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Call H. E. 49 Milk, boards 40 Essex
Call James F. clerk, boards 18 Hanover
Call {John M.) & Tuttle {T. IF.), mer. tailors, 121

Washington, house 49 Pleasant
Call John R. cooper, house 25 Brookline
Call Jonathan, cash. State Bank, h. at Charlesto'n
Call Moses H. flour dealer, 40 Com'l, h. 2 Decatur
Callagan Chas. at freight house B. and W. Railr'ad,

boards 75 Curve
Callagan John, laborer, house 15 Bartlett
Callaghan Edward, laborer, h. r. 378 Commercial
Callahan Cornelius, laborer, house Washington sq.
Callahan Daniel O. teamster, house 2 Carney place
Callahan Dennis, teamster, house 3 Carney place
Callahan Dennis, laborer, house 320 Ann
Callahan Edward, blacksmith, house Gold, near B
Callahan Edward, packer, house 6 Lucas place
Callahan James, blacksmith, house 37 Oneida
Callahan James, junk, 301 Com'l
Callahan James, laborer, h. Clark alley
Callahan John, laborer, house r. 150 Hanover
Callahan John, house rear 28 Pleasant
Callahan John, peddler, house 22 Atkinson
Callahan Michael, carpenter, house 29 ^Atkinson
Callahan Michael, laborer, house rear 29 Cross
Callahan Nicholas, laborer, h. 8 Butolph

Callahan Owen, grocer, 74 Atkinson, house do.
Callahan Patrick, laborer, house 21 E. Orange
Callahan Patrick, pedler, house 22 Atkinson
Callahan Thomas, laborer, house 5 Lehigh [Sea
Callahan Timo.blacksmitli, Sea, n. bridge, h. 128
Callahan Timothy, carpenter, house 14 Cove
Callahan Timothy, carpenter, house 29 Atkinson
Callahan William, laborer, h. 243 Ann
Callanan Catharine, widow, h. 70 South [9 High
Callender Benjamin, {Wm. T. Eitstis cS- Co.), house
Callander Benj. F. 45 India wharf, h. at Cambridge
Callender Catharine F. W. Mrs. house 52 Prince
Callender Charles A. 7 School, h. at Cambridge
Callender Charles S., Globe Bank, house 5 Green
Callender Geo. & Co. (//. Lord), 42 Central wharf,

house 9 High
Callender Hannah G., Shakspeare Library, 7

School, house at Cambridge
Callender Henry {Xash, C. if Co.), h. 9 High
Callender John Mrs. h. 10 Harrison avenue
Callender John B. house 97 Hudson
Callender Joseph Mrs. house 5 J^li'erson place
Callender Joseph B. 63 Kilby, h. at Cambridge
Callender Joseph, jr. Granite Bank, h. at Roxbury
Callender Richard B. house 9 High
Callender Wm. broker, h. 100 Charles
Callender Wm. B. h. 5 Green [Dorchester

Callender Wm. B. jr. oil manuf. 72 Atkinson, h. at
Calnahan James, laborer, h. 4 Utica place
Calpin Patrick, grocer, 170 Ann, house do.
Calrow Thomas B. clerk 77 Wash. b. 3 Franklin
Calrow F. H. clerk, bds. 3 Bowdoin square
Calrow John G. {Calroio iV Co.), mer. tailor, Han-
over, cor. Elm, bds. 3 Bowdoin square
Calrow Joseph, house 28 Snowhill [E. B .

Calrow Wm. H. stationery, Maverick sq. h. Webster,
Calvert Abraham, tinsmith, house 18 East
Cambridge Frederick, harness and trunk maker, h.
3 Madison place [ington sq.

Cambridge Wm. housewright, h. 27 1-2 Wash-
Cameron Hannah Mrs. diess maker, r. 51 Salem
Cameron James, 33 Cambridge
Cameron John, carpenter, house 19 Pitts
Cameron Judith, house 111 Charles
Cameron Wm. machinist, h. Fifth, near F
Camford Edward, stone cutter, bds. 26 Oswego
Camp (IF. .4.) & Edwards (P.), stoves, 29 Union,

house at Newton Corner
Campbell Alexander, house 6 Pleasant
Campbell Alexander, house 7 Commercial [mont
Campbell Alexander, jilasterer, h. Eliot, near Tre-
Campbell Alexander S. house 93 Summer
Campbell A. R. temperance eating house, 5, 7, and

8, Wilson lane, h. at Chelsea
Campbell Benj. F. daguerreotj'pist, 69 Hanover,
house 2 Standish place [house 4 Pine

Campbell Benjamin F. {Gilmore, Harwood Sf Co.),
Campbell Catharine, dress maker, h. 12 Green
Campbell Charles R. house 10 Townsend place
Campbell Columbus M. blacksmith, b. 84 Federal
Campbell Daniel W. tailor, house 95 Endicot
Campbell Diana, widow, house 2 Vine
Campbell Edward, clerk, b. 7 Kneeland pi.
Campbell Edward, laborer, house 97 Nashua
Campbell Frances, dress maker, bds. 7 Maple place
Campbell Henry H. {J. H. Locke <.V Co.), house at

Campbell Hiram, hatter, bds. National House
Campbell Isaac S. {Jude Snow, ^ Co.\, bds. Frank-
lin House
Campbell Isaac W. baker, house 60 Atkinson
Campbell James, machinist, house 12 Kentle
Campbell James, teamster, house 217 Ann
Campbell James, grocer, Harrison av. n. S. May
Campbell James, Ijoiler maker, h. Colony [E. B.
Campbell Jas. machinist, h. Webster, c. Cottage
Campbell Jas. boiler maker, h. Havre, n. Maverick
Campbell James, laborer, h. r. 18 N. Bennet
Campbell Jeremiah, victualling, 46 N. Market, h.
at Chelsea



Campbell John, jeweller, 34 Wash. h. 28 Portland
Campbell John, laborer, house 217 Ann [Salem
Campbell John, provisions, 185 Hanover, h. 99
Campbell John, band box manuf. 69 Hanover
Campbell John, laborer, h. A, n. Third
Campbell John M. tailor, h. 17 Nashua
Campbell John M. printer, h. 138 Cambridge
Campbell John R. grocer, 7 Cross, house do.
Campbell Margaret, laundress, 5 Canibr. st. Arch
Campbell Marv, dress maker, Belknap, c. Myrtle,

bds. 49 Belknap
Campbell Michael, laborer, house Porter, E. B.
Campbell Neil, tailor, house 44 Nashua [Eliot pi.
Campbell Oscar, fruit and cigars, 151 Wash. h. 2
Campbell Owen, stoves & grates, 90 Warren, h. do.
Campbell Patrick, house rear 26 Belknap
Campbell Peter S. boiler maker, h. Webster, E. B.
Campbell Philip, laborer, h. Bremen, E. B.
Campbell Russell B. stone cutter, h. 7 Kneelandpl.
Campbell Thomas, Secretary of (^State's office, bds.

115 Harrison avenue
Campbell Thomas J. truckman, house 42 Nashua
Campbell Tristram, 100 State

Campbell Tunis, waiter, h. 3 Sduthae ct. [pi.

Campbell Wm. (//. Doherty i^Co.), h. lOTownsend
Campbell William, bds. 31 Salem
Campbell Wm. A. laborer, house 8 May
Campbell Wm. C. sailmaker, bds. 19 Commercial
Campbell Wm. E. laborer, b. LiverpoQl,n. Maverick
Campbell Wra. J. confectioner, h. 29 Purchase

Campbell machinist, h. 328 Fourth

Canary James, laborer, h. 54 Kneeland [E. B.

Canary Michael, laborer, h. Bremen, n. Sumner,
Candler John W. {Hovetj, Hill of Co.), h. 34 Carver
Candler Susan, house 34 Carver
Caneday Betsey L. teacher, bds. 29 May
Caneday Chas. E. book keeper, b. 29 Piedmont
Caneday Vera, shoe maker, 42 Beach, h. 29 Piedmont
Canfield Charles H. Rev. house 24 Marion
CanfiU Michael, mariner, h. 10 Oliver
Cann Henry, mariner, house Liverpool, E. B.
Cannada William, truckman, h 4 Sears place
Canney John, clerk, h. Maverick, c. Paris
Canney Patrick, house 15 Morton
Canney Wm. carpenter, h. 70 Nashua
Canning .James, h. Hooton court, E. B.
Canning Samuel, laborer, h. 8 Adams place
Canning Wm. mason, house 5 Southac
Cannon Andrew, laborer, house 5 Battery
Cannon Clarissa, widow, h. 6 N. Charles
Cannon Francis, laborer, h. 486 Commercial
Cannon George {SMiHcvant, Edwards, &; Co.), h.
Border, E. B. [h. at E. Cambridge

Cannon John, daguerrian artist, 2 Blanchard's blk.
Cannon John, laborer, house 2 Seabury place
Cannon Marsena, daguerreotypist, 123 Washing-
ton, house 6 Lowell ct.
Cannon Michael, laborer, house Maverick, E. B.
Cannon Patrick, tailor, h. near 27 Atkinson
Cannon Patrick, laborer, house 41 Endicot
Cannon Patrick, laborer, house 42 Tine
Caijovan Andrew, laborer, h. 67 Atkinson
Conovan Edward, laborer, house 18 Oneida
Canovan James, laborer, house 199 Ann
Canovan Morris, laborer, h. 2 Langdon place
Canovan Thomas, laborer, house 1 Church place
Canterbury Charles {Ttirell, Brothers), boards 1

Tremont place
Canterbury Charlotte S. widow, house 2 Tileston
Canty Jeremiah, laborer, house 90 Sea
Canty Thomas, blacksmith, h. 8 Orange lane
Canty Timothy, laborer, house Humphrey place
Capen Abby, dry goods, 155 Court, h. at Newton
Capen Barnard, clerk, bds. K, corner Ninth
Capen Edward, bds. 2 Bowdoin [Bowdoin sq.

Capen Edward W. {George Ilill, & Co.), bds. 7
Capen Francis L. teacher," 339 Washington, bds. 8

Central court
Capen Frederic W. merchant, 65 Commercial wf.
house at Newton

Capen Geo. O. (Mitchell &; C), house 40 Porter

Capen Harriet C. house 16 High

Capen Henry G. 127 State, house 147 Pleasant

Capen John, 12Bromfield, h. K, cor. Ninth

Capen John, house 13 Sullivan place

Capen Josiah & Son {Josiah A.), curled hair, 164

Tyler, h. 2 Tyler
Capen Josiah A. (/. Capen iS, Son), h. Gold, n. F
Capen Lemuel Rev. h. K, corner Ninth
Capen Margaret F. Mrs. house 74 Bedford
Capen Moses L. blacking manuf. h. F, c. Sixth
Capen Nahum, 78 Washington, h. at Dorchester
Capen Oliver, express, 16 State, house at Dedham
Capen {Oliver) & Co. (J. D. Clapp, &; T. Barroios,

jr.), coal and hay, Packard's wf. 220 Broad
Capen Phineas, Probate office, h. at Medford
Capen Robert, physician, house 42 Tyler
Capen Samuel C. grocer, 38 Sea, h. 46 Sea
Capen AVilliam, boots, shoes, and leather, 29 Broad,

house at Jamaica plain
Capen Wm. W. 45 Milk

Capen Wm. W. {Green &; C), boards 6 Hayward pi.
Capper Harry, plumber, boards 30 Portland
Caraher Eugene, grocer. Second, n. F, house do.
Carberry Patrick, clothing, Maverick sq. h. do.
Carbrey James, pedler, house 63 Atkinson
Carbrey John, laborer, h. r. 184 Hanover
Carbrey Robert, pedler, house 63 Atkinson ■
Carbrey Wm. trader, house Tyler court
Carcaraore John B. Mrs. house Webster, E. B.
Cardell James, teamster, house rear 65 Eliot
Cardwell Mary A. widow, house rear 14 Wall
Carew Joseph, sculptor, house 276 Tremont
Carew (Joseph) & Brother ( Thomas), sculptors, 143

Har. av. house 276 Tremont
Carew Thomas {Joseph &: Brother), 143 Harrison av.
Carey Daniel, laborer, house 42 Vine
Carey Edward, carpenter, house 95 Fourth
Carey Hugh, tailor, Quincy Hall, h. 26 May
Carey James, laborer, house Sumner pi. E. B.
Carey {James F.) & Wilson {Robert), boot makers,

12 Boylston, house 470 Washington
Carey John, mariner, house 21 Oliver
Carey .John, cooper, house 5 East
Carey John, laborer, house 83 Kneeland
Carey John, waiter, house 5 Sweetser ct. [avenue
Carey Matthew, teamster, h. Northampton, n. Har.
Carey Patrick, laborer, house 75 Kneeland
Carey Peter, colorer, 8 Province, h. 42 Carver
Carey Thomas, carpenter, h. 24 Hamilton
Carey Willard, omnibus driver, h. 2 Canton st. pi.
Carg'ill Elizabeth D. widow, h. 4 Harmony court
Carlan Andrew, grocer, 66 Endicot, house do.
Garland Andrew, trader, h. opposite 19 Oliver
Garland Ellen, house 11 Oliver
Garland Michael, baker, house 2 Eliot place
Carles Peter, hair dresser, 6 N. sq. h. 2 Moon
Garleton Dudley B. clerk, 51 Pearl, h. r. 585 Wash.
Garleton John G. W. H. bootmak. h. 6 Fayette ct.
Garleton Samuel (.V. Metcalf if Co.), h. at Maiden
Garleton Silas, house 94 Chambers
Garleton Thos. P. fruit, 30 Wash. b. 4 Staniford pi.
Garleton William, lamp manufacturer, 12 Beach,

house at Charlestown
Carley H. D. broker, 28 Sudbury
Carley John, laborer, house 12 Sister
Carley Patrick, laborer, house 164 P'ourth
Carlin Brien, grocer, 14 Batterymarch, h. do.
Garlin John, tailor, h. 4 North Hanover cotnt
Carlin Patrick, laborer, house 56 Kneeland
Carlin Philip, laborer, house 5 1-2 Cross
Carline Thomas, laborer, house 27 Minot
Carling G. fancy glass blower, b. 9 Brattle square
Carlisle Geo. provisions, 241 Ann, h. 2 Lathrop pi.
Carlisle Ira, carpenter, bds. 4 Fort avenue
Carlisle John, Boylston Market, b. 8 La Grange pi.
Carlisle Joseph, nier. broker, 145 Sea, boards 8 La

Grange pi.
Carlisle Sarah, boarding h. 8 La Grange place
Carlisle William A. painter, h. 28 Nashua



Carll Samuel F. {Bradbury, Harmon S; Co.), bds.

Hanover House
Carlon James, tailor, house 23 Morton
Carlow Thomas, laborer, h. Second, corner B
Carlson Lydia A. Mrs. boarding, h. 221 Ann [bl'k
Carlton Alexander, carriage builder, h. 1 Newman's
Carlton Catherine, widow, h. 1 Hancock row
Carlton Daniel F. boots and shoes, 297 Washing-
ton, house at Dorchester
Ciirlton Guy, 47 State

Carlton Elbridge G. 133 Milk, boards 55 Summer
Carlton Hiram A. express wagon, 7 State, h. rear

2i0 Hanover
Carlton John, ear builder, house 4 Madison place
Carlton John, cabinet maker, b. 3 La Grange pi.
Carlton John K. cooper, 1 Lewis wharf, h. Sumner,

cor. London, E. B. [A and B

Carlton Wm. handcartman, house Silver, between
Carman Stephen, laborer, house 17 Adams
Carmichael James, laborer, h. rear 51 Prince
Carmichael James, mason, house 8 Tileston
Carmichael John, carpenter, house 68 Atkinson
Garners Edward, laborer, house 66 Endicot
Carnes Abigail, widow, h. Webster, E. B.
Carnes Charles H. F. laborer, house 11 Oneida
Carnes Daniel, blacksmith, house 60 Atkinson
Carnes Edward & Co. (Lorinr/ Chess/nan), riggers,

Fulton, cor. Cross, house 11 Hull
Carnes Henry, tailor, 68 Court, h. at Maiden
Carnes James, hatter, house 27 Morton
Carnes James, shoe maker, bds. 12 Columbia
Carnes Joshua A. b. Webster, c. Terrace pi. E. B.
Carnes Mary Ann, widow, house 5 Suffolk
Carnes Mary Jane, dress maker, bds. 5 Suffolk pi.
Carnes Rachel Mrs. house 3 Hull
Carnes Sarah A. widow of George S. h. 14 Cooper
Carnes Wm. R. {Heyicood ^ C), h. 175 Hanover
Carney {Andrew) & Sleeper'( JacoS), 40 Ann, h. 57

Carney Andrew, laborer, h. Orleans, E. B.
Carney Barney, laborer, house rear 90 Federal
Carney Barney, laborer, house 95 Endicot
Carney Daniel, stone cutter, h. 7 Lawrence place
Carney Daniel, laborer, house 606 Washington
Carney Daniel, laborer, 90 Broad
Carney Francis, laborer, house 98 Broad
Carney Henry, laborer, house 14 Cyprus
Carney Henry, laborer, house Cottage, E. Boston
Carney James, laborer, house rear 114 Sea
Carney John, stone cutter, house 7 Pearl place
Carney John, laborer, 143 Broad
Carney John, teamster, house rear 24 Prince
Carney Josiah W. machinist, h. Havre, E. Boston
Carney Margaret, widow, h. 7 Lawrence place
Carney Michael, laborer, 9 Essex place
Carney Michael, laborer, h. 2 Crescent court
Carney Michael, tailor, h. Commercial, n. Charter
Carney Michael, laborer, house 143 Broad
Carney Thomas, stone cutter, h. 7 Lawrence place
Carney Thomas, laborer, house Fulton, n. Lewis
Carney William, laborer, 90 Broad
Carney William, blacksmith, 'h. 60 Atkinson
Caro Bernhard, chiropedist, 5 Franklin
Carovan James, tailor, house 20 Hamilton [pi.

Carpenter Albert, piano-forte maker, b. 8 Hayward
Carpenter Alfred, coppersmith, 8 Rowe's wharf, h.

Beach, near Sea
Carpenter Ann, confectionary, 284 AVashington
Carpenter Augustine D. house 120 Charles
Carpenter Cyrus, stoves, 28 Union, h. 4 Minot
Carpenter Eben C. h. Everett, near Ford pi; E. B.
Carpenter George, 48 Milk, b. Wash. Coffee House
Carpenter George O. {Banker, Crocker 4- Co.), h.

at South Reading
Carpenter Harvey, house 78 Prince
Carpenter Harvey, jr. dry goods, 200 Hanover, cor.

Princ e, house 9 Margaret
Carpenter Henry, clothing. Fleet, near Ann
Carpenter James {CarpeiUer, Fairbanks ^ Co.), h.

36 Common

Carpenter John A. {Gilmore & C), 15 R. R. Exch.
Carpenter Lawrence, h. Har. av. n. Olive place
Carpenter M. 20 Kilby, h. at Charlestown
Carpenter Margaret, "house 3 Charlestown
Carpenter {Newton), Fairbanks {Wm. N.), & Co.

{James Carpenter, J. Q. A. Litchfield, E.A. Ho-

bart), importers of woollens, &c. 34 Milk, h.

31 Edinboro' [48 Milk

Carpenter Oliver & Wm. bonnets and straw goods,
Carpenter Orin, piano-forte maker, h. 49 Oak
Carpenter Samuel, tailor, house Warren place
Carpenter Sarah, boarding, h. 3 Corey avenue
Carpenter Thomas, shoe maker, h. r. 34 S. Margin
Carpenter William (O. iSf IF. Carpenter), 48 Milk
Carpenter William, housewTight, house 5 Fuller
Carpenter & Co., Eastern Express, R. R. Exch.
Carpentier Orlempe, boarding, 19 Commercial
Carr Ansill, boarding and clothing, 263 Ann
Carr Charles, laborer, house 61 Endicot
Carr Daniel, hatter, house 14 Southac
Carr Daniel, express wagon, house 1 Commercial
Carr Daniel, jr. clerk, boards 36 Leveret
Carr David S. tailor, boards 10 Green
Carr Ellen Mrs. house rear 122 Fourth
Carr Frederick, clerk, boards 71 Pleasant
Carr Henry, laborer, house 436 Commercial
Carr John, tailor, house 3 Canal
Carr John, blacksmith, house 4 Andover
Carr John K. pump and block maker, Sumner,

house Marginal, E. Boston
Carr Jonathan R. teamster, house 6 Maiden place
Carr Jos. restorator, 3 Rowe's whf. h. at Charlest'n
Carr Joseph {Green ^ C), 44 Hanover, h. 9 Avery
Carr Joseph R. house 4 Central court
Carr Julia G. house 10 Travers
Carr Lewis C. cook, house 30 Nashua
Carr Michael, house Marion, E. Boston
Carr Moody, carpenter, 96 Portland, h. 30 Nashua
Carr Moses, carpenter, h. Piedmont, opp. Church
Carr Moses, ship carpenter, house Saratoga, E. B.
Carr Nathaniel {D. Roby &; Co.), boards 26 Billerica
Carr Robert, waiter, house 66 Essex
Carr Robert W. watchman, house rear 154 Tyler
Carr Samuel, cashier Shoe and Leather Dealers'

Bank, house at Charlestown
Carr Stephen, cabinet maker, house 82 South
Carr Thomas, house Cheever place, E. Boston
Carr William, ship carpenter, h. Lexington, E. B.
Carr William H. stevedore, h. Jackson av. c. Com'l
Carregan James, laborer, house 30 Thacher
Carrick John, laborer, house Hooton court, E. B.
Carrig Michael, laborer, h. Har. av. c. South May
Carrl James, laborer, house rear 96 Nashua
Carroll Catharine, widow, house 6 Church
Carroll Charles, restorator, house 12 Marion
Carroll Charles H. & Co. (8. H. Whorf), shoes and

leather, 65 Pearl, house at E. Cambridge
Carroll Dennis, laborer, house 5 Acorn
Carroll Francis A. painter, 21 Brattle
Carroll Geo. D. 9 Tremont row, boards 38 Essex
Carroll James, laborer, house 4 Gouch
Carroll John, teamster, house 127 Broadway
Carroll John, laborer. Page's court
Carroll Joseph, seaman, house 9 West Centre
Carroll Michael, laborer, house B. near Second
Carroll Patrick, laborer, house 75 Sea
Carroll Patrick, blacksmith, house Northampton
Carroll Mary, widow, house 12 Cyprus
Carroll Patrick, laborer, house 486 Commercial
Carroll Philip, house 1 1 South Margin
Carroll Sylvester, laborer, house 'i Lancaster
Carroll Thomas, china ware, 22 Sudbury
Carroll Thomas, grocery, 24 Atkinson, house do.
Carroll Thomas, laborer, house Page's ct. Ann
Carroll Thomas, boot maker, 76 Essex, boards 12

Essex place
Carroll Thomas S. rigger, house 3 Powars court
Carroll William, house 12 North Giove
Carron Michael, mason, boards 5 Kneeland pi.
Carrothers Noble, house Maiden, opp. Maiden pi.



Carruth Chas. com. mer. 13 India, h. at Dorchester
Carruth Chester H. {Geo. T. Carruth ^ Co.), bds.

2 Unity court

Carruth Daniel J. ale &c. 3 & 4 Gerrish block,

Blackstone, boards 18 N. Bonnet
Carruth Francis S. merchant, 16 Custom House

St. house 20 Pemberton square
Carruth Geo. J. 3 & 4 Gerrish block, b. 18 Bennet
Carruth George T. & Co. (C. H. Carruth), cigars

&c. 41 Hanover, house 2 Unity court
Carruth Henry, clerk, 41 Hanover, b. 2 Unity ct.
Carruth John, bill poster, house 4 Lathrop place
Carruth Nathan, 9 Railroad Exch. h. at Dorchester
Carruth & Co. 13 India, manufacturers linseed oil

and whiting [Roxbury

Carruthers John J. jr. 5 Museum building, house at
Carsley A. P. dress maker, house 11 Grove
Carsley J. M. organ builder, house 11 Grove
Carsley R. S. mason, boards 11 Grove
Carson Ann, widow, 27 1-2 Washington square
Carson Patrick, carpenter, house 15 Oneida
Carson William D. cooper, house rear 27 Sea
Carswell C. W. clerk, 25 Brattle square
Carteaux D. L. cigar maker, 110 Cambridge, h. do.
Carter A. Warren, 136 State
Carter Benjamin, machinist, house 12 Albany
Carter Benjamin A. musician, 33 Court, house 71

Carter Charles, house 26 Billerica
Carter Charles, chair painter, h. 45 South Margin
Carter (Charles M.) & Davis (Person), flour and

grain, Charlestown, cor. Stillman, h. 86 Charles
Carter Daniel, laborer, house 1 Foster place
Carter Ebenezer, boarding, 143 Court
Carter George P. book binder, h. Wash. n. Maiden
Carter (George R.) &■ Treadwell (L. L.), clothing,

46 Kilby, boards American House
Carter George T. house rear 40 Fayette
Carter Granville, clerk, 27 Milk, h. 1 Jefferson pi.
Carter Henry, house 454 Washington
Carter Henry, 59 Milk, boards 51 Summer
Carter James, carpenter, house 71 South
Carter James, merchant, house 65 Summer
Carter John, hatter, boards 9 Derne [Bussey pi.
Carter J. jr. (/. W. Carter S; Brother), house 10
Carter (./. WMer) & Brother (J. Jr.), West India

goods, 17 Water, house 10 Bussey place
Carter John, house rear 40 Fayette
Carter John H. coppersmith, house at W. Chelsea
Carter Joseph B. (Holbrook, Carter Sg Co.), house

3 Beacon Hill

Carter Joshua, boards 18 West Cedar [Lawrence
Carter Levi H. livery stable, Batterymarch, h. at
Carter Luke, 69 Water, house at Cambridge
Carter Mary, widow, house 518 Commercial
Carter Mary T. widow, house 12 Crescent place
Carter Nathaniel, furnishing goods, 31 Washing-
ton, boards 9 Brattle square
Carter Nathaniel, housewright, house Trumbull
Carter Nelson, teamster, house 108 Hudson
Carter Oliver (Bullard ^f C.), house 4 Garland
Carter Richard B. (Wiikins, Carter 8^ Co.), house

70 Chesnut
Carter Samuel, (Flint 5r C), house 1 HoUis place
Carter (Solomon), Colcord (S. M.), & Preston (G.
C), druggists, Hanover, cor. Portland, house
16 Friend
Carter Thomas, cabinet maker, house 126 Endicot
Carter Thomas, house 454 Washington [Acorn
Carter Timothy H. publisher, 1 1-2" Water, house 5
Carter William, laborer, house rear 99 Broad
Carter William, laborer, house Porter, E. B.
Carter William, laborer, house 8 Butolph
Carter William, carpenter, house 5 Fuller
Carter William B. music teacher, Suffolk, corner
Canton, house W. Dedham [h. at Dorchester
Carter William, jr. piano polisher, 334 Washington,
Cartret Abigail, widow, tdiloress, h. 2J Spring
Cai-tret Frank, rope maker, Milldam, house at

Cartret John, painter, house 3 Milton
Cartwright Charles W. president Manufacturers'

Insurance Co. h. 25 Hancock [25 Hancock
Cartwright Frederick H. (Chcever, C- <^- Co.), h.
Cartwright George B. house 25 Hancock
Cartwright John VV. 18 Harrison avenue
Carty Daniel, laborer, house Half Moon place
Carty Richard, laborer, 23 Washington place
Carty Thomas, laborer, house 6 Wendell
Carvenough Mary, widow, house 4 Carney place
Carver Ann, widow, house 1 Ohio place
Carver Charles, ladies' shoe maker, h. 88 Warren
Carver David, mer. tailor, 52 Wash. h. at Newton
Carver John, tailor, house 10 1-2 Pleasant
Carver Mary, nurse, 88 Warren
Carver Reuben, groceries, Johnson's block, boards

1 Causeway, corner Leveret
Carwich David, laborer, house 17 Vine
Gary Alpheus, stone cutter, 72 Harrison avenue,

house 14 Newton place
Cary Charles, clerk, 69 Wash, boards 44 High
Gary Charles, stone mason, house Gold, corner D
Cary Charles G. machinist, house Centre, E. B.
Cary Daniel, house Bolton, near F [place

Cary Geo. B. (J. Bradlee S^ Co.), h. 5 Mt. Vernon
Cary Isaac, bank note engraver, 204 Washington,

house 25 Orange
Cary Isaac H. 50 Wash, house at Jamaica plain
Cary James, shoe maker, house 468 Washington
Cary James, printer, boards 2 Channing
Cary James, laborer, house 314 Ann
Cary (James F.) & Wilson (Robert), shoemakers,

10 Batterymarch and 12 Boylston
Cary James M. trader, house 133 Broadway, n. C
Cary Jane, widow, house 15 South Russell
Cary Jane, widow of Elijah, h. 204 Third, near F
Cary John, laborer, house 36 Curve
Cary Morris, laborer, house 33 Oneida
Cary Nathan C. at Register Probate office, Ct. sq.

house at Roxbury [Foxboro'

Cary Otis, iron founder, 19 N. Market, house at
Cary Patrick, shoe maker, house 19 Wash, square
Cary Quincy A. upholsterer, boards r. 57 Temple
Cary Thomas G. 8 1-2 Tremont row, house 10

Temple place [Temple place

Cary Thomas G. jr. 8 1-2 Tremont row, house 10
Cary William A. (G. H. Sanderson <Sf Co.), house

at Brookline
Caryl Francis A. teacher, r. 662 Wash. h. 35 Myrtle
Caryl (Henri/) & Cushman (H.), sofas, chairs, &c.

7 Hitchborn block, house at Charlestown
Casas F. B. teacher of Spanish and Drawing, 24

Joy's building [32 S. Cedar

Case Albert B. cabinet maker, 475 Washington, h.
Case James B. clerk, 35 Milk
Case John R. machinist, boards 45 Hudson
Case Pardon W. housewright, rear 375 Washing-
ton, store 340 do. house 49 Carver
Casey Barnard, carpenter, h. Wash, near Dover
Casey Daniel, mason, house 1 Foster place
Casey David, fruit dealer, house 107 Broad
Casey Francis, wheelwright. Sea, h. 17 E. Orange
Casey James, laborer, boards 46 Bridge
Casey James, laborer, house 3 Seabury place
Casey James L. 106 State, house Ontario
Casey John, laborer, house 15 Pearl place
Casey John, laborer, house Cove, near Cove place
Casey John, naturalization office, h. 4 Williams ct.
Casey Margaret, seamstress, h. Kneeland, c. Tyler

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