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Howe Jonathan, printer. 39 Merchants' row, house
Howe Jonathan, house 10 Avon place
Howe Jonathan, machinist, h. 254 Athens, n. E
Howe Joseph J. 51 Water, house at Roxbury
Howe Joseph N. agent N. E. Glass Co., Battery-
march, house 4 Ashburton place
Howe Jubal, watch maker, 226 Wash. h. 16 Charles
Howe Mauley, clerk, boards 2 Howard
Howe Marcus, shoe maker, 8 Beach, h. 7 Nassau
Howe Mary J. widow, bds. W. Cedar, c. Pinckney
Howe Milton, carpenter, h. Decatur, E. Boston
Howe Moses B. coachman, h. r. 17 Hanover
Howe Napoleon B. shoe maker, boards 3 Nassau
Howe Rebecca B. boarding, 74 Temple
How^e Rebecca G. widow, bds. Everett, n. Ford pi.
Howe Robert, baker, house 3 Hanover place
Howe Sally G. widow, house 89 Hanover
Howe Samuel, Inspector-General leather, 28 North

Market, house at Dorchester
Howe Samuel G. physician, director of the Institu-
tion for the Blind, South Boston, olhce 22
Bromfield, house 74 Mt. Vernon
Howe Samuel N. watchman, h. 23 A, n. Fourth
Howe Samuel S. (Davis &; H.), h. at Cambridge
Howe Sarah, nurse, house Leveret lane
Howe S. H. ( ir. A. Howe S; Co.), bds. 175 Tremont
Howe Susan M. widow, house 55 Poplar
Howe Thomas (BramhaU i5f IIoice),\\. 14 Edinboro'
Howe Thomas, lumber, 126 Sea, h. at Dorchester
Howe Walter, 39 Merchants' row, h. at Charlest'n
Howe William (Ba.vter ^ Howe), house 7 Auburn
Howe William, locksmith, h. S. Lowell, c. Suffolk
Howe William Rev. house 11 Chambers
Howe Wm. A. & Co. (S. Jones S^ S. H. Hotce), dry

goods, 74 Milk, bds. 175 Tremont
Howe Wm. B. machinist, house South Lowell
Howe Wm. H. laborer, house Eutaw, E. Boston
Howes (BarziUai), Baker (Timothy), & Co. (Seth
K. Crowell), flour and grain, 67 Commercial,
house National
Howes Charles, machinist, h. 122 Fourth [lum
Howes Elisha, captain, h. Broadway, n. Blind Asy-
Howes Freeman, shoe maker, h. 4 Adams pi. S. B.
Howes Lydia, widow, boarding, 40 Fleet
Howes (Osborn) & Crowell (Nathcai), commission

merchants, 35 Com'l whf. h. 382 Broadway
Howes (Peter S.) & Hendley (^4. C), capmanufac.

69 Hanover, house London, East Boston
Howes Richard, agent Philadelphia packets, Long

wharf, house Lexington, East Boston
Howes Willis, port warden, 68 Commercial, house

Old Harbor, cor. Dorchester
Howes Wm. B. counsellor, 30 Court, h. 3 Chesnut
Howk Christian, confectioner, house 70 Middlesex
Howland Abram, machinist, bds. 228 Harr. ave.
Howland (David), Hinckley (Freeman), & Co.
(David llinckley), ship chandlery, 45 Commer-
cial, house 3 Ashland avenue
Howland Eben, boards 6 Otis place
Howland Edward D. machinist, h. Maverick, E. B.
Howland (Edwin) X- Pope {L. E.), commis. mer.

53 Central wharf, bds. 6 Otis place
Howland (Freeman) & Drummond (James F.),
painters, 71 Pleasant [Purchase

Howland George, lard and oil, 199 Broad, house 29
Howland Geo.H. 69 Wash. bds. 29 Purchase
Howland H. & Z. C. distillers, 13 India, house at

Howland Jerome F. 12 State, boards 27 Allen
Howland Lloyd, saw mill, Beverly, h. 6 Gouch
Howland Lucian L. b. Pemberton House [E. B.
Howland Luther, mainner, h. Evei-ett, c. Ford pi.
Howland Maria, sup't Female Refuge, Rutland



Howland Melinda, confectionery, 6 Franklin
Hoxie T. W. & Co. (.S. G. Whitney), comm. mer-
chants, 46 Long wharf, boards 4 Myrtle
Hoxse Michael, widow of Geo. W. h. Silver, n. C
Hoy Ephraim, cook, house 9 West Centre
Hoye Lara, moulder, house r. Havre, n. Sumner
Hoynes P. J., Union Hotel, Maverick square
Hoyt (Adam) & Lane (John), trunk manufac. 21

Union, house 7 South Grove
Hoyt Alfred L. dentist, 1 Park, bds. 1 Allston pi.
Hoyt Artaxerxes, upholsterer, house 57 Lowell
Hoyt Benj. jr. machinist, h. Silver, n. B [Ipswich
Hoyt Benj. E. (Nichols 6; //.), 6 Canal block, h. at
Hoyt David, cooper, h. Maverick, n. Ha-\Te, E. B.
Hoyt D. K. shoe maker, 4 Belknap, house do.
Hoyt Eben, 1 Long wharf, house at Chelsea
Hoyt Gardiner J. book keeper, bds. 26 Lowell
Hoyt Geo. F. printer, 37 Cornhill,h. UN. Russell
Hoyt Henry, agent Missionary Herald, 33 Pember-

ton square, house 1 Allston place
Hoyt James B. assistant baggage master Lowell

depot, bds. 37 Lowell
Hoyt John Quincy, clerk, 36 Hanover
Hoyt Jonathan, trader, bds. rear 647.J Wash.
Hoyt Lewis, house 82 Hudson
Hoyt Mary, house 9 Clark
Hoyt Thomas, laborer, house 4 Salutation
Hubbard Aaron D., U. S. asst. treas. office, Custom
House, bds. 159 Tremont [at Chelsea

Hubbard Chas. portrait painter, 1^ Tremont row, h.
Hubbard Charles T. 20 Commercial, h. at Newton
Hubbard Ebenezer, truckman, bds. 1 Buttrick pi.
Hubbard Frederick, clerk, b. 29 Essex [75 Beacon
Hubbard Gardiner Greene, counsellor, 22 State, h.
Hubbard Geo. machinist, h. Tremont, c. Trumbull
Hubbard George, boards Tremont House
Hubbard George, physician, 56^ Hanover [Lynde
Hubbard George F. dry goods, 126 Hanover, h. 13
Hubbard Geo. W. brass finisher, h. 2 Gorham pi.
Hubbard Henry, U. S. assist, treas. Custom House
Hubbard Hiram, mason, house 75 Fourth
Hubbard Jerre, omnibus driver, h. 58 Billerica
Hubbard John C. chairs, 583 Wash. h. 4 Warren
Hubbard {J. S.) & Goulding (H.), machinists,
Charles, cor. Cambridge [43 Myrtle

Hubbard J. W. globe maker, 5 Mt. Vernon ave. h.
Hubbard Mos. P. (W. Hunt .^ Co.),b. Sumner, E.B.
Hubbard Nath'l D. counsel'r, 4 Court, b. 159 Trem't
Hubbard Samuel Mrs. house 35 W. Cedar
Hubbard {Wm. J.), & AVatts {Francis O.), coun-
sellors, 30 Court, house 52 Chesnut
Hubbard William W. machinist, 129 Cambridge,

h. 5 Lindall place
Hubenbecker Arnold, upholsterer, h. 3 ^Etna pi.
Huber Peter, mer. tailor, 116 Wash. h. 62 Marion
Huckins Chas. A. hats, 49 Court [24 Oxford

Huckins D. Montgomery, salesman, 71 Milk, bds.
Huckins Edwin W. carpenter, h. 30 Common
Huckins Israel, 35 S. Market, bds. r. 585 Wash.
Huckins James, merchant, 35 Commercial wharf,
house at Roxbury [F, n. Fifth

Huckins Samuel D. grocer, 115 Fourth, c. B, h.
Huckins Sarah, widow, house 8 London
Huckins Stephen, boarding, 445 Washington
Huckins Z. teamster, b. 11 Pleasant st. court
Huddleston J. S. F. barometer maker, 96 Wash.

house at Roxbury
Huddleston Thomas, 96 Wash. bds. at Roxbury
Hudson Benj. broker, 159 Endicot, h. 81 Prince
Hudson Charles, naval officer, Custom House, h.
at Lexington [Somerville

Hudson Charles H. counsellor, 63 Court, house at
Hudson Jarvis P. boards 6 Pitts
Hudson Mercy G. widow, house Fifth, near E
Hudson Oliver & Co. {J. W. Read), hoys' clothing,

4 Brattle, bds. Exchange Coffee House
Hudson Robert, house 16 Prince
Hudson {R. E.) & Smith {J. T.), Telegraphic
Office, old State House, house Blossom, opp.

Hudson Thomas, house 20 Charter [Hingham

Hudson Wm. jr. artist, 5.J Tremont row, house at
Huet Emile, physician, 2 Eliot
Huff Ambrose P. caulker, boards 1 Paris place
Huff Owen {Bowker l^ H.), house 1 Huff place
Huff Simon, pump maker, h. 1 ^Etna place
Hutf William, pattern maker, h. Gold, near B
Huggins Charles P. h. 4 E. Dedham, n. Wash.
Huggins Chester M. house 2 Canton place
Huggins Hugh, tin plate worker, h. 4 Lane pi.
Huggins Joseph S. carrier, bds. 5 W. Centre
Huggins Nath'l (Hitchcock lS? H.), Peirl st. House
Huggins Nathaniel N. carrier, house 5 Ringgold
Hughes Edward, boards 2 Thacher avenue
Hughes Ellen, widow, house rear 81 Tremont
Hughes Francis, laborer, house 3 May st. place
Hughes Frederick, house 19 Dover
Hughes George, house Federal, cor. High
Hughes George, coffee grinder, house 6 Centre
Hughes Henry, cabman, house 42 S. Margin
Hughes James, laborer, house 2 Crescent court
Hughes James, laborer, house r. 53 Atkinson
Hughes Jane, widow, house 91 Essex
Hughes Jesse, laborer, house 32 Southac
Hughes John, laborer, house 71 Eliot
Hughes John, laborer, h. 27 W. Dedham
Hughes John, house r. 81 Tremont [h. 50 High
Hughes John A. counter cases, 7 Harvard place,
Hughes Joshua, machinist, house 247 Fourth
Hughes Lawrence, teamster, Lincoln, c. Lehigh
Hughes Peter, laborer, h. Fabin. n. Tremont
Hughes Sarah, widow of Thomas, h. 63 Federal
Hughes Thomas, cabman, house 7 Garden
Hughes Thomas, waiter, house 2 Eliot place
Hughes Timothy E. marble worker, 136 Sea, house

rear 85 Tremont
Hughes William, teamster, house 77 Prince
Hughes William, teamster, house Thacher ave.
Hugo Joseph, cook, house 41 Portland
Hull Charles, express, b. rear 86 Chesnut
Hull Charles, 55 Commercial, boards 5 Lowell
Hull Geo. H. furniture, 2 Canal block, boards 48

Charter, c. Phipps place
Hull James, tailor, house 48 Endicot
Hull Mary, widow, house 11 Montgomery pi.
Hull Phineas, salesman, 43 N. Market
Hummel Moses, pedler, house 2 Shawmut
Humphrey (Almond), Bartlett (E. G.), & Co. (B.
W. Tisdale), W. I. goods, 13 N. Market, and
59 F. H. Market, h. 14 Sheafe
Humphrey Benjamin, 21 Commercial, h. 1 Myrtle
Humphrey Benj. A. clerk, boards 2 Newton pi.
Himiphrey Benj. F. book binder, bds. oo Poplar
Humphrey Catharine, bds. Belmont sq. E. B.
Humphrey Chandler R. marble carver, 72 Har. av.

house at Neponset
Humphrey Clement H. house 143 Broadway
Humphrey David, flour, 25 Long wf. h. at Camb.
Humphrey D. B. bds. 71 Kilby
Humphrey Elizabeth, dress maker, b. 19 Oak
Humphrey Esther, widow, h. 9 Pitts [Myrtle

Humphrey Francis J. (S. H. Pearce Ss; Co.), h. 1
Humphrey Giles, carpenter, house 9 Porter
Humphrey Henry, physician, house 114 Fourth
Humphrey Henry S. 31 State, up stairs
Humphrey John H. sash maker, b. 5 Spear place
Humphrey Leavitt, harness maker, b. 3 Jackson pi.
Humphrey Mary, house 35 Myrtle
Humphrey Seth, carpenter, boards 9 Porter
Humphrey Thomas, house 19 Oak
Humphrey Thomas, house 87 Eliot
Humphrey Willard A. provisions, Canton, corner

Suffolk, house at Brookline
Humphrey Wm. piano-forte maker, h. 72 Tyler
Humphrey Wm. & Co. (/. M. ^ Elijah Fiske, ^
Wm. E. Humphrey), com. mer. 45 & 46 Long
wharf, h. 38 Hancock [Hancock

Humphrey Wm. E. (Wm. Humphrey & Co.), h. 38
Hunkins George W. clerk, boards 66 Purchase
Hunkins James, crier S. J. Court, h. 66 Purchase



Hunkins John H. porter, boards 66 Purchase
Huuneman Joseph H. {Hunneman ^ Co.), house

at Roxbury
Hunneman Peter, rigger, h. Sigournev place
Hunneman & Co. {S^H. 8f J. H.), fire engines, 20

Union, house at Roxbury
Hunneman Wm. C. 1 Long wf. house at Roxbury
Hunnewell Charles H. fruit, 58 Court, and 58

Tremont row, house 1 Pitts ct.
Hunnewell Eliza Mrs. dress maker, 215 "Wash. pi.
Hunnewell Geo. W. {Farriuffton ^ H.),h.. 3 Cottage

Hunnewell H. H. 11 Thorndike's building, h. 9

Winthrop place [h. at Charlestoivn

Hunnewell James, merch. 25 Commercial wharf,
Hunnewell John, 8 Commerc'l wf. h. at Somerville
Hunnewell John L. & Co. (Joseph W. Hunnewell),

druggists, 8 Com'l wf. h. 3 Mt. Vernon pi.
Hunnewell Joseph W. (J. L. Hunnewell S^ Co.), h.

at Roxbury
Hunnewell AVm. N. 65 "Washington, h. at Lynn
Hunt {Adam)& Cheney (/ra), thick boots, 3 Shoe

and Leather, house at Milford
Hunt Ann, widow, house 19 Friend
Hunt Benj. stair builder, house 7 Ringgold
Hunt C. James, house 13 Franklin
Hunt Charles S. house 55 Eliot
Hunt Charlotte, boarding, 18 Billeriea
Hunt David, 24 Central, house at "Weymouth
Hunt David "W. house Meridian, E. B". [mouth

Hunt Eben "W. (S. Atkerton, S; Co,), h. at Wey-
Hunt Elizabeth, widow, h. 9 Kingston st. court
Hunt Emmons, house Marion, E. Boston
Hunt Francis A. house 32 South
Hunt Henry, brass caster, house rear 3 "Vine
Hunt Henry J. stoves, 193 Hanover, b. 3 Salem ct.
Hunt Hiram, books. City wf. h. 7 Chessman place
Hunt Hiram B. piano-forte maker, house 122 D
Hunt H. K. female physician, house 32 Green
Hunt Ira, shoe maker, house Fifth, near C
Hunt James, stationer, 70 Broad, h. 11 Crescent pi.
Hunt James G. stationery, N. E. corner F. Hall

Mark. h. 8 Lathrop pi. [34 Sch'ol, h. 23 Temple
Hunt James L. & Co. (/. W. Leighton), plumbers.
Hunt (John) & Cutter (E. F.), morocco, 29 North

Market, house at Roxbury [129 Pleasant

Hunt John, housewright, opp. 25 Kneeland, house
Hunt John, jr. sail maker, house 49 Albany
Hunt John S. housewright, house 114 Hudson
Hunt L. H. clerk, boards 161 Court
Hunt Lucy, widow, house 1 Oswego
Hunt Lyman, boards U. S. Hotel
Hunt Matthew, branch pilot, house 19 Liverpool
Hunt Michael, laborer, house Paris ct.
Hunt Moses & Co. (L. Brooks ^ E. T. Noble),

leather and machinery, 5 Market square, house

95 Charles [gas fixtures, 5 "Water

Hunt N. & Co. (Frederick Jacobs), plumbers, and
Hunt Nancy Miss, h. 18 Hancock [h. 3 Ash

Hunt Nehemiah, surgical instruments, 11^8 Wash.
Hunt Richard, laborer, house 320 Ann
Hunt Richard L. boards 5 Bradford place
Hunt Roland B. 51 Chatham, bds. 161 Court
Hunt Reuben S. pilot, house 5 Terrace pi. E. B.
Hunt Samuel, cabinet maker, h. 4 Second st. place
Hunt Samuel, sec. Man. lus. Co. h. 18 Hancock
Hunt Samuel, jr. mason, h. 43 Dover
Hunt Sam'l C. printer, Spring lane, c. Devonshire
Hunt Samuel F. soap maker, h. Trenton, E. B.
Hunt Sanford M. (Crowell, Brooks ¬І Co.), house

at Roxbury
Hunt Simeon, piano-forte maker, house 730 Wash.
Hunt Stephen, cutter, 24 Dock square, b. 1 Alden
Hunt Thomas, 32 Central wharf, h. at Sherburne
Hunt Tho's J. boots & shoes, 12 Elm, h. at Abington
Hunt Thomas S. teamster, house 44 Orange
Hunt Timothy, house Trenton, East Boston
Hunt Wellington L. G. 25 Doane, h. 5 Quiney pi.
Hunt Wm. & Co. (M. P. Hubbard), ship joiners,

Cunningham's wharf, house London, E. B.

Hunt Wm. H. clerk, 25 Milk, h. Jamaica Plain

Hunt Wm. P. 2 Central wharf, b. Pearl st. House

Hunter Ann, widov/, house 18 Spring

Hunter E. G. currier, 66 Fulton, b. 3 Causeway

Hunter Joseph J. 133 Wash. h. 52^ Cambridge

Hunter N. physician, II Sudbury

Hunter Robert, plasterer, h. 6 Thacher court

Hunter Thos. manuf. paper hangings, 42 Congress

Hunter William, laborer, house rear 324 Ann

Hunter Wm. 4 F. 11. Market (cellar), h. 40 Dover

Hunter Wm. L. 25 Federal

Hunting Albert R. 85 F. H. M. boards 10 Green

Hunting (Bela * Charles B.) & Tufts (Benj. A.),

49 India, house 56 Summer [Cambridge

Hunting Charles B. (Ilunting & Tufts), house at
Hunting Daniel F. 58 B, corner Broadway
Hunting Ed. Q. watch maker, 34 1-2 Union, boards

39 Brattle [Dedham

Hunting Eliza A. milliner, house and shop 5 East
Hunting Enoch, musical instrument maker, house

2 Champney place
Hunting Henry, clerk, 15 Tremont row
Hunting Justus M. clerk, boards 10 London
Hunting Louisa, dress maker, house 4 N. Margin
Hunting Reuben, lamp maker, h. 300 Broadway
Hunting Thomas, supt. streets, office City Hall,

house 6 Orange
Hunting AVm. S. musical inst. maker, 34 Causeway
Huntington Hazle, teamster, bds. 101 Cambridge
Huntington Lynde A. merchant tailor, 76 Wash.

house at Charlestown
Huntington Ralph, house 3 Washington square
Huntington Sarah, nurse, house 18 Morton
Huntley Marcus, cook, h. 32 Southac [Endicot

Huntley Russell, housewright, house Thacher, cor.
Huntley Thomas, sailor, house 8 Holmes' alley
Huntoon Chas. A. plane maker, b. rear 9 Adams
Huntoon Jacob S. laborer, house rear 9 Adams
Huntoon Jacob S. laborer, house 5 Milton
Huntoon Kinsman A. machinist, b. Orleans, near

Huntoon Silas F. machinist, h. 105 Chambers
Huntoon Wm. M. (Wm. E. Gutterson^ Co.), bds.

278 Broadway
Huntoon Wm. R., Jefferson House, 14 Ann
Huntress James, paper stainer, h. r. 84 Portland
Huntress John, jobber, house 1 Champney place
Huntress Joseph F. surveyor of lumber, h. 39 Oak
Huntress Leander, machinist, b. 234 Harrison av.
Huntress Reuben (Whttaker & //.), 7 Brattle
Huntress Samuel, carpenter, house r. 84 Portland
Huntress Sarah G. boarding, Orleans, n. Webster
Hurd Benjamin, porter, house 120 Sea
Hurd Calvin, shoes, 40 Hanover, house 18 Spring
Hurd Charles (J. H. West ^ Co.), boards 2 Fleet
Hurd Charles, jr. house 181 Harrison avenue
Hurd Charles H. truckman, boards 48 Harvard
Hui-d Eliz'bth, widow of Wm. h. Gold, n. Dorchest'r
Hurd Jeremiah, teamster, h. 3 N. Townsend place
Hurd (Jeremiah) & Bowers (L. K.), com. mer. and

dealers in wool, 114 State, h. 10 Chilson place
Hurd John (Hutchiiis, Hurd if C'o.),h. atCharl'st'n
Hurd Joseph, piano-forte maker, house 34 Warren
Hurd Peter, hair dresser, Ann, cor. Fleet, house at

Hurd Washington, captain, house Maverick sq.
Hurie Joseph, fencing, house 6 Church
Hurlbert George, upholsterer, boards 71 Prince
Hurlbert Sophia, widow, house 60 Allen
Hurlbert Truman R. 61 Congress, h. 24 Charles
Hurlbert Wallace A., Post Office, b. 133 Har. av.
Hurley Daniel H. laborer, house 1 Hamilton court
Hurley Dennis, laborer, house 7 Cove
Hurley Dennis, laborer, house rear 104 Purchase
Hurley Elizabeth F. widow, house 7 Church
Hurley James, laborer, house 146 Purchase
Hurley James D. coachsmith, boards 171 Hanover
Hurley John, carpenter, house 11 Lucas place
Hurley John, laborer, house 9 Merrimac
Hurley John, laborer, house 23 Hamilton



Hurley John, laborer, house 18 Hamilton

Hurley John, laborer, house 56 Kneeland [Lowell

Hurley John S. refreshments, Lowell depot, h. 72

Hurley Margaret, widow, h. 6 Theatre alley

Hurley Maurice, tailor, house 12 Sister

Hurley Mercy, boarding, 171 Hanover

Hurley Michael, house 131 Broad

Hurley Michael, laborer, house 1 Humphrey place

Hurley Michael, laborer, house Half Moon place

Hurley Patrick, laborer, house 4 Wendell

Hurley Patrick, laborer, h. South, n. Kneeland

Hurley Patrick, tailor, house 22 Erie

Hurley Patrick, grocer, Oswego, c. Albany, h. do.

Hurley Reynolds, laborer, h. 78 Broad

Hurley Richard, laborer, h. 329 Commercial

Hurley Timothy, laborer, h. Half Moon pi.

Hurll Henry, printer, bds. 4 Pitts [crossing

Huse Albert, oo Chatham, h. Maverick, n. R. R.

Huse Elizabeth H. h. 66 Belknap

Huse George, house 6 Billings court

Huse John, Old Province House, r. 10-5 Wash.

Huse Joseph, stoves, 27 Union, h. at S. Woburn

Huse Wm. laborer, h. 16 Hamilton

Huso Ephraim, laborer, house r. 14 May

Hussey Geo. V. carpenter, bds. 54 Poplar

Hussey H. coachman at 36 Summer

Hussey Joseph, weigher and gauger, 7 Central wf.

h. at Charlestown
Hussey Samuel Mrs. 50 Orange [lane

Hussey Silvanus, restorator, 8 Long wf. h. 2 Salt
Hussey Thomas, trader, h. 1 Harrison av.
Huston Arthur, housewright, h. 6 Chessman pi.
Huston Edward, h. 31 Blossom
Huston Hiram, 273 Washington, h. 17 Hayward pi.
Huston William, h. 21 S. Russell
Hutchings Albert, furniture, h. 53 Brighton
Hutchings James, cabman, h. 3 Charlesto-mi
Hutchings Nathan, truckman, bds. 43 Lowell
Hutchings Solomon,- clerk, h. 17 Prospect
Hutchings Theodore, machinist, h. 131 Broadway
Hutchings Thos. G. {Willei/ &; II.), h. at Charlest'n
Hutchings Urban P. 18 Milk; h. 17 Prospect
Hutchins Abel, clerk, 117 Milk, b. 3 Bowdoin sq.
Hutchins Calvin, policeman, h. 20 Wall
Hutchins Charles, plasterer, h. opp. 6 Albion
Hutchins {Ezra C), Hurd (J.), & Co. (/. E.
Brown, J. F. Skinner, S^E. S. Hntch/ns),W. I.
g'ds, 6 S M'ket, h. at Charlesfn [Charlest'n
Hutchins Ezra S. {Hutchins, Hurd, & Co.), h. at
Hutchins Harrison M. stucco whitener, bds. 5

Fruit street court
Hutchins {Henry C.) & 'WTieeler {A. S.), counsel-
lors, 20 Court, h. at Charlestown
Hutchins Horace G. ( WiUey ^ H.), h. at Charlest'n
Hutchins Ivory, pump and block maker, house 8

Haymarket place
Hutchins James, machinist, h. Silver, n. B
Hutchins {James R.) & Weld {James), boots and

shoes, 38 Kilby, b. U. S. Hotel
Hutchins Jason K. 38 Long wf. bds. 3 Bromfield
Hutchins John E. h. Moon st. ct.
Hutchins John F. clerk, h. 17 Prospect
Hutchins Luther W. watchman, b. 97.^ Chambers
Hutchins P. Pearce, carpenter, house Canton, n.

Harrison avenue
Hutchins Solomon, house 17 Prospect
Hutchins Thos. G. salesman, h. r. 101 Tremont
Hutchinson Andrew B., W. I. goods, 69 Purchase,

house 73 do.
Hutchinson Catharine, widow, h. 21 Poplar
Hutchinson Charles A. clerk. Green, c. Chambers,
bds. 21 Poplar [milliners, 7 Broadway

Hutchinson E. and C. Misses, dress makers and
Hutchinson T. M. 307 Washington, b. at Milton
Hutchinson Francis, carp'r, B. & M. R. R. freight
house [N. Chapel place

Hutchinson George N. furniture wagon, house 3
Hutchinson Geo. W. painter, h. 20 Andover
Hutchinson {Henry) & Burrill (.4. S.), sail mak-
ers, 44 Commercial, house r. 21 Charter

Hutchinson James, carpenter, h. 1 Lovis
Hutchinson James D. {Wm. Stearns Sj Co.), h. 21

Hancock [ner

Hutchinson John B. {J. C. Howe Sf Co.), h. Sum-
Hutchinson Lucretia, widow, h. 33 S. Margin
Hutchinson Mary C. h. 12 Norfolk pi.
Hutchinson Mary J. widow, h. 14 Poplar
Hutchinson Sara'l H. tinsmith, h. 7 Broadway
Hutchinson Sarah, house 6 iEtna pi.
Hutchinson Proctor S. 34 Milk
Hutchinson Thomas O. fruit, &c. 12 Dock sq.
Hutchinson Thomas, Temp. Hotel, Fourth, S. B.

Point [Purchase

Hutchinson William, caulker and graver, house 88
Hutchinson William B. 91 Endicot, h. 42 Portland
Hutchinson William H. 43 Court, h. at S. Reading
Hutchinson William H. printer, 39 Merch'nts' row,

bds. 45 Charter [Tremont

Hutchison Andrew R. book binder, 2 School, h. 48
Huzzy John, laborer, h. 20 Washington pi.
Hyde Albert, carriage maker, h. Silver, n. D
Hyde Geo. {Dana, FaiTur &; H.), h. at Charlesto'n
Hyde Geo. 13. teacher Dwight School
Hyde John, tailor, h. 1 Oliver
Hyde {John) & Blanchard (^1/.), W. India goods,

35 Ferry, h. 30 Snowhill

Hyde Lee L. messenger express, 8 Court

Hyde Mark, carpenter, h. 93 Eliot

Hyde Mary Mrs. 17 Kingston

Hyde Michael, laborer, house r. Chelsea. E. B.

Hyde Michael S. varnish maker, E. Castle, house

65 Carver
Hyde Nathan D., Custom House, h. 735 Wash.
Hyde Sam'l, mercantile agency, b. 3 La Grange pi.
Hyde Thomas T. clerk, 16 Custom House st. bds.

11 Montgomery pi.
Hyde Wm. piano-forte maker, bds. 4 Dover pi.
Hyde Wra. grocer, Maverick, c. Chelsea, h. do.
Hyde Wm. A. merch'nt, 49 India wf. b. 40 Summer
Hyland Michael, repairer umbrellas, 66 Essex
Hyland William, marble cutter, Sea, near Broad,

boards 27 Atkinson
Hyndinan James, physician, house 47 Atkinson
Hynds Michael, house 190 Ann '

Hynds Pati-'k, grocer, Second, n. F, h. do. [Wash.
Hynemau Chas. tailor, 17 U. S. Hotel, house 476

lASIGI {Joseph) & Goddard {Thomas A.), merch.

36 Central wf. h. 3 Louisburgh sq.
Icklan Patrick, baker, h. 1^ N. Russell
Ide Daniel, silversmith, h. 59 Spring

Ide Geo. L. dry goods, Green, cor. Staniford, bds.

Green, cor. Lyman pi.
Ide Henry {Gorham ^ I.), h. at Roxbury
Ide Henry M. h. HaVre, E. B.

Ide Lemuel N. bookseller and publisher, 138^ Wash.
Ikemire Henrv, laborer, h. Noble pi.
Ilsley Enoch, 82 Milk, h. at Chelsea
Ilsley Hosea, painter, 54 Commercial, h. at Chelsea
Ilsley Nathan, jr. {Hanaford ^ I.), 50 Union
Imlay James W. printer, h. Fayette, c. Jefferson
Inches Elizabeth, h. 123 Tremont [c. High

Inches Henderson, merchant, Russia wf. h. Pearl,
Inches Henderson, jr. commission merchant, 8 T

wf. h. Pearl, cor. High
Inches Herman B. physician, 320 Washington
Inches Martin B. civil engineer, 34 State, h. Pearl,

cor. High
Inches Susan, h. 123 Tremont
Ingalls Frederick P. printer, h. 7 Barton
Ingalls G. R. Miss, dress maker, 251 Washington
Ingalls Henry P. housewright, 25 Lincoln, house

25 Essex place
Ingalls James, carpenter, h. 34 Charles
Ingalls James, bds. 80 Hudson
Ingalls John, bds. 20 Church
Ingalls John R. pump and block maker, 12 Merri-

mac, h. at Cambridge
Ingalls Lucius L. clerk, U. S. Hotel
Ingalls Mary, seamstress, 246 Hanover



Ingalls Samuel, physician, 6 Beacon

Ingalls Samuel, sail maker, h. r. 132 Hanover

Ingalls Theodore, bds. 20 Church

Ingalls William, physician, 17 Bedford

Ingalls Wm. jr. physician, 17 Bedford

Ingallsby Thos. tailor, h. 68 Atkinson

Ingersoll Charles, counsellor, 31 Court, c. Franklin

avenue, h. at Cambridge
Ingersoll Eliza, widovs', h. 3 Kneeland
Ingersoll Francis {Dalton cS,- /.), bds. 18 Sheafe
Ingersoll James & Co. (Jacob A. Dresser), merch.

33 Central wf. bds. Tremont House
Ingersoll Joseph, painter, h. 80 Middlesex
Ingersoll Ruth Mrs. house 26 Vine
Ingersoll Sophronia S. dress maker, 77 Charter
Inglis W. D. & T. commission merch'ts, 17 Doane
Ingols James P. h. 18 W. Dedham [bridge

Ingols Levi, sec. U. Ins. Co. 52 State, h. at Cam-
IngoUs Moses, clothing, 224 Ann, h. 4 Baldwin pi.
Ingraham Daniel G. instructor, h. 16 West Cedar
Ingraham J. cabinet maker, b. Tremont, n. Dover
Ingraham Mary S. h. 1-5 Spring _ [Dover pi.

Ingram George, chair maker, 2o0 Har. av. h. 12
Ingram James, cabinet maker, 2 Orange lane, h.

3 Middlesex
Innes Joseph, laborer, h. Everett, E. B.
Iredale Thos. shipwright, h. Liverpool, n. Maverick

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