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No. 36. W. J. Welch, Counsellor.

No. 37. Samuel H. Pook, Naval Architect.

No. 38. John Welch, Counsellor.

No. 39. C. F. Bacheller, Watch Maker.

No. 42. Macon B. Allen, Counsellor.

No. 44. H. B. Sargent, Counsellor.

No. 43. T. Voelckers, Architect.

No. 48. W. C. Hibbard, Mechanical Engineer.

No. 50. Calvin Brown, ^ ^.^ -^ ^,^^ Mechanical

No. 50. Charles Hastings, S Enyineers.

The Basement Story of Massachusetts Block is favorably known to citizens and strangers as

where the gentlemanly proprietor has gained an enviable reputation in supplying the good things of
life in a most satisfactory manner.

The thorough and complete arrangements in the Culinary Department, the polite and efficient corps
of Attendants, the order and neatness which always greet the visiter, have been well appreciated,
as his thronged apartments will prove. In fact, his course has been, and still is, ONWARD!
Encouraged by the flattering response to his " WILL ENDEAVOR" and " TOTAL ABSTINENCE,"
he designs to give the weary, as well as Food. For this purpose Mr. Gibbs is now fitting up for


a part of the Building. A new entrance will soon be opened to a spacious Office on the first story, and
by means of a stairway from this to the chambers, the Hotel is entirely separate and distinct from the
business part of the building.

Its central location, the reasonable charges, substantial fare, clean beds, and kind attention, upon
which the stranger may always confidently depend, will render this Establishment exceedingly popuhir,
and, if possible, give it a more enviable reputation as a IIothl than it ever enjoyed as a Restaurant.

Brother Odd Fellows, Sons of Temperance, and the Public generally, aie respectfully invited to
remember the place.





Erected in




Cost to present



8AMUSL S. PESKINS, President. CHARLES M. ELLIS, Treasurer.

DEXTER E. WADLEIGH, Agent and Superintendent.





J. L.



Is located on Beach street, between Lincoln and South .sts. ; it is often called the Beach street Market,
but its incorporated name is The South Market. The building was commenced in 1848, and finished
the present year. Its dimensions are 72 feet by 119, and it is substantially built. The first floor is fitted
up as a market, and contains 38 stalls for the sale of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. Situated in a
section of the city which is rapidly increasing in population and business, it cannot fail to yield a fair
dividend to the stockholders, and prove profitable to the occupants.

The proximity of this market to the Western Railroad, the great depot of Western produce, is
favorable to its prosperity. The Old Colony Railroad Depot, too, is close at hand, and the residents
of Dorchester and the neighboring towns, who daily pass over that road to their business in the city,
find it a very convenient place to leave their empty market baskets, to be filled with the good things
found there. To the South End purchaser it offers great inducements, as its already numerous
patrons can testify, who avail themselves of the advantages and conveniences of this market. A large
supply in great variety is always on hand at the lowest market rates.


The upper story has been leased to Mr. C. R. Thorne, and will be opened in August next. Under
the management of so popular an actor, the Beach Street Museum will merit a large share of


C. N. Chandler.


2 & 3. John H. Proctor.

4. Ileliodorus Wellington.
6. Oscar Hosford.

6. Benjamin S. Bosworth.

7. William Trescott.

8. Downes & Robbins.
9 & 11. William Wood.

10 & 12. Scwall & Symonds.

14. Brown & Palmer.

16. William B. Flanders.

18. Stephen F. Hoogs.

20. Gorham A. Leland.
35 & 36. T. S. Penney & Brother.

37. Edwin Shannon.

38. Azel Sanborn.


Nos. 13 & lo. Hatch & Sherman.

17 & 19. William F. McClintock.

28. Charles H. Twiss.

23 & 25. David Johnson.

Butter, Cheese, and Eggs.

29. Amasa Harmon.
30 & 31. Thayer & Hastings.

32. Shaw & Thomas.

33. Levi Newcomb, jr.

34. Drew & Cobb.

(Cellar) 1. Childs & Chesley.

(Cellar) 2. Sewall & Williams.





bj the

Legislature of Mass.,

AprU 24, 1848.

R. RAWTOUL, Jr., President.
B. W. FOSTER, Treasurer.
J. C. GIBBES, Manager.
Office, 109 Washington street.

Silver Lake is a beautiful sheet of water, seven miles in circumference, and situated within seven
miles of the town of Plymouth. It is accessible by means of the Plympton Branch Railroad, which
joins the Old Colony Road at Plympton. The above cut represents the Ice Houses and Ice cutting
operations on the Lake in Winter. The Ice from this Lake is considered the purest of any brought to
Boston, as it leaves no sediment whatever when dissolved ; and from experiments which have been
made, it appears that it takes a much longer time to dissolve than any other Ice, when placed
under the influence of the same atmosphere, thereby eftecting a considerable saving to the consumer ;
for which reason it has attracted the attention of shippers to warm climates, who have been at the
pains to test the fact by a comparison with Ice from other sources. The difference is supposed to arise
from Silver Lake being supplied by pure spring boater, which is longer freezing, and when frozen be-
comes more solid, and is longer dissolving, than that which is collected from ponds of fresh water.
The Company have cut, this season, 12,000 tons, and have extensive storehouses in South Boston, as
well as at the Lake.


The Militia of this city comprises the Fikst Brigade (of the First Division), Mass. Vol. Militia,
and the Divisionaky Company of Independent Cadets, attached to the First Division.

The First Brigade, comprises General, Field, Staff, and Company officers, as follows : —

B. FRANKLIN EDMANDS, Brigadier General.

THE STAFF. — N. A. M. Dudley, Briy-Major. Capt. John F. Pray, Aid-de-Camp. Capt. Joseph
H. Berret, Quarter Master.

FIELD OFFICERS. — Wm. B. Perkins, Colo7iel. Asa Law, Li. Colonel. Robert Cowdin, Major.
THE STAFF. — Lieut. Francis Allen, Adjutant. Lieut. H. \V. Dsher, Quarter Master. Henry
G. Clark, Surgeon.

companies of artillery.
A, Boston Artillery, Capt. W. W. Bullock. I C, AVashington Artillery, Capt. Caleb Page.
D, Roxbury Artillery, Capt. Benj. H. Burrell. | B, Columbian Artillery," Capt. .

FIELD OFFICERS. — Samuel Andrews, Colonel. (Yxcxfir), Lieut. Colonel and Major.
THE STAFF. — Lieut. Cuarles L., Adjutant. Joseph W. Arnold, Quarter Master.

companies of infantry.

E, City Guards, Capt. Newel A. Thompson.
B, New England Guards, Capt. J. P. Bradlee.
K, Wash'n Light Infantry, Capt. W. C. Cassell
H, Washington Phalanx, 1st Lieut. D. Cooley.
P, Fusileers, 3d Lieut. B. Deland.

To this Regiment are annexed the
National Lancers, Capt. William F. White. | Mechanic Riflemen, Capt. Louis Dennis.

G, Washington Light Guard, Capt. A. H. Kelsey.
D, Boston Light Guards, Capt. Geo. C. Clark.
A, Boston Light Infantry, 1st Lieut. F. Boyd.
C, Mechanic Greys (S.B.), 2d Lieut. J. Jenkins.
I, Norfolk Guards, 2d Lieut. J. Creighton.

Lieut. Col. James W. Seaver, Captain. Miy'or Thomas C. Amory, 1st Lieutenant. Major Francis
Brinley, 2d Lieutenant. Capt. Christopher C. Holmes, AdjutaiU.

The two following Military Companies, consisting mainly of Officers of other Corps of Militia, exist
in this City.


Col. Joseph Andrews, Commander. Col. William Schouler, 1st Lieutenant. Maj. Robert Cowdin.
2d Lieutenant. Maj. B. Perley Poore, Adjutant. Col. William Mitchell, 1st Sergeant. Col. E. F-
Hale, 2d Sergeant. Maj. H. C. Brooks, M Sergeant. Lieut. W. Burnett, A:th Sergeant. Lieut. H. W.
Usher, bth Sergeant. Thomas Cahill, Qth Sergeant. Col. E. F. Hale, Treasurer. William Alline,
Clerk. Thomas Simpson, Armorer.


Levi Beal, jr.. Captain. Wm. S. Saunders, \st Lieut. Frederick Wm. Bridge, 2d Lieut. Charles
Griggs, Adjutant.






costing nearly


Covering an area


20,000 feet.


Tremont street,


Court and

School streets.

In the year 1841, Mr. Moses Kimball established the Boston Museum at the corner of Bromfield and
Tremont streets. The enterprise and good management of this gentleman having rendered it so fash-
ionable and popular, it was necessary to erect the present splendid edifice, more commodiously arrang-
ed for theatrical representations. Its numerous cabinets are crowded with every variety of Birds,
Quadrupeds, Fish, Reptiles, Insects, Shells, Minerals, Fossils, Sec, from all parts of the world,
together with upwards of One T/ioiisand Costly Paintings, and rare Engravings, -vvith the unique Stat-
uary, Egyptian, Indian and Polynesian, Relics, &c., swelling to the numbers of nearly FIVE HUN-
DRED "THOUSAND ARTICLES, comprising every Rare, Curious, Strange and Instructive thing.
Theentii-e of this gigantic collection is on exhibition every day, and through the evening Splefididly
Illuminated with Gas ! in addition to which every Evening, and on "Wednesday and Saturday afternoons
for the accommodation of strangers, a series of THEATRICAL AND MUSICAL PERFORMANCES,
are enacted by performers of acknowledged talent, aided by an Orchestra unequalled in the Union,
and with Scenic and Stage An-angements that cannot be surpassed ! It is the Cheapest Place of Amic^e-
mentinthe World'. To enable all visiting the city to examine not only the Vast Collection of
Curiosities, but also to witness the splendid, chaste and amusing entertainments, the price of Admis-
sion to the Whole, is only twenty-five cents. On all Holidays, extraordinary attractions are presented.


Within a few years this convenient mode of conveyance has come into extensive use in Boston
and vicinity. The increase of business having made inroads upon private dwellings, together with
the influx of foreign population, have induced many to remove to remote parts of the city, or to
neighboring towns ; hence the great demand for this class of conveyance, a demand which seems
to be abundantly supplied, as the crowded streets will testify. The first hourly coach was established
in 1826, and run between Boston and Roxbury — since which time new lines have been established in
every direction, as will be seen by the following


South Boston, leave Cornhill every 15 minutes,

Fare, 6 cents.
East Boston, 58 Court. Fare, 12 1-2 cents.
Brighto7i, leaves No. 2 Montgomery place. Single

tickets, 2-5 cents. Six tickets, ^1.
Brookline, leaves No. 2 Montgomery place. Fare,

18 3-4 cts., or eight tickets for ^1.
Cambridge and Cambridgeport Line, leaves Har-
vard square, Cambridge, and Brattle st. Boston.
Harvard Street Line, leaves Harvard square. Old

Cambridge, and Brattle st. Boston. [10 cents.
East Cambridge, leaves City Hotel. Single fare,
Broadway Line, starts from Cambridge and Boston

every hour. Office in Boston, 58 Court street.
Mt. Auburn Hourly, is discontinued in winter ; but

during the summer season it runs in connection

with the Old Cambridge Line.
Charlestoicti, (Main street Line and Bunker Hill

Line) leave 43 Brattle street every 10 minutes.
Somerville Line, leaves 43 Brattle street. Fare,

single tickets 10 cents.
Chelsea, leaves 52 Brattle street. Fare, 12 1-2 cts.
Dorchester, leaves 10 Franklin st. Fare, 12 1-2 cts.
Grox^e Hall, leaves 10 Franklin st. Fare, 12 1-2 cts.
Maklen, from Brattle square. P^are, 12 1-2 cents.
Medford, from Brattle square. Fare, 25 cents.
Roxbury Omnibuses. — A Coach leaves the office

near the Norfolk House, Roxbury, every 7 1-2

minutes, during the week days : the last coach
leaves Roxbury at 9 o'clock, P. M. — and Boston
10 o'clock, P. M. H. King, Proprietor.
Warren Street Line, run every half hour.
Mt. Pleasant Line, every half hour.
The OflSce in Boston for the above coaches is 31

Washington street. Distance, 3 miles. Fare, 10

cents; 16 tickets for ^1,00 — to Canton st. 6 cts.
A coach leaves the Office, near the Norfolk

House, on Sunday, half an hour before the regular

hours of church service, forenoon and afternoon.

Leaves State st. Boston, half an hour after service.

Roxbury, Tremont Road, hourly from Champney's,
corner of Parker street, Roxbury — and from 192
Court St. Boston. Fare 10 cts ; 16 tickets for §1.

Jamaica Plain, office, 2 Montgomery place.

Hobbs (Sr Prescott's Washington St. Lines.

Dock Square Line, leave Dock Square and Canton
street every 5 minutes.

Lenox St. Line, from Roxbury line to Dock sq. every
lOmins. Single fare, 6 1-4 cts; 25 tickets for $1.

Chelsea Ferry Line, from Dover street to Chelsea
Ferry every 15 minutes. 20 tickets for ^1 ; sin-
gle fare, 6 1-4 cents.

Lotcell St. Line, from Dover street to Lowell depot.
Runs every 20 minutes; 20 tickets for^l.

Tucker Line, from Dover st. to Warren bridge.




The Custom House opens in the Summer at 9 o'clock, A. M., and shuts at 2 o'clock, P. M. In the
Winter, it opens at 10 o'clock, A. M., and shuts at 2 o'clock, P. M. On Saturday afternoons, it opens
one hour for the clearance of coasters. Custom House, foot State Street


Philip Greely, Jr., Collector.
Wm. A. Wellman, Assistant Collector.


Ephraim L. Frothingham, Cas/iier.

Albert Hanscom, Assistant Cashier.

Nathan M. Cutler, Bond and Permit Clerk.

William Alline, Impost Clerk.

Henry D. Clary, Forei<jii Clearance Clerk.

George B. Wellman, Coastwise and Protection

E. L. Frothingham, jr.. Cashier Clerk.

W. H. Emery, Impost Book-keejier.

John E. Billings, Assistant Impost Clerk.

M. M. Ballou, Assistant Bond and Statistical

Samuel Andrews, Marine Clerk and Registrar.

Joseph W. Wright, Marine Abstract Clerk.

Eli A. Yale, Miscellaneous Clerk.

J. 0. Shaw, Assistant Clearance Clerk.

L. P. Davis. Export Book-keeper.

C. Danielson Lincoln, Foreign Entry Clerk.

Henry A. S. D. Payne, Warehouse Clerk.

Henry M. Clarke, Clerk of Correspondence a?id

•R. S. S. Andros, Inward Entry Clerk in Ware-

Enoch Osgood, jr., Outward Entry Clerk in

Thornton A. Merrick, Warehouse Book-keeper.

Francis E. Moulton, Bond Accountant.

Nathaniel Gale, Arranger of Papers.

Cyrus Chase, Inspector, Superintendent Custom
House and Messenger.

J. M. Stevens, \st Assistant Messeiu/er.

J. Richards, 2d Assistant Messenger.


Charles Hudson, Naval Officer.
R. M. Gay, Deputy Naval Officer.
George H. Cutter, Naval Officer's Clerk.
N. L^ Hyde, do. do. do.

William Williams, Debenture Clerk.
A. J. Locke, William H. Burbeck, Clerks.


John McNiell, Surveyor.

Hu£;h Jameson, Deputy Surveyor.

William W. Parker, Clerk.

J. H. Prince, Clerk.

F'ranklin Prince, Messenger.


A. H. Ward, L. M. Barker, Geo. W. McLellan,
W. G. Eaton, C. Clark, S. Walker, N. Sweet, L.
Hamilton, James H. Berret, F. R. Gourgas, J.
Baker, H. N. Crane, J. W. Arnold.

Lewis Josselyn, Inspector, Marker, and Prover of
Spirits and Wines.


Charles Howard, Hosea Ilslev, A. Green, N.
Ball, W. Snow, S. C. Allen, H. E. Baldwin, Geo.


I U. S. Warehouses are located on Long and Union


Thomas J. Marsh, Public Store Keeper. Office,
Custom House.

T. B. Dix, l.v^ Warehouse Clerk.

George P. Burnham, '2d Clerk.

A. A. Melvin, Storage Clerk.

J. C. Brown, Examination Clerk. Custom House
Block, Long wharf.

J. N. Riddle, Clerk, at Custom House Block.

I. C. Trow, Assistant Store Keeper, at Custom
House Block, Long wJiarf.

Wm. P. Brown, Assistant Store Keeper, at U. S.
Warehouse, Union wharf.


J. Kettcll, M. Pettingill, William Tuckorman,
Charles Walley, T. W. Flagg, F. A. Durivage, J.
P. Lord, J. M. Stone, A. Lansing, H. C. Merriam,
William S. Bartlett, S. L. White, S. Jones, A.
Child, jr., J. G. Foster, Robert S. Smith, N. Whit-
ten, H. K. May. T. Gushing, J. M. Sibley, P. Kim-
ball, T. Harrison, S. W. Chandler, J. Atkins, D.
Tliacher, A. A. Roberts, S. O. Dearborn, (j. Di( k-
inson, H. W. Robinson, W. A. Lewis, J. W. Da-
vis, Adam Harrington, J. Kuhn, C. A. Morton,
William English, C. Edmunds, J. Branning, Thos.
Wentworth, Charles A. Mann, H. A. Cooke, A.
F. Wilmarth, Clark S. Bixby, Timo. Munroe, Jas.
Bird, E. S. Brewster, R. Richardson, A. J. Loud,
Isaac Newton, Albert G. Tenney, George Russell,
Theodore Stanwood, Samuel A. Cashing, Wm. B.
Duggan ; Cohasset, H. J. Turner.


William R. Stacy, Captain. Thos. Richardson,
Job Tower, W. Alexander, F. W. H:ill, S. Dick-
son, E. S. Price, David Homer, N. B. Shaw, W.
B. Moffatt, C. McLellan, D. D. Hartley, Orrick
Look, Geo. P. Marston, D. D. Haynes. S. W. Bar-
ton, J. C. Bartlett, J. D. Bates, G. Blish, M.
Stearns. L. B. Leach, T. C. Leeds.


Appraisers' Office, Custom House Block, Long wf.

C. J. F. Allen, Samuel J. Bridge, Principal

Samuel Eveleth, Charles Bradley, Assistant do.

C. Dana Lincoln, Wm. Allen, Examiners of Dry

George F. Emery, Examiner.

William Hard wick. Recording Clerk.

Charles W. SpofFord, Invoi<-e Clerk.

M. Riley, jr., Warrant Clerk.

I. Howe, Arranging Clerk.

Isaac T. Ripley, Messenger and Clerk.

Joseph C. Frost, jr., Charles M. Kingsley, Out
Door Examiners.

Jacob Tarr, George B. Dexter, Thos. M. Smith,
William E. Foster, Benj. H. Todd, Laborers in the
Public Stores.


James Kettell, Boarding Officer, Long Wharf.


Anthony Cline, George Homer, J. G. Grafton,
M. L. Herborn, Charles Winter.


AACK THEODORE, tinsmith, h. 27 Soutli
Aaron Mary F. Mrs. house Old Road
Abbe Alanson, physician, house 20 Boylston
Abbe Fredericlc R. boards 20 Boylston
Abbot Andrew, mason, house 5(i Portland
Abbot Benj. cooper, Medt'ord, h. 40 Charlestown
Abbot Charles, fruit, Allen, corner Blossom
Abbot George W. & Co. (Wm. Fimicss, Jr.), com.

merchants, 21 Central wf., h. G4 Poplar
Abbot John F. book binder, h. 10 E, near 8th
Abbot Joseph Hale, teacher, h. 4 Temple pi. [non
Abbot Matilda C. wid'w of SamT L., h. 72 Mt. Ver-
Abbot Sam. L. phys'n, 16 Winter, h. 72 Mt. Vernon
Abbot Theodore, book binder, h. 2 Jefferson
Abbot Thomas P. laborer, bds. 20 Pleasant st. ct.
Abbot Timothy, house 19 Broadway
Abbot Walter, 37 Hanover, h. r. 20 Bowdoin
Abbott Alba, carp'ter, 96i Portland, h. 27 Billerica
Abbott Applcton, porter, house B, near ith
Abbott Benj. F. (J. cS- B. F. Abbott), h. at N. Maiden
Abbott Charles A. 291 Washington, b. 16 Tyler
Abbott David S. truckman, house 68 Essex
Abbott Edwin A. (7/. Jones S; Co.), Clifton wf.
Abbott George, cutter, house rear 1 Strong place
Abbott George, h. 64 Poplar
Abbott Hiram, bds. 33 Atkinson
Abbott J. & B. F. botanic and Thomsonianmed'ne,

140 Hanover, house do.
Abbott Jacob C. wood, 4o Brighton, h. 104 Leveret
Abbott {James A.) & Chase {31. S.), counsellors,

31 Court, house 45 Bowdoin
Abbott Jerre (L. BuUard <Sr Co.), h. 45 Bowdoin
Abbott John, 4 Court square
Abbott John, teamster, house 4 Norfolk place
Abbott John C. shoes, &c., 17 Central, b. Pavilion
Abbott John E. fancy goods, 222 Washington, h.

7 Bussey place [City Hotel

Abbott John H. book binder, 11 CornluU, boards
Abbott Joseph, mariner, house Highland place
Abbott Mary C. boarding, 9 New Cross
Abbott Robert B. clerk freight E.R.R. b. Maverick
Abbott Samuel, truckman, house 68 Essex
Abbott Timothy B. mason, house rear 15 Maiden
Abbott Wra. H. carpenter, h. 12 E, n. 8th
Abbott Wm. P. {Loriiuj, Abbott, iSi" Porter), h. at

Jamaica plain
Abbott Wm. P. h. 40 S. Russell
Abbott & Co. express office, 8 Court
Abele Francis, machinist, house 5 Norwich
Abele Philip, cooper, house Camden place
Abell Levi, carpenter, house 8 Carver
Abell Rollin, book keeper, house 43 South Cedar
Abell Salem, carpenter, house 8 Carver
Aborn Henry M. 9 Court sq., h. 86 Mt. Vernon
Aborn Samuel O. hatter, 95 Wash., h. Lynde, cor.

Green [1 T wharf, house 14 Charter

Abrahams Benjamin, cooper and inspector of lish,
Abrams George S. 9 Court, house at Chelsea
Abrams Joseph, house 65 Salem
Abrams William, laborer, h. 2d st., n. Dorchester
Ackerman George, fruit, Causeway, c. Andover
Ackers John & Co. (Henry Lubke), furnaces, &c.,

4 Water, house 30 South Cedar [5 Getting

Ackley George, cabinet maker, 14 Charlestown, b.
Acres G. T. tinsmith, Sargent's wf., h. 63 Charter
Acres Hannah, nurse, h. London, c. Meridian

Acres John W. sail maker, h. Havre, n. Meridian

Acton John, laborer, house 42 Endicot

Adam A. clerk, boards 120 Charles

Adam George Gordon, 30 Court

Adams Abel, house 2 Wiuthrop place

Adams Abel A. clerk, 74 Hanover, b'ds 24 Mj'rtle

Adams Adoniram J. {M. L. Hall ^ Co.), house 3

Cleveland place
Adams Albert S. machinist, h. Silver, near E
Adams Alexander L. 22 Commercial wharf
Adams Alvin, architect, b. 2 Central court
Adams (Alv/n) & Co. {JVm. B. Dimmore), N. Y.

Express, 9 Court, house 12 Franklin square
Adams Amos, cordwainer, rear 68 Fourth
Adams Amos B. grocer, Federal, n. High, h. 24 Sea
Adams Asa, broker, house 8 Hudson
Adams Ashur, broker, 5 Exchange, h. at Roxbury
Adams Augustus, truckman, house 6 Cherry
Adams Benjamin, book binder, 81 Cornhill
Adams Benjamin, 17 Doane, h. 26 Pemberton sq.
Adams Benjamin F. book keeper, 23 Kilby
Adams Benjamin F. clerk, 34 Long wharf
Adams Betsey, seamstress, house Avery, c. Mason
Adams Catharine, house 145 Pleasant
Adams Charles, stair builder, house 13 Bridge
Adams {Charles) & Runey {S. S.), 86 F. H. mar-
ket, house at Somerville
Adams Charles B. house 15 South Russell
Adams Charles B. F. notary public and commis-
sioner, 29 State, h. 38 Dover [57 Mt. Vernon
Adams Charles Francis, counsellor, 23 Court, h.
Adams Charles Frederick, 25 Doane, h. 26 Chesnut
Adams Charles H. carriage maker, b. Groton, cor.

Adams Charles H. daguerreotypist, 190 Wash.
Adams Charles P. com. mer. 12 Merchants' row
and 88 Utica, h. 14 Boylston [town

Adams Chester, pres. Union Bank, h. at Charles-
Adams Colman S. counsellor, 1 Devonshire, house
Suffolk, near Haven [h. 21 Lyman place

Adams Daniel R. watch maker, 1 AVashington,
Adams David J. book keeper. Eastern Exchange
Adams Dean J. stabler, Lancaster, h. 7 Nashua
Adams Eben. L. bds. 10 Gouch
Adams Edith, Mrs. house 21 Lyman place
Adams Edward, jr. ship chandler, 43 India, house
at Somerville [1 Louisburgh sq.

Adams Edward F. {Winslow, Adams £^ Co.), house
Adams Edwin F. 20 Long wf., h. at Charlesto^vn
Adams Edwin, physician, house 23 Oxford
Adams Edwin, mason, house 4 Cleveland place
Adams Elizabeth, tailoress, house 5 West Centre
Adams Ephraim, book binder, h. Broad, n. Summer
Adams Francis, 21 Dock sq., house at Charlestown
Adams Francis, house 739 Washington
Adams Frank, clerk, 27 Milk, h. 9 Kingston
Adams Freeborn, machinist, h. Silver, near D
Adams Geo., com. mer. 10 Liberty sq., h. 834 Wash.
Adams George, publisher, 95 1-2 Washington —

Boston Directory office — h. next 2 Fayette
Adams {George Edn\trd) Sc Farnsworth {J. C),
clocks and jewelry, 67 Wash., h. 90 Tremont
Adams Geo. T. liats,iK:c. 87 Hanover, h. 17 Pinckn'y
Adams George W. & Co. (.S. A. Denio, N. Clieney,
if C. Ss; S. Roberts), blacksmiths <Sr machinists.
Causeway, corner Friend



Adams George W. printer, h. Silver, near A
Adams Geo. Washington, counsellor, 8 Court sq.
Adams Geo. W. importer corsets, 304 Washington,

house 12 Suffolk place
Adams Hannah, widow of Geo. W., h. 54 Lowell
Adams Harriet, Mrs. dress maker, 7 N. Grove
Adams Helen, house rear 15 Gouch
Adams Henry (C'/ias. Anio/d i^- Co.).'h. 7 Kingston
Adams Henry K. {Holhrnok &;A.), house 92 Salem

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