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Leather, h. at Danvers
Osborn Rebecca Mrs. house 4 Claflen place
Osborn Thomas, carpenter, house 77 Eliot
Osborn Wm. T. shoe maker, 4 Bedford, h. 2 do.
Osborn Wyman^ broker, 12 State, h. 7 Osborn pi.
Osborne Andrew P. house 32 Oxford
Osborne George B. boards U. S. Hotel
Osborne Geo. Francis, 64 State, bds. 31 Brattle
Osborne Geo. W. carpenter, h. Sumner, n. Paris
Osbourn William, gardener, house 7 Bedford
Oscar George, rigger, house 5 Bartlett [ii^y

Osgood Alfred, jeweller, 1 Bromfield, h. 36 Pinck-
Osgood David, physician, house 1 Rowe
Osgood Enoch, Custom House, b. 47 Hancock
Osgood George, hats, caps, and furs, 72 Court, b.

40 Essex
Osgood Hannah D. house 9 W. Canton
Osgood Harrington {Parsons, O. Sg Co.), boards

6 Richmond
Osgood Henry, boards 9 Asylum [Lucas pi.

Osgood Henry A. piano-forte maker, h. Albion, n.
Osgood Isaac, clothing warehouse, 31 Dock sq.

house at Charlestown
Osgood Isaac P. counsellor, 5 Court, h. at Roxb'y
Osgood Isaac R. laborer, house 14 Dover place
Osgood James H. tailor, 139 Wash. h. 39 Lowell
Osgood John, jr. watch maker, bds. 9 Asylum
Osgood John B. painter and glazier, 50 Merriraac,

house at Somerville
Osgood {John H.) & Frost {R. S.), auctioneers and

com. merch. dry goods, 10 and 12 Central,

house at Chelsea
Osgood Joseph H. brass finisher, house 1 Fruit
Osgood Joseph S. varnisher, 416 Wash, house

Dedham, near Suffolk [40 Essex

Osgood Moses E. & Co. hats, &c. 183 Wash. b.
Osgood Nathaniel H. {Hayioard, O. ^ Co.), house

488 Washington
Osgood William P. house Trenton, E. Boston
O'Shays Michael, gardener, house 4 Piedmont

O'Strauder Sidney, baker, boards 505 Washington

O'Sullivan Daniel, tailor, h. 2 Belcher lane

Otis Abigail, widow, house 59 Belknap

Otis Bass, portrait painter, h. 8 Bennet [Fulton

Otis Benj. F. & Co. boots, shoes, and leather, 81

Otis Bradford B. clerk, bds. 19 Prospect

Otis D. G. student, boards 15 Pinckney [place

Otis Edmund B. counsellor, 9 State, h. 1 Boylston

Otis Geo. Augustus, shoe maker, h. 92 Tremont

Otis George A. house 1 Boylston place

Otis George W. house 28 Chambers

Otis Geo. W. jr. physician, School, cor. Province

Otis James, house 19 Pinckney

Otis James, clerk, house 28 Chambers

Otis James E. 99 Milk, house 1 Boylston place

Otis Joseph {Crocker &: O.), house 8 N. Bennet

O'Toole John, laborer, house r. 58 Eliot

O'Toy John, groceries. Fifth, n. Turnpike, h. do.

Otis James A. G. bookseller, 154 Washington, h.

19 Pinckney
Otis Mary Miss, house 50 Beacon
Otis Theodore, counsellor, 4 State, h. at Roxbury
Otis Wm. F. office 5 Liberty square
Otlej' James, laborer, h. 3 Portland place
Ottignon Henry F. car trimmer, h. 10 Cherry
Ottignon Wm. A. piano-forte maker, h. 10 Cherry
Otto Peter, mariner, h. 212 Broadway, near D
Oudkerk Levi, laces, &c. 50 Milk, h. 251 Tremont
Oulding Richard, plasterer, b. Woodward, near D
Outhwaite Charlotte, upholsteress, h. 21 Kneeland
Outhwaite John, plumber, 20 Essex, h. 21 Kneel'nd,

near Tyler [hill, h. SuHblk, c. Rutland

Oviatt Geo. A. Rev. agent City Missions, 21 Corn-
Owen Alonzo W. painter, 77 Hudson, h. 103 do.
Owen Henry {Hill, Ryder ^ O.), bds. 11 Albany
Owen Isaac W. h. Havre, n. Maverick
Owen Lydia, widow of Benjamin, h. 83 Purchase
Owen Martin, tailor, h. 8 Williams
Owen Rufus S. grocer, 230 Ann, h. at Chelsea
Owens Edward, laborer, h. Creek square
Owens John, carpenter, h. 4 Stillman place
Owens Joshua, laborer, h. 10 Butolph
Owens Mary, widow, h. rear 47 Sea
Owens Owen, laborer, h. 7 Utica
Owens Thomas, tender, h. 35 Merrimac
Owns Alfred, boiler maker, h. Gold, n. B
Oxden Samuel, cooper, h. 7 Cleveland place
Oxford Chas. W. teamster, h. r. 5 Henchman lane
Oxford William, boat builder, h. 4 Com'l [Vernon
Oxnard Henry P. merchant, 53 Com'l wf. h. 5 Mt.
Oxton John M. 59 Long wf. 'n. 27 Hull

PACCIARINI BASIL Rev. h. 86 Endicot
Packard Charles, machinist, h. Mercer, n. Dorch.
Packard Chas. T. salesman, 66 Hanover, b. 7 Pitts
Packard Daniel E. P. 43.^ Congress
Packard David, trader, h. Second, n. K [at Dorch.
Packard Elbridge, piano-forte maker, 493 Wash. h.
Packard John, clerk, house 1 Barton [h. 3 Barton
Packard Philo F. furniture. Union, opp. Union blk.
Packard {Syhruius) & Freeman {A.), cotton bro-
kers, 50 Kilby, h. 25 Chesnut
Packard Sarah, widow, h. 7 Maiden pi.
Packard Sewall, teamster, h. 32 Snowhill [Warren
Packard Stephen, cabinet maker, 595 Wash. b. 32
Packer Charles & Co. {Samuel Tugyard), morocco,
26 N. Market, h. 12 Carver ' [h. at Ro.xbury
Packer George, kid and morocco, 10 Blackstone,
Packer Henry H. machinist, h. 4 S. Russell
Paddock L. D. Miss, teacher, b. 7 La Grange pi.
Paddock & Co. {J. S; N. C), flour, 19 Com'l, bds.

N. E. House
Paddock N. C. {Paddock &; Co.), h. at Cambridge
Paddon Emma, music teacher, bds. 6 Beacon
Pagan John, harness m'k'r, S West, h. r. 356 Wash.
Page Alvin R., F. H. Market, h. 137^ Hanover
Page Ann S. nurse, h. 23 Charter
Page Asa, book keeper, 50 Wash. h. 83 Chambers
Page Caleb, truckman, h. 1 Cruft place
Page Calvin, mason, h. 21 Myrtle



Page Charles, joiner, h. Trenton, E. B.

Page Frederick A. shoes and leather, 12^ Clinton,

h. at Stoughton
Page George, surveyor, h. 56 C, near Fourth
Page George P. coachman, h. 100 Southac
Page Gilbert, carpenter, h. 8 New Cross
Page Gilman, mason, h. 133 Pleasant [ford

Page Henry A. {Geo. II. Gray &; Co.), h. at Med-
Page James Mrs. house 58 Temple
Page James Alfred, teacher Dwight School
Page James D. 94 Fulton

Page John M. laborer, h. Har. av. n. B. L. "Works
Page Joseph W. mason, h. 8 Piedmont
Page Joshua, fish. Grove, c. Southac, h. 26 Grove
Page Kilby, 40 Broad, h. at Jamaica Plain
Page Mary L. h. Trenton, E. B.
Page Madison, chemist, h. Princeton, E. B.
Page Mehitable, widow of Jacob, h. 216 Broadway
Page Nath'l, jr. builder, 5 Congress, h. at Roxbury
Page Phebe D. millinery, 3 Hanover, b. 6 Pitts
Page Philip S. {Stone &; P.), h. 33 Dover
Page Samuel, dye woods, oils and varnish, 22 Chat-
ham, h. at Chelsea
Page Samuel, clerk, 24 Elm

Page Sam'l {Hales, P. ^ Richardson), h. 17 Green
Page Seth L. clerk, Quincy Hall, b. 17 Lynde [pi.
Page Timothy R., Custom House, h. 2 Haymarket
Page Warren W. penny post, h. 15 Auburn [ton
Page Willard, restorator, 53 N. Mark. h. 11 Brigh-
Page William {Harvey, P. S< Co.), bds. U. S. Hotel
Page William, h. 3 Sewall place
Page Wm. W. 23 N. Market, b. Western Ex. Hotel
Page Wm. P. Rev. h. 17 Green [E. B.

Pagendarm John, foreman Sugar W'ks, h. Sumner,
Paget George, porter, h. 16 Wall
Paget Joseph, carpenter, h. Mercer
Paige Abram, electropathic physician, 21 Bedford
Paige Calvin, 83 Milk, b. 21 Hudson
Paige Charles E. {Bobbins &; P.), truckman, 40 In-
dia, h. Swan, c. Ontario [Athens, n. E
Paige Chauncy, planing mill. First, n. E, house
Paige David, 74 Milk, h. at Somerville
Paige Enoch, restorator, 41 N. Market, h. 29 Salem
Paige Geo. W. {Lockwood ^P.), b. 18 Hanover
Paige James W. & Co. (iV. ^ S. A. Appleton), do-
mestic goods, 141 Milk, h. 62 Summer [Margin
Paige John S. oysters, Merrimac, c. Pitts, h. 8 S.
Paige Tristrane, housewright, h. r. Broadway and
Old Road [n. Oak
Paine Abr'm C. painter. Wash. n. Dover, h. Tyler,
Paine Charles, mariner, h. 11 Fruit
Paine Chas. C. counsellor, h. 5 Bedford place
Paine Chas. M. optician, 238 Wash. h. at Cambr.
Paine David, marble worker, h. Robinson alley
Paine {Elias B.) & Wheelock {F. F.), dry goods,

70 Milk, h. at W. Newton
Paine Elizabeth, widow, h. 9 Newton place
Paine George, hackman, bds. Franklin House
Paine George, clerk, bds. 22 Lynde
Paine James, laborer, h. 90 Federal
Paine John, laborer, h. 227 Broad
Paine John, cooper, h. II Unity
Paine John, clerk, 75 Blackstone
Paine Joseph E. accountant, b. Marlboro' Hotel
Paine {Joseph P.)& Newcomb {Henry), restorator,

under 77 Wash. h. 109 Salem
Paine Martha, tailoress, h. 18 Lowell
Paine Paschal, police officer, h. 26 Blossom
Paine Robert T. 9 Newton place
Paine Sarah, widow, h. 25 Short Second
Paine Sumner, 35 the South Market, h. 46 Billerica
Paine Timothy, laborer, h. S. May, n. Har. avenue
Paine Wm. laborer, house 46 Cove [Summer

Paine Wm. R. {Winslow, Adams ^ Co.), bds. 43
Paine & Co.'s Express, 7 State
Palfrey Andrew J. mariner, h. 3 S. Margin
Palfrey Wm. sec. State office, h. 462 Com'l
Palfrey Wm. D. 16 Hawley, h. 13 Montgomery pi.
Palgamyre E. boards U. S. Hotel
Pallez Augustus, cook, h. 6 N. Russell

Palmer Abial W. baker, h. 460 Wash. [bridge

Palmer Ashur C. hardvvare, 8 Union, h. at Cam-
Palmer Benjamin, house Chelsea, E. B.
Palmer David, milkman, h. r. 796 Wash. [Alba ct.
Palmer Dudley R. {J. P. & I). R. Palmer), h. 3
Palmer Edw. D. G. physician, 3^ Portland, h. do.
Palmer Edwin A. {Meade &,P.), h. 10 Avery
Palmer Elijah F. shipwright, h. east end fir'dway
Palmer Elizabeth, widow, h. 18 W. Dedham
Palmer Ezra, house 6 Myrtle
Palmer Ezra K. 83 Milk," bds. N. E. House
Palmer Ezra, jr. physician, 1 Tremontpl. c. Beacon
Palmer Ezra K. clerk, bds. 26 S. Russell
Palmer Frederic, boarding, 1 North sq.
Palmer George, h. 42 Dover

Palmer George, hair dresser, 306 Ann, 10 Bartlett
Palmer Geo. H. {Lords ¬ЂSr P.), counsellor, 12 Mass.

block, bds. U. S. Hotel
Palmer George W. sperm and whale oil, and lard

oil manuf. 45 Pearl, n. Broad, h. 4 W. Dedh'm
Palmer George W. {Jen/is, P. ^ Co.), 131 Wash.
Palmer Hannah R. tailoress, h. r. 6 Camden
Palmer Hettee, nurse, 2 Oxford pi.
Palmer I. Bartlett, 77 Kilby, bds. Adams House
Palmer James, laborer, h. D, cor. Third
Palmer Jeremiah, laborer, h. 8 Mt. Vernon av. [pi.
Palmer Jesse B. tailor, Ann, c. Centre, h. 5 Maple
Palmer John K. phys'n, 104 Hanover, h. 30 Warren
Palmer J. P. & D. R. grocers, 19 & 21 School, bds.

Marlboro' Hotel
Palmer Joseph, physician, h. 46 Carver
Palmer Joseph, Atlas office, old State House
Palmer {.Itdius A.) & Bachelders (/. G., I. M., S;

A. E.), importers of watches, 91 Washington,

h. 3 Crescent place
Palmer Lemuel, aqueduct, h. 2 Plymouth pi.
Palmer Lemuel F. machinist, h.r. 796 Washington
Palmer Mary, nurse, h. 12 W. Castle
Palmer Moses R. teamster, h. 12 N. Charles
Palmer N. C. milliner and dress maker, 62 Cam-
bridge, house do.
Palmer Simeon, clothing, 49 Ann, h. 4 Myrtle
Palmer {Stevens G.), Gage {T. A'.), & Co. {D. P.

Lane S<: Erastus Chase), dry goods, 23 Kilby,

house 8 AUston
Palmer Thomas, mason, h. 4 Staniford pi.
Palmer V. B. advertising agent, 8 Congress
Palmer Wm. H. paper carrier, h. 18 S. Russell
Pampanella Silvador, barber, 271 Ann, h. Salutation
Papanti Lorenzo, teacher of dancins^, 21 Trem. row
Paradise Wm. piano-forte maker, 334 Washington,

boards 306 do. [sq. h. 6 Sumner

Parcher Sewall F. physician. Granite bl'k, Maverick
Parisen Wm. B. jr. 12 N. Market
Parish Geo. A. painter, 12 Boylston, h. 5 Fayette
Park Catharine W. widow, h. 12 Garland
Park Charles G. carriasre maker, h. 857 Wash.
Park Charles R. painter, 301 Wash. h. 13 Nassau
Park Elizabeth, widow, house Arnold
Park F. W. paper carrier, h. Lexington, E. B.
Park Isaac, carpenter, h. 3 Avery
Park John, painter, 61 Emerald
Park John B. {Prentiss <Sr P.), h. 61 Emerald
Park John C. counsellor, 51 Court
Park Joseph, mariner, h. Salutation, r. 370 Com'l
Park Salome, nurse, h. 113 Cambridge
Park Thomas, laborer, h. 2 Burton
Park Thomas D. shades, 2 Morton pi.
Park Wm. mason, h. 250 Broadway, n. E
Park Wm. A. painter, 10^ Garden, h. 41 Bridge
Park Wm. B. carpenter, Creek sq. h. 3 Avery
Park, See Parks

Parke William C. house r. 30 Chambers
Parker Alexander, basket maker, h. 8 Butolph
Parker Alex. G. sawyer, h. r. Rutland, n. Suffijlk
Parker Alonzo N. laborer, b. 3 Canton St. pi.
Parker Aurelius D. counsellor, 20 Court
Parker Benj. laborer, h. 16 Rochester [E. B.

Parker Benj. W. ballast office, 80 Com'l, h. Cottage,
Parker B. W. provisions, 4 Maverick block, E. B.



Parker Caroline, boarding, h. 204 Hanover
Parker Catharine, widow, h. 3 Causeway
Parker Charles, baker, h. 100 Southac
Parker Charles, machinist, h. 210 Broadway
Parker Charles, painter, h. 80 Tremont
Parker Charles, plough maker, bds. 124 Fourth
Parker Chas. E. architect, 6 Devonshire, h. 27 Tyler
Parker Charles H. 82 Milk, h. 1 Kneeland pi.
Parker Chas. Hanson {Streeter ^ P.). h. 8 Franklin
Parker Charles Henry, counsellor, 16 Court, house

5o Mount Vernon
Parker Charles M. 8 Thorndike building
Parker Charles S. (Wheeler >SP.), h. 15 Common
ParkeL- Clark, carver, h. Fuller
Parker Daniel, h. 31 Pinckney
Parker Daniel P. 40 State, h. 40 Beacon
Parker David, wharfinger, 14 City wf. 14 Snowhill
Parker David M. dentist, 25 Summer
Parker Ebenezer, 10 City wharf, h. 7 Green
Parker Eber, blacksmith, 73 Sea, h. 46 South
Parker Edward, painter, B. & W. car shop
Parker Edward, laborer, h. 7 Prince
Parker Edward G. counsellor, 7^ Tremont row, b.

Winthrop House
Parker Edward W. h. 5 Groton [Brattle

Parker Edwin, book keeper, I Central wf. bds. 31
Parker Edwin S. attorney, bds. Winthrop House
Parker E. Maria, dress maker, bds. 2 Bennet
Parker Elisha, provisions, 130 Ann, h. 4 Endicot ct.
Parker Elizabeth Mrs. h. 80 Tremont
Parker Ephraim, carpenter, h. 3 Cotting
Parker E. Francis, 56 State, bds. 9 Kneeland
Parker Francis E. counsellor, 30 Court, house 5

Hamilton place
Parker George, engraver, h. 3 Grove
Parker Geo. W. H. h. 133 Harrison av.
Parker Gilman C. painter, h. 6 Wesley
Parker G. Washington, pipe layer, h. 1 N. Brighton
Parker Harriet, widow, h. 60 High
Parker H. A. teacher. South st. ct [Woburn

Parker Harrison, veneers, 8 Gerrish block, h. at S.
Parker Harvey D. restaurant, 3 Court square, h.

16 Temple
Parker Hayward P. grocer, 68 & 70 Blackstone,

h. 19 N. Bennet [at Reading

Parker Henry F. furniture, 32 Blackstone, house
Parker Henry M. counsellor, 46 Washington, h. 9

Tremont place
Parker Henry T. counsellor, 4 Court, h. 4 West
Parker Hiram, hackman, h. 49 Fayette [House
Parker Hiram M. {D. Puhifer S<; Co.), b. Franklin
Parker Horatio G. counsellor, 46 Washington, bds.

Bromfield House
Parker Hugh, tinsmith, h. r. 34 S. Margin
Parker Ira, painter, h. Lexington, E. B.
Parker {Isaac), Wilder (J/. P.), & Parker (TFw.

A. ^ S. B. Rindf/e), commission merchants,

2 & 4 Pearl, h. 9 Tremont pi.
Parker Isaac H. h. Boylston, opp. public garden
Parker Isaac Holmes, machinist, h. 3 Rochester
Parker James, 8 Thorndilie building, house 65

Mount Vernon
Parker James, tailor, h. 4 Sullivan place
Parker James, rigger, h. Bennington, E. B.
Parker {James M.) & White {George E.), agricul-
tural warehouse and seed store, 10 Gerrish blk.

Blackstone, bds. Franklin House [Temple

Parker Jerry B. clerk, Tremont, c. Court, bds. 16
Parker Jesse, teamster, h. 145 Fourth
Parker J. C. D. bds. 3 Hayward place
Parker J. Johnson, h. 57 Suffolk
Parker Joel, 46 Washington, h. at Cambridge
Parker John, clerk, bds. 32 Derne
Parker John, h. 159 Tremont
Parker John Mrs. h. 139 Tremont
Parker John B. (S. T. Parker &; Co.), b. 31 Brattle
Parker John B. boards 15 Common
Parker (John D.) & Hamlen (C. H.), dry goods,

71 Kilby, h. 7 Bussey pi. [Tremont House

Parker John Brooks (E. Codman ^ Co.), boards


Parker John W. 5 Court, h. r. 37 Belknap
Parker John Wells, 74 Long wf. h. at Ro.vbury
Parker Jonathan, importer of hardware, 3 Union,

house 65 Salem
Parker Joseph H. caulker, bds. 5 Henchman lane
Parker Julia Mrs. h 2. Snowhill
Parker J. Mason, h. 55 Mount Vernon
Parker Lewis G. salesman, 13 Winter, h. Utica, n.
Beach [Cambridge

Parker Luther L. clerk, 5 Joy's building, h. at E.
Parker Lydia, 3 Channing
Parker Mary A. teacher. East p.c. pi.
Parker Mary B. widow of Natlraniel, h. 16 Kingston.
Parker Mason, attorney, he use 55 Mount Vernon
Parker Matthew S. notp.ry public, 12 Brazer's

building, h. 9 Kncektnd
Parker Moses, carpenter, 25 Hudson, house 1 do.
Parker (Osgood) & Savels (J. A.), restorator, 11

Harvard place, house 5 Canton
Parker Peter, merchant, 20 Long whf. h. 49 Beacon
Parker Reed, clerk, boards 1 Snowhill court
Parker Richard, tin plate worker, house 5.^,- Cross
Parker Richard D. cook, 46 North Market
Parker Richard G. principal Johnson School
Parker Robert, tin plate worker, bds. 54 Pleasant
Parker Robert, captain, house 25 Averv
Parker Russell J. 22 S. Market, h. r. 97 Cambridge
Parker Ruth Mrs. house 66 Mount Vernon
Parker Sam'l (R. Smithy Co.), h. at E. Cambridge
Parker Samuel D. county attorney, 16 Court, h. 55

Mount Vernon
Parker Samuel F. 43 Milk, house 5 Cherry
Parker Samuel H. publisher, 115 Washington, h.

3 Hayward place [& 61 Blackstone

Parker Sam'l T. & Co. (/. B. Parker), grocers, 59
Parker Samuel W. house 100 Southac
Parker Stanton, boards Maverick House
Parker Susan, widow, house 7 Unity
Parker Theodore Rev. house 1 Exeter place
Parker Theodore D. merchant, h. 3 Edinboro'
Parker Thomas, laborer, h. 9 Andover
Parker Thomas, baker, house Paris, E. B.
Parker Thomas, porter, h. Baker's alley, Broad
Parker Thomas B. 68 Blackstone, b. 6 Fleet
Parker Thomas I. physician, h. 7 Mason [Nashua
Parker Thomas M. varnisher, 31 Hanover, h. 9
Parker Warren, machinist, boards Fuller
Parker William, president Boylston Bank, 8 Kilby,

house 62 Boylston [h. 5 Henchman lane

Parker William, shipping office, 87 Commercial,
Parker William, 116 State, house 5 Chambers
Parker William, carriage maker, h. 7 Grove place
Parker Wm. A. (Parker, Wilder, S; P.), h. 4 Linc'n
Parker Wm. A. printer, 11 Cornhill, h. 13 London
Parker Wm. H. (Tucker <Sf P.), Tremont House
Parker William Thornton, physician, house Broad-
way, near Dorchester [5 Chambers
Parker William T. paper store, 116 State, house
Parker William W., Custom House, h. at Woburn
Parkhurst Donn C. teamster, house 32 Nashua
Parkhurst Henry, piano-forte maker, h. 47 Carver
Parkhurst Henry M. phonographic reporter, h. 30

Eliot [Porter

Parkhurst Jonathan, housewright, Tremont, h. 26
Parkhurst Olivia P. mesmeric examiner, house 22

Parkhurst William A. clerk, bds. 87 Harrison av.
Parkhurst William H. (Damon, McAllaster, ^ Co.),

house at Roxbury
Parkins .John A. varnisher, house 50 Fayette
Parkins Robert, teamster, bds. 10 Haymarket pi.
Parkinson Henry, mason, h. Maverick, n. Paris
Parkinson William, teamster, h. 11 ISIinot
Parkman Francis Rev. h. 5 Bowdoin square
Parkman Francis, jr. house 5 Bowdoin square
Parkman George, physician, house 8 Walnut
Parkman George F. house 8 Walnut
Parkman Isaac, machinist, bds. with P. Leishman
Parkman Mary B. widow, house 7 West
Parkman P. M. merchant, 32 India wf. h. 7 West



Parkman Samuel, physician, h. 125 Tremont
Parknian Susan Mrs. house 52 Beacon
Parkman Warren, house 123 Pleasant
Parkman William (/. West cSf Co.), h. 18 Sheafe
Parks Benjamin, printer, house 46 Mjrtle
Parks Dana, teacher of dancins?, 20 Harvard
Parks Elisha, house 255 Broadway
Parks John, seaman, house rear 1 Butolph
Parks John, joiner, boards rear 52 Prince
Parks John A. {Stickney &;P.), bds. City Hotel
Parks Luther, house 6 Chesnut [square

Parks Luther, jr. physic'n, Sutf'lk, opp. Blackstone
Parks Mary B. nurse, house 46 Myrtle
Parks, See Park

Parmelee Asaph, baker, house 795 Washington
Parmelee Ashley, baker, house 3 Lenox
Parmelee Gilbert, baker, 800 Washington, h. do.
Parmenter George W. apothecary, IJS Hanover
Parmenter Herman, dry goods, 291 AVashington
Parmenter William E. counsellor, 26 Mass. block,

boards American House
Parnell George, clerk, boards 16 Albany
Parr James R. stair builder, house 17 Erie
Parr Samuel, stair builder, house 2 Maple place
Parr Thomas, piano-forte maker, h. F, cor. Fifth
Parris Alexander, architect, 50 Mass. lalock, house

at Pembroke
Parrish Rufus P. 31 Dock sq. house 32 Kneeland
Parrott George B. 34 State, boards 27 Howard
Parrott William F. commission merchant, 45 Cen-
tral wf. b. Tremont House [b. 12 Crescent pi.
Parrott Wm. P. engineer and surveyor, 34 State,
Parry Edward, 4 Faneuil Hall, house 20 Marion
Parry John N. shipwright, house Meridian, E. B.
Parshley John S. shoe maker, Broadway, h. 228do.
Parsley Charles, confectioner, h. 234 Broadway
Parsons Ann V. Mrs. h. Dorchester, cor. Silver
Parsons Charles, mariner, house 29 Portland
Parsons Charles C. house 4 Chauncy place
Parsons Charles S. (.4. Bm(/f/ S; Co.), 25 Fulton
Parsons Charles W. furniture, 250 Hanover, house

rear 10 Prince
Parsons Esther, widow, house 2 Winslow place
Parsons George W. block maker, h. 2 Snowhill
Parsons G. W. at Lowell depot, h. 22 Thacher
Parsons Henry, laborer, house r. 39 Salem
Parsons James, pilot, house 238 Hanover
Parsons Jane W. widow, house 115 Pleasant
Parsons John, clerk, 46 Kilby, h. 3 Chauncy pi.
Parsons Joseph L. cabinet maker, h. 4 Nashua pi.
Parsons Josiah, caulker, house Princeton, E. B.
Parsons Lemuel C. mariner, house Sumner, E. B.
Parsons Lucy G. house 6 Acorn
Parsons Mary J. house 6 Acorn [Dorchester

Parsons Richard, turner, First, n. E, h. Athens, n.
Parsons Samuel & Co. (F. Sweetser & S. H. Goo-
kin), dry goods, 23 Federal, h. 20 Bowdoin
Parsons Samuel G. clerk, boards 10 Ash
Parsons Sarah K. milliner, 256 Washington
Parsons Thomas, boards 4 Chauncy place
Parsons Thos. W. jr. surgeon dentist, 16 Winter
Parsons Tyler, house 5 Snowhill court
Parsons {Tyler, jr.), Osgood (/f.), & Co. {J. Bai-
ley), ship stores and chandlery, and commis-
sion merchants, 6 Commercial wharf
Parsons William Mrs. house 18 Louisburgh sq.
Parsons Wm. printer, 37 Congress
Parsons AVilliam, 42 Com'l, house 4 Tremont place
Parsons William A. cabinet maker, 7 Charlestown,

house at Charlestown
Parsons Wm. B. sail maker, house 2 Winslow pi.
Partridge Adin, straw goods and artificial flowers,

298 Washington, h. 3 Claflen place
Partridge Charlotte B. house 2 Pine place
Partridge Harvey P. dry goods, 78 Federal, h. do.
Partridge John, h. Harrison av. n. Ashland av.
Partridge Joseph L. {Woodbridge, RaynoldsS^ Co.),

house at West Newton
Partridge Olin, moulder, b. 6 Winthrop [Hotel
Partridge Samuel D., Custom House, b. Marlboro'

Partridge Warren, machinist, h. Silver, near C
Partridge Welcome L. stevedore, h. 21 Commercial
Partridge. William B. clerk, 46 Milk, h. 53 Hudson
Partridge William J. grocer, Salem, c. Richmond,

house 5 Cooper
Pasquil William, barber, boards 12 Emerald
Passarow George, house 2 Allen court
Pastor Joseph F. cooper, house Athens, near D
Pastrouich C. widow, house 1 Blossom court
Pastrouich Nich. A. gold beater, h. 1 Blossom ct.
Patch {Abijah) & White {Alden), truckmen, 7

Custom House st. house 33 North Margin
Patch Eliza, widow, house 40 Vine
Patch Franklin, housewright. Travels, c. Charles-
town, house 2 Morton court
Patch Franklin F. boards 61 Poplar
Patch John, carpenter, boards 188 Hanover
Patch Nathan H. book keeper, boards 9 Winter
Patch Sydney, blacksmith, 42 Merrimac, h. 2 Wall
Patch William W. 97 State, boards 9 Brattle sq.
Patchell John, carpenter, house 4 Sullivan place
Paterson {David) & Wilson {Geo7-ge), plumbers, 15
.Lindall [Roxbury

Paton Andrew, silversmith, 17 Harvard place, h. at
Patrick James, restorator, 57 Union, h. 16 Morton
Patrick Joel, 38 Com'l wharf, house at Chelsea
Pattee Asa D. ale, 119 Ann, house 57 Prince
Pattee James M. writing master, 425.^ Washington
Pattee John, laborer, house 1 Orange lane
Pattee John C. house 18 Ash
Patten Andrew, silversmith, boards 188 Hanover
Patten A. refrigerator manuf. order box 37 Tre-
mont row [1 Hudson pi.
Pattm Benj. A. (Daniel B. lUlUardtt; Co.), boards
Patten David, housewright. Newborn place, house

Pleasant street place
Patten David, painter, h. 1 Rollins pi. [North sq.
Patten Elizabeth Mrs. board'g, h. Baker's alley, r.
Patten George, carpenter, bds. Pleasant st. pi.
Patten George W. {James Patteti S^ Co.), house at

Patten Geo. W. laborer, h. Newland, n. Pembroke
Patten I. B. 481 Washington, boards 1 Eliot
Patten Isaac W. 20 Bromfield, bds. Blind Asylum
Patten James & Co. (G. IF. Pattm), wines, &c. 40

South Market, house at Brookline
Patten James G. clerk, 4 S. M. boards 29 Beach
Patten John A. carpenter, bds. 19 Hudson [ont
Patten Jonathan, provisions, 44 Eliot, h. 86 Trem-
Pattcn Thomas, house 21 Crescent place
Patten Thomas, 23 Liverpool, near Maverick
Patten William H. & Co. {H. D. Wahlron), wines,

&c. 123 Leveret, house 45 Brighton
Patterson A. boards Harrison avenue, cor. Beach
Patterson Albion K. tailor, house 62 High
Patterson Alexander, lamp maker, b. 13 E. Canton
Patterson Benjamin, clerk, boards 3 Hawley
Patterson, David, constable, 13 Court square, h. 3

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