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Miller Echsah, widow, h. rear 21 Lancaster
Miller Edward Mrs. house 161 Tremont
Miller Edward F. shipwright, h. Liverpool, E. B.
Miller Elizabeth, widow, house 19 Prospect
Miller Ellis, baker, house Ontario
Miller Ellis F. & Win. D. druggists, 1 & 2 Hay-
market sq. h. 22 Sheafe
Miller Ferdinand P. laborer, h. 58 Billerica
Miller Frederick, cabinet maker, h. 1 N. Grove
Miller Frederick O. cabinet maker, h. 1 N. Grove
Miller George, h. Everett, n. Cottage, E. B.
Miller George E. junk, Com'l, opp. Union wf. h.
448 Commercial



Miller Geo. W. fruit, &c. 6 Brattle square, house at

Miller Geo. \V. shipwright, h. Second, near B
Miller Harvey, gilder, bds. 62 Essex
Miller James, baker, bds. 60.5 Washington
Miller James, laborer, h. Webster, n. Orleans. E. B.
Miller James {Ki/n/).in&: .1/.), h. at Soraervillc
Miller James, wharfinger, h. 449 Com'l, n. Hanover
Miller Jas. D. piano-f'te maker, h. High, c. Gridley
Miller James F., Lieut. U. S. N. R. 224 Ann, bds.

United States Hotel
Miller John, mariner, h. 2-56 Hanover
Miller Joseph, blacksmith, h. 6 Lee place
Miller Joseph, machinist, h. Fifth, near C
Miller Jos. K. lumber, wood, and coal, Harr. av.

house 32 Hudson
Miller Joseph R. 7 Sea

Miller Leander {Boynton S^ M.), bds. at Chelsea
Miller Lester B. (C. /. Bishop &; Co.), h. 94 Tyler
Miller Mary, laundress, 7-5 Warren
Miller Mary, widow, h. 1 Battery, r. 20-5 Hanover
Miller Mary Ann, house 13 Oak [22 Sheafe

Miller Moses, inspector offish. New, E. B. house
Miller Nicholas, tailor, house 2 Blossom place
Miller Peter, baggage master. Fall River R. R.

boards Second, near B
Miller Oscar W. laborer, boards Paris, E. B.
Miller Thompson, counsellor, 1 Franklin avenue,

house 13 Cherry
Miller William, brass finisher, boards 5 Lowell
Miller William, machinist, house 10 Groton
Miller William, engraver, house 20 W. Castle
Miller Wm. clerk, 125 Fulton, b. Mansion House
Miller Wm. founder, h. rear Fourth, near Turnpike
Miller Wm. D. {E. F. S; W. D. Miller), house 22

Miller Wm. H. (Nichols $; 3f.), house 8 Ontario
Miller (Wm. N.) & Hatch {Win. B.), ship stores
and chandlery, 2 Com'l wf. h. at E. Cambridge
Millerd Allen, mason, house 54 South
Millett Abigail, house 24 Avery
Millett E. C. clerk, 36 Pearl, house at Salem
Milliken Clement, pile driver, house Third, near D
Milliken Edward, porter, boards 64 Sea [pi.

Milliken E. C. & Co. oil, 28 Broad, h. 15 Ashburton
Milliken Elias T. & Co. (Z. T. Milliken & M. C.

Smith), oil, 21 N. Market, house 7 Spring
Milliken Francis, ship\vright, boards Border
Milliken Francis, restaurant, 1 Norfolk avenue
Milliken John J. toys and fancy goods, 368 Wash.

house 7 Lowell court
Milliken Joseph, seaman, boards 21 Andover
Milliken Michael, carpenter, house New
Milliken Nancy A. boarding, 79 Albany
Milliken Robert, captain, h. Suffolk, n. Dedham
Milliken Robert, carpenter, h. 118 Fourth
Milliken Samuel, teamster, boards 64 Sea
Milliken Thomas, house 84 Sea [39 Dover

Milliken Zachariah T. {E. T. Milliken i^ Co.), h.
Millin John, housewright, h. rear 61 Charter
Mills Abigail S. widow, house 9 Lowell
Mills {Bailey T.) & Sargent {L. H.), provisions,

Tremont, cor. Pleasant, h. 42 Marion
Mills Charles H. {J. K. Mills ^ Co.), h. 1 Park
Mills Charles H. stabler, Jackson pi. h. 2 do.
Mills Christopher S. wagoner, h. 53 S. Margin
Mills {Elisha S.) & Forristall (P. /.), watches, &c.

Market sq. house at Cambridgeport
Mills Henry, ink, oil, and blacking manufactory, 1^

West Castle
Mills Henry, antifriction oil, 2 Boylston
Mills Henry, blacksmith, house Cottage, E. B.
Mills Henry, teamster, boards rear 9 Exchange
Mills Henry, agent Westboro' Milk Co., Boylston,

near Wash. h. at Auburndale
Mills Isaac B. clerk, 117 Milk, h. 508 Commercial
Mills James, marble sawyer, house 41 Oneida
Mills James, clerk at Post Office, h. 6 Hudson
Mills James, boards 5 Kneeland place
Mills James, cooper, h. Silver, between D and C


Mills James, teamster, h. opp. 94 Beach
Mills James H. cabinet maker, 14 Water
Mills James K. & Co. {C. H. Mills, P. T. Jackson,
S; E. Dioight,), dry goods, 39 Milk, house 20
Beacon [508 Commercial

^lills James L. dealer in casks, Bartlett's wf. h.
Mills John, carpenter, house 7 Minot
Mills John, laborer, house 17 Second
Mills John F. 3 Court square
Mills Lewis {Chase, Motley &; M.), h. 9 Avon place
Mills Richard, shipwright, h. Lime alley [E. B.
Mills Rufus, freight agent, E. R. R. h. 3 Winthrop,
Mills Rufus H. machinist, house 6 Wash, court
Mills Taylor, painter, Bremen, E. B. house do.
Mills Thomas, porter, house 87 Warren
Mills William, laborer, h. rear 84 W. Cedar
Mills AVilliam, cooper, boards 20 Purchase
Mills William T. carpenter, boards 17 Brattle
Milne Geo. P., W. I. goods, 28 Prince, h. 12 do.
Milner Joseph F. clerk, boards 8 S. Cedar
Milton Ephraim, house Clark, next the church
Milton Thomas, jr. mariner, h. 4 Snowhill place
Milton ( ir^.//.), Cwshma-n {Charles), & Co. {Thos.
Slocomb ^ Horsey Stowell, jr.), importers dry
goods, 10 Milk, h. 50 Mt. Vernon
Minch Matthew, tailor, house 25 Nashua
!Miner A. A. Rev. house 28 Green
Miner John, carpenter, boards 64 Sea
Mingo Hiram, waiter, house 18 Belknap
Mingo Hiram, house 29 Bridge
Minnehan Henry, watchman, h. 55 Hudson
Minns Geo. W. counsellor, 11 Court, h. at Roxb'y
Minon Mark, laborer, house 48 S. Margin
Minot Albert T. 58 Milk, house 50 Dover
Minot Anna, widow, house 2 Charlestown
Minot Aiigusta A. teacher, boards 50 Dover
Minot Charles, sup't, Boston and Maine Railroad
Minot Charles H. {Wcldi^M.), 35 Central wharf
Minot Charles E. 58 Milk, boards 50 Dover
Minot Francis, physician, house 120 Charles
Minot George, counsellor, 4 Court, h. at Reading
Minot {Geo. R.) & Hooper {NathH), merchants,

40 India wharf, house 91 Pinckney
Minot John O. B. ag't N. O., Mobile, and Charles-
ton Packets, 8 Long wf. h. at Dorchester
Minot O. 4 Spring lane, house 5 Belknap court
Minot Samuel L. boards 2 Kneeland place
Minot William, counsellor, 39 Court, h. 61 Beacon
Minot Wm. jr. counsellor, 39 Court, h. 61 Beacon
Minott Otis {Jos. H. Bartlett & Co.), h. 15 Ashland
Mirick Samuel, salesman, Blackstone, c. Hanover
Misroon John S., Lieutenant TJ. S. N. R. 224 Ann
Mitch George, hair dresser, house 24 Minot
Mitchell Alexander, paper hanger, h. 18 S. Russell
Mitchell Alex, shoe maker, Kneeland, n. Wash. &.

104 Warren
Mitchell Asa, 150 Sea, house at Cambridge
Mitchell Benjamin F. teamster, h. F, cor. Gold
Mitchell Benj. K. baker, Essex, c. Columbia, h. at
Charlestown [Quincy place

Mitchell Charles H. (N. Mitchell S; Sons), boards 3
Mitchell Daniel, musician, house 16 Garden
Mitchell Daniel, porter, 90 Milk, house 103 Sea
Mitchell Daniel T. boards 9 Lincoln
Mitchell David S. machinist, boards 111 Fourth
Mitchell E. C. 43 Milk

Mitchell Ebenezer, cabinet maker, h. 9. Andover
Mitchell Elizabeth, widow of Joseph, h. 19 Vine
Mitchell Francis N. seal engraver and die sinker,

13 Tremont row, boards 28 Pearl
Mitchell Fred. W. tailor, h. Saratoga, E. B.
Mitchell Geo. plasterer, house 8 May
Mitchell George, carpenter, house 13 Erie
Mitchell Geo. H. apothecary, 579 Washington, h.
43 Warren [Andover, h. E. Cambridge

Mitchell {Geo. L.) & Riley {John), glass cutters,
Mitchell Henry A., Custom House, h. at Lynn
Mitchell Jas. hatter, 27 Dock sq. h. at Medford
Mitchell James, house 7 Garden
Mitchell James, plasterer, house 21 Blossom



Mitchell Jas. B. baker, Kneeland, n. South, h. do.
Mitchell Jas. H. com. mer. 92 State, b. Revere H.
Mitchell James P. 2 Eliot
Mitchell John, lather, house rear 25 Prince
Mitchell John, laborer, house Hooton ct. E. B.
Mitchell John A. laborer, house Bolton, near E
Mitchell John C. merchant tailor, 70 Wash. h. 44

Warren [Quincy place

Mitchell Joseph (N. Mitchell A Soiis), boards 3
Mitchell Joseph, house rear 19 Lincoln
Mitchell {Joshua, Jr.) & Capen (Geo. O.), carriage

makers, 58 Tremont, h. 68 Emerald
Mitchell Lewis S. auctioneer, 5 Market sq. house

at Charlestown
Mitchell Martha, boarding house. 111 Fourth
Mitchell Michael, wagoner, h. r. 716 Washington
Mitchell Nahum, shipwTight, h. Saratoga, E. B.
Mitchell Nahimi M., R. R. Express, h. 1 Acorn
Mitchell Nathaniel & Sons {Joseph 4, Charles IL),

saddlery hardware, &c. 10 Kilby, h. 3 Quincy

Mitchell Nathaniel, plasterer, house 18 S. Russell
Mitchell P. Mrs. house 1 Acorn
Mitchell Samuel H. carpenter, h. 64 Emerald *•
Mitchell Theodore, housewTight, h. opp. 6 Adams
Mitchell Thomas S. clerk, 19 Fulton
Mitchell William, laborer, house 87 Garden
Mitchell William, carpenter, boards 155 Tvler
Mitchell Wm. & Co. (C. H. S. Aniold), findings,

43 & 44 N. Market, h. 71 Leveret
Mitchell William B. painter, house 43 Lowell
Mitchell Zenas S. painter, boards 71 Prince
Mittlcberg Joseph, laborer, house Sumner, E. B.
Mitts Daniel, mariner, house 141 Endicot
Mixer {John) & Pitman {Isaac), com. merch. 171

Milk, house at Lowell
Mizner Gilbert, hackman, h. 1 Margaret avenue
Mizner Thomas L. apothecary, Harr. av. c. Curve
Moan Hiram A. painter, house 3 Maiden
Mockler James, tailor, house 82 Eliot
Modh Jacob, cordwainer, 15 Carver, 8 Boylston sq.
Modica Joseph, tailor, 93 Wash, house 44 Fayette
Moeller Lorentz, laborer, 7 Boylston square
Moellers Gerherd, blacksmith, house 71 Tyler
Moffett George, piano-forte maker, h. 77 Albany
MofFett James, laborer, house 5 Wendell
MofFett & Co. wig makers and hair dressers, 4

Hanover, house at Cambridgeport
Moffitt John, printer, house 4 Paine pi.
Moffitt Michael, slater, house 49 E. Orange
Moffitt W. B., Custom House, h. at Cambridge
Mogan John, pedler, house I, near First
Mogan Richard, grocer, 93 Essex, h. 42 Kingston
Mohan Philip, laborer, house 3 Stillman place
Moir George, boards 54 Harvard
Molineux James, dry goods, 487 Washington, h.

20 Marion [h. at Roxbury

Molineux Robert W. dry goods, 397 Washington,
Molloy Edward, tailor, 90 Ann
Molloy James, boiler maker, house 100 Fourth
Molloy P. E. physician, house 45 Federal
Molloy W. P. 34 Ann, boards 45 Federal
Molrna Michael, laborer, house Milldam
Monahan James, tailor, house 8 Charlestown
Moneghan William, laborer, house 2 Carney pi.
Mongovin James, laborer, house 19 Wash. sq.
Monks James, laborer, house Milldam
Monks John, laborer, house Milldam
Monks John P. lumber, 2d, c. E, h. 380 Broadway
Monks Matthew, laborer, house Milldam
Monks Matthew, house Second, near Dorchester
Monks Owen, laborer. Second, near K
Monks Patrick, carpenter, h. Bolton, near F
Monnahan Hugh, shipwright, h. Bennington, E. B.
Monogue Thomas, laborer, h. Harr. av. c. Tyler ct.
Monroe {Daniel) & Conner {Miles), bakers, 90 W.

Cedar, house do.
Monroe James, provisions, house 12 Fleet
Monroe James C. driver, boards 90 W. Cedar
Monroe Joseph W. printer, b. Church, c. S. Cedar

Monroe Nathaniel, broker, 3 State, h. at Newton
Montague George L. 5 Congress, cor. State, house

^t Dedham
Montague John, machinist, h. D, near Third
Montague Sam'l L. clerk, bds. 23 Hudson [Wash.
Montague Wm. H. 5 Congress, c. State, h. 756
Montgomery George, boot maker, h. 11 N. Grove
Montgomery George K. {Mo7itgomery ^ Co.), h. at

Bradford [32 Fourth, near the bridge

.Montgomery Hugh, counsellor, 98 Turnpike, house
Montgomery Hugh, laborer, h. r. Sea, n. the bridge
Montgomery Mary, house 123 Cambridge
Montgomery John, teamster, h. Sea, n'xt the bridge
Montgomery Samuel, pedler, h. Broadway, betw. I

and K
Montgomery Thomas, laborer, h. 61 Atkinson
Montgomery William, laborer, house 5 1-2 Cross
Montgomery William, captain, house 11 Village
Montgomery & Co. {J. P. §■ G. K.), boots, shoes,

and leather, 86 Ann, h. at Bradford
Monto Louis (Z. Southard &; Co.), h. 17 Canton
Mood Jacob, cordwainer, house 8 Boylston sq.
Moody Calvin P. merchant tailor, 5 Hanover, h.

103 Cambridge
Moody C. C. P. printer, 52 Wash. h. 67 Poplar
Moody Charles E. 22 Elm, b. Cornhill Coffee House
Moody Daniel, capmaker, h. 66 Silver, near B
Moody Edward F. sup't car factory, h. Third, n. E
Moody George Z. bell hanger, house 33 May
Moody Henry H. boards 8 Eaton [at Roxbury

Moody Henry H. piano-forte maker, 334 Wash. h.
Moody Israel, clerk, 110 Wash. h. Gold, near D
Moody {Joseph G.) & Norris (T.), coal and lumber,

Boston wf. First, h. 280 Broadway
Moody Joseph S. 400 Wash, boards 4 Beach
Moody Levi K. carpenter, house 8 S. Margin
Moody Levi W. housewright, h. Payson court
Moody Moses, house 10 Indiana [at Salem

Moody Moses B. book keeper, 18 North Market, h.
Moody Samuel, book binder, 26 School
Moody Wm. 92 F. H. Market, house 16 Vernon
Mooney Ann, widow, house 32 Stillman
Mooney Bernard, laborer, h. Athens, n. E
Mooney Charles, morocco dresser, h. 33 Merrimac
Mooney John, coffin maker, 90 Endicot, bds. 25

Mooney Michael J. teacher music, house 6 Sister
Mooney Patrick, Catholic book store, 27 Franklin,

house 6 Sister
Mooney Patrick, laborer, house 28 Erie
Mooney Richard, wheelwright, h. r. 125 Fourth
Mooney Samuel S. hair dresser, 220 1-2 Wash.
Mooney Thomas, coffin maker, Charlestown, cor.

Mooney Thomas, lighterman, h. Everett, E. B.
Mooney Wm. glass polisher, h. r. Third, near B
Mooney Wm. M. 30 Dock sq. boards 21 London
Maore Abel, cage birds and fowls, 60 1-2 Court
Moore Abner S. {Alley, Tapley S^ Co.), h. at Lynn
Moore Abraham M. truckman, h. Endicot, corner

Charlestown [ince House court

Moore Abram, counsellor, 11 Court sq. h. 8 Prov-
Moore Almira C. house 28 Essex
Moore Amy P. vest maker, 87 Charter
Moore Andrew T. cabinet maker, h. 10 Brighton
Moore Artinatus, pump maker, h. 62 S. Margin
Moore Asa H. conductor O. C. Railroad [Wash.
Moore Augustus L. silk dyer, 3 Hanover, h. 828
Moore Calvin G. house 34 Bridge
Moore Catharine, circulating library, 436 Wash.
Moore Charles, 5 Devonshire
Moore Charles, painter, house Bolton, near B
Moore Charles H. clerk, house 12 Morton
Moore Charles W. 21 School, h. at Charlestown
Moore Daniel, hackman, boards 8 Franklin
Moore Daniel C. boards 93 Hudson
Moore David, cordwainer, 14 Avery
Moore Easterbrook, house 19 Auburn
Moore Edward, laborer, 109 Broad [House

Moore Edw. Bryant, shoes, 90 Court, b. Pemberton



Moore E. D. edit. Reporter, 22 School, h. at Roxb.
Moore Edward, house 17 Pleasant street court
Moore Edward N. 11 Court sq. h. at Cambridge
Moore Edwin, machinist, bds. Canton, c. Suffolk
Moore Edw. B. physician, 133 Hanover, h. do.
Moore Elizabeth, h. 9 Friend street place
Moore Emei-y N. 1 Water, house 2 Medford court
Moore F. Clifford {Damrell S^ Moore), Dickinson
Printing and Binding House, 16 Devonshire,
house 5 Fayette
Moore Francis L. rear 9 Exchange
Moore Garrick F. 12 State, house 33 Oak
Moore Gregory, laborer, house rear 18 Stillman
Moore Hazen W. 61 Blackstone
Moore Henry, seaman, house 4 Bowen court
Moore Henry, plumber, b. 1 Sullivan pi. [Gouch
Moore Henry A. agent, Court, e. Hanover, h. 18
Moore Henry F. {Smith & M.), h. at Charlestown
Moore Henry M. printer, h. 41 Alden
Moore Hiram, porter, h. 2 Boylston square
Moore Horace W. clerk, house Eutaw, E. B.
Moore H. E. teacher primary school, b. 40 Hudson
Moore Hugh K. 22 Devonshire
Moore Isaac, turner, r. 17 Hawley, h. 93 Hudson
Moore Jacob F. boots and shoes, 17 Merrimac, h.

67 Lowell
Moore James, house 29 Atkinson
Moore James, cabinet maker, h. r. Athens, n. A
Moore {James M.) & Emery {J. IF.), tailors, 14

Ann, house at Chelsea
Moore .Tames, house 6 New Prince
Moore James, clerk, boards 24 Portland
Moore Jeremiah B. daguerreotypist, 59 Court
Moore John, grocery. Cove, n. Kneeland, h. do.
Moore John, reporter, 3 State
Moore John, housewright, h. 10 Piedmont
Moore John, laborer, house 1 Jackson av.
Moore John, laborer, h. r. Third, n. D
Moore John, mariner, h. 23 Wash. pi. [Orange
Moore John, British Packet agent, 11 Doane, h. 13
Moore^John L. clothing, 69 Ann, h. at Chelsea
Moore Jona. F. counsellor, 46 Court, h. 41 Allen
Moore Joseph, housewright, h. 1 Sturgis place
Moore Joseph H. superin't Old Colony Railroad,

house 161 Broadway, near O
Moore Joseph W. clerk, Charlestown, c. Causeway
Moore Marcus A. physician, 32 High, house do.
Moore Maria, widow, h. W. Dedham, c. Tremont
Moore Martin, editor Puritan Recorder, 22 School,

house 41 Allen
Moore Matthew 11. laborer, bds. 23 Andover [pike
Moore Michael, brush maker, h. r. Second, n. Turn-
Moore Michael, laborer, h. 18 S. Margin [HoUis
Moore Nancy, dress maker, h. 52 Tremont, opp.
Moore Oramel P. paper hanger, house 1 Corey av.
Moore Pliny B. clerk, Post Office, bds. 15 Mont-
gomery place
Moore Pliny F. job wagon, bds. 19 Endicot
Moore Reuben P. stair builder, h. 3 Poplar place
Moore Richard, laborer, h. Comm'l, c. Ann
Moore Samuel, captain, house 20 Kingston
Moore Samuel H. teamster, h. Grover place
Moore Sarah, teacher, house 4 Myrtle court
Moore Thomas, plasterer, house 4 Cove
Moore Thomas, mariner, house Saratoga
Moore Thomas H. {Herveij <Sf M.), bds. 27 Leveret
Moore Wm. express, 8 Court, h. 150 Cambridge
Moore Wm. seaman, house 3 Belknap place [ct.
Moore Wm. job wagon, Charlest'wn, h. 10 Endicot
Moore Wm. laborer, house 16 Livingston
Moore Wm. B. tinsmith, house 40 Rochester
Moore Wm. H. clerk, house 35 Garden
Moores Jonathan, grocer, Bennington, n. Chelsea
Moorhead Wm. grocer, Kingston, cor. Essex
Moorhouse Isaac, house 16 Piedmont
Moors Joseph B. 16 Kilby, bds. 12 Howard
Moran Barnard, laborer, house r. 11 S. Margin
Moran Charles, house Springfield, near Wash.
Moran Edward, cigar manufacturer, 424 Washing-
ton, bds. Albany Hotel

Moran Francis, clothing, 43 and 45 Ann, house at

Moran Hugh, laborer, house 25 E. Orange
Moran James, boiler maker, house Havre
Moran John, sup't Winthrop Hall, 1 1-2 Tremont

row, house at Charlestown
Moran John, farmer, house 6 Gridley
Moran John, laborer, house 2 Stillman
Moran John, laborer, h. Orleans, E. B. [ket place
Moran Lawrence, porter, 87 Milk, house Haymar-
Moran Martin, machinist, house r. 78 Turnpike
Moran Michael, laborer, h. Middlesex, opp. 29
Moran Michael, tailor, 67 Salem
Moran Roger, provisions, house Sumner, E. 3.
Moran Patrick, blacksmith, house 9 Merrimac
Moran Patrick, laborer, house Kneeland, c. Cove
Moran Thomas, blacksmith, house 9 Merrimac
Moran Wm. carpenter, h. Cottage, near Everett
Moran Wm. laborer, h. 247 Ann [at N. Maiden
Morandi Francis, tin worker, 164 Hanover, house
Moras Emanuel, grocer, Travers, cor. Canal
Moren George, watchman, house 5 Cotton place
Moreno V. V. tailoress, bds. Sumner, E. B.
Morey Charles, clerk, bds. 25 High
Morey Charles H. clerk, 163 Washington
Morey D. B. {Smith, Ober ^ Co.), house at Maiden
Morey Da\-id W. currier, 62 Fulton, h. at Chariest.
Morey Francis, currier, house Lexington, E. B.
Morey George, counsellor, bds. U. S. Hotel
Morey John E. hosiery, 7 Tremont row, house at

Morey John W. teamster, house 40 Sea
Morey Morris, shipwright, h. Porter, E. B.
Morey Philemon, dry goods, 78 1-2 Hanover, bds.

10 Staniford
Morey Sophronia C. h. 26 Minot [at Cambridge
Morey Thomas, printer, 138 1-2 Washington, h.
Morey Truman, baths, Western av. h. River, cor.
Lime [at Neponset

Morey Wm. C. straw goods, 295 Washington, h.
Morgan Alice, widow, house foot Minot
Morgan David, counsellor, office 3 & h. 4 Sumner
Morgan Elias M. mariner, h. Maverick, c. Paris
Morgan Enos, housewright, Maverick, c. Cottage,
house Sumner, E. B. [South Cedar

Morgan Henry, tailor, 5 Congress, h. Church, cor.
Morgan James H. blacksmith, Dover, h. 5 Village
Morgan Jane Mrs. house 6 Bartlett
Morgan John, marble polisher, house F, n. Second
Morgan John A. printer, 42 Kingston
Morgan Joseph, laborer, h. rear Fourth, n. R. R.
Morgan Miles R. caulker, bds. 123 Purchase
Morgan O. F., Albany House, Albany, c. Kneeland
Morgan Sylvester, fireman, house 8 Village
Morgan Thonras, puddler, Bremen
Morgan Thomas, laborer, house Cove place
Morgan Wm. handcartman, house r. 1 Hawley
Morgan Wm. painter, house 2 Sullivan place
Morhan Patrick, laborer, house 32 Erie
Moriarty Cornelius, laborer, house 7 Oliver
Moriarty Giles, tailor, house 42 High
Moriarty James, laborer, house Havre, E. B.
Moriarty James, tailor, h. 4 Pearl pi. [88 Warren
Moriarty John, baggage master B. & P. R. R. h.
Moriarty John M. physician at Deer Island
Moring Charles H. F., Hamburg Consul {Gassier ^

Co.), house 40 Summer
Morland Wm. W. physician, bds. 1 Bulfinch place
Moroney Thomas, laborer, house P, n. Fourth
Morong John C. clerk, bds. 62 Temple [throp pi.
ISIorrell Edward, counsellor, 19 Conrt, h. 7 Win-
Morrill Alexis, house 5 Rochester
Morrill Asa, house 68 Pinckney
Morrill Bartholomew, laborer, h. Sumner, E. B.
Morrill Benjamin, carpenter, house 26 Grove
Morrill Charles A. teacher Hawes School, house

Third, corner C
Morrill Charles J. {Ba7;er S^ M.), h. 12 Kneeland
Morrill Chauncy C. hack driver, bds. 57 Kneelaud
Morrill Daniel, laborer, house Everett, E. B.



Morrill Francis W. boatman, house 40 Cooper
Morrill Helen H. bakery, Havre, c. Sumner, E. B.
Morrill Henry C. porter, boards 78 Albany
Morrill Henry N. cook, boards r. 35 Prince
Morrill Jesse, house 52 1-2 Cambridge
Morrill Joseph, soap and candles, 6 S. Market, h.
at Roxbury [h. at Roxbury

Morrell Joseph, jr. soap and candles, 6 S. Market,
Morrill Mary, h. 1 Province House court
Morrill Nancy, dress maker, boards 78 Albany
Morrill Nathan, carpenter, h. Havre, E. B.
Morrill Nathaniel, laborer, boards 57 Billerica
Morrill Nathaniel, house 106 Hudson
Morrill Samuel, physician, Federal, c. Channing
Morrill Thomas, carpenter, h. 26 Hull
Morris Ann, boards 18 Suffolk

Morris Caroline, teacher primary school No. 11, Sea
Morris Charles, jr. carpenter, house Eutaw, E. B.
Morris Charles A. artists' materials, 17 Exchange
Morris Charles W. boards 20 Church
Morris Frances, widow, house 2 W. Centre
Morris Francis, rigger, house Sumner, E. B.
Morris Griffith, captain R. B. Forbes, h. Lamson
Morris Henry, laborer, house rear 27 Belknap
Morris Isaac, painter, house 1 Cotting
Morris Margaret A. house 52 Fayette
Morris Mary, widow, house 6 Butolph
Morris Robert, jr. counsellor, 27 State, h. at Chels'a
Morris Samuel, coach maker, bds. 68 Emerald
Morris Samuel B. chemist, house 37 Fayette
Morris Thomas, laborer, h. Canton, n. the church
Morris Thomas D. painter, 1 Harvard place, house

3 Townsend place
Morrisey John, laborer, house 3 Hamburg
Morrison Andrew, mast maker, house rear Havre
Morrison Chas. G. & Co. (T. C Fairfeld), plumb-
ers, 4 Lyceum build'g, Sudb'ry, h. 6 Chilson pi.
Morrison Charles K. carpenter, h. Trenton, E. B.
Morrison Daniel, boots and shoes, 19 Fulton [pect
Morrison Donald D. carpenter & builder, h. 19 Pros-
Morrison George, 8 Court
Morrison Henry, boards 20 Orange
Morrison James D. carpenter, boards 4 Fort ave.
Morrison John, grocer, 48 Porter, E. B.
Morrison John, laborer, boards 46 Bridge
Morrison John, laborer, house 12 Bridge
Morrison Joseph, laborer, h. Bennington, E. B.
Morrison Luther, pile driver, house 7 Cottage
Morrison Martha, widow, house Lexington, E. B.
Morrison Michael, hair dresser, 108 Turnpike
Morrison Michael, mariner, h. r. Ha\Te, n. Sumner
Morrison N. M. carpenter, house 3 Fuller
Morrison Peter J. carriage smith, 10 1-2 Pleasant
Morrison Robert T. ribbons, &c. 191 Washington,
up stairs, h. at Chelsea [North Chapel pi.

Morrison Samuel J. produce, 6 Market sq. house 7
Morrison Wellnian, portrait painter, 14 Tremont

Morrissey Edmund, cooper, house 21 Belmont
Morrissey James, carpenter, h. 56 Atkinson [pike
Morrissey Lawrence, laborer, h. 6 Athens, n. Turn-
Morrissey Margaret, laundress, h. 3 Carney place
Morrissey Michael, mason, house Gold, near A
Morrissey Patrick, stone cutter, b. 5 Kellara place
Morrissey Richard J. clerk, boards 21 Belmont
Morrissey William, tailor, house 2 South st. court
Morrow Francis, waiter, house 8 East
Morrow Peter, laborer, h. r. Sister, n. Williams
Morrow Wm. H. machinist, house 1 Spear place
Morse Aaron, house 15 Oak
Morse Aaron, hatter, 3 Union
Morse Abby A. M. boards 4 Hamilton place
Morse A. H. clothing, 99 Cambridge, b. 151 Court
Morse Alpheus C. artist, 11 1-2 Tremont row
Morse Almon S. 82 F. H. M. boards 9 Pitts
Morse Albert, 23 Pearl, boards 22 Winter
Morse {Andrew J.) & Fletcher, {George M.), brass
founders and finishers, 24 Water, h. at Maiden
Morse Asa D. plasterer, house 2 South Russell
Morse Benjamin, house 2 Hudson place

Morse Benj. E. merch. 34 Central wf. h. 18 Beacon

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