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Foster John R. designer and engraver, 210 Wash.
Foster Johnson W. h. Suffolk, near Concord
Foster Joseph Mrs. house 118 Treraont
Foster Joseph, clerk State Treasurer's office, bds.

Exchange Cott'ee House
Foster Josepli W. mason, bds. 30 Marion
Foster Joseph W. 23 Federal, bds. 106 Summer
Foster Martha Mrs. house 13 Lynde
Foster Mary, widow, house 10 Federal court
Foster Mary B. widow, house 79 Cambridge
Foster Matthias S. grocer, 3-1 Blackstone, house 8

Foster {Nathan), Doane {H.), & Co. {S. G. Clap),

flour and grain, 18 & 19 City wf. h. 154: Hanover
Foster Nathan, house 18 S. Bennet
Foster X. R. milliner, 286.^ Washington
Foster Patrick, laborer, h. r. Fifth, near B
Foster Reginald, 16 Lewis wf. bds. 11 Suffolk place
Foster Robert, boot and shoe maker, 23 Leveret
Foster Robert, jr. cabinet maker, b. 3 E. Canton
Foster {Robert) & Talbot (/. -?/.), lumber commis.

mer. 48 India, h. Tremont, opp. Dover
Foster Sally Miss, house 171 Ann
Foster Samuel, b. 6 Myrtle

Foster Samuel B. salesman, 41 Federal, h. at Salem
Foster Stephen W. house 84 Chambers
Foster Stillman, mason, Maverick, n. Liverpool
Foster Thomas, house 19 Province House court
Foster Thomas, shipwright, h. Maverick, n. Paris,

E. B. [Paris, E. B.

Foster Thomas A. shipwright, h. Maverick, near
Foster Thomas P. {Mosman & Co.). h. 7 Margaret
Foster Thomas W. clerk, house 7 Vine
Foster Warren, ship carpenter, h. New, c. Cross
Foster William, house 26 Summer
Foster William D. clerk, 4 Green, h. 16 Grove
Foster Wm. E., Custom House block. Long wharf
Foster Wm. H. {John H. Foster eg Co.), h. Savin

Hill, at Dorchester [McLean

Foster Wm. H. cashier Grocers' Bank, house 21
Fowle Charles L. h. 77 Harrison av.
Fowle Charles S. 97^ State, h. 661 Washington
Fowle Edward A. engraver, 66 State, h. at Roxbury
Fowle George, printer, h. 2 South Cedar st. place
Fowle George, teacher Monitorial School, 372

Wash. bds. 41 Harrison avenue
Fowle George B. clerk, 12 Commercial
Fowle George E. {P. Foiole &: Sons),h.. 77Har. av.
Fowle Henry, 1 Hitchborn block, h. at Chelsea
Fowle Henry D. apothecary. Prince, c. Salem, bds.

American House
Fowle Isaac & Co. {Spencer Beatley, §■ John D. &:
W. H. Fowle), ship carvers, 260 Commercial,

house at Roxbury
Fowle Isaac H. carver, house 11 Lenity
Fowle James, 17 Rowe's wharf, h. 37 Chambers
Fowle John, .shoe maker, 19 Atkinson, h. 14 Oak
Fowle John A. 27 Federal, house 62 Allen
Fowle John D. {Isaac Fowle &; Co.), h. at Roxbury
Fowle Joseph W. machinist, 16 E. Orange, boards

41 Harrison avenue
Fowle Joshua B. { T. Austin &; Co.), h. 232 Har. av.
Fowle Mary E. widow, h. 3 Paris pi. E. B.
Fowle Parker & Sons ( W,n. P. & Geo. E.), carpets,

164 Wash, house 77 Harrison avenue
Fowle Ruth, widow, boards 41 Harrison avenue
Fowle {Samuel) & Fletcher {E. E.), W. I. goods,

1 Lewis wf. house Sumner, E. B.
Fowle Seth W. druggist, 138 Wash. h. 15 Beacon


Fowle William, clerk, 138 Wash. h. at Medford
Fowle William B. book seller, 138^ Wash, house at
West Newton [14 Columbia

Fowle Wm. B. jr. ticket master B. & W. R. R. h.
Fowle Wm. H. {Isaac F. ^- Co.), h. at Roxbury
Fowle Wm. P. {P. Foiole ^ Sons), h. at Roxbury
Fowler Edmond, boarding, 60 Albany
Fowler James L. pilot, h. 4 Foster
Fowler John, laborer, h. 23 Belknap
Fowler John R. coach maker, h. r. Third, near E
Fowler Joseph G. machinist, house 10 Dover
Fowler M. Field, com. mer. 15 India wf. b. 23 South
Fowler Mary, widow of Samuel N. h. 79 Brighton
Fowler Susan Mrs. h. 22 Bowdoin
Fowler Trim, laborer, house 10 May
Fowler William C. pilot, house 5 Phipps place
Fowles Charles D. laborer, h. rear 11 Gouch
Fowles Harriet, widow, h. r. 11 Gouch
Fowles Jacob, painter, house 3 Piedmont
Fowles Mary, widow, seamstress, h. 50 Myrtle
Fox A. Rouistone, clerk, h. 4 Seaver place
Fox Benjamin, at American House
Fox Bernard, store and house 86^ Eliot
Fox Charles, house 11 Marion
Fox Charles A. 54 Hanover, b. 3 Lindall place
Fox Charles J. mason, house 54 Allen
Fox Edmund, blacksmith, house 20 Wash, avenue
Fox Edward A. civil engineer, bds. 11 Marion
Fox Edward W. clerk, house 11 Federal court
Fox George H. machinist, Charles, c. Cambridge,
house 14 Charles [10^ Garden

Fox Jacob, trunk maker, 127 Cambridge, house r.
Fox Jacob, jr. trunk maker, b. r. IO.5 Garden
Fox James, blacksmith, house 22 Wash, avenue
Fox John, tailor, house 10 Williams
Fox John, tailor, house 31 Merrimac
Fox John, tailor, house 2 South st. place
Fox John, baker, house 18 Warren
Fox Jos. H. S. clerk, 529 Wash. h. 15 Albion
Fox Owen, laborer, h. Norwich, near Harr. avenue
Fox Patrick, blacksmith, h. 6 Washington square
Fox Philip, carpenter, Beverly, house 2 Prospect
Fox Prudence B. teacher, Essex, c. of Rowe, bds.

3 La Grange place
Fox Richard, house 252 Tremont
Fox Robert, tailor, 70 Essex
Foxcroft F. A. Rev. bds. 52 Harrison avenue
Foy Andrew, machinist, h. Second, n. Dorchester
Foy Horatio, truckman, h. 15 W. Centre
Foy John, truckman, house 7 Medford court
Foy John, tailor, bds. 00 Atkinson
Foye Edward A. truckman, bds. 10 Fruit
Foye James, laborer, house 28.^ Salem
Foye James M. clerk, bds. 128 Harrison avenue
Foye Jane R. tailoress, 77 Charter
Foye Michael, bds. Scott court
Fovt Margaret, washing, h. 57 Cambridge
Francis A. J. locksmith, 40 School, h. Everett
Francis Daniel, brass founder, Sumner, h. Maver-
ick, near R. R.
Francis Daniel S. clerk, 120 Washington
Francis David {Muaroe <Sr F.), h. 5 La Grange pi.
Francis Ebenezer, 60 State, h. 8 Pemberton square
Francis Edward, waiter, house 31^ Garden
Francis Elizabeth, tailoress, h. Tyler, c. Curve
Francis Frederick, stevedore, house Grove place
Francis George, clerk, house 96 Chesnut
Francis George, rigger, house 54 Commercial
Francis George H. 60 Harrison avenue, b. 2 Bennet
Francis Hannah, \vidow, house 21 Second
Francis John, truckman, bds. 1 E. Orange
Francis Joseph H. books, 128 Wash. h. 56 Pleasant
Francis {Nathaniel) & Lovell {James G.), pump

makers, 52 India wf. h. 11 Purchase
Francis Nathaniel, 23 Merchants' Exchange, h. 4

Hayward place
Francis Simon, grocer, h. Dorchester, n. Broadway
Francis Thomas D. h. 204 Broadway, near D
Francis Thomas D. clerk, 61 Congress, h. 5 Vernon
Francis William, tin smith, house Silver, near B



Franey James, laborer, house Everett, E. B.
Francy Thomas, laborer, house r. 55 South
Franklin Francis, truckman, house 71 Nashua
Franklin Joseph, boards 2 Morton ct.
Franks Charles F. rigger, house 1 Fruit [Lowell
Frary John, scene painter National Theatre, bds. 5
Eraser George, mer. tailor, 75 Court, house 2

Townsend pi.
Eraser John S. polisher, house 36 London
Eraser Peter, laborer, house 5 Lewis
Eraser Roderick, tailor, house 56 Chambers
Frasher John, shipwright, h. Cottage, n. Sumner
Frasher Misses, dress makers, 136 Hanover
Frasier James, National Saloon, 68 Endicot
Frawley Catharine, widow, house 20 East
Erawley John, marble polisher, h. 61 Fourth
Frazer John A. clerk N. E. M. M. Ins. Co. boards

9 Billerica
Frazier Alexander, blacksmith, house 38 Curve
Erazier Daniel, rigger, house 12 Belmont
Frazier Patrick, carpenter, h. Cottage, c. Maverick
Frazier Richard, laborer, h. Erin alley, E. B.
Frederic Charles, machinist, b. Orleans, n. Webster
Frederick Charles H. machinist, h. 18 Plymouth
Frederick Edward, trunk maker, bds. 161 Hanover
Frederick Jabez, lumber. Eastern Steamboat wf.

house 4 Phipps place
Frederick John, cabinet maker, 155 Tyler
Frederick John Jos. cabinet maker, bds. 155 Tyler
Frederick Lucinda, widow, house 161 Hanover
Fredericks Charles, carpenter, house r. 35 Prince
Fredson Wm. H. carpenter, b. Meridian, n. London
Freeborn James, painter, boards 62 Friend
Freeborn {Jas. jr.) & Rich {Isaac B.), printers, 3

Water, h. at Cambridge
Freeborn John, painter, h. 18 Billerica
Freel James, tailor, 49 Endicot
Freeland Ann Mrs. house 3 North Bennet
Freeland Joseph, painter, h. r. 3 N. Bennet [non
Freeman Abraham {Packard ^ F.), h. 88 Mt. Ver-
Freeman Alfred, watchman, h. Broad, n. Sea
Freeman Arthur, blacksmith, h. 17 Lyman pi.
Freeman Caleb, boot polisher, 19 Hanover, house

5 S. May
Freeman Edward, mason, boards 24 Grove
Freeman Edward, laborer, h. r. Third, n. B
Freeman Frederick, clerk, bds. 12 Spring
Freeman George, boards 2 Bennet
Freeman George A. {Dix &: F.), h. 8 Chambers
Freeman George E. clerk, Quincy H. b. 17 Lynde
Freeman H. C. house 60 Hudson
Freeman James Mrs. house Robinson alley
Freeman James S. fish dealer, house Gold, n. F
Freeman John, house 60 Hudson
Freeman John D. printer, h. 1 Head pi.
Freeman Louisa, tailoress, house 41 Southac
Freeman Lucy, widow, house 17 Auburn
Freeman Mary E. tailoress, house 67 Leveret
Freeman Michael, laborer, h. Suffolk, n. Lenox
Freeman Moses H. blacksmith, Andover, house at

Freeman Nathaniel, mason, house 24 Grove
Freeman Osmar, porter, h. 4 Wilberforce place
Freeman Peter L. 30 Court, h. 14 Belknap
Freeman Peter W. sec. Bost. Ins. Co. h. 53 Chesnut
Freeman Richard, seaman, h. 4 Southac
Freeman Samuel, coach smith, h. 10 Village
Freeman Sarah Mrs. h. 4 Salter pi.
Freeman Simon B. housewright, Commercial, near

Charter, h. 5 Lawrence pi.
Freeman Thos. laborer, h. 1 Wilberforce pi. [Dover
Freeman Watson, dep. sherifi', 7 Court sq. h. 78
Freeman William, house 6 Bulfinch [Waterlown
Freeman William F. dye woods, 3 Long wf. h. at
Freese Geo. {J. Suders S; Co.), bds. 1 Unity
French Abner & Co. (//. C. Davis &; H. Webster),

dry goods, 99 Milk, bds. 7 Bowdoin sq.
French {Abram), Wells {J. T.), & Co. {J. B. Kil-

bourn), crockery, 151 Milk, h. 38 Edinboro'
French Anthony, blacksmith, h. 107 W. Cedar

French Arthur Mrs. house 6 Hancock
French A. S. Mrs. tailoress, h. 211 Hanover
French Benj. {L. H. Hale iSr Co.), b. Adams House
French Benj. chemist, house Ontario
French Benj. house r. 81 Tremont
French Benj. F. ship carpenter, h. Paris, E. B.
French Benj. Y. jr. Maine wf. bds. 2 Quincy pi.
French Catharine, dress maker, bds. 9 Piedmont
French Charles, wood and coal, Maine wf. Broad,

near Summer, h. at Braintree
French Charles, druggist, Hanover, opp. Tileston,

boards 3 New Prince
French Charles M. 53 Pearl, bds. Webster, E. B.
French Charles S. dentist, 238 Washington
French Chase, coachman, boards 114 Hudson
French Daniel, carpenter, house Second, n. K
French {Ebenezer) & Nye {D. C), painters, 21

Howard, h. 5 Chambers st. ct.
French Ephraim, house 8 Edinboro'
French George H. hides and leather, 41 Shoe and

Leather, bds. 28 Essex
French George P. 99 Milk, bds. 11 Allston
French Hannah, widow, h. Webster, n. Cottage
French Harriet M. dress maker, 50i Hanover, bds.

153 Court
French James, publisher, bookseller, importer, and

stationer, 78 Washington, bds. Revere House
French Jas. J. counsei'r, 5 Congress, and 1 Story pi.
French James M. blacksmith, h. 3 Ringgold
French James W. cutter, bds. 109 Leveret
French Jesse B. housewright, h. 222 Broadway
French John, housewright, bds. 222 Broadway
French John, boards 2 Winter place
French John, 40 Kilby, bds. 6 Central ct.
French John A. groceries and ship stores, 56 Long

wf. h. Boylston, opp. public garden
French John A. pub. Herald, 19 State, house at 36

French Jonathan, 35 S. Market, h. at Roxbury
French Jonathan, carpenter, r. 45 Pleasant, h. 27

Porter [Hingham

French Joseph H. {Nash, French §■ Co.), house at
French Leonard, office 97 Fulton
French Lewis, Eastern R. R. H. 115 and 116 Com'l
French Lucius, 10 Boylston Market, h. 43 Marion
French Lucy, house r. 17 North Russell
French Luke B. 117 Milk
French Mary, widow of David, h. r. 470 Wash.
French Moses, jr. wood and coal, Maine wf. Broad,

near Summer, house 2 Quincy pi.
French Nancy Mrs. house 37 S. Russell
French Oliver, cabinet maker, house Ontario
French {Reuben), & Cooper {Wm.), restorator, 209

Broad, h. 6 Paris pi. [House

French Samuel A. (Pearson S; F.), bds. Bromfield
French Sarah Mrs. house 30 Poplar
French Sarah D. Mrs. house 1 Franklin
French Stewart, houseAmght, Federal, c. High
French Susan, nurse, bds. 108 Hudson
French Thomas, handcartman, bds. 22 Goueh
French Thomas E. clerk, bds. 30 Poplar
French Thos. W. {Nash F. &; Co.), b. N. E. House
French William Mrs. house 15 Adams
French William, mariner, h. 222 Harrison av.
French William E. mason, h. 17 Indiana pi.
French William E. distiller, Essex, cor. South, h.

13 Tyler
Frentz Charles, carpenter, bds. 8 Mason
Ereston Charles, laborer, 14 Washington sq.
Frey John, cigar maker, house 47 Warren
Friedheim J. F. professor of music, h. 26 Winter
Friel Ellen, seamstress, h. 37 Kingston
Friel John, laborer, h. London, n. Sumner, E. B.
Friel Susan, house 37 Kingston
Friendlich Joseph, pedler, h. 4 Carlton pi.
Fries Wultf, musician, bds. 26 Lowell
Frink Elizabeth, teacher, bds. 50 Tyler
Frisbee James, boarding, 224 Ann
Frisbie Martha, cap maker, bds. 9 Margaret
Eriszzell William, tailor, house 6 Myrtle ct.



Frobisher Ann, house 178 Tremont

Frobisher Joseph B., Savings Bank, h. 10 Vine

From John A. mariner, h. 14 Washington sq.

Frost Caleb W. brewer, bds. 5 S. Margin

Frost Catherine Mrs. house 16 Tileston

Frost Charles L. clerk, boards 34 South

Frost Charles W. 333 Wash. bds. 34 South

Frost Colman, house 8 Garden

Frost Eben, baker, boards o'2 Friend

Frost George, varnisher, house 6 Nashua

Frost George B. tailor, o8 Myrtle, house do.

Frost George W. Rev. bds. 11 E. Dedham

Frost Harriet, nurse, house 8 Garden

Frost Harriet, nurse, house 12 Curve

Frost Horatio, painter, 24 Congress, h. 11 Auburn

Frost Jairus A. 416 Wash. h. W. Canton

Frost James, laborer, house 44 Porter, E. B.

Frost Jas. M. (/. O. S^ J- M. Frost), h. 11 Auburn

Frost Jas. W. carpenter, h. at Plough Fact'y, Fifth

Frost & Co. (J. H. A. Frost), boots, shoes, &c. 10

Frost Joanna, widovir of Reuben, h. 23 Charles
Frost John N. blacksmith, h. 20 Spring
Frost J. O. 21 Congress [6 Nashua

Frost J. O. & J. M. carpenters, 32 Haverhill, house
Frost Jonathan J. teamster, house 11 Lindall place
Frost Joseph, morocco dresser, 12 Hanover
Frost Joseph B. house 41 Turnpike, n. Broadway
Frost Joseph B. jr. cl'k Cust. House, h. 372 Wash.
Frost Luther E. carpenter, house -3 Vine
Frost Morrill, waiter, house r. 3-5 Prince
Frost Nancy Mrs. dress maker, 14.5 Court
Frost Rufus S. {Osgood iSf F.), house at Chelsea
P'rost Samuel W. carpenter, house 23 Charles
Frost (Seth F.), provisions, 92 Federal, h. 9 Eaton
Frost Walter I. h'dware & fishi'g tackle, 182 Wash.
Frost William, boards 20 Church
Frost Wm. B. S. carpenter, house rear 16 Auburn
Frost Wm. E. clerk, .50 Washington, h. 23 Charles
Frost William P. boards 9 Kingston
Frost Wm. R. cl'k City Bank, h. 5 M'tgomery pi.
Frothingham Abner P. at P. O., h. 28 S. Russell
Frothingham Amos T. cashier Tremont Bank, h.
at Charlestown [Summer

Frothingham Edward, 12 Tremont Row, bds. 34
Frothingham Eleanor, house 63 Warren
Frothingham E. L. cashier C. House, h. 8 Garland
Frothingham E. L. jr. Custom H. bds. 8 Garland
Frothingham George 0. 69 Broad, house 12 Cherry
Frothingham Geo W. city treasurer, office City Hall,
house 14 Florence [town

Frothingham Jas. K. jr. 4 Long wf. h. at Charles-
Frothingham Nathaniel, painter, house 30 London
Frothingham Nathan'l F. ship broker and commis-
sion merch. 25 Long wharf, h. at Charlestown
Frothingham Nathaniel L. Rev. house 34 Summer
Frothingham Peter, produce and com. mer. .54 Ful-
ton, boards Revere House [78 Mt. Vernon.
Frothingham Samuel, president State Bank, house
Frothingham Samuel, jr. & Co. {T. Frothingham),
com. mer's, 119 and 121 Milk, h. 97 Pinck'y
Frothingham Samuel P. coach painter, house 10
Newton place [house 47 Chesnut

Frothingham Theodore (S. Frothi'nciha,m,jr. ^ Co),
Frothingham Thomas, house 63 Warren \™-^^

Frothingham Thomas B. {Boyd S^ F.), h. 34 Sum-
Fro thingham T. H. {Gar/e, Hittinr/er, S; Co.)
Frothingham William, 237 Washington, h. 17 Tyler
Frothingham Wm. L. clerk P. O. bds. 1 Village
Frothingham W. S. h. 28 S. Russell [28 Allen

Frye Isaac W. assist, editor Boston Courier, house
Frye Joseph {Turner & F.), house at Quincy
Frye J. Franklin, 14 Blackstone, bds. 37 Salem
Frye Samuel S. baker, bds. Wash. cor. Arnold
Frye William, tailor, boards 129 Essex
Fryer Eliza, dress maker, b. 33 Southac
Frver Leonard, painter, h. 33 Southac [doin sq.
Fu'llam Chas. L. {J. F. FuUam ^ Co), h. 2 Bow-
FuUam George J. {J. F. Fullam &; Co), house 2
Bowdoin square

Fullam J. F. & Co. (C. L. S; G. J. Fullam), Uvery

stable, rear 2 Bowdoin sq. house 2 do.
Fullarton Jacob, jr. bonnets and straw goods, 51J

and 53.^ Hanover, bds. 84 Charles
Fuller Aaron, baker, house 7 London
Fuller Abner, ship painter, h. 2 Commercial
Fuller Albert, house 38 Charles [ct.

Fuller Allen M. restorator, 48 Brattle, h. 5 Billings
Fuller Benjamin, engineer, boards 21 Portland
Fuller Charles, plan maker, house 21 Vine
Fuller Catherine, nurse, 18 Norfolk place
Fuller Charles C. 44 Coral, house at Watertown
Fuller Charles H. hair dresser, 43 Chatham
Fuller Cyrus B. grocer, 62 Myrtle, h. 89 W. Cedar
Fuller Dan'I D. apothecary, Kueeland, c. Hudson,

house do. [N. H.

Fuller David G. flour, 91 Lowell, h. at Concord,
Fuller Ebenezer, 98 Fulton, house 31 Stillman
Fuller Ensign C. brass finisher, bds. Fort Av.
Fuller Franklin, 1 Hichborn block, b. Purchase,

opposite Gridley
Fuller Gardner, bds. 109 Leveret
Fuller Gardner, hackman, 3 Mason
Fuller HafFord B. clerk, 84 Hanover
Fuller Halsey H. 1.5 E.Kchange
Fuller Hannah, temp, boarding house, 33 Lincoln
Fuller Henry A. (J. AI. Barnard, Sg Co), boards 14

Fuller (Henry H.) & Preston (Geo. H.), counsel'rs,

6 State, h. 2 Avon place
Fuller Hiram & L. L. carpenters. Causeway, cor.

Portland, and 18 Water, h. 24 Andover
Fuller H. Weld {Derby cS,- Fuller), 1 Devonshire, h.

Porter, Roxb'y [ferry, h. Murray ct. E. B.

Fuller .Jeremiah S. blacksmith, Le\vis, near the
Fuller John C. laborer, house 2 Knox [E. Boston
Fuller John H. blacksmith, h. Lamson, n. Everett,
Fuller John K. Merchants' Bank, 28 State
Fuller John L. carpenter, house 77 Carver
Fuller Julia, tailoress, boards 109 Leveret
Fuller Julius C. 311 Wash, boards 14 N. Russell
Fuller Leonard, iron founder, N. Grove, house 35

Fuller L. L. {H. & L. L. Fuller), boards 6 Nashua
Fuller Moses, jr. 3 Mer. rov^, house at Watertown
Fuller Prudence, widow of Seth, h. 4 Allen court
Fuller Richard F. counsellor, 10 State, h. at Cant'n
Fuller Richard S. house 86 Prince
Fuller Robert, iron, Fulton, corner Cross, house at

Fuller Ruth M. widow, house 3 Staniford place
Fuller Samuel A. artist, 1.5 Tremont row
Fuller Samuel B. police officer, house 23 May
Fuller Samuel D. 5 Devonshire, hou^e 11 Zone
Fuller Seth W. bell hanger, 17 Devonshire, h. 48

Myrtle [Cambridgeport

Fuller Simeon H. dry goods, 24 Hanover, house at
Fuller Stephen P. civil engineer and surveyor, 37

Court square, house 17 Hancock
Fuller Timothy, blacksmith, house 6 Lucas place
Fuller William F. blacksmith, house F, cor. Gold
Fuller William M. blacksmith, h. 4 Wells place
Fuller Zenas, 31 Hanover, house at Melrose
Fullerton {Alexander) & Raymond (C B.), com.

mer. 147 Milk, house 5 Waverly place
Fullerton Charles E. {D. S. Foster ^ Co.), bds. 148

Fullerton Charles J. house 51 Summer
Fullerton Jacob, jr. bds. 84 Charles
Fullerton James, house 117 Purchase
Fullerton Janette Mrs. house 14 Cotting
Fullerton William, tailor, house 40 Billerica
FuUick Joseph N. painter, house 29 Friend
FuUick William G. house 5 Pitts
Fullington Augustus, teamster, b'ds 22 Gouch
Fullum Calvin, upholsterer, boards 60 Federal
FuUum Mercy, boarding house, 92 Turnpike, n. 4th
Fulton Mary Mrs. house 12 Auburn
Fulton Robert J. carpenter, boards 24 Thacher
Fulton Thomas, plasterer, house Cross, E. Boston



Furber Daniel, porter, bds. 24 Washington square
Furber George Y. boarding, 7 Wash, square
Furber Page, 86 F. H. Market, bds. 103 Salem
Furber Wm. H. H. {Sa7ids, Craft, 8; Co.), house

103 Salem
Furber William L. coachman, bds. 3 Russell court
Furbush Elias, porter, house 22 South Cedar
Furbush Elizabeth, widow, h. Dorc'ter, n. Fourth
Furbush Mary, widow, house 62 Essex
Furbush Milo, grocer, 41 Federal, h. 13 Sullivan pi.
Furbush Stephen, house 4 Spring
Furlong John, stevedore, bds. Sumner, n. Border
Furnas George, sail maker, 21 Com. wharf, boards

12 Newton place
Furnas Jonathan, boarding, 12 Newton place
Furneaux Thos. B. 66 Congress, h. 15 Marion
Furness George J. bds. Revere House
Furness Joseph, laborer, Pembroke
Furness Nath'l H. 45 Milk, boards U. S. Hotel
Furness Rebecca, widow, house rear 83 Endieot
Furness Robert, tailor, house 3 Sister [Woburn
Furness Wm. jr. {Geo. W. Abbot &: Co.), house at
Furniss Thomas, laborer, house Gold, n. B
Furst Louis, fancy goods, 381 Wash. h. r. Dix pi.
Fussell John {Shureij (Sf Co.), h. at Roxbury
Fyler Albert, physician, 8 Hichborn block
Fynes Margaret H. widow, house 14 Bridge

GAFFIELD ABNER J. supt. South Free Bridge,

house do.
Gaffield Charles, cabinet maker, h. 1 Tileston pi.
Gafheld David, truckman, house r. 19 Pitts
Gaffield Reuben, laborer, h. 1 Maiden
Gaffield Thomas (C. G. Lorinq &; Co.), h. 53 Allen
Gaffield Thomas Mrs. h. 53 Allen
Gaffney Andrew, book agent, h. 12 Rochester
Gaffney James, laborer, h. 8 Charlestown
Gaffney John, laborer, h. 8 Charlestown
Gaffney John L. musician, h. 44 S. Margin
Gaffney Roger, teamster, house Northampton
Gaffney Thomas, tailor, h. 21 Atkinson
Gage (AckUson), Hittinger (J.), & Co. {Timothy T.

iSawyer ^ T. JI. Frothinyham), ice, 70 State,

h. at Charlestown [70 Nashua

Gage Albert, laborer at Concord R. R. depot, h.
Gage Andrew, laborer, house 26 Minot
Gage Benj. broker, 5 Congress, h. 23 Andover
Gage Benj. W. crockery and glass, 144 Wash. h. at

Gage Christopher C. at Revere House
Gage Edward, dentist, 4 Hamilt'n pi. b. at Pavilion
Gage Frederick Wm. machinist, b. 9 Billerica
Gage Geo. W. {Chamberlin cV G.), City Hotel
Gage James, mason, house Webster
Gage James, laborer, house 3 Leveret, n. the bridge
Gage John, laborer, house c. Cottage, E. B.
Gage John, house 4 Andover
Gage Seth, 49 Federal, house at Dedham
Gage Seth, clerk, boards 25 High
Gage Tenney K. {Pctbner, G. S; Co.), h. 34 Hudson
Gage Theodric J. machinist, boards 5 Billerica
Gage Udolph, machinist, boards 9 Billerica
Gage William H. sash maker, house Fifth, c. D
Ganagan Ann Mrs. boarding, 146 Ann
Gahagin James, laborer, house Milldam
Gamor Patrick, laborer, house 24 Suffolk
Gahurlla Abraham, restorator, 1 Warren place
Gair John, sail maker, Liverpool wf. h. 77 Purchase
Gait Sydenham, 19 Sudbury, h. at Charlestown
Galbraith Joanna, widow, house 3 Kingston st. ct.
Gale Augusta, washing, house 58 Blackstone
Gale Augustus C. broker. State, h. 282 Tremont
Gale Benj. F. carpenter, 7 Harvard place
Gale Elizabeth Mrs. house 24 Green
Gale George, baker, h. 2 Ringgold [705 Wash.
Gale Gustavus 0. clerk, 6 Diamond block, house
Gale Isaac, clerk, house 38 Auburn
Gale Isaac, restorator, Boylst'n Market, h. 5 Zone
Gale Levi B. physician, house 14 Oneida
Gale Levi B. grocer, 27 Harr. av. h. 42 Tyler

Gale Lucian, counsellor, 20 Court, b. Bromfield

Gale Lydia, carpet maker, h. 6 Norfolk pi. [Dover
Gale Milton, oil and leather, 31 N. Market, h. 71
Gale Nathaniel, Cvistom House, house at Chelsea
Gale Samuel, machinist, boards Paris, n. Sumner
Gale Timothy, refreshments, 7 Water [N. Margin
Galeano Antonio, cigar maker, 1 Lindall, house 92
Gallacar Hezekiah, captain, h. 6 N. Hudson
Gallagher Abram, laborer, house 5 Middlesex
Gallagher Andrew, IMaverick, corner London
Gallagher Bartlett, laborer, h. 17 Vine
Gallagher Charles, tailor, house 15 Cross
Gallagher Daniel, laborer, house 11 Hamburg
Gallagher Daniel, laborer, h. Tremont, n. Dover
Gallagher Francis, tailor, boards 62 Atkinson
Gallagher Francis, cooper, house Silver, near C
Galhigher Hugh, grocer, 108 Ann, house do.
Gallagher Hugh, tailor, house 9 Federal court
Gallagher Hugh, house 16 South Margin
Gallagher James, boot maker, Foundry, h. Ontario
Gallagher James, shoe maker , 37 1-2 Prince
Gallagher James, merchant tailor, 7 Lewis, house

Havre, near Maverick
Gallagher John, laborer, house 124 Purchase
Gallagher John, laborer, house 8 Cvprus
Gallagher John, laborer, h. W. Dedham [E. B.
Gallagher John, laborer, h. Everett, n. Ford place,
Gallagher John, laborer, h. Cottage, near Everett

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