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Crowell Alfred, stevedore, house 38 N. Margin
Crowell {Henry G.), Brooks {H. C), &Co. {S. M.

Hunt), West India goods, 38 Commercial wf.

house 148 Harrison avenue
Crowell Hiram, piano-forte maker, h. Athens, n. E
Crowell Hosea, shipwright, h. Bennington, E. B.
Crowell Jeremiah, carpenter, house F, near Fifth
Crowell John, mariner, house 122 Sea
Crowell Joseph D. deputy wharfinger, Mercantile

wharf, house Webster, E. B.
Crowell Lucinda, vest maker, 1 Cleveland place
Crowell Nathan {Howes ^ C), h. 1 Ashland av.
Crowell Philander, broker, 2 City wf. h. at Chelsea
Crowell Seth K. {Howes, Baker S^ Co.), house G,

near Broadway
Crowell Simeon, grain measurer, house Silver, n. D
Crowell Wm. Rev. house 5 Brimmer place
Crowley {Cath.) & Colbath (/I'e/ie/), millinery and

dress making, 633 Washington, h. 6 Oswego
Crowley Cornelius, laborer, house 45 Oswego
Crowley Cornelius, tailor, h. 9 Hanover avenue
Crowley Daniel, green-house, 13 Pleasant
Crowley Daniel, contractor, house Maverick, E. B.
Crowley James, laborer, house 125 Broad
Crowley James, laborer, 243 Ann
Crowley James, laborer. Fifth, near C
Crowley James, laborer, house 9 Oneida
Crowley James, carpenter, house Kneeland, n. Sea
Crowley James, stevedore, 11 Battery
Crowley James, laborer, house Oneida, c. Albany
Crowley James, laborer, house 9 Nashua court
Crowley Jeremiah, laborer, Har. av. cor. Orange 1.
Crowley Jeremiah, laborer, house Marginal, E. B.
Crowley Jeremiah, ship carpenter, 113 Sea
Crowley Jeremiah, laborer, house rear 90 Sea
Crowley John, laborer, 224 Ann

Crowley John, tailor, house 10 Hamilton
Crowley John, harness maker, oppo. 72 Charles
Crowley John, laborer, house 2 Powars court
Crowley John, laborer, house 29 Middlesex
Crowley John, laborer, house rear 78 Turnpike
Crowley John, laborer, house 64 Purchase
Crowley John M. 2 Marlboro Chapel, h. 31 Harv'd
Crowley Lawrence, laborer, house Cove place
Crowley Michael, laborer, house 135 Sea
Crowley Michael, laborer, house 39 Oneida
Crowley Michael, carpenter, house 84 South
Crowley Patrick, laborer, h. South, n. Harvard
Crowley Patrick, laborer, house 2 Fayette court
Crowley Stephen, laborer, house 49 Kneeland
Crowley Thomas, house 6 Oswego
Crowley Timothy, tailor, house 86 Federal
Crowley Timothy, tailor, house 31 Oliver
Crowley William, laborer, house 25 Minot
Crowley William, tailor, house 31 Oliver
Crowner William, laborer, house May street court
Crowningshield Geo. machinist, house 12 Bond
Crowninshield Benjamin W. house 1 Somerset
Crowninshicld Edward A. h. 78 Beacon [merset
Crowninshield F. B. counsellor, 4 Court, h. 3 So-
Crowninshield George C. house 41 Beacon
Crozer Wm. wagoner, house rear Third, near C
Crozier Thos. stone cutter, h. South, n. Harvard
Cruft Edward, house 3 Temple place
Cruft Isaac S. house 3 Temple place
Cruft Samuel B. Rev. house Sutiblk, c. Newton
Cruikshanks James, laborer, house 281 Ann
Crummell Edward, clothes cleaning, &c. 3 Eliot
Crump Henry, 89 Faneuil Hall Market
Cruse Everad, cooper, house rear 38 Suffolk
Cuddiky John, laborer, house 120 Piuxhase
Cuddy Cornelius, laborer, house 42 Turnpike
Cuddy John, glass cutter, h. First, n. Dorchester
Cudworth James W. carpenter, h. 25 Indiana place
Cudworth Henry A. coppersmith, h. 3 Games ct.
Cudworth Peter, carpenter, Merrimac, n. Prospect,

house 3 Games court
Cudworth S. S. carpenter, Nashua, house 3 Eaton
Cue Michael, laborer, house 30 Thacher
Cue William, laborer, house Gove, near Kneeland
Guft" Edward, laborer, house near 14 Batterymarch
Cuban James, laborer, house rear 9 Sea
Culbertson Nathaniel Y. superintendent Boston

Hemp Go. Western avenue, h. at Charlestown
Cullen Geo. laborer, h. Eighth, near Mercer
Cullen Patrick, boarding, house 49 Portland
Gullerton Martin, laborer, h 124 Purchase
GuUinan John, tailor, house 30 Stillman
Cullinan Mary, widow, washing, rear 51 South
Culliss Henry, stone cutter, house Old Road
Gulliss John, house 30 Garden
GuUiton Edmund, baker, house W. Dedham
Gully Peter, glass blower, house Third, near A
Culver Marshall, carriage maker, house 11 Fifth
Culver Wm. G. house 43 A, near Silver [16 Dover
Gumings Bradley N. {liohiyison, Wiggin, ^f Co.), h.
Gimaley Sarah, mdow, house 4 Short
Cummings Abigail, house 15 Allston
Gummings Abigail, house 6 Columbia
Cummings Alfred, physician, b. 11 Hayward place
Gummings Allen, plane maker, h. Saratoga, E. B.
Gummings Amos, painter, h. 13 Nashua fHar. av.
Gummings Amos, W. I. goods, 338 Wash, house 87
Gummings Catherine, vvddow, h. Silver, near C
Cummings Ghas. cabinet m'ker, h. at Newton Cor.
Gummings Ghas. jr. piano-forte mak'r, h. 22 Alba'y
Gummings Ghas. D. wines, dtc, 74 Commercial, h.

10 Minot
Cummings Cha's H. 6 City wf. [N. Grove, h. 10 do.
Gummings Charles AV. black and white smith, 2
Cummings Gyrus, counsel'r, 20 Court, h. 35 Carver
Gummings Daniel & Co. {F. Ckipp &; M. A. Struio),

wooden ware, 42 South Market, h. at Chelsea
Cummings Daniel {L. Boles A- Co.). h. 9 Cooper
Cummings Daniel G. proprietor Cambridge House,

112 Cambridge



Cummings Edward, tailor, h. 1 Vine [Har. av.

Cummings Edward S. teacher piano-forte, b'ds 25
Cummings Ephraim, laborer, house 55 Sea
Cummings F. H. 338 Wash. h. 61 Marion
Cummings Gilbert, house 12 Howard
Cummings Gilbert, jr. Tremont Bowling Saloon,

36 Merrimae, house do.
Cummings Henry, express wagon, h. 4 Battery
Cummings Henry, Indian and Thomsonian physi-
cian, 4 Robinson alley
Cummings Henry K. clerk at Adams House
Cummings Humphrey, 136 State, boards 11 Elm
Cummings H. N. S. mason, boards 29 May
Cummings James, clerk, 19 Wash. b. 186 Har, av.
Cummings James, tailor, house 28 Thacher
Cummings James, laborer, house 104 Purchase
Cummings Jason R. trunks, junction Union and

Marshall, house at Chelsea
Cummings John, provisions. Second, c. A, h. do.
Cummings John, ca'lker, h. Border, E.B. [Woburn
Cummings John, jr. leather, 3 Blackstone, h. at
Cummings John A. dentist, 23 Tremont row, house

11 Hay ward place
Cummings John M. laborer, house 1 Endicot ct.
Cummings {Joseph W.) & Darling {George), W. I.

goods, 29 Elm, house at Cambridge
Cummings Nathaniel, engineer, h. 115 Broadway
Cummings Robert, 5 Exchange, h. at Chelsea
Cummings Rowland, mason, house 29 May
Cummings R. S. restorator, Liverpool, E. B.
Cummings Samuel M. machinist, h. 102 Third, n, C
Cummings Seth, engineer, house 14 Erie
Cummings Stephen, teamster, house 5>i Nashua
Cummings Sumner, boarding, h. 2 Foster place
Cummings Susan, widow, house rear 92 N. Margin
Cummings Timothy, laborer, h. 7 E. Orange [May
Cummings Thomas, waiter, 10 Franklin ave. h. 10
Cummings Wm. machinist, bds. 101 Cambridge
Cummings William P. house 2 Hull
Cummins Andrew, cordwainer, 14 Avery, b. 8 Avery
Cummins Richard, laborer, h. 25 Wash. sq.
Cummins Thomas K. 33 Central wharf
Cummiskey James, laborer, opposite 29 Middlesex
Cummiskey Hugh, lighterman, house 2 Chelsea
Cummiskey Michael, boots & shoes, 48 Merrimae,

house 45 Billerica
Cumston Charles M. teacher English High School,
boards 1 Franklin [Wash. c. Rutland

Cumston William {Hallet, Cumston, &; Allen), h.
Cuningham Simon D. house Third, n. "Dorchester
Cunnigin Robert, carpenter, h. r. Havre, E. B.
Cunning Elizabeth, widow, house 7 Battery
Cunning William, blacksmith, house 7 Battery
Cunningham Abigail, h. 25 Mt. Vernon
Cunningham Abigail, widow, house 37 Fayette
Cunningham Andrew & Charles, merch. 169 Broad,
opp. Rowe's whf. h. 25 Mt. Vernon [con Hill
Cunningham Andrew L. {Leonard Sg C), h. 2 Bea-
Cunningham Andrew, 191 Wash. bds. at Chelsea
Cunningham Ann, widow, house 25 Gouch
Cunningham Benj. blacksmith, Dorchester, c. Sec-
ond, h. Dorchester, c. Dove
Cunningham, Brothers, {John A. &; C. Loring Cun-

ninqhatn), merchants, 46 Central wharf
Cunningham Chas. (.4. S^ C. C), h. 42 Mt Vernon
Cunningham C. Loring {Cunningham, Brothers), h.
at Dorchester [h. 25 Mt. Vernon

Cunningham Charles W. {Cunninghams ^ Cobb),
Cunningham Edward, house 5 Gouch [Vernon

Cunningham Frederick (Dabney ^ C), h. 42 Mt.
Cunningham Frederick, h. Dorchester, c. Dove
Cunningham Geo. A. {N. F. Cummu/ham ^ Co.),
b. 4 Bowdoin sq. [h. Bolton, n. Dorchester
Cunningham Geo. H. housewright, 18 Atkinson,
Cunningham Henry, coach lace and upholstery, 15

Bromfield, h. 66 Carver
Cunningham Horace, bds. 25 Mount Vernon
Cunningham Jas., East. Steamboat wf. h. Webster
Cunningham James, laborer, h. r. 80 Purchase
Cunningham James, sail maker, bds. 107 Purchase

Cunningham James H. {Cunninghams § Cobb), h.

25 Mount Vernon
Cunningham John, grocer, 140 Ann, house do.
Cunningham John, laborer, house 26 Wash, ave,
Cunningham John A. {Cunningham ^ Brothers),

h. 8 Ashburton place
Cunningham Lucretia, straw millinery, 24 Cross
Cunningham Nathaniel F. & Co. ( Wm. Eveleth, G.
A. Cunninqham), merch's, 38 and 27 India wf.

bds. 10 Staniford
Cunningham Patrick, teamster, h. West Dedham
Cunningham Sarah, dress maker, 31 Cross
Cunningham Sarah E. dress maker, h. 37 Fayette
Cunningham Thomas, ship master, h. 99 Leveret
Cunningham William H. Mrs. house 8 Vine
Cunningham Wm. J. 70 Milk, bds. 66 Carver
Cunninghams & Cobb {J. H. ikC. W. Cunningham

<Sf iS. C. Cobb), merchants. 16 Rowe's wharf
Curan Michael, laborer, house 90 Federal
Curley Frank, laborer, h. Dedham, opp. Tremont
Cmiey Michael, laborer, h. Kneeland, c. Cove
Curley Patrick, cab driver house 24 Curve
Curran James, blacksmith, house 5 Stillman pi.
Curran James, laborer, house r. 281 Ann
Curran James, laborer, house 38 N. Margin
Curran John, tailor, house 17 Endicot
Curran John, laborer, house 62 Atkinson
Curran John, laborer, W. Dedham, n. Tremont
Curran John, tailor, 39 Merch's, row, h. 17 Endicot
Curran Mary, house 9 South street coui't
Curran Patrick, agent, house 201 Ann
Curran Peter, tailor, house 9 Sturgis place
Cm-ran Thomas, brush manufacturer, 28 Exchange
Curran William, laborer, house Cottage, E. B.
Currant Anthony, cooper, house Havre, E. B.
Currant John F. shipping master, 80 Commercial,

house at Lynn
Currant Joseph, cooper, h. 4 Latlirop place
Currant Michael, laborer, house 486 Commercial
Curren Patrick, laborer, h. Turnpike, n. Fifth
Currie James, blacksmith, house 5 Stillman pi.
Currier A. M. (H. M. ^ A. M. Currier), h. 33 May
Currier Amos S. 1 Tremont row, bds. 30 Oxford
Currier B. F. 1 Tremont row, bds. 30 Oxford
Currier B. H. cutter, 45 Ann, house at Lynn
Ciu-rier Benj. H. notary public, 72 State
Currier Charles E. assist, clerk Market Bank, h.

at Charlestown
Currier Charles H. 64 Hanover
Currier Daniel S. oil maker, h. Monmouth, E. B.
Currier Eben M. printer, bds. 12 Pitts
Currier Gideon, mason, house 24 Cresent place
Currier Gilman, 14 Long whf. bds. 487 Washington
Cun-ier Goodwin, silversmith, house 7 Village
Currier H. M. & A. M. eating room, 44 Merchants'

row, c. S. Market, h. 28 1-2 Portland
Currier Hugh M. upholsterer, 27 Cornhill, house

30 South Russell
Currier Jacob H. laborer, h. rear 66 Friend [place
Currier John B. stable, Batterymarch, h. 8 Stm-gis
Currier John H. 327 Wash. bds. 49 Oxford
Currier Jonathan T. bell hanger, 17 Wilson lane,

house 75 Salem
Currier Joseph H. cabinet maker, h. 31 Fayette
Currier Joseph M. {S. Q. Sg J. M. Currier), b. 39

Cun-ier Joseph S. {Foote 8^ C), house 2 Groton
Currier Joseph W. com. mer. 132 State, house 30

Currier Julia A. widow, house Havre, E. B.
Currier Lews, painter, 50 Cornhill, h. 487 Wash.
Currier Nancy, house 125 Hanover
Currier Olive, tailoress, house 7 Stillman
Currier {Richard) & Trott {Peter), w-atches and

jewelry, 148 Washington, bds. 1 Bultinch pi.
Currier Samuel, h. 62 Atkinson [b. 487 Wash.

Currier Sam'l Q. & J. M. painters, r. Pemberton H .
Currier William, house 30 Oxford
Currier William W. carpenter, h. 6 Chessman pi.
Curry C. clerk, 64 Milk, boards 2 Avon place



Curry Elias L. carpenter, house 43 Lowell

Curry John, horse shoer, Har. ave. near Roxbury,

house Northampton, near the church
Curry John, lather, house Sumner, E. Boston
Curry Morris, laborer, h. 1 High street court
Curry Wm. boards Scott court
Curtin Daniel, moulder, house 90 Turnpike
Curtin Thomas, laborer, house Havre, E. Boston
Curtis Abner, shoes, 51 Pearl, h. at Abington
Curtis A. C. & W. paper, 35 Devonshire [Summer
Curtis Benjamin R. counsellor, 16 Court, boards 51
Cui-tis Caleb, president Nep. Ins. Co. 64 State, h.

32 Chesnut
Curtis Caleb T. 41 State, house 52 Allen
Curtis Charles C. portrait painter, bds. 159 Court
Curtis Charles C. mariner, house Tremont, near

Lucas place [Mt. Vernon

Curtis Charles P. counsellor, 16 Court, house 19
Curtis Charles P. jr. 16 Court, h. 19 Mt. Vernon
Curtis Daniel B. clerk, h. Dorchester, n. Broadway
Curtis Dan'l Sargent, counsellor, 27 State, house

45 Mt. Vernon
Curtis Daniel T. 42 School, boards 23 Bedford
Curtis David R. insurance agent, 15 State, house

Suffolk, foot of Garland
Curtis Ebenezcr, paper hanger, h. 6 Staniford pi.
Curtis Edward A. (Holmes i^ Co.), 41 Congress
Curtis Elijah S. (Jones &f Co.), house 32 Oxford
Curtis Eliza G. Mrs. boarding, 23 Bedford
Curtis Elizabeth, widow of Thomas, h. Silver, n. D
Curtis Francis Mrs. house 58 Mount Vernon
Curtis (Francis) & Peabody (.S. E.), merchants,

50 India, h. at Roxbury [Pearl, n. Purchase
Curtis Franklin, ship chandlery, 51 India, house 40
Curtis Frederick (J. Curtis <Sr So7i), house 48 Sea
Curtis George, mariner, house r. 716 Washington
Curtis Geo. A. 66 Congress, h. at West Newton
Curtis Geo. M. 93 Milk

Curtis George R. paper hanger, h. 20 S. Margin
Curtis Geo. S. (Curtis ^ Co.), h. at Jamaica Plain
Curtis George T. counsellor, 19 Court, house 7

Chauncy place
Curtis Henry, house 64 Tyler
Curtis Henry A. house 2 North square
Curtis Hiram, planing and sawing mill, Har. av.

house 1 Medford court
Curtis James, watchman, house 19 Andover
Curtis James F. boards 9 Pinckney
Curtis James F. Mrs. house 9 Pinckney
Curtis Jared B. 25 Kilby, boards 39 Essex
Curtis Jesse, coppersmith, house 24 Chambers
Curtis J. H. D. seaman, house 3 Southac
Curtis John & Son (F. Curtis), wood and lime,

Curtis's wharf. Sea, house 48 Sea
Curtis John, laborer, house Comm'l, opp. Foster
Curtis John, jr. (J. Collamorejr. 4r Co.), house at

Curtis John, jr. clothing, 6 Ann, h. at Chelsea
Curtis Joseph, house 270 Third
Curtis Joseph, 93 Kilby
Curtis & Co. (Joseph H. % G. S. Curtis, ^ H.

Farimm), 104 Faneuil Hall Market, house at

Jamaica Plain
Curtis Martin, clerk, 5 Ferry, h. 1 North square
Curtis Melzer, ice wagon, boards 27 Lowell
Curtis Nathaniel, 106 State, house at Roxbury
Curtis (Nathaniel, Jr.), Leavens (S. D.), & Co.

(T. T. Bouve), com. mer. 106 State, house 2

Curtis N. William, house 2 Walnut
Curtis Nelson, machinist, boards 80 Albany
Curtis Samuel, carpenter, house 14 Rochester
Curtis Samuel, looking glass raanuf. 123 Wash. h.

9 Staniford
Curtis Samuel D. shipwright, h. Meridian, E. B.
Curtis Samuel S. dry goods, 93 Kilby, h. at Dorch'r
Curtis Sarah Mrs. house 50 Brighton
Curtis Sidney, boards 48 Sea

Curtis Stephen, captain, house 36 Billerica [House
Curtis Stephen, clerk 226 Wash. bds. Bromfield

Curtis Thomas, merchant, 15 Central wf. house 58

Summer [48 Central wharf

Curtis (Thomas B.) & Greenough (Alfred), merch.
Curtis Thomas B. office 63 State, h. 45 Mt. Vernon
Curtis William, shipwright, house Sumner, E. B.
Curtis William H. comedian, h. r. 57 Temple
Curvey Alvin H. house 121 Hudson
Cusack Thos. crockery packer, h. 5 South st. ct.
Cusack Thomas, house 25 Gouch
Cusack Thomas, porter, house 23 Oliver
Cashing Aaron P. clerk, house 45 Brighton
Cushing Abel, 9 Joy's building, h. at Dorchester
Cushing Abel, jr. 9 Joy's building, h. at Dorchester
Cushing Abner L. counsellor, 51 Court, house at

Stoughton [38 Myrtle

Cushing Andrew, city missionary, 21 Cornhill, h.
Cushing Benjamin, house 43 Pinckney
Cushing Christopher Rev. house 4 Auburn
Cushing Eliza, widow, house 7 Fruit street ct.
Cushing Eunice, widow, house 20 Lincoln [broke
Cushing Francis T. piano-forte maker, h. 7 Pem-
Cushing Friend, shoe maker, h. Gold, n. Dorch'ter
Cushing Geo. cl'k Columbian Bank, h. at Hingham
Cushing (Geo^v/e ii.) & Robie (Levi), carpenters,

Charlestown, c. Beverly, house 46 S. Russell
Cushing George S. 55 Com'l wf. house 8 Oxford
Cushing George W. coach trimmer, Hawley, house

12 Batterymarch
Cushing Hannah, widow, h. 12 Batterymarch
Cushing H. D. lumber, B. & W. R. R. whf. South
Cushing Hayward P. (Silas Peirce § Co.), boards

Exchange Coffee House
Cushing Henry, painting, house 14 May [High
Cushing Henry W. (Brewers, Stevens, Sf C), h. 28
Cushing Hosea G. (Loring Sg C), h. at Chelsea
Cushing Isaac, baker, 104 Cambridge
Cushing Isaac, harness maker, h. 11 Stillman
Cushing Isaac (Fisk ^- C), house 43 Allen
Cushing Isaac, jr. 4 Chatham, b. 11 Stillman
Cushing Jas. (Loioden &; C.)

Cushing Jas. W. mess. Wash. Bank, b. at Roxbury
Cushing John, moulder, boards 10 Winthrop
Cushing John (/. Harris &; Co.), h. 70 Charter
Cushing Lemuel, house 32 Hancock
Cushing Levi L. carver, r. 11 Brighton, h. 45 Spring
Cushing Luther S. reporter Supreme Court, 30

Court, house 93 Pinckney
Cushing (Nathan) & Clapp (J. G.), W. I. goods, 29

Commercial, boards Fulton House [ty ct.

Cushing Perez (Davis ,Sf C), Atkins' wf. h. 4 Uni-
Cushing Perez, 3d, laborer, house r. 41 Charter
Cushing Robert J. printer, house Leveret lane
Cushing (Roland) & Bailey (Job F.), house and

ship joiners, 273 Broad, h. 3 Purchase place
Cushing Samuel Mrs. house opp. 12 Village
Cushing Samuel, joiner, b. 3 Purchase pi.
Cushing Samuel A. 17 City wf. h. at Chelsea
Cushing Samuel N. caulker, h. 8 Greenough av.
Cushing Sam'l T. (S. Thaxter &; Son), h. 16 Hudson
Cushing Sarah H. widow, house 43 Pinckney
Cushing Solomon B. mast maker, Liverpool wharf,

house 108 Purchase
Cushing Thomas, trader, house 12 Batterymarch
Cushing Thos. insp. Custom House, h. 8 Oxford
Cushing Thomas, jr. teacher Chauncy School, h.

31 Essex
Cushing Thomas B. shipwi-ight, b. Maverick sq.
Cushing Thomas P. 65 Congress, h. 4 Mt. Vernon
Cushing Wm. painter, 59 Myrtle, house 49 do.
Cushing Zenas (Nichols, Pierce § Co.), house 26

Oxford [W. Cedar

Cushman Albert, clerk B. & W. R. R. house 24
Cushman Charles (Milton, Ctishtnan <Sf Co.), house

at Cambridge
Cushman Charles, jeweller, boards 55 Hanover
Cushman Charles W. 9 Commercial wharf
Cushman Elkanah A. trader, b. Groton, c. Wash.
Cushman Francis F. pile driver, h. Border, E. B.
Cushman Freeman L. 39 Pearl, house Boylston,

below Church



Cushman Holmes {Caryl S^ C.),h. at Charlestown
Cushman Julius {John Brewster § Co.), house at

Cushman Lucy K. widow, house 101 Tremont
Cushman Rufus, shipwright, house Bennington
Cushman Valentine N. house Colony
Cushman "William, jeweller, boards oo Hanover
Cusick Frederick, laborer, h. 114 E. Dedham
Cusick Stephen, carpenter, house Cove place
Gusty John, b. Havre, near Maverick, E. B.
Cutlen Theodore H. shipwright, h. Meridian, E. B.
Cutler {Abraham L.) & Sticknev (J- H.), druggists,

1 India and 135 State, h. 39 W. Cedar
Cutler Amos, 217 Washington, b. 37 Edinboro'
Cutler Charles N. teamster, h. Sumner, n. Cottage
Cutler Eben, jeweller, 217 Wash. h. 37 Edinboro'
Cutler Elisha, liQ;hterman, house 29 Prince
Cutler {Elisha "P.) & Robinson {Edward F.),

stoves, "76 Water, house 6 Carver [square

Cutler Ephraim B., Silver Lake Hotel, 4 Cornhill
Cutler George, laborer, house 98 E. Dedham
Cutler James, paper hanger, boards 487 Wash.
Cutler James, house 1 Brown's block, Princeton
Cutler Jonathan {L. A. Phillips % Co.), h. Hull,

corner Salem [bridge

Cutler Joseph, counsellor, 47 Court, house at Cam-
Cutler Marshall J. 29 Federal, house 2 Oxford
Cutler Mary, widow, house 9 Livingston place
Cutler Micah, carpenter, house 51 Pleasant
Cutler N. M. clerk, Custom House, h. at Camb'ge
Cutler Pliny, president Atlantic Bank, house 6

Mount Vernon place
Cutler Roland (iV. Faxon ^ Co.), h. 25 Howard
Cutler Roswell, dentist, 186 Washington, b. 17

Franklin place
Cutler Samuel, clerk, boards Hull, corner Salem
Cutler William J. {Reed ^- Cutler-), h. 44 W. Cedar
Cutter Abel P. {Bodge &;^ Cutter), b. 4 Allen court
Cutter A. Edmands, apothecary, 400 Washington,

boards 4 Beach
Cutter Benjamin, hack driver, house 444 Wash.
Cutter Benj. F. clerk, 17 Kilby, h. 4 Crescent pi.
Cutter Caleb C. inspector fish oil, 91 Fulton, h. 65

Cutter Charles R. stabler, Harr. av. h. 2 Fort av.
Cutter Dorcas, boarding, 47 Harvard
Cutter Ebenezer F. {Hunt ^- C), h. at Somerville
Cutter Edmund F. {Francis Skinner §• Co.), house

at Somerville
Cutter Edward F. 2 S. Market, h. at Somerville
Cutter Elbridge G. & Co. {George W Cutter), hats,

caps, and trunks, 9, 10 & 11 N. side of Faneuil

Hall, house 11 Brookline
Cutter Ezekiel AV. & Co. (P. O. Hilbourn), hats, 9

Elm, house at Roxbury
Cutter Franklin, caterer, house 8 Butolph
Cutter George, provisions, Richmond, n. Hanover,

h. 27 Salem
Cutter G. H., Custom House, house 46 Dover
Cutter Geo. W. {E. G. Cutter Si Co.), b. 6 Camb'ge
Cutter Hannah Mrs. house 5 Albany [Woburn

Cutter Henry (.S. &; H. Cutter &; Co.), h. at South
Cutter Henry, broker, house 4 Arch
Cutter John A. B. 1 Long whf. b. 21 Somerset
Cutter Leander, jr. varnisher, 334 Washington, h.

at Cambridgeport
Cutter Leonard R. clerk, boards 2 Zone
Cutter Monroe (C. A. Haskins ^ Co.), h. at Camb'ge
Cutter Peter D. 44 Hanover, boards 5 Albany
Cutter Ruth Mrs. boarding, 21 Somerset
Cutter Samuel L. coal, 18 South Market, house at

Cutter S. & H. & Co. (O. R. Clark &; S. H. Cut-
ter), mahogany and furniture, 7 & 8 Holmes'

block, Haymarket sq. and 27 & 29 Friend, h.

at S. Woburn [at South Woburn

Cutter Stephen H. (S. & H. Cutter i; Co.), house
Cutter Thomas, machinist, house 27 Oak
Cutter William, plane maker, boards 13 Gouch
Cutter William G. carriage trimmer, b. 3 Seaver pi.

Cutting Charles A. 82 State
Cutting Gilbert, musician, house 33 Grove
Cutting Henry, laborer, h. Maverick, n. Havre
Cutting Henry, moulder, house 146 Cambridge
Cutting {Heiirg) & Kendall {Charles C), W. I.

goods, Hanover, c. Commercial, h. Tileston,

corner Salem
Cutting Jonas, laborer, house 7 Commercial
Cutting Mary A. boarding. Purchase, opp. Gridley
Cutting Robert C. boards Tileston, c. Salem
Cutting Sullivan W. truckman, b. 50 Albany
Cutting William H. 64 State, h. at Charlestown
Cutts John S. 93 Water, house 8 Albion
Cutts Mary H. Mrs. boards 1 Hamilton place

DAALY WILLIAM, clerk, house Third, near A
Dabney {Charles W.jr.) & Cunningham (F.), mer-
chants, 59 Commercial wharf
Dacey Cornelius, laborer, house 12 Hawkins
Dacey Daniel, laborer, h. 1 1-2 Sun ct. st.
Dacey Dennis, laborer, house 1 Kennard avenue
Dacey John, type caster, h. 1 Kennard avenue
Dacey John, laborer, house 20 Commercial
Dacey Mary, widow, house 16 Livingston
Dacy Hiram, teamster, boards 60 Fourth
Dacy John Mrs. house 14 Second [Billerica

Dadd Ebenezer, apothecary, 159 Broad, boards 3
Dadd George H. veterinary surgeon, 1 & 2 Holmes'

block, house 3 Billerica [Charlestown

Dadmun Francis W. eating room, 52 Union, h. at
Daggett Caroline C. dress maker, b. 6 Staniford pi.
Daggett Charles B. carriage maker, b. 30 Friend
Daggett Henry L. boots and shoes, 202 Wash. h.

16 Harvard
Daggett Lyman {S. Klous ^ Co.), h. at Dorchester
Daggett Milton, boarding house, 1 Suffolk place
Daggett AV. E. clerk, 202 AA'ash. house at Quincy
Dagney Thomas Mrs. house 67 Eliot
Dailey Catherine, widow, house Second, near E
Dailey Charles, laborer, house rear 66 Friend
Dailey Edward, laborer, h. Havre, near Maverick
Dailey George, grocer, 82 Turnpike, house do.
Dailey Hugh, laborer, house 94 Endicot
Dailey James, laborer, house rear 281 Ann
Dailey Patrick, laborer, h. 1 Hanover avenue
Dailey Timothy, laborer, h. South, n. Kneeland
Daily J. truckman, 20 Church, h. 8 Madison place
Daily James, jr. clerk P. R. R. depot, boards 8

Madison place
Daily John, laborer, house 2 Andover
Da Land Benjamin, house 26 Allen
Daland Henry T. {Williams S< D.), h. at Salem
Dalany AA'illiam, boarding, house 4 Moon
Dale Catherine, dress maker, 310 AVashington
Dale Charles, cabinet maker, house D, corner Fifth
Dale Ebenezer {Johnson, Seicall <^ Co.), house 51

Dale Eli G. clerk, 24 Ann
Dale L. C. physician, boards National House
Dale Samuel, clothing, 24 Ann, h. 7 Billings court

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