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Ireland Geo. W. ( W. H. 4- G. W. I.), h. at Charles'n
Ireland Isaac N. 19 N. Market, bds. 90 Salem
Ireland Jonathan Mrs. h. 48 Warren [h. 67 Carver
Ireland William H. & G. W. soda, 7 Franklin av.
Irish Francis O. (Nichols, Irish &• Co.), h. at Maiden
Irish Isaac, 33 Ann, h. at Chelsea [burton pi.

Irish Philip, clothing, 31 & 33 Ann, bds. 5 Ash-
Irish Rudolph, laborer, h. 68 Middlesex
Irvin Samuel (Foss Si I.), h. Webster, E. B.
Irvin William, clerk" 211 Ann, bds. Webster, E. B.
Irving Elizabeth, wido^, h. 4 Canal
Irving Geo. shipwright, h. Meridian, E. B.
Irving Nicholas, carpenter, h. 731 Washington
Irwin Henry T. optician, h. Fifth, c. B
Ir^vin James, laborer, h. 2 Crescent ct.
Irwin Richard, M.D. h. 101 Fourth, bet. A and B
Irwin TlTomas, cooper, h. 21 Atkinson
Isaac Richard Mrs. h. r. Bolton, n. C
Isaac Thomas, tailor, h. 36 London
Isberg Alexander, stevedore, h. 144 Purchase
Isnard Max., French Consul, 22 Joy's buildings, b.

U. S. Hotel
Ivers Edward, h. 3 South Suffolk
Ivers Edward, jr. clerk, bds. 3 South Suffolk
Ivers Francis, tailor, h. 110 Endicot
Ivers George, clerk, 9 F. H. Market (cellar)
Ivers Wm. tailor, house r. 30 North Russell
Ivers Wm, H. 334 Wash. h. at Roxbury
Ives D. Perkins (J. H. Weeks & Co.), h. at Salem
Ives John, seaman, h. 34 Southac
Ives L. M. daguerreotypes, 142 Washington
Ives Mary Ann, dress maker, h. Mahan place

JACKMAN MOSES M. boards 82 Albany

Jackman Nancv, house 43 Federal

Jacksou Abigail, h. r. 30 N. Russell [U. S. Hotel

Jackson Abraham, jr. counsellor, 47 Court, boards

Jackson Almira, widow, h. 57 Marion

Jackson Amos, laborer, h. 7 Belknap

Jackson Andrew, rigger, h. r. 4 Bartlett

Jackson Charles, bds. 775 Washington

Jackson Charles, h. 7 Bedford pi.

Jackson Charles, jr. treas. Glendon Rolling Mill,
5 Liberty sq. h. 14 Rowe

Jackson Charles A. boarding, 11 Carver

Jackson Charles A. house 5 Milton

Jackson Charles T. physician, chemist, and State
assayer, office 31 Somerset, h. at Roxbury

Jackson Charles T. h. Silver, n. B

Jackson Chloe, washing, 15 Belknap

Jackson Eben, h. 63 Broadway

Jackson Eben, jr. & Co. (Jidioard Jackson), drug-
gists, 75 Hanover, c. Blackst'ne, b. 63 Broad'y

Jackson Ebenezer, tailor, h. 10 May

Jackson Edmund, h. 773 Washington

Jacksou Edward (Eben Jaclison, jr. A Co.), boards

63 Broadway, S. B.
Jackson Edward, barber, 94 Eliot, house do.
Jackson Eleanor, widow, h. 6 Brighton
Jackson Elizabeth, widow, laundress, h. 9 Southac
Jackson Emanuel, h. Havre, n. Meridian [Roxbury
Jackson Ezra S. housewright, 42 Merrimac, h. at
Jackson E. W. com. mer. 69 Com'l, h. at Chelsea
Jackson Francis, 27 State, house 7 Hollis
Jackson Frank C. 69 Commercial, b. at Chelsea
Jackson George, assessor, h. 6 Warren [Dover

Jackson Geo. S. broker, 9 State, h. Washingt'n, n.
Jackson Geo. W. 3 N. Market, h. 10 New Prince
Jackson Gustavus, clerk, boards City Hotel
Jacksou Harriet, h. 3 Bedford pi.
Jackson Henry, laborer, house r. 14 May
Jackson Jacob, jr. moulder, h. Winthrop
Jackson James, physician, h. 6 Pemberton sq.
Jackson Jas. D. (E. Maxicell Sf Co.), h. 6 Morton pi.
Jackson John G. couns'lor, 47 Court, b. U. S. H'tel
Jackson Jona. stabler, h. 12 Oswego [42 Poplar
Jackson Joseph, botanic physician, 102 Court, h.
Jackson J. B. S. physician, h. 6 Bedford pi.
Jackson Leonard, printer, 3 Cornhill, h. at Maiden
Jackson Lydia, wid. of Patrick T. h. 12 Pemb'n sq.
Jackson Lyman, blacksmith, h. Seventh, n. F
Jackson Martha A. widow, h. 1 Alden [Blossom
Jackson Martha W. indelible ink marker, h. 14
Jackson Nancy, widow, h. Bolton, n. Dorchester
Jackson Orin, express, h. 10 Cooper [Bowdoin

Jackson Patrick T. (James K. Mills ^ Co.), h. 40
Jackson Prudence, house r. 25 W. Dedham
Jackson Rebecca Mrs. bds. 21 Hancock
Jackson Richard, carpenter, h. 79 Cambridge
Jackson Sarah, h. 20 Southac

Jackson S. S. & Co. (B. Topliff), flour and pro-
duce, 22 Long wharf, house at Chelsea
Jackson Thomas, house 31 Pinckney
Jackson Walter, mariner, house 11 Fruit
Jackson Ward & Co. (Samuel Thaxter, Charles F.
Jones cj Robert White), lumber, wood, and coal,
wf. foot Poplar, offices 1 Change avenue, and
127 Cambridge
Jackson William, carpenter, house 10 Sears' place
Jackson William, melter, house 1 Belknap
Jackson Wm. H. (N. Ward^ Co.), h. at Salem
Jackson Wm. P. painter, h. 16 Kingston
Jackson Wm. T. laborer, h. 15 Southac
Jacobs A. & A. (Asa ^ Asa, jr.), provis'ns, 12 Long

wharf, house 55 Pleasant
Jacobs Asa, jr. (A. Sg A. Jacobs), h. 55 Pleasant
Jacobs B. & E. & Co. (/. //. Russell), linen ware-
house, 230 Wash. h. at Dorchester
Jacobs C. E. & Co. (M. .Sb/ow?.ci«), watches and mu-
sical instruments, 2 1-2 Hanover
Jacobs Daniel D. joiner, house Trenton, E. B.
Jacobs David H. house 45 Poplar
Jacobs Edwin (Nichols <Sf /.), 4 Market square
Jacobs Elisha, importer cutlery, &c. 12 Kilby, h.

at Brookline
Jacobs Elisha (B. S; E. Jacobs 5, Co.), h. 75 Carver
Jacobs Frederick (N. Hunt 4- Co.), h. 31 W. Cedar
Jacobs George C. grocer, 40 Friend, house do.
Jacobs Hannah E. Mrs. h. 39 Kneeland
Jacobs Hannah R. h. 80 Leveret
Jacobs Harriet N. dress maker, h. 87 Charter
Jacobs Henry, 12 Kilby

Jacobs Hiram, (Perry, J. § Co.), h. 18 Temple
Jacobs James L. painter, h. 87 Charter
Jacobs (James M.), & Deane (John K.), merchant

tailors, 21 Court, h. 45 Poplar
Jacobs John, boarding, house 224 Ann
Jacobs John S. mason, house 20 Stillman
Jacobs Joshua & W. C. stair builders, 36 Friend,

bds. 10 Crescent place
Jacobs Rebecca L. widow, h. Broadway, near K
Jacobs Thomas R. 21 Court, bds. 1 Alden
Jacobs Thomas R. seaman, h. 1 Salter place



Jacobs Thomas R. (Smith & J.), 4 Richmond
Jacobs Washington, stair builder, Tyler, n. Curve,

h. 7 London
Jacobs Wm. C. (/. § W. C. Jacobs) h. 26 Myrtle
Jacobs Wm. H. house Smith court
Jacobs Wm. H. hair dresser, Endicot, c. Cross
Jacobson Oliver, laborer, rear 11 Belmont
Jacoby Moses, hair dresser, 9 Franklin
JafFers Patrick, laborer, h. 45 Salem
James Albert, mason, bds. 5 Mason
James Benj. joiner, h. Broadway, n. Dorchester
James Charles, shipwright, h. London, n. Sumner
James Charles, mason, bds. o Mason
James D. house 33 Salem [chester

James Francis (Aiken ^- J.), h. Broadway, n. Dor-
James Francis, tailor, 49 Cross, house do.
James Francis, machinist, h. 21 Williams
James Henry, mariner, h. 6 Livnigston pi. [sq.
James John W. counsellor, 10 Court, h. 3 Wash.
James Lewis, tailor, h. Fifth, n. D [at Medford
James Milton, W. I. goods, 5 Canal block, house
James Robert C. laborer, house 2 Vine
James Susan Miss, nurse, 7 Baldwin place
James Thomas P. cooper, h. Trenton, E. B. [pi.
James Wm. collar maker, 16 Federal, h. 2 Revere
James William, carpenter, h. c. Beverly and Travers
James Wm. laborer, house 2 Powars court
James Wm. E. plasterer, h. Deacon, u. Friend
James Wm. EUery, 49 Milk, h. at Jamaica Plain
Jameson David. Alger's foundry, h. Broadway, n. C
Jameson Edward, clothing and dry goods, 129

Broad, house 134 Purchase
Jameson Hugh, Custom House, h. 21 Beach
Jameson N. W. C. {Greenotiijh J. Sf Co.), house at

Cambridge [taurant, 1 Spring lane

Jameson {Thomas) & Richardson {Oliver L.), res-
Jameson Wm. H. {T. Gilbert i^ Co.), h. at Br'kline
Jamieson Richard M. cook, h. r. 193 Hanover
Janes Daniel, trader, house Church
Janes Henry B. mer. tailor, 96 Broadway, h. 163 do.
Janes Theodore, book binder, house 40 Temple
Jaques James, truckman, Causeway, c. Portland,

h. at Wilmington [Gloucester

Jaquith Aaron, paper ruler, 6 Water, house at
Jaquith Augustus D. mach'st, b. Newland,n. Cant'n
Jaquith Benjamin F. salesman, h. 23 Common
Jaquith Isaac, house rear 13 Hawkins
Jaquith Moses, paper ruler, 6 Water, house 20

Chambers [Charlestown

Jaquith Oliver, messenger Union Bank, house at
Jarves Deming, agent Boston and Sandwich Glass

Co., Federal, house 64 Boylstou
Jarves G. D. & Cormerais {Henry), glass, &c. Gran-
ite block, Federal, h. 64 Boylstou
Jarvis Jas. Capt. h. Paris, n. Sumner [Somerville
Jarvis James L. dry goods, 50 Hanover, house at
Jaszynsky Louis, 11 Kilby, h. at Chelsea
Jeffers Eben. {Weeden ^ J.), 3 R. R. blk. Lincoln
JefFers John, 10 Ann, h. 64 Salem
Jeffers John, laborer, h. 7 Bartlett
Jeffers John H. h. 24 Porter, E. B. [Dedham

Jeffers Samuel T. chair painter, h. Suffolk, near
Jefferson Joseph, laborer, h. r. 324 Ann
Jeffries James, at Nat'l Theatre, h. r. 41 Charter
Jeffries James, slater, boards 24 Curve
Jeffries John, physician, house 9 Walnut
Jeffries John, jr. {C. Andrews Sj Co.), h. 9 Walnut
Jeffries John, laborer, h. Cooper, c. Salem
Jefts James M. clerk St. Charles Hotel
Jellison James, watchman, h. 15 Billerica
Jellison Jos. A. laborer, h. 106 Essex [26 McLean
Jellison Zachariah, merchant, 18 Central wharf, h.
Jenkins Charles, carpenter, h. 29 Prince [court st.
Jenkins Chas. E. {Bailey ^ Jenkins), h. 6 Garden
Jenkins Daniel, mariner, h*. 5 Piedmont
Jenkins David, carpenter, h. Meridian, E. B.
Jenkins {Edmund R.) & Grover {A.), hair dressers,

1 Adams House
Jenkins E. J. clerk, bds. 25 High
Jenkins Esther, dress maker, 11 Harrison avenue

Jenkins Francis {Gideon, Jr. § F. Jenkins), house

6 Newland [at Watertown

Jenkins Frederick R. (/. TT'. Gates ^ Co.), house
Jenkins George, h. 19 Madison pi.
Jenkins Geo. W. grocer, house 5 Grove
Jenkins Gera, house 52 Poplar
Jenkins Gideon, house 6 Newland
Jenkins Gideon, jr. & Francis, whitewashers and

colorers, 13 School, house 21 Canton
Jenkins Henry, carpenter, h. 66 Emerald
Jenkins Henry, painter, 258 Broad, h. 60 High
Jenkins Henry T. {Latvre7ice, Stone, S; Co.), house

14 Chesnut [Chelsea

Jenkins Horatio, shipsmith, 352 Commercial, h. at
Jenkins Isaac, house 583 Washington
Jenkins {J. IF.), Gorliam {J.), & Co. palm leaf

hats, 00 Pearl, h. at Barre
Jenkins Joseph, architect, h. Franklin square
Jenkins Joseph G. restorator, under N. E. House,

bds. 14 N. Centre
Jenkins Joshua, painter, 98 Broadway, h. 79 B
Jenkins Lewis, cook, 95 Court, h. at Cliarlestown
Jenkins Luther L. clerk, 138 Wash. b. 2 Suffolk pi.
Jenkins Mary, house 1 Adams place
Jenkins 'Nath'l (Rice S; Jenkins), house at Roxbury
Jenkins Noble E. laborer, h. rear 21 Friend
Jenkins Oscar P. cutter, 9 Morton place
Jenkins Sam'l, superintendent North Free Bridge,

h. 55 Fourtli, n. Turnpike
Jenkins Samuel W. truckman, h. 113 Hudson
Jenkins Solon, painter, 250 Broad, h. Turnpike,

opposite Silver [h. 9 Sudbury

Jenkins Solon, jr. {Barrows S; J.), 379 1-2 Wash.
Jenkins Tliomas, engineer, house Decatur
Jenkins Wm. boot maker, Kneeland, c. Tyler, h.

14 London
Jenkins Wm. carpenter, h. 23 W. Canton
Jenkins Wm. C. furniture. Turnpike, c. Broadway,

h. 11 Broadway [Maiden

Jenkins Wm. II. housewright, 29^ Atkinson, h. at
Jenkinson Wm., E. B. express, h. Trenton, E. B.
Jenks Charles W. clerk at Adams House
Jenks George C. printer, 4 Diamond blk. Hanover,

bds. 8 Baldwin place [Pinckney

Jenks Joseph Wm. teacher Ladies' School, h. 71
Jenks {John H.), Palmer ( G. IF.), & Co. ( Ch. Hick-
liny), booksellers, 131 Wash. h. 1 Mt. Vernon
Jenks Lemuel P. com. mer. 6 Central wf. house 1

Crescent place
Jenks Samuel H. notary public and insurance agt.

17 State, house 233 Fourth
Jenks S. H. jr. 110 State, house 233 Fourth
Jenks Thomas M. student, boards 81 Lowell
Jenks Wm. Rev. house 1 Crescent place
Jenks Wm. M. milkman, b. rear Tyler, n. Curve
Jeniiess Chcsley, truckman, boards 19 Thacher
Jenness John {Hi.ronif J.), house 98^ Endicot
Jenness John S. 3 Liberty sq. b. Tremont House
Jenness Warren, type dresser, h. Webster, E. B.
Jenness Woodbury, constable, h. 14 Wheeler's ct.
Jennett Mary B. mdow, house 4 Lowell place
Jenney Bernard (.S. Jenney ^ Co.), Broadway
Jenney Charles S. clerk, 44 India wf. house head

of Broadway
Jenney Nelson, builder, house Canton
Jenney Stephen & Co. {S.jr. ^- B. Jenney), mer-
chants, 46 India, house 327 Broadway [av.
Jenney Stephen, jr. (.S'. Jenney § Co.), h. 16 Har.
Jennings Alex. H. & Son {A. H. jr.)), blacksmiths,

Charlestown, c. Beverly, h. So Brighton
Jennings Alex. H. jr. {A. H. Jenninys Sj Son), h.

8 Unity court
Jennings Edwin, clerk, house r. 79 Prince
Jennings Francis, book keeper, b. 19 La Grange pi.
Jennings F. W. H. 27 Central wharf
Jennings Gideon, bds. 6 Fleet [h. r. 51 Cambridge
Jennings Horatio G. coach maker, 4 Distil-House,
Jennings John D. tailor, 86 Wash. h. Fourth, c. C
Jennings John J. painter, h. 44 Marion
Jennings Josiah A. hair dresser, h. 19 Stillman



Jennings Levi, broker, 26Exch'ge, h. 2 N. Margin
Jennings Mary, house rear 79 Prince
Jennings Nancy, widow, house ol8 Commercial
Jennings Nathaniel, teamster, house 5 Paris pi.
Jennings Sarah, widow, house 2-5 Short Second
Jennings Wentworth, hair dresser, b. Fulton H.
Jennison Mary, widow, house 33 Spring [ton

Jennison Sam'l, jr. counsellor, 27 State, h. at New-
Jennison Wm. clerk, 10 Gerrish block, b. 22 Lynde
Jepson Joseph B. marble cutter, h. 45 S. Margin
Jepson J. S. boards Har. avenue, cor. Beach
Jepson Mary, widow, house 12 Gouch
Jepson Samuel, carpenter, 37 S. Margin, h. 26 do.
Jepson Wm. watch maker, 7 Elm, h. 70 Poplar
Jerauld Albert A. mere, tailor, 2-5^ Sudbury, house

2 McLean court
Jerauld J. W. tailor, 2o.^ Sudbury
Jerauld Washington L. carpenter, h. 17 Stillman
Jeser Joseph, boot maker, Dover, n. Wash. h. do.
Jesser F. A. boot mak'r, North'mpton, n. Har. av.
Jessup Maria Mrs. house r. 12 Charter
Jewell Harvey, counsellor, 20 Court, bds. Pavilion
Jewell Henry" L. horse shoer, N. Grove, n. Vine
Jewell J. B. "clerk, boards 9 Brattle square
Jewell John, currier, boards 21 Commercial
Jewell Lyman B. 23 Pearl, boards Central House
Jewell Miriam, house 21 Commercial
Jewett A. porter at Adams House
Jewett Amory, carpenter, 33 Friend, h. 802 Wash.
Jewett Aqiiila, boards 145 Pleasant
Jewett Clement, h. 43 Blossom [Milk, h.l7 Howard
Jewett {Darioin E.) & Prescott ( W. A.), silk g'ds, 2
Jewett (Daiv'rf 5.), Tebbetts (/. R.), & Co. dry

goods, 78 Milk, house 5 Edinboro'
Jewett Henry B. clerk, 23 Cornhill, b. 24 Bulfinch
Jewett I. restaurant, rear 318 Washington
Jewett James, house Trenton, E. B.
Jewett John {Prime, Kenny, iS? Co.), h. at Salem
Jewett {John H.), McGilvray {D. F.), & Co.
{Sam'l Edes), dry goods, 51 & 53 Water, h.
139 Pleasant [hill, h. 20 Oak

Jewett John P. publisher and bookseller, 23 Corn-
Jewett Joseph W. clerk at Adams House
Jewett Nathaniel, house 526 Washington
Jewett Nathaniel, watchman, house 4;^ Unity
Jewett Oliver, chaise trimmer, h. 18 S. Russell
Jewett Rebecca, house Beach, near Sea
Jewett Stephen & Co. medicines, 30 India
Johns Wm. M. fancy painter, 1 Winter, house

300 Broadway
Johnson Abigail Mrs. house 1 Lincoln
Johnson Albert F. furnishing goods, 371 Washing-
ton, boards 445 do. [Elm, h. 11 Minot
Johnson {Alfred) & Draper {L. D.), produce, 14
Johnson Alfred V. house 82 Charter
Johnson Amasa P. laborer, h. 3 Powars court
Johnson Amos, house 84 Charles
Johnson Amos, truckman, h. 24 Washington sq.
Johnson Andrew J. hardware, 11 and 12 Dock sq.

house 39 Purchase
Johnson Ann, variety store, 44 Albany
Johnson Ann J. widow, h. 40 Bridge
Johnson Artemas N. organist and teacher of mu-
sic, house 2 Madison place [18 Prospect
Johnson Artemas W. {€'. S. Joknsoti Sf Co.), h.
Johnson Benj. broker, 4 Joy's building, house 13
N. Russell [Sumner, h. New, E. B.
Johnson {BenJ. F.) & Mclvenley (-D.), painters,
Johnson Bridget Mrs. house r. Swan
Johnson Caleb S. &Co. (.4. W. Johnson), grocers,

7 Merrimac, h. at Somerville
Johnson Carver, carpenter, house 15 S. Russell
Johnson Catharine Mrs. house Silver, near A
Johnson Charles, 15 State, b. 1 Chauncy place
Johnson Charles, jr. restorator, Ferry, cor. Ann
Johnson Charles, boarding, 9 North square
Johnson Charles, rigger, boards 107 Purchase
Johnson Charles, capt. house 29 Piedmont
Johnson Charles, house^vright, h. Third, n. E
Johnson Charles, carpenter, Cove, near Beach

Johnson Charles B. {Wilcox, Doddridge, ^ Co.),

house at Chelsea
Johnson Charles B. boards 58 Belknap
Johnson Charles F. cabman, house 14 Prospect
Johnson Charlotte, widow, h. Commercial court
Johnson C. Berkley, {E., A., S^ W. Winchester),
h. at Roxbury [at Charlestown

Johnson Daniel, finding store, 5 Blackstone, house
Johnson Daniel AV. fish dealer, h. 7 Meridian, E. B.
Johnson David, fish, 23 the S. Market, h. 28 Tyler
Johnson Dexter A. clerk, house 35 Fayette
Johnson Earl W. merch. tailor, 29 & 30 Dock sq.

house 1 Stillman
Johnson Ebenezer, mason, house 98 Charles
Johnson Edward, house 4 Common
Johnson Edward, boarding, 447 Washington
Johnson Edwin {John R.Dow .S, Co.), 132 State
Johnson Elcazer, house 6 Suffolk place
Johnson Elisha S., Custom House, b. U. S. Hotel
Johnson Emily, teacher, b. Hanover House
Johnson {Francis M.) & Thompson {Albert), leath-
er, 29 Shoe and Leather, h. at Quincy
Johnson George, seaman, house Bowen ct.
Johnson George, undertaker, h. rear 35 Pitts
Johnson George, house 8 Erie
Johnson George & Co. (IF. F. Johnson), boots and
shoes, 37 & 39 Shoe and Leath'r, h. at Bradford
Johnson Geo. jr. silversmith, boards 8 Erie
Johnson Geo. L. fish market, 35 Bromfield, house

14 Montgomery place
Johnson Geo. W. 36 Union, boards 64 Essex
Johnson George W. {Deane, Davis, S^ Co.), house

7 Franklin place
Johnson Grafton, laborer, house 4 Wilberforce pi.
Johnson H. Augustus, 15 S. Market, b. at Roxbury
Johnson Henry, house 1 Newton place
Johnson Henry, laborer, house 1 May st. co\irt
Johnson Henry, laborer, house 17 May
Johnson Henry, seaman, house 9 W. Centre
Johnson Henry, Quincy Hall, h. E. Cambridge
Johnson Herbert, clerk, 226 Washington
Johnson Hiram (Jordan &: J.), b. 5 Camden
Johnson Hugh, wagoner, h. Athens, n. Second
Johnson Hugh, laborer, house 122 Ann
Johnson {Ira) & Sa^vin {Geo. H.), liquors, &c. 9

Corn court, house 13 Portland
Johnson Isaac, sawyer, house Arnold, n. Wash.
Johnson Jacob A. carpenter, house 8 Province
Johnson {James), Sewall, & Co. {E. Dale), Amer-
ican goods, 133 Milk, house 55 Summer
Johnson James, ship sawyer, house UN. Grove
Johnson James, waiter, house 26 Belknap
Johnson James, laborer, house US. Margin
Johnson James B. trader, house 56 Hanover
Johnson James J. house 17 Suffolk
Johnson James C. music teacher, h. 2 Madison pi.
Johnson James G. gimps, fringes, &c. 7 Milk, h.

3 Clifton place
Johnson James T. oyster saloon, 56 Hanover, h. do.
Johnson Jesse C. salesm'n, 45 Kilby, b. 148 Hanov'r
Johnson J. H. M. waiter, house 5 Southac
Johnson John, 27 F. H. Market, bds. 82 Purchase
Johnson John, seaman, house 128 Purchase
Johnson John, gas fitter, house 21 Hamburg
Johnson John, clothing, 58 Blackstone
Johnson John A. tin worker, 275 Washington.
Johnson John C. salesman, 123 Milk, h. 212 Har-
rison avenue
Johnson John P. teamster, house 125 Turnpike
Johnson J. E. artist, 228 Washington [sea

Johnson Joseph G. carpenter, Beverly, h. at Chel-
Johnson Joseph, laborer, house 1 Smith place
Johnson Josiah, boarding, 60 Federal
Johnson Letetia, crockery ware, 147 Hanover, h. do.
Johnson Levi W. piano maker, h. r. 690 Wash.
Johnson Lorenzo, oysters, 3 Fleet, house do.
Johnson Lucinda, widow, house r. 5 Causeway
Johnson Maria, seamstress, house 3 Centre
Johnson Maria F. dress maker, 17.^ Staniford
Johnson Margaret, widow, h. r. 57 Merrimac



Johnson Margaret, widow, house r. 133 Fourth

Johnson Margaret, nurse, house 56 Tyler

Johnson Marshall, 132 State

Johnson Mehitable, nurse, h. r. "Webster, c. Cottage

Johnson Mathew, laborer, house 8 Cross

Johnson Mary, widow, house -56 Hanover

Johnson Mary, house 14 Kingston

Johnson Nathaniel P. teamster, h. Eutaw, E. B.

Johnson Nicholas, weigher, 48 India whf. house at

Johnson Peter, laborer, house 5 Middlesex
Johnson Philip, com. produce, 28 Commercial, h.

at Somerville
Johnson Robert, waiter, house 27 Belknap
Johnson Rufus C. lighterman, house -54 N. Margin
Johnson Samuel, house 7 Franklin place
Johnson Samuel, jr. house 7 Franklin place
Johnson Samuel, second hand clothing, 141 Ann
Johnson Samuel, box maker, 2 Union block
Johnson Samuel, paper stainer, rear 32 Pleasant
Johnson Samuel D. comedian, house 50 Friend
Johnson Samuel E. boards 110 Harrison avenue
Johnson Samuel O. 19 Milk, house 7 Franklin
Johnson Sarah Jane, widow, house 17 Second
Johnson Sarah W. tailoress, house 75 Prince
Johnson Thomas, machinist, house Gold, n. F
Johnson Thomas, mariner, house Robinson alley
Johnson Thomas, jr. lighterman, h. Lamson ct.
Johnson Thomas I), clerk, house 18 Hamburg
Johnson T. S. watch maker, 69 Washington, house

at Charlestown
Johnson Thomas J. 203 Wash, house at Newton
Johnson William, grocer, house 8 Southac
Johnsou William, laborer, house II Butolph
Johnson William, house 3 Fleet
Johnson William, coppersmith, h. Stillman, n. En-

dicot [bds. 161 Court

Johnson Wm. botanic medicines, rear 47 Hanover,
Johnson William, oysters, 239 Ann, bds. 241 do.
Johnson William E. clerk, house 100 Leveret
Johnson William, mariner, h. Sumner, n. Cottage
Johnson AVilliam H. Mrs. house 7 May
Johnson Wm. J. clerk, 13 Elm, bds. 58 Belknap
Johnson Wm. P. clerk, 41 Court, b. 1 Suffolk pi.
Johnson Willard, house Vine, cor. North Russell
Johnston David C. 5^ Tremont row, h. 25 Franklin
Johnston E. R. Mrs. house 40 Essex
Johnston James, carpenter, boards 154 Tyler
Johnston James M. glass blower, house Second,

near Dorchester
Johnston Robert P. clerk. Carver, cor. Eliot
Johnston Samuel, house 4 Second st. pi.
Johnston William, carpenter, house 155 Tyler
Johnston Wm. glass maker, 110 C, cor. Third
Johnston Wm. B. K. seaman, h. r. 444 Commercial
Johonnot Andrew, 21 Dock sq. h. 22 Poplar
Johonnot (Andrew E.) & Saunders {(ieorge S.),

hardware, 21 Dock sq. h. 37 Blossom
Johonnot Charles H. clerk, house 2 Bowdoin [ton
Johonnot Wm. H. mess. City Bank, h. 4 Livings-
Jokins Antonio, mariner, house City Slip, Ann
Jones Albert L. 53 Milk, 13 Franklin place
Jones (.4. D.) & Curtis {E. S.), tea dealers, 54

Broad, bds. Pearl st. House
Jones Allen H. fish, 144 Court, house 1 Lynde
Jones Alden W. bowling, house 658 Washington
Jones Alonzo, jr. eating room, opp. 74 Cora'l, h.

124 Salem
Jones Andrew C. upholsterer, 667 Washington
Jones Anna P. house 28 Chesnut
Jones Artemas S. watch maker, bds. 11 Suffolk pi.
Jones Asa, turner, Groton, house 1 Village pi.
Jones Augustus F. moulder, house Athens, n. D
Jones Bcnj. C. machinist, b. Chelsea, opp. Decatur
Jones Benj. machinist, house 7 Utica
Jones Benj. P. clerk, 1 & 3 Liberty sq. bds. 3 High
Jones Benjamin, waterman, house 12 Charles
Jones Bradford G. house 32 Harvard
Jones Caleb S. shipwr'ht, h. First, opp. glass house
Jones Charles {Seamans ^ J.), bds. Pemberton H.

Jones Charles, waiter, house 6 Mcdford court
Jones Charles, carpenter, house 13 Broadway
Jones Charles C. mason, house 1 Kuhn place
Jones Charles F. {Ward Jackson ^ Co.), house at

Andover ' [Hanover

Jones Charles G. groceries, 183 Com'l, bds. 209^
Jones Charles L. & Co. [L. A. Jones), soap and

lard oil manuf. 4 S. Market, h. at Cambridge
Jones Charlotte 0. tailoress, boards 9 Billerica
Jones Cyrus W. clerk, 17 India, bds. at Somerville
Jones Daniel, shipwright, h. London, n. Sumner
Jones Daniel C. watchman, boards 12 Unity
Jones David, carpenter, house 1 Poplar court
Jones David, housewright, house 40 Myrtle
Jones David, laborer, h. Har. avenue, opp. 300
Jones David H. caulker, boards Cross, E. Boston
Jones David, mason, bds. 33 Indiana place
Jones Edward, tailor, house Gold, near B
Jones Edward, mason, house 10 Endicot court
Jones Edward Franlv, 273 Washington [Portland
Jones Edward J. constable, 3 Franklin av. h. 28
Jones Edward W. painter, house 21 Wall
Jones Elias, leather, 20 Elm, h. at Cambridge
Jones Eliphalet, 23 S. Market, house 4 McLean
Jones Ellis G. engineer, h. Gold, n. D [Cambridge
Jones Elnathan, bookbinder. Hi School, house at
Jones Ezekiel R. blacksmith, house Third, n. C
Jones {Francis) & Farley {C. B.), fruit and pro-
duce, 88 State, house 100 Third
Jones Francis, clerk, boards 2 Har. avenue
Jones Frederick, house 16 Second
Jones Frederick, shoes and leather, 74 Pearl, h.

16 Ashburton place
Jones Frederick A. & Co. {Geo. II. Jones), dry

goods, 1 Tremont row, boards at Pavilion
Jones Frederick H. 39 Merch. row, h. 4 Auburn ct.
Jones Freeman R. salesman, house 14 Butolph
Jones George, book binder, bds. 204 Hanover
Jones {George B.), Ball ( True M.), & Poor {Nath'l

C), jewelry, 226 Wash, and 1 "Summer, bds.

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