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for each paper, and not exceeding one sheet iu size, one
cent. For any distance exceeding 100 miles, (if out of the
State,) for each paper, one cent and a half.

All transient newspapers (meaning those not sent from
the office of publication) are to be rated the same as regu-
lar newspapers, but the postage is in all cases to be prepaid,
as heretofore.

Handbills or Circular Letters, printed or lithographed,
not exceeding one sheet in size, three cents each, to be

Pamphlets and Magazines to be rated as follows, viz : —
On any pamphlet, magazine, or other matter, of every kind
that is transmissible by mail, and has no written commu-
nication thereon, of one ounce or less, or for a newspaper
exceeding 1900 square inches of surface, 2 1-2 cents ; and
for each additional ounce, or fractional excess over one
half ounce, one cent.

On drop letters, for delivery iu same place, two cents

A penalty of ten dollars is imposed for addressing letters
to different persons in the same envelope or package, unless
sent to foreign countries.

In the U. S. for each letter of a single rate, or half ounce,
to any place in Great Britain or Ireland, the charge is 24
cents ; for a double rate, 48 cents ; .and so on.

Letters may be mailed in the y. States or in Great Brit-


ain, free of postage, to either country, or prepaid, at the
option of the sender, at the above rates, (if the whole
amount is tendered.)

Postage across the sea, 16 cents.

English Inland Postage, 3 "

United States Inland Postage, 5 "

Making (as above) for a single letter, 24 cents.

Letters sent to any foreign country, or British posses-
sion, and mailed to any ofiRce in Great Britain, must be
prepaid 5 cents, for U. States inland postage, if sent by a
British steamer or packet, for a single rate ; and 21 cents
(including the sea postage), if sent by an American steamer
or packet ; to be doubled, tripled, &c., as above, according
to weight.

On Letters received from foreign countries, or English
possessions, through any post office in Great Britain, to be
delivered in the United States, the foreign and British post-
age is to be prepaid, and simply the United States postage
is to be collected on delivery here ; — say 5 cents for single
postage, by a British steamer or packet, and 21 cents for a
single postage, by an American steamer or packet ; and 40
cents, if such letters are delivered at Francisco, Astoria,
or any other place on the Pacific, belonging to the United
States, brought by a British steamer or packet ; and 56 cts.
if brought by an American steamer or packet.

Newspapers between England and the United States, and
vice versa, and also to countries beyond Great Britain, are
charged (to be pi-epaid)2cents.

Periodicals between JEngland and the U. States,
weighing 2 ounces or under, to be charged 1 penny or 2 cts.

" 2 oz. and under 3 oz. to be charged 6 pence or 12 "

" 3 " " 6 " '■ 9 " 16 "

and 2 pence or 4 cents for each ounce or fraction of an
ounce, (to be prepaid.)

Printed pamphlets, not exceeding 3 ounces, posted in the
United Kingdom or in the United States, may be forwarded
from one country to the other, either by British or United
States vessels, at the same rate and under the same condi-
tions as periodicals— to be prepaid.

Newspapers received from countries beyond Great Brit-
ain, to be charged 2 cents, and pamphlets 1 cent per ounce
in weight.

Letters mailed in the United States for the British Prov-
inces, are to be charged with the U. States inland postage,
which is to be prepaid.



City Election,



1822. John Phillips died,

1823. Josiah Quincy, resigned,

1829. Harrison Gray Otis, do....

1832. Charles Wells, do. . . .

1834. Theodore Lyman, Jr.,
1836. Samuel T. Armstrong, . . . . do. . . .

Dec. 10, 1849.

FROH 1822 TO 1849.


1837. Samuel A. Eliot, resigned 1840.

1840. Jonathan Chapman, do 1843.

1843. Martin Brimmer, do 1845.

1845. Thomas A. Davis, died 1845.

1845. Josiah Quincy, Jr., ...resigned,' 1848.

1848. John P. Bigelow,


JOHN P. BIGELOW, Mayor. Salary, $2,500.

John H. Wilkins,
Billings Briggs,
Henry B. Rogers,
William Pope,


Office, City Hall.

John P. Ober,
Moses Grant,
Samuel S. Perkins,
Samuel Hall.

Office, City Hall.

Samuel F. McCleary, City Clerk, Salary, ^2,000. Assistant Clerks,


Benjamin Seaver, President. William P. Gregg, Clerk. Salary,

Johnson Colby, Messenger. Salary, ^900.
Ward 1. — Abel B. Munroe, William Palfrey, Isaiah Faxon, William Parkman.

2. — Freeborn F. Raymond, Henry Davis, George D. B. Blanchard, Emory Goss.
3. — George Cofran, Thomas Critchet, Julius A. Palmer, Robert Marsh.
4. — W. W. Greenough, Benjamin Seaver, John Atkins, Nathaniel Seaver.
5. — Francis Brown, Frederick Crosby, Benjamin Beal, John M. Wright.
6. — John P. Putnam, Richard B. Carter, Charles Brown, Edward Hennessey.
7. — William G. Brooks, Josiah Putnam Bradlee, Theophilus R. Marvin, Daniel N. Haskell.
8. — Samuel Topliff, Nathaniel Brewer, Francis Gardner, Willard A. Harrington.
9. — Tisdale Drake, Francis Brinley, Richard B. Callender, Calvin W. Clark.
10. — George R. Sampson, George Woodman, Moses Kimball, Reuben Lovejoy.
11. — George Wm. McLellan, Manlius S. Clarke, Albert T. Minot, Francis Richards.
12. — Joseph Smith, Benjamin James, Josiah Dunham, Jr., Samuel D. Crane.


1.— Alexander Wood,

2. — Benjamin Wood, 2d.,

3. — ^William Bellamy,

4.— Samuel T. Dana,

5, — ^Emmons Raymond,

6. — ^Ezra Lincoln,

7. — James W. Thornton,

8.— Joseph H. Thayer,

9.— Clement Willis,

10. — Lemuel Shattuck,

11. — Stephen Tucker,

12.— Samuel W. Sloan.

Joseph A. Pond,

Samuel T. Rogers,

Solomon Carter,

R. C. Bodfish,

J. F. Marsh,

William B. Howes,

Thomas B. Hall,

Jonathan A. Lane,

Steph. G. Deblois,

Fr'cis G. Whiston,

Isaac P. Clark,

Daniel B. Curtis.


Robert Ripley, Thomas T. Hayden, Erastus W. Leav-
ens, Edward H. Dunn, Wm.F. Dodd.

Daniel R. Sortwell, James Gunnison, Nicholas Lord,
John Wingate, Joseph H. Dodge.

Edwin M. Putnam, Nathaniel B. Shaw, Samuel T. Bird,
George L. Blaney, D. G. Davis.

Kirk Boott, John W. Rogers, J. Franklin Bates, Beza
Lincoln, T. Quincy Cole.

James W. Hobbs, Joel W. Norcross, Edward W. Con-
verse, E. H. Tombs, John S. Pear.

Gardiner G. Hubbard, Benjamin F. Burgess, James C.
Merrill Jr., Jarvis D. Braman, Newton M. Kean.

George Dickinson, William L. Plummer, Thomas R.
Foster, George L. Pratt, Henry A. Whitney.

John B. Dexter, Jr., Jas. A. Weeks, Samuel B. Ward,
Jr., William H. Patten, William A. Walker.

John Carter, Jr., Abram French, R. L. Meriam, Jacob
A. Dresser, M. Bell.

Jesse Tirrell, Jr., Enos H. Tucker, Jr., Daniel Brown,
Nathan Morse, E. T. Russell, Jr.

Henry R. Andrews, Alfred Hammatt, Lewis Went-
worth, Geo. B. Nichols, H. E. Armington.

George W. Leonard, Wm. A. Brabiner, Willis H. Col-
burn, Thomas Hill, Jr., Chauncy Page.



Salary, ^2,200. Clerk Hire, ^3,800.

WiLLAED Clough, James Pierce, Thomas Sewards, Deputy Collectors. Salary ^170 each, & fees.

Elisha Copeland, Auditor. Salary and Clerk Hire, ^2,000. Office, City Hall.

Samuel Norwood, George Jackson, Hexry Sargext, George E. Head, Assessors. Salary,
§1,300 each. Clerk Hh-e, §2,100. Office, City Hall.

Ezra Lincoln, William H. Lane, Benjamin Dodd, Per Diem Assesso7-s.

Assistant Assessors.

"Ward 1. — John Smith, John Spence, Jr.
" 2. — Benjamin Wood, 2d, Noah Harrod.
" 3. — John Bacon, Osmyn Brewster.
" 4. — William Denton, Ebenezer Atkins.
" 5. — Israel C. Rice, Otis Munroe.
" 6.— John Stearns, Luther Parks.

Ward 7.— Abel G. Peck, Henry Nichols.
" 8.— B. P. Richardson, Nath'l Mitchell.
" 9, — Clement Willis, Prentiss Hobbs.
" 10. — F. C. Whiston, Solomon Hopkins.
" 11. — H. R. Andrews, Greenleaf C. Sanborn.
" 12. — Theophilus Stover, Jacob Herrick.

Citi/ Solicitor.— Peleg W. Chandler. Salary, §2,500. Office, 4 Court street.

Superintendent Public Buildinr/s. — James McAllister. Salary, §1,200. Office, City HaU.

Sxperinteiidoit Public Lawr/s.— Stephen Tucker. Salary, §1,200. Office, City Hall.

Superintendent Alien Passenr/ers. — Jotham B. Munroe. Salary, §-500 and fees. Office, 59 Long whf.

Sujierintendent NoHh Free Bridge. — Samuel Jenkins. Salary, §800.

Superintendent South Free Bridge. — Abner J. Gaffield. Salary, §300.

Superintendent of Lamps and Captain of the Watch. — James Barry. Salary §1,200

Clerk of Faneuil Hall J/arAe^!.— Daniel' Rhodes. Salary, §1,000.

Keeper of Faneuil Hall. — Henry Taylor. Office, 13 Court square.

Keeper of County Court House. — Daniel Merrill. Salary, §700.

Harbor Master. — George P. Tewksbury. Salary, §1,200. Office, south side Eastern R. R. Depot.

City Crier. — Samuel T. Edwards. Residence, 18 Sudbury street.

Ward 1.— Elijah Stearns,
" 2. — Ephraim Milton,
" 3, — Moses C. Greene,
" 4c. — William Freeman,



Office, City Hall.
Ward 5. — Daniel Henchman, I Ward 9. — Joseph Lewis,
" 6. — Thomas Haviland, " 10. — Samuel Millard,

" 7. — Thomas Tarbell, " 11. — Wm. Willett,

" 8.— J. W. Warren, Jr., ) " 12.— Thomas Blasland.
James Phillips, Secretary. Salary, §800.
The Board meet on the afternoon of the first Wednesday of every month, at their office. City Hall.
The Overseers of the Poor are likewise incorporated as a Board of Trustees of John Boylston's and
other charitable funds, left for the assistance of persons of good character and of advanced age, " who
have been reduced by misfortune to indigence and want."

Joseph Lewis, Treasurer and Clerk of the Corporation. The meetings of the Board of Trustees are
held in April and October.


Office, City Hall.
Thos. Hollis. Chairman. George Whittemore, William Willett, D. Kimball, Solomon Piper, WU-
liam Freeman, Samuel Aspinwall, Samuel Leeds, A. A. Wellington.

The Board meet every Thursday, alternately at House of Industry, and at their office in City Hall.

Wm. Willett, Clerk of Directors. Salary, §800.

Friend Crane, Superintendent. Salary, §1,000. "Thos. Seward, Assist. Superintendent. Salary, ^650.

Rev. Irah Chase, CMplain. Salary, §500.


Office, City Hall.

Wm. T. Andrews, Chairman. George Darracott, Uriel Crocker, James Clark, Thomas Restieaux.

Charles Robbins, Master. Salary, §1,000. R. W. Crossett, Clerk to Master. Salary, §300. Rev.

Shipley W. Wilson, Chaplain. Salary, §750. E. P. Hartshorn, Clerk. Salary, §700.



Andrew T. Hall, Chairman. Otis Clapp, Charles Edward Cook, Bradley N. Cumings, George Sav-
age, John P. Ober, and Geo. R. Sampson, Directors. S. F. McCleary, Jr., Secretary. C. H. Stedman,
M. D., Superititetident and Physician. Salary, §1,200. Sumner Crosby, Steward. Salary, §600. Har-
riot Crosby, Matron. Salary, §200.

The regular meetings of the Board are held at their room, City Hall, on every Wednesday, at 5
o'clock, P. M.




JOHN M. MOEIARTY, PORT PHYSICIAN. Salary, $1,200. Residence at Deer Island.
CITY PHYSICIAN. Office, City Building, 21 Court square.

Consulting Physicians.
John C. Warren, Geo. Hayward, Geo. C. Shattuck, Jacob Bigelow,

John "Ware.

Jonathan Bruce, Keeper of Rainsford Island and Captain of Quarantine Boat.

Superintendent of Burials.
Francis Lincoln. Salary, ,^1,100. Office, City Hall.

Superintendent of Common Sewers.
Charles B. Wells. Salary, ^1,200. Office, City Hall.

Superintendent of Streets.
Thomas Hunting. Salary, §1,400. Office, City Hall.


Andrews Thomas, 3 Richmond [Thacher

Benson Constant T. 65 Prince, betw. Salem and

Brabiner Wm. A. rear 122 Broadway

Cooley William, 6 McLean court

Cook Charles, 17 Nassau

Davis Henry, 179 Hanover

Dillaway Francis, 46 Eliot

Dillon Richard. 3 Fayette court

Emerson J. S., Pembroke

Faxon O. 548 Washington and 5 Orange

Haskell Thomas, 95 Salem

Houghton Charles, Silver, near B

Johnson George, rear 35 Pitts

Jones Lewis, rear St. Paul's Church, Tremont

Knight Samuel G. 58 Belknap

Lynde James, 7i Tileston

Marden Daniel, Salem, opp. Tileston

Merrill H. house 3 Russell place

Mower Edward, 5 Barton

Nunan Timothy, 157 Fourth

Peak John, 2 Leveret

Pierce J. W. 56 High

Pratt Caleb I. 80 Summer

Pratt Obed, jr. 24 A'ine

Smith Franklin, 2 Seaver place

Smith Martin, 15 Prospect

Willcutt John, Silver, near B

Wilkinson W. 24 Marion

Whitcomb L. L., Saratoga, corner Meridian

Whitcomb Levi, rear 233 Washington

White John, 2 Ritchie block, E. B.

Whitney Nahum P. 1 Lovett place


Surveyors of Pi fie Lumber.

Charles Bullard, 8 Fayette

George Davis, 4 Brookline

George Dupee, 233 Tremont, south of Pleasant

George Hall, 16 Spring

Rolun Hartshorn, boards Lincoln

Joseph F. Huntress, 39 Oak

Charles Hersey, 63 Allen

William Keith, Lyndeboro' place

John Lefavor, Centre, E. B.

George Page, corner Fourth and C, S. B.

Eben M. Plumer, 3 Snelling place

Amasa G. Smith, 29 Marion

Seth Thaxter, 83 Warren

Samuel Waldron, Fourth, near B, S. B.

Surveyor of Mahogany and Cedar.

Nathaniel Bryant, 31 Dover st.

Surveyors of Oak, Hard Wood, ^c.

Seth Brooks, Saratoga st. E. B. Gad Leavitt, Franklin House.

The following officers are first elected by the Mayor and Aldermen, with the concurrence of the

Common Council. They are all paid by fees.

Inspectors of Lime. — Zephaniah Sampson, Joel

Fence Viewers. — Romanus Emerson, Rolun Harts-

Culler of Dry Fish. — Benjamin Luckis.

Culler of Hoops and Staves. — James Brown.

The following officers are appointed by the Maj'or

Weigher of Hay, ^c. — John R. Bradford.

Measurer of Upper Leather. — William Bragdon.

Measurers of Wood and Bark, brought by Land. —
John R. Bradford, Amos Bates, William Shat-
tuck, William Fiske, Moses Hadley, Hollis

Measurers of Wood, brought by Water. — Jonathan
Thaxter, Warren Bowker, Daniel A. Rogers,
John Paul.

Assay Master. — Isaac Babbitt.

Field Drivers and Pound Keepers. — William Fisk,

Thomas Gerrish, Timothy Mclntii'e, Ira E.

Sanborn, David Briggs.
Surveyor of Hemp. — Benjamin Rich.

and Aldermen.

Weigher of Boats atid Lighters. — Edward Loring.

City Crier. — Samuel T. Edwards.

Sealers of Weights and Measures. — John M. Dear-
born, Edward Loring.

Inspecto7-s and Weighers of Bundle Hay. — Joseph
Hockey, Elbridge G. Dudley, Azor Maynard,
Israel M. Barnes, Samuel Lane, Ebenezer H.
Redding, Samuel B. Livermore, B. M. Nevers.




FRANCIS TUKEY, CITY MARSHAL. Salary, jjl, 800. Office, City Hall.

Hezekiah Earl, Deptity Marshal, who also has the charge of the Health Department. Charles P.
Philbrick, Superintendent of Coaches, §•(?. James Arnold, Siqjerintendent of Trucks, ^c.


Samuel G. Adams, John Boardman, Derastus Clapp, John Crocker, Joshua Dunbar, S. B. Fuller,
Jacob Hook. Rufus Leighton, James W. Pierce, John C. Pattee, Benjamin Pettengill, Giles S. Per-
kins, C. B. Rice, Lysander Ripley, Atwell Richardson, O. H. Spurr, Ebenezer Shute, Jr., Charles B.
Starkweather, James E. Spear, Alfred Sleeper, Archibald E. Towle, Robert Taylor, Wm. B. Tarleton,
Willard J. Whiting, Silas Warren.


Alexander Hopkins, Captain. Andrew J. Adams, Henry S. Baker, Oscar Bingham, Francis D.
Brown, William A. Burgess, Asa O. Butman, Lemuel Chesley, George Churchill, John G. Dunbar,
William D. Eaton, Benjamin Heath, Mark F. Hinckley, Samuel Hinkson, Calvin Hutchins, Luther A.
Ham, Josiah G. Huntley, James S. Kimball, Reuben P. Moore, Thomas P. Pierce, James Souther,
George W. Trenhohn.


David Briggs, Oliver T. Barnard, Alvah Cloutman, Martin T. Champney, Thomas Dolliver, Samuel
Dillaway, Daniel L. Glidden, Rufus R. Cook, Harry C. Henry, Woodbury Jenness, Pascal Paine, John
Roberts, Nathaniel F. Stephens, Ira E. Sanborn, Edward A. Vose, Andrew T. Waterman.


To have a vault cleansed, apply at the Health
Office ; the cost at present is $1.50 per load of
80 cubic feet, from the loth of September to
the 1.5th of May, and double that sum for the
remainder of the year. Persons calling at the
Health Office, to enter vaults, should be pre-
pared to give the street or place, the number,
the occupant, and the person who pays the
bill. No vault will be entered on the books
without the Avritten order of the ovsnier, unless
the person calling agrees to pay the biU.

No dirt, ashes, filth, or rubbish of any kind
whatever, will be allowed to be placed in any
of the ways or streets of the city, unless by
permission of the Mayor and Aldermen, or
some person by them authorized. All com-
plaints of neglect of the scavengers or dirt-
men may be made at the Health Office, City
Hall, same office with the City Marshal.

No owner or driver of any hack, cab, or other
carriage, shall place it in any public street, lane,
or square, to stand there to be employed, with-
out consent of the Mayor or Aldermen.

The regular hack-hire within the city is 2oc.


No person shall hereafter construct or place
any portico, porch, window, or step, which
shall project into any street, lane, public place,
or any way of the said city, under a penalty of
$4 for each offence, and a like penalty for every
week that said projection shall be continued.

No cellar door or door-way shall hereafter
be made in any sidewalk, or project into any
street, lane, public place, or way of the said
city, to be kept open during the day or night
time ; nor shall it be kept open or used as a
customary entrance or passage-way into any
cellar, or other part of any building, under a
penalty of not less than $4 for each day that
it shall be used or kept open for such purpose.

No person, being the owner or occupant of
any building, or having the care thereof, shall
permit or suffer any cellar door or door-way
which is now or shall hereafter be made, and
which docs or shall project into any street, lane,

night time, or for more than five hovirs during
the day time, unless duly permitted so to do
by the Mayor and Aldermen, or by some per-
son authorized by them, under a penalty of not
more than $20 for each off"ence.


1. Arrangements are made to have the Police
Office in the City Hall (fronting on Court sq.),
open at all hours of the day and night. Offi-
cers paid by the city, are in attendance, to ren-
der such assistance as the inhabitants may need.

2. Books are kept in which may be entered a
description of all goods lost or stolen, and imme-
diate information of all robberies, larcenies, or
other crimes which may be committed, is de-
sired, that the services of the whole Police force
may be secured in arresting the perpetrators.

3. All persons losing goods are requested to
give information at the office ; and persons find-
ing goods are informed that by leaving them,
or a description of them, eff'orts will be made
to obtain a reward for the finder, proportioned
to the trouble, and the value of the article.

4. All rewards offered by the oxoners of lost or
stolen goods, that shall be received of the adver-
tiser, %oill be paid to any person givitig INFOR-
MA TION lohich leads to their discovery.

5. No day Policeman, who is in the regular
employ of the city, is entitled to any witness
fees, nor to any compensation, gratuity, or re-
ward, for services rendered, unless by a special
vote of the Mayor and Aldermen.

6. All Policemen, when in the employ of the
city, wear a badge with the word " Police " in
silver plated letters thereon. Persons having
cause of complaint against any officer, are re-
quested to report the same to the Mayor.

7. Information in relation to hacks, cabs,
omnibuses, or their drivers, or trucks, wagons,
handcarts, &c., may be had at the office. Per-
sons dealing with them are requested to notice
their numbers. The Superintendents are pres-
ent every day at 8 A.M., and 2 P.M., when all
the Police of the city report and leave the office.

8. An officer has been appointed to obtain
information concerning begging imposters, and

public square, or way of the said city, beyond i in all cases coming to the knowledge of the
such building, to remain open, or the platform Police, a card will be given to those deserving
thereof to be removed, during any part of the ' of charity.





Henry Smith,
Charles S. Clark,
Joshua Jacobs,
George W. Bird,
Elisha Smith, Jr.,


Salary $2QQ each.

John Davis, Jr.,
Theodore P. Bowkeb,
Anson Ellms,
Jonathbn Pierce,
Frederick A. Colburn.

Henry Hart, Cleric. Salary, S500

Foremen of Companies, $\2o ; Assistant Foremen and Clerks,

has about forty Metnbeis.

; Members, $SQ. Each Company


No. 1. House in Suffolk street. William
L. Champney, Foreman. William H. Eastman,
Assistant Foreman. William H. Ford, Clerk.
Silas Lovell, Stcioard.


No. 4. House, Paris street. East Boston.
George Butts, Foreman. B. F. Newell, Assistant
Foreman. Edwin Butts, Clerk. Elisha W. Gun-
nison, Steward.


No. 7. House in Purchase street. Caleb
S. McClennen, Foreman. Wm. M. Lewis, Assist-
ant Foreman. William C. Savage, Clerk. Wil-
liam Shelton, Steward.


No. 8. House in Tremont street. Bailey
T. Mills, Foreman. Eleazer Witherell, Assistant
Foreman. Charles Carver, Clerk. Jer. P. Readey,


No. 10, House in Friend street. James
Quinn, Foreman. Moses F. Webster, Assistant
Foreman. Joshua B. Merrick, Clerk. James C.
Jones, Steward.


No. 11. House, Paris street, East Boston.
Darius B. Kidder, Foreman. Samuel Y. Chase,
Assistant Foreman. Israel F. Crafts, Clerk. P.
Nutter, Steward.


No. 12. House in Washington st. E. W.
W. Hawes, Foreman. William F. Bugbee, Assist-
ant Foreman. Daniel Smith, Clerk. Zenas E.
Smith, Steward.


No. 13. House in Leveret street. Charles
Carter, Foreman. Carlon Butfum, Assistant Fore- John H. Abbott, Clerk. S. Hanscomb,


No. 14. House, foot Mount Vernon street.
Solomon Reed, Foreman. Joseph K. Adams, -4s-
sistant Foreman. A. R. C. Lombard, Clerk. Hen-
ry R. Chase, Steward.


No. 15. House in Commercial st. Henry
S. Ellms, Foreman. Wm. H. Simonds, Assistant
Foreman. George H. Ames, Clerk. Archibald
Smith, Steward.


No. 16. House in Broadway, South Bos-
ton. Jackson L. Stinson, Foreman. George F.
Hibbard, Assista7it Foreman. George Emerson,
Clerk. David C. Simpson, Steward.


No. 17. House in Broadway, South Bos-
ton. George S. Thom, Foreman. Nath'l Chap-
man, Assist. Foreman. Elijah H. Goodwin, Clerk.
John Larrabee, Steward.


No. 18. House on Pemberton Hill. F.
E. R. Whitney, Foreman. Leonard Metcalf,
Assistant Foreman. Caleb Clapp, Clerk. James
Henry, Steicard.


No. 19. House on Eagle Hill, 3d Section,
East Boston. Gilman Felch, Foreman. D. P.
Matthews, Assistant Foreman. Warren Belcher,
Clerk. Levi L. Whitcomb, Steward.


No. 20. House in East street. Isaiah P.
Thompson, Foreman. Charles A. Boss, Assistant
Foreman. Joseph F. Milner, Clerk. Charles A.
Blake, Steicard.


No. 1. House in Friend strfet. Timothy

K. Tripp, Foreman,
man. Ch. C. Bragg,

Philip Fox, Assistant Fore-
Clerk. Wm. C alder, Steward.


No. 2. House, Paris street, East Boston.
Wm. Hunt, Foreman. John H. Shattuck, Clerk.


No. 1. House, Salem street. William Dyke,
Foreman. A. P. Bessey, Assistant Foreman. Wm.
Lasell, Clerk. Daniel Hardy, Steward.


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