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Hahn Rodolphus F. (/. Mahn S^ Son), Maverick,
Haight William, grocer, house 3 Commercial
Haineman Bernard, jeweller, h. 4 Billings court
Haines Joseph A. {Reed, Wade, &; Co.), h. 2 Short
Haines Robert P. paper ruler, 21 Cornhill, house
9 Cherry [lane
Haislett Sam'l A. J. sail maker, h. 12 Henchman
Halan Daniel, laborer, house Fifth, n. C.
Hale Aaron, manufacturer India rubber goods, 247

Broadway, house 245 do.
Hale Aaron, expressman, boards 52 Portland
Hale Artemas, jr. shoes, 19 Fulton
Hale Benj. W., Post Office, house at Chelsea
Hale Daniel L. house 5 Ashland
Hale David W. salesman, house 21 Orange
Hale Edwin, clerk, 401 Wash. bds. 1 Bennet
Hale Elias, com. mer. 69 Hanover, h. 7 AUston
Hale Eliza J. widow, house 38 Kingston
Hale Elizabeth, h. Bradford, c. Medford court
Hale Enoch, Post Office, h. Salem, c. Richmond
Hale George, sec. Tremont Insurance Co. boards

Winthrop House
Hale George, boards 445 Washington
Hale Henry M. boards 58 Essex
Hale Henry S. clerk, 12 Dock square
Hale Jerome B. house 15 Boylston square
Hale J. M. agent Orphans' Advocate, Tremont, c.
Common [folk, n. Dover

Hale Joseph, instructor Johnson School, h. Suf-
Hale L. H. & Co. (Benjcnnin French), daguerreo-
type artists, 109 Washington, b. 1 Franklin
Hale Moses L. sec. M. H. Life Ins. Co. house 65
Hancock [ilton pi.

Hale Nathan, editor Daily Advertiser, h. 6 Ham-
Hale Nathan, jr. counsellor, 8 Congress, house 6

Hamilton place
Hale Pardon M. mason, house 14 Maiden
Hale Robert, B. & L. R. R. depot, h. at Roxbury
Hale Theodore P. dry goods, 69 Water, house 7

Ashland av.
Hale W. E. carriages, 12 Haverhill, b. Merrim'c H.
Hales (TF/Z&wn), Page {Samuel), & Richardson
{H. L.), insurance brokers, 5 Merchants' Ex-
change, house 7 Chesnut
Haley Alvin Mrs. house Sufiblk, n. Canton
Haley Andrew, blacksmith, house 8 Newland
Haley Bartholomew, tailor, house Gold, n. B
Haley Daniel, laborer, h. Kneeland, c. Cove
Haley Dennis, laborer, boards 81 South
Haley George, ostler, house 7 Cyprus
Haley James, butler, house 22 Endicot
Haley James, laborer, h. 8 N. Brighton
Haley James, teamster, h. Suffolk, n. Lenox
Haley James, mason, h. Commercial, opp. Foster
Haley James, laborer, h. Paris court, E. B.
Haley James, laborer, house 84 Sea
Haley James, laborer, house Sun court place
Haley James, keeper Merchants' Exchange
Haley Jeremiah, laborer, house 79 Sea
Haley John, laborer, house 18 Stillman
Haley John, laborer, h. rear gun house. Fort Hill
Haley John, laborer, house 4 Cove place
Haley John, laborer, house 30 Thacher
Haley John, laborer, house Milldam
Haley John G. trunk maker, 52.^ Milk, h. 16 Oak
Haley John J. ( W. ^ J. J. Haley), h. 55 Billerica



Haley Joseph, blacksmith, h. 48 C, cor. Gold
Haley Joseph K. book keeper, 5 Hanover, boards

144 Harrison avenue
Haley Josiah S. machinist, bds. 3 Dover place
Haley Marcella, widow, house 13 Adams
Haley Mary Ann, dress maker, 4 Oliver place
Haley Michael, laborer, h. rear 98 Fourth
Haley Michael, waiter, h. 9 Kingston st. ct.
Haley Michael, cordwainer, house r. 90 Federal
Haley Michael, shoe maker, 26 Wendall, h. do.
Haley Michael, laborer, house 1 Seabury place
Haley Michael, tailor, house 2 Portland pi.
Haley Michael, trader, house 2 Andover
Haley Patrick, carpenter, house 31 Oliver
Haley Patrick, laborer, 7 Oliver
Haley Patrick, cooper, h. 8 Eutaw. E. Boston
Haley Patrick, stone mason, h. 61 Charlestown
Haley Patrick, carpenter, house 2 Portland pi.
Haley Richard, grocer, 198 Ann, house do.
Haley Samuel W. & Co. grocers, Suffolk, c. Ded-

ham, h. Suffolk, near Canton
Haley Susan, widow, house 12 Fruit
Haley Thomas, laborer, house Paris
Haley Thomas, laborer, house 23 Stillman
Haley Timothy, laborer, house 12 Genesee
Haley Wm. & J. J. chairs, 96 Fulton, h. 50 Lowell
Haley William, oysters, 100 Federal, house do.
Haley Wm. P. chairs, 28 N. Market, h. atRoxbury
Halfpenny James, laborer, house 24 Curve [ant
Haliburton Geo. M. {Redding S; Co.), h. 109 Pleas-
Halissey John, teamster, house Prentice's wharf
Hall A. A. wood and hay, Church, opp. Shawmut
Hall Abel, teamster, house 69 Sea
Hall Abel, marble worker, house 9 Zone
Hall Abigail, widow, house 77 Pleasant
Hall Addison B. clerk, boards 161 Court
Hall Adin, broker, 3 Exchange, h. 11 Ashb'ton pi.
Hall Albert B. salesman, 84 Hanover [Charlestown
Hall Alfred B. book keeper. Granite Bank, h. at
Hall Alonzo, 73 Fulton, h. at Charlestown
Hall A. Davis, 2-5 Kilby, boards 686 Washington
Hall Andrew Mrs. house r. 44 Brighton
Hall Andrew, broker, 5.^ Exchange
Hall Andrew T. 114 Milk, house 87 Beacon
Hall Arden {Tarr S^ H.), house 7 Shawmut
Hall Ariston, clerk, 41 Pearl, house 7 Acorn
Hall Arthur, musician, house 30 Grove
Hall Arthur, merchant tailor, 3 Bromfield
Hall Augustus J. boot counter manuf. 40 Fulton,

house 2 Webster place
Hall Barnabas {Baker S$ H.), boards 1 Howard
Hall Barnabas Y. carpenter, house 7 Maiden pi.
Hall Baxter, provisions, 629 Washing, h. 10 Ash
Hall Benning, baker, boards lo Brattle [wharf

Hall Betsey Mrs. seamstress, h. Broad, opp. Maine
Hall Betsey, nurse, house 655 Washington
Hall Charles G. architect and surveyor, 11^ Tre-

mont row, house at Roxbury
Hall Charles Henry, boards 67 Prince
Hall Chas. Henry, clerk, 433 Wash. b. 42 Harvard
Hall C. P. boards 13 Gouch

Hall Chas. S. dyer, 70 Cornhill, h. at Charlestown
Hall D. McGregor, clerk, boards 10 Allston
Hall Daniel, leather dealer, 25 Shoe and Leather,

house 325 Broadway
Hall David, auctioneer, h. 2 N. Margin
Hall David, 2 Boylston Market, house 42 Harvard
Hall David, salesman, 5 Market square
Hall Dennis, shoe maker, house 6 Wendell
Hall Ebenezer, boot maker, Webster, n. Cottage,

h. Havre, n. Maverick, E. Boston
Hall Edward A. machinist, boards 188 Hanover
Hall Edward F. & Co. {}Vm. S. Gumi), auction-
eers, 19 & 21 Kilby, house 72 Dover
Hall Edward R. 33 Commercial wf. bds. 65 Dover
Hall Edwin H. 39 Milk, house at Maiden
Hall E. H. & J. H. tailoresses, 655 Wash. h. do.
Hall Ellis Gray, 54 Central wharf, h. 22 Vine
Hall Ephraim, weigher, 31 India, h. 65 Dover
Hall Ephraim A. depot master E. R. R. h. Orleans

Hall Erastus C. 74 Milk, b. Wash. Coffee House
Hall Fanny, boards 1 Alden [Brighton

Hall Francis A. {Horton, Cordis, <Sf Co.), house at
Hall Francis, jr., B. & F. River R.'R. b. 23 Fayette
Hall Franklin, counsellor, 39 State, h. at Carabr'ge
Hall Franklin A. {Noble if Co.), h. at Charlestown
Hall Frederick F. 17 Doane, h. 24 Harvard
Hall Fred. W., Custom House, h. at Charlestown
Hall George, lumber surveyor, h. 16 Spring
Hall George C. clerk, 4 Long wharf
Hall Geo.l). {Colburn S^ H.), house at Medford
Hall G. H. artist, 5 Aniory Hall [pi.

Hall George S. book binder, h. Salem, opp. Baldwin
Hall Geo. S. morocco, Fulton, c. Sho^ and Leath-
er, house at Charlestown
Hall George T. 77 Milk

Hall Geo. W. clerk, 8 Blackstone, b. 1 Spring
Hall {Harris A.) & Gay {H. A.), 87 F. H. Market,

house 4 Charter
Hall Henry, 11.^ Tremont row, h. 7 Somerset
Hall Henry, jobber, house 5 Brighton ct.
Hall Henry, clothing. Ferry, c. Ann
Hall Henry A. clerk, 79 Court, bds. 3 Auburn ct.
Hall {Henri/ A.) & Robinson {Frederick R.), man-
ufacturers, 30 Charlestown, h. 761 Wash.
Hall {Henry H.), Olmsted {Roland), & Co. dry

goods, 77 Milk, h. 26 Harrison avenue
Hall Henrv P. draughtsman, house 34 Charles
Hall Hiram K. 20 Long wharf, house 22 Oak
Hall Ilopestill, housewright, h. 4 East st. pi.
Hall Horace D. 39 Com'l wharf, h. at Medford
Hall Isaac, teamster, house 50 Oak
Hall Isaac, jr. boarding, 4 Tyler
Hall {Isaac C), Myrick {J. H.), & Co. {A. P.
Clark), W. India goods, 35 Com'l, h. at Chelsea
Hall Jacob, house 67 Prince
Hall Jacob, jr. {Lombard &; H.), house 69 Prince
Hall Jairus, house 4 Winthrop
Hall James, stone cutter, house 76 Salem
Hall James, carriage builder, Adams, h. 10 Eaton
Hall James, finding store and stencil cutter, 10

Dock square, h. 65 Pinckney
Hall James, painter, house r. 44 Brighton
Hall James B. carriage trimmer, bds. 10 Eaton
Hall James D. house 686 Washington
Hall Jane, widow, house 3 Auburn court
Hall Jefferson P. house 48 Lowell [sell

Hall Jeremiah F. com. mer. 38 Broad, h. 16 S. Kus-
Hall John, stevedore, h. Havre, n. Maverick, E.B.
Hall John, doors and glass, 15 Blackstone, house

at Somer\-ille
Hall John, laborer, house 18 Southac [Chambers
Hall John, boot counters, 40 N. Market, h. 97^
Hall John, harness maker, house rear 54 Essex
Hall John, at 48 Boylston [Cedar st. pi.

Hall John B. printer, 11 & 66 Cornhill, house 4
Hall John B. carpenter, h. 45 Harrison avenue
Hall John G. {Ladd S^ H.), h. at Somerville
Hall John K. teller Traders' Bank, h. at Somerv'le
Hall John R., Railroad Ex., Court square, h. at
Roxbury [bury

Hall John R. architect, 11^ Trem. row, h. at Rox-
HallJohnW. {Waterston, Pray & Co.), h. 18
Boylston [gists, 1 Union, h. 51 Hancock

Hall Jonathan P. & Co. ( Theodore N. Hall), drug-
Hall Joseph, Mrs. house 682 Wash.
Hall Joseph, navy agent, 17 Doane, h. 24 Harvard
Hall Joseph F. machinist, h. Sumner, n. Cottage
Hall Joseph F. watchman, 75 Commercial h. 5

Hall Joseph P. 17 Doane, h. 24 Harvard
Hall Joshua H. 9 Chatham row, bds. 28 Essex
Hall Josiah, laborer, house 3 Cove
Hall {Junius) & Bigelow {H.), counsellors, State,

cor. Devonshire, bds. \5. S. Hotel
Hall L. C. builder, house 15 Rochester
Hall Leonard, house Dorchester, cor. First
Hall Luther, Havre, near Sumner
Hall Luke, ship\vright, house Central square
Hall Margaret, Mrs. house 2 Eliot place



Hall Margaret, house 68 Atkinson
Hall Margaret W. teacher, bds. 10 Carver
Hall Martin, carpenter, house 263 Tremont
Hall Martin L. & Co. (S. Hall § A. J. Adnms),
grocers, 2 & 3 Market sq., N. side Faneuil
Hall, bds. Revere House
Hall Mary N. millinery, &c. Wash. cor. Dover
Hall Melissa H. dress maker, 23 Fayette
Hall Milton, carpenter, house 5 Jefferson
Hall Nathaniel, grocer, Green, c. Chambers, h. do.
Hall Oliver, auctioneer, house 8 Sister
Hall Oliver, 51 N. Market, house at Lynn
Hall Osborn B. clerk Mec. Mutual Fii-e Ins. Co.

house at Charlestown
Hall Patrick, clerk, house 43 Federal
Hall Peter, laborer, h. 2.5 E. Orange
Hall {R. H.) & Pinks (/. //.), grocers, W. Centre,

c. Southac, house 31 do.
Hall Richard, hardware, 11 Kilby, h. at Roxbury
Hall Richard, carpenter, house 10 Belmont
Hall Robert W. clerk, house Fifth, near D
Hall Sally, boarding, 7 Franklin
Hall Sally, widow, h. 49 Spring [c. Maverick

Hall Samuel, ship builder, Liverpool, h. Liverpool,
Hall Samuel, jr. (A. G. Fanvell ^ Co.), bds. 4 High
Hall Samuel H. teamster, house Second, near A
Hall Samuel H. 327 Wash, boards 87 High
Hall Sam'l Vi. grocer, 79 Commercial, h. Webster
Hall Samuel Winship, printer, h. 9 E. Castle
Hall Sarah, widow, house rear First, near K
Hall Sarah A. house 28 Essex
Hall Sarah D. house 107 Hudson
Hall Solomon, housewright, house 19 Dover place
Hall Solomon, jr. bds. 10 Indiana
Hall Stephen, bds. IH Lincoln
Hall Stephen (M. L. llall Sx, Co.), h. 14 Salem
Hall Theodore A. 70 Milk [som

Hall Theo. N. {J. P. Hall S; Co.), house 41 Bios-
Hall Thomas, 1 Boylston Market, bds. 489 Wash.
Hall Thomas (S. Pierce S^ Co.), h. at Dorchester
Hall Thomas, fancv goods, 248 Wash. h. 38 Marion
Hall Thomas B. {Williams lV Hall), h. 155 Trem.
Hall Tim. tin plate w'ker. Centre, n. Ann,6Prince
Hall Timothy, house 6 Beacon
Hall Vincent, 91 Milk, h. 39 Bridge
Hall Wendall, machinist, h. I, cor. Third
Hall William, carpenter, h. 4 Newland
Hall Wm. locksmith, 27 Dock sq. h. Sumner, E. B.
Hall Wm. piano-forte maker, h. 4 Ohio place
Hall Wm. shipwright, house Saratoga
Hall Wm. A. printer, 22 School, h. 79 Bedford
Hall Wm. C. {Pearmain &; H.), h. at Chelsea
Hall Wm. F. {Bean Si Hall), bds. Lexington, E.B.
Hall Wm. H. clerk, R. R. Ex. bds. 6 Cambridge
Hall Wm. L. 30 Com'l wf. bds. at Roxbm-y
Hall Wm. M. blacksmith, h. 4 N. Brighton
Hall Wm. S. bds. U. S. Hotel
Hallaghan Edward, laborer, h. 78 Atkinson
Hallahan Michael, laborer, house 12 Bridge
Halland Daniel, tailor, h. 87 Kneeland
Halland Timothy, laborer, h. r. 90 Sea
Halland William, laborer, house r. 90 Sea
Hallet {Ezekiel) & Ladd (.4. jr.), piano-forte mak-
ers, 296 Wash. h. 15 Hayward place
Hallet Frederick, piano-forte maker, b. 7 Brookline
Hallet George Mrs. house 3 Green
Hallet Henry S. 19 India, h. 3 Green
Hallet {Jacob G.) & Blake {J. S.), com. merch. 19

Central wf. house 48 Dover
Hallet Job, rope maker, h. 40 Fayette
Hallet Loring, sash maker, h. 40 "Fayette
Hallet (jR;, Cumston {IVm.), & Allen (Jf.),

piano-forte manuf. 339 Wash. h. 2 Dover
Hallett B. F. counsellor, 20 Court, h. 11 South
Hallett {B. F.), Davis (G. //.), & Co. piano-forte

makers, 417 Wash. h. 676 do.
Hallett Daniel, carpenter, h. 129 Broadway^, cor. C
Hallett Henry L. h. 11 South [Charlestown

Hallett James H. bedding 16 Dock square, h. at
Hallett Joseph, clerk, 16 Dock square


Hallett Joshua, housewright, h. rear 12 Belmont
Hallett Lothrop, ship smith, h. 14 Henchman lane
Hallett Sanluel, laborer, h. 5 N. Grove
Halliday Frances, widow, h. Silver, near B
Halligan Hugh, laborer, h. rear Third, near D
Halligan Michael, laborer, h. Har. av. c. Blake's ct.
Halloran Edward, painter, bds. 5 Suffolk
Halloran Nicholas, painter, 657A Wash. h. 5 Suffolk
Halloran William, carpenter, house 37 Oneida
Hallworth Joseph L. printer, 8 Congress, house at

Hainan John, grocer, 81 Sea, h. do.
Halstrick John B. piano-forte maker, h. 17 Canton
Halstrick Joseph, silversmith, r. 301 Wash, house
Trumbull [3 Bremen, E. B.

Ham Charles W. cabinet manufac. 57 Portland, h.
Ham Daniel, trunk maker, 78 Ann, h. at Roxbury
Ham Luther A. police officer, h. 9 Hull
Ham Martha J. widow, house 6 Adams
Ham Samuel L. clerk, 107 Milk, bds. U. S. Hotel
Ham Tobias, bds. 3 Dover place
Hamblen Cornelius & Co. {C. Haniblen jr.), oys-
ters, 10 Batterymarch [Batterymarch
Hamblen Cornelius, jr. (C. Hamble/i ^ Co.), h. 10
Hamblen David {Benson S; H.),h. 830 'Wash.
Hamblen {J. Smith) & Kelley {John), painters,

Meridian, h. 23 Porter, E. B.
Hamblen Jesse, clerk, h. Central square
Hamblen Joseph B. oysters, 14 Merrimac, house
28 Lowell [1 Fuller

Hamblen Joshua, jr. oysters, r. 48 Congress, house
Hamblen Matthew P. copyist, house 4 Hull
Hamblen Prior, clerk, house Sumner, E. B.
Hamblen S. J. portrait painter, h. Havre, n. Mav-
erick, E. B.
Hamblet Friend, shoe maker, house 41 Prince
Hamblet James, soapstone manuf. 13 Haverhill,

house 54 Leveret
Hsimhlet James, }T. {Burton &: H.), h. 54 Leveret
Hamblin Eli, painter, house London, E. B.
Hamblin Jesse, 72 Commercial, house E. B.
HambUn John V. sail maker, house 238 Fourth
Hamblin Joseph G. painter, 1 Terrace place, E. B.
Hamblin Matthew P. clerk, 16 Court, h. 2 Hull
Hamblin Nathaniel, painter, h. London, E. B.
Hamilton Abial, carpenter, house 6 Sears' place
Hamilton Alvan, blacksmith, h. Everett, E. B.
Hamilton Asa B. W. tailor, rear 31 Congress, h.

Bennington, E. B.
Hamilton Daniel, mariner, house Cheever place
Hamilton Dudley, spar maker, h. 1 Meridian ct.
Hamilton Enoch S. carpenter, h. New,n. Cross, E.B.
Hamilton Hugh, boiler maker, h. r. 96 Fourth
Hamilton James, laborer, house 3 Henchman lane
Hamilton James W. teamster, house 2 Fuller
Hamilton Joel, whitewasher, h. 1 Meridian ct. E.B.
Hamilton Luther, Custom House, h. at Lynn
Hamilton Mary, widow, boarding, 18 Cross
Hamilton Matthew, tailor, h. 5 New Cross
Hamilton Otho, 25 Merchants' row, b. at Chelsea
Hamilton Seth, laborer, h. Cross, E. Boston
Hamilton William, truckman, h. 24 Thacher ct.
Hamilton Wm. coachman, house 40 Lowell
Hamlen Charles H. {Parker &; H.), h. 32 Hudson
Hamlen Nathaniel, ship broker, 92 State, house

238 Tremont
Hamlen Willis C. 51 N. Market, bds. 19 Prospect
Hamlet William, Directory office, 95^ Washington
Hamlin Hannibal, trader, h. 151 Broadway
Hamlin John, machinist, b. 10 Maverick block
Hamlin Willis C. 52 N. Market
Hamlin Wm. E. clerk, 89 Milk,'b. U. S. Hotel
Hamm Charles H. house 5 Bradford
Hamm Nicholas, laborer, b. 7 Sweetser court
Hamman George, brass founder, h. 37 Billerica
Hammanburg James, cooper, h. 6 Stillman pi.
Hammatt Alfred, book keeper, 90 Milk, and dry

goods, 585 Wash, house 13 Indiana place
Hammatt Charles, 78 Wash. h. at Cambridgeport
Hammatt F. A. clerk, 37 Milk, bds. 60 Allen



Hammatt Johu B. upholsterer, house 2 Stoddard
Hamniatt Samuel P. clerk, 133 Milk
Hammatt William, machinist, bds. Fort avenue
Hammerle Sebastian, refreshments, Dover, near

Washington, house do.
Hammett {Barnabas) & Balch (E. 77.), commiss'n

merchants, 20 Broad
Hammill Peter Rev. house 3.5 Broadway
Hammond A. {William Fletcher Sf Co.)
Hammond Alexander, fisherman, h. r. 85 Prince
Hammond Alvin, toll gatherer, h. Milldam
Hammond Andrew G. 61 State, h. at Cambridge
Hammond Artemas {R. L. Tay ^ A. Hammond),

house at Somerville
Hammond Benjamin F. clerk, house 48 Charles
Hammond Catharine, h. S. May, n. Har. avenue
Hammond Charles, house 2 Allston
Hammond Clark P. painter, house 25 N. Margin
Hammond Daniel, house 25 Beacon
Hammond D. C. 98 Water

Hammond Edward L. S. book keeper, h. 33 Poplar
Hammond Frederic H. spar maker, h. 2 N. Margin
Hammond George, Suffolk County Mills, b. U. S.

Hammond George, boards 25 Beacon
Hammond Hannah, house 50 Billerica
Hammond Harriet, boarding, 8 Cooper
Hammond Henry, painter, house 516 Commerc'l
Hammond Horace, G8 Utica, house at Walthani
Hammond Horatio, 20 Exchange, h. at Dorchester
Hammond James, painter, bds. 66 Nashua
Hammond John, broker, 15 Congress, h. 22 Grove
Hammond Johu, brakeman B. <k L. R. R. house
13 Pleasant st. ct. [Com'l, h. 16 Salutation
Hammond (John) & Fishburn (J.), riggers, 183
Hammond John, shoe maker, house 22 Cross
Hammond John C. machinist, house 103 Tremont
Hammond John D. painter, 56 Lever't, h.8 Ashland
Hammond Nathaniel, house 8 Ashland [pi.

Hammond P. S. milliner, 411 Wash. b. 9 La Grange
Hammond Sarah, widow of Samuel, h. 2 Allston
Hammond Thomas, carpenter, b. 101 Cambridge
Hammond Thomas, teamster, house 31 Bridge
Hammond Thomas, cooper, h. rear 16 Leveret
Hammond Thomas, tailor, 56 & 58 Turnpike, h.
Gardner place, cor. Broadway [ville

Hammond Wm. (A. Ballord &: Co.), h. at Somer-
Hammond Wm. H. clerk, Blossom, c. Vine
Hampden John, clerk, house 65 Allen
Hampton Sara'l, watchmaker, 134 Hanover, house

at Charlestown
Hanaford Bridget, widow, house 2 Wharf
Hanaford Elbridge G. hackman, h. 44 Billerica
Hanaford {Frederick W.) &: Ilsley {Nathan, Jr.),

harness makers, 50 Union, h. at Somerville
Hanaford William G. physician, h. 3 Bowdoin sq.
Hancock Charles L. counsellor, 10 Court, house
30 Beacon [h. 69 W. Cedar

Hancock Daniel, shoemaker, Pitts, n. Merrimac,
Hancock Eliza, h. rear 705 Washington
Hancock Franklin, house 30 Beacon
Hancock Henry, stabler, h. rear 705 Washington
Hancock Henry K, cabinet and chair maker, 667

Washing, house 1 Kellara place
Hancock John, house 30 Beacon [town

Hancock John C. printer, 22 School, h. at Charles-
Hancock John T. carpenter, boards 7 Nassau
Hancock Lewis, lumber. Marginal, E. Boston
Hancock Samuel A. pile driver, h. r. 705 Wash.
Hancock Solomon, jr. 6 Broad
Hancock Thomas, house 30 Beacon
Hancock Wm. clerk, boards 48 Temple
Hancock William, mason, house Trumbull
Hancock William E. physician, h. 30 Beacon
Hancock Wm. T. 78 Milk, h. 48 Temple
Hancock's Express, 7 State
Hand David, laborer, house 10 Hamilton
Hand James, painter, 3 North End block, h. do.
Hand Patrick, barber, house 117 Ann
Hand William, painter, Lenox, house Ai-nold

Handerson Henry C. 49 Milk, h. 40 Essex
Handrahan Patrick, miller, h. Milldam
Handy Geo. teamster, boards 78 Albany
Handy Peter, rigger, 294 Commercial, h. Saluta-
tion, near Hanover
Haney Michael, tailor, house 30 Cross
Haney Patrick, groceries, 188 Ann
Haney Patrick, laborer, house rear 48 Congress
Hanford James T. 38 South Market
Hanford James W. lard oil manufacturer, 38 South

Market, h. at Charlesto^vn
Hanker John, laborer, h. Clark alley [bridgeport
Hankey Joseph, confectioner, 87 Court, h. at Cam-
Hanlan Dennis, laborer, house 55 Endicot
Hanlan Jeremiah, laborer, h. Havre, n. Maverick
Hanley Martin, laborer, house 1 Oxford place
Hanley Owen, saddler, house 80 Warren
Hanley Patrick, trader, 90 Endicot [r. 9 Bennet
Hanley W. S. mattress manufacturer, 8 Beach, h.
Hanlin Dennis, laborer, h. Har. av. n. S. May
Hanlon James, tailor, house 16 Livingston
Hanna Eliza C. widow, h. Suffolk, n. German ch.
Hannabury Philip, laborer, h. r. Maverick, n. R. R.
Hannaford Elbridge G. coachman, h. 44 Billerica
Hannah Robert, painter, house 6 Wesley
Hannan Thomas, laborer, h. Orleans, r. Sumner
Hannan Timothy, laborer, h. E, cor. Seventh
Hanners Benjamin, house rear 202 Hanover
Hannigan Owen, carpenter, b. 5 Kneeland place
Hanover George B. 47 Wash, house 4 Allston
Hanover Martin, tailor, house 92 Federal
Hanrahan Patrick, tailor, house 108 Broad
Hanscom Abigail, widow, house 6 Ontario
Hanscom Albert, Custom House, bds. 41 Bedford
Hanscom J. S. machinist, boards 5 E. Dedham
Hanscom Nathaniel II. horse shoer. Turnpike, h.
Bolton, near C [rear 17 North Russell

Hanscom Samuel S. periodicals, 47 Cambridge, h.
Hanscom.b Abigail, widow, h. Meridian, n. Trenton
Hanscomb Lyman, bridge builder, b. 229 Har. av.
Hanson Anthony, carpe'r. opp. 52 Tyler, h. 84 do.
Hanson Daniel, housewright, house 75 Prince
Hanson David, teamster, house 19 London
Hanson George F. clerk, boards Fulton House
Hanson Hans J. mariner, h. 12 Henchman lane
Hanson J. B. upholsterer, h. Prince, opp. Snowhill
Hanson John A. com. merch. 2 & 6 Bath, house

Jamaica Plain
Hanson John B. grocer, 1 Museum bl'k, Tremont
Hanson John H. captain, h. 12 Henchman lane
Hanson John L., Merrimac House, Merrimac, cor.
Friend [do.

Hanson Joseph, junk, Tremont, near Dover, house
Hanson Joseph, house 9 Williams
Hanson Lewis, mariner, h. Maverick, c. Havre
Hanson M. P. dentist, 38 Tremont row, house at

Hanson Mary P. house 19 Albany
Hanson Samuel A. {fVhite §■ 77.), h. 14 Lincoln
Hapgood Charles, hackman, h. 2 Pleasant
Hapgood Joab, sporting apparatus, 12 Wash.
Hapgood Lyman, agent, bds. 22 May [lin House
Hapgood Warren, clothing, 18 Dock sq. b. Frank-
Hapgood William, laborer, house 1 Belmont
Haraden David T. piano-forte maker, h. 53 Castle
Haraden George, ship chandler, Sumner, cor. Liv-
erpool, house do.
Haraden John, clerk, boards 2 Harrison av.
Haraden William, truckman, h. 5 Kennard av.
Haraden's Express, 7 State
Haragin Cain, laborer, h. Bolton, n. Dorchester
Harahan Thomas, grocer, 151 Harrison av. house

6 Rochester
Haral Anthony, shoe maker, 4 Cross
Hard Jehiel, cabman, house 66 Billerica
Harden Calvin, mason, house 25 West Castle
Harding Abigail, boarding, 1 Bowdoin square
Harding Austin, jr. caulker, h. Paris, n. Sumner,
E. Boston [Long wh'f, h. at Cambridge

Harding Bangs, agent Southern packets, opp. 37



Harding C. artist, 26 Bromfield

Harding Edward, jr. 10 India, h. at Charlestown

Harding Francis L. silversmith, 12 Court sq. house

100 Chambers
Harding Hamlin R. house 3 Avery place
Harding Isaac N. provisions, 705 Washington, h.

West Dedham, n. Suffolk
Harding Jesse, apothecary, 70 Federal
Harding Joshua, mariner, house Central sq.
Harding Josiah M. sail maker, 6 T wf. h. 33 Salem
Harding Lemon P. grocer, 132 Turnpike, h. 129 do.
Harding Maria A. boarding, h. 1 Lyman place
Harding Nathaniel & Co. (W. Hinckley), shipping

office, 48 Commercial, bds. 148 Hanover
Harding Newell, silversmith, 12 Court square, h.

38 Chambers
Harding Sam'l L. {II. Ammidon ^ Co.), b. Pavilion
Harding Seaman, paper carrier, house 8 Morton
Harding William B. house 13 Fifth, near A
Harding Wra. E. 10 Sudbury, bds. 8 Harvard
Harding Wm. H. {Blanchard, Converse &; Co.) h.

11 Edinboro' [Chambers

Harding Wm. N. silversmith, 12 Court sq. h. 38
Hardogon Peter, laborer, house 10 S. Margin
Hardwick Wm., Custom House, h. 303 Broadway
Hardy Alpheus, 42 Commercial, h. at Dorchester
Hardy Augustus F. h. 48 W. Orange
Hardy Charles, ostler, boards 5 Bradford place
Hardy Charles A. S. baker, Seventh, near E
Hardy Daniel, mason, h. 6 Cleveland place
Hardy Enoch, jr. 201 Wash. b. Pearl street House
Hardy George, stevedore, h. Meridian, E. B.
Hardy Isaac, 42 Commercial, h. at Stoneham
Hardy Jason, clock maker, h. 30 Portland
Hardy John, slater, h. 6 Fayette court

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