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Barry Michael, collar maker, house 6 Wendell
Barry Michael, grocer, 49 Atkinson
Barry Michael, laborer, house 22 E. Orange
Barry Michael, mariner, house 217 Hanover
Barry (Jl/. Olcotf) & Brother (S'^p/^on), importers of

dry goods, 24 Pearl, h. at Savin Hill, Dorchester
Barry Parker H. oysters, 3 Court av., h. 75 Albany
Barry Patrick, clerk, Quincy Hall
Barry Patrick, junk store, 356 Commercial, h. do.
Barry Patrick, laborer, house rear 201 Ann
Barry Patrick, laborer, house Havre, n. Maverick
Barry Patrick, ostler, house rear 49 Albany
Barry Peter, tailor, house 1 Lancaster
Barry Richard, marble manufacturer, 6 Haverhill,

boards Mass. Hotel
Barry ( Royal P.) & Gridley {George A.), furniture,

33 Exchange, house at Maiden



Barry Shelton {Barry ^ Brother), h. 137 Tremont

Barry Theodore A. lithographer, house 690 Wash.

Barry Thomas, boards 4 Allston

Barry Thomas, laborer, house 5 Battery

Barry Thomas, house 72 Essex

Barry Thomas, tailor, house Erin alley

Barry Wallace, 40 Central, boards 121 Court

Barry William, h. 17 North Russell [n. Harvard

Barry William, painter, 16 Hawley, house South,

Barry Wm. A. C. brass worker, house o Dover pi.

Barry Wm. B. (G. W. Warren S<; Co.), 192 Wash.

Barstoro Charles, clerk, boards 26 Purchase

Barstow Andrew, captain, h. Porter, c. Bennington

Barstow C. Arthur, mason, house 8th, near E

Barstow Charles, 100 State

Barstow Michael, mason, boards 80 Albany

Barstow William C. treasurer and super. B. B. Co.

75 State, house Hotel street [h. 7 E. Dedham
Bartemas William, hair dresser. Canton, n. Suffolk,
Barter Thomas, milkman, house P, near oth
Bartholmesz George, French boots, 545 Washing-
ton, house 547 do.
Bartholomew Eleazer W. clerk, boards 5 Kingston
Bartholomew John, restorator, Har. av. n. South

Boston bridge
Bartholomew Truman C. panoramic artist, house

280 Washington [house 8 Bradford

Bartlet Ebenezer, commission merchant, 127 State,
Bartlet Stephen, 44 India wf., h. at Charlestown
Bartlett A. F. truss manufacturer, 221 Washington
Bartlett Alfred, eng'r, h. r. 231 Fourth [3 Oxford
Bartlett Alonzo, salesman, Old State House, b.
Bartlett Azel E. clerk, boards 3 La Grange place
Bartlett Charles A. clerk, 37 Ann, b. 31 High
Bartlett Charles {Gardner ^ B.), h. at Roxbury
Bartlett Charles, teller State Bank, b. U. S. Hotel
Bartlett Charles L. com. mer. 18 Broad, h. 13 South
Bartlett Daniel, dry goods, 14 & 16 Central
Bartlett Daniel-, jr. 12 Long wharf, h. 17 Charter
Bartlett Edward, 39 Lewis wf. h. at Roxbury
Bartlett Elbridge G. {Humphrey, BaHlett, &: Co),

house 97 Salem [13 Myrtle

Bartlett Elmer, picture frames, 36 Union, house
Bartlett Enoch, 41 Pearl, house at Cambridge
Bartlett Enoch W. hackman, h. r. 38 Friend
Bartlett Francis E. coach builder, 24 Friend, house

1 Morton
Bartlett Francis N. house 22 McLean
Bartlett George, physician, house 1 Chardon
Bartlett George H. 8 Long wf. h. 197 Broadway
Bartlett Geo. W. boards 12 Lynde
Bartlett Henry, 6 Central wharf, boards 8 Tyler
Bartlet Hosea, carpenter, 4 Haverhill, house at

Roxbury [E. Boston

Bartlett James, druggist, 211 Ann, house Webster,
Bartlett James, machinist, b. 10 Maverickbl'k, E.B.
Bartlett Jane & Joanna, tailoresses, h. 16jBoylston

Bartlett John, 30 Long wharf, house 11 Bradford
Bartlett John, clerk brigade band, 1 1-2 Tremont

row, h. at Charlestown [Sumner, E. B.

Bartlett John, grocer, Sumner, c. Cottage, house
Bartlett John F. coach proprietor, b. 53 Brattle
Bartlett John H. house 21 Minot [b. 7 Pitts

Bartlett John W. thread & hosiery, 128 Hanover,
Bartlett John W. & Co. {G. Heath), groceries &

produce, 18 Commercial, h. 97 Salem
Bartlett J. W. glazier, 448 Wash., b. 4 Cherry
Bartlett Jos. C, Cust. House, h. at E. Cambridge
Bartlett Joseph H. & Co. {Otis Minot), agents

Nashua & Lowell Freight Co., h. 13 Lyman pi.
Bartlett Lemuel, pro^^sions, 26 Brookline
Bartlett Levi & Co. {E. T. Farrinyton), W. India

goods, 2 Long wharf, boards 15 Somerset
Bartlett Lewis P. provisions, 5 Bromtield, house

at West Cambridge [House

Bartlett Louis D. draughtsman, boards Maverick
Bartlett Martin H. boards 9 Oxford place
Bartlett Mary, boards 133 Hanover
Bartlett Mary, widow of James, h. 6 Cooper

Bartlett Mary, house 7 Ridgeway I. [40 Summer

Bartlett Matthew & Co. W. I. goods, 99 State, bds.

Bartlett Obed W. boards 70 Poplar

Bartlett Percival W. teacher Hancock School

Bartlett Powers, clerk, house 29 E. Orange

Bartlett Rebecca, boards 20 Bulfinch

Bartlett Richard A. clerk, 16 Com'rcial, h. 8 Tyler

Bartlett Ruel W. stevedore, boards SnowhiU, cor.

Bartlett Samuel, handcartman, h. 144 Commercial
Bartlett Sidney, counsellor, 16 Court, h. 72 Beacon
Bartlett Sidney, jr. 72 Beacon [79 Camb. h. 2 Lime
Bartlett {Stephen F.) & Harlow (P.), hats and caps,
Bartlett {Sy/vanus P.) & Co. {C. L. Porter), drj'

goods, 168 Hanover, boards National House
Bartlett Thaddeus P. watchman, house 75 Fourth
Bartlett Theodore, carpenter, 7 Hawley, h. EUot,

near Tremont
Bartlett Thomas, house 155 Tremont [S. Margin
Bartlett Thomas M. carpenter, 15 Lancaster, h. 40
Bartlett William, carpenter, house 26 Thacher
Bartlett William S., Custom House, house 12 Ash
Bartley John, tailor, house Athens, near A
Bartol Cyrus A. Rev. house 17 Chesnut
Bartol George, jr. broker and agent N. Y. packets,

opp. 51 India, boards Bromtield House
Bartol Mary, dress maker, 156 Hanover
Bartols John T. D. laborer, house 1 Seabury pi.
Barton Asa B. house 69 Harrison avenue
Barton Bowers A. 59 Milk, h. 69 Harrison av.
Barton Emerson, confectioner, house 2 Church
Barton Jabez W. proprietor Albion House, Tre-
mont, cor. Beacon
Barton James H. painter, house 14 Village
Barton Seth W. inspector, house 27 Vine
Barton Thomas, laborer, house 6 N. Russell
Barton Wm. H. salesman, 44 Hanover, h. 4 Clark
Barzentee James, machinist, boards 5 E. Dedham
Bascom Andrew J. portrait painter, 475 Wash. h.

802 do. [Har. avenue

Bascom John T. S. {Thacher B. ^ Co.), boards 39
Bascom Samuel, laborer, house 17 Belknap
Bascom Timothy, 4 Commercial wf. h. 107 Salem
Bascom Tryphosa, widow, boarding, 44 High
Bascom W. B. house 1 Hudson place
Bascom Wm. Mrs. widow, 39 Harrison av. [E. B.
Basford Benj. F. captain, h. London, n. Decatur,
Basford Daniel H. carpenter, 6 Charlestown, boards

21 Portland [Milk

Basford Stephen P. hair dresser, Devonshire, near
Bass Abigail, widow, house 37 S. Russell
Bass Elizabeth, nurse, h. Chelsea, E. B.
Bass George, house 3 Sewall place [block, Ann
Bass Henry, boots, shoes, and leather, 3 Hitchborn
Bass James L. 3 Hitchborn block, Ann
Bass John B. {Xichols &; B.), 67 Union
Bass Mary F. house 38 Warren
Bass Moses, clerk. City Treas. office, h. 7 Alden
Bass Samuel, clerk, house 35 Salem
Bass Sophia Mrs. house 229 Tremont
Bass Stephen G. 58 Long wf. house at Brookline
Bass Wm. L. bailiff, U. S. Court, h. 229 Tremont
Bass Wm. W. laborer, h. r. 62 1-2 Myrtle
Bassett Benjamin P. hair dresser, 23 Endicot
Bassett Cushman, morocco, 44 N. Market [Trem't
Bassett Elisha, counsellor, 12 Court House, h. 241
Bassett Francis, boards 1 Hancock avenue
Bassett Gorham F. captain, house Cedar st. place
Bassett Isaac M. bonnets, etc. 52 Hanover, house

841 Washington
Bassett James, shoe maker, Bremen, E. B., h. do.
Bassett James A. {Barker & B.), bds. East. Exch.
Bassett Joanna, house 1 Cedar st. place
Bassett John, jr. book keeper, 68 Kilbv
Bassett John t. clerk, 399 Wash. b. 21 Pinckney
Bassett Joseph, ins. beef and pork, h. 43 Charter
Bassett N. Mrs. h. New, n. Sumner. E. B.
Bassett {Robert B.) & Mellen {A. M.), carpenters,

166 Harr. ave. h. 6 Jefferson
Bassett Samuel, laborer, h. 1 Wilberforce pi.



Bassett Susan, house Suffolk, cor. Canton
Bassett (Zephaniah) & Veazie (■/. T.), blacksmiths,

Commeicial, h. Chelsea
Bassin Peter, clerk, h. 195 Hanover [Boston

Baston Jos. C. watchman, h. Cross, c. Border, E.
Baston Luther R. truckman, h. 34 Friend
Batchelder Charles W. cooper, house Fabin
Batchelder Daniel K. gilder, house 19 Pitts
Batchelder Francis L. counsellor, 39 Court, h. at

Cambridge [9 Sheafe

Batchelder George A. clerk, 285 Washington, h.
Batchelder Greenleaf C. house 52 Poplar
Batchelder Harris H. stable, 5 N. Russell, h. 9 do.
Batchelder Hiram, restorator, 10 Bovlston
Batchelder (i/omre A'.) & Mann (.4. IF.), West

India goods, 128 State, boards o Franklin
Batchelder Israel H. house 11 Travers
Batchelder Jenness, pile driver, bds. 146 Pleasant
Batchelder Nanc}', Mrs. house 9 Sheafe
Batchelder Sally, boarding, 5 Bumstead place
Batchelder Samuel, 8 Kilby, h. at Cambridge
Batchelder's Express, R. R. E.xchange
Batcheller Brooks T. coachman, h. 17 Lowell [field
Batcheller Ezra {T. cV E. Batcheller), h. at Brook-
Batcheller Lucius E. 51 Chatham, b. Adams House
Batcheller T. & E. boots and shoes, 72 Pearl, h. at

Bateman Henry, blacksmith, h. Silver, n. C.
Bateman Horatio, harness nianuf. 106 Blackstone,

house 25 Oxford
Bates Abner L. painter, house 3 Emerald
Bates Alexander, mason, house 2 Spring st. pi.
Bates Amos, carpenter, house 6 Madison place
Bates Andrew, laborer, house 104 West Cedar
Bates Andrew E. boards 70 Temple
Bates B. B. boards 22 Stamford
Bates Benjamin E. 22 Milk, h. at Medford
Bates Caleb N. mason, house 7 May
Bates Charles, {Eaton 4,- B.), h. 3 Rutland
Bates Charles S. {M. Bates is Sons), h. 13 Somerset
Bates C. Francis, house 13 Somerset
Bates Edward, tailor, house 59 Billerica
Bates Edward C. & Co. {Ives G. Bates), merch-
ants, 19 India wf., h. at Phillips' Beach
Bates E. G. (G. W. Warren & Co.), 192 Wash.
Bates Elizabeth, widow of Daniel B. h. 56 Essex
Bates George, sail maker, bds. 97 Cambridge
Bates George, house 12 Franklin place
Bates George H. 25 Kilby, h. at Roxbury
Bates Geo. W. & Co. (H. L. Bates), importers

trimming goods, &c., 68 Milk, b. U. S. Hotel
Bates Gustavus, house 2 Bridge st. ct. [Genesee
Bates Henry, cordwaincr, 621 Washington, h. 14
Bates Henry, painter, house 2 Barton [som

Bates Henry L. {Geo. W. Bates & Co.), h. 1 Bios-
Bates Hiram, carpenter, 64 Harr. av., h. 3 Genesee
Bates Isaac C. 10 Merchants' Exchange. [Vernon
Bates Ives G. {E. C. Bates <Sf Co.), house 81 Mt.
Bates James, mason, house I Byron
Bates James, carpenter, r. 53 Broad, h. 47 Southac
Bates James D. harness maker, house 12 A
Bates Jesse D., Custom House
Bates Joel, boot maker, h. 38 Union [Temple

Bates John, painter and glazier, 3 Province, h. 70
Bates John B. mason, house 3 Genesee
Bates John, jr. cooper, house 5 Thacher ct.
Bates {JohnD.) & Co. (.4. W. Thaxter,jr.), merch.

55 Commercial wf. h. 81 Mount Vernon
Bates John F. house 70 Temple
Bates Joseph C. 47 State, house 9 Edinboro'
Bates Joseph L. & Jordan A. S. combs, umbrellas,

and fancy goods, 129 Wash., h. 57 Allen
Bates {Joseph N.) Ik Harford {E. C), shipwrights

ard caulkers, Sumner, b. Maverick House
Bates Joshua, jr. master Brimnier School
Bates Joshua C. com. mer. 14 X. Market
Bates Levi, mason, house 89 West Cedar
Bates Lewis, baggage master, b. Utica House
Bates Martin & Sons {Charles S.), furs, 27 Elm,
house 13 Somerset

Bates L. Stetson, stoves and baths, 42 Congress
Bates Martin G. book keeper, 33 Milk, h. 7 Pine
Bates Minot, carpenter, house 30 Billerica
Bates Munroe, baggage master, B. & W. R. R., b.

Utica House
Bates Nathaniel N. carpenter, h. 14 Albion [Ash
Bates Nath. N. carpenter. Broad, near Pearl, h. 16
Bates Otis, butcher, house Eutaw, E. Boston
Bates Rachael, widow, h. 15 Washington square
Bates Rufus H. book keeper, b. 27 Howard
Bates {Riissell) & Goldthwait {John), cloths and
carpets, 45 Washington, bds. Pearl st. House
Bates Samuel, house 71 Atkinson [n. Church

Bates Samuel, jr. {E. Baker S; Co.), h. Bovlston,
Bates Samuel D. painter, 57 1-2 Court, house 35
Bates Samuel W. writing master Adams School
Bates Seth, botanic physician, h. 95 Fourth, n. A
Bates Stephen, insurance ag't. Merchants' Exch.
Bates Thomas, restorator, 431 Wash., h. 641 do.
Bates Thomas, shades, 2 Cornhill square
Bates William, painter. Common, h. 36 Auburn
Bates Wm. counsellor, 47 Court, h. 8 Washing, sq.
Bates William' A. painter, 320 Com'l, h. 12 Auburn
Batfield John, laborer, house 11 Pearl place
Batson Joseph P. painter, house 246 Fourth
Battees John, 8 Jefferson block, Ann
Battelle Anna, house 5 Maiden
Battelle Thomas, house 23 High
Batterman Elizabeth, house 20 Kneeland
Batterman John, blacksmith, Tremont, n. Dover
Battis Wm. L. ferry boatman, h. Sumner, cor. Cot-
tage, E. Boston
Battison Wm. carpenter, h. 20 Canton
Battles Alden, moulder, b. 10 Winthrop, E. B.
Battles Anson, house 38 West Cedar
Battles Jonathan, jr. writing master Mather School
Battles Rufus, house 1 Cleveland place
Battles Winslow, teacher Mayhew School
Baudouin Alex'r, upholsterer, house 3 Middlesex
Baumbach Adolph, music teacher, 7 Bowdoin sq.
Baury Mary, Madame, h. 2 Waverley pi. [ave.

Baxter Albert G. broker, 5 Exchange, h. 132 Harr.
Baxter Ann, Mrs. house 6 Battery [town

Baxter A. P., W. I. goods, 119 Ann, h. at Charles-
Baxter {BenJ. D.) & Howe {Wm.), grocers, 10 T

wharf, house 41 Bedford
Baxter Charles F. house 33 Edinboro'
Baxter Edward W. jr. 62 Washington
Baxter George H. clerk, bds. 231 Broadway, n. E.
Baxter Hanriah, Mrs. boards 28 May
Baxter Hannah, carpet maker, h. 20 Blossom
Baxter Hervey, printer, bds. 28 May
Baxter James, dry goods, 8 Bath
Baxter James D. machinist, b. Suffolk, c. Canton
Baxter James H. {J. W. Spinney ^ Co.), b. 231

Baxter James T. clerk 33 Water
Baxter John J. clerk, 64 Milk, b. 21 Hancock
Baxter John W. cooper, house 12 Prince
Baxter Joseph, 16 Milk, bds. 26 Harvard
Baxter Mary, widow, house 2 Williams
Baxter Nancy, Mrs. house 53 Belknap
Baxter Nathaniel B. trunk manuf. 34 Causeway
Baxter S. D. P. dry goods and carpets, 43 and 45

Water, house 39 Bedford
Baxter Thomas, machinist, bds. 6 Winthrop, E. B.
Baxter Thomas A. T. boots and shoes, 5 Change av.

bds. 8 Billings court
Baxter Thompson, clerk, h. 231 Broadway
Baxter Wm. S. stoves and tin ware, 46 Congress
Bayard James L. house 3d, near D
Bayley Albert, boards 202 Harrison avenue
Bayley Benjamin, carpenter, house 11 Butolph
Bayley Benj. F. dep. sheriff, 7 ct. sq., h. Broadway
Bayley Christopher T. clothing. Broad, opposite

Purchase, house 140 Purchase
Bayley Dudley H. clerk, boards 23 Eliot
Bayley Henry E. 93 Milk, house 14 Avon place
Bayley Jas. R. com. mer. 18 S. Market, b. 10 Essex
Bayley Joseph, h. 14 Avon place.



Bayley Richard W. Mrs. house 14 Avon place
Bayley Samuel K. auctioneer and carriage depot,

Federal, house 23 Eliot
Bayley Thomas, clerk, 33 Water, h. 7 Kneeland
Bayley Thomas J. marble works, 72 Harrison av.
h. 7 Kneeland [enue, bds. 58 Lowell

Bayley William B. marble worker, 72 Harrison av-
Baylies Edmund, house 71 Mt. Vernon
Bazin Francis O. J. S. clerk, 29 Cornhill, bds. 12
N. Russell. [Russell

Bazin George W. printer, 37 Cornhill, h. 12 North
Bazin Jolm H. printer, 37 Cornhill
Bazin Joshua W. printer, bds. 12 North Russell
Bazin Judith, h. 38 Common [over House

Bazin Thomas H. (B. B. Mussey §■ Co.), bds. Han-
Bazin William C. clerk P. O. house 61 Spring
Bazin William H. house 61 Spring
Beadle Thos. D. {Isaac Smith &; Co.), h. 4 Gridley
Beadles Hobart H. painter, 24 Friend
Beadles James, painter, h. 23 Kneeland
Beach Joseph, 2 Mass. block, h. Willow, c. Acorn
Beal Bela, mason, house 16 Beach
Beal Benjamin, (John G. Loring <Sr Co.), h. 51 Allen
Beal Charles A. clerk, 31 Hanover
Beal Elijah, cabinet maker, house 31 May
Beal George T. clerk, 31 Hanover, h. 739 Wash.
Beal Henry, 47 Cornhill, h. 3 Ashburton place
Beal Henry, house painter, b. 51 Federal
Beal Henry, carpenter, house 9 Porter
Beal Henry R. 241 Washington
Beal Jairus, (Lincoln if Beal), h. 30 Allen
Beal James H. (Allen ^ Beal), h. at Charlestown
Beal John H. carpenter, house 1 Dover place
Beal Levi, paper hanger, h. 3 Stanit'ord court
Beal Levi, jr. trunk maker, h. 3 Chambers st. court
Beal Madison, broker, 5 Exchange, h. 29 Wash. sq.
Beal Samuel, furniture, 31 Hanover, h. 671 Wash.
Beal Samuel H. auctioneer, 49 Pearl, h. 5 Gridley
Beal Sophia N. widow, h. 12 Eaton
Beal Thacher, col. aqueduct, 28 State, and dia-
phragm iilters, 451 Wash, house 249 Tremont
Beal Warren S. printer, h. 10 Spring
Beal Wm. L. upholstery, 47 Cornhill, h. 7 Portland
Beals Caroline A. tailoress, h. r. 27 Common
Beals Henry Isl. house 1 Avery
Beals James H. house 76 Pinckney
Beals J. J. & Co. (A. W. Southwick), clock mauu.

Haymarket square, h. 254 Tremont
Beals Levi, house 2 Hanover place
Beals Nancy, millinery, 116 Hanover
Beals Samuel, house 16 Friend [Dorchester

Beals Thomas, music publisher, 24 Franklin, h. at
Beals Wm. clocks, watches, &c. Blackstone, cor.

Hanover, h. IS West Castle
Beals ( William) & Greene (Charles G.), publishers

Boston Post, 19 Water, h. 39 Hancock
Beals Wm. jr. (Baker ^ Seals), h. 77 Pinckney
Beals & Pratt, com. mer. 93 Fulton
Beals' express, R. R. Exchange, City Hotel
Beaman Amma, oysters, &C.681 Wash. h. 11 Cherry
Beaman E. A. young ladies' school. Temple ave.

h. River, opposite Mt. Vernon
Beaman E. B. book binder, h. 9 N. Charles
Beaman Elihu T. baker, 66 Cambridge, h do.
Beamis Thomas W. boots and shoes, 152 Washing-
ton, h. at Randolph [7 Common
Bean x\.aron H. sec. Nat. Ins. Co. 66 State, house
Bean Archibald, sail maker, h. Maverick, c. Border
Bean Daniel S. boards 6 Allston place
Bean George, teamster, boards 43 Lowell
Bean Gilman P. brewer, bds. 30 W. Canton
Bean Hannah, seamstress, h. 5 Cotting court
Bean Hannah, widow of C. T. h. 71 Nashua
Bean Henry, painter, bds. 51 Federal
Bean Horace, laborer, house 1 Margaret
Bean Ivory, mason, house 6 Maple pi. [Canton
Bean James A. furniture, 64 1-2 Hanover, h. 12 E.
Bean James M. cabinet maker, h. 10 N. Charles
Bean Jedediah P. painter, bds. at 1 Sister
Bean John D. 5 Wilson lane, h. 6 Allston place

Bean John, 43 Court, house at Chelsea
Bean John N. 68 Blackstone, bds. 5 Wesley place
Bean Leonard O. tailor, bds. 20 Lowell
Bean Mary, widow, house 6 Stillman
Bean Mary, widow of Horace, house 13 Dover
Bean Mercy, widow, house 6 Bennet [Hudson

Bean Monroe, fish and oysters, 8 Bedford, house 95
Bean Nicholas, cutter. Oak Hall, 34 Ann
Bean (Orison) & Hall, (U'm. F.), carpenters, Me-
ridian, house Lexington
Bean Patrick, tailor, house rear 22 Friend
Bean Reuel H. painter, house 8th, near E
Bean William H. teamster, house r. 26 Brighton

Bean , captain, h. Silver, near B

Beane J. V. & Co., publishers Christian Observa-
tory, 21 Cornhill
Beard John, boards 56 Hanover
Beard Louisa Miss, dress maker, house 27 Pinckney
Beard Luke, mineral water, ale and porter, How-
ard Athenaeum, house at Cambridge
Beath Lydia, truss maker, house 36 Warren
Beatley Spencer (Isaac Foicle ^ Co.), h. at Chelsea
Beattie Rachael, widow, h. Commerc'l, opp. Foster
Beatty John, caulker, house 108 Purchase
Beatty William, stevedore, h. Everett, n. Jeffries
Beaumister Joseph, brass finisher, h. 68 Middlesex
Beauville John P. com. mer. 46 India
Beck Alfred M. 22 Federal, h. 19 W. Orange
Beck Elizabeth, house 30 Curve
Beck Frederick, teller Grocers' Bank,b. 64 Warren
Beck Gideon, auctioneer, 22 & 24 Federal
Beck James, house 64 Warren [17 Belmont

Beck Lewis, cooper, Broad, n. India wharf, house
Beck Mary, widow, boarding, 536 Washington
Beck Samuel, painter, B. and W. car shop
Beck Sarah H. B. Mrs. house 64 Warren
Beck Wm. col. clerk Atlas Bank, h. 137 Pleasant
Becker Christopher, laborer, house 7 Suffolk
Becker Wendelin, boot maker, Franklin place, cor.

Hawley, h. r. 90 Eliot
Becker William, baker, house 73 Charter
Becker Xaver, house 14 Southnc [Melrose

Becket James M. lace goods, 56 1-2 Hanover, h. at
Becket Sarah, widow, house 9 Lincoln
Becket William, laborer, house 90 Cambridge
Beckett Elizabeth, widow, house 60 Billerica
Beck ford Daniel R. 179 Washinton, b. 7 Franklin
Beckford John D. 179 Washington, b. 7 Franklin
Beckford Joseph W. oysters, Richmond, n. Fulton
Beckler Cliarles, trader, house 16 Genesee
Bc'ckman Adolph, trader, house 104 Tremont
Beekwith Charles L. printer, house 12 Lyman pi.
Beckwith Clary, boards 3 Carnes court
Beekwith Craven, carpenter, boards 30 Portland
Beckwith George, house 1 Corey avenue
Beckwith Geortje C. Rev. cor. sec. Am. Peace Soc.

21 Cornhili; house 21 N. Russell
Beekwith John, job wagon, house 20 Grove
Beckwith John J. carpenter, boards S. Lowell
Bedford James, manuf. jeweller, 36 Hanover
Bedlington Samuel M. ci'k, b. Dorch'r, n. Broadway
Bedlington Timothy, book binder, 26 School, house

Dorchester st. near Broadway
Beebe James M. & Co. {Josiah J.Fiske), dry goods,

88 & 90 Hanover, h. 14 Ashburton place
Beebe L. & Co. merchants, 54 Commercial, house

at Cambridgeport
Beebee WiUiam, pictures, 26 Bromfield
Beecher Edward Rev. house 13 Hull
Beecher Ira B. supt. Silver gas light Co. h. 2d, n. B
Beecher Michael, tailor, house rear 42 Prince
Beecher Timothy, house near 14 Batterymarch
Beecher William A. 23 Pearl
Beeching R. cork manufacturer, 114 Blackstone
Beeler Joseph, laborer, house 19 Commercial
Beers Augustus H. watches, &c. 73 Hanover
Beers Hiram, printer, house 17 Grove
Beetle Thomas, painter, house 77 Carver [h. do.
Beeton John, confectionary, Camb'ge, c. S. Russell,
Begg John C. clerk, house 1 River



Belcher Alanson, house 108 Summer
Belcher Joseph, house Porter, East Boston
Belcher L. & W. S. boots, shoes, and leather, 35

Belcher N. T. bar keeper, boards 40 Union
Belcher Samuel T. printer, boards 129 Essex
Belcher Warren, wood and coal. Belcher's wharf,

h. Clifton's block, Central sq. E. B.
Belcher W. S. (L. ^ W. S. Belcher), 35 Central
Belding John, house 3 North Hudson
Belfiore Pietro, jeweller, 65 Washington
Belford Edward, machinist, b. Maverick, c. New
Belger Barney, laborer, house Murray place
Belknap Andrew E. merchant, h. 54 Chesnut
Belknap Austin (Belhwp iSf Brothers), b. City Hotel
Belknap Austin, boards 44 S. Russell
Belknap Clara, teacher Dwight School
Belknap Daniel H., Suffolk bank, h. 3 Hollis pi.
Belknap John, mer. 15 Congress, h. 2 Mt. Vernon
Belknap John, jr. {Belknaji ^ Brothers), boards 31

Belknap {Lyman) & Brothers {Austin ^ John, jr.),

produce, 55 Brattle, boards City Hotel
Belknap Wm. mason, house 1 Grove place
Bell Andrew, cigar maker, house 21 May
Bell Ann, Mrs. boards 17 Warren
Bell A. W., Fulton, c. Richmond, h. 17 Ashland
Bell Brooks, salesman, 66 Hanover, b. 30 Camb'ge
Bell Edward, laborer, house 93 Endicot
Bell Edward, oysterman, house 48 Salem
Bell Edward, paver, house 70 Prince
Bell Edward D. & Co. dry goods, 9 Tremont row
Bell George B. carriage maker, house 34 Curve
Bell Geo. M. mason, Lathroppl. h. 56 1-2 Hanover
Bell Gilbert, cab'et maker, b. Har. av., n. Dover pi.
Bell Gilbert, laborer, b. Indiana, c. Washington
Bell Hannah, nurse, 70 Prince [av.

Bell Henry, fish market, 27 Prince, h. 3 Margaret
Bell Jacob S. locksmith, b. 3 Moon st. court
Bell James B. clothing, 61 Milk, bds. 92 Tyler
Bell John, moulder, b. 10 Winthrop, E. B.
Bell Joseph M. counsellor, 7 1-2 Tremont r., bds.

54 Summer
Bell John, laborer, house 206 Athens, near D
Bell John, {AUarton <Sr B.), house 16 Rochester
Bell Jonathan, house 16 Pleasant street court
Bell Joseph, counsellor, 22 Old State House, house

54 Summer
Bell Joseph G. jeweller, 32 Wash. h. 92 Tyler
Bell Maria, house 28 Belknap
Bell Nancy, nurse, house 29 Prince [Allen

Bell Theodore H. boots and shoes, 155 Wash. h. 11
Bell William, cabinet maker, 515 Washington
Bell William, trunks, .iQ Court, h. 5 Seaver place
Bell William A. 58 Pearl, h. 115 Harrison avenue
Bell AVm. H. trunk maker, 56 Court, h. 5 Seaver pi.

Bell , ship carpenter, h. 5th, c. C

Bellamy N. fancy goods, 139 Court
Bellamy Sarah, Mrs. house 26 Snowhill [Gouch
Bellamv William, importer, 21 Tremont row, h. 5
Bellamy William, tailor, bds. 26 Snowhill
Bellows Charles V. clerk, Fulton, cor. Cross
Bellows Charles W. boards 5 Snowliill
Bellows George A. agent, house 13 Canton
Bellows George L. clerk, 36 Hanover
Bellows Mary, widow, h. rear 7 Adams
Belt John P. book agent, house Silver, n. F
Beltzis Sarah, house 5 Fleet [62 Temple

Bement Caleb A. watches, &c., 5 Market sq. bds.
Bemis Augustine S. 74 Jlilk, bds. 8 Morton place
Bemis Cyrus W. clerk, bds. 5 Blossom court
Bemis Emery, leaf tobacco, 4 Fulton, h. at Cam-

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