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Manson Nath'l G. book keeper, Fulton, c. Cross,

h. at Cambridgeport [Central sq. h. Saratoga
Manson {Thos. L.) & Peterson {S. C), joiners,
Mansur Sam'l, pr'vis'ns, 19 S. Market, h. at Dorch.
Mara James, laborer, h. 2 Haymarket place
Mara John, grocer, 98 Fourth, house do.
Maralious {Frederic) & Trainer {Wm.), oysters,

4-30 Wash. bds. 3 Taylor
Maralious Susan, nurse, house 3 Taylor
Marble Freeland {Clark S; M.), Fulton House
Marble James, book keeper at G. W. Robinson &

Co.'s h. at Chelsea
Marble James M. hair dresser, h. 49 Charter [ant
Marble James S. housewright, Har. av. h. 42 Pleas-
Marble Martha, widow, house r. 47 Merrimac
Marble Perley, laborer, house r. 47 Pleasant
Marble William, sail maker, h. 6 Hull
March Aaron H. truckman, h. 21 N. Charles
March Andrew S. {Whiton .V M.), h. at Roxbury
March Hiram, marble worker, bds. 37 Friend
March Ichabod, h. 3 Pitts [Bank, h. at Cambridge
March John S. teller Shoe and Leather Dealers'
March Jonas C. 29 Federal, bds. U. S. Hotel
March Simon, painter, Cross, n. Endicot
Marchant Henry, 23 Pearl, b. 2 Chardon ct.
Marcy Edward W. teamster, bds. 45 Oak
Marcy John, cabin'tmak'r, 16 Merrim'c, h. 2 Barton
Marcy J. W. counsellor, o Niles' building, house

at Chelsea
Marden Abigail, widow of John, h. Beverly
Marden Charles F. coachman, bds. 4 Canton
Marden Dennis, stone cutter, h. 56 Kneeland
Marden David, shoe maker, 105^ Salem, house 3

Revere place
Marden Eben W. joiner, h. 2 Canton
Marden Eliza, widow, h. Dove, n. Dorchester
Marden Ellis, 416 Washington, h. 25 Harvard
Marden Gilman, blacksmith, Brookline, bds. 759

Marden Henry, laborer, h. 4 Hancock row
Marden Lowell S. bds. 759 Washington
Marden ]\Iary E. widow of David, h. r. 21 Charter
Marden Patrick, h. Baker's alley, Ann
Marden Wm. printer, 32 Congress, h. 47 South
Marden Wm. C. rigger, h. r. 4 Bartlett [ney pi.
Marggraf Joseph {Bunce ^ M.), h. Suffolk, c. Car-
Mariner George H. teamster, h. 5 Auburn

Mariner Solomon H. mason, boards 5 Auburn
Marjoram W. W. confectioner, 13 Marshall, h. do.
;Mark John E. machinist, h. Silver, n. C
Marks Ellen, widow, h. 6 High st. ct.
Marks James J. trunk maker, h. 43 Garden
Marks John, mariner, h. r. 205 Hanover
Marks Lewis, cap maker, h. r. 301 Washington
Marland John, oo Milk, h. at Andover
Marland Obed, book keeper, 14 Broad [erick sq.
Marliave Edward J. hair dresser, Sumner, n. Mav-
Marlow Thomas, upholsterer, h. Silver, n. B
Marony Daniel, laborer, h. 5 Pearl pi.
Marony Dennis, laborer, house 252 Ann
Marquand James, watch maker, bds. 12 Hanover
Marr John, laborer, h. Kelley place, E. B.
Marr Jotham T. clerk, 2 Milk, bds. 42 Leveret
Marrin Owen, laborer, house 23 Vine
Marry John, job wagon, h. 2 Pond street place
Mars Lawrence, laborer, house Thacher avenue
Marsh Ayres R. varnisher, house 5 Margaret
Marsh Bela, books, 25 Cornhill, h. 41 Har. avenue
Marsh Benjamin L. salesman, bds. 10 Ashland
Marsh Charles, clerk, 62 Hanover [Wash.

Marsh Charles D. & Co. oil and lamp store, 293
Marsh Elizabeth, widow, house 17 Commercial
Marsh George, truckman, h. Travers, c. Beverly
Marsh George D. patent oil and lamps, 293 Wash.

house 46 Marion
Marsh Geo. W. piano-forte maker, h. 18 Bennet
Marsh Geo. W. moulder, house Swan
Marsh Harrison, house 35 Washington square
Marsh Henry, engraver, 142 Wash. h. 55 Charles
Marsh Hiram, house 18 High
Marsh John, stationer, 77 Wash, house at Roxbury
Marsh John, house 2 Bedford court [Leveret

Marsh John F. {Bradbiiri/, Harmon, ^ Co.), h. 30
Marsh Jos. M. cashier Exch. Bank, h. 55 Charles
Marsh Levi H. 70 State, house 16 Columbia
Marsh Lucius B. {Kendall, Whiticell, ^ Co.), house

Broadway, c. Elm, Cambridgeport
Marsh Richard, house 4 Oxford place
Marsh Robert, mason, house 32 Salem
INIarsh Rufus, coachman, h. 1 Tileston
Marsh Samuel W. 132 State, boards 18 High
Marsh Stephen H. shipwright, h. Trenton, E. B.
Marsh Stephen W. piano-forte manuf. and music

dealer, 371 Washington, house 2 Avery
Marsh Susan, widow, house 18 N. Bonnet
Marsh Thomas H. 416 Wash, house 53 Marion
Marsh Truman H. corn brooms, 96 Blackstone, h.
38 Billerica [Oliver, h. do. near Milk

Marsh Warren & Co. (L. Maynard), livery stable,
Marsh Willard P. ale, 74 Commercial
Marsh William H. house 9 East street place
Marshall Caroline E. h. 6 Groton
Marshall Chester P. machinist, h. Silver, n. D
Marshall C. S. {S. Simonds .^ Co.), h. 13 Chambers
Marshall Drury M. carpenter, h. 6 Avery place
Marshall Elizabeth, laundress, h. 4 Claflen pi.
Marshall Elizabeth, widow of Elijah, h. 52 Bridge
Marshall Hamilton A. carpenter, h. 124 Hudson
Marshall Hannah Mrs. h. 2 Powars ct.
Marshall James, laborer, house r. 168 Ann
Marshall James, boarding, 245 Ann , [Essex
Marshall J. P. C. daguerreotypist, 268 Wash. h. 7
Marshall John, carpenter, bds. 508 Washington
Marshall John, laborer, house 9 Sears' place
Marshall John, laborer, 2 Powars court [ver

Marshall John, jr. cooper, 96 Fulton, h. 164 Hano-
Marshall John E. carpenter, h. Bolton, near E
Marshall John Lockey, hair dresser, 4 Change av.
Marshall Joshua J. coachman, bds. 15 Auburn
Marshall Leonard, music teacher, 339 Washington,

house 52 Bridge
Marshall M. widow, house 58 Porter, E. B.
Marshall Nancy Mrs. house 2 Barton
Marshall Samuel, housewright, Hudson, near Har-
vard, house 3 East street place
Marshall Simon F. houscAvright, h. Silver, near A
Marshall Solomon D. lighterman, house 120 Sea



Marshall Thomas, mason, h. 7<3 Charter
Marshall William, housewright, 8 Bedford, house

2 Newbern place
Marshall Wm. h. 7, opposite 12 Essex
Marshall Wm. brass finisher, house r. 3 Vine
Marshall's Express, 8 Court
Marsten John, laborer, house r. 14: S. Margin
Marsters Ezekiel, boarding, house Second, n. C
Marsters George W. bds. 23 N. Russell
Marsters INIathew, laborer, h. Second, n. F
Marstin Emma Mrs. h. 3 Andover
Marston Ann A. h. 54 Essex, opp. Edinboro'
Marston Edwin 0. h 33 Garden [Woburn

Marston Ephraim, physician, 202 Har. av. h. at
Mar.ston George P. captain, h. 49 Brighton
Marston John A. painter, h. 13 Morton
Marston Josiah, housewright, h. Bolton, n.E [do.
Marston Oliver J. draw tender at Craigie's bridge, h.
Marston Otis N. house«Tight, r. 6-55 Washington,

h. 1 Maiden place «

Marston {Russell) & Sampson {A.), refreshments,

head Baltimore Packet Pier, h. 9 Bennet pi.
Marston Samuel P. carpenter, bds. 2-5 Hull
Marston Stephen W. jr. {Wight, Reed,&; Co.), bds.

United States Hotel [Charleston

Martain John C. broker, 16 Joy's building, h. at
Marter Philip, 12 Beach, h. 4 Pembroke ct.
Martin Albert, 197 Washington, h. 14 Orange
Martin Andi-ew, boarding, h. 11 Pitts
Martin Antonio {Davis S; M.), h. 22 Bridge
Martin Bartlett, teamster, h. 141 Fourth
Martin Benj. shoe maker, h. 10 Williams
Martin Benj. T. {Blaney S; M.), h. at Chelsea
Martin Brine, laborer, h. Baker's alley
Martin Charles, artist, 26 Beacon
Martin Charles, cabinet maker, bds. 5 E. Dedham
Martin Charles, laborer, h. 7 N. End block
Martin Charles S. 3 Morton place
Martin Christopher, laborer, h. 6 N. End block
Martin Daniel, laborer, h. 68 Atkinson
Martin Dan'l, engineer U. S. N. b. Atlantic House
Martin Darius A. locksmith, 24 Water, h. at Chelsea
Martin Edward, coach builder, bds. 20 Genesee
Martin Elbridge G. pilot, h. Webster, E. B.
Martin Enoch, broker, State, h. 14 Orange
Martin Francis, grocer, 79 Fourth, h. do.
Martin George, barber, h. 23 Grove
Martin Geo. H. bds. 22 Albany
Martin George W. {CasselU^ 3L), h. 23 S. Grove
Martin Henry, laborer, h. r.'New, n. Maverick
Martin Hem-y J. physician and dentist, 12 West
Martin James, laborer, h. r. 22 Atkinson
Martin James, waiter, h. 3 James place
Martin James, founder, h. r. Second, n. Turnpike
Martin James D. book keeper at Buckley's, Beach,

cor. Lincoln
Martin James R. clothes dresser, 4 Spring lane
Martin Jeremiah, laborer, house 45 Oswego
Martin Jeremiah, shipsmith, head Foster's wf. h.

at Maiden
Martin John, ostler, bds. 20 Atkinson
Martin John, laborer, h. 2 Columbia
Martin John, laborer, h. Second, n. Turnpike
Martin John, laborer, h. Lewis, E. B.
Martin John, porter, h. 14 Batterymarch
Martin John E. h. 9 Greenough lane
Martin John S. painter, 1 Hawley pi. h. 118 Charles
Martin Joseph, laborer, h. 4 Camden place
Martin Joseph G. 9 Congress

Martin Jos. L. homoeopathic physician, 12 Boylst'n
Martin {Josiah H.) & Grossman {Charles B.), ma-
chinists, 6 Haverhill, h. 64 Billerica
Martin Lewis A. seaman, h. 4 Southac
Martin Lucretia W. h. 697 Washington
Martin Owen, shoe maker, h. 11 Cyprus
Martin Patrick, laborer, h. 17 Washington av.
Martin Patrick, laborer, house 32 Cross
Martin Pearl, carpetings and window shades, 85

Hanover, house 15 Salem
Martin Richard, blacksmith, h. 21 Cross

Martin Richard, 64 Utica, house 79 Broadway
Martin Richard, harness maker, b. 17 Dover place
Martin Richard S. painter, 8 Province, h. 118 Chas.
Martin Richard T. boarding, 5 Sheafe
Martin Samuel C. pilot, house Sumner, n. Lamson
Martin Samuel E. machinist, h. Centre, E. Boston
Martin Samuel J. painter, house 3 N. Hudson
Martin Thomas, slater, house 82 South
Martin Thomas, grocer, 148 Ann, house do.
Martin Timothy, laborer, house rear 114 Sea
Martin Valentine, jeweller, 32 Wash. h. 8 Tyler
Martin Wm. laborer, house 30 North Russell
Martin Wm. clerk, boards 225 Tremont
Martin Wm. C, Masonic T'ple, h. opp. 225 Tremo't
Martin AVm. D. {Joel Shaw i^ Co.), b. 79 Broadway
Martin Wra. H., Old Col. R.' R. house Gardner pi.

rear 124 Broadway
Martins John, clerk, 26 India, h. at Dorchester
Martis Anthony, boot maker, house 63 May
Martis Mary, 1 Norfolk pi. [Hanover, h. r. 21 Friend
Marvin {Leonard P.) & Brewer {G.IL), shoes, 45
Marvin T'heophilus R. printer and publisher, 24

Congress, house 7 Hayward place
Marvin Wendell P. piano -forte maker, h. 27 Oak
Marwick Geo. ^. mariner, h. Silver, near C
Mash Nancy, house 2 Rollins place
Maskall R. S. painter, 595 Washington
Mason Andrew A. {Daniel Day tS- Co.), 150 Court
Mason Asa F. housewright, house 63 Emerald
Mason A. W. watchman, h. 2 Henchman lane
Mason B. F. portrait painter, 12 Tremont Temple
Mason Caleb P. carpenter, house 6 Prince
Mason Charles Rev. h. 6 Louisburgh sq. [Chelsea
Mason Chas. B. hats, &c. 41 Merchants' row, h. at
Mason Charles S. {MascynS^ Brother), h. 5 Morton
Mason Charlotte, widow, h. 1 Hamlen pi. [Kingst'n
Mason Daniel G. {Tappan, Whittemore &; M.), h. 2
Mason David, truckman, boards o^ Nashua
Mason David H. counsellor, 20 Court, h. at Newton
Mason Edward, boards 11 Channing
Mason Elmer, paper ruler, ho\ise Princeton, E. B.
Mason Ephraim B. crockery, 7 Hanover
Mason Ezekiel F. paver, h. 82 Brighton, n. Leveret
Mason E. AV. boards 46 Temple
Mason Frederick A. clerk, house Maverick square
Mason George, laborer, h. 8 Southac pi. [Tremont
Mason George M. counsellor, 46 Mass. bl'k, h. 140
Mason Henry, shipwright, h. Athens, n. Dorchester
Mason Henry W. 7 Hanover

Mason Howe G. clock maker, house 1 Barre place
Mason Jeremiah Mrs. h. 140 Tremont [Hanover
Mason John, botanic physician, 114 Court, h. 184
Mason John, broker, 13 Joy's building, house at
Charlestown [Hall

Mason Jno. C. {Ruggles, Nourse, M. S^ Co.), Quincy
Mason John D. 114 Court, house 184 Hanover
Mason John W. carver, 46 Com'l, h. 11 AUstoa
Mason Jonathan, house 81 Beacon
Mason Joseph, boarding house, 5 Morton
Mason {Joseph H.) & Brother (C. .S. Mason), hair
dressers, 35 Elm, up stairs, house 23 Hanover
Mason {Joseph L.), Kibbe (P. M.), & Cochran (/.

F.), bowling, r. Derby Range, h. 6 Hawkins
Mason Jos. W., Quincy Hall, b. 6 Avery pi.
Mason Julian O. carpenter, 15 Friend, h. 4 Cleve-
land place
Mason Lewis, machinist, h. 34 W. Orange [ton

Mason Lowell, prof, music, Central pi. h. 2 Kings-
Mason Lydia, milliner, 647 1-2 Wash. h. 676 do.
Mason Lyman, counsellor, 20 Court
Mason Mary, tailoress, house 16 May
Mason {Xeiuell P.) & King (O.), machinists,

Charles, cor. Cambridge, house 250 Tremont
Mason {N. P.) & Grows {D. P.), carpenters and

coffin warehouse, 1 Bridge
Mason Philip, tailor, house 5 Chardon
Mason {Robert 31.) & LawTence {Amos A.), com-
mission merch'nts, 17 Milk, h. 10 Pembert'n sq.
Mason Sampson, messenger Shawmut Bank, house
3 Spear alley



Mason {Samuel,jr.) & Mann (G. N.), hatters, 3-5

Washington, b. 9 Brattle
Mason Samuel, last maker, house 131 Hudson
Mason Samuel K. {Brown t^ M.), h. 46 Temple
Mason Sarah, dress maker, boards 103 Hudson
Mason Seth 11. book binder, house F, n. Fourth
Mason AVm. teacher music, boards 2 Kingston
Mason Wm. P. counsellor, house 63 Mt. Vernon
Masse E. Madame, French boarding school, house

14 Hayward place
Massey Francis A. housewright, h. 204 Fourth
Massev James, vice maker, llio Harrison avenue, h.

6 Old Bridge
Massey Stephen D. shoes, &c. 81 and 83 Fulton
Massy Hugh, painter, 59 Endicot, house do.
Masters {Caroline) and Quimby, {Elizabeth W.),

milliners, 81 Purchase
Masters H. W. house 10-3 Hudson
Masters Jas. laborer, house Milldam
Masterson Margaret, dress maker, h. 13 S. Margin
Masterson Patrick, machinist, house Dove, near

Mastin Betsey P. boarding, 31 Somerset [h. do.
Masury John, sarsaparilla manuf. llo Cambridge,
Masury Jos. shoe manuf. 77 Pearl, u. Fifth, n. L
Mather Augustus H. house o Osborn place
Mather Geo. 21 Merchants' row, b. 5 Morton pi.
Mather Henry B. 17 Milk, h. 18 Franklin place
Mather Ozias H. physician, h. 3 Asylum [Roxbury
Mathes Charles L. hay & grain, 1 Haverhill, h. at
Matheson John, boarding, 271 Ann
Mathews David P. teamster, h. Lexington, E. B.
Mathews Ellen, house Gl Endicot
Mathews James, laborer, h Sun court place
Mathews James M. polisher, h. 2 Village place
Mathews John & Co. {Pernj &^ Worsters), anchors

and chain cables, head of Rowe's wharf, house

at Chelsea
Mathews Joseph, porter, house 312 Ann
Mathews J. W. boards Harrison av. corner Beach
Mathews Patrick, laborer, house 1-5 S. Margin
Mathews Peter Mrs. house 10 Merrimac
Mathews (irw.), Stevens {M.), k Co. {J. D. Nor-

ris), pub. Yankee Blade, 12 School, h. 3 Fr'klin
Mathews Wra. B. 13 Merchants' row, b. U. S. Hotel
Mathews Wm. T. barbers' chairs, &c. 6 Merrimac
Matta Henry, cooper, house 31 Prince
Mattell Anthony, baker, 549 Washington, h. do.
Matteson Thomas E. 29 S. Market, h. 60 Lowell
Matthews Geo. machinist, house 19 Hambui'g
Matthews Jacob Rev. house 8 Southac
Matthews John, steward, house 5 Clark
Matthews John, laborer, h. opposite 1 Hamburg
Matthews Nathan, commission merchant, 134 State,

boards Revere House
Matthews Wm.jr. crockery, 507 Washington, h. 19

Indiana place
Matthews AVm. housewright, h. 5 Genesee
Mattoon John, jr. {McQuarrie ^ M.), b. 2 Fleet
Mattson Morris, physician, inquire at Almy's drug

store, Tremont, corner School
Mattson Thomas E. salesman, house 60 Lowell
Matson H. plasterer, boards 15 Kneeland
Matson Joseph, blacksmith, house 9 Traverse
Maxcy Frederick, painter, h. 2 High st. court
Maxfield Ira, boarding, 234 Ann
Maxfield James, provision dealer, b. Lamson, E. B.
Maxwell Arthur, counsellor, 31 Mass. block
Maxwell Charles, pedler, house 2 Andover
Maxwell Charles, currier, 5 Market sq. h. at Rox-
bury [Broad, h. Tremont, n. Eliot
Maxwell Ed. & Co. (J. D. Jackson), wines, &c. 75
Maxwell Elizabeth, seamstress, house 28 May
Maxwell Joshua, 32 Blackstone, house 9 Zone
Maxwell Mary J. tailoress, house 40 Auburn
Maxwell Ralph W. boards 11 Snowhill
Maxwell Richard F. boards 62 Temple
Maxwell Wm. laborer, h. 11 Orange lane
Maxwell Wm. H. trader, house College court
May Augustus R. clerk, boards 161 Court

May Catherine, boarding, 161 Court

May Francis, baker, house rear 43 Pleasant [son

May Frederick W. G. (S. May &; Co.), h. 88 Atkin-

May George, house 714 Washington

May Henry E. laborer, house 75 Myrtle

May H. K., Custom House [House

May J. James, cashier Merch. Bank, bds. Revere

May Jeremiah, blacksmith, h. 31 A [Dorchester

May John Jos. (S. May ^ Co.), h. Turnpike st. at

May John P. laborer, house 13 Adams

May John W. broker, 90 State, h. 74 Charles

May Joseph I. house 22 W. Castle

May Mary D. house Suffolk, opposite Garland

May Orra, boarding, 12 Sullivan place

May Pamelia, boarding house, 4 Allston

May Peter, housewright, house 37 Marion

May Robert S. cabinet maker. City Market, Brattle,

house at Roxbury
May Samuel, house 88 Atkinson
May Samnel & Co. {J. J. 8; F. W. G. May), hard-
ware and metals. Broad, corner State
May Samuel, jr. agent Mass. Anti-Slavery Society,

21 Cornhill, house 88 Atkinson
May Samuel J. clerk, h. 22 London [Albion

Mav Silas, storage and com. mer. 74 Utica, h. 5
May William B. broker, 3 State, h. 259 Tremont
Mayer Phillipp J. confectioner. 27 Tremont row-
Mayers Robert R. mason, house 8 Church
May hew Aaron C. {Godfrey ^- M.), h. at Mil ford
Mayhew Augustus C. grocer, 89 Charles, h. do.
Mayhew Nathaniel, broker, 70 State, h. at Roxb'y
Maynard Arba (//. Chickeriny cS- Co.), h. 24 McLean
Maynard Azor, inspector of hay, 10 R. R. block,

Lincoln, house 40 Hudson
Maynard Charles H. at Post Office, h. 6 Hudson
Maynard Cynthia, widow, boarding, 50 Portland
Maynard Edward H. elk. 28 Court, h 40 S. Hudson
Maynard George A. baker, house 86 Warren
Maynard Harrison, 22 Com'l, house 24 McLean
Maynard James A. blacksmith, h. Eutaw, E. B.
Maynard Jesse, baker, 67 Warren, house do.
Maynard John, waiter, St. Charles Hotel [Newton
Maynard Joseph W. broker, 5 Congress, house at
Maynard Lambert (TF. Marsh !^ Co.), Oliver
Maynard Lambert, proprietor New England House,

Clinton, cor. Blackstone
Maynard Lambert M. house 67 Warren
Maynard {Waldo) & Noyes {Daniel), di-uggists, 11

Merchants' row, house at Newton, L. Falls
Maynard William, jeweller, boards 151 Court
Mayo Asa, Congress, c. Water, h. at Charlestown
Mayo Asaph, jr. locksmith, 18 Water, b. 5 Moon
Mayo Charles, counsellor, 20 Court, house 1 Dover
Mayo Charles E. clerk, boards 78 Temple
Mayo Charles F. coal, 18 Chatham, h. 150 Harr. av.
Mayo Edward R. clerk, house 777 Washington
Mayo John M. & Co. {D. Robertson, T. Sanborn ^

J. M. Mayo, jr.), merchants, 5 India wharf, h.

684 Washington [Washington

Mayo John M. jr. {J. M. Mayo ^ Co), house 684
Mayo John W. tin worker, house 99 Friend
Mayo {Joshua C.) & Bro\vn (/. /.), W. I. goods,

69 & 70 Commercial, house at Chelsea
Mayo Moses S. {Main &; M.), house 45 Hudson
Mayo Oliver, oysters, 115 Hanover, house do.
Mayo Philip, hair dresser, house 22 South Cedar
Mayo Reuben C. tin worker, h. 65 Silver, near B
Mayo Richard, painter, boards London, E. B.
Mayo Sewall S. {E. Higyins §• Co.), 9 Gerrish block
Mayo Theron B. house Orleans, E. B.
Mayo Urial K. dentist, 39 Hanover, h. at Charlest'n
Mayo Watson G. pile driver, house Cottage, E. B.
Mays Mary, laundj-ess, h. 3 May st. place [Russell
McAdams George {McAdams, Brothers), h. 10 S.
Mc Adams Hugh {McAdams, Brothers), house 10 S.

McAdams, Brothers {James, John, William, Hugh,

&; George), book binders, 120 Washington, h.

iO South Russell [Russell

McAdams John {McAdams, Brothers), house 10 S.



McAdams Michael, tailor, house 39 Salem
McAdams Thomas, tailor, house 3 S. Margin
McAdams William {McAdams, Brothers), h. 10

S. Russell
McAleer Peter, provisions. 76 Prince, house 59 do.
McAllaster Henry M. {Damon, McA. ^ Co.), hds.

22 Lynde
McAllaster James, boarding, house 2 Fleet
McAllaster James, sup. pub. buildings, office City

Hall, house 25 Allen [2 Fleet

McAllaster Thomas, clerk at F. Gleason's, boards
McAUen Michael, tailor, house 9 Thacher court
McAUeney James, laborer, house 110 Endicot
McAllister Alexander, groceries, 126 Ann, h. do.
McAllister Harvey H. boards 3 Maverick square
McAllister John, laborer, house 486 Commercial
McAllister Michael, laborer, h. 486 Commercial
McAllister Wm. teamster, h. Cove, n. Kneeland
McAlvin Elbridge, piano-forte maker, 4U0 Wash.

house 41 S. Russell
McAnally Patrick, laborer, house Zo Brighton
McAnany Charles, tailor, house 18 Thacher
McAnnally James, boot maker, Albany, c. Oneida
McAnnally Michael, laborer, house 31 Oliver
McAnney James, tailor, house 2-5 Stillman
McAnulty Hugh, shoe maker, h. 38 South Margin
McAnulty James, laborer, house 85 Endicot
McArdle Lawrence, bottle dealer, 15 & 17 Ex-
change, house rear 45 Congress
McArthur Arthur, counsellor, 15 Tremont row, h.

at Dorchester
McArthur Michael, shoemaker, boards 20 Genesee
McAulitf James, laborer, house 4 Wendell
McAveney Patrick, laborer, house 68 1-2 Friend
McAvoy Arthur {J. S. Gould ^ Co.), house 17 E.

McAvoy Dennis, laborer, h. Meridian, E. B.
McAvoy Oliver, housewright, F, near Second
McAvoy Patrick, laborer, h. 29 W. Dedham
McBarron Michael, blacksmith, h. Northampton
McBanon Patrick, laborer, h. r. 6 North square
McBey Samuel, lather, house Cross, E. B.
McBride Charles, tailor, house 3 Causeway
McBride Edward, laborer, h. r. 18 South Margin
McBride George, laborer, house 43 N. Margin
McBride Samuel, laborer, house rear 52 Prince
McBrine Thomas, laborer, house rear 10 Cyprus
McBurney Charles, 37 Milk, house at Roxbury
McCabe Bridget, widow, house 25 Gouch
McCabe Elizabeth, widow, liouse Third, near C
McCabe John, blacksmith, house rear Second, near

McCabe Michael, laborer, house 2 Lancaster
McCabe Rebecca, widow, house 10 Norfolk place
McCabe Patrick, laborer, h. rear 18 Merrimac
McCabe Patrick, laborer, house Haven
McCadden Michael, tailor, house 39 Salem
McCaffaerty Michael A. brass caster, h. 45 Tyler
McCatferty Alexander, teamster, h. 7 Salutation
McCafferty James, laborer, house 46 S. Margin
McCatferty John, brass caster, h. 46 S. Margin
McCafferty Matthew, engineer, h. Silver, near A
McCaffVay Elizabeth, widow, 6 Theatre alley
McCaff"ray John, tailor, house 5 N. Hanover court
McCaffrey Henry, saddler, Fulton, c. Richmond,

house Robinson lane
McCaffrey John, moulder, h. Everett court, E. B.
McCaig George, stone cutter, h. B, corner Silver
McCaig George, stone cutter, h.41 Charlestown
McCall James, baggage master O. C. R. R. b. 45

McCallion Charles Rev. house Maverick, E. B.
McCallion N. laborer, h. Maverick, c. London, E. B.
McCallura Charles, book keeper, h. 37 London
McCallum Edward, tailor, b. 1 Sullivan place
McCallum John, weigher and gaugcr, 20 Lewis wf.

house at Chelsea
McCammon David, miller, house Everett, E. B.
McCammon James, carpenter, h. r. 20 Tileston
McCandis John, 8 Market sq. boards 5 Morton


McCann Barney, laborer, house rear 170 Ann
McCann James, laborer, house Ontario
McCann James, laborer, house 2 Columbia
McCann John, laborer, house Ontario
McCann Michael, laborer, house 5 Stillman place
McCann Michael, shoe maker, 68 1-2 Friend, h. do.
McCanna John, laborer, house 85 Kneeland
ilcCanna John, laborer, house rear 324 Ann
McCannon Owen, laborer, house Sun court place
McCanny Patrick, laborer, house 14 N. Margin
McCaraden Patrick, sawyer, house Bolton
McCarn Bridget, widow, house 16 Livingston
McCarn Dominick, laborer, house 2 Seabury place
McCarn John, laborer, house 4 Seabury place
McCarn John, tailor, house Andover court
McCarn Michael, waiter, house Beach, near South
McCarn Patrick, laborer, h. Arnold, near Suffolk
McCarren Ellen, house 210 Harrison avenue
McCarroU Patrick, machinist, house 7 Dover
McCarron Patrick, laborer, house rear 65 Eliot
McCarthy Catharine, widow, h. 8 Kingston
McCarthy Catherine, dress maker, 42 Kingston
McCarthy Charles, 49 Broad, h. Marginal, E. B.
McCarthy Dennis, provisions, 157 Broad, h. do.
McCarthy John, shoe maker, 210 Broad, house do.
McCarthy Michael, carpenter, h. 17 S. Cedar
McCarthy Patrick, shoe maker, h. Chelsea, E. B.
McCartney John, laborer, house rear 10 Grove
McCarty liryen, laborer, house 10 Suffolk
McCarty Charles, trader, 79 Broad
McCarty Charles, laborer, house 31 Wash. sq.
McCarty Charles, laborer, h. 2 East st. place
McCarty Charles, jr. cooper, boards 11 Pitts
McCarty Cornelius, laborer, house 6 Thacher court
McCarty Cornelius, grocer, 70 Essex, ho\ise do.
McCarty Cornelius, laborer, house 6 Wash. sq.
McCarty Daniel, laborer, house 366 Commercial
McCarty Daniel, laborer, h. Middlesex, r. Castle
McCarty Daniel, laborer, house Clifton avenue
McCarty Daniel, laborer, house Prentice's wf.
McCarty Daniel, laborer, house 1 Bumstead court
McCarty Daniel, blacksmith, house 46 Cove
McCarty Daniel, lai)orer, house 135 Broad
McCarty Daniel, tailor, boards 3 Bennet place
McCarty Daniel, house 37 Kingston
McCarty Dennis, blacksmith, h. 2 Commercial ct.

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