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Province House court
Patterson Eli, laborer, house 4 N. Bennet
Patterson Eliphalet S. carriage smith, 253 Broad,

house 2 Quiet place
Patterson Enoch, house 57 Hancock [doin

Patterson Enoch, jr. {Blake, P. if Co.), h. 57 Bow-
Patterson Geo. Edward, clerk, boards 57 Bowdoin
Patterson Henry A. house 57 Hancock
Patterson James, cooper, house Gold, near E
Patterson James, painter, house 38 Union
Patterson James, laborer, house r. 1 College court
Patterson James, housewright, 18 Harvard place
Patterson James H. superintendent of letter car-
riers' department, P. O. 23 Sudbury, b. 9 Allston
Patterson John, laborer, house 10 Hamilton
Patterson John, rigger, house 2 Bartlett
Patterson Joseph W. {Almy, P. i5)- Co.), house 4

Louisburgh square
Patterson Lawson B. police officer, h. 10 Madison
Patterson Margaret, widow, 6 Theatre alley
Patterson Margaret, dress maker, house 24 Gouch
Patterson Sara'l H. grocer, Second, n. Dorchester



Patterson Sarah, dress maker, house 25 Avery
Patterson Susan H. boarding, 6 Nashua
Patterson Wauchhope, tailor, house 96 Warren
Patterson Willard, tailor, boards 6 Channing
Patterson William, laborer, house 25 Hamilton
Patterson Wm. {Winch cSpP.), h. Trem't, n. Dover
Pattison Wm. T. confectioner, 1,6 Lewis, house do.
Paty William, captain, house 25 Stiliman
Paul Calvin, boarding, 54 Portland [Atlantic House
Paul Charles, piano-forte manuf. 2 Boylston, bds.
Paul Francis PI. paper carrier, house 57 Brighton
Paul George (J. Paul 6^ Co.), house 10 Marion
Paul George, house Marion, E. Boston
Paul James, machinist, house 97 Fourth
Paul James, machinist, boards 6 Lewis, E. B.
Paul James & Co. {George Paul), upholsterers, 10

Tremont row, house at Weston
Paul John, boards 101 Pleasant [Newland

Paul John F. baker, shop and house c. Canton and
Paul Joseph F. housewright, Tremont road, house

1 Emerald
Paul Mary, widow, house 5 Spear place
Paul {Wm.) & Wilson {Thomas), carpenters, Har-
rison avenue, near Dover, house at Medford
Paulding James L. moulder, house 57 Billerica
PauU Rufus, machinist, h. 108 Harrison avenue
PauU William W. machinist, h. 108 Harrison av.
Pa.xton Louisa, house 31 W. Orange
Paye George H. painter, house 1. Grove place
Payne Barney, boarding, house 6 Moon
Payne C. H. "gilder, b. 56 Hanover [Robinson alley
Payne David, marble manufacturer, 5 Haverhill, h.
Payne Elias, boot maker, 15 Water, h. 7 Oxford
Payne Elizabeth, boarding, 20 Fleet [Chelsea

Payne Henry A. S. D., Custom House, house
Payne Shadrach B. grocer, Tyler, c. Kneeland, h.

55 Hudson
Payson Arthur L. nierch. 114 State, h. 15 Chesnut
Payson Edwin, carpenter, Tremont, b. 508 Wash.
Payson George A. clerk, 115 Milk
Payson James G. lace goods, 26 Hanover
Payson James H. cooper, house 1 N. Chapel place
Pavson John F. 75 F. H. Market, h. 3 N. Prince
Payson John F. jr. 75 F. H. M. boards 3 N. Prince
Payson Joseph, tailor, house 3 May
Payson Mary P. house 3 Tremont place
Payson Rebecca, widow, house 21 Second
Payson Ruth, widow, house 50 Chesnut
Payson Samuel, tailor, house 4 Jefferson' place
Payson Samuel, piano-forte maker, 334 Wash. h.

at Roxbury [Roxbury

Payson Samuel R. (./. ('. Howe iSf Co.), house at
Pazolt Thomas C. furrier, 356 Wash, house do.
Peabody Augustus, counsellor, 46 Court, corner

Tremont, house at Roxbury [2 Nassau

Peabody Elizabeth, fancy dry goods, 236 Wash. b.
Peabody Elizabeth P. foreign books and circulating

library, 13 West, house do.
Peabody Ephraira Rev. house 29 Somerset
Peabody George, music printer, boards 30 High
Peabody George, restorator (cellar), 95 Commercial
Peabody Henry G. painter, 36 Hanover [rica

Peabody Horace, Jlaine freight depot, b. 22 Bille-
Peabody Jerusha Mrs. boards 97 Charles
Peabody J. A. widow, house 3 Pemberton square
Peabody Mary A. widow, boards 9 Blossom
Peabody Nathaniel, physician, h. 13 West
Peabody Nathaniel C. homoeopathic apothecary, 13

West, house at Dorchester, cor. Fifth
Peabody Owen G. counsellor, 46 Court, c. Tremont,

house at Roxbury
Peabody S. Endicott (Curtis iS; P.), house at Salem
Peabody Timothy H. house 25 Porter
Peabody Wm. B. carpenter, house 244 Tremont
Peabody Wm. S. commission merchant, 31 Com'l
Peacock Joseph, laborer, house 19 Thaeher
Peacock William B. cooper, house 21 W. Canton
Pead Richard, laborer, house Urst, n. Dorchester
Peak John, cofhn warehouse, Deacon, cor. Friend,

house 2 Leveret

Peak John, wagoner, house 18 Gold, near B
Peak Philip, turner, house 3 Porter
Peak Philip, sail maker, 7 E. R.R. wf. h. at Chelsea
Peakes Benjamin, cigars, house 92 Warren
Peakes Henry, housewright, Allen, near the Hos-
pital, house 50 Spring
Peakes Wm. com. mer. 134 State, h. at Cambridge
Pear {Edward) & Bacall (7'Ao/Has), silversmiths,

5 Avery, house 15 Porter
Pear John S. (/. Meriani,jr. ^ Co.), h. 47 Poplar
Pearce George W. wharfinger, 30 Union wharf, h.

at Chelsea [Suffolk

Pearce Robert, grocer, 519 Wash, house 81 South
Pearce Samuel, marine inspector, Suffolk building.

Change avenue, boards 18 Franklin place
Pearce S. H. & Co. {F. J. Humphrey), silk goods,

94 Milk, house 29 Warren
Pearce Shadrach S. house 29 Warren
Pearce Wm. plumber, 35 Congress, h. 14 Causeway
Pearl John H. provisions, house 249 Hanover
Pearl {Stephen R.), Smith {Samuel), & Co. (L. F.

Stevens), dry goods, 62 Hanover, house Paris,

near Summer [4 Union Block, h. at Chelsea
Pearmain ( Wm. R.) & Hall {Wm. C), auctioneers,
Pearson x\mos, carpenter, house 4 Cotting
Pearson Andrew B. 75 Long wf. b. 9 Mt. Vernon
Pearson Betsey, widow, h. Snowhill, near Charter
Pearson Chas. marine insp. 41 State, b. 10 Hancock
Pearson David B. broker, house 30 Beach
Pearson David S. boarding, 16 Albany
Pearson Geo. B. architect, boards 10 Hancock
Pearson Geo.W. cl'k at Revere House, h. 10 Adams
Pearson {Henry) & French {Samuel A.), W. I.

goods, 7 Bromfield, house do.
Pearson Isaac E. & Co. (.4. Chase), medicines and

fancy goods, 76 Union, and 106 Blackstone,

house at Charlestown
Pearson Isaac E. (Byam & P.), 66 Union
Pearson John, 56 F.'H. Market, h. at Roxbury
Pearson John H. & Co. merchants, 75 Long wharf,

house 9 Mount Vernon
Pearson John W. capt. boards 9 Mt. Vernon
Pearson Lemuel, painter, house Liverpool, E. B.
Pearson Nancy, widow, house 68 Temple
Pearson Oliver G. book binder, 8 Water, b. 23 Lynde
Pearson Sewell & Co. upholsterers, 595 Washing'n,

up stairs, house 6 Washington court
Pearson Thomas, Neponset Exp. 56 F. H. Market
Pearson Wm. mason, house 1 Winslow place
Pease Albert J. at Revere House
Pease Amos, truckman, house 14 Blossom
Pease Charles L. mariner, house Gold, near B
Pease Lorey, teamster, house Gold, near B
Pease Mary, confectionery, 14 Blossom
Pease Matthew, carpenter, b. 508 Washington
Pease Olive Mrs. house 78 Essex
Pease Roxanna G. house 678 Washington
Pease Silas, porter, house 15 Washington sq.
Pease Silas H. watchman, 15 Washington square
Peaslee J. M. housewright, house 252 Washington
Peaslee Stephen H. porter at American House
Peasley Joseph, blacksmith, h. Seventh, near E
Peavey Alvin, 28 the S. ISIarket, b. 107 Hudson
Peavey Hazen {J. L. Smith Sf Co.), h. Wash. House
Peavey Lyman E. laborer, house 16 Centre
Peavey Mary J. boards 107 Hudson
Pebles Nathaniel, cooper, house rear 55 Pitts
Peck Abel G. house 113 Tremont
Peck Alfred P. house 35 Bridge
Peck Anson, coml) maker, 6 Essex, h. 135 Har. av.
Peck Chauncy, porter Globe Bank, h. 35 Bridge
Peck Daniel, cask dealer, h. Sumner, near Cottage
Peck Dyer H. 61 Kilby, boards U. S. Hotel
Peck Eben. book keeper, 76 AYash. h. at Medford
Peck H. B. Mrs. house 14 Bennet
Peck H. D. W. 101 State, house 14 Bennet
Peck James W. 40 S. Market, h. 2 Livingston
Peck John, W. I. goods, 58 Long wharf
Peck John, organ maker, h. 113 Cambridge
Peck John, jr. clerk, boards 9 Brattle square



Peck Levi (O. P. Prescott &; Co.), h. at Chelsea
Peck Oren, 9 Boylston Market, house 11 Ash
Peck Seavey, clerk, boards 4o Atkinson
Peck Solomon Rev. cor. secretary A. B. M. U. 33

Somerset, house at Roxbury [h. at Medford
Peck T. R. & Co. {Dexter Harloto), hats, 25 Wash.
Pecker {Robert E.) & Dodge {Frederick), grocers,

136 State, boards City Hotel
Peckham Robert, b. 1 Norfolk ave. [at Roxbury
Pedder James, editor Cultivator, 22 N. Market, h.
Pedriek John B. & Co. {Robert P. Boss), shipping

office, 110 Commercial, house at Marblehead
Peeler Henry, machinist, h. Silver, near A
Peeler John J. machinist, house lO-l Third, near C
Peeling Thomas, moulder, house 9 Fruit
Peers l), laborer, house Sumner, n. Cottage
Peets Wm. blacking munuf. h. ISo Fourth [place
Peirce Albert A. broker, 60 Blackstone, h. 7 Spring
Peirce Alonzo, housewright, h. 7 Canton st. place
Peirce Charles H., Methodist Repository, 5 Cornhill
Peirce Cyrus, house 752 Washington
Peirce Edgar, boards 10 Green
Peirce F. & J. & Co. {X. Brou-n), chair dealers, 36

Commercial, house at Charlestown
Peirce George, clerk, house 10 Green
Peirce Geo. H. 7 Chatham, boards 10 Green
Peirce George S. brewer, house 750 Washington
Peirce Henry {Wason, P. &; Co.), h. 56 Charles
Peirce Henry A. mere. 25 Com'l wf. h. at Charlest'n
Peirce John, jr. professor mathematics, U. S. Navy,

129 Washington, boards 23 Bedford
Peirce John P. milkman, house 61 Middlesex
Peirce John W. capt. house 60 Salem
Peirce Jonathan, pump and block maker, 107 1-2

Commercial, head Le'wis wf. h. at S. Reading
Peirce Jonathan, India rubber shoes, 50 Pearl, h.

at Salem
Peirce Joseph, machinist, boards 4 Broadway
Peirce Joseph {F. ^ /. Peirce &; Co.), house at

Charlestown [between E and F

Peirce Joseph, oysters, 169J Tremont, house Third,
Peirce Joseph N. portrait painter, house 39 Fayette
Peirce Oliver, house F, near Gold
Peirce Richard, boarding house, 15 Brattle [bridge
Peirce Roger N. counsellor, 35 Court, h. at Cam-
Peirce Silas & Co. {T. Hall <5v //. P. Cushing), W.

I. goods, 22 Elm, house 3 Montgomery place
Peirce Silas, 2d, 22 Elm

Peirce Silas F. {Treat, P. iS, Co.), 113 Commercial
Peirce Thomas C. Rev. house 45 Marion
Peirce {Thomas W.) & Bacon {Geo.), W.I. goods,

155 Milk, c. Broad, boards at Pavilion
Peirce Wm. clerk, 20 Milk, boards 69 Atkinson
Peirce, See Pierce and Pearce
Peircy Wm. clothing. Broad, house 164 Purchase
Peirson A. L. jr. weigher, 24 Lewis wf. h. at Salem
Pelby Wm. proprietor N. Theatre, house 13 Green
Pelham Charles, boards 6 Cambridge
Pelham Sally, \vidow, house 9 Madison place
Pelletier James A. French teacher, 6 Province
Pelletier Stephen A. F. h. 6 Province
Pelletier Wm. S. book keeper, 192 Wash, boards

6 Province [port

Pelton Oliver, engraver, 63 Court, h. at Cambridge-
Penasco John B. boatman, h. 15 Charter [Andover
Pendergast John, harness maker. Causeway, opp.
Pendergrass Catherine, widow, h. next 100 Southac
Pendergrass John, harness maker, h. Coral court
Pendergrass Nicholas, tailor, Johnson's block
Pendergrass Patrick, carpenter, h. 26 Washing, av.
Pendergrass Philip, laborer, house 5 Lucus place
Pendergrass Sylvanus, laborer, 178 Purchase
Pendergrass Wm. laborer, h. 29 West Dedham
Pendlebury Teresa M. 9 Thacher, c. N. Margin
Pendleton John, captain, boards 5 Hartford place
Pendleton Jos. A. fruit. See. 106 State, b. 30 Pearl
Pendleton Mary, house 5 South May
Pendleton Phineas, jr. {Blanchard, Sherman Sf Co.)
Pendleton Simeon, captain, house 285 Fourth
Penn Joseph, blacksmith, 9 Canal, h. 121 Broadway |

Pennell D. Spear, teacher of music, 1 Park
Pennell Matthew L. {Bradbury, Harmon S^ Co.), h.

271 Third, near Dorchester [place

Pennell Sumner, truckman, 5 Broad, h. 5 Bartlett
Penney Augustus {S. S. Pennet/ S^ Brother), house

3 Tremont [the South Market, h. 3 Tremont
Penney S. S. & Brother {Atigtistus), provisions, 36
Pcnniman Alanson P. broker, 1 Central wharf
Penniman Albert, printer, boards 22 Lynde
Penniman E. & G. S. calf boots, 33 N. Market
Penniman Geo. boards 1 Linwood
Penniman Hannah, widow, house 6 Pitts
Penniman Henry, boards 1 Hamilton place
Penniman & Co. {Henry Penniman), leather and

shoe stock, 9 I31ackstone, h. 1 Hamilton place
Penniman {James T.) & Fiske {B. W.), boots and

shoes. Water, c. Devonshire, house at Quincy
Penniman John A. printer, h. 48 Nashua
Penniman John M. truckman, 36 N. Market, h.

11 Lowell
Penniman Joshua, plasterer, bds. 4 S. May
Penniman Sarah B. bds. 28 Warren
Pennington E. H. barber, h. 3 Smith pi.
Pentany Michael, laborer, h. 22 Atkinson
Pentlaiid Clement N. painter, house n. E, between

Sixth and Seventh
Pepper Andrew, laborer, h. r. 133 Fourth
Pepper Benjamin, laborer, h. 9 Tileston
Pepper Geo. B. shoe maker, Princeton, E. B.
Pepper Louisa, widow, h. 2 Dillaway pi.
Pepper Sarah, tailoress, h. Foster, c. Charter
Percival John, cabinet maker, bds. 6 Chelsea
Pereival Nath. cabinet maker, h. 6 Chelsea, E. B.
Percy Calvin, housewright, Lime, c. River, h. 87

Percy James B. carpenter, bds. 87 Charles
Perham Ira, coachman, h. 127 Pinckney
Perham Josiah, jr. com. mer. 4 Liberty sq.
Perkins Aaron N. stabler, h. 7 Acorn
Perkins Abraham B. h. 1 Rochester [cord

Perkins Albion C. carpenter, bds. Suffolk, c. Con-
Perkins Alfred, wood, Haverhill, cor. Travers, h. 7

Leveret [100 Wash. h. at Roxbury

Perkins Benj. & Co. (S. K. Whipjile), booksellers,
Perkins Caroline M. h. 51 Summer
Perkins Charles, 119 Washington
Perkins Charles, surveyor, bds. 43 Harvard
Perkins Charles A. S. printer, bds. 16 Albany
Perkins Cyrus E. produce, h. 25 N. Charles
Perkins Daniel, 39 India, h. 61 Dover
Perkins Daniel B. h. 21 E. Orange
Perkins Daniel L. card factory, h. 220 Fourth
Perkins David, carpenter, bds. 22 La Grange pi.
Perkins Dennis F. 2 Cornhill square
Perkins Edward, 26 Water [Sturgis pi.

Perkins Edward, restorator, 43 Congress, house 2
Perkins Edward L. receiver Massachusetts Hospi-
tal Life Ins. Co. bds. U. S. Hotel
Perkins Elisha K. cooper, h. 4 N. Chapel pi.
Perkins Enoch W. 16^ Long wf. h. at Somerville
Perkins Ezra, cooper. Fifth, h. Gold, n. C.
Perkins {Frederick), Doe {E. R.), & Co. {H. Grew),

dry goods, 109 Milk, bds. U. S. Hotel
Perkins Geo. A. tailor, 76 Wash. h. at Charlest'n
Perkins Geo. C. bds. 12 Temple place
Perkins Geo. W. cooper, h. 53 Prince
Perkins Gideon A. brewer, bds. 30 W. Canton
Perkins Giles S. carpenter, h. 7 Oswego
Perkins Harriet Mrs. h. 4 Hanover av.
Perkins Henry G., Worcester, R. R., Beach
Perkins Henry I. confectionery, 465 Washington,

h. 56 West Orange
Perkins H. N. counsellor, 20 Court [h. at Danvers
Perkins Israel, grocer, Harr. av. c. Northampton,
Perkins Jacob L. counsellor, 35 Court, boards 10
Montgomery place [N. Prince

Perkins James, shipsmith, Lincoln's wharf, h. 8
Perkins James D. 26 Foster's wf. h. Gold, n. C
Perkins James M. {Steve?is iSf P.), h. 15 Leveret
Perkins Job H. blacksmith, 'B. & W. car shop



Perkins John {Gridhy, Gay, &; P.), h. 77 Atkinson
Perkins John, 404 Wash. h. 1 Newton ct.
Perkins John A. hackman, h. 16 May
Perkins John B. mason, h. 1 Zone
Perkins John G. clerk, 31 Prince, b. 27 Howard
Perkins John L. card maker, h. 8 E. Orange
Perkins John T. upholsterer, 6 S. To\vnsend pi.
Perkins Jonathan T. h. lo Leveret
Perkins Joseph S. glass packer, h. Silver, n. D
Perkins Jotham S. hatter, bds. 2 Crescent pi.
Perkins Marj', widow, boarding, h. 2 Crescent pi.
Perkins Mary, widow of JohnS. h. lo Leveret
Perkins Matthew, watchmaker, 120 Hanover, h. do.
Perkins Nathaniel, cooper, bds. 1 North sq.
Perkins Oliver L. bookseller, 62 Cornhill, house 1

Perkins Patrick, blacksmith, h. 7 Pearl pi.
Perkins Rawson H. 1 Long wf. bds. 196 Tremont
Perkins Richard, oil, Portland, b. 109Pinckney
Perkins Samuel, milkman, h. 114 Fourth
Perkins Sam'l G. clerk, 8 Liberty sq. h. 15 Leveret
Perkins Samuel S. housewright, Harrison avenue,

h. 323 Broadway
Perkins Sarah Ann, widow of Franklin, 13 Dover
Perkins (.S. H.) & Higginson (C. J.), merchants,

38 Central wf, h. at Brookline
Perkins Scth, carpenter, h. 4 Pitts pi.
Perkins Thomas Hopkins, 12 Franklin av.
Perkins T. Henrv, 29 State, h. 1 Mt. Vernon av.
Perkins Thomas'H. h. 12 Temple pi.
Perkins Thomas H. jr. 17.^ Trem. row, h. 1 Joy pi.
Perkins Thos. H. 3d {Head S; P.), b. 1 Joy pi.
Perkins Thomas S. fish packer, h. 09 Marion
Perkins Wilder G. mason, h. Porter, E. B. [pi.
Perkins Wm. merch. 49 Com'l wf. h. o Winthrop
Perkins Wm. shoe maker, 26 Salem, h. at Chelsea
Perkins Wm. sheet iron worker, bds. .55 Hanover
Perkins Wm. B. {Lecmto ^ P.), h. 43 Lincoln
Perkins Wm. H. cabinet maker, h. Chelsea, E. B.
Perkins Wm. P. h. 14 Mount Vernon
Perkins Wm. R. shoes, 2 Blackstone, h. at Reading
Perl Charles Bell, clerk, bds. 5 Kellam pi.
Perley George, h. oo Marion
Pero Martha A. widow, h. Cottage, E. B.
Perrin Augustus W. & S. C. palm leaf, wholesale,

53 Kilby, h. 35 Warren
Perrin David C. 53 Kilby, h. at Roxbury
Perrin Franklin, bds. 35 Warren
Perrin George W. h. 121 Pinckney [Cambridge

Perrin Noah, jr. {Pernj, Jacobs, ^ Co.), house at
Perrin Payson, h. 22 Common [Pine

Perrin Stephen C. (.4. IF. ,Sf S. C. Perrin), \i. Z
Perrin Wm. H. 4 Court, bds. American House
Perry Catharine Mrs. h. 6 Bartlett
Perry Charles A. carpenter, bds. 2 Prospect
Perry Caroline M. widow, h. 10 Ash
Perry Dan'lW. (Temple & Perry), r. 26 Congress
Perry (Dexter) & Worsters (Asa S^ E. G.), variety

store. Broad, c. India wf. h. 21 Marion
Perry Elisha, painter, h. Lexington, E. B.
Perry Elizabeth, boarding, 17 Cross
Perry Emery W. clerk, 138 Wash. h. at Watertown
Perry Granville (Baker ^ P.), 613 Washington
Perry James M. h. 18 Hayward pi.
Perry John, laborer, h. 6 Andover
Perry John, jr. broker, 23 Slate
Perry John B. trader, Lehigh, c. Albany
Perry John W. painter, h. 43 Prince
Perry Joseph, h. 31 Piedmont [at Roxbury

Perrv Levi, machinist at Brown's, Harrison av. h.
Perry Lucy, h. 84 Tyler
Perry Lucy, nurse, h. Saratoga, E. B.
Perry (Li/man), Jacobs (H.), & Co. (N. Perrin, jr.),

com. merch. 10 S. Market, h. 18 Staniford
Perry Marshall S. physician, h. 16 Rowe
Perry Nathan F. housewright, h. 199 Hanover
Perry Nathaniel, h. 8 Asylum
Perry Parker, boot maker, h. 23 E. Orange
Perry Rufus A. rigger, h. 528 Commercial
Perry Stephen A. grocer, 204 Har. av. b. 3 Genesee

Perry Thomas, butcher, h. 3 Carney place
Pen-y William, hair dresser, Lowell, c. Barton
Perry William Mrs. h. 11 Gouch
Perry William, stoves and tin ware, 501 Washing-
ton, h. 37 Porter [Tyler
Perry Wm. wood and coal, Sea, opp. East, house 5
Perry AVm. jr. & Co. (J. Federhen,jr.), vratches, 2

Hanover, bds. 15 Butolph
Perry William A. daguerreotypist, 247 Washingt'n
Perry William G. laborer, h. 12 N. Grove
Perry William S. lumber, Lehigh, h. at Dorchester
Peters Charles J. h. r. 763 Washington
Peters Cornelius, laborer, h. 6 Lowell pi.
Peters Edward D. & Co. (George II. Peters ^ J.
P. EUicott), com. merchants, 12 Central wharf,
h. AVashington, c. Canton
Peters Edward D. jr. (Crockett, Peters, &; Co.), h.
Suffolk, c. Pembroke [fedinboro'

Peters George H. (E. D. Peters &; Co.), house 28
Peters Isaac A. printer, h. 3 Middlesex
Peters John, mariner, h. Clifton pi.
Peters John, mariner, h. 23 Washington place
Peters John, rigger, house 115 Broad
Peters .Samuel, book binder, bds. 23 Lynde
Peters Samuel, brakeman, h. r. 123 Turnpike
Peters Wm. blacksmith, 8 Salutation
Peters Wm. C. clerk, 12 Central wf. bds. Washing-
ton, cor. Canton
Petersilea Charles, bootmaker, house 22 Church
Petersilea Franz, professor of music, h. 86 Tremont
Peterson Andrew, tin plate worker, 275 Washing-
ton and 54 Essex, house 354 Broadway
Peterson Charles, laborer, house 18 Lancaster
Peterson Christian, laborer, h. 4 Battery
Peterson Christian, rigger, house 15 Belmont
Peterson Christian F. caulker, h. Bolton, c. C
Peterson Daniel, shipwright, h. 126 Athens, n. B
Peterson Frederic, seaman, h. 18 Tilestou
Peterson John, carpenter, 56 Atkinson
Peterson John, carpenter, house Mercer
Peterson John H. iron, house Woodward
Peterson (Lorin) & Goodwin (Isaiah), house-

wrights, Zone, house 25 May
Peterson (Lucy A. H ) & Mcliitosh (L. F.), dry

goods, 149 Court, h. Chardon, n. Hawkins
Peterson Patrick, currier, h. rear 9 Federal ct.
Peterson Peter N. boot maker, h. London, E. B.
Peterson Peter M. rigger, house r. 195 Hanover
Peterson Seth C. (Matison &; P.), h. Bennington
Peterson Thomas, laborer, house 8 Greenough av.
Pettee Joseph, daguerreotypist, 113 Wash, house

at Abington
Pettee David, teamster, boards 64 Sea
Pettee Nathaniel, shoemaker, h. 18 Rochester
Pettee Peter, laborer, house 560 Washington
Pettee Seth, clerk N. E. Bank, h. at Dorchester
Pettes Henry ,<: Co. (Joseph &; Joshua Lovejoy),

carpets, 224 Wash. h. at Roxbury
Pettes Horace, house 3 Chessman place
Pettes (John O.) & McMullen (IVm. Jr.), teas,
wines, &c. 15 Tremont row, h. 3 Chessman pi.
Pettengill Aaron, cabinet maker, 203 Broadway, b.

110 Third
Pettengill Benj. O. police officer, h. 91 Endicot
Pettengill Charles H. cigar maker, b. Utica House
Pettengill Charles R. restorator, 40 Fleet [row

Pettingill Charles R. hats, caps, &c. 50 Merchants'
Pettengill Enoch A. machinist, h. Maverick, E. B.
Pettengill Joseph, laborer, house 6 W. Centre
Pettengill J. M. teller Exchange Bank, 28 State,
house 34 Lowell [Liverpool, n. Sumner, E. B.
Pettengill Merrill, inspector Custom House, house
Pettengill Moses, cabinet maker, h. 110 Third, n. C
Pettengill Samuel M. newspaper adver. agency, 10

State, house 56 Poplar
Pettengill (Samuel S.) & Donnell (Wm. E.), ship
joiners, 137 1-2 Commercial, h. 1 Dillaway pi.
Pettingill Benjamin, coachman, b. 82 W. Cedar
Pettingill Charles, house 1 Second
Pettis Leonard A. truckman, h. 1 Buttrick place



Peverelly Rebecca, confectionery, 178 Wash.
Peverly Robert, rigger, house 205 Hanover
Peyser Moritz, 181 Wash. h. 71 Harrison avenue
Peyser S. M. fancy goods, 181 Wash. h. 71 Harr. av.
Pfaff Henry, house Piedmont
Pfatf Karl, German Cottee House, lo5 Pleasant
Phagin Charles, fireman, h. Bolton, n. Dorchester
Phagins Joseph E. stucco worker, h. 78 Pleasant
Phalin Daniel, laborer, h. Harr. av. n. Olive place
Phalin John, gardener, house 18 East
Phalin John, laborer, h. Athens, n. Turnpike
Phelan Mary, grocer, house and store 88 Broad
Phelan Pierce, mariner, house 5 Charlestown
Phelps Maria M. widow of Abel, h. 10 Buliinch
Phelps Abner, physician, house 82 Tremont
Phelps Arthur D. agent, 112 Washington
Phelps Charles A physician, house 82 Tremont
Phelps Elizabeth, widow, house 19 Poplar
Phelps Ephraim S. house 4 Ohio place
Phelps Francis, teacher, Phillips pi. b. 12 W. Cedar
Phelps Geo. T. clerk, lof) Pleasant, house do.
Phelps Jacob C. hatter, house o Albany
Phelps Jerome, painter, 166 Harrison avenue, h.

at Charlestown [Tremont, b. 14 Hayward pi.
Phelps John W. trusses. &.c. 7-5 Court and 176
Phelps J. W. cutter, 2 Hichborn blk. b. Brattle sq.
Phelps Julia, widow of John B. house 43 Bedford
Phelps M. J. widow, house 81 W. Cedar [Lincoln
Phelps Orson C. machinist, 17 Harvard pi. bds. 13
Phelps Samuel B. grocer, boards oO Pleasant
Phelps Sewall, job wagon, Cornhill, cor. Washing-
ton, bds. i Noyes pi.
Phelps (Sewell) & Dalton (Michael), type foundry,

52 Wash. h. 19 Poplar
Phelps Sylvester, book keeper, h. 2 Cruft place
Phelps Wm. B. book keeper, 2 Dock sq. boards

Cornhill Coffee House
Phelps Wm. G. clerk, house 7 Noyes place
Philbrick Charles P. police officer, h. 3 Mahan pi.
Philbrick David, truckman, h. 2 Washburn pi.
Philbrick John D. master Quincy School, house 26

Dover [gists. 160 Wash. b. 45 High

Philbrick {S^mniel B.) & Trafton (C. T.), drug-
Philbrook Albert, shipwright, h. Saratoga, E. B.
Philbrook George, E. Railroad, h. Havre, E. B.
Philbrook George C. house rear 117 Pleasant
Philbrook Geo. W. truckman, house 42 Nashua
Philbrook Horace, clerk at United States Hotel
Philbrook James, 18 Haverhill, h. Chelsea, E. B.
Philbrook Sewcll, carpenter, h. r. Swan, opposite

Ontario [Washington

Phillipps Alfred Mrs. teacher of dancing, 463
Phillipps Alfred, chemist, house 463 Washington
Phillips A. M. teamster, house Holden place
Phillips Arnold B. 34 Ann, house 14 Boylston
Phillips Benjamin, seaman, house 24 High
Phillips Charles, baker, boards 99 Purchase
Phillips Eben B. fish oil, 89 et 91 Fulton, h. at Lynn
Phillips Edward, clerk, boards 2 Tyler
Phillips Edwin, laces, &c. 227 Wash. h. Webster
Phillips Elijah B. freight agent B. & W. Railroad,

house o8 Oak [9 Winter

Phillips E. H. merchant tailor, 1 U. S. Hotel, bds.

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