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E. Canton
Brower Henry, tailor, 76 Wash. h. at Charlesto%vTi
Brown Aaron, carpenter, h. Sumner, c. London
Brown A. J. & Co. (.7". C. Wyman & B. S. Proc-
ter), crockery and china ware, 54 & 56 Federal,
house at Worcester
Brown Aaron D. carpenter, h. 3 Washington court
Brown A. H. captain, house 8 Bulfinch
Brown A. L. clerk, boards 9 Brattle square
Brown Albert F. 6 F. H. Market, h. at Dorchester
Brown Albert F. ( George N. Noyes <^ Co.)
Brown Albert G. 130 State
Brown Alexander, h. 21 Salem
Brown Alfred S. clerk, 2 Merchants' row, bds. Cen-
tral House
Brown Allen, laborer, house Oneida, cor. Albany
Brown Alvin, laborer, 19 Blackstone
Brown Andrew, pastry cook, house 42 B/ighton
Brown Arthur, rigger, house 117 Purchase
Brown Asa, machinist, 191 Broadway
Brown AthertonT. (./. /. Brown &; Son), h. 32 Eliot
Brown {Atytisfus) & Dix (Joseph), dry goods, 29
Pearl [bds. 20 La Grange place

Brown Augustus, fancy slipper maker, 2i34 Wash.
Brown Barnabas F. caulker, h. 9 Henchman lane
Brown Benjamin, stevedore, h. opp. 518 Commer-
cial [Hanover
Brown Benjamin, painter, 135 Fulton, h. rear 133^
Brown Benjamin, boot maker, house Havre, E. B.
Brown Benj. jr. broker, 56 State, h. at Charlestown
Brown Benjamin A. fish, &c. 78 Fourth, h. 80 do.
Brown Benjamin B. hardware and groceries, 62

Turnpike, house Athens, corner 2d
Brown (Be/y. /'■'.) & Lamson {A. D.), druggists,

44 India, house 2 Federal court
Brown Benj. H. joiner, 212 Broad, h. atSomerville
Brown, Brothers, & Co. bankers, 63 State
Brown Buckminster, physician, office 2 Bowdoin
Brown B. F. clerk, boarcls 25 Charles
Brown (Ca/rin) & Hastings (Chur/es), civil engin-
eers, 51 Muss, block, house 59 High
Brown Campbell, house Colony
Brown Charles, stabler, boards 2 Byron
Brown Charles, mariner, house 90 Broad
Brown Charles, grocer, 128 Charles, house do.
Brown (Charles) & Severance (Rufus O.), livery

statjle, Charles, c. Chesnut
'Brown (Charks) & Mason (S. K.), provisions.
Temple, c. Derne, h. 49 Belknap

Brown Chas. A. broker, h. 21 Madison place
Brown Charles B. currier, bds. 3 Billings court
Brown Charles H. wharfinger, 25 India wharf, h.

37 Purchase
Brown Charles H. machinist, h. Porter, E. Boston
Brown Charles M. 425 Washington, b. 85 Tremont
Brown Charles S. com. merchant, 26 S. Market,

house at Cambridge
Brown Charles W. steam planing, Har. avenue,

office 6 Devonshire, h. Har. av. cor. Asylum
Brown Charlotte, dress maker, 6 Oliver place
Brown Charlotte A. bonnets, 50^ Hanover, house

19 Hudson
Brown Charlotte R. widow, house r. 83 Pleasant
Brown Chester, stair builder, house 109 Hudson
Brown Clark S. hardware, 554 Wash. h. 49 Essex
Brown C. R. S. Mrs. house 11 Bowdoin
Brown Daniel, collector, 102 Washington, h. 13 Oak
Brown Daniel J. carpenter, foot Piedmont, h. at

Brown (Daniel S.), Dow {J. B), & Co. (C. W.

Wilder), tobacconists, 3 Chatham row, h. at

Brown David, salesman, house 1 Wesley, E. B.
Brown David, boot maker, house 6 Pleasant
Brown David, teamster, house D, near Fifth
Brown David G. teamster, boards 43 Lowell
Brown David R. physician, house 10 Marshall
Brown Dorcas Mrs. house 15 Canton
Brown E. D. teacher primary school, b. 25 Harr. av.
Brown Edward, laborer, house 164 Purchase
Brown Edward, artist, house 56 Salem
Brown Edward, boards 79 Purchase
Brown Edward F. bonnet presser, 256 Wash. h. do.
Brown Edward W., Suffolk Bank, h. at Charlesto'n
Brown Edwin, shoes, 13 Shoe and Leather [pi.

Brown Edwn, piano-forte maker, h. 26 La Grange
Brown Edwin L. boards 28 Pearl [Charlestown

Brown Elbridge, hats and furs, 12 Ann, house at
Brown Eleazer G. carpenter, boards 77 Lowell
Brown (Eli), Lawrence (R. C), & Stickney (/. E.),

mer. tailors. Old State House, h. 61 Brighton
Brown Eliza, widow of Stephen, h. 8 Bulfinch
Brown Eliza, dress maker, h. 137 Pleasant
Brown Eliza C. widow, h. Sumner, n. Havre, E. B.
Brown Emilius S. book keeper, house 34 Poplar
Brown Enoch, carpenter, h. r. Third, n. E
Brown Ephraim, 11 Court House, bds. 26 Marion
Brown Esther, widow, house 4 Norfolk place
Brown Eunice K. Mrs. house 4 1-2 Cooper
Brown F. W. & Co., W. I. goods, 38 Broad, bds.

91 Summer
Brown Frances, teacher, bds. 19 La Grange place
Brown Francis, laborer, house Washington place
Brown Francis, baker, house rear 39 Pleasant
Brown Francis, inspoctor general butter and lard,

3 Distil-Housesq. counting room 10 Blackstone,

house 83 Leveret
Brown Francis D. policeman, house 6 Sturgis pi.
Brown Franklin, laborer, house 4 Southac
Brown Fredericjc, druggist and apothecary, 68

Washington, house 2 Winter place
Brown Frederick, rigger, house 440 Commercial
Brown Frederick A. (^'. BroicnJ^ Sons), house 24

Leveret [Sea

Brown Frederick A. ( jr. J. Reynolds ^ Co.), 14
Brown Fred'k W. telegraph station, 28 Central wf.
Brown George, boards 15 Hudson
Brown George, mariner, house 25 Prince
Brovvn George, boarding, 374 Commercial
Brown Geo. piano-forte maker, h. 10 Medford ct.
Brown George, 76 State, house at Roxbury
Brown George, tinsmith, 11 Marshall, h. 298 Ann
Brown (Geo. A.), & Eustis (C. M-), imp. French

goods, &c. 154 Washington, h. at Roxbury
Brown George B. 273 Washington
Brown Geo. B. artist, 21 Brattle, h. at Maiden
Brown George G. boiler maker, house 120 Fourth
Brown George H. laborer, h. 2 Nashua court
Brown George H. machinist, h. 32 B, near Gold



Brown George H. 110 Milk, house 22 Winter
Browu George M. provisions, Suffolk, n. Canton,

house S. Williams
^Brown Geo. N. com. iner. 74 Utiea, b. 536 Wash.
Brown {Geo. W.) & Lovell {Josiah G.), shipwrights,

Marine Railway & Sumner, E. B. h. 4 Terrace

pi. East Boston
Brown Gilbert C. baker, house 9" Broad
Brown Hannah Mrs. house 4 Humphrey place
Brown Henrietta, seamstress, bds. 6 Nashua court
Brown Henry, cooper and inspector of fish. Spear's

wharf, house 9 Gridley
Brown Henry, boarding, 249 Ann
Brown Henry, painter, boards 4 Rollins place
Brown lienry, sailors' boarding h. 23 & 24 Cross
Brown Henry, steward, house .3 Eaton coin-t
Brown Henry 1. miniature painter, house 3 Orange
Brown Henry W. machinist, h. Suffolk, n. Rutland
Brown Horace W. provision dealer, h. 130 D, n. 2d
Brown Horatio, livery stable, 444 Washington, h.

54 Essex
Brown Horatio F. 47 Kilby, bds. 51 Summer
Brown Horatio G. jr. 3 Faneuil Hall building, bds.

31 Brattle
Brown Hugh, laborer, boards 188 Harrison avenue
Brown Ira, truckman, house 43 Lowell
Brown Isaac E. {llutchins, Ilurd &; Co.), house_ at

Brown Isaac N. 1 Cornhill, bds. 10 Hanover
Brown Jacob H. messenger N. E. Bank
Brown Jacob J. barber, 34 Sea, house do.
Brown James (Pierce &; B.), h. 7 Oxford place
Brown James (Little &: Brow»), h. at Watertown
Brown James, gardener, h. 7 Jefferson block, Ann
Brown James, mason, house 3 Carney place
Brovvn James, (MeUcii, Hill & Co.), h'. at Cha'sto'n
Brown James, mover of buildings, bds. 2 Bennet
Brown Jas. shoe maker, 3 Spring lane, h. 164 Broad
Brown James H. clerk, 9 City wf. b. 1 Linwood pi.
Brown James Irish (Mai/o &; B.). h. Fulton House
Brown James O. teacher House Reformation
Brown James S. house 4 Rollins place [Vernon
Brown James W. L. ( FF. P. W Kay i^ Co.), h. 38
Brown Jeremiah, counsellor, 17 Mass. block
Brown Jeremiah, Freeman's Inn, Sea, n. bridge
Brown Jesse, handcartman, house 55 Prince
Brown J. Adams, 5 Market sq. bds. Beach, c. Tyler
BrowTi .Joel H. clerk, 44 India, bds. Fulton House
Brown John, house next 43 Brighton
Brown John, mariner, h. r. 71 Chambers
Brown John, truckman, house 11 Prince
Brown John, 6 Derne, house 50 Temple
Brown John, seaman, house 4 Belknap place
Brown John, boarding, Fleet, c. Garden ct. st.
Brown John, laborer, house 8 Holden place
Brown John, laborer, house 7 Second
Brown John, laborer, house Quincy
Brown John, hiliorer, house Colony [town

Brown John (B. M. Clark &; Co.), h. at Charles-
Brown John, house 178 Purchase
Brown John, piano-forte maker, h. 25 Harvard
Brown John, jr. clothing. Fleet, n. Garden ct. st.
Brown John A. wines, "teas, &c. 29 India, house

at Roxbury [Chambers, house 65 Belknap

Brown John B. surgeon Bos. Orthopedic Inst. 49
Brown (Jo/ni D.) & Dyer (. !/«■«/*), ship chandlers,

59 Commercial, h. at Charlestown [Hawley
Brown John E. veterinary surgeon, Franklin, cor.
Brown J. E. & N. housewrights, Piedmont, house

143 Pleasant
Brown John F. physician, house 77 Lowell
Brown John G. painter, 24 Wilson lane
Brown J. I. & Son (Atherton T.), apothecaries,

425 Washington, house 32 Eliot
Brown John K., Warren, corner Eliot
Brown John L. house 25 Portland
Brown John M. fish and oysters, Hudson, c. Curve
Brown John P. ( Woodward &; B.), h. 235 Tremont
Brown John T. clerk, bds. 32 Eliot
Brown Jonathan, builder, bds. Fountain House

Brown Jonathan, jr. cashier Market Bank, house

at Charlestown
Brown Joseph, laborer, house 44 South
Brown Joseph, ostler, house 28 Oneida
Brown Joseph, jr. furnishing goods, 154 Court, h.

13 3-4 Crescent place
Brown Joseph B. teacher of dancing, 132 Court
Brown Joseph M. merchant, 92 State
Brown Joseph T. druggist, 292 Wash. c. Bedford,

house 8 Lincoln [Salem

Brown Josiah, housewright, 122 Endicot, house 97
Brown Joshua, bds. 94 Cambridge
Brown Leonard, clerk, bds. 42 Green
Brown Levi, house Meridian, n. Decatur, E. B.
Brown Lincoln, Beach's books & medic's, 3Bromf' d
Brown Louisa S. midwife, house 4 Rollins place
Brown Loring, tree planter, h. 43 Silver, near A
Brown Lucy, widow, house 44 South
Brown Lucy Ann, dress maker, bds. 4 Dover place
Brown Lyman (Crosset^ B.), h. at Charlestown
Brown Marsena P. caulker, h. 9 Henchman lane
Brown Mary, widow of James, h. 79 Purchase
Brown Mary, teacher, 7 Central court
Brown Mary, groceries, house 4 Butolph
Brown Mary, widow, house 79 Brighton
Brown Mary, widow, house 1 Avery place
Brown Mary U. widow, house 26 Brookline
Brown Mehitable C. widow, house 77 Cambridge
Brown Michael, laborer, house 30 Atkinson
Brown Nancy, dress maker, 15 Canton
Brown Nathan, captain, house 3 1-2 Cooper [pi.
Brown Nathan, engraver, 27 School, b. 3 Jackson
Brown Nathan (/. E. 8f N. Brown), h. at Roxbury
Brown Nathaniel (F. ^ J. Peirce ^ Co.), house at

Brown Nathaniel, ship joiner, house 4 Spear alley
Brown Nathaniel Oaks, stevedore, h. 4 Webster pi.
Brown Nicholas, marble worker, h. 28 1-2 Salem
Brown Pamelia, boards 2 Oxford place
Brown Philip, blacksmith, h. 6 Sigourney place
Brown Rebecca L. dress maker, h. 123 Pleasant
Brown Reuben H. cabinet maker. 111 Chambers
Brown Reuben S. house 6 May
Brown Richard, 2nd, hair dresser, 86 Commercial
Browni Robert, confectioner, house 28 Oneida
Brown Robert R. boarding, house 4 North square
Brown Roswell R. jeweller, house 57 Lowell
Brown Ruth, widow, house 31 Prince [sea

Brown Samuel E. engraver, 120 Wash. h. at Chel-
Brown Samuel J. housewright, 16 Harvard place,

house 23 May
Brown Samuel N. toll gatherer, house 25 Charles
Brown Samuel N. jr. 110 Milk, house 25 Charles
Brown Sarah, house rear 21 Spring
Brown Sarah A. boarding, 105 Leveret
Brown Seth E. (Brackeit, Crosby ^ B.), 69 Wash.
Brown (Seth P.) provisions, 14 the South Market,

boards 8 Avery
Brown Simon, seaman, house rear 12 Tileston
Brown Smith E. tailor, house IS Oxford
Brown Solon F. milkman, house Silver, near E
Brown Sophia, boards Canton, c. Canton st. place
Brown Spencer R. stevedore, h. 4 Paris place, E. B.
Brown Stephen, watchman, house 9 S. Russell
Bro\vn Stephen & Sons (F. A. Broini tjr M. J. Mmv-

dell), stock and exchange brokers, 40 State
Brown Susan, nurse, house Meridian, near Deca-
tur, East Boston
Brown Thomas, waiter, house 15 W. Centre
Brown Thomas, house 1 Portland place
Brown Thomas, laborer, boards 10 Sister
Bro\vn Thomas, painter, 4 Rollins place
Brown Thomas, blacksmith, house 88 Friend
Brown (Thomas IF.) & Dillaway (B.), shipwrights

and caulkers. Marine Railway, h. 234 Hanover
Brown Tryphena, teacher, house 77 Carver
Brown Vernon, ship broker, 5 Merch. Exchange,

house 4 Bulfinch [Charlestown

Brown Ward B. painter, 21 Brattle, house at
Brown W. Henry, 79 State, boards at 1 Eliot



Brown William, apothecary, 481 Washington, h.

18 Rowe
Brown William, cab di-iver, house 102 Warren
Brown William, mariner, house 47 Warren
Brown William, variety store, 117 Hanover, h. do.
Brown William, architect, at A. B. Young's, h. 3

Brown William, clerk, house 233 Hanover [do.
Brown William, hair dresser, 101 Commercial, h.
Brown William, stone mason, h. 4 Carney place
Brown William A. & Co. {Geo. A. Stephenson),

com. mer. 9 & 10 Lewis wharf, h. at Salem
Brown William, grocer, 132 Sea, house do.
Brown William A. jr. & Co. {Ira P. Rankin), dry

goods, 125 Milk, boards at Revere House
Brown William C. editor of Mother's Assistant, 21

Cornhill, house at Chelsea
Brown William D. jr. clerk, boards 31 Harvard
Brown Wm. E. turner, 1 Audover, h. 38 Brighton
Brown William H. clerk, boards 1 Eliot
Brown William H. carver, Kelley & Holmes' wharf,

Sumner, house Saratoga, E. B.
Brown William H. laborer, house opp. 6 Salutation
Brown William H. laborer, house 17 1-2 Butolph
Brown William H. painter, house 4 Salutation
Brown Wm. H. stereotyper, house 6 Noyes place
Brown William L. {Austin ^ B.), boards 153 Court
Brown William, seaman, house Robinson alley
Brown William P., Union wharf, h. 3 North sq.
Brown William W. boards 106 W. Cedar
Brown Willis P. edge tool finisher, bds. 10 Nashua
Browne Albert G. agent Boston Hemp Manf. Co.

66 Commercial, house at Salem
Browne C. Allen, druggist, 11 & 12 Commercial,

boards 9 Lincoln
Browne Charles (formerly No. 1 Franklin place),

house 3 Allston
Browne F. Perkins, house 3 Allston
Browne P'rancis P. male nurse, h. 5 Chessman pi.
Browne Geo. H. {Turner, Wilson S^ Co.), house 21

Browne George Morgan, counsellor, 16 Old State

House, boards Tremont House
Browne John C. 47 India wharf, h. at Charlestowm
Browne John W. counsellor, 19 Court, house 120

Harrison av.
Browne J. V. 66 Commercial, house at Salem
Browne Robert, enaployment office, 18 Sudbury,

house at Cambridge
Browne Timothy B. 26 India whf. h. at Dorchester
Brownell Asa C. stoves, 25 & 27 Blackstone, Ger-

rish block, house 9 Indiana place
Brownell Gilbert & Co. (G. L. Talbot), dry goods,

255 Washington, house 13 Staniford
Brownell Isaac A. boards Winthrop House
Brownell Nicholas T. Mrs. boarding, 4 Channing
Brownell Richard S. 255 Wash. b. 13 Staniford
Brownell Richmond, boards 3 Corey avenue
Brownell Silas, truckman, house 11 Salutation
Brownell Wm. E. 255 AVash. boards 13 Staniford
Brownell Major W. laborer, boards 60 Albany
Brownell Zebedee G. gilder, house 2 Pitts court
Browner James, rope maker, house 181 Fourth
Browner Thomas, stone mason, house Fifth, n. B
Browning Eunice, house 280 Washington
Brownley Edward., bool<f keeper, b.oli'ortland
Bruce Benjamin, ship broker, 9 India, house at

Bruce Charles H. upholstery, 517 Washington
Bruce Cyrus, Craigie's bridge bath house, h. do.
Bruce David, sail maker, boards 41 Prince
Bruce Edwin, music teacher, Union, cor. Hanover,

boards 7 New Prince
Bruce George, clerk at City Hotel
Bruce George W. carriage smith, house 23 Oneida
Bruce Gilbert, clerk, 3 Canal
Bruce Henry, Capt. U. S. Naval Rendezvous, 224

Ann, boards Winthrop House
Bruce Ira. restorator, 37 Fulton, house 10 London
Bruce James S. broker, 66 State, h. at Cambridge

Bruce JepthaC. & Co. hats, &c. 30 Docksq. house

Bruce Jonathan, pilot, h. 5 Terrace place, E. B.
Bruce Jos. A. broker, 68 Union, h. at Charlestown
Bruce Joseph L. painter, 2 N. side Commercial

wharf, boards 89 Charter
Bruce Loring U. varnisher, house Gilman place
Bruce Richard, laborer, house rear 27 Belknap
Bruce Robert, apothecary, 18 Kingston
Bruce Ruth L. widow, house 23 Oneida
Bruce William, teamster, h. 49 Salem [Garden

Bruerton Simeon, whip maker, 8 Dock sq. h. 29
Brumraett Wm. E. sail maker, house 42 Billerica
Bruner Henry, furrier, house 85 1-2 Eliot
Brussinghan "Catharine, dress maker, b. 129 Essex
Bryan Dudley C. boards 9 Allston
Bryan Edward, blacksmith, Plymouth, house do.
Bryan John, bricklayer, boards '81 Kneeland
Bryan Richard, boot closer, house 45 Merrimac
Bryant Charles, laborer, house 35 Thacher
Bryant Charles W. clerk, 76 Pearl
Bryant Daniel, painter, house 8 Williams
Bryant Daniel S. lace goods, &c. 383 Washington,

house at Cambridge [erick sq. E. B.

Bryant Danville, proprietor Maverick House, Mav-
Bryant {David) & Clarke {Clinton), grain. Cause-
way, corner Beverly, house at Brookline
Bryant David, architect, 45 Hudson
Bryant Epaphras K. carpenter, h. 1 Purchase pi.
Bryant Francis G. widow, house 15 Chambers
Bryant Francis T. E. 49 Milk, h. at Charlestown
Bryant George S. boards 32 Essex [avenue

Bryant G. J. F. architect, 4 Court, h. 109 Harrison
Bryant Gridley, engineer, 10 Court [ney

Bryant Harrison C^ (Spaulding &; B.), h. 48 Pinck-
Bryant Henry, physician, h. 16 Franklin place
Bryant James A. carpenter, h. Trenton, E. B.
Bryant {.John) & Sturgis {William), 1 Commercial

wharf, house 64 Beacon
Bryant John, house 16 Cooper
Bryant John A. cameo cutter, house 27 Grove
Bryant Joseph R. blacksmith and machinist, 30

Causeway, house Allen, corner Kennard av.
Bryant Laura, widow, house 6 London
Bryant Lewis, house 37 Belknap [Louisburgh sq.
Bryant Mary Anna, widow of John, jr. house 16
Bryant Mehalia, teacher, boards 5 Lyman place
Bryant Nathaniel, carpenter, house 40 Marion
Bryant Nath. surveyor of mahogany, h. 31 Dover
Bryant Nathaniel H. 39 Milk, h. 31 Dover
Bryant Robert M. carpenter, b. 43 Southac [bany
Bryant Samuel B. turner, 8 Albany block, h. 38 Al-
Bryant Samuel E. mason, house 1 Knox
Bryant Seth, boots and shoes, 76 Pearl, h. at East

Bridgewater [h. Atlantic, n. Fourth

Bryant Silas D. harness maker, Harr. ave. n. Troy,
Bryant Southworth, chair dealer, 52 Commercial,

h. at Chelsea
Bryant Susan, widow, h. 43 Prince [town

Bryant Timothv, teller Union Bank, h. at Charles-
Bryant & Co's Express, 7 State [bds. 27 S. Suffolk
Bryden Christopher H. grocer. Curve, corner Tyler,
Bryden James, piano-forte maker, h. 27 S. Suifolk
Bryden J. H. {C. F. Horey, &; Co.), 13 Winter
Brvden John, house 27 South Suffolk
Bryden John J. house 27 South Suffolk
Bryden Robert, house 27 South Suffolk
Bryent Stephen N. H. mason, bds. 2 Bond
Bryent {JValter) & Herman {Leopold), stoves, 61

& 63 Congress, h. 1 Bussey place [court

Bryer Alexander K. rigger, 114 Com'l, h. 3 Endicot
Bubier Joseph Mrs. dress maker, h. 27 Emerald
Buchan Wm. plumber, house 8 May
Buchanan Alexander, plumber, h. 10 Blossomj
Buchanan Alex. C. housewright, h. 28 Wash. sq.
Buchanan Charles M. plumber, house 14 May
Buchanan Conran C. machinist, h. 70 Middlesex
Buchanan James, job wagon, h. 11 Columbia
Buchanan John C. Capt. house 41 Atkinson
Buchanan William, tailor, h. 54 Friend



Buck Chas. com. mer. 24 Long wf. h. 16 Edinboro'

Buck David, house 7 Somerset

Buck Edward, counsellor, 11 Court, h. 72 Chesnut

Buck Ephraim, physician, 100 Salem, house do.

Buck Herman, merchant, h. Gold, n. F

Buck Isaac, machinist, h. Canton, c. Suffolk

Buck John, teamster, h. Cottage, c. Sumner, E. B.

Buck Lucius L teamster, house 2 Church

Buck Silas B. carpenter, Andover, h. at Cambridge

Buck's E.Kpress, R. R. Exchange

Buckingham Charles E. physician, 10 Harr. ave.

Buckingham James, grocer, 82 Endicot

Buckingham Joseph H. commissoner, 24 R. R.

Exchange, h. 8 Oak
Buckley Benjamin, clerk, h. Athens, near D
Buckley Cornelius, laborer, h. 8 Cotton pi.
Buckley Daniel, laborer, rear gun house, Fort Hill
Buckley Daniel, tailor, house 5 Powars ct.
Buckley Daniel, boarding, house 3 Bread
Buckley Dennis, laborer, h. Emerald, n. Castle
Buckley Edmund, b. Beach, c. Harr. av.
Buckley Jeremiah, laborer, h. Kneeland, c. South
Buckley John, tailor, h. Cove St. place
Buckley John, wheelwright, Sumner, h. Liverpool,

near Decatur, E. Boston
Buckley John, laborer, house 6 Medford
Buckley John H. teamster, h. 29.^ Wash. sq.
Buckley {Joseph) & Bancroft {C. P.), auctioneers,
furniture, Beach, c. Lincoln, bds. U. S. Hotel
Buckley Margaret, widow, h. 68 Atkinson
Buckley Michael, stone cutter, h. Everett, n. Do-

herty court
Buckley Patrick, waiter, h. 11 Pearl pi.
Buckley Timothy, blacksmith, h. I, cor. Broadway
Buckley Timothy, laborer, h. 4 Wharf
Buckley Wm. hackman, b. 8 Franklin
Buckly James, laborer, h. 2 Portland pi.
Bucknian John J. hair dresser, h. 7 May
Buckmar John Mrs. house 29 Essex
Buckminster Horace, carpenter, h. o Indiana
Buckminster W. & W. J. editors Mass. Plough-
man, Quincy Hall
Buckminister Wm. J. (IF. ^ W. J. B.)
Bucknam {Jesse) & Converse {B. B.), shoe and
leather dealers, and com. mer. 33 & 34 North
Market, h. at W. Cambridge
Bucknam John C. & Co. (.7^. Viale), leather deal-
ers, 52 Fulton, h. 40 Prince [bridge
Bucknam Theodore, 33 N. Market, h. at W. Cain-
Buckwood Charles W. wood turner, h. 3 S. Margin
Budd Henry, cook, h. 1 Hancock row [Roxbury
Budd Nath'l, paper hangings, 418 Washing, h. at
Budd Nathaniel, jr. baker, 8 Green, h. do.
Buddcn Frederick, architect, 119 Washington
Budlong Wm. G. machinist, h. Saratoga, E. B.
Buel Chauncey, baker, 796 Wash. bds. do. [B.
Buell W. G. watchman, h. Maverick, n. Border, E.
Buffington J. W. dress maker, 47o Washington
Buffinton Jonathan, Exchange, h. at Roxbury
Buffbrd J. H. & Co. lithographers, 204 Wash. h. at

Buffum Ann M. nurse, h. 19 Spring [Chambers
Butfum Carlon, grocer, 77 and 79 Chambers, h. 72
BufFum Erastus {Spear ^ B.), house 43 Porter
BufFum P. R. dress maker, b. 3 Maverick sq. E. B.
BufFum Samuel, trader, house Leveret lane
BufFum Lewis, machinist, h. 23 W. Canton
BufFum Wm. H. shoe maker, 6 Lancaster, h. 256
Hanover [12 Village

Bugbee Charles, painter. Harr. ave. cor. Beach, h.
Bugbee Charles, bds. 601 Washington
Bugbee Christopher P. boards 601 Washington
Bugbee Edward, hair dresser, 601 Wash. h. do.
Bugbee Elizabeth, house 48 Marion
Bugbee Elizabeth, shirt maker, h. 48 Myrtle [ville
Bugbee James R. locksmith, 4 Wash. h. at Somer-
Bugbee Joseph D. blacksmith, h. 1 N. Hanover ct.
Bugbee Sam'l C. architect, 2 Joy's building, h. at
Roxbury [hers

Bugbee Willard, handcartman, h. rear 71 Cham-

Bugbee Wm. F. boards 601 Washington
Buist Helen, widow, house rear Go Eliot
Buker Charles F. machinist, h. Sumner, E. B.
Bulflnch Geo. S. counsellor, 5 Court, bds. Adams

House [doin square

Bulfinch Thomas, Merchants' Bank, bds. 6 Bow-
Bulger Catharine, widow, h. 36 Piedmont
Bulger James, printer, 12 School, h. at Dorchester
Bulger J. B. grocer, 179 Purchase, h. 24 Wash. ave.
Bulklev S. F. book keeper, bds. 22 Lynde
Bulkley (IF. F.), Hayes (.7. P.), & Co. (.4. Low),

stoves & ranges, 33 & 3o Blackstone, h. 4 Derne
Bull William B. housewright, h. 1 Purchase place
Bullard Asa Rev. sec. Mass. S. S. So. 13 Cornhill,

h. at Cambridge [h. 2 Oak place

Billiard Calvin, lumber wharf. Sea, opp. Summer,
Bullard Charles, house 20 Lyman place
Bullard Charles, surveyor of lumber, h. 8 Fayette
Bullard Dana E. baker, h. 66 Nashua [Causeway
Bullard Eleazar {Hoklen, Bullard, &; Co.), house 1
Bullard Enoch P. {Blake, Patterson, S; Co), boards

21 Somerset [Milk, h'. 2 Oak place

Bullard Francis, surveyor general of lumber, 136
Bullard Geo. A. boards 9 Morton place
Bullard Geo. H. clerk, 29 Hanover
Bullard Henry, bds. 512 Wash. cor. of Oak
Bullard Isaac, porter, 30 India, h. 6 Garden
Bullard Jabez, h. 512 Washington, cor. of Oak
Bullard James, boot maker, 115 Cambridge, h. 11

Myrtle court [Kilby, h. 1 Otis place

Bullard Lewis & Co. (/. Abbott), iron and steal, 51
Bullard Lewis, house 18 Beach
Bullard M. B. boards Central House, 9 Brattle sq.
Bullard Nathaniel G., West India goods, 44 Utica,

house 5 Fort avenue
Bullard {Otis) & Carter {Oliver), wood and coal,

Harr. ave. and Albany, h. 6 Oak pi. [wf.

Bullard Stephen H. {Bullard, Lee, ^ Co.), 39 India
Bullard {WiUiam S.), Lee {Henri/, Jr.), & Co. {S.

H. Bnl/ard), merchants, 39 India wharf, bds.

6 Tremont place
BuUen Nathan, house Mercer, S. Boston
Bullock Alfred W. cordwainer, h. 16 Fayette
Bullock Jabez, mason, house 56 Marion
Bullock James B. {Wm. Nash $i Co.), 19 Fulton
Bullock William, broker, h. 12 Morton pi.
Bullock William W. carpenter, h. 26 London [ton
Bumbor Jacob, laborer, h. Harr. ave. n. Northamp-

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