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Holland Paul, grocer, Bloss'm, c. Vine, b. 31 Myrtle
Holland Sarah Mrs. house 45 W. Cedar
Holland Thomas, house 7 Beach
Holland Thomas, tailor, h. 28 Stillman [Harvard
Holland Thomas R. plate printer, 12 School, h. 37
Holland William, paper hanger, h. 14 Gouch
Holland William A. hardware, 15 Dock sq. h. 5

Newton place [ver, h. do.

Hollander Theresa, children's clothing, 118 Hano-
Hollerhan Margaret, widow, h. r. Third, near K
Holley John, mariner, house 19 Wash, avenue
HoUfelter John, miller, h. Plymouth, n. Roxbury



Hollie Henry, laborer, house 7^ Bartlett
Hollind John, tailor, house 30 Stillman
Holling Nich'las, wheelvv'ght. h. 4!) T'npike [r. do.
HoUingsworth Francis, march, tailor, 70o Wash. h.
HoUingsvvorth Geo. artist, 11 Tremont Temple, h.

at Milton
HoUingsworth J. M. &. L., Manilla paper, 35 Dev-
onshire, house at W. Cambridge [Roxbury
HoUingsworth L. (/. M. S; L. Ilol/'inr/sworfh), h. at
HoUis Barnabas, laborer, h. Brooklinc, n. Tremont
HoWis (Charles) & Wheeler (-1.), artists' finding

store, 59 Union, h. at Charlestown
Hollis Ebenezer, housewright, house Suffolk, opp.

Kellam place
Hollis Elizabeth, milliner, h. 165 Fourth, near D
Hollis Geo. 28 Pearl, boards 43 Bedford
Hollis Ignatius J. grocer, 292 Com'l, h. at Lynn
Hollis John Henry, 155 Milk, cor. Broad
Hollis John O. 30 Union, house 4 Prospect
Hollis Joseph, 30 Union, house 16 Stillman
Hollis Phccbe, widow, house 669 Washington
Hollis Stephen, musician, h. 165 Fourth, near C
Hollis Thomas, druggist, 30 Union, h. 16 Sheafe
Hollis Thomas B. glazier, house 77 Pleasant
Hollis Thomas J. cooper, house 18 Suffolk
Hollis William, upholsterer, house 28 South
Hollis Wm. H. 81 Wash, boards at Chelsea
Hollis Wm. O. whip maker, 7 Wash. h. at Chelsea
Hollister George AV. clerk, boards 43 Bedford
HoUister James, clerk, 84 Hanover
Holman Charles, 1 Faneuil Hall, boards 26 Ann
Holman Edwin (Edwards, !{.&: Co.), h. at Newton
Holman Oilman C. importer fancy goods and toys,

15 & 17 Kilby, h. 10 Edinboro'
Holman Henry, printer, h. 1 Clifton place
Holman John, teamster, 12 Sea [Cambridgeport
Holman John (Mannimj, Glover, S; Co.), house at
Holman John S. shoe maker, 102 Federal, h. 27 Sea
Holman Joseph F. apothecary, Eliot, c. Carver, b.

8 Hayward place [Eaton

Holman Jo.shua B. medicines. 54 Cornhill, h. 10
Holman Leonard, boarding, 21^ Portland
Holman Lyman F. clerk, 17 Kilby, b. 10 Edinboro'
Holman M. P. nurse, house South, c. East
Holman Oliver, stationer, 124 State, h 47 Chambers
Holman (7/. IF.) & Silsby (/. //.), proprietors U.

S. Hotel, c. Lincoln, Beach, and Kingston
Holmes Aaron, watches, 16 Wash. h. at Cambridge
Holmes Adeline, boys' clothes, 3 Harvard
Holmes Charles (Holmes &; Co.), b. 34 Salem
Holmes Daniel, laborer, house Chelsea, E. B.
Holmes David N. last maker, boards 13 Gouch
Holmes Dennis, boards 12th Ward Hotel
Holmes Dolly, nurse, house 8 Myrtle
Holmes Edwin, 4 Tremont row
Holmes Elizabeth, boarding, 15 Morton place
Holmes Francis, housewright, h. Sumner, E. B.
Holmes Galen, jr. turnkey Leveret st. jail, boards

15 Lowell
Holmes George, 12th Ward Hotel, 54 Fourth
Holmes Given, dry goods, 413 Wash. b. 42 Har. av.
Holmes Henry, clerk, boards 13 Commercial
Holmes Hcpry, house 20 Canton
Holmes Henry, barber, S. Bost. Hotel, 73 Fourth
Holmes Henry E. machinist, house 2 Rochester
Holmes Ichabod S. shoe maker, 220A Wash, house

85 Tyler
Holmes (Jacob R.) & Snelling (Joseph), ship-
wrights, Sargent's wf. & New, n. Sumner, E.

B. h. Central square, E. B.
Holmes James A. clerk, 10 Congress
Holmes Jane, widow of Isaac W. h. 198 Hanover
Holmes (Jesse) & Curtis (Edw. A.), type founders,

41 Congress, h. foot May, west of Charles
Holmes John, thread store, 4 Tremont row
Holmes John B. machinist, 8 and 9 Charlestown,

house 62 Poplar [House

Holmes John S. counsellor, 46 Wash. b. Winthrop
Holmes John W. clerk, 206 Hanover, b. 13 Com'l
Holmes Joseph, moulder, house 2 Moon st. ct.

Holmes Jos. T. ship joiner, 48 Com 1, h. at Roxb'y
Holmes Mary D. h. 2 Chardon st. ct.
Holmes Mary H. widow, house 13 Commercial
Holmes Nathaniel (J. Stimson &; Co.), h. 17 Brattle
Holmes (iV.) & Goodwin (Daniel), housewrights,

rear 21 Union, h. 17 Brattle
Holmes Oliver, (Mttl/in & II.), h. 44 Harvard
Holmes Oliver W. physician, h. 8 Montgomery pi.
Holmes Orpheus, 14 Long wf. b. at Cambridgeport
Holmes Perley Mrs. h. rear 35 Pitts
Holmes & Co. (Peter ^ C. Holmes), cork cutters,

57 Blackstone, house 27 N. Margin
Holmes Richard, shoes, 142 Hanover, h. 6 Charter
Holmes Richard T. house 51 Fourth, n. Turnpike
Holmes Sarah, house 7 Groton
Holmes Thaddevis, caulker, house London, E. B.
Holmes Thomas, handcartman, h. 1 Emery place
Holmes Tryphosa, widow, h. 10 Marshall
Holmes William, laborer, h. 4 Hamilton alley
Holmes William, shipwright, b. Liverpool, E. B.
Holmes William C. carpenter, house 11 Grove
Holmes Wm. H. saddler, 25 Trem't row, h 4 Acorn
Holmes William S. house 8 Hudson
Holmes AV. G. (Kelli/ &; IL), h. Liverpool, n. Mav-
erick, E. Boston
Holmes Zacheus, house 16 Brighton
Holohan Hugh, laborer, h. 1 Thacher court
Holsten Christian H. laborer, h. Noble pi. E. B.
Holsten Claus H. laborer, h. Everett, E. B.
Holt Abicl, messenger State House, h. 28 Myrtle
Holt Benj. S. clerk," 29 Cornhill, h. at Charlestown
Holt Charles, blacksmith, house 8 Eliot
Holt (Chas. S.) & Stockbridgo(TF. R.), auctioneers

and com. mer. 24 Brorafield, b. 51 High
Holt Charles AV. clerk, 18 Haverhill
Holt Daniel, teamster, house r. Third, near C
Holt Edah P. tailoress, boards 60 Tyler
Holt Eliza Ann, widow, house Gold, near D
Holt Geo. S. job wagon, house 70 High
Holt J. & J. E. silver platers, 44 Union, house at

Holt James H. cook, house 31 S. Russell
Holt John W. eating room, 50 Cause'y, c. Nashua
Holt Jonathan, cordwainer, 137 Sea, house do.
Holt Joseph, tailor, house 9 Suffolk [Shawmut
Holt Justin E. (J. &; J. E. Holt), 44 Union, h. 20
Holt Reuben L. truckman, house 2 Cotton pi.
Holt Ruth, widow, house 13 Auburn
Holt Samuel, job wagon, house 70 High
Holt Samuel, truckman, 12 Chatham
Holt S. W. house 158 Cambridge
Holt Sylvester, paper hanger, house r. 27 Common
Holt Sylvester H. paper hanger, b. r. 27 Common
Holt Thomas, printer, house 133 Endicot
Holt AVillard, hats and caps, 49 N. Market, house

at Cambridgeport
Holton Charles O. boards 10 Pitts
Holton D. J. house 32 Fayette
Holton Francis H. boards 8 Eaton
Holton Henry, mason, house 133 Hudson
Holton Henry B. boards 8 La Grange place
Holton James, pile driver, house 133 Hudson
Holton J. K. physician, Garden, cor. May
Holton John, Pantheon Hall, 439 AVashington
Holton Lemuel, shoes, 79 Court, h. 18 Oxford
Holton Leonard, truckman, 70 Friend, house at

Holton Samuel S. shoes, 43 Court, h. 8 Eaton
Holton Thomas S. 79 Court, boards 18 Oxford
Holway Francis, housewright, house 81 Ontario
Holway Philip, watches and jewelry, 204 Hanover,

house 15 Orange
Homans Chas. D. house 158 Tremont
Homans John, physician, h. Tremont, c. Winter
Homer Albert, painter, 68 Court, house Butolph,

corner Myrtle
Homer (Chas.) & Sprague (/. B. C), merchants,

45 and 20 India wharf, bds. Tremont House
Homer & Co. (Chas. S. Homer S^ Charles Leif/hton),

hardware, 24 Merchants' row, h. at Cambridge



Homer David, boards 4 Madison place

Homer Eleazer, jr. wharfinger, Battery wf. house

at W. Cambridge [Walnut

Homer Fitzhenry, 13 Central wf. house Beacon, c.
Homer Francis H. P. hardware and paints, 562

Washington, h. 24 Orange [c. Florence

Homer George, sec. Mer. Ins. Co. 38 State, h. Wash.
Homer George, mason, house 110 Hudson
Homer Geo. F. counsellor, 4 Court, h. at Brookline
Homer George J. brush maker, h. 2o Stillman
Homer Gilman, laborer, h. Dedhani, n. Newland
Homer Henry, crier Municipal Court, h. 225 Fourth
Homer Henry, lithographer, boards 1 Green
Homer Henry B. machinist, house London, E. B.
Homer James {Gragg ^ II.), house 28 Porter
Homer James L. house 15 Montgomery place
Homer Levi P. teacher music, h. 7 Milton pi.
Homer Mary, house 35 Auburn
Homer Mary A. widow of Henry, house 1 Green
Homer Milton, confectioner, house 10 Fabin
Homer Peter T. 65 Congress, h. 27 Mt. Vernon
Homer Samuel J. M. {Homers iS, Ladd), house 114

Harrison avenue [House

Homer Sidney, importer, 65 Congress, b. Tremont
Homer Walter W. carpenter, house Trumbull
Homer Wm. F. & Co. (L. £. Caswell), crockery &

paper hangings, 33 Union, h. at W. Cambridge
Homer William H. broker, 31 Court
Homers {Chas. W. ^ S. J. M. Homer) & Ladd (TF.

G.jr.), hardware, 34 Union, h. at Cambridge
Homes Elbridge G. prov's, 249 Hanov'r, b. 175.^ do.
Homes John, cabinet maker, boards 6 Lowell ct.
Hone James, stone cutter, h. opp. 62 Friend
Honey John H. h. Dedham, cor. Newland
Hood C. J. conductor Old Colony depot
Hood Geo. shoes and leather, 38 Fulton, h. at Lynn
Hood Samuel, jr. trader, h. 283 Fourth
Hood Thomas, auctioneer, 6 Market sq. h. Sumner,

n. Orleans
Hoog James T. 1 old State House, b. 12 Hanover
Hoogland Lydia B. V. h. 92 Tremont
Hoogs Francis, carpenter, h. 1 Sears' pi.
Hoogs Octavian, h. 52 Billerica
Hoogs Steph. F. prov's, 18 the S. M'ket, h. Ontario
Hoogs Wm. H. housewright, h. 4 Church
Hook Dudley W. laborer, h. 10 Greenough av.
Hook E. & G. G. organ builders, 1 Second, house

Hook Geo. G. {E. ^ G. G. Hook), h. at Somerville
Hook Jacob, police officer, h. 3 Snowhill pi.
Hook Wm. il. M. provisions, 49 Salem, boards 3

Snowhill place [E. B.

Hooker David S. blacksmith, Decatur, h. Havre,
Hooker Sarah, widow, seamstress, h. 15 S. Russell
Hooper Eunice, 44 Summer

Hooper F. A. merchant, 40 India wf. h. 5 Trem. pi.
Hooper {Frederick T.) & Pond {M. W.), dry

goods, 60 Hanover, h. 98 Chambers
Hooper Geo. K. 3 Holmes' bl'k, h. 1. N. Margin pi.
Hooper Henry, teller City Bank, h. 14 Dover
Hooper Henry N. & Co. ( Wm. Blake &; Thomas

Richardson), copper dealers, 24 Commercial,

and Causeway, c. Nashua, h. 14 Sheafe
Hooper James L. carpenter, house r. 647^ Wash.
Hooper John {B. Loring 8^ Co.), h. 4 South
Hooper John, h. 5 Fayette ct.
Hooper John, mariner, h. 14 Washington sq.
Hooper John S. {B. Loring ^ Co.), h. 4 South
Hooper J. S. B. laborer, h. 5 Fayette ct.
Hooper Nancy, widow, house 18 Norfolk pi.
Hooper Nathaniel {Minot &; II.), h. 17 Temple pi.
Hooper Robert, pres. Boston Bk. h. 51 Mt. Vernon
Hooper Robert, jr. clerk, bds. 51 Mt. Vernon
Hooper Robert C. merchant, 26 Central wharf, h.

at Dorchester
Hooper R. W. physician, house 44 Summer
Hooper Samuel {Wm. Appleton ^ Co.), house 85

Mount Vernon [town

Hooper S. T.,Mass. Bank, 66 State, h. at Charles-
Hooper Thos. mess. Mass. Bank, h. at Charlestown

Hooper Thomas W. teller Merchants' Bank, h.

at Charlestown
Hooper Wm. clerk, 99 State, h. at Cambridge
Hooper Wm. B. clerk, 8 Liberty sq. b. Commerc'l

Coffee House
Hooper Wm. F. 291 Wash. b. Cent'l H. [Hanover
Hooton David, printer, 10 Haskins' building, opp.
Hooton {Francis) & Tyler {F. L.), painters. Pleas-
ant, c. Washington, h. 10 Lucas place
Hooton Jas. music teacher, h. 1 Chardon St. ct.
Hooton Robert T. mariner, h. 46 Prince
Hopkins Abner F. job wagon, h. 121 Endicot
Hopkins Alexander, police, h. 2 Fruit st. ct.
Hopkins Charles, furniture and feathers, 39 and 41

Cornhill, h. 36 Pinckney
Hopkins Charlotte, toys, 151 Hanover, h. 117 do.
Hopkins Daniel W. proprietor Western av. Hotel
Hopkins Deborah M. h. 36 Pinckney
Hopkins Elbridge G. {Sawyer (Sf H.), h. 1 Arnold
Hopkins Elihu, carpenter, bds. 2 W. Centre
Hopkins Elisha B. lumber, h. Central sq.
Hopkins Edward, laborer, h. Bolton, n. A
Hopkins Franklin {Smith 3; H.), h. at Charlesto'n
Hopkins Hannah, widow, h. Unity, n. Charter
Hopkins Henrietta, bds. 58 Temple
Hopkins Isabella H. wid. of Sam'l, bds. 51 High
Hopkins Jeremiah, clerk, 18 Central wf. b. 12 La

Grange place
Hopkins John, chair maker, h. 22 Charlestown
Hopkins John, musician, h. 37 Marion
Hopkins Jonathan, mariner, h. 59 Commercial
Hopkins Lucy, h. Ontario
Hopkins Martha T. nurse, 6 Norfolk pi.
Hopkins Sam'l, machinist, h. Norwich, n. Har. av.
Hopkins Sam'l B. 77 Commercial, b. Richmond H.
Hopkins Solomon, h. 127 Harrison av.
Hopkins Thomas, mariner, h. 26 Spring
Hopkins Timothy, laborer, h. Second, n. A
Hopkins Warren, clerk, 66 Hanover, h. 58 Temple
Hopkins Z. W. {Snelling %II.), h. at Roxbury
Hopkinson Cyrus, cap maiiuf. 81 Hanov. b. 190 do.
Hopkinson Wm. L. 26 Dock sq. h. 4 Fayette ct.
Hoppin John, wood and coal, 21 Charles, h. 27 do.
Hoppin Mary, washing, house 39 Bridge
Hoppin Sarah W. h. Ilavre, n. Sumner
Hopps {('has.) & Breslaw {James C), painters, 75

Union, h. at Somerville
Horgan Daniel, laborer, h. 88 Eliot
Horgan Daniel, laborer, h. 6 ^litna pi.
Horgan James, grocer, Lincoln, c. Orange, h. do.
Horgan John, laborer, h. 102 Warren
Horn Benj. F. dry goods, 519 Wash. b. 3 Marion
Horn C. E. music teacher, h. 3 Jeiferson pi.
Horn Chas. F. painter, 7 Market square, house at
Charlestown [8 Hanover, h. 65 Poplar

Horn Edwin B. solar lamps, watches and jewelry,
Horn Henry, hats and cups, 60 Turnpike, h. Dor-
chester, n. Third
Horn John B. teamsti r, house r. 45 Causeway
Horn Joseph, restoraror, 11 Lincoln
Horn Joshua, 19 F. H. Market, h. 51 Portland
Horn Mary J. Mrs. confectioner, 70 Pinckney
Horn Wm. brass finisher, b. 2 Gorham pi.
Horn Wm. H. 19 F. H. Market, h. 51 Portland
Home John, teamster, h. 44 Billerica
Hornsman Henry, laborer, h. Sumner, E. B.
Horr Joseph, stair builder, h. 14 Norwich
Horrigan John, laborer, h. 3 Warren pi.
Horsfield John, shipwi-ight, house Cross, E. B.
Horsman Ebenezer R. 27 Court, h. 15 Tyler
Horsman Frederick A. dry goods, 24 Hanover
Horswell James, 34 Milk, b. 28 Beach
Horton Abel, porter, boards 58 South
Horton Chas. H. book binder, h. 1 Lyndeboro' pL
Horton {David W.), Cordis {F. T.), & Co. {F. A.
Hall), hardware, 114 Milk, h. at W. Cambridge
Horton Elbridge G. 273 Washington
Horton Henry, h. London, n. Sumner, E. B.
Horton Henry K. {F. Skinner <Sf Co.), house 15
Winthrop place



Horton Hopkins, truckman, h. 58 South
Horton J. H. book keeper, bds. National House
Horton John N. truckman, 2 Blanche ct.
Horton Josiah, truckman, h. 75 Charlestown
Horton Jotham W. clerk, bds. 272 Tremont
Horton Lucius B. & Co. {W. C. Boon), buttons, 48

Milk,h. at Chelsea
Horton Nathan P. bds. London, n. Sumner
Horton Thos. R. oysters, Travers, c. Portland
Horton Wm. pOrter, bds. 58 South
Horton Wm. H. {W. H. Mmiu & Co.)
Horton Wm. R. {E. Bnnley & Co.), h. 2 Allen
Horton Zebina, 122 Third, c. JD, h. do.
Hosea Richard, constable, h. 75 Charter
Hosea Samuel, shipwright, h. 10 Salutation
Hosea Samuel, jr. pump maker, 282 Commercial,

h. 2 Salutation
Hosea Zephaniah, h. Sumner, c. Liverpool
Hosford 0. B. nurse, h. 19 Tyler [19 Tyler

Hosford Oscar, provisions, 5 "the S. Market, boards
Hosker Thomas, fish dealer, h. 17^ Butolph
Hoskins June G. Mrs. h. 35 Common [South

Hosley Benjamin {Richards. Munn, &; Co.), h. 60
Hosmer Angus. C. 1 Old South blk. b. 14 Chambers
Hosmer Cyrus L. teacher, h. 81 Warren
Hosmer Joanna, widow, h. 81 Warren
Hosmer Zelotes, hardw're, 110 Milk, h. at Camb'gde
Hosum [George) & Bailey {E. C), shoes, 31 Shoe

and Leather, h. at West Newbury
Hotchkiss {Aaron T.) & Co. (Isaac Crooker),

periodicals, 13 Court, h. 4 Lynde
Hotz Nicholas, coppersmith, 48 Kneeland, h. 105

Hudson [Gloucester

Hough Benj. K. merchant, 44 Commercial, h. at
Hough James E. watchman, h. 97-1 Chambers
Hough Ruel, clerk, bds. 735 Washington
Hough William E. watchman Leveret st. jail, h.

16 Leveret
Houghton Caleb C. piano-forte maker, h. Arnold
Houghton Charles, undertaker, house Silver, n. B
Houghton Daniel F. 400 Wash. bds. 25 Kneeland
Houghton {Edwin F.) & Burditt {T. A.), dry

goods, 345 Wash. h. 128 Harrison avenue
Houghton Francis A. clerk, 345 Wash. h. 128

Harrison avenue
Houghton George, machinist, boards 4 Broadway
Houghton George A. sec. Coasters' Ins. Co. 68

State, house Suffolk, next church
Houghton G. W. painter, h. 65 Emerald
Houghton G. W. 6 Hanover, h. at Cambridgeport
Houghton Henry O. proof reader, bds. 67 Myrtle
Houghton Jesse H. 191 Wash. b. 128 Harr. avenue
Houghton John C. house^vl■ight, h. 11 Garden
Hoiighton Josiah S. 86 Ann, bds. National House
Houghton Lawson, house 2 Knox
Houghton Luther S. hu^k driver, h. rear 7 Adams
Houghton M. E. lace gt'ods, 6 Hanover, bds. 12 do.
Houghton Michael, grocei-. 164 Ann, house do.
Houghton Otis, laborer, h. Norwich, n. Har. av.
Houghton Samuel S. laces, 175 Trem. h. 50 Carver
Houghton Stephen D. clerk, 11 Elm
Houghton William S. shoes, 93 Court, boards 14

Houran David, laborer, h. 3 Thacher avenue
House Timothy, engraver, 204 Wash.h. at Dorch'r
Housebraker Benedict, confectioner, h. 62 Emerald
Houseman George P. cooper, h. 141 Endicot
Housley George, coppersmith, h. 1 Staniford court
Housley George W. tinsmith, b. 1 Staniford ct.
Housley Joseph W. coppersmith, h. 1 Ivers
Houston Alexander, housewright, h. 5 Spring St. pi
Houston Horatio N. carpenter, h. Eighth, near E
Houston Isaac, house 8 Milton
Houston Peter, mariner, house 4 Battery
Houston Thomas, sail maker, h. r. 250 Hanover
Houston William N. printer, house 635 Wash.
Houston Wm. P. housewright, Broadway, near C,

house 202 Fourth
Houten Richard, grocer. Cottage, E. B. house do.
Hovey Albert H. 19 N. Market, house 45 Allen

Hovey Charles F. & Co. (J. 11. Bryden, R. C.

Greenleaf ^ John Chandler), dry goods, 13

Winter, h. at Gloucester
Hovey Charles M. {Hovey ^ Co.), h. at Cambridge
Hovev Franklin S. {Dunham 4- H.), 70 Congress,

bils. 22 Oxford [Soc. 21 CornhiU

Hovey Geo. L. Rev. agent Foreign Evangelical
Hovey George O. (J. C. Howe &; Co.), h. 1 West
Hovey Hannah, widow, house 19 Fayette
Hovey Henry A. carriage and harness factory, 53

Eliot, house 19 Fayette [Cambridge

Hovey Horatio A. {W. B. Hovey S; Co.), h. at
Hovev James G. fancy goods, 149 Wash, house 29

Hovey John G. book keeper treas. office, B. & W.

R. R. depot, house at Roxbury
Hovey Joseph F. 21 State, h. at Charlestown
Hovey {Josiah), Hill {G. H.) & Candler (J. W.),

druggists, 28 S. Market, h. at S. Woburn
Hovey & Co. {Phineas B.jr. S^ Charles M. Hovey),

agricultural warehouse and seed store, 7 Mer-
chants' row, house and nursery at Cambridge
Hovey Nathaniel, carpenter, house Monmouth
Hovey Robert H. carpenter, house Prince
Hovey Solomon, sec. Mechan. Mutual Ins. Co. h.

at Charlestown
Hovey William B. & Co. {Horatio A. Hovey), 32

Faneuil Hall Market, house at Cambridge
How Absalom, job wagon, house 43 Prince
How Hall J. house Old Harbor [Harbor

How Hall J. jr. wharfinger, Boston wf. house Old
How Isaac W. 125 Milk, h. S. Boston Heights
How William G. 107 Milk, bds. 3 Cambridge
Howard, Son & Co. {BeitJ. ig Benj. C. Hotvard, S;

A. H. Newell), com. mer. 27 Central wharf
Howard Abraham Mrs. h. 691 Washington
Howard Adonis Rev. boards 47 Chambers [Poplar
Howard Alfred G. hair dresser, 20 Howard, h. 17
Howard Alvin, carpenter, h. Athens, n. Dorchester
Howard Amos, shoe manufac. 29 N. Market
Howard Amos, housewright, h. Athens, n. Dorch.
Howard Ann, boarding, h. 3 Alden court
Howard Ann E. widow, h. 43 Tyler
Howard Anna, widow, h. rear 49 Charter
Howard A. H. {Ayliuff ^ H.), b. Bromfield House
Howard Benj. {Howard, Son &; Co.), h. 4 Kingston
Howard Benj. C. {Howard, So7i &: Co.), h. 2 Asylum
Howard Burrill C. bds. 21 Gouch
Howard Charles, Custom House, bds. U. S. Hotel
Howard Charles, musician, bds. 19 Billerica
Howard Charles, 6 Diamond block, h. at Chelsea
Howard Chas. iron, tin, &c. 76 Water, h. 10 Dix pi.
Howard Charles, painter, bds. 735 Washington
Howard Charlotte Mrs. h. 71 Silver, near B
Howard {C. C.) & Warner {Jesse R.), h'sewrights,

72 Tyler, house 2 Porter
Howard Cyrus G. porter, house 4 Cruft place
Howard David W. bds. Sumner, E. B.
Howard Davis, shoes, &c. 6 Blackstone
Howard Dorcas, confectionery, 216 Hanover
Howard Edward A. hair dresser, Western Exch. h.

20 Albany [balances, 34 Water, h. at Roxbury
Howard (Edward) & Davis {Darid P.) clocks and
Howard E. F. hair dresser, 182 Wash. h. 17 Poplar
Howard Francis, clerk. Post Office, h. 30 Tyler
Howard George D. printer, h. 110 Third, near C
Howard George H. house 691 Washington
Howard Hannah, nurse, 6 Norfolk place
Howard Hannah & Abby, dress makers, house 2

Myrtle court
Howard Henry, shoes, &c. 6 Blackstone
Howard Henry, clerk, 8 Dock sq. h. at Charlestown
Howard Hiram, house 39 Erie
Howard Hosea B. porter, Franklin House
HQ,ward John, house 196 Hanover
Howard John, laborer, rear Third, near K
Howard John, laborer, h. 142 Purchase
Howard John D. trunk maker, house 2 Unity
Howard John F. {Colburii A //■), h. 197 Fourth
Howard John S. printer, 16 Devon, h. 33 Snowhill



Howard Joseph, blacksmith, h. Fifth, near C
Howard Joseph W. house 23o S. Suffolk
Howard Joshua D. at Alger's, bds. 53 B
Howard Joshua W. h. Brookline, c. Newland
Howard Laban B. blacksmith, h. 128 D, n. Bolton
Howard Lewis, h. New, n. Sumner, E. B.
Howard Mary, tailoress, house 20 Sudbury
Howard Michael, laborer, h. rear 90 Sea
Howard Nathan "W. boot maker, h. 87 Friend
Howard Nathaniel, apothecary, 54 B, h. 56 do.
Howard Nathaniel, jr. lace goods, 60 Hanover, cor.

Portland, h. at Chelsea
Howard Owen, furniture wagon, h. 4 Seabury pi.
Howard Patrick, laborer, h. 37 Jefferson block
Howard Phineas, express, house 38 Piedmont
Howard P. M. barber, 82 Cambridge, h. 17 Poplar
Howard Samuel, cooper, h. rear 49 Charter
Howard Sam'l, grocer & baker, 54 Myrtle, h. 55 do.
Howard Samuel, tailor, h. 1 Lynde place
Howard Samuel B. printer, 37 Cornhill, house 1

Clifton place
Howard Samuel P. bds. 55 Myrtle
Howard Samuel W. boards Maverick square
Howard Susan, widow, h. 22 Bridge
Howard T. M. broker, 24 Congress, h. 2 S. Cedar
Howard Timothy, laborer, house r. 89 Broad
Howard William A. laborer, house 6 Province
Howard William H., S. B. Iron Co. h. 1 Pine place
Howard Wm. H. jr. boards 1 Pine place
Howard William K. bds. 30 Salem [h. 48 Charter
Howard William P. druggist, Hanover, c. Charter,
Howard William S. deputy inspector fish, 13 T

whf. h. London, E. B. [W. Cambridge

Howe Andrews (Isaac Shattuck S^ Co.), house at
Howe Ann, widow of John, h. 6 N. Bennet
Howe B. H. provisions, 170 Tremont, h. Church,

near Boylston [boro' pi.

Howe B. Miles, crockery, 47 Hanover, h. Lynde-
Howe Caleb B. jr. express driver, 7 State, house 20

Howe Charles, 224 Wash. h. 4 Mt. "Vernon av.
Howe Charles, blacksmith, h. r. 17 Maiden
Howe Charles E. clerk, boards 65 Poplar
Howe Charles 0. 44 Water
Howe Cranston, house 87 Broadway, near B
Howe David, jr. (E. II. Brabrook Sg Co.), house at

Howe Edwin, 39 Merchants' row, h. at Charlestown
Howe Edwin L. carriage mart, 7 & 9 Merrimac, h.

10 Hudson [Cornhill, h. 3 Groton

Howe Elias, books and musical instruments, 11
Howe Eliphdlet P. h. Cross, E. B.
Howe Eliza A. vest maker, bds. 54 Poplar
Howe Ellis, cooper, h. 6 Boylston square
Howe Emery, mariner, h. Everett, E. B.
Howe Francis & Co. (G. L. Gibson), grocers, 24

Long wharf, house at Jamaica Plain
Howe Francis R. teamster, h. E. Dedham
Howe Frederic, piano-forte maker, b. 56 Federal
Howe George, currier, 5 Market sq. b. at Medford
Howe George, 32 Water, house 43 Mt. Vernon
Howe George, piano-forte maker, 334 Wash, house

at Roxbury
Howe Geo. A. ostler, h. 52 Atkinson fU. S. Hotel
Howe George S. depot master, B. & W. R. R. bds.
Howe George W 14 Commercial, h. 55 Poplar
Howe (G. 7/.) & Brother {H. G. Hotcc), provisions,

7 Blossom, house 7 Morton
Howe Hamilton, boards 84 Albany
Howe Harrison, housewright, h. 64 Nashua
Howe Henry G. (Howe S^ Brother), bds. 6 Garden
Howe Henry W. clerk, 1 Museum building, Trem'nt
Howe Hczekiah W. mason, bds. 50 E. Orange
Howe J. C. & Co. (G. O. Hovey, S. R. Payson &;

J. B. Hutchinson), com. mer. 21 Pearl, h. 12

Howe Jacob, 28 North Market, h. 8 Favette
Howe James, dry goods, 405^ Washington, h. 15

Marion [line

Howe Jas. M. (Wm. Whitney ^ Co.), h. at Brook-

Howe John (Pierce &: H.), house at Charlestown
Howe John, musician, boards 161 Court
Howe John, house E. Canton, n. Wash.
Howe John, 10 Mer. Exch. h. at Brookline [E. B.
Howe John, jr. shipsmith. Tufts' whf. h. 2 Chelsea,
Howe John C. 49 Blackstone, boards East Canton,
near Washington [at Charlestown

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