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Nash John, grocer, house Trenton, E. B.
Nash John, butler, h. opp. 145 Purchase
Nash John E. clerk, boards 41 Purchase
Nash Joseph P. clerk, 121 Washington
Nash J. W. clerk, b. 5 A [shops, h. at Stoneham
Nash Luther S. clerk at B. ik W. machine and car
Nash Mary, widow, house 4 Bulfinch
Nash Nancy, widow, h. r. 5 Henchman lane
Nash {Natha7iiel C), Callender (//.), & Co. (/.)
Nash), W. I. goods, 6 India and 12 Broad, b.
U. S. Hotel
Nash Oliver, laborer, house rear 14 May
Nash Oliver, jr. 12 Beach, house rear 63 Warren
Nash Rachael, boarding, 12 Howard
Nash Rebecca, boarding, 2 Fleet
Nash Stephen Gordon, counsellor, 20 Court
Nash ( Theophilus S.) & Field {Geo. R.), chairs, 108

Fulton, h. 3 Webster pi.
Nash Wm. ship carpenter, house 3 Battery [ton
Nash Wm. & Co. {James B. Bullock), shoes, 19 Ful-
Nash {IVm. O.), French (T. W.), & Co. {J. H.
French), boots, leather, and commission mer-
chants, 42 Fulton, h. at Hirghani [E. B.
Nasou Albery, cooper, Lewis wharf, h. Bennington,
Nason Daniel, master transportation Boston and

Providence Railroad, h. 55 Carver
Nason Edgar M. cooper, house 98^ Endicot
Nason Eunice, French coffee saloon, 3 Bromfield,

house 3 Norfolk avenue
Nason James, W. I. goods, house Arnold [pie

Nason Jas. B. grocer, 18 and 20 Derne, h. 44 Tem-
Nason Joel, house rear 107 Hanover
Nason John, laborer, boards 57 Billerica
Nason John, engineer, h. 133 Fourth
Nason (John L.) & Cleaveland {EUsIm J.), ship-
smiths, Sumner, h. Border, E. B.
Nason Joseph {Walworth &: N.), 22 Devonshire
Nason Leavitt, 22 Devonshire, bds. U. S. Hotel
Nason Mehitable C. widow, h. Liverpool, E. B.
Nason William, grain, &c. Har. av. n. the bridge,

house 24 Canton
"NsLSsau {William M.) & Stoddard {Asa A.), hair

dressers, 28 Congress, house 23 Esse.x
Natale John, restorator, house 16 Fayette
Nataly G., Custom House E.k. 19 Doane
Navens James, teamster, house 3 Thacher court
Navy Isaac W. stevedore, h. 54 Commercial
Nay {Samuel F.) & McClure (C. F.), dry goods, 3

Tremont row
Naylor & Co. {E. L. Benzon), steel, 89 Milk
Nazro Chas. G. {B. C. Clark ^ Co.), h. 1 Edinboro'
Nazro Henry James, 38 Lewis wf. h. 15 Edinboro'
Nazro John, house 15 Edinboro'
Nazro John G. pres. Trem. Ins. Co. h. at Dorchester
Neagle Godfrey B. {Wtn. S^ G. B. Neagle), house

Chelsea, E. B.
Neagle Patrick, house 1 Salem
Neagle Thomas, cooper, h. Newton, n. Tremont
Neagle William, plasterer, house 53 Sea [town

Neagle Wm. & G. B. chairs, 73 Com'l, h. at Charles-

Neal Abigail, widow, house 16 North Russell
Neal Daniel, painter, house 16 North Russell
Ncal Daniel W. 33 Pearl, house 18 Ash
Neal David A. pres. Eastern R R. 85 State
Neal Jackson, painter, h. 2 Carroll place
Neal James, student at law, b. 3 Cambridge
Neal Jeremiah, laborer, h. 9 Nashua court
Neal Jobn, cierk, house 16 North Russell
Neal John, truckman, boards 6 Sturgis place
Neal John A wheelwright, 235 Harr. avenue
Ncal John C. tailor, house 25 Grove
Neal John P machinist, b. 235 Harrison avenue
Neal Samuel, housewright, River, c. Chesnut, h. 50

Neal Thomas S. mason, house reairlO Blossom
Neal Thomas W. house Pearl, near Purchase
Neale Alonzo F. constable, 3 Franklin av. house 20

Neale David J. cutter, boards 47 Hancock
Neale Rollin H. Rev. house 6 Crescent place
Neally C. C. clerk, boards 19 Salem
Neason John W., Custom House, h. 86 Turnpike
Neat John, painter, house 19 Friend
Neat Nathan, trunks, 18 & 19 Elm, h. 13 StilLman
Neavel Jacob, laborer, house Coral court
Need Simon, boards 46 Eliot
Needham Albert, 3 Chatham row, h. at Lynn
Needham Mary, house W. Canton, n. Newland
Needham W. W. wines. 6 Canal bl'k, h. at Camb.
Nert'Wm. J. fancy dry goods, 369 Washington, h.

2 Avery place
Nefz John, shoe maker, 212 Ann, h. 1 Langdon pi.
Neil Eliza, widow, house 11 Blossom
Neil John, laborer, house 247 Ann
Neil Lucy, widow, house 4 Sister
Neil Peter, provisions, house Second, near B
NeiU John, house 155 Tyler
Neill John F. printer, house 155 Tyler
Neillan Michael, groceries, 172 Ann, house do.
Neilson George, sheet iron worker, h. r. 96 Warren
Neilson Jas. C. dentist, 31 Winter, b. 31 Marion
Neilson Wm. jeweller, 215 Wash. h. 31 Marion
Neland Thomas, laborer, house rear 206 Ann
Nelson Alexander, teamster, house 71 Nashua
Nelson Andre, mariner, house Maverick, E. B.
Nelson Andrew, mariner, h. 98 Commercial
Nelson Andrew, block maker, boards 26 Ann
Nelson B. tailor, 536 Washington
Nelson Christian, boarding, 306 Ann
Nelson David B. boards 100 Salem
Nelson Edward, tailor, house 15 Dover
Nelson Geo. S. com. mer. 55 Milk, b. U. S. Hotel
Nelson Henry W. superintendent N. C. R. R. 10

Railroad Exchange
Nelson Horatio, clerk, rear 9 Elm, b. 25 Sudbury
Nelson Horatio G. clerk, 261 Broad, bds. Congress

Nelson James, painter, boards 6 East st. place
Nelson James, carriage trimmer, h. 22 Shawmut
Nelson James, printer, house 6 High st. place
Nelson James C. mason, house 33 Indiana place
Nelson Moses B. cooper, h. Saratoga, E. B.
Nelson Nehemiah, grocer, Salem, c. Cross, h. do.
Nelson Ralph, dry goods, 98 Turnpike, c. Fourth,

house Silver, near C
Nelson Stephen, house 10 Fleet
Nelson Thos. stone cutter, house 25 Pleasant
Nelson AVilliam, book keeper, 57 Kilby
Nelson William, boarding, house rear 50 Fleet
Nelson William, housewright, house 85 Charter
Nelson Wm. H. exp. wagon, h. 21 Atkinson [pi.
Nesbit Elizabeth & Jane, dress makers, b. 5 Grove
Nesbit John, machinist, house Newland
Nesbit Mary, widow, house 9 Bridge st. court
Nesbit Samuel, machinist, boards 3 Carnes court
Nesbit Sarah, house S. Grove place
Nesbitt James, boards 6 Lewis, E. B.
Nesdall Peter, laborer, house rear 7 Milton
Neverns Jerome, teamster, bds. 45 Oak [at Roxb'y
Nevers Benj. M. coal mere. 48 Hanover, op. Elm, h.



Nevers Sarah, widow, house 80 Dover
Neville Wm. H. 46 Commercial, b. 5-5 Hanover
Nevilles Thomas, laborer, house rear 90 Federal
New James E. clerk, 139 Wash, boards 6 Strong pi.
Newburge George, trader, house 2 Shawniut
Newcomb Caleb H. clerk, 23 Elm [Quincy

Newcomb C. O. & G. junk, &c. 217 Broad, house at
Newcomb Danforth P. house 3-5 Erie
Newcomb Danforth S. 2 Central wf. b. 4 Unity
Newcomb Francis, boot maker, Congress, house 62

Newcomb Henry {Paine 6; Newcomb), h. 52 Salem
Newcomb Isaac, oysters, house 3 Moon
Newcomb Isaac B. jr. piano-forte polisher, h. 277

Fourth, near Dorchester
Newcomb James, house 41 Hudson
Newcomb James {Holbrook &; N.), house 46 Charter
Newcomb James W. sail maker, h. 75 Salem
Newcomb John C. 117 Milk [land, c. Harr. av.

Newcomb John J. merchant, 133 State, h. Knee-
Nevecomb Joseph, painter, h. 3 Bennet place
Newcomb Lemuel (S. S; L. N.), h. 16 N. Russell
Newcomb (Lemuel) & Atwood (.S.), 114, 116, & 118

F. H. Market, h. at Charlestown [h. at Quincy
Newcomb Lewis, paper stock & oakum, 217 Broad,
Newcomb Levi, jr. butter, cheese, &c. 33 the South

Market, house 230 Harrison avenue
Newcomb Mary Mrs. teacher, h. 3 Meridian, E. B.
Newcomb Nathaniel {Rutter ^ N.), h. at Braintree
Newcomb Norton & Son {Thomas C), boots and

shoes, 114 Hanover, house 4 Unity
Newcomb Norton, jr. 67 Congress, h. at Chelsea
Newcomb Rebecca, boarding, 21 Albany
Newcomb S. &. L. fish dealers, Cambridge, corner

Butolph, house 10 North Russell
Newcomb Simon, house 12 Margaret
Newcomb Thos. watchman, h. 5 E. Dedham
Newcomb Thomas C. {N. Newcomb Sj Son), house

at Chelsea
Newcomb Thomas G. S. boards Silver, near C
Newell Andrew H. {Howard, Son <S; Co.), house at

Brookline [n. Border, E. B.

Newell Benj. F. restorator, 11 Le\vis, h. Maverick,
Newell {Charles F.) & Co. {N. M. Neioell), grocers,

Endicot, corner Thacher, h. 25 Snowhill
Newell Charles H. paper hanger, h. Fifth, near C
Newell Chas. S. (IF. F. H. WMttemore S^ Co.), h.

52 Temple
Newell Daniel, printer, house 1 Lathrop place
Newell Geo. A.. {Talbot, Spear &:N.), b. City Hotel
Newell Hervey, dry goods, 194 1-2 Hanover, house

at Chelsea
Newell Horatio, carpenter, house 21 Vine
Newell Isaac, cordwainer, house rear 32 Pleasant
Newell James M. house Franklin square
Newell Jeremiah G. housewright, h. 11 Newton pi.
Newell John, laborer, house 27 Andover
Newell Joseph, house Tyler, corner Newton ct.
Newell {Joseph A.) & Niebuhr (G. H.), boots and

shoes, 401 Wash. b. 1 Suffolk place
Newell Joel S. job wagon, Merrimac, c. Deacon
Newell {Josiah,jr.) & Andrews {F. W.), iron, steel,

and nails, 65 Broad, boards 1 Otis place
Newell {Luciiis) & Hathaway {Thos. D.), painters,

2 Kneeland, h. 6 Middlesex [S. Hotel

Newell Montgomery, hardware, 83 State, boards U.
Newell Norman N. grocer, Endicot, c. Thacher, h.

15 Billerica
Newell Richard A. Mrs. house 3 Federal court
Newell Richard A. jr. clerk, boards 3 Federal ct.
Newell Robert W. physician, house 6 Staniford
Newhall Alfred, piano-forte maker, h. 20 Dedham
Newhall Benj. W. piano-forte maker, h. 20 Dedham
Newhall Cheever & Co. {John M. Newhall), boots

and shoes, 6 Central, h. at Dorchester
Newhall Daniel B. {Wilkins & N.), h. 33 Carver
Newhall Daniel R. music teacher, h. 20 Dedham
Newall Edward J. caulker, h. Sigourney place [pi.
Newhall Elizaboth, music teacher, b. 14 Hayward
Newhall Fletcher, shoes, 372 Wash. h. 14 Albion


Newhall F. S. & Co. {Henry Newhall &; D. C. Ba-
ker), shoe stock, 15 & 17 Fulton, h. at Lynn
Newhall George, shoes and leather, 6 Central, h.

at Dorchester [Salem

Newhall G. G. gunpowder agency, 86 State, h. at
Newhall Henry {P\ S. Neichall iSf Co.), h. at Lynn
Newhall Henry B. paper hanger, h. 4 Champney pi.
Newhall Henry F. 17 Fulton, house at Lynn
Newhall Henry T. {Bhoadcs ifN.), 145 Milk
Newhall Isaac M. cordwainer, h. r. 32 Pleasant
Newhall James, house 51 Portland
Newhall James, housewright, house r. 10 Prince
Newhall John, piano polisher, house 3 Sheafe
Newhall John M. (C. New/iall % Co.), house at

Newhall M. B. cordwainer, h. rear 163 Fourth
Newhall Morton, mason, b. 39 Brattle
Newhall Walter Dexter, boards 60 Albany
Newhall William, clock maker, boards 18 Porter
Newhouse Henry, sugar refiner, h. Sumner, E. B.
Newland Sarah, h. Washington, cor. Waltham
Newling Henry J. laborer, h. Saratoga, E. B.
Newman Geo. E. printer, house Marginal, E. B.
Newman John, carpenter, house Marion, E. B.
Newman Julia E. widow, h. South, near Harvard
Newman Robert, tailor, 360 Wash. h. 26 Harr. av.
Newman Robert E. (/. CoUamore,Jr. <S| Co.), h. 21

Newman Sam'l H. mer. tailor, 41 Court, h. 3 Poplar
Newman William, 41 Court, boards 6 Howard
Newmarch Joseph, baker, 52 Cambridge, house 27

Newmarch Joseph D. clerk, 213 Ann
Newmarch Samuel, baker, 119 Broadway, near C,

and 288 Washington, house 179 Fourth, n. D
Newmarch Samuel, jr., baker, 119 Broadway, house

205 Fourth
Newton Abigail J. G. widow, house 28 Arnold
Newton Abraham, house Chelsea, E. B.
Newton Charles H. house 49 Salem
Newton Chas. L. blacksmith, h. 239 S. Suffolk
Newton Frederick W. {Dorrance, Netoton 4" Co.),

boards 47 Mt. Vernon
Newton George, express wagon, h. 42 Albany
Newton Henry, teamster, house Bennington, E. B.
Newton Isaac, 17 Pearl, house 3 Bradford
Newton Joel, shoe maker, house Everett, E. B.
Newton Lucy, widow, house 7 Lowell court
Newton Mary, widow, house 6 Cyprus
Newton Ralph W. {Schouler, Newton § Barbour),

house Rutland, near Washington
Newton Richard, house 25 Erie [Wash.

Newton {Sarah) & Warren {S. E.), millinery, 215
Nhgl Phillip, cordwainer, house 100 Warren
Nicholas James, cooper, boards 58 South
Nicholas Thomas J. rigger, h. 3 Langdon place
Nichols A. A. seaman, house 15 W. Centre
Nichols Abby, coat maker, boards 42 Portland
Nichols Abigail, widow, house 3 Oak place
Nichols Abigail, widow of Eleazer, h. 61 Warren
Nichols {Albion H.) & Jacobs {£.), hats. &c. 4

Market sq. N. side F. II. and 5 Ann
Nichols Andrew, restorator, 250 Commercial, house

7 1-2 Bartlett [South

Nichols Benj. W. counsellor, 28 Mass. block, h 20
Nichols Calvin, clock maker, 8 Eliot, house do.
Nichols Charles, mason, house 7 Fruit st. court
Nichols Chas. C. dry goods, 7 Kilby, h. at Roxbury
Nichols Chas. H. fancy dry goods, 319 Washington,

house 92 Eliot
Nichols {Curtis C), Irish {F. O.), & Co. (/. W.

Church), carpetings, 46 Hanover, h. at Chelsea
Nichols David, mason, house 2 Eaton court
Nichols {Delano P.) & Miller (IF. H.), painters,

over 31 Congress, 226 Harrison avenue
Nichols Edward A., Capt. boards 50 Belknap
Nichols Eliza, house 1 Bedford court
Nichols Ferdinand A. house 10 Oswego
Nichols Francis C. {Bowers, Pratt ^ Co.), 137 Milk
Nichols Frederick, 6 Congress, house 10 Carver



Nichols F. K. h. 16 E. Canton [Union, h. 2 Albion
Nichols {Geo. A.) & Bass {John B.), painters, 67
Nichols Geo. B. (//. Ammidown &; Co.), h. 17 Dover
Nichols George N. merchant tailor, 96 Washing-
ton, house at Newton [Court House
Nichols Geo. W. assist, clerk S. J. Court, office 2
Nichols Gilbert, clerk, 87 Milk, b. at Charlestown
Nichols Henry, whitener & colorer. Harvard, cor-
ner Harrison avenue
Nichols Henry, boards 5 Central court
Nichols Henry, engraver, 210 \Yash. b. 61 Warren
Nichols Henry A. confectioner, house 22 Wall
Nichols Henry P. {Crosby &; N.), house 1 Lincoln
Nichols Isaac L. laborer, h. Newland, n. Pembroke
Nichols James, carpenter, house JStna place
Nichols James T. boarding, house 8 Fleet
Nichols John, blacksmith, house 46 Portland
Nichols John C. steamboat agent, Fiske's wharf,

house 202 Tremont
Nichols John G. clerk, 104 Hanover, b. 16 Hancock
Nichols John M. stabler, house 213 Hanover
Nichols John P. painter, house 5 Stillman
Nichols Joseph K. cooper, house Gold, corner C
Nichols Lawrence, confectionery, 2 Derby Range,

house 5 Alden
Nichols Levi H. tinsmith, h. 5 Rochester
Nichols Luther W. house 4 Gouch
Nichols {Lyman), Pierce (IF. P.), & Co. {J. W.
Pierce, Z. Cushing, N. W. Pierce, i5f G. H.
Mower), dry goods, 80 Milk, h. 63 Belknap
Nichols Maria, widow, house rear South May
Nichols Mary Mrs. house 7 1-2 Bartlett
Nichols Nathan, 113 Milk, house at Salem
Nichols Otis {Rice S< iY.),bds. Lowell House
Nichols Rodney, machinist, h. Summer, n. Havre
Nichols {Riifus) & Hoyt {B. E.), mahogany and

furniture. 6 Canal block, house at Ipswich
Nichols Samuel, tin plate worker, h. r. 250 Hanover
Nichols Samuel C. mariner, house 2 Eaton court
Nichols Sarah, widow of William, house 20 Eliot
Nichols Smith W. mason, h. Bartlett pi. [Bowdoin
Nichols Thaddeus, merchant, 19 Central wf. h. 21
Nichols Thomas E. bar keeper at Tremont House
Nichols T. William, house 21 Bowdoin
Nichols William, painter, house 53 Poplar
Nichols Wm. housewright, W. Castle, h. 33 Porter
Nichols William, painter, house Cottage, E. B.
Nichols William, dentist, 1 1-2 Tremont row
Nichols ( II7//mw), Upham {Henry), & Ford {D.
S.), publishers Christian Reflector and Watch-
man, 122 Washington, house at Dedham
Nichols William D. mason, boards 2 Eaton court
Nichols W. F. {Geo. Hill S; Co.), h. 103 Pleasant
Nichols W. S., Globe Bank, house at Roxbury
Nichols, Winn, & Co. shoe manuf. 29 N. Market
Nicholson G. clerk, house 531 Washington
Nicholson Wm. C. clerk, 33 Union [Summer, E. B.
Nickerson Amasa, painter, Cunningham's wf. h.
Nickerson Bangs, dry goods, 78 Pleasant, house

52 Tremont
Nickerson Bethiah, teacher, b. Cottage, c. Sumner
Nickerson David, 12 Com'l wf. b. Fourth, bet. E & F
Nickerson David Mrs. house 251 Broadway
Nickerson Ebenezer & Co. {E. G. &; T. W. Nicker-
son), fish. 39 Long wharf, h. at'Waltham
Nickerson Ed. G. {Eben. N. ^ Co.),h. at Waltham
Nickerson Ellen, tailoress, house 11 S. Russell
Nickerson Frederick & Co. {J. S. Nickerson) , com-
mission merch. 11 Com'l wf. h 99 F, n. Fourth
Nickerson Jonathan S. {F. Nickerson &; Co.), h.
286 Fourth [Central court

Nickerson Joseph, musical instrument maker, b. 6
Nickerson Joseph, ship chandler, 46 and 47 Com-
mercial, house F, near Fourth
Nickerson & Co. {Thomas ^ Pliny), merchants, 12

Commercial wharf, house 231 Fourth
Nickerson Pliny {Nickerson 4f Co.), h. 58 High
Nickerson Seth, housewright, house 31 Oswego
Nickerson Susan D. teacher in Chauncy pi. School,
boards at Cambridge

Nickerson Thomas W. {E. Nickerson 3; Co.), h.

Nickerson ( Warren A.) & Putnam (C), junk, 213

Broad, house 8 Purchase place
Nicolson Samuel, 7 Niles' building, h. 42 Bedford
Niebuhr Charles C. clerk, 372 Wash. b. 7 Avery pL
Niebuhr Francis A. clerk, 372 Wash. b. 7 Avery
Niebuhr G. H. {Newell (fN.),\).l Suffolk place
Niebuhr John H. music, pianos, etc. 372 Washing-
ton, house 7 Avery place
Niess David L. cooper, house 107 Salem
Niew James E. clerk, house 6 Strong place
Nightingale James, boards 115 Pleasant
Nightingale J. W. grocer, 459 Wash. h. 1 Eliot
Nightingale John F. grocer, Canton, cor. Suffolk,

house 2 Dedham
Nihen Daniel, laborer, house 17 Livingston
Nihen Michael, laborer, house Beach, near Sea
Niles Daniel, printer, boards 26 Marion
Niles's E.xpress, 8 Court
Niles George, clerk, 44 India
Niles Jane D. widow, house 26 Marion
Niles P. H. machinist, boards 8 South Cedar
Niles Stephen, printer, boards 26 Marion
Niles Stephen R. 8 Congress
Niles Thomas, ir. boards 124 Harrison avenue
Niles W. J. & Co. {Geo. C. Ward), livery stable,

33 School, house at West Cambridge
Nims Henry C. boards rear 10 Hawkins [kins

Nims N. E. livery stable, r. 3 Cambridge, b. 6 Haw-
Nims Ormond F. boards 35 May
Nims Samuel, stabler, 9 Hawkins
Nims Seth, hackman, 36 Hanover
Nines Timothy, moulder, house 99 Fourth
Niskey John, umbrella maker, boards 29 Pinckney
Niskey Sarah M. tailoress, house 29 Pinckney
Nixer John, laborer, house Silver, near B
Nixon Chas. laborer, h. Sumner, n. Cottage, E. B.
Nixon Elizabeth, house 318 Commercial
Nixon John G. boarding, 448 Commercial
Noakes Charles, clerk, 91 Court
Noble Ann Mrs. house Fifth, near F
Noble Augustus E. 15 City wharf, b. 52 Bowdoin
Noble Edward T. {M. Hunt S^ Co.), 5 Market sq.
Noble Elizabeth, widow, house 71 Warren
Noble George F. house 33 High
Noble James, boarding, 8 Cotting
Noble John, civil engineer, 22 State, h. 4 Charter
Noble John H. furniture, 113 Hanover, house at

Noble {Josejih) & Co. {B. Hammatt 8^ F. A. Hall),

commission merch. 1 City wf. h. 52 Bowdoin
Noble Mary, nurse, house Broad, near Sea
Noble Pamilla A. house 54 Hudson
Noble Robert, stevedore, house 6 Hanover avenue
Noble Samuel, job wagon, house Fifth, near F
Noble Samuel J. clerk, 160 Washington
Noble Wm. {Allen ^ N.), h. 1 Wesley place
Nolan Andrew, plasterer, house 5 Carney place
Nolan Dennis, laborer, house Doherty ct. E. B.
Nolan Martin, coachsmith, h. 35 Merrimac
Nolan Mary, widow, house 15 Havre
Nolan Mathew, house Porter, E. B.
Nolan Michael, tailor, house 55 Atkinson
Nolan Patrick, plasterer, house 4 Wesley, E. B.
Nolan Patrick, laborer, house Suffolk, near Arnold
Nolan Peter, 12 Sister, house do.
Nolan Thomas, laborer, house rear Maverick [ave.
Nolan Thos. boot maker, Northampton, n. Harr.
Nolan Thomas, paper stainer, h. 96 Endicot
Nolan Thomas, laborer, house 25 Barrett
Nolan Thomas A. K. junk and iron, r. 63 Eliot
Noland George T. capt. h. Lamson, n. Everett
Noland Michael, laborer, house rear 73 Eliot
Nolen Augustus, confectioner, house 6 Curve
Nolen Daniel, laborer, house 26 Hamilton
Nolen James, handcartman, house rear 6 Leveret
Nolen Mathew, painter, house 1 Margaret
Nolen Patrick, grocer, Kneeland, c. Cove, h do.
Nolen Patrick, house 17 Pleasant st. court



Nolen Spencer, jr. dentist, h. 29 Boylston
Noonan Daniel, laborer, house 115 Broad
Noonan Daniel, boards Everett, near Orleans
Noonan Dennis, carpenter, house 28 Erie
Noonan James, laborer, house Marginal, E. B.
Noonan James, laborer, house Border, E. B.
Noonan Jeremiah, laborer, house Colony
Noonan John, laborer, house 135 Sea
Noonan John, laborer, house rear 90 Federal
Noonan Patrick, laborer, house Kneeland, n. Cove
Noonan Richard, laborer, liouse Cove, n. Cove pi.
Noonan Thomas, laborer, house 66 South
Noonan Thomas, laborer, house 5 Southac
Norcross Catharine Mrs. house 6 Bartlett
Norcross Daniel H. cork cutter, h. 57 N. Margin
Norcross D. Webster, 63 Pearl, bds. Harrison av.
Norcross Erasmus, 117 Milk, bds 5 Ashburton pi.
Norcross Geo. H. 36 Pearl, bds. 5 Ashburton pi.
Norcross Hiram, coachman, h. River, cor. Lime
Norcross J. Addison (O. Norcross ^ Co.), boards

25 Harrison avenue
Norcross Joel W. 73 Kilby, house 25 McLean
Norcross Loring, com. mer. 73 Kilby, h. 25 McLean
Norcross Otis & Co. (./. Addison Norcross), crock-
ery ware and paper hangings, 23 and 24 S. Mar-
ket, house 10 McLean
Norcross Sarah Mrs. house 17 Pine
Norcross Warren, boards 32 Derne
Norcross Warren F. book keeper, 179 Washington
Norcross Wm. R. {Mellen ^- Co.), 16 Mer. row.
Norcross W. T. boat builder, 210 Broad, house at

Charles town
Norman John, painter, h. Old Harbor, cor. Eighth
Normine Michael, laborer, house 48 Endicot
Norris Caleb, 201 Wash, boards 10 Allston
Norris Cyrena S. widow of E. H. h. Chelsea, E. B.
Norris David H. h. Havre, n. Sumner [sell place
Norris Emilus W. (Chamherlain ^N.), bds. 4 Rus-
Norris Erasmus A. 5 Wash. h. at E. Cambridge
Norris George L. clerk, 28 Court, h. 5 Warren sq.
Norris Henry A. broker, 9 State, h. at Melrose
Norris Isaiah B. wheelwright, 1 Beverly, h. do.
Norris Jacob, printer, 5 Wash. h. 272 Tremont
Norris Jacob D. {Mathews, Stevens^ Co.), house 50

Norris John, boarding, 18 Franklin place
Norris John, bottler, h. 8 South st. ct.
Norris John, carpenter, boards 84 Albany
Norris John, housew'ght, W. Cedar, h. 8 Grove pi.
Norris John B. 1 Cornhill, house at Maiden
Norris John W. engineer and plumber, h. 18 May
Norris Josepli, cabinet maker, h. r. 9 Brighton
Norris {Joseph B.jr.) & Lincoln {li.), W. I. goods,

111 State, house at Roxbury
Norris Joseph P. shipwright, h. Cottage, E. B.
Norris Julia A. Mrs. house 4 Minot
Norris Mary, widow, h. 8 Chesnut [Canton

Norris Morris, housewright, Har. av. h. 14 East
Norris Priscilla, widow, house 41 Poplar
Norris Robert S. seaman, boards 8 Grove pi.
Norris Sam'l M. clerk, 30 Hanover, b. Nation'l H.
Norris Shepherd H. dry goods, 65 Kilby, house 8

Norris T. A. B. 5 Wash. h. at E. Cambridge [A
Norris Theophilus {Moody i; N.),'h.. 58 Broadw. n.
Norris Thomas F. Rev. editor and publisher Olive

Branch, 5 Wash, house at Somerville
North Orin B. tin plate worker, h. 4 Medford ct.
North Richard, clerk, 4 Foster's wharf
Northrop Horace D. house rear 31 Chambers
Northrup Nelson, stove manufactory, Marginal, h.
Webster, n. Orleans [warehouse, 12 Water
Nortons {Alfred 4,- Albert) & Yale {B. B.), paper
Norton Albe'rt {Nortons <Sr Yale), house at Chelsea
Norton Alexander, blacking maker, h. Old Road
Norton Alfred {Nortons !f Yale), house at Chelsea
Norton Benj. teamster, house First, n. I
Norton Charles T. boots and shoes, 2 City wharf,

Com'l, house 34 Beverly
Norton Cornelius, laborer, h. Silver, n. Cath. ch.

Norton Daniel, sail m'ker, 48 India, h. at Charlest'n
Norton Daniel, jr. sail maker, 48 India, house at

Norton George, truckman, house 1 Snowhill ct.
Norton George, piano-forte maker, h. 247 Tremont
Norton George F. clerk, 106 Wash. bds. 631 do.
Norton George W. confectioner, house 24 Vine
Norton Horatio, teamster, 73 Albany
Norton Hugh, laborer, h. Northampt'n, n. Har. av.
Norton Hugh, laborer, h. rear Third, near K
Norton Jacob, furrier, 17 Wilson lane, h. 9 Shawmut
Norton James, housewright, house 140 Hudson
Norton John, laborer, house 9 Canal
Norton John, safe maker, house 7 Maiden
Norton John A. clerk, 84 Hanover
Norton Joseph, carpenter, house Fifth, near E
Norton {Joseph C.) & Heldenbrand {M.), bakers,

52 Pleasant, house do. [Medford

Norton Joshua, sail maker, 214 Broad, house at
Norton Joshua, 12 Water, house Brookline, near

Franklin square
Norton Mary, house 3 Paris place
Norton Nancy, widow, house 20 Prospect
Norton Peter, laborer, house 7 Oliver
Norton Richard, sail maker, boards 25 Hull
Norton Ranson J. {Kendrick S; N.), h. 2 N. Prince
Norton Thomas, house Bennington, E. B.
Norton Thomas, laborer, house 7 Williams
Norton William, book keeper, 20 Broad, bds. 99

Norton William, laborer, house Albany, near R. R.
Norton {Wm. C), Dillaway (C. H.), & Co. {Wm.

H. Sieeetscr), ship stores and ship chandlery,

4 Lewis wharf, house 2 N. Prince
Norwood Jas. H. watchman, h. London, n. Mav'ck
Norwood James W. printer, house 19 Gouch

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