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Ludwig Warren, physician, 38 Causeway, boards 2

Luff Philip J. coachman, house 34 Piedmont
Lufkin Geo. W. laborer, h. 226 Athens, n. E
Lufkin John, painter, b. London, n. Decatur, E. B.
Lufkin Joseph H. carpenter, h. 3 Staniford place
Lufkin Leroy, hackman, b. 5 Bradford place
Lufkin Nathaniel, shipsmith, Summer, h. New,

near Cross, E. B.
Lufkin Richard, teamster, house 15 Andover
Lufkin's Express, 7 State

Lull Hiram, boards Har. avenue, c. Beach [burn
Lull Lewis M. conductor B. & L. R. R. h. 34 Au-
Lull William, house 13 Franklin
Lum {Charles), Rogers {Albert), & Co. painted

window shades, 4 Blanchard block, Court, bds.

15 Somerset

Lumb Wm. {Lockicood, Zane S^L.), b. 123 Court
Lund J. C. {Vannevar ^ L.), house at Maiden
Lund James T. carpenter, Commercial, n. Clark,

house 5 Nashua
Lund John, piano-forte maker, h. 4 Maiden place
Lund Joseph, stone mason, house 56 Nashua
Lund Nahum S. umbrella maker, h. 5 Nashua
Lundergin John, laborer, house Half Moon place
Lundgreen Daniel, house 6 Snowhill
Lundgreen Sarah, widow, house 10 North square
Lundsteen Frederick F. machinist, h. Fifth, n. D
Lunnin James, laborer, house 2 Rollins place [eret
Lunt Andrew, wheelwright, 90 Endicot, h. 38 Lev-
Lunt Andrew F. clerk, boards 38 Leveret
Lunt Charles P. mason, b. 5J Nashua [House

Lunt George, counsellor, 4 Court, bds. Tremont
Lunt Jacob K. pilot, h. Webster, n. Jeffries, E. B.
Lunt John, steam planing, boards 6 Billerica
Lunt J. H. secretary Suffolk Ins. Co. h. at Roxb'y
Lunt Luther, watchman, house 9 Canton
Lunt Mary N. widow, house 5 Columbia [do.

Lunt Moses D. botanic physician, 139 Hanover, h.
Lunt Stephen, teamster, house 19 Erie
Luny Patrick, laborer, house 10 Oliver
Lurvey Elizabeth, house 6 Medford court
Luther Edwin B. mason, bds. 22 South Russell
Luther H. G. dentist, 265 Wash. c. Winter, boards

St. Charles Hotel
Luther James, mason, house 13 Lindall place
Luther John, machinist, house 295 Ann
Luther Maria, widow, house rear 444 Commercial
Luther Mary, widow, house 22 South Russell
Luther Slade, mason, 16 Causeway, h. at Chelsea
Luther Thomas, carpenter, bds. 16 South Russell
Lush William, laborer, house 20 Southac
Luzarder {Samuel) & Close {Emery), coopers, 207

Broad, house at Quincy
Lycett Margaret, widow, house rear Swan
Lydston William, jr. portrait painter, h. 49 Marion
Lyford Edwin G. com. mer. 26 Milk, b. at Albion
Lyford Epaphras K. housewright, h. 29 Poplar
Lyford & Co. {G. C. Lyford), dry goods, 64 Kilby,

boards Bromfield House
Lyford James, house 16 Ann [man

Lyford Thomas, housewright, 7 Barrett, h. 20 Still-
Lyford Wright C. cook, house 20 Wall
Lyman Alexander, 5 N. Market, h. 32 Thacher
Lyman Augustus, 41 Broad



Lj'man Charles, house 26 Mount Vernon
Lyman Charles, book keeper, bds. 6 Cambridge
Lvman Frederick & Co., com. mer. 134 State, h..

34 Fourth
Lyman Gad C, Exch. Eating Room, 1 Post Office
Lyman George H. physician, house 35 Boylston
L)-man George T. merchant, 32 India wharf, house
10 Mount Vernon [place

Lyman Jabez W. {Bradford S^ L.), bds. 3 Bumstead
Lyman John, stair builder, house 2 Cooper st. ct.
Lyman Martha, 10 Temple place
Lyman Mary, boards 59 Bowdoin
Lyman {Theodore) & Souther {John), machinists,

First, c. A, house Third, between A and B
Lyman Theodore, house 8 Mt. Vernon place
Lyman Richard, refreshments, 21 Travers
Lynch Ann, widow, house 36 Purchase
Lynch Bartholomew, laborer, h. Albany, opp. Erie
Lynch Charles, shoe maker, 154.J Ann, house do.
Lynch Charles S. clerk, 47 State, b. 2 Newton pi.
Lynch Cornelius, tailor, house 86 Federal
Lynch Daniel, laborer, house opposite 26 May
Lynch Edward, laborer, house 54 Union
Lynch Jeremiah, laborer, house opp. 26 May
Lynch Jeremiah, laborer, house 12 Genesee
Lynch John, laborer, house rear W. Dedham [B.
Lynch John, contractor, b. Everett, c. Orleans, E.
Lynch John, laborer, house rear 43 Sea
Lynch John, laborer, house 3 Province
Lynch John, laborer, house Barber's alley, Ann
Lynch John, painter, house 23 Williams
Lynch John, laborer, house 27 West Dedham
Lynch John, laborer, house 17 Essex place
Lynch John, laborer, house rear 4 Brighton
Lynch John, laborer, house 27 East Orange
Lynch John, laborer, house 2 Langdon place
Lynch Lawrence, blacksmith, h. 58 Atkinson [ster
Lynch Margaret, di-ess maker, b. Orleans, n. Web-
Lynch Maurice, boarding, 106 Broad
Lynch Michael, house 12 Genesee
Lynch Michael, laborer, house 33 Oneida
Lynch Michael, grocer. Beach, n. South, h. do.
Lynch Michael, laborer, house 2 Columbia
Lynch Michael, contractor, bds. Everett, c. Orleans
Lynch Michael, porter, house 25 Silver, n. A
Lynch Nicholas, tailor, house 11 Williams
Lynch Nicholas, teamster, house S Adams place
Lynch Owen, laborer, h. Sumner, near Orleans
Lynch Patrick, laborer, boards 12 Genesee
Lynch Patrick, laborer, house 6 North Centre
Lynch Patrick, laborer, house 4 Jackson avenue
Lynch Stephen, upholsterer, 2 Newton place
Lynch Thomas, tailor, house 1 Butolph
Lynch Thomas, laborer, house 125 Hanover
Lynch Thos. Rev. h. r. Catholic ch. Northampton
Lynch William, laborer, house 97 Charter
Lynch William, laborer, house rear 16 Spring
Lynch William, mariner, house 16 Bennet
Lynch William, hatter, h. 21 Morton [Stoneham
Lynde A. V. counsellor, 1 Devonshire, house at
Lynde Bela S. 4 Faneuil Hall, bds. National House
Lynde James, stone cutter, house 8.^ Tileston
Lynde L. T. agent Baltimore, Phila."& Alex, pack-
ets, opp. 44 Commercial, h. at Charlestown
Lynde Stephen H. 44 Comm'l, h. at Charlestown
Lynde William, piano-forte maker, Newton, house

at Woburn
Lyndes Andrew, laborer, house 11 Oliver
Lyndon Sarah, widow, house Gold, near A
Lynes Edward G. coal dealer, 15 State & 150 Sea
Lynes John, laborer, house 83 Kneeland
Lynes Patrick, founder, h. rear Fourth, n. R. R.
Lynes Patrick, marble polisher, house 41 Oneida
Lynes Samuel, 60 Essex
Lyne Thomas A. actor, house 25 Pleasant
Lynes Timothy, laborer, house 1.30 Sea
Lynham Geo. cabinet maker, h. West Dedham
Lj^nn Michael, laborer, house 9 Oliver
Lynn Moses, porter, house 2 Channing place
Lynn Samuel, laborer, house 58 Prince

Lynn Thomas, laborer, house 63 Endicot
Lynn AVilliam, ship keeper, house 27 South
Lyon Benjamin, assistant secretary N. E. M. M.

Ins. Co. house 16 Warren
Lyon Daniel, wheelwright, h. 8 East Orange
Lyon Elizabeth, widow, house 19 Warren
Lyon Elizabeth, widow, house 74 Summer
Lyon George, house 5 Clafflin place
Lyon {George) & Powers (.4. H.), merch. tailors,

58 Washington, house 36 Common
Lyon George P. upholsterer, bds. 20 Sudbury
Lyon George W. musical inst. maker, 153 Wash.
Lyon {John E.) & Vose {J. T.), dry goods, 3 Lib-
erty square [ington, house Broadway, n. K
Lyon Joseph, umbrella maker, 298J & 354 Wash-
Lyon Mary, widow, house 45 Pleasant [ter, E. B.
Lyon Matthew, junk, Sumner, n. Paris, h. 21 Por-
Lyon Mortimer, house 119 Pleasant
Lyon Sophronia E. dress maker, h. 34 Blossom
Lyons Cornelius, laborer, house 26 Butolph
Lyons Cornelius, laborer, h. Maverick, n. Paris
Lyons Ellis, house 3 Newman's block [B.

Lyons Henry, painter, h. Maverick, n. London, E.
Lyons James, pedler, house 32 Erie
Lyons James, stone cutter, house 6 Boylston sq.
Lyons Jeremiah, tailor, house 30 Atkinson [cy

Lyons John S. {Richards, Mtmn (S,- Co.), h. at Quin-
Lyons Thomas, laborer, house 38 Belknap
Lyons Thomas, pedler, house 40 West Orange
Lyons Timothy, at Boston Atheneeum

MABRIAN*D ALEX. P. boarding, 17 Fleet

Mabury Charles W. teamster, h. 53 Billerica

Macalpine Louisa, boarding, 21 Portland

Macauley Dalton, boards 42 Harrison avenue

Mac Bryde Wm. 1 Tremont row. bds. Adams House

Macdonough H. & A. Misses, house 28 Common

Mace Abel B. cooper, house 17 Broadway

Mace Abraham C. last maker, h. 7 Merrimac

Mace Benjamin F. last maker; bds. 188 Hanover

Mace Benj. O. teamster, house 85 West Cedar

Mace Charles, teamster, house 33 Chambers

Mace Daniel, house 19 Grove

Mace Henry, hackman, house rear 21 Grove

Mace Horace F. last maker, house 2 Gouch pi.

Mace Sherman, laborer, 95 Court

Macfarland E. G. millinery, 251 AVashington

Mack Isaac N. 333 Wash, boards 20 Bulfinch

Mack James, laborer, house 9 Bartlett

Mack Joseph H. carpenter, h. 2 Warren place

Mack Louis, 21 Prince

Mack Owen, moulder, house 10 Cyprus

Mack Patrick, waterman, h. 4 Boylston square

Mack Thomas, laborer, house Colony

Mack Thomas, clerk, boards 9 Brattle square

Mack William, housewright, h. Fifth, near E

Mack William, omnibus driver, bds. 9 Dover

Mackay Jeremiah, tailor, house 25 Barrett

Mackay John Mrs. house 14 Pemberton square

Mackay Joseph, boards 18 Hancock

Mackay R. C. merch. 16 Union wf. h. 160 Tremont

Mackay T. B. shoes and leather, 49 & 51 Pearl, h.

at Concord
Mackay William, waiter, house 17 Endicot
Mackay Wm. H. h. 14 Pemberton sq. [Dorchester
IMackelroy Sam'l, blacksmith, plough factor)^, h. at
Mackey Letitia, widow, house rear 117 Essex
Mackie James, shipwright, bds. Maverick, n. Paris
Mackie Robert, cabinet maker, 57^ Court, boards

Hanover House
Mackintire {Eliab P.), Lawrie {A. B.), & Co. (C.

L. Perkins), com. mer. 44 Water, h. at Ch'lest'n
!>I^ckintosh Betsey, house West Dedham
iSIackintosh Frank, laborer, h. Har. av. n. Olive pi.
Mackintosh John, boarding house, 8 Kneeland pi.
Mackintosh John S. 105 F. H. M. bds. Suffolk, c.

Mackintosh Lucy B. drv goods, 170 Hanover
Mackintosh Roger S. &' Co. 105 F. H. Market, h.

Suffolk, near Dedham



Mackintosh William H. 51 Milk
Maclin Benedick, die sinker, 4 Court avenue
Macolief Lawrence, house 3 Staniford court
Macomher Anthon)', laborer, house rear 20 Sea
Macomber Charles," machinist, bds. Fort avenue
Macomher Francis L. boards 13 Franklin place
Macomber Georpce {English i^ M.), h. at Charlest'n
Macomher {Ichahod, jr.) & Barker (yl. G.), merch.

tailors, 132 Washington, house at Roxbury
Macomber James B. gent's furnishing goods, 87

Wash. bds. 4 Dix place
Macomber John F. 112 Milk, bds. 9 Elm [9 Elm
Macomber John T. proprietor Macomber's Hotel,
Macomber P. R. mesmeric examiner, h. 6 Lowell
Macomber Wm. (Stone, Bradford S; Co.), h. Dix pi.
Macondray F. W. 40 India, h. at Dorchester
Macy Edward D. painter, bds. 3 Avery
Macy Henry G. painter, bds. 71 Prince
Macy John F. chemist, h. 3 Lowell court
Macy Wm. D. clerk, bds. Central sq. E. B.
Madden Jas. laborer, h. Broad, opp. Tileston's wf.
Madden John, laborer, house 2o Hamilton
Madden John, grocer, c. Albany and Oneida, h. do.
Madden Owen, laborer, h. 4 Cove St. pi.
Madden Patrick, laborer, h. Cove place
Madden Patrick, laborer, h. Second, near B
Madden Peter, laborer, h. rear 29 Cross
Madden Thomas, laborer, h. 6 Cove place
Madden Timothy, laborer, h. 78 South
Maddox Stephen, waiter, 2 Holmes' alley
Maddo.x William, slater, bds. 278 Tremont
Madigan John, laborer, h. 10 Maple plice
Madigan Walter, mason, h. 2 Mulberry place
Maafan Henry, machinist, h. r. 49 Hanover
Magee Edward, marble cutter, h. 3 Butolph
Magee Elizabeth, widow, h. 14 Blossom
Magee Francis, cooper, Sumner, h. Meridian, E. B.
Magee James T. ship stores, &c. 37 Commercial,

house at Chelsea
Magee John, h. 6 Southac
Magee John, printer, bds. 231 Tremont
Magee John, hatter, h. Grover place
Magee John A. painter, 16 Leveret, h. 71 Brighton
Magee Peter, laborer, h. 18 S. Margin
Magee William, porter, h. 48 South
Mager Isimiah Mrs. h. Fleet, near Ann
Magill Hugh, clerk, h. 8 W. Centre
Magill William, clerk, 8 W. Centre
Maginnis William, blacksmith, h. 37.^ Prince
Maginnis Mrs. nurse, 574 Eliot
Magner Daniel, baker, h. 2 Seabury place
Magner Daniel, baker, h. 25 Leveret
Magner Thomas, laborer, h. 10 BatterjTnareh
Magner Timothy, laborer, h. 33 Oneida
Magnoni Avis, widow, h. 8 Lyman place
Magoon Nathaniel S. physician, 134 Hanover, h. do.
Magoun Eliza, boarding, 13 Broadway
Magoun Jarius, carpenter, h. Chelsea, E. B.
Magoun Snow, machinist, 8 Beach, h. 260 Tremont
Magoun (T/iacher) & Son {Thacher, Jr.), 66 State,
h. at Medford [Medford

Magoun Thacher, jr. (T. Magoun 8g Son), house at
Magoun William, hanacartman, h. 3 Pleasant st. ct.
Magr John, laborer, h. 3 Rollins place
Magrahn John, pedler, h. Fifth, near E
Magrath Michael, boarding, h. 4 Batterymarch
Maguinn Michael, laborer, h. 4 Portland place
Maguire Barnard, plasterer, bds. 4 Stillman place
Maguire Daniel, laborer, h. 6 Southac
Maguire Edward, laborer, h. Thacher avenue
Maguire Francis, house 7 Williams
Maguire Francis, grocer, 215 Ann, house do.
Maguire Francis, sup't Oil Works, S.B. h. at Dorch.
Maguire Hugh, laborer, house 17 Adams
Maguire James, tailor, house 58 Atkinson
Maguire James, laborer, b. 4 Stillman place
Maguire John, laborer, h. Bolton, near F
Maguire John, handcartman, h. 3 Fulton court
Maguire Patrick, mason, h. rear 29 Friend
Maguire Peter, grocer, 106^ Purchase, house do.

Maguire Philip, printer, h. Silver, n. Dorchester
Maguire Thomas, groceries, 144 Ann, house do.
Maguire Wm. J. clerk, 118 Court, b. 2 Marshall pi.
Mahan Bernard, tailor, h. 12 Tileston [N. Margin
Mahan Benj. F,, AV. I. goods, 50 Long wf. house 1
Mahan Felix, laborer, house 13 South Margin
Mahan James, laborer, house 3 Gouch
Mahan Jeremiah, carpenter, house 28 Erie
Mahan John, laborer, h. 612 Wash. [Stillman

Mahan John A., W. I. goods, 53 Long wharf, h. 3
Mahan John A. jr. 53 Long wf. h. 3 Stillman
Mahan Thomas, laborer, h. Suffolk, near Lenox
Mahan William, laborer, house 57 Pitts
Mahan William, provisions, Merrimac, cor. Pitts
Mahanny Michael, laborer, h. Second, near A
Mahar John, tailor, house 46 Nashua
Mahar John, housewright, house 20 Williams
Mahar John, laborer, house 12 Williams
Mahcgan John, laborer, house 17 Wash, avenue
INIahor ISIichael, laborer, house 34 Charlestown
Maher Patrick, coachman, h. 2 Williams court
Maher William, founder, h. rear 108 Fourth
Mahler Joseph, boot maker, 18 Newton pi. h. r. 2

Plymouth place
Mahlniann William, carpenter, h. Sumner, E. B.
Mahn Fred, watch maker, 32 SVash. h. Camb'port
Mahon James, grocer, 142 Commercial, house do.
^lahon John, cordwainer, house 68 Atkinson
Mahon AVra. blacksmith, h. 6 High st. court
Mahoney Bartholomew, laborer, house 90 Sea
Mahoney Catharine, widow, 9 Clifton avenue
Mahoney Catharine, widow, h. Cove st. pi.
Mahoney Charles, laborer, h. 7i Wharf
Mahoney Charles, waiter, house 7 Southac
Mahoney Cornelius, laborer, h. Second, n. Turnpike
Mahoney Cornelius, provisions, 131 Broad, h. do.
Mahoney Daniel, boarding, 6 Batterymarch
Mahoney Daniel, mason, house 18 l!ast
Mahoney Daniel, laborer, h. 243 Ann
Mahoney Daniel, laborer, h. 18 Wash, avenue
Mahoney Daniel, laborer, house Furnace
Mahoney Daniel, laborer, h. rear 356 Commercial
Mahoney Daniel, lighterman, house 105 Broad
Mahoney Daniel, laborer, h. rear 35C Commercial
Mahoney Dennis, tailor, h. 29 Southac
Mahoney Dennis, laborer, house 10 Oliver
^Mahoney Dennis, laborer, house 6 Lehigh
Mahoney Jeremiah, moulder, h. rear Ontario
Mahoney Jeremiah, junk dealer, h. r. 356 Com'l
Mahoney John, tailor, house 5 Charlestown
Mahoney John, blacksmith, house Chelsea, *E. B.
Mahoney John, laborer, h. Everett, near Orleans
Mahoney Margaret, widow, house 1 Vine
]\Iahoney Mary A. widow, h. rear 27 Brighton
Mahoney ISIichael, lighterman, h. 26 Hamilton
Mahony Andrew, laborer, house Athens, near A
Mahony Andrew, laborer, house Second, near A
Mahony Augustine, 51 N. Market, house 35 High
Mahony Catharine, widow, house 9 Clifton alley
Mahony Colman, gardener, house 17 Essex place
Mahony Dennis, laborer, house 64 Purchase
Mahony {Dominick) & Kenna {JoJm P.), clothing,

50 Ann, house 1 Bradford
Mahony Edward, laborer, house 33 Oneida
Mahony James, laborer, house 37 Kingston
Mahony Jeremiah, tailor, house 22 Atkinson
Mahony Jeremiah, tailor, h. Cove, c. Cove place
Mahony Jeremiah, laborer, house AVright's court
3Iahony Jeremiah, laborer, house 7 E. Orange
Mahony Jeremiah, laborer, house Second, near A
Mahony John, laborer, house Orange lane
Mahony John, laborer, house opp. 70 Atkinson
Mahony John, ship carpenter, h. 22 Wash, place
Mahony John, laborer, house rear 80 Purchase
Mahony John J. cloth'g, 50 Ann, h. 14 Hayward pi.
Mahony Patrick, carpenter, h. 20 Wash, square
Mahony Patrick laborer, h. Half Moon place
Mahony Patrick, laborer, house 2 Moon
Mahony Patrick, cooper, house 3 Wendell
Mahony Patrick, painter, house rear 55 South



Mahony Timothy, shoe maker, h. 8 Charlestown
jMahony William, stone mason, house 30 Middlesex
Main Andrew, rigger, house 2 Bartlctt
Main {Chas.) & Mayo (3/. S.), carriage and har-
ness makers, 113 Sea, h. 4-5 Hudson
Maine Sebeus C. coun'lor, 1 Dev'shire, h. at Ch'lsea
Mainke John, junk. Battery wf. h. 1 Margaret
Mair Alexander, housewright, 10 Haverhill, h. foot

Bartlett place
Mair Geo. W. capt, h. Liverpool, near Sumner
Mair Peter, housewright, house 5 Tileston
Mair Rebecca, widow, h. r. 814 Wash. [Hanover
Mair Thomas, housewright, Robinson lane, h. 224
Mair Wm. W. 123 Milk, h. Lenox, near Wash.
Major Elizabeth, seamstress, bds. 17 May
Major Charles E. hair dresser, 8 Battcrymarch
Makendry John H. clerk, 430 Wash. h. 63 Hudson
Makepeace William, jr. 119 Wash. h. 63 Federal
Makkers George, hair dresser, 252 Com'l, h. do.
Malan Patrick, currier, house 112 Endicot
Malarky Michael, laborer, house 8 Southac
Malbone Nancy, widow, h. 11 Friend [c. Hanover
Malcolm Alex. B physician, 22 Richmond, h. do.
Malcolm James, machinist, h. 126 D, n. Third
Malcom Anstress, widow, h. 216 Hanover
Maldt John, 26 Federal, house 1 Spear alley
Maley .John, mariner, h. Second, near A
Maley John, plasterer, h. 57 Pitts
Maley Margaret, widow, h. 32 Stillman
Maley Michael, laborer, h. 2 Pitts
Maley. Patrick, whitewasher, h. 57 Pitts
Mallard Asa, teamster, bds. 22 Gouch
Mallard {Charles) & King {Darid H.), provisions.

South, e. Summer, house 27 Hudson
Mallard Henry R. clerk, house 22 Gouch
Mallard John D. truckman, h. 9 N. Charles
Mallard Warren, boots, shoes & leather, 45 Pearl,

house at Medford
Mallary John S. {Goodrich ^ M.), bds. 51 Summer
Mallet Elizabeth, widow, h. 6 Bennet place
Mallody James, laborer, h. Cottage, near Everett
Mallon Kendall, coach and omnibus builder, 717

Wash, house 786 do.
Mallory Richard P. {Wright ^ M.), h. at Camb'ge
Malone Elizabeth, widow, house Gold, near C
Malone Richard, carpenter, h. Silver, n. Turnpike
Malone Thomas, laborer, house 90 Sea
Maloney Catherine, widow, h. South, n. Harvard
Maloney James, laborer, h. 70 Merrimac
Maloney John, laborer, h. 22 S. Margin
Maloney John, laborer, h. Kneeland, cor. Cove
Maloney John, laborer, h. Cove, corner Beach
Maloney John, laborer, h. N. Andover ct.
Maloney Michael, laborer, h. 22 Wash, avenue
Maloney Michael, blacksmith, h. 8 Canal
Maloney Michael, laborer, h. Everett, E. B.
Maloney Michael, grocer. Turnpike, n. Fifth, h. do.
Maloney Thomas, tailor, boards 26 Ann
Maloney William, laborer, house 21 Fleet
Maloney W^illiam, plasterer, h. Paris, E. B.
Maloney William, laborer, h. 15 Hancock row
Malony Edward, laborer, house 4 Hamilton alley
Malony Patrick, groceries, 244 Ann, house do.
Maloy John, laborer, h. N. Hanover ct.
Maloy John, laborer, h. Middlesex, n. Suffolk
Maloy Thomas, laborer, h. 8 Merrimac
Malmstrome Charles, cabinet maker, 117 Camb'ge,

house 113 do.
Manahan Ambrose Rev. h. 23 Federal
Manahan Dan'l, laborer, house 13 Hamilton
Manahan James, junk dealer, h. Fulton, n. Lewis
Manahan James, waiter, house 9 Oliver
Manahan Julia Mrs. house 209 Ann
Manahan Owen, laborer, house 8 Cyprus
Manahan Patrick, moulder, house 99 Fourth
Manahan Philip, laborer, house 29 Merrimac
Manaton Edward B. 90 Court, bds. 25 W. Dedham
Manchester George, 95J Washington
Manchester George, watchman, h. 2 Noyes place
Mandell George, 115 Milk, house 39 Temple

Mandell M. J. (.S. Brotcn iS,- Sons), house 39 Temple
Mandell Thaddeus S. {Cragin, Greenleaf S; Co.),

h. 39 Temple
Mange Martha, house 9 South st. court
Mangin William, laborer, h. 29 W. Dedham
Mangles John C. laborer, h. Everett, n. Lamson
Mangum John, truckman, Medford, h. at Medford
Manks James, printer, h. 8 Blanche ct.
Manley John R. 24 Dock sq. house 3 Newton pi.
Manley Thomas, type founder, house 11 Erie
Manley Thomas H. clerk, boards 11 Erie
Manluff George, seaman, house 5 Southac
Manly Albert A. silversmith, bds. 11 Erie
]\lann Ariel W. {Batchclder S^ Mann), h. 4 Dover
Mann {Barnabas N.) & Thayer {Bezer), W. India

goods, 72 Prince, h. at Chelsea
Mann Briggs, mason, h. 58 Poplar
Mann Catherine, widow, house 108 Charles
Mann Chas. H. clerk, b. 108 Charles
31ann Eben, h. Mvrtle, cor. Belknap
Mann E. O. bds. 33 Atkinson
Mann Fabin, paper carrier, h. 2 Kennard court
Mann George, carpenter, house 43 Atkinson
Mann George N. {Mason S^ M.), b. Hanover House
Mann Hannah, wdow, house 73 Warren
Mann Henry E. clerk, 128 State, bds. 58 Essex
Mann Ichabod O. h. Bennington, E. B. [mony ct.
Mann Jas. preserver of birds, 22 Water, h. 6 Har-
Mann J. Julian, collector, 10 Congress
Mann John, ribbons, flowers, & silk goods, Trem-

ont, opp. Hanover, h. 108 Charles
Mann Jonathan, gardener House Industry
Mann .Jonathan, machinist, bds. Ontario
Mann Jona. H. ribbons, 264 Wash. h. at Cambridge
Mann Joseph, grocer. Grove, c. Southac, h. 2 Zone
Mann Levi, housewright, h. 3 South st. place
Mann Levi & Seth, shoes and leather, 53 & 55 Ful-
ton, h. at Randolph
Mann Levi, jr. clerk, h. 64 South
Mann Margaret T. widow of Pelcg, h. 73 Warren
Mann Mary, widow, house 19 McLean
Mann Nehemiah P. fish, 44 Long wf. h. F, c. Silver
Mann Samuel C. cards and fancy paper, 25 Corn-
hill, house at Dedham
Mann Seth {L. & S. Mann), bds. 196 Tremont
Mann Wm. H. & Co. {Wm. H. Horton S^ Eliot C.
Coicdtn), importers French goods, 27 Milk, h.
108 Charles
Mann Wm. H. 10 Market sq. h. at Dedham
Manning Albert C, Suffolk Bank, h, 725 Wash.
Manning Andrew, boatman, h. New, c. Cross
Manning Arad, machinist, bds. 18 Dover place
Manning Cephas, machinist, h. 214 Fourth
Manning {Charles), Glover (//. R.), & Co. {John
Ho/man &; J. B. Cram), dry goods & feathers,
1, 10, & 11, Fancuil Hall, h. at Jamaica Plain
Manning {F. C.) & Stanwood {E. C), W. I. goods,

15 Central wf. h. 19 Rowe
Manning James, machinist, house Colony
Manning .John, mason, house Lincoln
Manning John, laborer, h. Havre, n. Maverick
Manning John, laborer, h. Barber's alley, Ann
Manning John, laborer, house 3 Barrett
Manning John, clerk, bds. 28 Myrtle
Manning John, laborer, house 4 Cove place
^Manning John, cook, house 14 Cove
Manning John, varnisher, house 4 Cherry
Manning Jona. C. printer, h. Wash. c. Springfield
Manning Joseph, shoe maker, house Colony
Manning Jos. S. painter, h. Brookline, n. Newland
Manning Joseph E. clerk, 112 Milk, b. 10 Allston
Manning Joshua, provisions, 99 Summer, bds. 40

Manning Malachi, tailor, h. 14 Cross
Manning M. bds. 6 Morton place
Manning Moses, tailor, 7 Kneeland, h. do.
Manning Nath'l L. feather cleanser, 32 Blackstone
Manning Patrick, house Harr. av. opp. Maiden
Manning Russell, shoe maker, 101 Fourth, h. 206



Manning Samuel B. printer, h. 20 La Grange place
Manning Thomas, laborer, h. 3 Barrett
Manning Thomas, machinist, house Colony
Manning Thomas, h. between Silver and Fourth
Manning Uriah & Son {Uriah, jr.), curriers and

leather dealers, 69 Fulton, h. at Woburn [burn
Manning Uriah, jr. {U. Maiminf/ S^ Son), h. at Wo-
Manning Walter C. housewright,"h. 24 Andover
Manning Wm. H. printer, h. Wash. c. Springfield
Manning Wm. W. book keeper, Trem. Bank, h. 73

Mannix Timothy, grocer, 26 Wash. av. house do.
Manny (/. T.) & Weld {A.D. 2d), boots & shoes,

72 Pearl
Manser Alonzo, salt works, h. Bolton, n. B [po's't
Mansfield' Asahel S. {L. Gassett &: Co.), h. at Ne-
Mansfield Caroline M. Avidow, h. 19 Gridley
Mansfield Charles H. & Co. fish, 29 Long wf. h. 19

Mansfield George A. clerk, 6 Blackstone
Mansfield Hannah P. nurse, house 13 Blossom
Mansfield Isaac, house 30 West Cedar
Mansfield James, laborer, h. r. 239 Ann
Mansfield {John) & Kemp {Robert), shoes, 89 & 91

Hanover, house 13-5 do.
Mansfield Joseph K. F. engineer, 75 State
Mansfield Mary G. h. r. 26''Belknap
Mansfield Stephen M. 16 Milk, house at Salem
Mansfield Sylvester, shoe maker, h. 18 Norfolk pi.
Mansfield Thomas, house oi Essex
Mansfield Wm. C. blacksmith, house 36 Portland
^lansir H. P. carpenter, boards 16 S. Russell
Manson Benjamin T. boards 10 Channing

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