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Graves Adams T. carpenter, house 33 Southac
Graves Adoniram J. 92 Hanover, house London, n.

Maverick, E. Boston
Graves Alden G. machinist, house 5 N. Grove
Graves Alexis J. brewer, house 752 Washington
Graves Andrew F. clerk, 29 Cornhill





Graves Benjamin, clerk, 36 India

Graves Geo. carpenter, boards 5 E. Dedham.

Graves Chester H. house 8 Hudson

Graves Eben, shipwright, house Marion, E. B.

Graves Harvey, architect, 11 Joy's building, bds.

14 Morton place
Graves Horace, boarding, house 19 Thacher
Graves Mark, clerk, 202 Washington
Graves James, laborer, house 11 Andover
Graves John, Eagle Oyster Saloon, 4 Fleet, b. do.
Graves Lyford W. truckman, bds. 6 Sturgis place
Graves Mark, bds. 42 Harrison avenue
Graves Mary W. teacher of music, h. 6 Suffolk pi.
Graves Otis J. clerk, 389 AVash. bds. 3 Avery
Graves Susan Mrs. house 32 Southac
Gray Alfred T. 29 & 31 Water, house at Roxbury
Gray Albert, clerk, house 21 Fayette
Gray Ann, widow, house 13 Cyprus
Gray Charles, 3 Court square
Gray Cvrene, tailoress, bds. 54 Poplar
Gray Edward A. laborer, 32 Central, h. 18 Cooper
Gray Edward J. hair dresser, AVashington, c. Dover
Gray Edward T. hair dresser, bds. 37 Spring
Gray Francis, painter and glazier, house 4 Butolph
Grav Francis A. merchant, 31 Central whf. house

"20 Chesnut
Gray Francis C. counsellor, house 5 Park
Gray F. H. physician, 5 Hancock
Gray (Frederick) & Morse (Samuel T.), commis.

mcrch. 44 Central whf. h. 5 Hancock avenue
Gray Frederick T. Rev., Tremont, c. Court, h. at

Gray George, h. 5 Hancock avenue
Gray George, house rear 6 Leveret
Gray (Geo. II.) & Co. (Wm. G. Prince ^ Henry A.

Page), domestic hardware, 87 Milk, house at

West Cambridge [Somerville

Gray Geo. W. architect, 6 Joy's building, house at
Gray Gilbert, mariner, h. rear 27 Belknap
Gray Harriet & Susan, h. 21 Fayette [Roxbury
Gray Henry A. (Henry D. Gray &; Co.), liouse at
Gray Henry D. & Co. (Richard Leeds and II. A.

Gray), W. I. goods, 24 India, h. at Roxbury
Gray James, piano-forte polisher, house 23 S. Cedar
Gray John, house 26 Winter
Gray John, laborer, house May street court
Gray John C. counsellor, 30 Court, h. 30 Summer
Gray John G. 57 Milk, house at Roxbury
Gray John H. boards at Albion
Gray Joseph H. (Blanchard, Converse <Sj Co.), bds.

United States Hotel
Gray Joshua, machinist, house 53 Sea
Gray Martha, widow of Robert, h. 6 Staniford
Gray Martha R. widow, h. 22 Sudbury
Gray Nathaniel H. varnisher, 416 Wash. h. 57 Sea
Gray Pardon, clerk at Exchange Coffee House
Gray Peta, widow, house 38 Southac
Gray P. Daniel, rope maker, b. Western av. Hotel
Gray Reuben F. varnisher, 621 Wash. h. 8 Ohio pi.
Gray Samuel C. merchant, 31 Central wharf, house

75 Mount Vernon
Gray Samuel W. varnisher, house 11 Oneida
Gray Solomon S. carpenter, house 2 Porter
Gray Thomas (Halves, Gray S^ Co.), house 4 Win-

throp place
Gray Thomas Mrs. house 25 Winter
Gray Thomas S. grocer, Maverick, c. Paris, house

Maverick, c. Liverpool
Gray Thomas W. house 4 Winthrop place
Gray Warren, laborer, bds. Paris, n. Sumner
Gray Weston, teamster, h. Paris, n. Sumner
Gray William, cook, house 18 Southac
Gray Wm. counsellor, 30 Court, h. 18 Pemb. sq.
Gray Wm. E. laborer, house 15 Suffolk
Gray William H. jeweller, 159 Washington, house

at Jamaica Plain
Gray Wm. R. Mrs. house 5 Hancock avenue
Gray Zebina S. 37 S. Market
Graydi James, laborer, house Milldam
Greaves Wm. & Sons, 42 & 44 Pearl

Greeley Edward, laborer, h. 4 Charlestown

Greeley Gorham, book keeper, h. 34 Oxford

Greeley Joseph (C/ias. Wilkins &; Co.)

Greeley Moses R. student, 133 Hanover

Greeley Newell (Atkins &; G.), h. Saratoga, E. B.

Greeley Samuel, house 4 Hudson

Greeley Wm. E. (C/iamberkiin ^ Co.), 5 Lewis wf.

Greely Noah, hatter, 51 Court, h. at Somerville

Grcely Patrick, teamster, house 5 Olive place

Greely Philip, jr. collector of the Customs, house

11 McLean [Princeton, E. B.

Green Alexander F. hatter, h. 5 Brown's block.
Green Andrew, Custom House, h. at Chelsea
Green Caleb, cooper, h. rear 2 N. Bennet
Green Catharine F. widow, house 1 Allen place
Green Charles A. clerk Post Office, h, 13 Lindall pi.
Green Charles A. hay, Har. av. n. the bridge, h.

81 Hudson
Green Daniel, 30 Dock sq. bds. 30 High
Green Dyer, miller, h. London, n. Sumner
Green D. B. broker, 2 Congress sq. h. at Medford
Green Elijah L. shipsmith, h. 27 South Cedar
Green George (Bent/ey &; Green), h. 25 Charter
Green Geo.^H. (C. E. King S^ Co.), b. 1 Wash. sq.
Green Henry, oysters, Lewis, c. Fulton, house 17

Green Henry A. 49 Milk, h. 24 Summer
Green Hugh, mason, h. r. Second, n. Turnpike
Green (Isaac) & Carr (Josejjh), dry goods, 44 Han-
over, h. Allen, cor. Blossom
Green James, laborer, house 7 Second
Green (James M.) & Davis (B. S.), blacksmiths,

First, near Turnpike, h. Bolton, near C
Green James W. teacher, h. 97 Fourth
Green Jane, widow, boarding house, 30 High
Green John, cooper, boards 18 Prince
Green John, bds. 456 Washington
Green John, jr. painter, 657i Wash. h. 657 do.
Green John A. mariner, house 59 Prince
Green (Jona. P.) Sc Capen (Wm. IF.),mer. tailors,

118 Washington, h. 44 S. Russell
Green Joseph, cooper, house 2 Lane place
Green Joseph W. fish, 6 T whf. h. 16 Charter
Green Joseph W. jr. fish, 41 Long whf. house at

Green Martha, widow, h. Hull, cor. Salem
Green Martin, grocer, 42 Endicot, house do.
Green Mary, tailoress, house 37 Myrtle
Green Mary, house 13 Battery
Green Mary Mrs. h. 2 Henchman lane
Green Michael & Thos. & Co. (Tobias Purccll),

marble and freestone, opp. 196 Harr. av. h.

Green Nathan G. house South Williams
Green Neil, laborer, house 23 Morton
Green O. H. P. counsellor, 46 Wash. h. at Camb.
Green Orion, shower bath manufac. 293 Wash. h.

25 Indiana place [Roxbury

Green Peter, piano-forte maker, Newton, house at
Green Robert, cooper, h. Eutaw, E. B.
Green Samuel, engineer, h. Noble place, E. B.
Green Samuel, cl'k, h. 93 Fourth [Quincy House
Green Samuel S. teacher Philips School, boards
Green Thomas, blacksmith, h. 22 Wash, avenue
Green Thos. (.S. G. Bowdlear ^- Co.), h. at Chelsea
Green Thomas B. caulker, h. r. 6 Spear alley
Green Townsend, teamster, h. Fourth, betw. D & E
Green William, painter, 657^ Wash. h. 6 Village
Green William, cigar maker, bds. 5 Southac
Green AVilliam, blacksmith, B. & W. car shop
Green William, machinist, bds. 6 Billerica
Green William, surveyor wood, house 18 Prince
Green William, jr. printer, house 6 N. Bennet
Green (William J.) & Adams (J. Q.), platers, 9

Hawley [Warren

Greenberg Jacob, merch. tailor, 555 Wash. bds. 55
Greene Benjamin D. house 3 Mount Vernon
Greene Benj. H. book store, 124 Wash. h. 77 Dover
Greene Charles G. apothecary, 667 Washington, h.

1 Kellam place



Greene Charles G. (Beals % G.), editor Bost. Post,

house 41 Bowdoin
Greene Charles T. wheelwright, h. 53 South
Greene Francis, bds. 42 Oak

Greene Franklin, jr. 36 Pearl, h. at Jamaica Plain
Greene G. Mrs. house 32 Beacon
Greene Henry B. C. bds. 5 E. Canton
Greene H. B. C. Mrs. house 5 Canton
Greene James H. paper hanger, h. 187 Fourth
Greene John H. 157 Court
Greene John AV. carpenter, h. 6 Taylor
Greene Joseph B. clerk, house 24 Nashua
Greene Joseph H. boots and shoes, 157 Court, h. at

Greene J. P. tailor, h. 44 South Russell
Greene Lois, dress maker, bds. 11 Auburn
Greene Manuel, laborer, house 18 Curve
Greene Martin, laborer, house 56 Atkinson
Greene Mary, house 18 Eliot
Greene Mary and Hannah, h. 6 Arch
Greene Moses C. physician, Merrimac, c. Prospect
Greene Nathaniel, bds. at Albion [bridge

Greene Otis, ship chandlery, 7 India, h. at Cam-
Greene Rebecca Mrs. variety store, 52 Belknap,

house do.
Greenleaf Catharine, h. r. 47 Merrimac [Temple
Greenleaf Francis S. (Ci-ac/in, G. ^- Co.), house 37
Greenleaf Gardner, mason, h. 6 Hartford place
Greenleaf George, reporter Daily Times, house 2

Almont place
Greenleaf James, cabinet maker, h. 8 Rochester
Greenleaf John, fireman, bds. Tyler, cor. Curve
Greenleaf L. boards 9 Brattle square
Greenleaf Mary, wid. of Sam'l, h. 16 Winthrop pi.
Greenleaf Mary Mrs. dress maker, h. 47 Myrtle
Greenleaf Richard C. (C. F. Hovey S; Co.), house at

Jamaica Plain
Greenleaf Ruth, house 30 Pearl, cor. High
Greenleaf Simon, counsellor, 4 Court
Greenleaf Susan C. dress maker, h. 4 Fayette ct.
Greenleaf Wm. job wagon, 115 Camb. h. 42 Poplar
Greenleaf William, mason, boards 47 Myrtle
Greenleaf William, jr. cab driver, bds. 47 Myrtle
Greenman Josiah, stoves, 16 Union
Greenough Alfred (Curtis Sf G.), h. 74 Beacon
Greenough Benjamin F. house 13 Brighton
Greenough David S. counsellor, 23 Court, house at

Jamaica Plain [bds. 10 Crescent pi.

Greenough Henry M. & Co. auctioneers, 30 Wash.
Greenough (James), Jameson (N. W. C.), & Co.

(Hiram Covell), hats and furs, 50 & 52 Water,

h. 196 Hanover [26 Beacon

Greenough John, artist, 17 1-2 Tremont row, house
Greenough John A. cameo cutter, 197 Wash.
Greenough Richard S. sculptor, 5 1-2 Tremont row.

house 10 Ashburton place
Greenough AVilliam 8c Co. (Wm. W. Greenough),

hardware, 14 Merch. row, h. at Cambridge
Greenough Wra. W. (Wm. Greenoiujh .Sf Co.), h.

56 Temple [bds. 36 Leveret

Greenwood Caroline S. Mrs. millinery, 5 Hanover,
Greenwood Dexter, dry goods, bds. 16 Myrtle
Greenwood Edwin L. dentist, 18 West, boards 51

Greenwood Elizabeth, nurse, house 49 Albany
Greenwood F. W. P. Mrs. house 6 Boylston place
Greenwood George, boards 1 North Russell
Greenwood Oilman (James Bliss §• Co.)
Greenwood Ira, broker, 2 Congress sq. h. at Roxb.
Greenwood James M. hosiery, &c. 8^ Tremont row,

bds. Province House ct. [square

Greenwood James W. tobacco and cigars, 9 Market
Greenwood John, paints and varnish, 9 & 11 E. R.

R. whf., h. at Brighton
Greenwood Joseph, clerk, boards 18 Hanover
Greenwood Mary, widow, house Plymouth pi.
Greenwood Samuel D. boots and shoes, 5 Hanover
Greenwood Stephen P. 43 S. Market, h. at Cam-

bridgeport [church

Greenwood Thomas T. h. Fourth, opp. Unitarian

Greenwood Walter J. teamster, boards 36 Sea
Greenwood Wm. A. 31 Wash. h. Charles, c. May
Greenwood William P. house 51 Chambers
Greer George, baker, boards 505 Washington
Greer Hiram, watchman, house 2 Commercial
Greer Mary A. Mrs. boarding, 2 Salem place
Greer Robert, stevedore, h. 1 Sigourney place
Greer Robert, physician, house Sigourney place
Gregerson James B. physician, h. 33 Hancock
Gregerson ( Wm. H.)ik: Sumner (F. A.), ship chand-
lers, 10 Commercial wf. h. at Roxbury
Gregg Charles C. watchman, house 89 Chambers
Gregg George, cutter, 34 Ann, h. 5 Morton
Gregg Samuel, physician, 5 Howard, house do.
Gregg Samuel, house 18 Leveret [Leveret

Gregg Washington P. counsellor. City Hall, h. 18
Gregory Abijah, carpenter, bds. 80 Middlesex
Gregory Benjamin, waiter, h. 25 Short Second
Gregory Edward (Cheney, Averill, ^ Co.), house 34
Lowell [h. at Cambridge

Gregory Franklin E. (Button, Richardson, iSr Co.),
Gregory George, 25 Cornhill, h. at Medford
Gregory Samuel, sec'ry Am. Med. Education Soci-
ety, 2-5 Cornhill, bds. 7 Pitts
Gregory Samuel H. & Co. (Thomas Christy, <Sr S. S.
Coti^tant), paper hangings, 25 Court, house 49
Gregson Nancy, upholsteress, 53 Tremont
Greig George {EUiott S; G.), 11 Doane
Grenville A. S. physician and chemist. Chemical

Works, Swan, n. R. R., h. 128 Athens, n. B
Grevitte Christopher, laborer, h. r. 432 Comm'l
Grew Henry (Perkins, Doe, &: Co.), h. at Dorchester
Grew Thomas, moulder, boards 56 Leveret
Gribban Thos. laborer, house rear 211 Hanover
Gridley E. M. house 74 Tremont
Gridley Geo. A. (Barry S^ G.), h. 71 South Sufiblk
Gridley Hervey N. 25 Federal, h. 25 W. Cedar
Gridlev (/. W. L.), Gay (Geo. M.), & Perkins
(John), crockery, &c. 40 & 42 Broad, house at
Jamaica Plain
Grier George, baker, house 86 Warren
Griffeth William, waiter, h. 2 French place
Griffin Abigail, widow, house 13 Cherry [lar pi.
Griffin Abner C. truckman, 53 Causeway, h. 5 Pop-
Griffin Albert, boards 1 Rochester
Griffin Ann, widow, house 54 Nashua
Griffin Caroline Mrs. boarding, 11 Indiana
Griffin Celinda, dress maker, 57i Eliot
Griffin Charles J. pile driver, house 2 Oswego
Griffin Daniel, tailor, 6 North Russell, house do.
Griffin Daniel, laborer, house on Howe's wharf
Griffin David H. tin plate worker, h. 3 Ohio place
Griffin Edwin, clerk, boards 21 Sheafe
Griffin F. C. clerk, house 13 Cherry
Griffin Francis, laborer, house 61 Porter, E. B.
Griffin George, boarding, 31 Brattle
Griffin George, teamster, house Meridian, E. B.
Griffin George, mariner, house 190 Ann
Griifin James, cutter, Quincy Hall, h. 136 Hanover
Griffin James, laborer, h. East st. pi. cor. East
Griffin James A. type founder, h. 8 Williams
Griffin James W. cook, house 2 Snowhill
Griffin John, house rear 27 Belknap
Griffin John, laborer, house Silver, near A
Griffin John, laborer, house 17 Hamilton
Griffin John C. tailor, house 156 Hanover
Griffin John M. baker, 81 Charter, house do.
Griffin Joseph A. carpenter, h. Liverpool, E. B.
Griffin Joseph B. painter, 72 Cambridge, house 8

Blossom court
Griffin L. E. pile driver, house 2 Oswego
Griffin Margaret, groceries, 164 Fourth, house do.
Griffin Michael, boarding, 12 North square
Griffin Michael, laborer, h. Everett court, E. B.
Griffin Patrick, laborer, house 6 Lehigh
Griffin Patrick, carpenter, boards 16 Williams
Griffin Patrick, stevedore, house foot of Minot
Griffin Reuben P. blacksmith, h. Fifth, near D
Griffin Sarah, nurse, house 3 Hamlen place



Griffin Simon G. 25 S. Market, bds. 4 Oliver
Griffin Thomas, stevedore, h. Com'l, n. Foster
Griffin Thomas, laborer, house 62 Atkinson
Griffin Thomas, laborer, house 90 Broad
Griffin Thomas, laborer, house 7 Oliver
Griffin Thomas, laborer, h. Liverpool, n. Decatur
Griffin Thomas, laborer, house Third, near K
Griffin William, laborer, house 90 Broad
Griffin William, tailor, house 5 Williams
Griffin Wilson, house 7 Harvard place
Griffith Edward, carrier, house 68 Atkinson
Griffith E. R. painter, Avery, house 57 Pleasant
Griffith William, watchman, h. 7 Purchase place
Griffiths Charles & Co. saw manufacturers, 62 Con-
gress, h. at W. Cambridge [h. 12 Portland
Griffiths Chas. W. & Co. millinery goods, 57 Court,
Griffiths Wm. wholesale manf. millinery, 12 Portl'd
Grigg Elizabeth Mrs. house 2 Rochester
Griggs Charles, wines, &e. 24 & 25 Brattle sq. h.
at Charlestown [h. at Cambridge
Griggs F. C. clerk at Griggs & Forbes', Causeway,
Griggs Geo. counsellor, 4 Court, h. at Brookline
Griggs Joannette Mrs. house 35 South Cedar
Griggs John, trader, house 5 Lenox [court
Griggs John H. grocer, 715 Wash. h. 2 Medford
Griggs Lewis, house 5 West Centre
Griggs {Nat/ian'l) & Forbes ( Wm.), coal and wood.
Causeway, counting room 16 State, house at
Griggs Robert D. machinist, house 35 S. Cedar
Griggs Samuel W. architect, b. 5 Lenox [Brookline
Griggs Stephen R. {Seccomb, Taylor ^ Co.), h. at
Griggs Thomas J. carpenter, house r. 10 Hawkins
Grimes Francis, house 37 Myrtle
Grimes Henry, mason, house Arnold
Grimes James, laborer, house rear 29 Cross
Grimes John, laborer, house 420 Commercial
Grimes Leonard, painter, house 59 Myrtle
Grimes Octavia, shirt and dress maker, 59 Myrtle
Grimes Robert, ship sawyer, h. Second, n. F
Grimes Thomas, ship sawyer, h. Second, n. F
Grimes AVm. tailor, house 62 Atkinson [place
Grindle Ezekiel H. express wagon, h. 5 Second st.
Griner David, slater, boards 64 Sea
Griner John H. {Riley &; G.), bds. 102 Chambers
Grissom Elijah, porter, house 4 Southac court
Griswold Alexander, harness and trunk maker, 38
Portland [vere House
Griswold Almon W. counsellor, 30 Court, bds. Re-
Grisw^old Calvin, laborer, b. Belmont, opp. Lane pi.
Griswold John M. paper hanger, bds. 9 Brattle sq.
Groenevelt Edward, music teacher, b. 148 Pleasant
Groenvelt Gustavus, jeweller, bds. 148 Pleasant
Groom Thomas, stationer, 82 State, h. at Dorehes'r
Grose Joseph, marble polisher, h. 15 Friend [ave.
Grose Wm. provisions, 11 Merrimac, h. 2 Kennard
Grosjean Charles (Woodward i<; G.), h. 25 Fayette
Grosvenor {Daniel P.) & Moulton {€. J. B.), in-
surance brokers, 72 State, h. at Salem
Gross Isaac S. {Conant § G.), h. 9 Lyman place
Gross Jaazaniah, shoes, 8 Clinton, h. 9 Lyman pi.
Gross John A. D. clerk, 103 Milk, b. Franklin H.
Grouney Charles S. S. clerk, bds. 1 Champney pi.
Grouney Christopher, waiter, h. 1 Champney pi.
Grout James, hackman, house 38 Kingston
Grout {Beth) & Murdough (J. W.), livery stable,

Beach, h. 38 Kingston
Groux A. P. Madame, dress maker, h. 9 Myrtle
Groux Daniel E. coins, &c. 2^ Green, h. 9 Myrtle
Grover Addison {Jenkins ^ G.), 1 Adams House
Grover Asaph W. varnisher, b. Orange 1. c. Wash.
Grover Chas. F. varnisher, h. Orange, c. Wash.
Grover Daniel Mrs. h. Jefferson, c. Fayette
Grover Nathaniel, shipsmith, h. 2 Purchase pi.
Grover Nathaniel D. shipsmith, h. Princton, E. B.
Grover Oliver, housewright, h. 6 May st. pi.
Grover Sam'l, carpenter, 11 Merrimac, h. 69 Lowell
Grover Stephen, bds. r. 25 Dedham
Grover Zebulon, provisions, h. S. Russell
Groves Isaac, shoes, 202 Broadway, c. D, h. do.

Groves Richard, mariner, h. 4 Robinson alley
Groves Susan, widow, h. Gold, n. D
Groves Thomas M. teacher of music, h. 2 Church
Grow William, blacksmith, h. Trenton, E. B.
Grows David P. {Mason ^ G.), h. 13 W. Centre
Grubb William, clerk Suffolk Bank, 60 State, h.

85 Leveret
Grueby Edward L. 7 Congress, h. 6 Meridian, E. B.
Grueby Samuel A; mast maker, h. 434 Commercial
Grueby Wm. H. mast maker, h. 2 Vernon pi.
Grumm Matthew, laborer, h. 20 Washington p 1.
Grundy James, brass finisher, 42 Devonshire, h. 10

Second [10 Second

Grundy Joseph, brass finisher, 42 Devonshire, h.
Grundy Thomas, brass finisher, h. 10 Second
Gruner John C. paper box maker, 543 Washington
Gruschenski Joseph, cap maker, h. 4 Carlton pi.
Grush Henry J. piano-forte mk'r, h. 8 Hay ward pi.
Grush John H. hair dresser, 177 Hanover, house

2 N. Bennet
Gschwender Anton, machinist, h. 22 Church
Gschwender Dominick, boot maker, h. 22 Church
Guardenier John, book binder, 104 Washington, h.

12 Garden
Guenter John, clerk, 40 Ann, bds. 31 High
Guernsey Luther B. counsellor, 31 Mass. block
Guess Solomon, clothing, 32 Brattle, h. 36 Southac
Gugenheimer David, h. 5 Carlton pi.
Guigon Peter {Lacoste Sf G.), h. 5 Jefferson
Guihon John B. mariner, h. 231 Hanover
Guild Aaron, coal and lumber, Lincoln, c. Orange,

house 57 Dover
Guild Aaron I^ancis, house 57 Dover
Guild Albert, dentist, 58 Hanover, c. Portland
Guild Benj. counsellor, 4 Court, h. 24 Beacon
Guild Charies Elliott, 119 Milk, h. 24 Beacon
Guild Chas. H. {C. Guild S; Son), h. at Charlestown
Guild Chas. M. 67 Water, "h. 26 Hancock
Guild Chester & Sons {Chester, jr. & Charles H.),

leather, 16 Blackstone, h. at Somerville
Guild Chester, jr. (C. Guild Sj Sons), house at

Guild Clarissa, teacher Dwight School, b. 79 Dover
Guild Curtis, jr. 8 old State House, h. 11 Lincoln
Guild Curtis Mrs. house 11 Lincoln
Guild Francis {Shorey Sf Co.), h. at Dedham
Guild Frederick {S. S; J. Guild S; Co.), house at

Roxbury [bury

Guild George {S. S;J. Guild S^ Co.), house at Rox-
Guild Geo. D. counsellor, 4 Court, b. Wiuthrop H.
Guild Geo. F. {Bird §•(?.), b. City Hotel [House
Guild Geo. F. com. mer. 1 Central wf. b. Tremont
Guild Geo. H. bedsteads, 4 R. R. block, Lincoln
Guild Henry, manufacturing jeweller, 4 Court av.

h. at Dorchester
Guild Henry {Bric/qs, Guild .Sr Co.), h. at Roxbury
Guild Henry C. clerk, 109 Milk, bds. City Hotel
Guild Jas. (S. <Sf J. Guild ^ r'o.),h. at Roxbury
Guild John, restorator, bds. 2 Lowell ct.
Guild SamT E. counsellor, 4 Court, h. Boylston
Guild Sam'l F. machinist, bds. 4 Broadway
Guild S. & J. & Co. {Geo. &; Fred. Guild),' leather,

40 North Market
Guild W. Henry, 10 Central wf. h. 58 Hanover
Guild Wm. {Bradbury S; Guild), h. at Newton
Guild Wm. H. house 5 Walnut
Guilford Bimsley P. 43 Merchants' r. h. 3 Pitts pi.
Guilford Edwin R. daguerreotypist, b. 2 Central ct.
Guilford J. M. h. May, cor. Grove
Gulliver Eliza L. widow, h. 12 Sullivan place
Gulliver Lem. cash. Union Bank, h. at Charlest'n
Gunderson Jos. G., Boston Bank, h. at Cambridge
Gunn C. K. 62 Milk
Gunn C. M. house East Dedham
Gunn Justin L. machinist, bds. C, n. Fifth
Gunn Wm. S. {E. F. Hall &; Co.), 19 Kilby
Gunning Edw. C. boot maker, 4 Avery, h. 7 Mason
Gunnison Elihu, proprietor Mansion H. 95 Hanover
Gunnison Elisha W. blacksmith, h. Mav'k, E. B.
Gunnison Jas. {Sortwell Sj Co.), b. 95 Hanover



Gunnison Mary, nurse, house 10 Canton
Gunnison Samuel, machinist, h. 5 Washington ct.
Gunnison Seward B. 18 Commercial, b. 95 Hanover
Gunnison's Express, R. R. Exchange
Guppy Jas. H. restorator, 54 Brattle, h. 1 Market
Guvley James, laborer, house 15 Atkinson
Gurney Edward B. 22 Devonshire [18 Oxford

Gurney Elbridge, dry goods, Federal, n. High, h.
Gurney George, clerk, h. 124 Fourth
Gurney Henry H. Kinsell, h. 7 Avon pi.
Gurney Henry L. pilot, h. Webster, E. B.
Gurney James, moulder, h. 121 Broadway
Gurney Nathan, house 7 Avon pi. [Howard

Gustin Rebecca S. tailoress, 17 Hanover, boards 8
Gustus J. Frederick, h. 1 Garden ct. st.
Gutterson Wm. lumber. Swan, bds. 30 Albany
Gutterson Wm. E. & Co. {Wm. M. Huntooii), lum-
ber, Lehigh, c. Albany & Oneida, h. 30 Albany
Gwinn George F. hair dresser, 12 Congress
Gwynn Ann A. house r. 37 Pleasant
Gynn Samuel, laborer, h. Milldam

HACKETT CHRISTOPHER, coaches, Bromfield

House, h. 17 Lowell [69 Brighton

Hackett Hiram, freight master Lowell depot, h.
Hackett Jeremiah C." stair builder, 18 Haverhill, h.

37 Auburn
Hackett John, laborer, house 10 Bridge
Hackett LeRoy, mason, house 50 Nashua
Hackett Philip, laborer, house 23 Southac
Hadaway John T. & Co. paper hangings, 2 Union

block, h. at Chelsea [Lynn

Haddock Henry, silversmith, 5 Court av. house at
Haddock Wm. trunk mak'r, 56 Court, b. 5 Seav'r pi.
Hadley Alpheus, mariner, h. South, n. Harvard
Hadley Carlton, laborer, house r. 154 Tyler
Hadley Charles, porter, bds. 6 Porter
Hadley Charles J. haii- dresser, 24 Blackstone, h.

at Chelsea [High st. pi.

Hadley Charles J. 2d, oysters, 24 Devonshire, h. 8
Hadley Elizabeth, house r. 26 Belknap
Hadley Jeremiah P. carpenter, E. Orange, b. 242

Harrison avenue
Hadley John, laborer, h. 56 Kneeland
Hadley Lemuel H. dentist, 242 Harrison av. h. do.
Hadley Moses, toll gatherer, Cambridge bridge, h.

26" Charles [net pi.

Hadley Samuel, hair dresser, 14 Boylston, h. Ben-
Hadley Samuel B. hair dresser, 14 Boylston, h.

Bennetpl. [Webster, E. B.

Hadley Samuel D. tailor, 26 Washington, boards
Hadley S. D. mason, h. 26 London
Hadley Thos. J. piano-forte maker, h.263 Tremont
Haely Lawrence, tailor, house 78 Atkinson
Hafterin Daniel, laborer, h. 73 Eliot [nut

Hagar Calvin (Joh?i Gilbert, jr. Sf Co.), h. 86 Chcs-
Hagar Geo. W. & J. B. grain, Philadelphia Packet

Pier, h. 7 Ashland
Hagar John, brass founder, h. 8 Boylston square
Hagar John, shoe maker, h. 1 Providence
Hagar Josiah B. (G. W. ^ J. B. Hayar), boards 6

Bowdoin sq.
Hagar Marshall, laborer, house r. 47 Sea
Hagar Martha, nurse, house 25 Garden
Hagar S. nurse, 104 Hudson
Hagen John, carpenter, house Robinson lane
Hager John, cordwainer, Boylston, n. Tremont,

h. Church, c. Providence
Hager Sophia, milliner, 121 Hanover, h. do.
Hagerty Cornelius, glass packer, h. 21 Third
Hagerty Daniel, laborer, house 7 Essex place
Hagerty Daniel, cooper, house Porter, E. B.
Hagerty Edward, puddler, h. rear First, n. K
Hagerty James, laborer, h. rear 171 Ann
Hagerty Jeremiah, laborer, house 116.Sea
Hagerty John, laborer, h. rear 18 Stillman
Hagerty John, laborer, house 9 Oliver
Hagerty John, house 8 Avery
Hagerty Roger, shoe maker, h. 484 Commercial
Hagerty Timo. laborer, h. I, bet. Broad'y and Third

Hagerty Timothy, grocery, 8 Suffolk, house Mid-
dlesex, near Castle
Hagerty Timotliy, laborer, h. Cove, n. Cove pi.
Haggerty John, boot maker, h. 2 Hamilton alley
Haggerty John, laborer, house .^ Moon place
Haggerston David, 5 Tremont row, opp. Hanover
Hagin Jas. tailor, house 6(lAtkinson
Hagin John, carpenter, h. 96 Endicot
Hagmire Frederic W. musician, h. 8 Tileston
Hague Williana Rev. editor Watchman and Re-
flector, 122 Wash. h. at Roxbury
Haheye Patrick, laborer, h. Athens, n. Dorchester
Hahn Jacob & Son (jR. F. Hahn), grocers, Maver-
ick, n. Liverpool, house do. [E. Boston

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