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No. 2. House, Hudson street. David Cham-
berlin. Foreman. John S. Hunt, Assistant Fore-
man. G. W. Foster, Clerk. N. B. Howe, Steward.


No. 3. Room in Engine House No. 18.


S. Martin, Foreman. J. L. Wright, Assistant Fore-
tnan. William Blake, Clerk.











Nathan Hale, James F. Baldwin, Thomas B. Curtis, Commissioners. Salary, 53,500 each.
John P. Bigelow, Mayor, Samuel Hall, and William Pope, of the Board of Alder-
men ; Wm. W. Greenough, John P. Putnam, Robert Marsh, and Richard B.
Callender, of the Council, and Joseph Smith, Water Committee.
Samuel Holbrook, Clerk. Salary, ^ 1,000.

E. Sylvester Chesbrough, Chief Engineer of Western Divisio7i. Salary, ^3,000. William S. Whitwell,

Chie}' Engineer of Eastern Division. Salary, ^3,000.

J. Avery Richards, Register. Office, 119 Washington Street.


1st. For water introduced at the charge of the city, through, the first wall of each dwelling-
house, including full su23ply for all domestic uses, to each family occupying a house valued, for
the assessment of taxes, at $5,000, or any less sum, per annum, - - - $5 00

To each family occupying a house valued over $5,000, and not over $15,000, $5 00 to 15 00
At the rate of one dollar for every thousand dollars of valuation.
To each family occupying a house valued over $15,000, - - - - 15 00

"WTien a house is occupied by several families taking the water at a single tap, the charge

M'ill be according to the value of the house, for one family only.
2d. In warehouses, shops and other buildings not requiring more than an ordinary sup-
ply of water, and not included in any other classification, one half per cent on the rent
of the part occupied by the person or persons using the water ; but not less than
"Wlien water-closets or urmals are supplied, not less for each, than - . .

3d. For hotels, taverns and boarding houses, not including water for baths, or for uses
without the house, - -.-....

Ajid when the valuation exceeds $15,000, for every thousand dollars of the valuation,
4th. For the right to attach a hose, of not exceeding five-eighths of an inch orifice,
for washing windows, sprinkling streets, washing carriages, or other purposes, in
addition to the charge for other uses, not less than - - - - 3 00

For each pipe not exceeding an inch, with right to attach a hose for extinguishing

fixe on the premises, exclusive of any right of water for other uses, not less than - 20 00
5th. For each Stable, including water for washing carriages, - - - - 6 00

And for each stall over two, - - - - - - . -I 00

6th. For Public Baths, for each tub, - - - - - - -5 00

7th. For each Printing Office, according to the number of presses "used, not includ-
ing supplying of steam engine, - - - - - - 6 to 20 00

For each Daily Newspaper Printing Office, exclusive of supplying for steam engine 8 to 12 00
8th. For stationary high pressure Steam Engines, working not over twelve hours per

day, if of more than five horse power, on each horse power, - - .

When working night and day, or over twelve hoiu's, - - -

If of less than five horse ^Dower, working not over twelve hours, for each horse power,
9th. To Railroad Corporations, for each Locomotive Engine in daily use, supplied
for outward and inward trains, .......

For each Engine, watering for the outward trip only, once a day, - - .

For supply of Passenger Station, for water-closets, washing cars, and other uses at the

station, not including watering the streets, - - - - - - 50 00

10th. For large quantities of water to Brewers, Distillers, and for other uses not speci-
fied, under specific regulations for determining the quantity, when the average con-
sumption exceeds 500 gals, per day, for each 100 gals, of daily consumption, - 6 00
When the quantity does not exceed 500 gals, per day, for each 100 gals, per day, - 9 00
11th. To watermen, for the supply of shipping, the charge will be regulated by special

agreement, they agreeing to supply shipping at 50 cents per hogshead of 120 gals.
12th. For building piu-poses, making mortar, &c., per thousand bricks, 10 cts.

For larger quantities required for specific purposes, the price wiU be regulated by agreement.
Pajinents for the year to be made in advance. All persons taking the water, are required to
keep the service pipes within their premises, including any area beneath the sidewalk, together
with stop-cocks and apparatus, in good repair, and protected from frost, at their own expense ;
and they will be held liable for all damages which may result from their failure to do so. They
are also required to prevent all unnecessary waste of water. No alteration is allowed to be
made in any of the pipes or fixtures inserted by the Commissioners, except by their agents.
The agents of the city, intrusted with the superintendence of the works, to be suffered to enter
the premises supplied, to examine the pipes and fixtures, and to ascertain whether there is any
unnecessary waste. No water is allowed to be supplied to other parties not entitled to the use
of it, by the terms of these regulations unless by special permission. On discovery of any fraud-
ulent representation of the quantity used, or to be used, or wanton waste, the supply will be
shut off, at the discretion of the superintendent, or other agent in charge of the works.















The Mayor and President of the Common Council.

Ward 1. — Rev. Edward Beecher, John Spence, Jr.
" 2. — George W. Parmenter, Edward B. Moore.

" 3.— Rev. Rollin H. Neale, Edward D. G. Palmer.

" 4. — Richard Soule, Jr., Rev. Andrew Bigelow.

" 5. — Frederick Emerson, Rev. S. H. Winkley.

" 6. — Sampson Reed, John Codman.
" 7. — Charles Brooks, Rev. S. K. Lothrop.
" 8. — Benjamin Willis, Jr., Benjamin E. Bates.
" 9. — Edward Wigglesworth, Charles T. Russell.

" 10. — Rev. Joseph Banvard, Horace Dupee.

" 11.— Rev. John. T. Sargent, Rev. Geo. A. Oviatt.

" 12. — Rev. George W. Bosworth, Samuel H. Jenks.
Samuel F. McCleary, Secretary.


Eben Jones, President. Alvan Simonds, Secretary.
Joseph M. Wightman, Chairman. Alvan Simonds, Secretary. F. A. Sumner, William P. Jarvis,
John Woart, Eben Jones, John Spence, Jr., T. Wilder, E. D. G. Palmer, James B. Dow, David Kim-
ball, Albert Bowker, Oliver Carter, Samuel L. Abbott, Alvah Hobhs, Wra. R. Lawrance, Wm. H. Cal-
row, Moses J. Gove, Wm. A. Butters, Israel P. Proctor, S. F. McCleary, Executive Committee.

District No. 1. (East Boston,) Ebenezer Atkins, Chairman, William H. Calrow, Secretary.

No. 2. {East Boston,) John Atkins, Chairman. Sewall F. Parcher, Secretary.

No. 3. (East Boston,) Samuel W. Hall, Chairman. Thomas D. Demond, Secretary.

" " 2. — Francis Parkman, Chairman. Israel P. Proctor, Secretary.

" " 3. — William H. Learnard, Chairman. Alexander Wood, Secretary.

'< " 4. — Elijah Stearns, Chairman. J. Spence, Jr., Secretary.

" " 5. — William Eaton, CArt/rmow. E. D. G. Palmer, Secretory.

" " 6. — A. G. Wyman, Chuirman. Charles H. Atwood, Secretary.

" " 7. — Francis Brown, Chairman. Nathaniel P. Kemp, Secretary.

" " 8. — David Kimball, CVmwvMrtH,. William E. Townsend, Secretary.

" " 9. — A. D. Parker, Chairman. S. L. Abbott, Secretary.

" " 10. — Eben Jones, Chairman. William Howe, Secretary.

" " 11. — AVilliam D. Ticknor, Chairman. N. D. Cotton, Secretary.

" " 12. — Daniel T. Coit, Chairman. Thomas S. Wright, Secretary.

" " 13. — John Odin, Jr., Chairman. Daniel B Newhall, Secretary.

" " I'i. — John T. Dingley, Chairman. A. A. Watson, Secretary.

" " 15. — William Dall, Chairman. Oliver Carter, Secretary.

" " 16. — Alvan Simonds, Chairman. Albert J. ^^'rigllt, Secretary.

'• " 17. — Theodore D. Cook, Chairman. William A. Butters, Secretary.

" " 18. — George Merrill, Chairman. William P. Jarvis, Secretary.

" " 19. — Samuel B Cruft, Chairman. Henry R. Andrews, Secretary.


Adams, Mason street, for boys. Samuel Bar-
rett, Grammar Master. Samuel W. Bates, ^Vrit-
ing Master. Ira Cheever and Bartholomew Wood,
Ushers. Mary S. Brigham, Mary E. Beck, Assist-
ants. Brooks, Bates, and Banvard, Committee.

BoWDOiN, Myrtle street, for girls. Abraham
Andrews, Grammar Master. James Robinson,
Writing Master. Mary A. Murdock, Rebecca
Lincoln, Caroline E. Andrews, Marv S. Robinson,
Eliza B. Mitchell, Sarah M. Mitchell, Elizabeth P.
Snow, Assistants. Reed, Lothrop, and Codman,

BOYLSTOX, Washington place, for boys and
girls. Thos. Baker, Graminar Master. Charles
Kimball, Writing Master. Wm. T. Adams, Usher.
Clarinda R. F. Treadwell, Matilda Oliver, Susan J.
M. Jones, Catherine H. Grover, and Marv A. Har-
ris, Assistants. Bates, Bosworth, and Willis,

Brimmer, Common street, for boys. Joshua
Bates, Jr., Gram?nar Master. William A. Shep-
ard. Writing Master. J. Butler, Edward James,
Ushers. Mary A. Collier and E. B. Cunningham,
Assistants. Banvard, Sargent, and Dupee, Com-

DwiGHT, Concord street. George B. Hyde,
Master. James A. Page, Sab-Master. George A.
Sawyer, Usher. Frances A. Tyler, Caroline G.
Woodman, Clara Belknap, Clarissa Guild, Eliza-

beth G. Underhill, and Martha Harding, Assistants.
Sargent, Oviatt, and Willis, Committee.

Eeiot, North Bennet street, for boys. Wm. O.
Ayres, Grammar Master. Levi Conant, Writing
Master. Caroline W. Carter, Hannah Damon,
Anna S. Carter, Eliza L. Felt, and M. B. Kent.
Assistants. Beecher, Parmenter, and Palmer,

Endicot, Cooper street, for boys and girls.
Loring Lothrop, Master for girls' school. J. F.
Nourse, Master for boys' school. Mary A. Torrin,
Angeline A. Brigham, Ann M. Wight, Malvina R.
Brigham, Caroline W. Keith, M. P. Colesworthy,
Almira J. Keith, Assistants. Spence, Winkley, and
Emerson, Committee.

ExGLiSH High, Bedford street, for boys. Thom-
as Sherwin, Master. Luther Robinson and Fran-
cis S. Williams, Sub-Masters. Samuel M. Weston
and Charles M. Cumston, Ushers. Lothrop, Big-
elow, Soule, Banvard, and Palmer, Committee.

Franklin, Washington street, for boys and
girls. Barnum Field, Grammar blaster. Nathan
Merrill, Writing Master. Hannah S. Tirrell, Sa-
rah Ann Gale, Catherine T. Simonds, S. A. M.
Cushing, Lucy M. Beck, and Caroline A. Greene,
Assistants. Jenks, Oviatt, and Banvard, Commit-

Hancock, Richmond place and Prince street,
for girls. George Allen, jr.. Grammar Master.



Percival W. Bartlett, Sub-Master. Henrietta L.
Pierce, Sarah E. White, Hannah S. Austin, Mary
A. Lewis, Helen M. Johnson, Anna M. Snclling,
and Achsah Barnes, Assistants. Spence, Beeelierj. -toeth
and Moore, Committee.

Hawes, South Boston, for boys and girls. Fred-
erick Crafts, Master for girls' school. John A.
Harris, ^[aster for hoys' school. Charles A.
Morrill, Usher. Ann E. Dearborn, Caroline M.
Burnham, Assistants for boys' school. Julia M.
Baxter, H. Maria Manning, Martha C. Jenks, and
Harriet Talbot, Assistants for girls' school. Bos-
worth, Jenks, and Bates, Committee.

Johnson, Tremont sti-eet, for girls. Richard
G. Parker, Master of northern school. Joseph
Hale, Master of southern school. Rebecca P. Bar-
ry, Martha E. Towne, Harriet W. Mudge, Almira
Seymour, Helen E. Vans, Mary Jane Danforth,
Assistants. Brooks, Dupee, and Sargent, Commit-

Latin, Bedford street, for boys. Epes S. Dix-
well, Master. Francis Gardner, Sub-Master. Ed-
win Davenport and Timothy D. Chamberlain, Ush-
ers. The Mayor, Wigglesworth, Codman, Reed,
and Russell, Committee.

Lyman, East Boston, for boys and girls. H. H.
Lincoln, Master hoys' school. Aaron L. Ordway,
Master c/irls' school. Eliza L. Pierce, Mary E.
Grant, F. L. Prescott, Sarah S. French, Mary O.
Bulfinch, Bethia Nickerson, E. J. Aborn, G. Reid,
and Mary S. Carter, Assistants. Soule, Moore, and
Spence, Committee.

Mayhew, Hawkins street, for boys. William D.
Swan, Master. Winslow Battles, Sub-Master.
John C. Dore, Usher. Eliza L. West, Ann B.
Moulton, Elizabeth D. Moulton, Elizabeth P. Hop-
kins, Mary S. Rowland, Assistants. Neale, Soule,
and Codman, Committee.

Mather, South Boston, for boys and girls. Jo-
siah A. Stearns, Grammar Master. Jonathan Bat-

tles, jr., Writing Master. George T. Angell, Ush-
er. Mary A. Moody, Lucy Floyd, Rebecca A.
Chipman, Ann J. Drake, Margaret A. Pease, Eliza-
" B. Raynolds, and Lucy C. Jenks, Assistants.
Jenks, Bosworth, and Willis, Committee.

Otis, Lancaster street, -for boys andgirls. Isaac
F. Sliepard, Grammar Master. Benjamin Drew,
Writing Master. Joshua R. Lothrop, Usher. S.
W. J. Copeland, Emeline French, C. Palmer, So-
phia Shepard, and Miranda Sherman, Assistants.
Palmer, ]\Ioore, and Beecher, Committee.

Phillips, Pickney street, for boys. Samuel S.
Greene, Grammar Master. Samuel Swan, Writ-
ing Master. Amphion Gates and JohnM. Colcord,
Ushers. Ellen M. Coolidge and Sarah H. Emer-
son, Assistants. Codman, Emerson, and Parmen-
ter. Committee.

QuiNCY, Tyler street. J. D. Philbrick, Master.
Charles E. Valentine, Sub-Master. B. W. Putman,
Usher. Lydia A. Bowler, Sarah A. Hay, Jose-
phine L. Tucker, Almirah B. Coffin, S. C. Sim^
mends, Lydia A. Hanson, and Elizabeth A. G,
Philbrick, Assistatits. Wigglesworth, Neale, and
Russell, Committee.

Smith, Belknap street, for boys and girls. Am-
brose Wellington, Master. Sarah H. Southwick,
Assistant. Reed, Bigelow, and Dupee, Committee.

Wells, McLean street, for girls. Cornelius
Walker, Grammar Master. Reuben Swan, jr.,
Writing Master. William H. Swan, Usher. Ma-
tilda A. Gerry, Caroline F. Housley, Frances A..
Collins, Adeline F. Dinsmore, and Mary Carter,-
Assistants. F. Emerson, Palmer, and Parmenter,-

WiNTHROP, East street, for boys and girls. H.
Williams, jr.. Master of ■northern school. Samuel L.
Gould, Master of southern school. E. W. Shelton,.
Olive E. Reynolds, F. M. Oliver, Mary C. Weed,
Eliza Briggs, and Caroline E. Fales, Assistants.
Wigglesworth, Russell, and Winkley, Committee.


All Grammar and Writing Masters have a salary of ^IjOOO each ; Ushers in the Grammar and Writ-
ing Schools, have a salary of ^800 each ; and all assistants, ,^300 each.

Salary of the Masters of the Latin and High Schools, ^2,400 each ; Sub-Masters, ,gl,800 each ;
Ushers, §900 each.



No. 8 KiLBY STE.EET. CAPITAL, ^500,000.

Pliny Cutler, President. Benj. Dodd, Cashier.

Francis Fisher, Jeremiah Hill, James Johnson,
E. C. Hutchins, S. S. Littlehale, S. S. Arnold, W.
R. P. Washburn, A. G. Peck, Nathaniel Harris,
J. S. Jenness, James H. Kelsey, Directors. Rich-
ard Ward, Teller. George William Dodd, Book
Keeper. Albert Dodd, Assistant Clerk. James B.
Adams, Messenger.

Discount, Monday and Thiu'sday.


No. 60 State Street. Capital, 5-500,000.
Sam'l C. Grav, President. Joseph White, Cashier.
C. H. Brown, Samuel Quincy, J. G. Hallet,
William Davis, jr., .John H. Foster, Jeremiah
Kahler, Directors. Benjamin H. Barnes, Teller.
' James Russell, Book Keeper. William Beck, Col-
lection Clerk.

Discount, Tuesday and Friday.


No. 48 State Street. Capital, §900,000.

Robert Hooper, President. Jas. C. Wild, Cashier.

Robert G. Shaw, Nathan Appleton, Daniel C.

Bacon, Josiah Bradlee, Samuel Cabot, Thomas B.

Curtis, Henry Upham, .1. C. Howe, J. IngersoU

Bowditch, William S. Bullard, Directors. Robert
Lash, Paying Teller. J. G. Gunderson, Receiving
Teller., Book Keeper. George Breck-
enridge, Messenger.

Discount, Tuesday and Friday.


Corner of Washington and Boylston
Streets. Capital, §1-50,000.
Wm. Parker, President. J. J. Soren, Cashier.
Warren White, William Pope, Timothy Gilbert,
Thomas Hunting, Isaac Emery, Jonathan Ellis,
Amos Cummings, Abner E. Fisher, Directors. D.
E. Snow, Book Keeper. Luther Blodgett, Mes-

Discount, Tuesday and Friday.


No. 61 State Street. Capital, §1,000,000.
C. W. Cartwright, Pres. John Earl Williams, Cash.

P. Grant, Isaac Livcrmore, Wm. T. Andrews,
P. S. Shelton, D. Chamberlain, S. R. Payson, J.
B. Glover, C. C. Chadwick, Directors. Henry
Hooper, Paying Teller. Frederick L. Church,
Receiving Teller. Charles C. Barry, Book Keeper.
Charles W. Holbrook, Discount 'Clerk. W. R.
Frost, Collection Clerk. William H. Johonnot,

Discount, Tuesday and Friday.




No. 34 State Street. Capital, ^500,000.

John G. Torrey, Pres. "William Coffin, Cash.

George W. Lyman, Joseph Tilden, Samuel A.
Appleton, W. Amory, J. T. Coolidge, Directors.
J. M. Gordon, Telkr. George Gushing, Book
Keeper. Benjamin F. Sawyer, Messenger.
Discount, daily.


No. 70 State Street. Capital, ^500,000.
Titus Welles, President. Waldo Flint, Cashiei-.
William Almy, John Dane, Andrew Cunning-
ham, George H. Gray, Francis Skinner, E. D. Brig-
ham, James L. Little, John Williams, John D.
Bates, Prince Hawes, Benjamin Thaxter, Direc-
tors. John A. Mendum, Paying Teller. James P.
Hastings, Receiving Tellm: Isaac W. Blanchard,
Book Keeper. Robert S. Covell, Discount Clerk.
Ebenezer Sampson, Messenger a7id CoUect'n Clerk.
Discount, Wednesday and Saturday.


28 State Street, Merchants' Bank Building.
Capital, ^500,000.

George W. Thayer, Pres. J. M. Marsh, Cash.

S. R. Spaulding, J. B. Kimball, Alex'r Strong,
John G. Davis, Israel C. Rice, Samuel Bates, jr.,
John Foster, Peter Frothingham, Daniel C. Baker,
Sampson Reed, William H. Dunbar, Directors. J.
M. Pettengill, Paying Teller: H. B. Wilbur,
Receiving Teller. Samuel C. Smith, Book Keeper'.
Abner J. Benyon, Assistant Book Keeper. -John
T. Bouve, Messe7iger.

Discount, Monday and Thursday.


No. 28 Sea Street. Capital, ^200,000.
Solomon Piper, Pres. Jeremy Drake, Cash.
Freeman Fisher, John H. Rogers, Ebenezer At-
kins, Prentiss Hobbs, Tisdale Drake, Directors.
Albert Drake, Messenger.

Discount, Monday and Thursday.


No. 22 State Street. Capital, ^1,000,000.
Ignatius Sargent, Pres. Charles Sprague, Cash.

Abel Adams, Stephen Fairbanks, Henry Hall,
John Lamson, Payson Perrin, Directors. William
B. Stevens, Paying Teller. Samuel S. Stevens, Re-
ceiving Teller. Ciliver Cole, Book Keeper. Chas.
James Sprague, Discoiint Clerk. Chas. S. Callen-
der. General Clerk. William S. Nichols, Collection
Clerk and Messenger. Cliauncey Peck, Porter.
Discount, Monday and Thursday.


No. 61 State Street. Capital, ^500,000.

George Denny, P7-es. Archibald Foster, Cash.

F. Gould, J. McGregor, J. Y. Bacon, Charles
Brooks, H. M. Holbrook, George R. Sampson, Di-
rectors. Samuel Kneeland, Teller. Alfred B. Hall,
Book Keeper. Henry Kneeland, Cle)-k. Joseph
Callender, jr., Assistant Clerk and Messenger.
Discount, Monday and Thursday.


No. 70 State Street. Capital, ^250,000.
Samuel G. Reed, President. William H. Fos-
ter, Cashier. Winslow Whittemore, Ephraim
Lombard, Sylvester Bowman, Joseph M. Whit-
tier, Joseph P. EUicott, Edward R. Seccomb,

Ebenezer H. Balch, Directors. Chas. H. Smith,
Teller. G. Francis Thayer, Book Keeper. Geo.
W. Harris, Discount Clerk. Chas. H. Tylor, Mes-

Discount, Monday and Thursday.


'No. 66. State Street. Capital, ^500,000.
Daniel Denny, President. Otis Turner, Cashier.

Thomas G. Cary, William Dwight, Gardner
Brewer, William Phipps, Samuel W. Swett, M. P.
Wilder, Thomas Wigglesworth, jr., B. F. White.
Directors. Edward Hearsey, jr.. Teller. S. S.
Blanchard, Book Keeper. George Leighton, Assist-
ant Clerk and Messenger.

Discount, Wednesday and Saturday.


No. 1 Merchants' Exch'e. Capital, ^560,000.

Josiah Stickney, Pres. Jona. Brown, jr.. Cash.
Jesse Bird, Addison Gilmore, William Thomas, F.
O. Watts, C. O. Whitmore, A. H. Bowman, Benja-
min Sewall, Directors. Samuel P. Oliver, Teller.
Benjamin F. Teal, Book Keeper. Chas. E. Currier,
Clei-k. Charles S. Evans, Messenger.

Discount, Wednesday and Saturday.


No. 66 State Street. Capital, ^800,000.
J. J. Dixwell, Pres. James Dodd, Cashier.
John L. Gardner, William D. Sohier, John J.
Dixwell, Israel Lombard, Charles H. Mills, George
Gardner, Directors. S. T. Hooper, Teller. Henry
G. Foster, Book Keeper. Jonas Bennett, Discount
Clerk. Thomas Hooper, Messenger'. Josiah E.
Hayden, Porter.

Discount, Monday and Thursday.


No. 27 Turnpike, cor. Division St., So. Boston.

Capital, ^120,000.
James W. Converse, Pres. Alvan Simonds, Cash.
Dan'l Cummings, Noah Brooks, John H. Jenks,
F. Nickerson, Directors. J. N. Farrar, Messenger.

Discount, Monday.


No. 28 State Street. Capital, i?3,000,000.
Franklin Haven, Pres. John J. May. Cash.

N. F. Cunningham, Luke Fay, Samuel Henshaw,
John B. Jones, William P. Winchester, David
Henshaw, Francis C. Gray, J. K. Mills, Israel
Whitney, Samuel Hooper, Edward Brooks, Direc-
tors. Thomas W. Hooper, First Teller. William
Raymond, Assistant Teller. George Simpson, jr..
Second Teller. C. N. M. Lincoln, Third Teller.
J. K. Fuller, Discount Clerk. G. S. Bulfinch,
Peiision Clerk. E. H. Severance, First Book Keep-
er. John P. Gore, Second Book Keeper. G. M.
Norwood and H. F. Flagg, Accountants. A. C.
Dana, Correspond' g Clerk. Thomas Bulfinch, Col-
lection Clerk. John Barnes, Messenger. George
Hayden, Porter.

Discount, Monday and Thursday.


No. 67 State Street. Capital, ^1,000,000.

Thomas Lamb, Pres. E. P. Clark, Cash.^

George Pratt, Joseph Whitney, Elijah Vose,

Mace Tisdale, William Worthington, Dudley Hall,

Directors. Samuel T. Thompson, Paying Sg Re-



ceiving Teller. James Swan, Book Keeper. Seth
Pettee, Discount Clerk. Charles F. Swan, Collec-
tion Clerk. Jacob H. Brown, Messeni/er.
Discount, Tuesday and Friday.


No. 2 Merchants' Exch'e. Capital, f 750,000.
James Harris, President. J. J. Loring, Cashier.
Henry D. Gray, Oliver Eldredge, Daniel Kimball,
Elijah Williams, James Weld, Francis B. Fay,
Charles G. Nazro, Directors. J. B. Witherbee,
Teller. John Chorley, Book Keeper. W. L. Barnes,
Receiving Teller. S. Trull, Messenger.

Discount, Monday and Thursday.


No. 39 State Street. Capital, ^500,000.

John Gardner, Pres. Stephen G. Davis, Cash.

William Bramhall, John L. Dimmock, Albert
Fearing, John Gardner, Jairus B. Lincoln, Aaron
Rice, Directors. E. Snow, Teller. C. H. Miller,
Book Keeper. Geo. L. Foote, Assistant Clerk.
Sampson Mason, Messenger.

Discount, Monday and Thursday.


No. 40 State Street. Capital, ^1,800,000.
Samuel Frothingham, Pres. Jonathan Call, Cash.

Samuel Austin, Benjamin Bangs, Levi Bartlett,
Thomas Gray, Thomas P. Cushing, J. Ballister,
Robert M. Mason, HoUis Thayer, James P. Thorn-
dike, James S. Amory, Directors. Charles Bart-
lett, Paying Teller. John B. Gould, Receiving
Teller. William E. Vincent, First Book Keeper.
Henry Pierce, Second do. George Atkinson, Dis-
count Clerk. James H. Foster, jr., Collection Clerk.
William S. Edmands, Messenger.

Discount, Monday and Thursday.


No. 65 State Street. Capital, ^500,000.

Enoch Baldwin, Pres. Samuel Carr, Cash.

C. Newhall, M. S. Lincoln, William B. Spobner,
William Burrage, J. M. Jones, Isaac Williams,
John Albree, C. Stetson, G. S. Low, J. C. Potter,
Directors. John S. March, Teller. Robert L.
Day, Book Keeper. A. C. Haven, Messenger and
Collection Clerk. E. L. Tead, Assistant Clerk.
Discount, Tuesday and Friday.


No. 60 State Street. Capital, ^1,000,000.

Henry B. Stone, Pres. Isaac C. Brewer, Cash.
Joseph Balch, John Belknap, Ebenezer Chad-
wick, J. W. Edmands, Edward D. Peters, Nathl
Hooper, William Gray, Amos A. Lawrence, J. A.
Lowell, Jeffrey Richardson, Wm. W. Tucker, Di-
rectors. J. E. Bridge, Paying Teller. Edward W.
Brown, Receiving Teller. Thorndike Rand, Book
Keeper. Edward Tyler, Discount Clerk. E. L.
Le Breton, Collection Clerk. A. K. Hunt, John W.
Lefavor, C. Smith, Assistatit Clerks. William
Grubb, jr., D. H. Belknap, E. J. S. Corlew, For-
eign Money Clerks. C. A. Tucker, Messenger.
Discount, Wednesday and Saturday.


No. 91 State Street. Capital, ^400,000.
Isaac Parker, President. Jeremiah Gore, Cashier.
George Callender, , Jabez Fisher,

Deming Jarves, Thomas Lord, S. H. Norris, Henry
Smith, A. W. Thaxter, jr.. Directors. John K.
Hall, Teller. Thomas Waterman, Book Keeper.

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