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Chesnut, from 8 Walnut street to Charles River
Chesnut place, from 88 M*. Yernon to 59 Chesnut st.
Chessman place, opens 170 Hanover street
Chester, from Harrison avetue to Tremont street
Chilson place, from Lyman ploce
Choate, from Pleasant street, near the Common
Christian court, from Canal street
Church, from Marion to Boylston sweet
Church place, opens E. side Church street
Church avenue, from Broadway st. between D & E
City slip, from 157 Ann street
Claflen place, opens 40 Pleasant street
Clark, from 185 Hanover to 290 Commercial street
Clark alley, from 125 Hanover to Ann street
Cleveland place, opens 19 Snowhill
Clifton avenue, from Suffolk to Middlesex street
Clifton place, from 833 Washington street
Clinton, fronr Merchants' row to Commercial st.
College court, from 8 Fruit street
Colony, from Swan street to the water
Columbia, from 75 Bedford to 62 Essex street
Commercial, fr. Long wharf to Charlesto\^'n bridge
Commercial court, from Commercial, near Foster st.
Commercial st. av., fr. Com'cial, opp. Ripley's wf.
Commercial place, opens 448 Commercial street
Common, from 549 Washington to Tremont street
Concord, crosses Washington street at 787
Condor, from Border to Knox street
Congress, from 31 State to Milk street
Congress sq., buildings betw'n 31 & 9 Congress st.
Coolidge avenue, opens 34 Temple street
Cooper, from Charlesto-v\Ti to 64 Salem street
Cooper street court, N. side Cooper street
Coral court, from Andover street
Corey avenue, from Ash, near Bennet street
Corn court, S. side Faneuil Hall
Cornhill, from 23 Washington to Court street
Cornhill court, from 77 Wash. st. to Court av.
Copp's Hill ave., opens from 9 Prince street
Cottage, fronnVIarginal to Maverick street

Cottage place, 684 E. side Washington street

Cotting, from 39 Lowell to Leveret street

Cotting court, from 3 Cotting street

Cotting place, opens 14 Chambers street

Cotton place, from 91 Purchase to Broad street

Court avenue, from 87 Wash. st. to Court sq.

Court, from 69 Washington st. to Bowdoin square

Court square, from City Hall to Court street

Cove, from East to Lehigh street

Cove place, from Cove street

Creek square, between Union and Blackstone st.

Crescent court, opens 82 Friend street

Crescent place, opens 5 Green street

Cross, from Border to New, E. B.

Cross, from City Scales to 24 Commercial

Cruft place, from 30 Pearl street

Curve, from Harrison avenue to Lincoln street

XlJustora House st. from 70 Broad to India street

Cyprus, from 119 Cambridge to Fruit street

Cyprus street place, from 16 Cyprus street

D street, from 1st to 7th street

Deacon, from Portland to Merrimac street

Decatiu-, from Washington st. to Harrison avenue

Decatur, from Liverpool to Orleans street, E. B.

Dedham, from Harrison avenue to Tremont street

Derne, from Bowdoin to Hancock street

Devonshire, from 25 State to Milk street

Dillaway place, opens 65 Charter street

Distil-House square, from Sudbury to Ivers street

Dix place, opens 501 Washington street

Doane, from 10 Kilby to 7 Broad street

Dock square, from Elm to Washington, and East to

corner opp. W. end Faneuil Hall
Doherty court, from Everett, near Lamson st.
Dorchester, from 1st street to Dorchester line
Dove, from Dorchester, near 2d street
Dover, from S. Boston old bridge to Tremont st.
Dover place, from Dover street to Harrison avenue
Dupee place, opens 13 Friend street
E street, from 8th street to the water
Eagle, from Border to Chelsea street
East, from 36 South to Sea street
East street place, opens opposite 16 East street
Eaton, from North Russell to 46 Chambers street
Eaton place, from 8 Gouch street
Eaton court, from 4 North Bennet street
Eddy, from next to 99 Tyler street
Ediiiboro', from Essex to Beach street
Eighth (8th), from Dorchester st. to the turnpike
Eliot, from Pleasant to 481 Washington street
Eliot place, from Eliot, near Tremont street
Elm, from Dock square to 29 Hanover street
Emerald, from Dover to Castle street
Emery place, opens E. side Warren street
Endicot, from Hanover and Salem to Charlestown

street, near bridge
Endicot court, from Endicot street
Endicot street place, opens 75 Endicot street
Erie, from 194 Harrison avenue to Albany street
Eiin alley, from Liverpool to Border, E. B.
Essex, from 378 Washington to South street
Esse.c place, from Essex, opposite Columbia street
Eutaw from Border to White street
Everett, from Jeffries to Orleans street
Everett court, from Everett street, E. B.
Exchange, from 36 State street to 30 Dock square
Exeter place, from Rowe street
F street, fron. 8th to the water
Fabin, between Dedham and Canton street
Fayette, from 80 Pleasant street to the water
Fayette court, from 403 Washington street
Fecleral, from 77 Milk to Purchase street
Federal court, between 43 and 45 Federal street
Federal court (N.), opens 78 Hanover street
Ferry, from 54 Fulton to 119 Ann street
Fessenden court, from Webster street
Fifth (5th), from Turnpike to Dorchester street
First (1st), from Turnpike to K street
Fleet, from 185 Hanover st. to East'n R. R. wharf
Florence, from Washington st. to Harrison av.



Ford place, from Everett street

Fort av., fr. Har. av. n. the b'dge to 662 "Wash. st.

Foster, from Charter to Commercial street

Foster place, opens 6 Foster street

Foster pi. (S.), W. side Tremont, n. Boylston st.

Foundry, from 4th street to the X. bridge

Fourth "(4th), fr. S. B. bdge to Dorchester heights,

theuce to the Point
Franklin, from 184 Washington to Federal street
Franklin avenue, from 31 Court to 36 Cornhill st.
Franklin place, from Hawley st. to Boston Theatre
FrankKn square, "Washington, near the Cemetery

and Brookline street
French place, opens 23 Essex street
Freeman place, opens 15 Beacon street
Friend, from 62 Hanover to Causeway street
Friend street place, "W. fr. Friend, n. Causeway st.
Fruit, from 32 Blossom to Cyprus street
Fruit street court, from Fruit, near Blossom street
Fuller, from Church strejet
Fulton, from Clinton to Lewis street
Fulton court, rear 109 Ann street
Fulton place, opens 76 Fulton street
Fm-nace, from Sea, near Kneeland street
G street, South Boston, near Mt. "Washington
Garaux place, from 17 Portland street
Garden, from Cambridge to 21 Myrtle street
Garden court street, from North sci. to Fleet street
Garden street court. Garden, near May street
Gardner, from Tremont to Emerald street
Gardner place, opens from 124 Broadway
Garland, from 683 Washington to SutFolk street
Genesee, from 222 Harrison av. to Albany street
Gilman place, W. side Friend, near Travers street
Gold, from Dorchester to E street
Gorham place, opens 741 Washington street
Gouch, from 11 Green to Merrimac street
Gouch place, opens 10 Gouch street
Graphic court, opens 219 Washington street
Gray place, opens 8 Portland street
Green, from Bowdoin square to 43 Chambers street
Greenough av., fr. 25 Charter to Commercial street
Gridley, from High to Purchase street
Groton, from 711 Washington to Tremont street
Grove, from 138 Cambridge to May street
Grove (N.), fr. 127 Cambridge st. to the Hospital
Grove comt or place, at the head of Grove street
Grover place, from near 27 Grove street
H street. South Boston, next to G street
Half Moon place, from 123 Broad street
Hall place, opens 137 Hanover street
Hamburg, from 748 Wash, to Harrison avenue
Hamilton, from Batterymarch st. to Wash, square
Hamilton place, fr. Tremont st., opp. Park st. ch.
Hamilton alley, fr. Hamilton, n. Batterymarch st.
Hamilton court, opens X. side Handlton street
Hamlen place, opens 142 Pleasant street
Hancock, from Mt. Vernon to 46 Cambridge st.
Hancock avenue, from Beacon to Mt. Vernon st.
Hancock i&\v, from Marshall street to Creek sq.
Hanover, from Court street to Winnisimmet ferrj'
Hanover court (X.), opens 152 Hanover street
Hanover court (S.), opens 15 Hanover street
Hanover place, opens 140 Hanover street
Hanover avenue, from 191 Hanover to Ann street
Hanson, from Suffolk to Tremont street
Harding court, on oth, between A and B streets
Harlem place, opens 347 Washington street
Harmony court, opens S. side Canal street
Harrison avenue, from Esse.v st. to Roxbury line
Harrison place, opens fr. Friend, n. Causeway st.
Hartford place, from S. side High St., n. Fort Hill
Harvard, from 448 Washington to South street
Harvard court, opens opposite 10 Harvard street
Harvard place, opens "^'V^ish. st. opp. Old South
Hatters' square, from Ann to Marshall street
Haven, from Suffolk, near Rutland street
Haverhill, from Warren bridge to Haymarket sq.
Havre, from Sumner to Bennington street
Havre place, from Havre street

Hawes, from 50 Congress to Kilby street

Hawkins, from Sudbury to Ivers street

Hawley, from Trinity ch.. Summer, to Milk street

Hawley place, opens 170 Washington street

Haymarket square, X. E. side City Scales

Haymarket place, from Avery street

Hayward place, opens 348 Washington street

Head place, from Boylston street, X. side

Henchman lane, fr. 35 Charter to Commercial st.

Hersey place, opens opposite 12 Essex street

High, from Summer street to Fort Hill

High street court, opens 87 High street

High street place, opens 40 High, n. Atkinson st.

Highland place, from Sumner, near Cottage st.

Holden place, opens 21 and 23 Belknap street

Hollis, from 517 Washington to Tremont street

Hollis place, from Hollis street

Hooton court, from Everett street

Hotel, from Maverick square to Paris street

Howard, from Court to Bulfinch street

Hudson (X.), from Hull to Snowhill street

Hudson, from Beach to Curve street

Hudson place, from 27 Hudson street

Huff place, from Tyler, near Curve street

Hull, from 112 Salem to Commercial street

Hull street court, from Hull, near Salem street

Humphrey place, opens E. side Hamilton street

I street, South Boston, next to H street

India, from Long wharf to India wharf

Indiana, from 548 Wash st. to 151 Hamson av.

Indiana place, opens 611 Washington street

Iron, from X. to S. bridge. South Boston

Ivers, from Hawkins to Merrimac street

Jackson place, opens 14 Winter street

Jackson avenue, from Cl/arter to Commercial st.

Jackson court, rear school house, Xorth Margin st.

James place, opens W. side West Centre street

Jasper place, from 157 Ann street

Jefferson, from Fayette to Tremont street

Jefferson place, opens 17 Bennet street

Jeffries, from Marginal to Maverick

Jenkins place, opens Comm'l st., opp. Bartlett's wf.

Joy pi., Belknap, betw. Beacon and Mt. Vernon st.

K street, next to I street. South Boston

Kellam place, opens 667 Washington street

Kelley place, from Everett street

Kennard avenue, from 32 Poplar to 5] Allen street

Kennard court, opens 1 Kennard -Tvenue

Kentle, from Suffolk to Tremont St., n. Rox'y line

Kilby, ftom State to Milk street

Kingston, from 57 Summer to Beach street

Kingston place or court, from Kingston street

Kneeland, from 4.32 Washington to Sea street

Kneeland pi. op. S. side Kneeland, n. Harrison av.

Knox, rear 25 Fayette street

Kuhn place, froni 74 Tremont street

La Fayette avenue, from 79 Prince to Endicot st.

La Grange place, opens 451 Washington street

Lamson, from Belmont square to Everett street

Lamson court, from Lamson street

Lancaster, from Merrimac to Causeway street

Lancaster court, S. side Lancaster street

Lane pi. opens from Belmont, n. Washington sq.

Langdon place, opens 179 Ann street

Langdon court, opens W. side Langdon place

Lathrop place, opens 155 Hanover street

La^\Tence place, 105 Cambridge street

Lee place, from Southac near W. Cedar street

Lehigh, from S. end Albany to Cove street

Lenox, from 817 Washington to Suffolk street

Leveret, from 29 Green street to Cragie's bridge

Leveret lane, opens 32 Leveret street

Leveret court, opens 26 Leveret street

Lewis, from 95 Conimereial to Ann street

Lewis, from E. B. ferry to Sumner street

Lexington place, from Lexington street

Lexington, from Border to Eagle street [march St.

Liberty sq. at the June, of Kilby, Water, & Batterj'-

Lime, from Charles street to the water

Lime alley, from Charter to Commercial street



Limerick place, from 217 Hanover street
Lincoln, from 65 Summer to Lehigh street
Lincoln court, from 23 Fayette street
Lindall, from Congress to Kilby street
Lindall place, opens 154 Cambridge street
Linwood place, opens 10 South street
Liverpool, from Sumner street to Central square
Livingston, from Brighton street to the river
Li\'ingston place, from 15 Livingston street
London, from Pleasant, near Tremont street
London, from Sumner to Bennington St., E, B.
Louisbm-gh sq. betw. Pinckney and Mt. Vernon st.
Lovett place, opens 34 Poplar street
Lovis, from Gold street to 4th, near E
Lowell, from Causeway st. to Lowell E,. R. Depot
Lowell court, from Lowell place
Lowell place, opens S. sideBoylston,n. Tremont st.
Lucas place, opens 661 AVashington street
Lyman place, from 17 Leveret to 15 Green street
Lynde, from Cambridge to 38 Green street
Lynde place, opens 9 Lynde street
Lyndeboro' place, opens 84 Carver street
Madison place, opens 150 Pleasant street
Mahan place, opens opposite 142 Pleasant street
Maiden, opens S. of 742 Washington street
Maiden place, from ISlalden street
Maple place, opens 123 Harrison avenue
Margaret, from 27 Prince to Sheafe street
Margin (N.), from 52 Salem to Endicot street
Margin (S.), from Pitts to Prospect street
Marginal, from Lewis to Jeffries street
Marion, from 98 Pleasant street, west, to the water
Marion, from Chelsea to White street, E. Boston
Market, from Portland to Canal street
Market fN.), N. side Quincy market
Market (S.), south side Quincy Market
Market square, S. W. & N. sides Faneuil Hall
Market place, opens 415 Washington street
Marshall, from 24 Union to Hanover street
Marshall place, from 76 Charter street
Marston place, opens 71 Chambers street
Mason, from West to Avery street
Maverick, from Jeffries to New street [E. B.

Maverick sq. junc. of Lewis, Chelsea, & Sumner st.
May (S.), from 712 Washington to Harrison av.
May, from S. Russell to Charles street
May court, liom May, near W. Cedar street
May place, rear 12 Oak street
May street place, oy. on May, near W. Cedar st.
McLean, from Chambers to Blossom street
McLean court, opens 8 McLean street
Mechanic, from 115 Hanover to Ann street
Medford, from Charlestown to Causeway street
Medford court, opens near 721 WasKiugton street
Melrose place, from 56 Poplar street
Melville place, opens at 22 Spring street
Merchants' row, 90 State to 27 Ann street
Mercer, from Dorchester street
Meridian, from Maverick square to Condor street
Meridian court, from Meridian, near London
Merrimac, from Haymarket sq. to Causeway street
Middlesex, from Castle to Suffolk street
Milk, from Old South to 24 India street
Milner place, opens 456 Washington street
Milton, from Spring to Brighton street
Milton place, from 59 Federal st. to Federal ct.
Minot, N. E. from 81 Leveret to Andover street
Monmouth, from Meridian to Brooks street
Montgomery place, fr. 168 Tremont to Province st.
Moon, from N. square to Fleet street
Moon street court, opens S. side Moon street
Morton, from 36 Salem to Endicot street
Morton place, from Milk, near Hawley street
Morton court, opens 11 Morton place
Mount Vernon, from Beacon to Charles street
Mt. Vernon av., f. 103 Mt. Vernon to Pinckney st.
Mt. Vernon place, from Hancock av. to Belknap st.
Mt. Warren, from 4th, n. Dorchester, to the beach
Mulberry place, opens 25 Portland street
Murray place or court, opens 38 Prince street

Murray ct. from Orleans, be. Webster & Sumner st.
Myrtle, from Hancock to Centre street
Myrtle court, opens W. end Myrtle street
Nashua, from Causeway to Minot street
Nashua court, from Nashua, near Andover street
Nashua place, from Nashua, near Causeway street
Nassau, from 103 Harrison avenue to Ash street
National, from 4th, near Dorchester street
New, from Sumner to Maverick street
Newborn place, opens 51 Carver street
Newbury place, opens 364 Washington street
Newland, between Suffolk and Tremont street
New Prince, from Hanover street to North square
Newton, from Tremont to Harrison avenue
Noble place, N. side from Sumner
Newton court, from Tyler, near Oak street
Newton place, opens 5 Beach street
Norfolk avenue, opens 185 Washington street'
Norfolk place, opens 330 Washington street
Northampton, 801 S. end Washington street
North Federal court, from Union to Blackstone st.
North square,between Hanover, Fleet, and Ann st.
North Hanover com-t, opens 152 Hanover street
North Hudson, from Snowhill to Hull street
North Margin, from 52 Salem to Endicot street
North Margin place, from 29 N. Margin street
North Market, N. side Faneuil Hall market
North Russell, from 65 Cambridge to Eaton street
Norwich, first S. of Maiden street
Noyes place, opens 74 Salem street
Oak. from 514 Washington street to Lincoln street
Oak place, opens S. side Oak, opposite Ash street
Ohio place, opens at 603 Washington street
Old Harbor, from Dorchester, near 4th street
Old Road, from Broadway to Point
Olive place, opens 732 Washington street
Oliver, from 105 Milk street to Washington place
Oliver place, opens S. side Essex st. opposite 38
Oneida, from 202 Harrison avenue to Albany street
Ontario, from Swan street to the water
Orange, from 625 Washington st. to Village place
Orange (E.), from 1.30 Harrison av. to Lehigh st.
Orange lane, fr. Wash. opp. Orange, to 159 Harr. av.
Orange avenue, from 46 Orange to Castle street
Orleans, from Marginal to Bennington street
Osborn place, from 36 Pleasant street
Oswego, from 214 Harrison avenue to Albany st.
Otis place, opens Summer, opposite Kingston st.
Oxford, from 41 Essex to Beach street
Oxford place, opens 20 Harrison avenue
P street, across Broadway, S. B. Point
Page's court, opens 312 Ann street
Page's court, from Broadway, between D and E st.
Paine place, opens 470 Washington street
Paris, from Sumner to Bennington street
Paris court, from Paris, near Decatur street
Paris place, opens 19 Merrimack street
Paris place, from Paris, nearly opp. Hotel street
Park, from Tremont to Beacon street
Park place, opens Hanover st. near Board alley
Parkman's place, opens 144 Hanover street
Payson court, opens from Broadway, betw. D and E

Pearl, from 97 Milk to Broad street
Pearl place, opens E. side Pearl street
Pemberton square, from Tremont to Somerset st.
Pembroke, W. side Suffolk, near Brookline street
Phillips place, opens opposite Chapel, Tremont st.
Phipps place, opens 48 Charter, near Foster street
Piedmont, from 112 Pleasant st. to the water
Pinckney, from 63 Belknap street to the water
Pinckney lane, from Pinckney to Mt. Vernon st.
Pine, from 520 Washington to 139 Harrison av.
Pine place, opposite 1 Pine street
Pitts, from Green to Merrimac street
Pitts court, opens 4 Pitts street
Pitts place, from 6 Pitts street
Pleasant, from 80 Boylston to 589 Washington st.
Pleasant st. com-t, from 140 Pleasant to Church st.
Pleasant street place, opens 133 Pleasant street



Plymouth, from Northampton, opp. Harrison av.
Plymouth place, opens 47 Harrison avenue
Pond street place, opens at 7o Endicot street
Poplar, from 60 Chambers st. to Charles river
Poplar court, opens opposite 54 Poplar street
Poplar place, opens opposite 24 Poplar street
Porter, W. from Pleasant, near Tremont street
Porter, from Chelsea St. to Central square, E. B.
Portland, from 38 Hanover to Causeway street
Portland place, opens 19 Portland street
Post Office avenue, from 20 Congress street
Powars court, opens 328 Ann street
Preseott, from Chelsea to White st.
Prince, from Hanover st. to Charlestown bridge
Princeton, from Meridian to Chelsea street
Prospect, from 21 Lyman place to Merrimac st
Prospect court, from South Margin, n. Prospect st.
Providence, from Pleasant street to the water
Pro\-ince, from 30 School to 25 Bromiield street
Province House court, fr. 165 Wash, to Province st.
Purchase, from Summer to Broad street
Purchase place, opens 88 Pm-chase street
Putnam, from Cottage to Condor st.
Quiet place, opens 77 Purchase street
Quincy, from D to E street

Quincy place, opens N. side High st., n. Wash. sq.
lievere place, from 14 Charter street
Richardson place, opens 81 Tremont street
Richmond, from 59 Salem to 57 Commercial st.
Richmond place, opens opp. 17 Richmond street
Ridgeway lane, from Cambridge to Derne street
Ringgold, from South Lowell street
River, from 69 Beacon to foot Mt. Yernon street
Robinson alley, from 220 Hanover to 10 Unity st.
Rochester, from 232 Harrison av. to Albany street
Rollins place, from !May, near Garden street
Rowe, from S. side Bedford to Essex street
Rowe place, opens 14 Rowe street
Russell (N.), trom Cambridge to Eaton street
Russell (S.), from Cambridge to MjTtle street
Russell court, from 20 North Russell street
Russell place, from 18 North Russell street
Rutland, from 785 Washington to Tremont street
Salem, from 104 Hanover to Charter street
Salem place, opens 16 Salem street
Salem court, from Salem, n. Tileston street
Salt lane, from 29 Union street to Creek square
Salter place, opens 56 Prince street
Salutation, from 195 Hanover to Commercial st.
Saratoga, from Central sq. across Chelsea street
School, from 137 Washington to Tremont street
Scott court, opens between 8 and 9 Union street
Scott alley, from Creek square to Ann street
Sea, from Summer st. to the North Free Bridge
Seabury place, from 33 Blossom street
Sears' place, opens West Centre, near May st.
Seaver place, opens 68 W. side Tremont street
Second, from 67 Leveret street
Second (2d), from Turnpike to K street
Second street place, from 11 Second street
Seventh (7th), fr. Dorchester st. to the turnpike
Sewall place, from Milk st. opposite Morton place
Shawmut, from 116 Pleasant to Church street
Sheafe, from Salem to Snowhill street
Sherman place, from May street
Shoe and Leather, from Ann to Fulton street
Short, from 13 North Bennet to Tileston street
Short Second, from Second to Brighton street
Sigourney pi., opens fr. Hanover, N. of ComT st.
Silver, from Turnpike to G street
Sister, from Williams to Channing street
Sixth (6th), from Turnpike to Dorchester street
Smith court, from 25 Belknap street
Smith place, from 15 Belknap street
Snelling place, opens 2 Hull street
Snowhill, from 21 Prince to Charter street
Snowhill court, opens 10 Snowhill street
Snowhill place, opens 8 Snowhill street
Snowhill avenue, opens 7 Snowhill street
Somerset, from IJeacon to Howard street

South, from Summer, opp. High, to Lehigh street
South st. ct., opens E. side South, opp. Essex st.
South street place, opens W. side South street
South Suffolk, from Dover street to Roxbury
Southac, from Butolph to 81 West Cedar street
Southac court, opens W. end Southac street
Southac place, opens near 6 Southac street
South Lowell, from Suffolk to Tremont street
South Margin, from Pitts to Prospect street
South Market, S. side Faneuil Hall market
South Russell, from 78 Cambridge to Myrtle street
South Williams, from Washington to Suffolk st.
Spear alley, from 83 Piu-chase st., n. the church
Spear place, op. S. W. .side Pleasant, n. Wash. st.
Spring, from 61 Leveret to 44 Allen street
Spring street court, opens 59 Spring street
Spring street place, opens 18 Spring street
Spring lane, fr. 134 Washington to Devonshire st.
Springfield, from Tremont st. to Harrison avenue
Spruce, from 32 Chesnut to 49 Beacon street
Standish place, from 7 Pitts street
Staniford, from 13 Cambridge to 28 Green street
Staniford court, from Staniford place
Staniford place, opens 11 Staniford street
State, from 68 Vv^ashington street to Long wharf
Steele's court, froni Leveret, opp. jail
Stilhnan, from 46 Salem to Charlestown street
Stillman place, from W. side Stillman to Cooper st.
Stoddard, from Howard to Court street
Story place, opens 27 State street
Strong place, opens 126 Cambridge street
Sturgis place, from 40 Pearl street
Sudbury, from Court to 30 Portland street
Sudbury square, N. end Sudbury street
Suffolk, from Castle to Dover street
Suffolk (S.), from Dover to Roxbury
Suffolk place, opens 300 AVashington street
Sullivan place, from 39 Federal street
Summer, from 226 Washington st. to the water
Sumner, from Marginal to New street, E. Boston
Sumner place, from Sumner street
Sun court street, from North square to Ann street
Swan, f. Turnpike to the water, near the bridge
Sweetser court, opens 340 AVashington street
Taylor, from Groton to South Lowell street
Temple, from 26 Cambridge to 17 Mt. Yernon st.
Temple pi. opens at Masonic Temple, Tremont st.

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