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Cooke Josiah P. counsellor, 9 State, h. 17 Winthrop
Cooksley Ann, widow, h. Lewis, E. B. [Turnpike
Cooledge Charles C. cabinet maker, h. Silver, near
Cooledge George J. constable, 3 Franklin avenue,

house 18 Lowell [house 47 Brighton

Cooledge Isaac A. constable, basem't Court House,
Cooledge Lemuel A. grocery, 374 Washington, h.

24 Common
Cooley Aaron, h. Washington House 831 AVash.
Cooley Azariah, truckman, 36 Broad, h. 831 Wash.
Cooley Barnard, truckman, 36 Broad, h. 3 Strong pi.
Cooley Daniel ( W. Thu-uuj Ix. Co.), h. 3 Strong pi.
Cooley Darius M. h. 20 Boylston sq.
Cooley Eliza, house rear 92 Tremont [12 Bowdoin
Cooley George W. counsellor, 20 Court, h. opposite
Cooley John, laborer, h. 3 Carney pi.
Cooley Levi, fisheiTuan, house 37 Brighton
Cooley Levi, jr. boatman, house 37 Brighton
Cooley Wm. undertaker, house 6 McLean ct.
Coolidge Amos {Babcock i^ C. ), bds. 87 Har. av.
Coolidge Austin Mrs. bds. 6 Beacon
Coolidge Emerson T. {T. S; E. Coolidge), bds. foot

of Mount Vernon
Coolidge F. W. {Wheeler &; Co.),^ Court
Coolidge {George) & Wiley {John), printers, 12

Water, house at Dedham
Coolidge George, syrup manufacturer, 20 Blossom
Coolidge Henry J. 9 Tremont row
Coolidge James I. T. Rev. h. Beach, opp. Edinboro'
Coolidge John, painter, house 1 Bay
Coolidge John, jr. sash maker, Cambridge, corner

Charles, house 29 Grove
Coolidge J. T. 16 Union wharf, h. 69 Mt. Vernon
Coolidge Jonas, house 12 Poplar
Coolidge Joseph, h. 20 Louisburgh sq.
Coolidge Joseph, carpenter, house 4 Poplar
Coolidge Mary E. 6 Temple pi. [h. at Charlestown
Coolidge Nathan T. grocer, Sudbury, c. Portland,
Coolidge Nathan W. sail maker, house 77 Salem
Coolidge {Samuel F.) & Haskell {Elisha), auction-
eers, 29 and 31 Water, h. 1 Chesnut
Coolidge Sarah Mrs. house 27 Snowhill
Coolidge Tapley, baker, 796 Washington, h. do.
Coolidge Thacher & Emerson, provisions, 101

Charles, house 2 Lime
Coolidge Wm. D. com. mer. 32 Pearl, h. 52 Allen
Cooly John, laborer, h. 20 N. Margin
Coombs John, rigger, house Wright's court [State
Coombs (J. W.) & Symmes {Wm.), periodicals, 15
Coombs Levi B. {Arnaud &; C.), h. at Charlestown
Coombs Nancy K. house 6 Sweetser court





Coombs Rachael Mrs. house 71 Salem
Coombs Thomas W. cordwainer, b. 7 Mason
Coon Lewis, carpenter, house 447 Washington
Coonan Martin, porter, house 21 Atkinson
Cooney John, laborer, house 9 Cyprus
Cooney Patrick, laborer, house 9 Cyprus
Cooney Wm. harness maker, house 42 Purchase
Cooper Albion K. P. clerk, 38 Pearl, b. 6 Bowdoin
Cooper David, soap boiler, house 177 P'ourth
Cooper Edward, mariner, house 19 Washington av.
Cooper Edward M. trunk maker, 6 Dock square,

house 78 Pleasant
Cooper E. T. carpenter, bds. 47 Southac
Cooper Ezekiel, mariner, house oppo. 96 Fulton
Cooper Geo. P. 107 Fan. Hall Market, house at E.

Cooper Isaac, cooper, bds. 73 Purchase
Cooper James, laborer, house 22 Washington pi.
Cooper John, express wagon, house 47 Cross
Cooper John, house 4 Vernon place
Cooper John F. laborer, house 71 Endicot
Cooper John L. house 14 Prospect
Cooper Joseph, 4 Fan. Hall, house 14 Marion
Cooper Levi, mariner, house 11 Belmont
Cooper Patrick, baker, house 4 Hamilton alley
Cooper Richard, trader, house 141 Ann
Cooper Richard W. carpenter, h. Lexington, E. B.
Cooper Robert M. dancing, h. 14 La Grange place
Cooper Sarah P. boarding, 14 La Grange place
Cooper Thomas, laborer, house 5 Southac ct.
Cooper Thos. W. & Co. publishers, 27 Devonshire
Cooper William, laborer, house 4 Gouch
Cooper Wm. (French &; C.) 209 Broad
Cooper Wm. H. physician, Howard, c. Court
Cooper Wm. P. printer, bds. 11 Channing
Copeland Antoinette, widow, house 3 Canton
Copeland {Benjamin F.) & Kidder {F.), com. mar.

33 India, house at Roxbury
Copeland Chas. merchant, 33 India, h. at Roxbury
Copeland Charles, confectioner, 87 Court, h. 85 do.
Copeland Daniel, mason, house 2 Auburn
Copeland Elisha, city auditor, City Hall, house 31

S. Suffolk [Roxbury

Copeland Franklin & Co. wines, 47 India, house at
Copeland Franklin R. clerk, bds. 37 S. Cedar
Copeland Jas. silversmith, bds. Suffolk, c. Dedham
Copeland John B. mason, house 2-5 Auburn
Copeland Joseph W. confectionery, 4-5 Court, house

9 Gouch [166 do.

Copeland Moses W. provisions, 123 Cambridge, h.
Copeland Nancy, house 22 Pinckney [15 Spring
Copeland Robert M. book binder, 37 Congress, h.
Copeland Samuel, mariner, house 7 Prince
Copeland Seth, mason, h. 10 Hawkins
Copeland Sidney M. 36 Fan. Hall Market, bds. 23

Hanover [h. 2 Blake's court

Copeland Thomas, housewright, Harrison avenue,
Copeland William, carpenter, house 12 Lucas pi.
Copp John G. 19 N. Market, house Richmond, c.

Copperthorn Matthew, laborer, h. 2 Belcher lane
Corbetson Mary Mrs. house 368 Commercial
Corbett Patrick, tailor, house 31 Washington sq.
Corbett Rob't L. boiler maker, h. Arnold, n Wash.
Corbin Elizabeth, widow, house 6 Jackson place
Corbly Philip E. blacksmith, house Chelsea, E. B.
Corcoran John, laborer, house Maverick, E. B.
Corcoran Joseph, shoe maker, house r. 104 Sea
Corcoran Patrick, packer, opp. 75 Charlestown
Corcoran Thomas, laborer, house 45 Merrimac
Corcoran Thomas, laborer, house Suffolk, n. Lenox
Cordano A. (P. Gariboldi ^ Co.) [meadow

Cordis Francis T. {Horton,C. ^ Co.), house at Long-
Cordis Thomas, house 46 Beacon
Cordwell Harriet, widow, 14 Groton
Cordwell Robert H. {Locke & C), house 16 Auburn
Corey Charles R. 89 F. H. Market, h. 2 North sq.
Corey James, laborer, house 6 Thacher court
Corev Owen, shoe maker, opposite 94 Fulton, house

^89 Commercial


Corey's Express, 7 Elm

Corlew Benj. watchman, h. Second, n. Dorchester
Corlew Elijah J. S., Suffolk Bank, h. 11 Ashland
Corley Dennis, laborer, house 188 Ann
Corley Patrick, laborer, rear Third, near K
Corley Thomas, umbrella maker, 10 South st. ct.
Corliss Emery, mason, bds. 39 Brattle X®®^^

Corliss Horatio A. (Mud-c/e ^ Co.), bds. 12 N. Rus-
Corliss Peter, hair dresser, h. 2 Moon
Cormack James, 241 Washington
Cormerais Charles, book binder, h. 20 Fayette
Cormerais Henry (G. D. Jai^ves § C), house 20

Fayette [ette

Cormerais John, book keeper. 111 Milk, h. 20 Fay-
Cormerais Lucius, house 20 Fayette
Cormerais Sarah Mrs. house 20 Fayette
Cormier Joseph H. boarding house, 252 Hanover
Corneley John, laborer, h. Silver, near C
Cornelius Maria, dress maker, h. 41 Atkinson
(Jornell Edwin, machinist. Brown's, Harr. av. h. at

E. Maiden [E. Maiden

Cornell Wm. E. machinist, Brown's, Harr. av. h. at
Cornell Wm. M. physician, 5 Kneeland
Cornetz J. H. Baumgarten, box maker, 2 Union b'lk
Corney Eugene, tailor, house 15 Pearl place
Corning Nathaniel, 64 Blackstone, h. 75 Nashua
Corning Samuel C. distiller, house Lancaster
Cornish James {Lewis ^ C), head Long wharf
Corpe Samuel, mason, house 6 Village
Corrigan John, house rear 147 Washington
Corrigan Margaret, widow, h. Spring, n. Poplar
Corrigan Thomas, laborer, h. 49 Kneeland
Corrogan Michael, laborer, house Border, E. B.
Corse William, shoe maker. 9 Province House ct,
Corson Ann, widow, house 8 East st. place
Corson Clarinda, tailoress, 4 Commercial
Corson E. A. restorator, Massachusetts block
Corson Frederic F. teamster, h. Commercial place
Corson Ivory, teamster, house 9 Hudson
Corthell Hosea, carpenter, 91 Portland, h. 24 Spring
Corthell John, house Butolph
Cory Barney, bds. 1 Bedford place
Cosey Robert, laborer, house rear 27 Belknap
Cosgrove Michael, tailor, house 54 Union
Cosgrove Martin, tailor, h. South, n. Kneeland
Cosgrove Thomas, cabman, house 26 Oswego
Cosgrove Thomas, laborer, house 2 Andover
Coslow John, carriage smith, 58 Tremont
Cossett G. F. job wagon, Harr. av. c. Essex, bds.

22 Albany
Costello Dennis, house 3 Oneida
Costello Dorothy, widow, house 9 Fifth
Costello Joseph, laborer, house E. Dedham
Costello Michael, laborer, h. Albany, opp. Erie
Costellow Bartholomew, laborer, h. 4 Batterymarch
Costellow James, laborer, house 175 Ann
Costellow James, laborer, house 34 S. Margin
Costellow Thomas, laborer, h. 156 Hanover
Costelo John, blacksmith, house 19 William
Costin James D. grocer. Second, c. F, h. do.
Cotes Nancy, widow, h. Bremen, n. Sumner, E. B.
Cother Patrick, laborer, h. 4 Belcher lane
Cothlan Martin, laborer, h. 1-2 Moon place
Cothran Patrick, laborer, h. Humphrey place
Cotter David, stevedore, h. 11 Battery
Cotter Edward, laborer, h. 18 Short Second
Cotter Henry, carpenter. Creek sq. h. 5 Sewall pi.
Cotter John, packer, house 63 Atkinson
Cotter Michael, laborer, house rear 90 Sea
Cotter Peter, laborer, Maverick, E. B.
Cotter Richard, blacksmith, h. 40 Turnpike
Cotter William, hats, Ann, c. Market sq. house 32

Cotter William, rigger, h. rear 4 Bartlett
Cotter AVilliam, laborer, house 23 Stillman
Cotting Amos, 3 Joy's building, h. at BrooklLne
Cotting Charles C. Mrs. house 29 Vine
Cotting Eben'r F. 3 Joy's building, h. at Brookline
Cotting Thankful Mrs. "house 2 Orange
Cotting William, ship master, house 34 Allen



Cottle Charles P. ship^vright h. Ha^Te, E. B.
Cottle Jonathan, grocer, 49 Congress, boards 9

Province House ct.
Cotton Charles, 2 Railroad block, Lincoln
Cotton Ira, carpenter, bds. 242 Harrison avenue
Cotton (Isaac) & Foss {P.), W. I. goods, 3 India

wf. h. 1 La Fayette avenue
Cotton John, painter, boards 34 Harvard
Cotton (Joseph), Hill (Samuel), & Co. (J. H. Cot-
ton), chain cables, 105 State, h. 18 South
Cotton Joseph H. (Cotton, Hill § Co.), house 4
Waverley place [Purchase

Cotton N. Davies, stationer, 13 Tremontrow, h. 16
Cotton Nelson, house 75 Curve
Cotton Susan, widow of John, h. 75 Purchase
Cottrell G. W. & Co. publishers and booksellers, 64
Cornhill [clothing, 99 Com'l, h. Meridian

Cottrell (John H.) & Fluker (F.), shipping office &
Couch George, tailor, house 30 Atkinson
Cough Edward, laborer, h. r. 14 Batterymarch »
Coughlan Bartholomew, laborer, h. 5 Humphrey pi.
Coughlan Daniel, laborer, house 98 Broad
Coughlan James, groceries, 30 Cross
Coughlan John, laborer, 264 Broad
Coughlan John, laborer, Batterymarch, n. Broad
Coughlan Martin, Harrison av. n. Olive place
Coughlan Michael, laborer, house 64 Purchase
Coughlan Patrick, slater, hoiise 26 Oswego
Coughlan William, laborer, 119 Broad
Coughlin Jeremiah, laborer, house 119 Broad
Coughlin Timothy, laborer, h. Second, n. Turnpike
Couilliard Betsey, widow, h. 24 N. Russell
Coursey Thomas laborer, house 1 Belmont
Courtis Stacy, 28 Pearl, house at Lynn
Courtney Jerusha, Mrs. dress maker, 192 Hanover
Courtney Sylvester, gardener, h. r. gun house, F. H.
Courtney Timothy, laborer, h. Middlesex, n. Dover
Cousens James, tin worker, h. 8 High st. place
Cousins Joseph N. rigger, house 6 Bartlett
Coutant Aimes, carpenter, house 11 Maiden
Couthouy Joseph P. house 81 Brighton [Market
Covell Reuben & Son (Eeuben, jr.), 121 & 123 F. H.
Covell Reuben, jr. (R. Covell^ Son), b. 8 Fleet
Covell Robert S., Eagle Bank, bds. 85 Bedford
Covell Samuel, watchman, house 4 Bartlett
Covell Thomas K. carpenter, house 208 Fourth
Covell Wm. clerk, 14 Central wf. h. at Chelsea
Coveney Jeremiah, h. N. Charles, n. Leveret
Coveney John, laborer, house rear 6 Brighton
Coverly Edward & Son (G. T.), hatters' goods, 7

Union, house 5 Lynde
Coverly George T. (E. Coverly ^ Son), h. 5 Lynde
Coverly James W. cashier, 39 Hanover [cock

Coverly Samuel, broker, 5 Exchange, h. 13 Han-
Covney John, laborer, house 18 Livingston
Cowan William, fancy biscuit maker, Fayette ct.

boards 8 Avery
Cowden Henry G. blacksmith, h. 248 Athens, n. E
Cowden Mary C. tailoress, house 14 S. Margin
Cowdin Elliot C. (W. H. Mann <Sf Co.), house 16

Cowdin John, house 16 Staniford
Cowdin Robert, lumber, hard and soft, Albany, op-
posite Rochester, h. 185 Harrison avenue
Cowdin Thomas W. (Hazleton, Coivdin ^ Co.), h.

at Lynn
Cowdin Wm. R. housewright, house Clifton place
Cowdry Jonathan, wagoner, h. 59 Billerica [sell
Cowen Abraham, clothing, 76 Camb. h. 8 N. Rus-
Cowen E. D. bds. 6 Otis place
Cowen George, job wagon, house Brookline
Cowen John, laborer, house rear 31 Chambers
Cowen Mark, junk dealer, h. r. II S. Margin
Cowles William W. (Tenney (Sr C), h. atRoxbury
Cox Charles, laborer, house Jenkins place
Cox Charles, laborer, house Thacher avenue
Cox Charles H. truckman, bds. 5 1-2 Nashua
Cox C. & M. (Charles M. <&• M.), boots and shoes,

26 & 28 Central, house 25 Pine
Cox Francis, com. mer. 66 Commercial, h. at Salem

Cox Harriet A. dress maker, house 77 Cambridge

Cox James, engraver, 1 AVater

Cox James P. engraver, house 2 Clifton place

Cox John, laborer, h. London, n. Maverick, E. B.

Cox John, house r. 45 Congress

Cox Mary, nurse, 10 1-2 Pleasant

Cox Mary M. widow, house 11 S. Margin

Cox Matthew A. oil manufacturer, h. 238 Fourth

Cox Matthew (C. §• M. Cox), house 25 Pine

Cox Peter L. printer, 52 Washington

Cox Sarah T. house 12 Lowell

Cox S. & Sons, last manufacturers, 5 Blackstone

Cox William H. house 34 Billerica

Cov Frederic, mariner, h. 10 Greenough avenue

Coy H. C. truckman, 36 S. Market

Coy Joseph B. piano-fortes, 499 Wash. h. Beach

Coy Richard, laborer, h. r. 1 Leveret [59 Federal

Coye Amasa, grocer. High, cor. Atkinson, house

Coyle Catharine, widow, house 4 Stillman place

Coyle Francis, cook, house rear 184 Hanover

Coyle John, laborer, h. Middlesex, op. 29

Coyle J. slater, house 5 Claflin place

Coyle Michael, shoe maker, h. Sumner, E. B.

Coyle Patrick, laborer, h. Bolton, n. Dorchester

Coyne Patrick, laborer, house 11 Andover

Coyle Philip, carpenter, house 112 E. Dedham

Coyle Thomas, slater, 75 Charles, h. 34 do.

Coyle William, draper and tailor, 4 Richmond

Crackbon Lemuel, house 6 Kneeland

Craddock Mary, widow, house N. Hanover court

Craft Charles, 37 Lewis wf. h. r. 15 Hanover

Craft Jacob, baker, h. Dorchester, c. Third

Craft Wm. B. (Sa7i(ls, Craft, &; Co.), b. 24 Bulfinch

Crafts Caleb H. refreshments, Lewis, n. the ferry,

house Maverick square [Dorchester

Crafts Federick, teacher, Hawes School, house at
Crafts George, moulder, house Fifth, near C
Crafts George, caulker, boards Paris, E. B.
Crafts Henry, wood and coal, I Boston wharf, h.

109 Fourth
Crafts Israel F. painter, h. Maverick, E. B.
Crafts John, cartman, h. r. Mariners' ch. Purchase
Crafts John B. clerk, 82 Utica, b. 142 Hudson
Crafts John W. chandler. Gold, near A, house 294

Broadway, between E and F
Crafts Matthew, house Webster, near Cottage
Crafts R. A. house 140 Tremont
Crafts Rebecca A. house 21 W. Canton
Cragin Daniel, W. I. goods. Broad, cor. Belmont,

house Pearl, cor. High
Cragin (Lorenzo S.), GreWeaf (K S.), & Co. (T.

S. Mandcll), di-y goods, 117 Milk, house 82 Mt.

Craig Daniel H. printer, bds. 231 Tremont
Craig James, blacksmith, h. Sumner, E. B.
Craig Robert, laborer, house Kneeland, c. Tyler
Craig Susan, widow, house 9 Cyprus
Craig (Wm.) & Dutilh (C. '31.), com. mer. 15

Rowe's wharf, boards Revere House
Craig Wm. laborer, h. r. Fifth, n. B
Craig Wm. M. wagoner, h. Bolton, n. Dorchester
Craige Wm. lather, h. 3 Wesley, E. B.
Crai'gs William, h. 8 Holmes' alley [E. B.

Cram Hial P. 7 Shoe and Leather, h. Lexington,
Cram Jas. W. hair dresser, 379.;^ W"ash. h. 8 Curve
Cram Jerome B. (Manniny, Glover, ^ Co.), boards

22 Causeway
Cram John, job wagon, house 8 Curve
Crampton Thomas, blacking manufac. 10 Lynde
Cran Walter A. cabinet maker, house 20 Erie
Crane Edward, 99 State, house 9 Cambridge
Crane Friend, sup't House Indxistry
Crane George, boards 314 Broadway
Crane Horatio N. h. 314 Broadway, near F
Crane Jesse H. Mrs. house 99 Hudson
Crane John, grocer. West Dedham
Crane John, laborer, house 98 Charter [Long wf.
Crane (Joshua) & Taggard (J.), iron dealers, 16
Crane Joshua Mrs. house 18 Lincoln
Crane Lara, house 65 Broadway, near A



Crane Liither, 35 Devonshire, h. at Somerville

Crane Margaret, widow, house 10 Sister

Crane Phineas M. physician. Meridian, corner

Maverick, East Boston, house do.
Crane Samuel D. .53 India wharf, h. 321 Broadway
Crawford Freeman C. paper stainer, h. 2 Maiden pi.
Crawford Henry, cabinet maker, b. 10 Norfolk pi.
Crawford Ira, stau- builder, house 21: Fayette
Crawford John, stevedore, house 4 Tileston place
Crawford John, laborer, h. 21 Belmont
Crawford Michael, laborer, h. 8 Orange lane
Crawford Robert, laborer, h. 9 Butolph [-5 Clark
Crawley William, confectionery, 183 Hanover, h.
Creaden Timothy, laborer, house 37 Erie
Crean James P. tailor, h. Bolton, n. Dorchester
Creamer Aaron, hair dresser, Court, cor. Howard,

house 17 Stillman
Crease Richard, tailor, boards 3 Brimmer place
Crease William W. mason, bds. 3 Brimmer place
Creasy Charles P. apothecary. Myrtle, cor. Belknap,

boards 3 Franklin
Creden Bartholomew, laborer, h. 201 Ann
Creech Abraham A. hair dresser, 6 Court sqtiare, h.
48 Fayette [76 Warren

Creech S. W. hair dresser, 2 Tremont Temple, h.
Creedon Bartholomew, 18 Exchange, h. 201 Ann
Creedon Peter, tailor, house 31 Merrimac
Crego Hiram, piler of lumber, house 10 Tyler
Crehore Edw. paper, 35 Devonshire, h. 8 Avon pi.
Crehore Geo. A. carpenter, house 24 Porter
Crehore Isaac N. 35 Devonshire, b. U. S. Hotel
Crehore Wm. carpenter, Tremont, h. 10^ Fayette
Creighton James, shoe maker, house 13 Adams
Creighton John, 4 Court square
Creighton William, printer, house 16 Albion
Creihs William, cabinet maker, h. 14 Wash. sq.
Crennell William, plumber, bds. 41 Bridge
Creon James, laborer, house Sumner, E. B.
Crighton James, blacking, n. 848 Wash. h. do.
Crimmin Morris, laborer, house 79 C, c. Silver
Crisby Thomas, printer, house 33 Pleasant
Crisman {John H.)8i Judkins (E. W.), com. mer.

6 R. R. block, Lincoln, h. Tyler
Crispin Elizabeth, house 1 Newton place
Crispin James, piano-forte maker, h. 1 Newton pi.
Crispin William, pilot, boards 19 Commercial
Crispin Wm. C. painter, 9 Hawley, h. 1 Newton pi.
Cristy Francis, boards 138 Court [Charlestown

Cristy Wm. C. jr. (Brigham, Jones, ^ Co.), h. at
Critcherson John, machinist, 2 Andover, b. 20 Ann
Critchet Asa, truckman, h. Webster, E. B.
Critchet James H. truckman, h. Monmouth, E. B.
Critchet James M. cooper, h. 231 Hanover
Critchet Joseph, caulker, h. Ill Purchase
Critchet Thomas, house 1 Andover
Croak Catharine, widow, h. opp. 4 East street pi.
Croak Thomas, blacksmith. Hotel st. c. Paris
Croax John, house 3 Holmes' alley
Crocker Albert {Ryder, C. ^ Co.), h. 39 Porter
Crocker {Bradford L.) & Otis {Joseph), sail mak-
ers, 11 Commercial wf. h. Liverpool, E. B.
Crocker Charles, mariner, h. rear 30 Prince
Crocker Daniel S. blacksmith, h. 189 Silver, n. D
Crocker David P. piano-forte maker, h. 1 Wesley
Crocker George H. cabinet maker, h. 129 Hudson
Crocker Henry, secretary Warren Insur. Co. h. 5

Crocker {Henry H.) & Sturgis {James), merchants,

61 Commercial wharf, house 6 Bussey place
Crocker Joseph, boots and shoes, 3 Fleet
Crocker Lot, jr. captain, h. 29 Porter
Crocker Martha, teacher, Willow, cor. Mt. Vernon,
boards 7 Louisburgh square [Chelsea

Crocker Matthias (Banker, Crocker, ^ Co.), h. at
Crocker Oliver, piano-forte maker, 400 Washing-
ton, boards 4 Beach
Crocker Richard J. {Child ^ C), h. 1 Unity court
Crocker {Uriel) & Brewster {Osmyti), printers and

booksellers, 47 Washington, h. 23 Somerset
Crocker Wm. H. boards 90 Salem

Crocket Charles G. house 2 Haven
Crockett Daniel T. carpenter, h. l.J N. Russell
Crockett Ephraim, carver, h. 3 Dover [Leveret
Crockett Geo. B. shoe maker, 119 Court, house 94
Crockett Geo. K. counsellor, 27 State, b. 7 Mount

Crockett {Geo. IF.), Peters {Edio'd D.jr.), & Co.

{W. A. Crockett), W. I. goods, 12 Central

wharf, house 7 Mt. Vernon [Vernon

Crockett Samuel L. artist, 3 Amory Hall, b. 7 Mt.
Crockett Selden, innholder, Bromfield H. [Vernon
Crockett Wm. A. {Crockett, Peters, &; Co.), b. 7 Mt.
Crockett Wm. D. printer, Chronotype office
Crockett Woodbury L. house 46 Oak
Crolan Timothy, laborer, house 22 Washington pi.
Crombie Benjamin, builder, house 33 South Suffolk
Crombie Wni. G. 416 Wash, house at Cambridge
Cromer Philip, house 15 Dover place
Cronan Daniel, laborer, house 4 Bread
Cronan Dennis, laborer, house 9 Cross
Cronan John, laborer, house 16 Norfolk place
Cronan John, boot maker, house 6 Sullivan place
Cronan Timothy, carpenter, house 81 Kneeland
Cronden Morris, laborer, house Second, n. F
Cronin Dennis, blacksmith. Turnpike, oppo. Fifth,

house near do.
Cronin Michael, waiter, house 78 Friend
Cronin Patrick, tailor, house 39 Jefferson's block
Cronley Michael, founder, house Ontario
Cronnin Matthew, tailor, house r. 51 Prince
Crocker Barker, restorator, E. B. ferry, h. Sum-
ner, n. London, E. B. [at Brighton
Crooker Hezekiah 13. housewright, 99 1-2 Tyler, h.
Crooker Isaac, mariner, Webster, n. Orleans, E. B.
Crooker Isaac {Hotchkiss 5, Co.), bds. 31 Brattle
Crooker James T. carpenter, bds. 119 C
Crooker Samuel M. paincer, 119 Commercial, house

Webster, E. B.
Crooker Tilden, h. 15 Broadway [Unitarian ch.
Crooker Turner, stone cutter, h. rear Old Road, n.
Croome (Geo;ye),Hixon {Wm M.), & Co. {Wm.

Briqham), upholsterers, 166 Wash'gton, house

Croome George, cabinet maker, h. 103 Pleasant
Cropper J. {Hemsley ^ Co.), house at Chelsea
Crorty Jeremiah, laborer, house Essex, c. Lincoln
Crosbie Patrick, 205 Washington
Crosby Abby, teacher, house Central square, E. B.
Crosby {Alonzo) & Gibson (-V.), wood, &c., Ferry

wharf, Lewis, E. B. house Meridian, do.
Crosby Anthony, boots and shoes, 130 Hanover, h.

9 Margaret
Crosby Beuj. F. clerk, 43 Hanover
Crosby Charles H. printer, house 48 Portland
Crosby Charles W. cabinet maker, 2 Boylston, h.

61 Hudson
Crosby David {Rice S; C), house 52 Spring
Crosby Dorcas H. fancy goods, 166 Hanover
Crosby Eliza Mrs. house 4 Unity court
Crosby Elkanah C. 11 Cora'l wf. h. F, n. Fourth
Crosby Frederic, 132 State, house 79 Leveret
Crosby George, laborer, house r. 84 W. Cedar
Crosby George, truckman, house 107 W. Cedar
Crosby George F. house Eutaw, E. B.
Crosby Hannah, boarding, 48 Portland
Crosby James, coach painter, 12 Hawley
Crosby James, 53 Chatham, bds. 6 Dix place
Crosby James, bds. 15 Gridley
Crosby John, house rear 11 Carver
Crosby Josiah, caulker, bds. Sumner, E. B.
Crosby {Josiah L.) & Loomis {J. B.), bonnets, 39

and 45 Hanover, house at Somerville
Crosby Joseph, glass maker, h. B, near Second
Crosby Lewis, clerk, bds. 8 Lowell place
Crosby Loami, house 21 Hancock
Crosby Lydia, Mrs. house 4 Hartford place
Crosby Mark, stable, 12 Fleet, house 10 do.
Crosby Porter, flat roof composition, 14 Merrimac,

and 5 Congress [54 1-2 do.

Crosby Robert R. daguerreotype, 58 Hanover, h.



Crosby Samuel T. {Brackett, C. § Brown), house 6

Dix place
Crosby Sumner, steward Lunatic Hospital
Crosby Sylvanus, bds. 4 Unity coui-t
Crosby Walter, musical instniment maker, 15 Haw-
ley, house 4 Porter
Crosby {William) & Nichols (i7. P.), books and

stationery, 111 Washington, h. at Roxbury
Crosett {James L.) & Brown {L.), gold pen man.

141 Washington, house at Melrose [ery pi.
Crosett Wm. C. produce, 24 Elm, h. 11 Montgom-
Crosman Charles C. painter, house 46 Oak
Crosman J. C. engraver, 13 Franklin, b. Bromfield

Cross Amos W. refreshments, 85 Commercial, h.

1 Snelling place
Cross Charles A. house 20 Albany
Cross {Gilman), Samson (/.), & Co. {D. Chamber-

lin), Franklin House, 44 Merchants' row
Cross Henry, harness maker, 3 Museum building,

house 5 Cottage, E. B.
Cross Jacob, boarding house, 19 Minot
Cross John, stone cutter, house 20 North Margin
Cross John B. medical electrician, h. 19 Temple pi.
Cross Martin, carpenter, house Bremen, E. B.
Cross Richard, paper hanger, house 10 Blossom
Cross Rufus P. machinist, house 30 Billerica
Cross William, tailor, house 20 Albany
Cross Wm., B. & W. freight house, h. 75 Albany
Crossett Robert W. clerk at House of Correction
Crossley Thomas, 234 Washington, h. at Roxbury
Grossman Charles B. {Martin if C), h. 33 Auburn
Crossman C. B. Mrs. dress maker, house 33 Auburn
Crosson Hugh laborer, house 8 Hamburg
Crosson John, laborer, house 110 Warren
Croswell William Rev. house 7 Crescent place
Crotty Michael, tailor, bds. 78 Atkinson
Crow Edward, tailor, house 136 Hanover
Crow George, paper hanger, 5 Merrimac
Crow William, stone mason, h. rear 136 Hanover
Crow William, chemist, house Milldam
Crowe Charles, tailor, 268 Commercial
Crowe Dennis, job wagon, house 30 Stillman
Crowell Abigail, widow, house 6 S. Margin

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