, gardens, profits, commodities, advantages, emolu-


ments, hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever to the
said described messuage, tenements and tract of land
belonging, or in anywise appertaining, and the reversions,
reminders, rents, issues and profits thereof, also all the
estate right, title, interest, use, possession, property claim
and demand whatsoever of them, the said John Brillinger,
and Catharine, his wife, in law or equity or otherwise how-
soever, of, into or out of the said described piece, or parcel
of land, oi any part thereof ; together, also, with all such
deeds or true copies of deeds, evidences and writings touch-
ing and concerning the hereby granted premises, or any
part or parcel thereof, to be had and taken at the costs and
charges of the said Frederic Eugene Francois, Baron
deBeelen Bertholfif, his heirs and assigns, to have and to
hold the said described messuage, tenement and tract of
land containing one hundred and thirty-four acres, and the
usual allowance, as the same is above described, and
premises hereby granted, mentioned or intended so to be,
with the appurtenances, unto the aforesaid Frederic Eugene
Francois, Baron deBeelen Bertholff, his heirs and assigns,
to the only proper use, benefit and behoof of the said
Frederic Eugene Francois, Baron deBeelen Bertholff", his
heirs and assigns forever, under and subject to the residue of
the purchase money, interest and quit rents (if any) due, and
to become due, and payable to such person, or persons, ap-
pointed to receive the same ; and the said John Brillinger, for
himself and for Catharine, his wife, and their heirs, doth cove-
nant, promise and grant to and with the said Frederic Eugene
Francois, Baron deBeelen Bertholff, his heirs and assigns,
by these presents, that he, the said John Brillinger, and his
heirs, the said described messuage, tenement and tract of
land hereby bargained and sold with the appurtenances
unto the said Frederic Eugene Francois, Baron deBeelen


BertholfF, his heirs and assigns, against him, the said John
Brillinger and Catharine, his wife, and their heirs, and
against the heirs of Charles King, and all and every other
person or persons whomsoever, lawfully claiming, or to
claim, the same, or any part thereof, by, from, or under
him, or them, or any or either of them, shall and will
warrant and forever defend.

In Witness Whereof, The said John Brillinger and
Catharine, his wife, to these presents hath hereunto set
their hands and seals, dated on the day and year first and
within written,

John Brilunger,


Catharine ><! Brillinger.


Sealed and delivered in presence of

Chr. Sinn,

Geo. IvEwis Lefler.

Received on the date of the foregoing indenture from the
within-named Frederick Eugene Francois, Baron deBeelen
BertholfF, the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds, current
money of Pennsylvania, in full of the consideration money
within mentioned.

John Brillinger.

Witness present :

Chr. Sinn.

York County ss :

Before me, the subscriber, one of the justices of the peace,
for said county, personally appeared John Brillinger and


Catharine, liis wife, the grantors in the foregoing indenture,
named and acknowledged the same to be their act and deed
to the intent that it may be recorded as such according to
law. She, the said Catharine, being of full age and by me
privately examined, declares that she became a party there-
to without coercion or compulsion from her said husband,
the contents thereof being first made known unto her, freely

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and
seal this first day of February, in the year of our Lord, one
thousand seven hundred and ninety-eight.

Geo. Lewis Lefler.

A true copy taken from and compared with the original
at York the third day of February, A. D., 1798.

F. Barnitz, Recorder.


The original of the following indenture, faded, weather-
stained and well-worn, is at present in the possession of
Hon. Joseph M. Gazzam, of Philadelphia, being of particular
interest at this time on account of the obsolete custom to
which it relates : —

THIS INDENTURE, made this twenty-sixth day of
February, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hun-
dred eighty-four, WITNESSETH that I, Philip Michel, and
Elizabeth, his wife, of Robeson township, in the county
of Berks, and State of Pennsylvania, do bind our son, Amos
Michel, unto Frederick Spar, of Brecknock township,
county and State aforesaid, to him, his heirs, or assigns.
The said Amos Michel is to continue and serve from the


fifteenth day of March, ensuing the date hereof, nntil the
full end and term of seventeen years, to be ended and fully
completed, during all which term the said servant his
master true and faithfully shall serve and keep his lawful
commands gladly. Neither shall he do damage to the said
master, nor see it done by others, without telling or giving
notice to his said master. He shall not waste his master's
goods, nor lend tliem to any without his consent. He shall
not play at cards, dice, or any unlawful game whereby his
master may be damaged, with his own goods or the goods
of others. He shall not commit fornication, nor contract
matrimony. He shall not absent himself at any time from
the service of his master, nor haunt ale houses or taverns;
but in all ways behave himself like a true and faithful ser-
vant. And said master shall procure and provide for him
sufficient meat, drink and apparel, washing and lodging,
during the above term; also the said master shall give him
eight months' schooling, but not till he is nine years old,
and two suits of clothes, the one for his freedom suit of
clothes that is sufficient ; one axe, and one grubbing hoe,
one pair of mall rings and two iron wedges. And for the
true performance of the said covenant and agreement,
according to the true intent and meaning thereof, both the
said parties bindeth themselves unto the other firmly by
these presents.

In Witness Whereof, They have hereunto set their
hands and seals the day and year above written.


Philip ><! Michel.



Elizabeth X Michel.


Done before me, February 26, 1784.
Jacob Morgan.


In consideration of tlie sum of seven shillings and six-
pence, Margaret Spar, on November 5, 1784, assigned the
time of Amos Michel (referred to in the foregoing indenture)
to John Evans. For seven pounds young Michel's services
were assigned by John Evans to Joseph Ashton, January
14, 1792. Joseph Ashton for nine pounds assigned to
Frederick Spar, May 29, 1792. Frederick Spar for eighteen
pounds assigned to Baron de Beelen BertholfF, March 7,
1794. The Baron for nineteen pounds, ten shillings, as-
signed to James Hamilton, March 17, 1795. James Ham-
ilton for eighteen pounds, fifteen shillings, assigned to John
Bicking, July 21, 1799. The last assignment of Michel's
services was made by John Bicking to James Hamilton,
September 4, 1800, the sum paid being three pounds, fifteen

The following is a copy of the transfer of the services of
Amos Michel, made by the Baron deBeelen BertholfF,
together with ?ifac simile of the Baron's signature : —

In Consideration of the sum of nineteen pounds, ten
shillings, current money of Pennsylvania, to me in hand
paid this day by Mr. James Hamilton, I do assign the
within-mentioned servant's time to said James Hamilton,
to serve him, his heirs, or assigns the remainder of his time,
as witnesseth my hand and seal this seventeenth day of
March, 1795.

^^_9^ ^...^i^^c.



[Note. — The numbers on the extreme outside show parentage; those
in parenthesis ( ) at the end of the names, children.]

1 Gazzam, William (2-9)

1- 2 Gazzam, Martha (10-15)

3 Gazzam, Mary (lG-24)

4 Gazzam, Sarah

5 Gazzam, William (25-40)

6 Gazzam, Lydia (41-49)

7 Gazzam, Joseph (50-56)

8 Gazzam, Rebecca (57-63)

9 Gazzam, Mary Alice (64-74)

2- 10 Girding, Martha Maria

11 Girlling, Elizabeth

12 Girlling, Sarah (75-77)

13 Girlling, Rebecca

14 Girlling, Mary

15 Girlling, Thomas L. (78)

16 Larwill,

17 Larwill,

18 Larwill,

19 Larwill,

20 Larwill,

21 Larwill,

22 Larwill,

23 Larwill,

24 Larwill,

Joseph H.
Julia Robinson
William (79-87)

^^^'y . I Twins
Benoni j

Mary B.

John (88-94)


Jabez B. (95-103)

25 Gazzam, William

26 Gazzam, Anna (104-107)

27 Gazzam, Elizabeth
38 Gazzam, Sarah

5- 29 Gazzam,

30 Gazzam,

31 Gazzam,

32 Gazzam,

33 Gazzam,

34 Gazzam,

35 Gazzam,

36 Gazzam,

37 Gazzam,

38 Gazzam,

39 Gazzam,

40 Gazzam,

Jos. P. (108-109)
Chas. W.(110-120)
Louise P.
Audley H. (131)
Edw. D. (132-134)
Mary A. (135-140)
Ebenezer (141-154)

6- 41 Kimpton,

42 Kimpton,

43 Kimpton,

44 Kimpton,

45 Kimpton,

46 Kimpton,

47 Kimpton,

48 Kimpton,

49 Kimpton,

William G.-
Mary Alice

50 Gazzam, Emma Goodcheap

51 Gazzam, James

52 Gazzam, Ann

53 Gazzam, Joseph

54 Gazzam, Susannah

55 Gazzam, Sarah

56 Gazzam, Thos. Goodcheap


8- 57 Jones, Rebecca Gazzam

58 Jones, Edward Oldfield

59 Jones, Charles

60 Jones, Emma Goodcheap

61 Jones, Martha E.
63 Jones, Anna Selina
63 Jones, Mary Alice

9- 64 Taylor,

65 Taylor,

66 Taylor,

67 Taylor,

68 Taylor,

69 Taylor,

70 Taylor,

71 Taylor,
73 Taylor,

73 Taylor,

74 Taylor,

12- 75 Watson,

76 Watson,

77 Watson,

William Gazzam
Thomas Davis
Thomas William
Benj. C. (155-158)
Mary A. (163-167)
Sarah Fulton
Martha (168-180)
Wm. Rivers
Isaac E. (181-184)
Joseph G. (185-191)

Wm. Lansdell


George Robinson

15- 78 Girlling, William

18- 79 Larwill,

80 Larwill,

81 Larwill,
83 Larwill,

83 Larwill,

84 Larwill,

85 Larwill,

86 Larwill,

87 Larwill,



88 Larwill,

89 Larwill,

90 Larwill,

91 Larwill,
93 Larwill,

93 Larwill,

94 Larwill,

95 Larwill,

96 Larwill,

97 Larwill,

Julia M.
Mary G.
John C.
Elizabeth C.
Josei3h H.

William G.
Ann E.
Martha H.
Emma M.
John S.
Julia F.
(Infant son)

Joseph H.
Mary G.
Julia C.








98 Larwill, William J.

99 Larwill, John Fawcett

00 Larwill, Nancy Quinby

01 Larwill, George M.
03 Larwill, Amanda J.

03 Larwill, Leroy J.

04 Bucknall, Joanna Rooker

05 Bucknall, Ebenczer G.

06 Bucknall, S. R. (192-193)
.07 Bucknall, Martha E.

08 Gazzam, James B. (194)

09 Gazzam, Harriet Breading

10 Gazzam,

11 Gazzam,
13 Gazzam,

13 Gazzam,

14 Gazzam,

15 Gazzam,

16 Gazzam,

17 Gazzam,

18 Gazzam,

19 Gazzam,
30 Gazzam,

Catharine Selina
Audley Hart
George Gano(195)

Twin sous

C. W. (190-301)
Clement Lea
William Parker
Henry McC. (303)
Claudius Douglas
John Lea

31 Butler, Chas. J. (303-307)
23 Butler, Jos. C. (308-216)

33 Butler, Frances (317-330)

34 Butler, Harriet (331-339)

35 Butler, Sarah P. (230)

36 Butler, Kate Aurelia

37 Butler, Richard (331-234)
28 Butler, Caroline (335-339)
39 Butler, John G. (240-245)

30 Butler, Alice O. (346-349)

31 Gazzam, Marg. (250-251)

32 Gazzam, Audley (353-359)

33 Gazzam, Emma (300-364)

34 Gazzam, Jos. M. (305-266)

35 Butler, Clementina G.

36 Butler, Frederick Tomlin

37 Butler, Elizabeth O.


35-138 Butler, AudleyG. (267-274)

139 Butler, W. Norman

140 Butler, Lawrence

36-141 Gazzam, Ann Elizabeth

142 Gazzam, Letitia (275-282)

143 Gazzam, William Thomas

144 Gazzam, Charles Edward

145 Gazzam, Antoinette

146 Gazzam, Geo. J. (283-286)

147 Gazzam, John B. (287)

148 Gazzam, Joseph

149 Gazzam, Harriet Elizabeth

150 Gazzam, Sarah Selina

151 Gazzam, Henry P. (288-292)

152 Gazzam, F. B. (293-295)

153 Gazzam, Mary Butler

154 Gazzam, Clara Levinia

67-155 Taylor, Susannah

156 Taylor, Mary (296)

157 Taylor, W. J. R. (297-300)

158 Taylor, Isaac (301)

68-159 Taylor, Rivers

160 Taylor, Othniel Gazzam
101 Taylor, M. B. (302-304)
162 Taylor, Henry G. (305-307)

69-163 Wilson, Benjamin

164 Wilson, Theodore

165 Wilson, Sarah

166 Wilson, Louise

167 Wilson, Jane


168 Genet,

169 Genet,

170 Genet,

171 Genet,

172 Genet,

173 Genet,

174 Genet,

175 Genet,

176 Genet,

177 Genet,

178 Genet,

Edward Charles
William Rivers
Martha Elizabeth
Henry James
Mary Alice
Cornelia Clinton
George Clinton
Louise Henrietta
Henry Alexander
Eugenie Spencer
Louis F. Facio

71-179 Genet, Josephine Adele
180 Genet, Julie Othnelia

73-181 Taylor, Stuart

182 Taylor, Emily

183 Taylor, Ann Jane

184 Taylor, Louise

74-185 Taylor, Rivers

186 Taylor, Elizabeth

187 Taylor, Clinton

188 Taylor, William

189 Taylor, Joseph

190 Taylor, Theodore

191 Taylor, Southerland

100-192 Buckncll, S. E. (308-212)
193 Buckncll, Sam'l (313-315)

108-194 Gazzam, Joseph Parker

112-195 Gazzam, Kate Lea

115-196 Gazzam, W. L. (316-317)

197 Gazzam, George Goodwin

198 Gazzam, Mary (318-319)

199 Gazzam, Clement

200 Gazzam, Lucy

201 Gazzam, Emily Lea

118-202 Gazzam, Selina

121-203 Butler, Margaret E. L.

204 Butler, Gertrude Letitia

205 Butler, Robert Lansing

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