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Codding David N. moulder, b. 10 Winthrop, E. B.
Coddington Edward, printer, house lo S. Cedar
Codman Benjamin S. dentist, house 484 Wash.
Codman Edward & Co. {John Broo/cs Parker),

wines, 95 State, house 59 Beacon
Codman Francis, boards 34 Boylston
Codman Henry, counsellor, 40 State, h. at Roxbury
Codman John, counsellor, 4 Court, h. 41 Chesnut
Codman John Amory, artist, 8 Araorj' Hall, house
at Roxbury [Dorchester

Codman Robert, counsellor, 46 Court, house at
Codman Stephen, 7 India wharf, h. 1 Hamilton pi.
Codman Susan, widow of William, h. 41 Chesnut
Codman AVillard W. dentist, house 33 Boylston
Codman William C. merchant, 46 Central wharf,

house at Dorchester
Cody Edward, brass founder, Curve, h. 15 London
Cody Thomas, boards 16 East
Cody Thos. A. at B. & W. freight depot, b. 19 Oak
Coe John E. book keeper Marlboro' Hotel
Coe Richard C. clerk, 1 Museum building, Tremont
Coe Samuel R. lodging, 192 and 194 Ann
Coe William, painter, house Bolton, near B
Coflfee Andrew, laborer, house Gold, near A
Coffee John, laborer, h. 15 Bartlett
Coffee John, laborer, h. 23 Washington avenue
Coffee John, waiter, h. 20 Hamilton
Coffee John, piano-forte maker, h. 9 Camden
Coffee Michael, laborer, h. 80 Kneeland
Coffee Patrick, house Gold, corner A
Coffee Thomas, laborer, h. on Howe's wharf
Coffey Patrick, laborer, 19 Washington avenue
Coffin Aaron, carpenter, Tremont road, house 46

Coffin A. Bigelow, 105 State, bds. 49 Essex
Coffin Abel H. book keeper, 4 Lewis wharf, house

at Charlestowu
Coffin Ann, nurse, house 29 Grove
Coffin Charles H. com. raer. 1 City wharf
Coffin David, hatter, boards 28 Nashua
Coffin Galen, {R/'x cV Co.), b. 101 Pleasant
Coffin Gardner S. locksmith and blacksmith, 58

Brattle, house 2 Dix place
Coffin Geo. B. boards 54 Essex
Coffin (G. Winthrop) & Weld (J. G.), merchants,
43 Central wharf, h. Washington, c. Decatur
Coffin Geo. W. land agent, State House, h. 7 Rowe
Coffin James H. carpenter, bds. 46 Fayette
Coffin John L. book keeper, house 58 Essex
Coffin Joseph M. clerk, h. r. 11 Carver
Coffin Langdon, broker, 5 Congress square, house
at Newton corner [28 Nashua

Coffin Marcus V. housewright, 16 Harvard pi. b.
Coffin Mary A. L. boarding, h. Orleans, E. B.
Coffin Nath'l R. butter, cheese, and fruit, 24 Mer-
chants' row, h. Channing, cor. Sister [Charles
Coffin N. W. 20 Old State House, h. Boylston, n.
Coffin Thomas B. housewright, h. 11 Osborn place
Coffin Thos. M. machinist, 80 Federal, h. 49 Carver
Coffin Uriah H. housewright, bds. 735 Washington
Coffin Wm. cashier Columbian Bank, h. Essex pi.
Coffin Wm. B. secretary Mercantile Marine Insur-
ance Co. house corner Essex place
Coffin Wm. E. & Co. {J. H. Coitoti), iron factors,

105 State, house 23 Edinboro'
Coffin Wm. S. physician, 115 Court, h. 7 Rowe

Coffin Z. Erastus, housewright, house Third, be-
tween C and D
Coffney John, laborer, house 18 Livingston
Coffran Joseph, pedler, h. 55 Warren
Coffren Ariel, grocer, 7 Suffolk, h. 1 Decatur
Coffren James, teamster, h. Bennington, E. B.
Cofield John, h. 198 Hanover
Cofran George, mason, house 2 Gouch place
Cofran James, teamster, house 8 Commercial
Cofran James, house 7 Adams
Cofran Joseph, hackman, b. 18 West
Cogan William, job wagon, house Second, near B
Cogan William, laborer, house 11 Battery
Coggeshall H. E. 80 State

Coggin Henry, coachman, house 26 Prince [ter
Coggins Edw. A. varnisher, h. Bolton, n. Dorches-
Coggins Patrick, laborer, h. rear 10 S. Margin
Coggins Thomas, tailor, house 9 Williams
Cogswell Frederick, sail maker, bds. 30 Nashua
Cogswell James A. 26 Charlestowu
Cogswell John C. 90 F. H. M. bds. 2 Richmond
Cogswell Moses P. {Rand if C.)
Cogswell Robert, painter, h. 97.^ Chambers
Cogswell Zaccheus {E. Choate i^ Co.), b. 8 Howard
Cohane Michael, tailor, h. 5 Humphrey place
Coharn Timothy, laborer, h. Suffolk, o'pp. ch.
Cohen Simon, 181 Washington, b. 24 Sudbury
Coigley James, ornamental carver, 505^ Wash-
ington, h. 29 Beach .
Coit Daniel T. physician, h. 12 High, n. Summer
Cokely Catharine, widow, 9 Columbia
Cokely Patrick, tailor, 4 Clinton
Cokely Patrick, laborer, house 45 Sea
Colbath Absolam P. handcartman, h. 81 Prince
Colbath James, teamster, house Lexington place
Colbath Mark A. L. truckman, h. 2 Gilman place
Colbath Relief {Crow/ei/ St; C), 633 Washington
Colbert Andrew, basket maker, h. Northampton,

near Harrison avenue
Colbert John, laborer, h. r. Havre, n. Maverick
Colbeth John, piano-forte maker, h. W. Dedham,

cor. Suffolk
Colburn Ann, house 41 Harrison avenue
Colburn Charles, laborer, h. New, n. Sumner, E. B.
Colburn Charles, boards 2 Sewall place
Colburn Charles M. laborer, h. 1 Chardon street pi.
Colburn Edward, house 2 Sewall place
Colburn Frederick, boards 17 Franklin place
Colburn Gilman White, boards 33 Kneeland
Colburn Hh-am, hats and caps, 2 City wharf, on

Commercial, h. 23 Harvard
Colburn James, boards 20 Beacon [Chambers

Colburn Jeremiah, hats, 60 Washington, house 50
Colburn {Joseph) & Howard {John F.), wood and

coal. Turnpike, near the bridge, house 384

Colburn Joshua, dry goods, house 2 Sewall place
Colburn Michael, laborer, house 4 Boylston square
Colburn Samuel, 8 Water, b. Com'l Coffee House
Colburn Wm. H. clerk, 70 Commercial, b. Fulton

Colburn Wm. H. 57 Pearl, boards U. S. Hotel
Colburn (If 7//;s H.) &. Hall {Geo. O.), flour and

grain. North Free Bridge, S. B. h. Old Harbor
Colburn {Willis) &. Hall {Geo. D.), com. mer. 21

Commercial wharf
Colby Amos, hats, 10 Com'l, h. 34 Snowhill
Colby Daniel, pattern maker, house Decatur
Colby Dorothy, widow, h. 436 Washington [ton
Colby Gardner, woollen goods, 22 Milk, h. at New-
Colby George W. hats, caps, 5 Elm, b. 18 Hanover
Colby Hannah, widow, house Princeton, E. B.
Colby John, produce, Maverick sq. h. 22 Cross
Colby Johnson, city messenger, City Hall, house

23 Prospect
Colby Luther, printer, boards e.T Myrtle
Colby M. & Co. furniture, 483 Washington
Colbv Mary T. nurse, house 6 South Cedar
Colby Moses L. boot maker, 62 1-2 Myrtle, h. 63 do.
Colby Nathaniel B. carpenter, house 19 Charter



Colby Osmond V. boarding, 18 Hanover [Taylor
Colby Philip N. sash maker, Tremont road, h. 5
Colby Robert L. counsellor, 47 Court, b. City Hotel
Colby Ruth, widow of Joseph, house 12 Castle
Colby Samuel, pilot, h. 17 Sheafe
Colby Sarah, boarding, house 9 Batterymarch
Colby Wm. carpenter, boards 11 Dover
Colby Wm. hats and caps, 47 N. Market, bds. 18
Hanover ' [avenue

Colby Wm. B. lightening conductors, h. 2Kennard
Colcbrd John M. teacher Phillips School
Colcord John W. teacher, boards 8 Derne
Colcord Phineas, house Maverick sq. E. B.
Colcord {Phineas, jr.) & Russell {Amos), ^nnk, 3

Richmond, h. Sumner, East Boston
Colcord S. M. {Carter, C, & Preston), h. 66 Myrtle
Cole Albert, mariner, h. 1 Eaton place
Cole Albert C. clerk, boards 56 Dover
Cole Ambrose W. carrier, h. r. 37 Pleasant
Cole Bethia, widow, house 91 Summer
Cole Byron {Eaton, Hill, & Co.), bds. 31 Harvard
Cole Charles, daguerreotypist, 63 Court, b. 27 Oak
Cole Charles D. "(Coc/trnw, Cole, &, Co.)
Cole Chase, piano-forte maker, boards 25 Harvard
Cole Geo. M. wood and coal, Tremont, n. Pleasant,

house 254 Tremont
Cole Hirain, house Meridian, E. B.
Cole Hiram F. 48 Milk, house at East Cambridge
Cole James, stone mason., boards 26 Ann
Cole Jeffrey, blacksmith, boards 5 Kellam place
Cole John, cordwainer, 36 Myrtle
Cole John S. carpenter, house 12 Oliver place
Cole Levi, machinist, house 17 Hamburg
Cole Lucius, carpenter, h. 3 S. May
Cole Morrill, linseed oil manufacturer, 18 India

wharf, house Eutaw, c. Meridian
Cole Oliver, book keeper. Globe Bank, h. 8 Poplar
Cole Raymond, assistant clerk, Court Common

Pleas, bds. 8 Fayette
Cole Reuben H. house 258 Hanover
Cole Richard, clerk, 1 Museum block, Tremont
Cole Samuel, jr. carpenter, li. Silver, n. G
Cole Salathiel, blacksmith, h. 10 Dover
Cole Seth, printer, h. Barre pi. [at Chelsea

Cole S. W. editor N. E. Farmer, Quincy Hall, h.
Cole Thomas, laborer, Washing, ave. c. Purchase
Cole William, laborer, h. 20 Wash. sq.
Cole William, h. Suttblk, opp. Blackstone sq.
Cole Winslow, cooper, house 64 Carver
Coleman Charles, laborer, h. opp. 1 Hamburg
Coleman David T. stevedore, h. Sumner, E. B.
Coleman Edward, machinist, b. 228 Harr. ave.
Coleman Edward, stevedore, h. Sumner, E. B.
Coleman Elijah J. housewright, h. I, near First
Coleman Elisha P. clerk, 92 Hanover, h. 6 Pitts
Coleman James, house 6 Indiana
Coleman James, stevedore, house 21 Wash. ave.
Coleman Jeremiah, mason, house 107 Hudson
Coleman John, mariner, house Kelley pi.
Coleman John, grocer, 12 Hamilton, house do.
Coleman Joseph, carpenter, house 18 Charter
Coleman Joseph, house 17 Norfolk place
Coleman Lewis, dry goods, 379 AVash. h. 64 Dover
Coleman Phoebe, seamstress, boards 30 W. Cedar
Coleman Phineas, clothing, 386 Com'l, h. 8 Han-
over avenue
Coleman William, pedler, h. 5 Moon st. ct.
Coleman Wm. 11 Tremont row, bds. Lowell House
Coleman Wm. W. restorator, 14^ Lowell, h. 16 do.
Coles Elbridge G. coach painter, Charlestown, c.

Beverly, house 48 Cooper
Coles J. F. 128 Washington

Coles Larkin B. physician, house 54 Essex [chase
Coles Winslow V. copper plate printer, h. 7 Pur-
Colesworthy Maria P. boards 68 Prince
Colesworthy Wm. A. 461 Wash, boards 1 Eliot
Colesworthy William H. boards 7 Franklin
Colesworthy William H. trunk maker, 9 Hanover
Coley John, birds and cages, 78 Hanover, c. Union
Colgan John, blacksmith, house 12 A, n. Fourth

Colgen James, carpenter, boards 508 Wash.
Coligan Patrick, laborer, house 39 Oneida
Coll H. J. jeweller, 282 Wash. h. at Ro.xbury
CoUamore George W. house 41 Salem
Collamore Oilman, 51 Com'l whf. h. at Charlestown
CoUamore Jolin, jr. & Co. {R. E. Nexoman, ^ J.
Curtis, jr.), crockery ware, 98 Wash, house 10
Kingston [Newton

CoUas Louis, carpenter, house Washington, near
CoUey Benjamin E. 400 Wash. h. at Cambridge
Collier Ann, house 90 Eliot

Collier Benj. 43 Cornhill, h. at Chelsea [Chelsea
Collier David J. merch. tailor, 47 Congress, h. at
Collier Elizabeth, widow, h. 113 Cambridge
Collier Ellen, widow, house 10 Dover
Co'lier Isaac, rope maker, house Border, E. B.
Collier John, blacksmith, h. Border, n. Cross, E. B.
Collier Joseph H. watchman, h. 3 Canton st. ct.
Collier Mary A. teacher Brimmer Sch. h. 90 Eliot
Collier William, boots and shoes, Suffolk, h, Fabin
Collier William R. boards 10 Channing
Collins Bartholomew, brush maker, h. 6 Pearl pi.
Collins Bartholomew, laborer, house 6 Lehigh
Collins Benjamin, {Stearns ^ Co.), 26 Water
Collins Beiijanrin, carpenter. Meridian, h. Sumner
Collins Catharine Mrs. h. 290 Fourth
Collins Daniel, boot maker, 85 Sea, h. do.
Collins David, laborer, h. 2 Livingston place
Collins Edmund, laborer, house 5 Lucas place
Collins Edward, blacksmith, h. 19 Williams
Collins Elisha K. di-y goods, h. 100 Chambers
Collins Elmer, 40 Long wharf, h. at Charlestown
Collins George, tailor, house r. 4 Church
Collins James, boiler maker, h. Second, cor. A
Collins James, boarding, h. 2 Hanover avenue
Collins James, gardener, house rear 147 Wash.
Collins James, laborer, h. Wilberforce place
Collins James, grocer. Sea, cor. Beach, h. do.
Collins James, clothing, 42 Blackstone
Collins James, carpenter, house 42 Endicot
Collins James C. painter, house 3 N. Hanover ct.
Collins James H. mason, boards 66 Suffolk
Collins Jeremiah, plasterer, house 21 Oliver
Collins Jeremiah, laborer, house 64 Purchase
Collins John, laborer, house Cottage
Collins John, laborer, house Furnace
Collins John, laborer, house 2 Milton
Collins John, laborer, house Oliver, opp. Wendell
Collins John, tailor, house 14 Pearl place
Collins John, laborer, house 78 Kneeland
Collins John H. house 7 Pitts [way

Collins John H. {Kettell, C. * Co.), h. 284 Broad-
Collins Matthias, glass packer, house Gold, n. C
Collins Michael, laborer, h. r. Third, n. B
Collins Michael, laborer, house 7 1-2 Wharf
Collins Michael, laborer, 172 Purchase [Chelsea
Collins Michael, carpenter, rear 21 Union, house at
Collins Michael, laborer, house 35 Merrimac
Collins Michael, laborer, house 22 Wash, place
Collins Patrick, grocer, house Paris, E. B.
Collins Patrick, laborer, house 4 Sullivan place
Collins Patrick, laborer, house 2 Milton
Collins Patrick, blacksmith, 71 South
Collins Patrick, laborer, house 104 Warren
Collins Patrick, boarding, 2 Clark & 290 Ann
Collins Patrick, carpenter, house 15 Belmont
Collins Patrick, laborer, house 13 Hamburg
Collins Richard, brass finisher, house r. 1 Centre
Collins Sarah, tailoress, house 240 Hanover
Collins Susan, widow, house 4 Chardon
Collins Thomas, laborer, house rear 40 Endicot
Collins Thomas, hair dresser, 21 Devonshire, bds.

32 Southac
Collins Thomas, laborer, house 164 Purchase
Collins Thomas, laborer, house 7 Canal [Market
Collins Thomas G. housewright, 40 Merrimac, h. 1
Collins Timothy, fruit, 149 Broad, house do.
Collins Timothy, laborer, house Humphrey pi.
Collins Timothy, laborer, house 3 Wendell
Collins Timothy, laborer, house 264 Broad



Collins William, hatter, boards 5o Hanover
Collins "\Vm. N. truckman, h. Fifth, n. C [rop pi.
Collins Walter R. carpenter, 11 Marshall, h. 6 Lath-
CoUis William H. house 55 Marion
CoUock Marcellus, boards 52 Harrison ave.
Colman Ammicl, boarding, 8 Purchase place
Colman E. A. paper hanger, 2 Union block, h. at

Chelsea [house 2 Porter

Colman Edward, grocer, Bedford, cor. Kingston,
Colman Henry, locksmith, 11 Water, h. 22 Marion
Colman James, laborer, house 65 Broad
Colman James G. clerk, bds. 8 Purchase place
Colman John, laborer, house 45 Oswego
Colman Joseph, mariner, house opp. 96 Fulton
Colman Noah H. & Co. hats, &e. 51 North Market,

house 30 Auburn
Colman Patrick, laborer, house rear 20 Merrimac
Colman Waterman, boards 8 Purchase place
Colson James, 40 Ann, house 3 Chelsea, E. B.
Colson Joseph, house Saratoga, E. B.
Colson Joseph, 1 Com'l whf. h. 15 Saratoga
Colson Willis A. house 10 Crescent place
Colt B. F. 14 Mer. Exch. house 17 Pinckney
Colter James, laborer, house 2 Cove
Colter James, brass finisher, house 28 Oneida
Colthrust Wm. carpenter, house 56 Kneeland
Colton Albert, book binder, boards 252 Wash.
Colton Charles W. printer, 2 Water
Colton Geo. druggist, 112 Cambridge, n. 134 do.
Colton William F. clerk, bds. 18 Hanover
Coltman Henry W. coppersmith, Havre, E. B.
Coltman James W. coppersmith, Lewis, h. Havre,

East Boston
Colwell Thomas, tailor, house 6 Thacher court
Colver Nath'l Rev. house 2 Pro^inc€ House court
Colyer Francis, laborer, house Grover place
Comer George N. accountant and teacher of book-
keeping, 139 Wash. h. 274 Tremont
Comer Thomas, musician, boards 23 Bedford
Comerford Michael, laborer, h. 44 S. Margin
Comerford Nicholas, gold beater, h. Northampton
Comerford P. chemist, house rear 794 vVash.
Comey George P. clerk, boards 31 High
Comey W. G. old iron, boards Western Ave. Hotel
Coniins Linus B. patent leather, 22 Dock square,

house at Roxbury
Comins Pascal E. house 69 Suffolk
Comins Patrick, laborer, house Gold, near A
Comsett Lucretia, widow, house 2 Nashua
Comstock Sylvester, boards 19 Albany
Conahan Patrick, laborer, house Creek square
Conan Patrick, laborer, h. Page's court
Conant's Express, 7 State [Poplar

Conant Andrew P. leather, 7 Blackstone, house 58
Conant A. W. boards at Albion
Conant Daniel, laborer, house 3 Thacher
Conant Daniel, laborer, h. 7 Commer'l [n. Canton
Conant Frederick P. housewright, house SutTolk,
Conant Ira, boards 439 Washington
Conant Josiah F., AV. I. goods and fruit, 3 Faneuil

Hall, h. 80 Temple [h. at Cambridge

Conant (Levi) & Gross (I. S.), 62 & 64 F. H. M.
Conant Levi, instructor Eliot School
Conant Matthew W. M. clerk, house 48 Bridge
Conant Nathan, teamster, house 1 Barton
Conant Peter, 37 Congress, house at Charlestown
Conant Smyrna, painter, boards 2 Russell court
Conant AVm. F. 53 Com. whf. h. at Charlestown
Conaty James, grocer, 794 Washington
Condell Philip, printer, boards 4 Channing
Condit D. S. & Brother ( lFi7/(a»i), hardware, 42

Union, boards 8 Howard 151 Court

Condit William {D. S. C. & Brother), 42 Union, b.
Condon Benjamin, laborer, h. n. F. Bridge, S. B.
Condon Dennis, laborer, house B, near Second
Condon James, laborer, house 24 Athens
Condon James, laborer, house B, near Second
Condon James, laborer, house rear 239 Ann
Condon John, laborer, house D, near Athena
Condon John, laborer, house 16 Bennet

Condon Patrick, laborer, h. 26 Athens, near A
Condon Samuel, printer, house 16 Gouch
Condon Thomas, laborer, house 21 Fleet
Condron John L. currier, 28 Charlestown, house 1

N. Margin place
Condry Rebecca, tailoress, 46 Prince
Cone Charles F. 30 F. H. Market
Cone Thomas S. 9 Chatham row, b. 54 Belknap
Conery Edward, laborer, house 289 Ann
Conery Thomas (C Bitttrick &; Co.), h. 6 Cherry
Coney Ellen, widow, house rear 114 Sea
Coney George H. clerk, boards 69 Broadway
Coney Jabez, machinist, foundry, h. 69 Broadway
Coney John, laborer, house 19 Pitts
Coney Peter, groceries, 106 Ann, house do.
Congdon Wm. salesman, 23 Elm, house 17 Oak
Conklan Patrick, clerk, house 10 Washington sq.
Conlan Barney, laborer, h. 10 Bridge st. court
C'onlan James, silversmith, house rear 20 East
Conlan James, trader, house 4 N. Federal court
Conlan Michael, laborer, house W. Dedham
Conlan Patrick, laborer, house London, E. B.
Conlan Peter, laborer, house Maverick
Conlan Thomas, laborer, house 39 Charlestown
Conley Barney, laborer, house rear Fifth, near C
Conley Charles C. builder, h. 193 Broadway, n. D
Conley Cornelius, mason, h. 90 Turnpike, near A
Conley Francis, house Second, bet. A & Turnpike
Conley James, stone cutter, house 41 Portland
Conley James, brass finisher, house 9 Oneida
Conley John, shoe maker, house 144 Ann
Conley John, laborer, house Richmond, near Ann
Conley Martin, tailor, house 95 Endicot
Conley Michael, laborer, house Gold, near A
Conley Patrick, scowman, house Gold, near A
Conley Thomas, laborer, 143 Broad
Conn Horace {A. Thompson S^ Co.), h. at Wobum
Conn William B. laborer, house 3 1-2 S. Margin
Connahan Timothy, brush maker, h. 3 Sullivan pi.
Connell Dennis, laborer, house 328 Commercial
Council James, laborer, house 24 Pleasant
Connell James, laborer, house 7 Milton
Connell John, laborer, house 606 Washington
Connell jNIichael, house 1 Theatre alley
Connell Patrick, h. Bremen, n. Sumner, E. B.
Connell Patrick, blacksmith, h. Chelsea, E. B.
Connell Patrick, cooper, house 179 Purchase
Connell Timothy, laborer, house 17 Hamilton
Connell Timothy, boarding, h. 24 Cross [House
Connelly Aaron H. piano-forte maker, bds. Utica
Connelly Dennis, laborer, house 25 Williams
Connelly James, sawder, house Meridian
Connelly James, laborer, house 8 Battery
Connelly James, laborer, house Gold, near A
Connelly James, laborer, house 38 Belknap
Connelly John, laborer, house 65 Friend
Connelly Patrick, laborer, house 41 Sea
Connelly Patrick, laborer, house Gold, near A
Connelly Thomas, laborer, house Gold, near B
Connelly Thomas, moulder, h. 4 Bridge court
Connelly Timothy, laborer, house 9 Bartlett
Conner Charles, laborer, house 7 Battery
Conner Charles H. book keeper, 8 N. Market, bds.

Merchants' Exchange
Conner Dennis, laborer, house rear 5 Suffolk
Conner Henry, b. Merchants' Exchange Hotel
Conner John (IF. Bond 6,- Co.), house 102 Beach
Conner John, laborer, house Gold, near A
Conner John, laborer, house Cottage, E. B.
Conner Christopher, blacksmith, h. r. Third, n. D
Conners Daniel, laborer, house 7 E. Orange
Conners David, tailor, hotise 3 Wendell
Conners Edward, tailor, house 27 Williams
Conners Elizabeth, nurse, house 5 Norfolk place
Conners Ellen, widow, house Kneeland, n. Utica
Conners John, laborer, house 9 Bartlett
Conners John, tailor, house 223 Hanover
Conners John, laborer, house Colony
Conners Patrick, blacksmith, h. 67 Atkinson
Conners Thomas, laborer, house Gold, near A



Conners Thomas, laborer, house 10 Harr. avenue
Conners Thomas, laborer, house 8 Canal
Conners Timothy, grocer, 168 Fourth, house do.
Conners William, laborer, house 36 Curve
Connery David, mason, house 51 Fayette
Connery David, jr. mason, house 51 Fayette
Connery Edward, laborer, house rear 211 Hanover
Connolly Bridget, dress maker, house 3 Williams
Connolly Christopher, house 8 Essex place
Connor Andrew J. painter, house Bolton, near F
Connor Ann, widow, house Bolton, n. Dorchester
Connor John, mariner, house 99 Broad
Connor Mary, grocer, 251 Ann
Connor Michael, laborer, rear Third, near K
Connor Philip, boiler maker, 76 London, E. B.
Connor Thomas, plasterer, house 1 Piedmont
Connor William, laborer, house 46 Merrimac
Conologue Barney, spruce beer, h. Chelsea, E. B.
Conologue Charles, mason, h. Havre, E. B.
Conologue Margaret, widow, h. Chelsea, E. B. ,
Conologue Michael, mason, h. Havre, E. B.
Conquest William, rigger, house 16 Salutation
Conrey John Q. A. carpenter, h. r. 690 Wash.
Conry Richard, laborer, h. Kneeland, corner South
Conry Thomas, shoe maker, house 85 Essex
Constant Victor, sea captain, house 95 Summer
Converse Benjamin B. {Bticktiam <Sf C), house at

Roxbury [Gold, n. D

Converse Benning M. cordwainer, 69 Cornhill, h.
Converse Christopher C. flour & grain, 33 Eastern

Railroad wharf, house at Somerville
Converse Edmund W. {Blanchard, Converse ^ Co.),

boards 5 McLean
Converse Elisha S. 36 North Market [McLean
Converse James C. (Blanchard, C. <Sr Co.), house 5
Converse James W. {Field, C. &; Co.), house at

Jamaica Plain
Converse John, type caster, house 43 Auburn
Converse Joseph, porter, house 33 Billerica
Converse Joseph H. {Poland &; C), b. Bromfield

Conway Ann, dress maker, 78 Prince
Conway James, grocer, 89 Fourth, house do.
Conway Patrick, painter, house 12 Clark
Conway Patrick, laborer, h. Second, n. Dorchester
Conway Thomas, laborer, house 13 Adams
Conway Thomas, house rear 9 Federal covu't
Conwell Matthew, 341 Wash, boards 17 Tyler
Cook B. H. trader, house 42 Rochester
Cook Bridget, washing, house rear 57 Merrimac
Cook Caroline, dress maker, b. 80 Leveret
Cook Charles, lith. and engraver, 20 Joy's building,

boards 32 Lincoln
Cook Chas. sexton Central Church, h. 17 Nassau
Cook Charles Edward, paper hangings, 220 Wash-
ington, house 486 Washington
Cook Charlotte, widow, house 12 Fruit
Cook Colman, fish, 19 Lewis, h. London, E. B.
Cook Colman, 2d, carpenter, house Meridian, E.'B.
Cook Edmund, tailor, house 3 Cotting
Cook Edward, cabinet maker, house 2 Bartlett
Cook Elbridge G. machinist, h. 81 Broadway, n. B
Cook Eli, mason, house 80 Leveret
Cook Elisha, fish, 19 Lewis, h. Marginal, E. B.
Cook Emily, widow of Johu, h. 50 Piedmont
Cook Ephraim, laborer, house 6 N. Charles
Cook Francis, teamster, boards 64 Sea [bers

Cook George, merchant, 21 Com'l wf. h. 42 Cham-
Cook George, seaman, house 74 Purchase
Cook George, 14 Broad, b. Merchants' Exchange
Cook George T. {Wood &; C), h. 26 Portland
Cook Haney P. mariner, h. London, E. B. [pi.

Cook Henry, shoe maker, 6 Friend, h. 1 South st.
Cook H. A. express man at Bigelow's, R. R. Ex.
Cook Isaac, brewer, 25 Central, house at Brookline
Cook Jacob, sea captain, house l-ondon, E. B.
Cook James, house Athens, near Dorchester
Cook James K. stereotyper, boards 39 Brattle
Cook James M. painter, 10 Atkinson, h. at Newton
Cook James P. cabinet maker, h. 150 E, n. Bolton

Cook John, hackman, house 7 S. Cedar

Cook John C. clerk, 42 & 44 Kilby, house 8 Adams

Cook John L. watchman, house E. Dedham

Cook John V. laborer, house 80 Warren

Cook Judith S. millinery, 18 Bromfield ^

Cook Justin E. tailor, 123 Washington, boards 12

Crescent pi.
Cook Levi L. h. 12 Lynde
Cook Marcus C. 37 Court, bds. 2 Lyman pi.
Cook Mary, widow, h. 6 Nashua
Cook Moses, house 9 Hudson
Cook Nancy, cook, h. 1 Church
Cook Newell, clerk, bds. 51 High
Cook Patrick, ostler, h. 2 Haymarket pi.
Cook Patrick, laborer, h. 1 Belmont
Cook R. R. constable, 3 Franklin av. h. 20 Curve
Cook Solomon, house 15 Rochester
Cook Thomas, boarding, 368 Commercial
Cook T. D. Rev. h. 23.j Fourth, between E and F
Cook Wm. boiler maker, h. Border, near Sumner
Cook Wm. tailor, 4 Fan. Hall, house at Chelsea
Cook Wm. carpenter, house Everett, E. B.
Cook Wm. D. clerk, 372 Com'l, boards 15 Billerica
Cook Wm. H. shoes, 30 Broad, h. 21 Indiana pi.
Cook Wm. P. printer, 142 Washington, bds Albany,

c. Harvard
Cook Wm. T. hats, 15 & 17 Court, boards Pavilion
Cooke Benj. F. counsellor, 63 Court, Sears' block,

bds. 5 Ashburton place [place

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