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Norwood Jos. G. piano-forte maker, h. E. Dedham
Norwood Samuel, assessor, house 36 Spring
Norwood Wm. D. cabinet maker, house 9 Fabin
Nott John G., Eastern Steamboat House, 23 ComT
Nott Sam'l, civil engineer, 34 State, b. at Charlest'n
Nottage Samuel C. housewright, house 122 Salem
Nottage Thais L. widow, house 12 Auburn
Nourse Daniel, musician, boards 41 Beach [chase
Nourse Francis J. hair dresser, 93 Broad, h. 22 Pur-
Nourse Gilbert, Quincy Hall, house 49 Poplar
Nourse Gilbert D. Quincy Hall, house 49 Poplar
Nourse Jacob, handcartman, h. 48 Myrtle [Hudson
Nourse Joel {Rwjgles, Nourse, Mason i^ Co.), h. 12
Nourse John B. machinist, h. Fifth, n. C [son pi.
Nourse John F. master Endicot School, h. 7 Chil-
Nourse Margaret B. refreshments, Worcester depot,

house 55 Hudson
Nourse W. F. tailor, boards 9 Brattle square
Nourse Wm. H. tailor, boards rear 33 Allen
Nowell Charles & Co. boots and shoes, 373 Wash-
ington, house 6 Hersey place
Nowell Francis, carpenter, house 4 Fuller
Nowell George, carpenter, 9 Church, h. 22 Carver
Nowell Henrv, mariner, boards 68 Pleasant
Nowell John A. {Butler, N. S; Co.) b. Franklin H.
Nowell Nathaniel, mariner, house 10 Marshall
Nowell Oliver S. carpenter, house 7 Rochester
Nowell Shadrach, cordwainer, house 4 Fuller
Nowlan Francis, boot maker, h. 3 Boylston square
Nowlan James, laborer, house 2 Carney place
Nowlan Mary, widow, house 19 Tyler
Noyce J. O. printer, boards 4 Auburn court
Noyes Andrew J. clerk, Neptune Ins. Co. 64 State
Noyes Benning, stone mason, house Havre, E. B.
Noyes Charles E. painter, 92 Harrison avenue,

house 56 Carver
Noyes Daniel (Maynard f<: N.), house at Andover
Noyes Daniel A. book binder, boards 23 May
Noyes David C. (/. B. Eaton ^ Co.), h. at Cam-

Noyes Ebeuezer, grocer, 67 Sea, house 47 do.
Noyes Ebenezer, messenger U. S. Court, house 6

Chambers st. court [Wash. h. 49 Carver

Noyes Edward L. painter and glazier, rear 375



Noyes Edwin (Hazard A X.), b. Causeway, c. Canal

Noyes Eli Rev. house 4 Mahan place

Noyes Elipha, clerk, 8 Brattle sq. h. at Roxbury

Noyes Eliphalet, machinist, boards 60 Federal

Noyes Elisha, house 4o Harvard

Noyes Fred'ck A. ass't attend't Lun'tic Hos. S. B.

Noyes George, piano-forte maker, b. lo Hayward pi.

Noyes Geo. F. counsellor, 10 State

Noyes George N. & Co. (^4. F. Brown), provisions,

97 Broadway, house 69 Silver, near B
Noyes (George N. 2d.) & Prescott (S. B.), 34 the

South Market, house at Dorchester
Noyes Harriet, diess maker, near 19 Prince
Noyes Henry, teamster, house rear 25 Prince
Noyes Henry, broker, house 72 Salem, c. Noyes pi.
Noyes Hosea (Richards ^- N.), house ISOsborn pi.
Noyes Ira J. cabinet maker, house 3 E. Canton
Noyes James truckman, house 2 Spear alley
Noyes James S. 25 Federal, house 21 Somerset
Noyes Jeiferson, machinist, boards 60 Federal
Noyes John V. boards 15 Salem
Noyes Jos. painter and glazier, h. 4 Plymouth pi.
Noyes Joseph T. ship joiner, boards 5 Sheafe
Noyes Lauren A. omnibus driver, bds. 759 Wash.
Noyes Moses, produce, 8 Brattle sq. h. at Ro.xbury
Noyes Osgood, cordwainer, house 4 Auburn court
Noyes Peter, machinist, boards 60 Federal
Noyes Samuel, 37 Mer. row. house at Cambridge
Noyes Samuel, coppersmith, h. rear 84 Portland
Noyes Sarah A. dress maker, boards 9 Gridley
Noyes Thomas, truckman, boards 107 Purchase
Noyes Thomas R. P. cooper, house 41 South
Noyes Wm. A. painter & paper hangi'gs, 14 Lewis,

E. B. house Saratoga
Nugent Ann, restorator, 22 Merrimac [house do.
Nugent Barnard, furniture, corner Ferry and Ann,
Nugent Charles, house 1 Poplar court
Nugent Elizabeth Mrs. house 69 A, near Athens
Nugent Henry, laborer, house Fifth, near E
Nugent Henry, laborer, boards 1 Poplar ct.
Nugent James, lather, boards 1 Poplar court
Nugent John, housewright, house Gold, near D
Nugent Matthew, laborer, house Everett, E. B.
Nugent Patrick, tailor, house rear 122 Hanover
Nugent Peter, laborer, house 48 S. Margin
Nugent Thomas, laborer, house Pembroke
Nulty Matthew, laborer, house 6 Southac
Nunan Edward, moulder, house 158 Fourth
Nunan Timothy, undertaker, house 157 Fourth
Nut Frederic, blacksmith, house May street court
Nute Asa, saddler, house 8 Medford court
Nute Isaac F. watchman, h. Newland, n. Dedham
Nute James, blacksmith, Richmond, bet. Ann and

Fulton, house Havre, E. B.
Nute Lewis, hackman, boards 2 Fleet
Nute Lewis W. porter, 63 Pearl, house 27 May
Nute Nathaniel, teamster, house 41 Purchase
Nutson John, carpenter, house r. Ontario
Nutter Abby J. house 8 Chapman place
Nutter Anthony, pattern maker, house 70 Fourth
Nutter Appleton, carpenter, boards 24 Gouch
Nutter Ariadna N. milliner and dress maker,

165 1-2 Hanover [Franklin place

Nutter Charles C. counsellor, 10 Court, boards 13
Nutter Ethel O. piano-forte m'ker, bds. 445 Wash.
Nutter George P. house 63 Lowell
Nutter Hazen T. mason, house 9 Marion
Nutter Jacob, hackman, h. Broad, opp. Maine wh'f
Nutter Joseph T. (H. Bird &; Co.), bds. 161 Court
Nutter Philander, mason, boards 3 Meridian, E. B.
Nutter Richard, stoves, 20 Broad, h. 86 Carver
Nutter Sarah H. house 3 Meridian, E. B.
Nutter Thomas F. 10 Court, bds 13 Franklin pi.
Nutter Wm. boarding house, 154 Ann
Nutting Asa, teamster, house Milldam
Nutting B. F. artist, 20 Washington
Nutting Calvin, house 18 Genesee
Nutting Luther, blacksmith, house 3 Church
Nutting Nancy, millinery and fancy goods, 242

Washington, house 2 Haymarket place

Nutting Samuel S. watchman, h. 3 College court
Nye Alfred, orna. carver, 475 Washington, h. 274

Nye Allen R. clerk, 41 Federal
Nye Anson B. carpenter, boards 20 Gouch
Nye David, jr. clothing, 51 and 53 Ann, c. Black-
stone, boards Exchange Coffee House
Nye David C. (French ij Xye), house 24 Garden
Nye Israel F. 53 Ann

Nye John A. (Wadsworth & N.), h. 10 Hudson
Nye J. Sturgis (W. ^ S. Phipps^ Co.)
Nye Joseph, moulder, h. Sumner, n. Orleans
Nye Robert A. clerk, boards 25 High
Nye Thomas, currier, 93 Fulton
Nye Wm. H. cabinet maker, 90 Harrison avenue,
h. 274 Tremont [Maiden

Nyman Benjamin T. (L. Towle Sg Co.), house at

OAKES ANTHONY G. clerk, 40 Washington
Oakes Charles, ferryman, house Meridian, E. B.
Oakes Daniel, seaman, house 2 Townsend place
Oakes Daniel, engineer, house Noble pi. E. B.
Oakes Edward, salt store, 49 Long whf. h. 23 High
Oakes George, boot maker, house 52 Orange
Oakes George, confectioner, house 115 Sea
Oakes Francis G. mariner, house 3 Garaux place
Oakes George I. P. caulker, boards 3 Maverick sq.
Oakes George L. 9 City wharf
Oakes Geo. M. h. 6 La\vrence pi. [h. 54 Fayette
Oakes George P. printer, at Damrell & Moore's,
Oakes Israel, caulker, bds. 3 Maverick square
Oakes James, salt store, 49 Long whf. h. 23 High
Oakes (Joseph G. ) & Darling (Charles K.), sta-
tionery and blank books, 20 State, h. 12 Dover
Oakes Moses, boarding, 285 Ann
Oakes Thomas F. botanic physician, 17 Portland
Oakes Wm. laborer, h. Bennington [h. 54 Essex
Oakes Wm. H. music publisher, 197 Washington,
O'Beirne Dennis, laborer, house 6 Stillman
Ober Clark, 87 Lowell, proprietor Lowell House
Ober E. Gardner, cooper, 29 Doane, bds. Margaret,
cor. Sheafe [wharf, house 22 Charter

Ober John P. general inspector of fish, head Union
Ober John P. jr. boards 22 Charter
Ober Luke C. clerk, 3 Haverhill
Ober Martha, widow, house Margaret, c. Sheafe
Ober Reuben H. (Smith, O. ^ Co.), b. 24 London
Ober Wm. F. clerk, 5 Union block. Union
ObeiTielag Therese, groceries, 666 Washington
O'Brien Anthony, laborer, house 29 Dedham
O'Brien Bartholomew, laborer, house 33 Oneida
O'Brien Charles, trader, house 7 Williams
O'Brien Cornelius, laborer, house 4 Piedmont
O'Brien Cornelius, laborer, h. rear 16 Spring
O'Brien Daniel, carpenter, house 39 Oneida
O'Brien Daniel, laborer, h. Kneeland, c. Cove
O'Brien Daniel, laborer, house rear 14 Fleet
O'Brien Daniel, laborer, house 229 Broad
O'Brien Daniel, laborer, house 209 Broad
O'Brien David, laborer, house 14 Hamilton
O'Brien Dennis, laborer, house 21 Williams
O'Brien Dennis, laborer, house r. 18 Hamilton
O'Brien Dennis, laborer, house South, n. Harvard
O'Brien Dennis, laborer, house 3 Utica place
O'Brien Dennis, stone cutter, house 18 Spring
O'Brien Dennis, stone mason, h. 29 Middlesex
O'Brien Dennis W. upholsterer, house 4 Shawmut
O'Brien Edmund, laborer, house 16 Norfolk place
O'Brien Edmund, scowman, house Turnpike
O'Brien Edward, carpenter, house 122 Purchase
O'Brien Edward, blacksmith, h. 110 E. Dedham
O'Brien Edward, laborer, house rear 324 Ann
O'Brien Edward, stone cutter, h. 2 South st. pi.
O'Brien Eugene, grocer, h. & s. Har. av. n. S. May
O'Brien Francis, laborer, house 6 Graphic court
O'Brien Gregory, tailor, house 12 Sister
O'Brien Henry, laborer, house Olive place
O'Brien Hugh, tailor, h. 83 Essex [1 London

O'Brien Hugh (Learned, Tompson, ^ Co.), house
O'Brien James, laborer, house rear 89 Esse:!^



O'Brien James, laborer, house 2 Belmont
O'Brien James, laborer, house 11 Kingston st. ct.
O'Brien James, tailor, house rear 122 Hanover
O'Brien James, laborer, house 5 Wendell
O'Brien James, laborer, house B, n. Second
O'Brien James, laborer, house Everett, E. B.
O'Brien James, contractor, house Havre, E. B.
O'Brien Jeremiah, laborer, h. 2 Belcher lane
O'Brien Jeremiah, laborer, house 4 Jackson av.
O'Brien Jeremiah, laborer, house rear 22 Atkinson
O'Brien Jeremiah, laborer, house B, near Second
O'Brien John, laborer, house Albany, opp. Erie
O'Brien John, laborer, house B, near Second
O'Brien John, laborer, house 8 Cotton place
O'Brien John, laborer, house Second, near A
O'Brien John, laborer, house 178 Purchase
O'Brien John, laborer, house 146 Purchase
O'Brien John, laborer, boards 24 Curve
O'Brien John, laborer, house Jasper place
O'Brien John, laborer, house 49 South
O'Brien John, tailor, house 3o Oneida
O'Brien John, laborer, house 31 Oliver
O'Brien Joseph H. Mrs. house 68 Atkinson
O'Brien Luke, laborer, house rear 18 Still.nan
O'Brien Margaret, widow, boarding, 6 Williams
O'Brien Margaret Mrs. millinery, 14 Broadway
O'Brien Margaret, widow, house II Sullivan place
O'Brien Mary, widow of John, h. r. 18 Stillman
O'Brien Mary, widow, h. Broad, opp. Tilestou's wf.
O'Brien Mary, widow, house 2 North square
O'Brien Mary, widow, house 3 Bridge street ct.
O'Brien Michael, boarding and clothing, 78 Broad
O'Brien Michael, laborer, house 9 Canal
O'Brien Michael, laborer, h. Kneeland, c. Tyler
O'Brien Michael, stone mason, h. South, n. Harv'd
O'Brien Michael, laborer, house 4 Cove place
O'Brien N. J. A. Rev. house 23 Federal
O'Brien Patrick, city missionary, 21 Cornhill
O'Brien Patrick, grocery, house rear 23 Belknap
O'Brien Patrick, laborer, house 2o Hamilton
O'Brien Patrick, laborer, house Second, near A
O'Brien Patrick, shoe maker, 75 Sea, house do.
O'Brien Patrick, grocer, 71 Sea, house do.
O'Brien Patrick, laborer, h. rear 59 Prince
O'Brien Patrick, laborer, house 135 Broad
O'Brien Peter, laborer, house Bolton, near B
O'Brien Philip, laborer, house rear 9 Sea
O'Brien PhiUp, laborer, house Hooton ct. E. B.
O'Brien Richard, tailor, house 37 Kingston
O'Brien Richard, carpenter, bds. 46 Bridge [ter
O'Brien Thos. shoe maker, h. r. First, n. Dorches-
O'Brien Thomas, laborer, house Everett, E. B.
O'Brien Thomas, stone cutter, h. 6 Cove, n. Beach
O'Brien Thomas, laborer, house 3 Portland place
O'Brien Thomas, laborer, house rear 68 Eliot
O'Brien Thomas, blacksmith, house 19 Pitts
O'Brien Thomas J. printer, 86 State
O'Brien Timothy, porter, house 8 Williams
O'Brien Wm. laborer, house 3 Barrett
O'Brien Wni. laborer, house 55 Oneida
O'Brien Wm. laborer, house 1 Utica
O'Brien Wm. laborer, house 46 Bridge
O'Brien Wm. tailor, house 2 N. Hanover court
O'Brine Margaret, widow, h. Havre pi. E. B.
O'Bryan Daniel, carpenter, house 4 Milldam
O'Bryan Martin, teamster, house Milldam
O'Byrne John, trader, house 27 W. Castle
O'Calaghau Hugh, laborer, house Third, near D
Ochs Conrad, 12 Beach, h. Brookline, n. Newland
Ochs George, cordwainer, h. 52 W. Orange
Ochs Joseph, brass finisher, house 46 Canton
Ochs Joseph J. brass founder, h. 48 Canton
Ochs Lewis, laborer, house 10 Brookline
O'Connell Cornelius, laborer, h Cottage, E. B.
O'Connell Daniel, laborer, house 55 Oneida
O'Connell Daniel, fruiterer, house 29 Oliver
O'Connell Dennis, laborer, house Paris ct. E. B.
O'Connell Dennis, laborer, house Cove, n. Beach
O'Connell Jeffrey, boot maker, 58 1-2 Blackstone
O'Connell John, laborer, house 55 Oneida

O'Connell Maurice, watch maker, 226 Ann, house
5 Eaton court [Merrimac, h. r. 37 Friend

O'Connell (Michael) & Lincoln (D.), clothing, 53
O'Connell Morris, laborer, h. Bolton, n. Dorchester
O'Connell Morris, laborer, house Athens, near A
O'Connell Morris, tailor, house 98 Sea
O'Connell Nicholas, boot maker, h. 7 Theatre alley
O'Connell Philip, laborer, house 209 Ann
O'Connell Thomas, laborer, h. Beach, near Sea
O'Connell William, laborer, house 320 Ann
O'Connell William, tailor, 2-5 Prince
O'Conner Dennis, house 5 Suffolk
O'Conner James, laborer, house 96 Warren
O'Conner John, tailor, house 29 1-2 Wash. sq.
O'Conner John, tailor, house 62 Atkinson
O'Conner John, waiter, house 5 Williams
O'Conner Michael, laborer, h. 104 Broad
O'Conners Barney, laborer, h. 5 Moon st. court
O'Conners Jeremiah, waiter, house 19 Pitts
O'Conners Miles, laborer, h. 5 Moon st. court
O'Connor Andrew, cabinet maker, h. 5 Chardon
O'Connor Dennis, laborer, h. rear 49 Albany
O'Connor Edward, tailor, house 56 Atkinson
O'Connor Edw. trunk & harness maker, 98 Beach,

h. Sea, near the bridge
O'Connor Francis, carpenter, h. 318 Commercial
O'Connor James, carpenter, Essex, cor. South
O'Connor Jeremiah, carpenter, h. Silver, near A
O'Connor Peter, laborer, house 32 Fayette
O'Connor Timothy, house 665 Washington
O'Connors Wm. grocer, D, n. Turnpike, h. do.
O'Day Timothy, laborer, house 31 Oliver
Odell Albert, 181 Hanover, house Dedham
Odell Noah, shoes, 181 Hanover, h. 2 W. Dedham
Odenwald George A. shoe maker, 22 and 24 Derne
Odeorn James, agent, boards 60 Federal
Odin George, 69 Broad, house 32 Purchase
Odin John, house 23 Rowe
Odin John, jr. physician, Tremont, c. Eliot
Odiorne Frederic H. clerk. 28 Foster's wharf
Odiorne F. & Co. {Geo. Odiorne), railroad spikes,

26 Broad
Odiorne Henry B. insurance agent, 5 Congress sq.
Odiorne Geo. {F. Odiorne ^ Co.), h. at Medford
Odiorne James C. 151 Milk, house 17 Bennet
Odlin's Express, 8 Court [r. 124 Broadway

O'Donnell Constantine B. physician, h. Gardner pi.
O'Donnell Edward, laborer, h. Cove place
O'Donnell James, laborer, h. 23 Hamilton
O'Donnell James, painter, house 13 Channing
O'Donnell James, laborer, h. Maverick, E. B.
O'Donnell John, com. mer. boards 30 High
O'Donnell John, laborer, house Gold, near B
O'Donnell John, laborer, h. N. Margin, n. Cooper
O'Donnell John, fruit, &c. 432 Commercial, h. do.
O'Donnell Manasses, laborer, h. rear Everett
O'Donnell Michael, tailor, house 28 Hamilton
O'Donnell Neill, laborer, h. Havre, n. Maverick
O'Donnell Neill, laborer, h. Causeway, c. Haverhill
O'Donnell Patrick, tailor, 123 Ann, h. 13 Endicot
O'Donnell Peter, laborer, house 9 Norwch
O'Donnell Robert, laborer, 12 Blackstone
O'Donnell Stephen P. at Post Office, h. 39 S. Cedar
O'Donnell William, currier, house 55 Endicot
O'Donnelly Margaret, dress maker, 80 Endicot
O'Driscoll Patrick, tailor, h. 5 Oxford
O'Flaherty Anthony, laborer, h. Erin alley, E. B.
O'Flaherty Thomas, carpenter, b. 11 Pitts
Ogallaghan William, laborer, h. 114 E. Dedham
Ogden "Abraham H. taxydermist, 18 Trem. Temple
Ogden John T. civil engineer, h. 41 Essex
O'Hallovan Patrick, tailor, house 8 New Cross
O'Hara John, boards 31 High
O'Hara Michael, shoe maker, 57 Eliot, h. r. 59 do.
O'Hara Patrick, laborer, h. 62 Union
O'Hara Patrick, laborer, house 10 Cyprus
O'Hare John, grocer, 8 Atkinson, house do.
O'Hare Patrick, laborer, house 22 Endicot
O'Haren Cornelius, laborer, h. Kingston st. court
O'Haren Lawrence, laborer, house 196 Ann



O'Haren Morris, laborer, house Fulton, n. Lewis
O'PIaren Patrick, laborer, h. Half Moon place
O'llarra Ann, wid. h. Wash, avenue, c. Purchase
O'Harra Bryne, laborer, house Everett, E. B.
O'Harra John, laborer, house 172 Purchase
O'Harra Joseph, laborer, h. Washington sq.
O'Hern James, laborer, h. Sumner, n. Cheever pi.
O'Hern Timothy, tailor, house Creek square
O'Herrin Timothy, laborer, house 6 Boyl.ston sq.
O'Herrin Wm. laborer, house D, near Athens
O'Kane Charles, h. Everett, n. Lamson, E. B.
O'Keefe Jeremiah, laborer, house 21 Williams
O'Keefe John, laborer, house Barber's alley, Ann
O'Keefe Michael, cabinet maker, h. 23 Williams
O'Keefe Michael, grocer, Dover, n. Wash. h. do.
O'Keefe Margaret, Mrs. h. Barber's alley, Ann
O'Keefe Morris, trunk maker, 100 Com'l
O'Keefe Patrick, boarding house, 2ol Ann
O'Keefe Patrick, carpenter, h. Andover court
O'Keefe Thomas, baker, boards 8 W. Centre
O'Keefe Thomas F. grocer. Cove, c. Kneeland
O'Keefe Timothy, 11 Tremont row, h. 8 Williams
O'Keefe W. trunk maker, b. Hanover House
O'Keetfe David, boot maker, h. 6 Sullivan place
O'Keeffe David, cabinet maker, house 9 S. May
O'Keetfe John, grocer. Second, n. Turnpike
O'Keeffe John, tailor, house 74 Atkinson
O'Keetfe Thomas, baker, house 14 Dover
Olden John, plasterer, boards 113 Broadway
Oldtield Wm. C. rcstorator, 12 Theatre alley
O'Leary Dennis, laborer, house 14 Bridge
O'Leary Jeremiah, baker, house 28 Friend
O'Leary Lewis, boarding, Everett, c. Orleans [land
O'Leary Patrick {Fitzgibboii i^ O'L.), h. 79 Knee-
O'Leary Timothy, laborer, h. 9 Bridge
Ohphairt &- Co. '{Henry 1). Oliphant if M. Ellis),

importers hardware, 37 and 39 Pearl, O.'s h.

at Dorchester
Oliphant Elizabeth, widow, h. -5 Hancock row
Oliver Andrew, coimsellor, 16 Court, h. 13 Camb.
Oliver Ann, nurse, boards 23 Oak
Oliver Benj. L. Mrs. house IS Carver
Oliver Daniel F. caulker, h. Marion [Charter

Oliver Eben, lace goods, 78 1-2 Hanover, house 63
Oliver Elizabeth, widow, house 63 Charter
Oliver E B. professor of music, 11 Oxford
Oliver Eliza Ann, teacher, Essex, c. Rowe, house

rear 42 Pearl
Oliver E. P. housewright, h. Eutaw [7 Foster

Oliver Francis, rcstorator, lo Charlestown, house
Oliver Francis J. house Walnut, c. Mt. Vernon
Oliver Franklin {Gallagher <Sf O.), b. 37 Turnpike
Oliver Fytche Edward, physician, h. 13 Cambridge
Oliver George, painter, boards 4 Essex place
Oliver George, engineer, b. Orleans, n. Webster
Oliver Henry K. printer, h. 5 S. Townsend place
Oliver Hubbard, trunk maker, house 42 Pearl
Oliver James, hair dresser, boards 8 Second
Oliver Jane, widow, house 67 Lowell
Oliver John, pilot, h. Webster, n. Belmont sq. E. B.
Oliver John, jr. pilot, house Webster, E. B.
Oliver John C. 5 Franklin
Oliver Joseph, fruit, &c. 40 Portland
Oliver Leander, clerk, boards 23 Oak
Oliver Marshall {B. Poor Sf Co.), h. at Charlestown
Oliver Mary II. Mrs. h. 13" Cambridge [bridge

Oliver Peter, counsellor, 16 Court,"house 13 Cam-
Oliver Royal, carpenter, h. Dorchester, n. Sixth
Oliver Royal, jr. ship joiner, house Seventh, n. F
Oliver Samuel P. teller Market Bank, b. 96 Salem
Oliver Wm. B. sperm oil, tin ware, and stoves, 19

Union, house 15 Temple
Oliver Wm. B. jr. clerk, 19 Union, b. 15 Temple
Oliver Zina H. housewriglit, h. Eutaw, E. B.
Olmstead Elisha H. clerk at Tremont House
Olmstead J. W. Rev. editor of the Watchman and

Reflector, 122 Wash. h. at Chelsea
Olmsted Roland {Hall, O. Sf Co.), b. 77 Milk
Olney Geo. C. hats and furs, 29 Washington, house

at Waltham

Olsson Charles, cabinet maker, h. 14 Norfolk place
O'Maley E. A. tailor, 40 Ann, house 4 Wesley
O'Maley John, grocer, 81 Fourth, near A
O'Maley Thomas, tailor, Fourth, near A
O'Mara Stephen, cordwainer, h. 74 Purchase
O'Meary Nancy, boarding, 1 Auburn court
Omond Robert, coach painter, h. 3 Tileston place
Omond Robert, jr. boards 3 Tileston place
Omond Sarah F. Mrs. h. 7 Canton pi. [Cotton pi.
Onderdonk Michael C. blacksmith, 258 Broad, h.
O'Neal Cornelius, laborer, house 2 Wendell
O'Neal Garrett, blacksmith, h. 3 E. Orange
O'Neal Hugh, laborer, house 3 Salutation
O'Neal Jeremiah, tailor, house 32 Thacher
O'Neal John, laborer, house 2 Powars court
O'Neal John, laborer, house 64 Purchase
O'Neal Micliael, house Cove, near Beach
O'Neal Patrick, painter, house 15 Orange lane
O'Neal Patrick, laborer, house 7 Pearl place
O'Neil Andrew, laborer, house Clifton avenue
O'Omen Peter J. house 3 Lucas place
O'Neil Anorah Mrs. house 292 Ann
O'Neil Arthur, measurer of grain, h. 10 Charlest'n
O'Neil Arthur, engineer, house 53 Atkinson
O'Neil Arthur, laborer, house 6 Wharf
O'Neil Daniel, shoe maker, h. r. 31 Pleasant
O'Neil Daniel, laborer, house 45 Prince
O'Neil Dennis, laborer, h. Barber's alley, Ann
O'Neil Eugene, waterman, house Pitman's lane
O'Neil Henry, house 5 Acorn

O'Neil James, laborer, house 2 Copp's Hill avenue
O'Neil James, carpenter, house 104 Warreu
O'Neil James, 4 North End block
O'Neil John, tailor, h. rear 136 Hanover
O'Neil John, laborer, house Cove place
O'Neil John, laborer, house 38 Belknap
O'Neil Mary Mrs. h. r. 432 Commercial
O'Neil Owen, laborer, house Thacher court
O'Neil Patrick, grocer, 1 Church
O'Neil Patrick, tailor, house r. 31 Pleasant
O'Neil Patrick, grocer, 24 Pleasant, house do.
O'Neil Philip, tailor, house 8 Hamilton
O'Neil Terrence, laborer, house 11 Essex place
O'Neil Timothy, laborer, h. 29 Middlesex
O'Neil Wm. laborer, house 5 Middlesex
O'Neil Wm. grocer, 43 Atkinson, house do.
O'Neill Arthur, draughtsman, 10 Joy's building,

and 33 Ferry
O'Neill Bernard, laborer, h. Lewis, c. Marginal
O'Neill Dennis, laborer, h. Sumner, n. Cheever pi.
O'Neill Elizabeth, dress maker, h. Athens, near

O'Neill Eugene, physician, 82 South
O'Neill Matthew, shoe maker, Sumner, n. Havre,

h. Maverick, E. Boston
O'Neill Michael, laborer, h. Sumner, n. Cheever pi.
O'Neill Morgan, tailor, h. r. Havre, n. Maverick
O'Neill Owen, shoe maker, 33 Suffolk, house do.
O'Neill Patrick, car painter, house South, corner

Kneeland [846 Wash.

Onion George, apothecary. Wash. c. Arnold, bds.
Onion Joseph W. clerk, 35 Devonshire
Onion W. ( T. S. Me/leu &; Co.), h. at Dorchester
Onthank Samuel G. 42 Milk
Onthank Wm. H. printer, 2 Water
Orcutt Ephraim, mason, house 2j^ Vernon
Orcutt George R. stage office, 7 Elm
Orcutt Ira B. clerk, h. 4 Snelling pi. [Grove

Orcutt John P. sign painter, 44 S. Market, h. 29
Orcutt Nancy W. widow, house 2 Carnes court
Orcutt Sam'l, machinist, 8 Court av. h. at Chelsea
Orcutt Susan, dress niaker, h. 10 Blossom
Orcutt Wm. A. electrician, 77 Cornhill, house 288

Broadway, near F
Ordway Aaron & J. P. music pub. and piano-forte

dealers, 339 Wash, house at Cambridgeport
Ordway Aaron L. teacher Lyman School, E. B.
Ordway Alfred, artist, 15 Tremont row
Ordway Benj. H. weigher and ganger, 16 India,

house at Cambridge



Ordway Charles, boards 48 Beach
Ordway George W. painter, hoards 133 Hanover
Ordway John A. clerk. 81 Kilby, bds. N. E. House
Ordway John P. (A. <Sr J. P. Ordway), house at

Ordway Jos. M. baker, 194 Hanover, h. 48 Beach
Ordvvay Lanson, boards 48 Beach [16 Lincoln

Ordway Thomas T. {Smith, Sumner, &; Co.), bds.
O'Reiley Gilbert H., Custom House, h. at Roxb'y
O'Reilev John, tailor, house 2-5 Wash, square
O'RileyLuke F. 2 N. Market, house 49 Salem
Ormsby Enos, carpenter, boards 4 Oneida
Ormsby James, baker, Maverick, n. Paris, h. do.
Ormsby Wm. {Titcomb & O.), h. Third, near E
Orue Alonzo, teamster, h. Cove, n. Kneeland
Orne Charles W., U. S. Assis't Treasurer's ofEce,

boards U. S. Hotel [bridge, h. 2 Nashua

Orne E. S. clock and saw repairer, near Warren
Orne John, teamster, house r. 12 Lyman place
Orne Joseph T. piano-fortes, 365 Wash, house 83

Orne Otis, grocer, 546 Wash. h. 22 Kneeland
Orne William, soda room, 30 Brattle, house 117

O'Rourke Daniel, carpenter, h. 28 South
0"Rourke Michael, measurer grain, h. 31 Oak
O'Rourke Patrick, laborer, house Chelsea, E. B.
Orr Robert, housewright, house 15 Columbia
On-il Thomas, house r. 47 Sea
Orvis Josiah, miller, house 3 Bartlett plate
Osborn A. K. Mrs. h. 54 Pinckney
Osborn Catharine, w^dow, h. r. 18 Stillman
Osborn Eliza, widow, house rear Swan
Osborn E. T. clerk, boards American House
Osborn John, house 98 C, cor. Athens
Osborn John H. painter, 24 Water, h. 154 Tyler
Osborn John J. shoe maker, 4 Bedford, h. 2 do.
Osborn John J. jr. shoe maker, h. 17 Morton
Osborn Lucy C. teacher, b. Central square, E. B.
Osborn Miles & Co. hides and leather, 45 Shoe and

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