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Rand Hetty, widow, h. Maiden, n. Washington
Rand Ira, trader, h. Bolton, near C
Rand Isaac & L. & Co. (/. P. Rand), 84 Faneuil

Hall Market, h. at Roxbury [pi.

Rand Isaac P. (/. S^L. Rand l^ Co.), h. 5 Lyman

Rand John, painter & glazier, h. Lexington, E. B.
Rand John, house 806 Washington
Rand Luther (/. ^S' L. Rand §- Co.), h. 5 Lyman pi.
Rand Margaret Mickell, widow, h. 4 Carney pi.
Rand M. L. dress maker, 284 Washington
Rand Oliver J. book binder, bds. 23 Lynda
Rand Oliver P. 35 Federal, bds. 9 La Grange pi.
Rand {R. R.) & Ellis (C. F.), W. I. goods, palm
leaf and palm leaf hats, 159 Milk, house 27 N.
Rand Thomas R. clerk, bds. 31 S. Margin
Rand Thomas R. truckman, bds. 5^ Nashua [Ash
Rand Thorndike, book keeper, Suffolk Bank, h. 1
Rand William, laborer, h. r. 14 May
Rand William J. 51 Blackstone, bds. 36 Leveret
Rand William S. carpenter, bds. 3 Dover place
Randall Abigail, widow, h. Silver, n. D
Randall Alfred, h. Paris, opp. Hotel, E. B.
Randall Alfred, boot maker, h. 1 Centre
Randall Benj. P. F. physician, 95 Tremont
Randall Besa, silver plater, 9 Hawley
Randall Bradbury C. machinist, h. 3 Ringgold
Randall Charles A. printer, h. 26 Oswego
Randall Chas. T. clerk, 59 Milk, bds. Bowdoin sq.
Randall Charles W. dentist, h. 95 Tremont
Randall I)a.\'id (Randall, Brothers), h.. at Waltham
Randall Elizabeth, h. 78 Pleasant
Randall Elizabeth, h. 107 Harrison avenue
Randall George H. 23 N. Market, bds. 49 Fayette
Randall Geo. M. Rev. ed. Christian AVitness, 141

Wash. h. 195 Harrison avenue
Randall Henry, boarding, h. 9 Nashua
Randall JohnC. printer, bds. 8 S. Russell
Randall (J. J.) & Hersey (S. Q.), boot and shoe

manufacturers, 20 Kingston
Randall John T. (Mower <5f R.), h. 30 Portland
Randall, Brothers (,To/ui N. &; David), druggists,

50 & 51 Chatham, h. at Jamaica Plain
Randall Josiah, machinist, b. Am. Change Hotel
Randall Mary V. widow, h. 78 Pleasant
Randall Orlando M., Custom House, h. 47 Pleasant
Randall Otis G. broker, 59 State, h. 1 N. square
Randall Peter, laborer, h. 3 Lee place
Randall Rachel, widow, h. rear 28 Pleasant
Randall Ruth, tailoress, h. c. F'ayette & Jefferson
Randall William, express, h. 64 Emerald
Randall William B. machinist, h. 3 Ringgold
Randidge Geo. L. mer. tailor, 25 School, house at

Randolph Henry, hair dresser, 11 Lindall
Ranger (John) & Woods (John C), butter, cheese,

&c. 101 State, bds. 11 Tyler
Rankin Frederick A. h. rear 5 Henchman lane
Rankin George & Co. (,/. G. Piper), lumber, Le-
high, cor. Albany, h. 47 Oak
Rankin Helen, fancy goods, h. 2 May [W. Cedar
Rankin Ira P. ( TF/«. 2l. Broion,jr. .Sf Co.), h. 4
Ranney Ambrose A. counsellor, 11 Court, b. U. S.
Hotel [Causeway

Ranney David G. (Little, Alden ^ Co.), house 5
Ranney David S. chairs, 40 ComT, h. at Chelsea
Ranney Franklin G. 40 Commercial, h. at Chelsea
Ranney Henry S. cigars. Pearl, c. Broad, house at

Ransom Alex, artist, 2 Amory Hall, bds. 9 Village
Ransom Chandler R. {Bradburij, Harmon &; Co.),
h. at Roxbury [h.'l4 E, near Seventh

Ransom Greely, junk, store on S. B. old bridge,
Ransom John G. junk. Turnpike, h. Seventh, n. F
Ranstead (Charles) & Morse (L. IF.), nails and

junk, 25 Foster's wf. h. 6 Phipps place
Ranstead (Charles), Dearborn (A.), & Co. (F.
Sheldon), manufactu'rs wrought iron forgings,
25 Foster's wf.
Rantoul (Robert, Jr.) & Putnam (Geo. F.), counsel-
lors, 22 & 24 Mass. bl'k. Court sq. h. at Bev'ly
Rawdon, Wright, Hatch & Edson, bank note en-
gravers, 24 Merchants' Exchange
Rawson Albert L. 54 Com'l, h. at Cambridgeport
Rawson Jonathan, carpenter, bds. 22 Kneeland



Rawson Matthew, carpenter, h. 12 Lovis

Rawson {Orrin), Brisham {Wm. P.), & Pratt

(/>. U.), dry soods, ,57 Milk, h. 59 (Jharles
Ray Charles, stabler, bds. 9 La Grange place
Ray George G. book keeper, h. 8 Livingston
Ray James, cap manufactory, 19 Brattle sq. cor.

Elm, h. 7 Myrtle ct.
Ray James, carpenter, bds. 37 Portland
Ray James, job wagon, h. 32 Kingston
Ray John, carpenter, h. Silver, near B
Ray Mary, h. 9 Columbia [Com'l Coflce House

Ray M. L. forwarding merchant, 3.^ Com'l, bds.
Ray Patrick, pro.visions, 113 Broad, h. 9 Esse.\ pi.
Ray Peter, house 13 Hawkins
Ray Richard, porter, bds. 10 Sister
Ray Robert, blacksmith, house Second, near F
Ray Robert R. clerk, 9 R. R. block, Lincoln, bds.

190 Harrison av.
Raycroft Alexander, mariner, h. 19 Wash. av.
Raycrol't Thomas, rigger, h. 4 Henchman lane
Raycroft Wm. tailor, house 4 Henchman lane
Raymond Curtis B. {FuUerton Sf /?.), h. 23 Beacon
Raymond Daniel C. {Z. L. Raymond ^ Co.), house

at Chelsea
Raymond Kdward, clerk, boards -5 Piedmont
Raymond Edward A. house 50 Chambers
Raymond Emmons ct Co. (S. N. S/reper S; G. Dick-
inson), W. L goods, 2 He 9 F. Hall, h. 3 McT>ean
Raymond Francis H. clerk, boards 6 Oak place
Raymond Freeman C. watches and jewelry, 229
Wash. h. 3 Garden ct. st. [Garden ct. st.

Raymond I''reeborn F. grocer, 103 Hanover, bds. 3
Raymond George S. 87 Wash. b. IS Hanover
Raymond George W. mason, bds. 7''59 Washington
Raymond Geo. W. mason, h. o May [h. 3 Unity
Raymond Joseph P., W. L goods, Ann, c. Fleet,
Raymond Samuel, boots and shoes, 31 Broad, h.
at Charlestown [Charlestown

Raymond Samuel S. 27 Merchants' row, house at
Raymond T. 11. 103 Hanover, h. at Medford
Raymond Wm. clerk Merchants' Bank, house at

Raymond Z. L. & Co. {D. C. Raymond), produce,

com. met. 11 South Market, h. at Cambridge
Rayner Charles L. 2 Milk, bds. at Pavilion
Rayuer Jacob, 6 Court sq. h. at Charlestown
Rayner John & Co. {John, J.), coach and chaise

' manufactory, 17 and 19 Sudbury, h. 2 Derne
Rayner John J. {J. Rayner S^ Co.), \\. 2 Derne [lem
Rayner Warren G. salesman, 71 (-ongress, h. at Sa-
Raynes Francis, carpenter, 4 Salt lane [h. do.

RayTiolds Brewster, W. I. goods, Broadway, e. I>,
Raynolds John ( Woodbridge, 11. §■ Co.), house at

Rea George R. clerk, house 6 Carver
Rca Samuel, livery stable, 8 Federal ct. h. 11 do.
Rca Wm. A. merchant, 49 Ci«itral wf. house 16
Temple place [bridgeport

Read Alexander H. leather, 20 Elm, house at Cam-
Read Charles A. agent W. R. R. 14 R. R. Exeh.
Read Edward, 43 S. Market, bds. C Cambridge
Read Elisha B. agent for painted carpets, 2-5.^ Milk,

house 12 Village
Read George J. house 1 Kuhn place [Third, n. B
Read George S. silversmith, 1 Court av. boards
Read Harrison O. 4 Faneuil Hall, h. 6 Oxford pi.
Read J. & Co. (John if Job Seaman), grindstones,

50 E. R. R. wharf
Read {Jarnes) & Chadwick (C. C), commis. mer-
chants, 20 Milk, house (38 Beacon* [place
Read James B. livery stable, Howard, h. 7 Allston
Read Joseph S. saddlery and trunks, 11 1-2 Ex-
change, house at Cambridgeport
Read Josiah M. crimping machines and stoves, 4^

Gerrish block, Ann, h. Bennington
Read J. Walter (O. Hudson <^ Co.), b. 10 Allston
Read M. J. widow, house 32 Prince
Read Thomas, laborer, house r. 104 Purchase
Read Wm. physician, 585 Washington
Read Wm. brass finisher, house 3 Gorham place

Read Wm. (Lane <Sr it.), h. at Cambridge
Readdy Hannah, laundress, rear 2 Hawley
Readdy Jeremiah, carpenter, h. r. 10 Fayette
Readdy John, foundry man, h. Second, cor. A
Ready Patrick, laborer, house 3 Belmont
Readhead A. T. proprietor Readhead's Hotel,

South, cor. Kneeland
Reardon John, laborer, house 314 Ann
Reardon John, tailor, house 60 Atkinson
Reardon John, tailor, house 90 Ann
Reardon John, laborer, house 36 Tyler
Reardon Michael, laborer, house 29 Middlesex
Reardon Thomas, laborer, house 30 Erie
Reardon 'i'imothy, laborer, house 44 N. Margin
Rechner George, baker, house 9 East street pi.
Redding Benj^ B. (liowker,^ R.), h. Chelsea, E. B.
Redding (Jharles, painter, 98 Court, h. at Roxbury
Redding Ebenezer H. wharfinger, E. B. Wf. Co.

Lewis, E. B. house 5 Sumner
Redding Franklin, machinist, h. 1 12 Pleasant
Redding (Geo. IV.) & Co. (A. Williams S; G. M.

Halihurton), periodical depot, 8 State, house

24 Carver ['20 Brighton

Redding Harvey, glass stainer. 16 Atkinson, h.
Redding Henrietta, widow, house 142 Pleasant
Redding Lemuel, grocer, 36 Thacher, house 135

Redding Lvdia H. seamstress, h. 10 Tileston
Redding ^f argarot, widow, house 9 Wheeler's ct.
Redding Wm. F. clerk, 29 Tremontrow
Rcddington John 11. bds. Sumner, c. Lewis, E. B.
Reddy Daniel, i)avor, house B, near Fifth
l{('(ldy Robert F. puddler. Second, near I [May
Jicdfcrn lOdward C. watch maker, 67 Wash. n. 12
Rcdfcru Sarah, widow, house 12 May
Ridficld Alljcrt, musician, house r. 34 S. Margin
Redfield Sally, widow, house 2 Snowhill place
Reding Richard, tailor, house 90 Tyler
Redlon Cyrus, boot maker, house South Russell
Redly Conrad, blacksmith, house 68 Middlesex
Redmond Charles, tailor, house v. 59 Prince
Reed Albert, house 94 Warren
Reed Alvan, hides and furs, 15 and 16 Comm'l wf.

house at S. Weymouth [Abington

Reed Amos S. (.4. .S,- A. S. Ri'ed &; Co.), house at
Reed Augustus, house Marion, E. B.
Reed Augustus Mrs. boarding, 27 Howard
Reed A. & A. S. & Co. (Rrac/dey Shaw, 3d), grain,

12 Railroad block, Lincoln, h. 66 Hudson
Reed Benj. F. h. 43 Tyler [Bank, h. 11 Trem't pi.
Reed Benj. T. treas. Mass. Iron Co. rear Suttblk
Reed Caleb, treas. S. Boston Iron Co. 2 Central

wf. h. 101 Pinckney
Reed Charles, painter, house 28 Pleasant
Reed Charles, laborer, house 5 Battery
Reed Charles H. housewright, h. 269 Third
Reed Charles M. house 7 High
Reed Charles S. h. 24 Chambers [h. 10 Causeway
Reed Charles T. provisions, 38 and 40 Cambridge,
Reed Charlotte, boards 4 Franklin square
lieed Daniel, machinist, house 12 Curve
Reed David, publisher Chris. Register, 22 School,

house 1 Bedford place
Reed David, cook, house 36 Southac
Reed Davis, cabinet maker, h. (J, n. Broadway
Reed Dexter, baggage wagoner, house 60 Fourth
Reed Edward, boards 1 I'iuc place
Reed Edward ( WeHinyton cV R.), b. 27 Boylston
Reed Edward C. cooper, h. 5 Thacher ct. [Bridge
Reed Elbridge G. iron foundry, N. Grove, h. 36
Reed Elias, machinist, house rear 730 Washington
Reed Elihu H. 28 Long wf. house 19 Hancock
Reed Eliza V. widow, house 16 Genesee
Reed Fanny F. teacher, 254 Hanover
Reed (GardnerK.) dt Wainwright (//. C), com.

mere. 17 Central wf. house at Wilmington
Reed George, painter, house 21 Belmont
Reed George, laborer, house rear 24 S. Cedar
Reed George, teamster, house 94 Leveret
Reed George A. bowling, 10 Charlestown



Reed George A. boards 58 Salem

Reed George H. (i^timpson &; R.), house 57 Charles

Reed Geoi<>;e H. express wagon, Maverick sq. h.

Lexington place
Reed George M. stone cutter, h. Old Road
Reed George P. & Co. {G. D. RdsscU), music

store, 17 Tremont row, h. 49 Eliot
Reed Gideon F. T. 6) Wash, house at Canton
Reed Henry, cl'k, 11 1-2 Exchange, h. 4 Quincy pi.
Reed Henry, painter, house 1 Greenough lane
Reed Henry, cooper, h. Dove, n. Dorchester
Reed Henry A. (Pierce, Clark cV i?.), b. 3 Otis pi.
Reed James, laborer, bds. rear 33 Merrimac
Reed James B. oil, house 43 Atkinson
Reed James M. painter, house 10 Richmond
Reed James W. 461 Wash. b. Church, c. Piedmont
Reed J. E. {Wight, R. S; Co.), 86 Milk [Pinckney
Reed John, boots and shoes, 261 Washing, h. 67
Reed John, laborer, h. 9 Osborn place
Reed John, hides and furs, 15 and 16 Comm'l wf.

house at S. Weymouth [pi.

Reed John, jr. ( W.D. Ticknor S; Co.), h. 11 Milton
Reed John H. boards 1 Tremont place
Reed Joseph B. {Stanwood .^ R), 9 N. Market
Reed Joseph W. paper carrier, h. 42 Charlestown
Reed Josiah M. paper ruler, 21 Cornhill, boards 7

Province House ct.
Reed Lucy Mrs. boarding, 19 Hancock
Reed Lyman (S: Co. {David Reed), com. merch'nts,

103 State, house Dudley st. Roxbury
Reed Margaret Mrs. dress maker, 9.] Eliot
Reed Maria, boarding, h. 7 Province House court
Reed Mary, widow of William, h. Orleans, E. B.
Reed Patrick, house 23 Williams
Reed Phebe, widow, house 7 Church [Charlestown
Reed Ransom, N. E. Steam & Gas Pipe Co. 28
Reed Reuben, harness maker, 32 Elm, h. 18 Lynde
Reed Robert, laborer, house 29 Friend
Reed Robert R. clerk, boards 196 Harrison avenue
Reed Rufus K. dry goods, 72 Hanover, bds. Havre,

near Meridian [India, h. 7 Louisburgh sq.

Reed (Sampson) & Cutler (Wtn. J.), druggists, 33
Reed (Sanniel G.), Wade (Reuben S.), & Co. (Jos.

A. Haines), wines, 16 N. Market, h. 3 Allen
Reed Solomon, housewright, house Willow, c. Mt.

Reed Susan, widow, house 12 Bridge [Chelsea

Reed Theodore, tool store, 3 Union block, h. at
Reed Thomas, furniture polisher, h. 2 Newton ct.
Reed Thomas, painter, 303 ComT, h. 26 Snowhill
Reed Thomas, boarding, 26 Ann
Reed Thomas B. tailor, boards 26 Ann
Reed Thos. C. toys, Ike. 43 South, house do.
Reed (Timothy) & Kenny (Chaiincey D.), produce

and fruit, 21 Merchants' row, house 37 High
Reed Wm. cooper, boards 1 Robinson alley
Reed Wm. harness maker, 20 Hawley, h. 51 Eliot
Reed Wm. A. clerk, house 60 Fayette
Reed Wm. B. & Co. grocers, 43 Federal, house

Maverick, cor. Havre, E. B. [60 do.

Reed Wm. C. provisions, 51 and 53 W. Cedar, h.
Reedy Maurice O'KeefFe, physician and surgeon,

14 West
Reedy Michael, laborer, house rear 9 Ohio place
Rees John O. shipping office, 76 Commercial
Rees Thomas, laborer, house 7 Hanover av.
Reeves Benjamin F. hair dresser, 11 Elm and 14

Brattle square, house 29 May
Reeves Dexter, clerk, house 73 Silver, near B
Reeves John, tailor, house 9 Merrimac
Reeves John, laborer, house 20 Williams
Reeves Wm. C. clerk, b. 128 Cambridge [Tyler
Regally M. watches and clocks, 4 School, house 3
Regan John, seaman, house 1 Jackson avenue
Reggio (A'icho/as) & Newell (C F.), commission

merchants, 31 Central wharf, house 57 Summer
Reid Barney, laborer, house 10 Kingston
Reid George Mrs. h. Webster, n. Jeffries, E. B.
Reid James ¥. marble worker, boards 33 Lincoln
Reid John, machinist, h. Athens, n. E

Reid Joshua T. piano-forte maker, h. 9 S. Town-
send pi.
Reid Mary Mrs. house 39 Salem
Reid Thomas B. carpenter, house 141 Fourth
Reinhard John D. wood and coal, opp. 170 Sea, h.

at Dorchester
Remich Benjamin, housewright, h. 91 W. Cedar
Remich Bculah F. h. 732 Wash, corner Olive pi.
Remich Samuel II. housewright, h. 3 Kennard av.
Remick (Andoniram) & Co. (N.J., ]V. J. &; W. B.
Remick), straw and fancy goods, 176 Hanover
and 8 Tremont row, house 51 Brigliton [town
Remick Hiram P. (Chcever ^ R.). house at Charles-
Reniick Irvin, stucco worker, house 2 Pitts place
Remick John H. captain, house 64 Silver, near B
Remick Joseph, jr. machinist, boards 83 W. Cedar
Remick Jos. N. clerk, 10 Elm

Remick Noah J. (Remick &; Co.), house at Chelsea
Remick Sarah, widow, house Highland pi. E. B.
Remick Warren J. (Remick iSf Co.), h. at Chelsea
Remick Wni. A. painter, house 83 W. Cedar
Remick William 13. (Reiuirk&: Co.), h. at Chelsea
Remington S. R. teacher of music, b. 7 Oliver pi.
Remmes Theodore, cordwainer, Harrison avenue,

near Castle, house 6 Middlese.K
Remmonds Wm. captain, house 4 Paris pi. E. B.
Renakin Ludwig, laborer, house Noble place, E. B.
Renton Peter, physician, house 14 Bedford
Restieaux Thomas, druggist, 132 Hanover, corner

Cross, house I Eaton
Rese Charles, house 29 E. Orange [53 Spring

Revaleon Charles F. hairdresser, 84Blackstone, h.
Revaleon John D. hair dresser, 115 Blackstone, h.

2 N. Brighton
Revere Ed. H. R. boards 122 Tremont st.
Revere Francis, 193 Washington, bds. 9 Kingston
Revere John, 97 State, house 3 Exeter place
Revere Joseph W., Battery wf. h. 122 Tremont
Reynolds Charles, machinist, h. Maverick, E. B.
Reynolds Charles G., City Treas. Office, house at

Reynol Is Clark, boards 5Billerica
Reynolds Cynthia, house 33 Washington square
Reynolds Daniel, boot maker, h. Tyler, n. Curve
Reynolds Daniel, laborer, house Thacher avenue
Reynolds Edward, house 5 Pine
Reynolds Edward, jr. physician, house 29 Winter
Reynolds Edw. E., N. E. block, h. at Charlesto^vn
Reynolds F. G. widow, h. Broadway, n. Dorchester
Reynolds George C. 8 Clinton, bds. 5 Billerica
Reynolds Geo. T. lapidary, 8 Court av. h. 27 Gard'n
Reynolds Jacob, chair painter, house Havre, E. B.
Reynolds John P. house 29 Winter
Reynolds Mary, widow, house 2 Milton
Reynolds Patrick, polisher, boards 16 Williams
Reynolds Patrick, handcartman, h. 38 Endicot
Reynolds Samuel, house 27 Garden [Garden

Reynolds Samuel, jr. lapidary, 8 Court av. h. 27
Reynolds (Samuel S.) & Waitt (^.), morocco, leath-
er, sumac, iS:c. N. E. block, h. at Charlestown
Reynolds Susan D. widow of Wm. h. 14 Wash. sq.
Reynolds Temperance, house 16 Pinckney
Reynolds Thomas, boards 2 Hersey place
Reynolds Willard, stevedore, house r. 12 Charter
Reynolds William, house 8 Fayette court
Reynolds William, plumber, h. r. 34 S. Margin
Reynolds Wm. B. & Co. (P. Grant), merchants,

33 Commercial wf. house 18 W. Cedar
Reynolds Wm. J. & Co. (Fred. A. Brotni), pub-
lishers, 24 Cornhill, house at Roxbury
Reynolds Wm. M. clerk, boards 16 Pinckney
Rhoades Asa. H. 15 and 17 Court, house 41 Carver
lihoades C. H. cabinet maker, house .351 Tremont
Rhoades Charles W. machinist, house Newland, n.

Rhoades Edmund, teamster, house 1 Knox
Rhoades Jacob, house 8 Hull
Rhoades Lyman, printer, boards 9 Brattle square
Rhoades Samuel, sail maker, 54 Comm'l, house at



Rhoades Samuel H. provisions, 227 Hanover, h.

at Chelsea
Rhoades Stephen, Court, c. "Washington
Rhoades Wm. {Harvey ^ R.), 4 Canal
Rhoades Wm. puddler, house First, near K
Rhoades ( Wm. J.) & Newhall (//. T.), coopers, 149

Milk, house 97 Purchase
Rhodes Albert H. tailor, 33 Wash. b. 8-5 Bedford
Rhodes Allen, Bos. & Me. depot, h. r. 9 Friend
Rhodes Henry A. ticket master B. & M. R. R. h.

rear 9 Friend
Rhodes Daniel, clerk, F. H. Market, h. 8 Carver
Rhodes T. M. shoes and leather, 67 Fulton, h. at

Rice's Express, R. R. Exchange
Rice Aaron & Co. {T. G. Rice), merchants, 4 Cen-
tral wharf, house at Cambridge
Rice Abraham M. (L. Rice S^ Co.), Amer. House
Rice Alexander H. {Wilkins, Carter^ Co.), 29 In-
diana pi.
Rice A. W. provisions, 7 the South Market
Rice Alonzo P. V. housewright, h. 75 Nashua
Rice Augustus M. sheet iron worker, h. Saratoga
Rice Betsey, boarding, house 2 Wall
Rice Charles, house 12 Franklin
Rice Charles, stevedore, house 15 Salutation
Jiiae {Charles) & Wason (IK;h. ), palm leaf hats,

69 Pearl, boards 27 Lyman place
Rice Charles B. police officer, house 18 Andover
Rice {E. W. F.) & Plummer (J. P.), brewers, 748

Wash, house do.
Rice Edward E. {Tenney <Sf R.), h. at Dorchester
Rice Edwin, constable, 10 Court square, h. Sara-
toga, E. Boston
Rice Edwin, 118 State, boards Marlboro' Hotel
Rice Eliza, boarding, 13 Gouch
Rice Emery, 53 F. H. Market, house at Brighton
Rice Emery, jr. F. H. Market, h. 46 Fayette
Rice Francis W. junior ed. Olive Branch, 5 Wash.
Rice Franklin {F. &; F. Rice), b. Marlboro' Hotel
Rice Freeman & Franklin, grocers, 118 State, bds.

Marlboro' Hotel
Rice George, stevedore, house 9 Battery
Rice {George) & Crosby (£)«(.'(>/), grocers. Leveret,

corner Brighton, house at E. Cambridge
Rice George Edward, counsellor, 30 Court
Rice George H. clerk, 46 Brattle
Rice G. Woods, clerk, 32 India, h. at Dorchester
Rice Hannah M. Mrs. house 22 Beacon
Rice Harriet Mrs. house 11 Norfolk place
Rice Henry, broker, 28 State, boards 51 Summer
Rice Henry A. {Denny, R. S; Gardner), house 25

Rice Henry G. merchant, house 62 Beacon
Rice Henry W. 99 Washington
Rice Homer {Chapman &; Rice), h. at Cambridge
Rice Hosea B. mason, house 33 Kingston
Rice Israel C. & W. & Co. {R. Rice), 69 and 71 F.

H. Market, house 14 Allen
Rice Israel M. {Brett &: R), house at Dorchester
Rice James, clerk Register Deeds, h. 2 Rutland
Rice James T. house 28 Snowhill
Rice James W. clerk, 16 Water, h. Indiana place
Rice Jerome, boards 62 Belknap [120 Tremont

Rice John P. gent's furnishing goods, 80 Wash. h.
Rice J. Willard, clerk, boards 29 Indiana place
Rice Lewis & Co. {A. M. Rice), proprietors Amer-
ican House, 42 Hanover [Adams House
Rice Lewis C. daguerreotypist, 257 Wash, boards
Rice Loiiis, millinery, 259" Wash. [102 Charles
Rice Luther G. watch maker, 226 Washington, h.
Rice Ly Sander B. {Tarbell &; R.), b. City Hotel
Rice Mary A. Mrs. house rear 98 Fourth
Rice Mason A. carpenter, 14 Sudbury, b. 12 Pitts
Rice Milo, coach maker, h. Sumner place, E. B.
Rice Mira. house 718 Washington
Rice Nancy, nurse, house 5 Leveret
Rice {Nathan) & Thaxter {Benjamin), merchants,

27 Long wharf, house at Cambridge
Rice Nathan, distiller, house 22 Billerica

Rice Nelson, laborer, house Old Road, S. B.

Rice Patrick, laborer, house 6 Soiithac

Rice P. A. dress maker, 49 1-2 Hanover

Rice Philo W. cap maker, rear 39 Washington

Rice Reuben (/. C. * W. Rice &; Co.), h. 22 Temple

Rice Samuel, real estate broker, 9 State, boards 40

Green [Merrimac, b. 38 Lowell

Rice {Samuel H.) & Nichols {Otis), grocers, 50
Rice Seth H. 57 Milk, house 7 La Grange place
Rice Thomas G. {Aaron Rice St; Co.), h. at Camb.
Rice Thomas J. boards 10 Channing
Rice Timothy, porter, house 99 Endicot
Rice William, blacksmith, house 4 Newton court
Rice William Rev. house 62 Poplar [Pinckney

Rice Wm. it Co. com. mer. 5 Chatham row, h. 50
Rice Wm. gilder, b. Sumner, c. Cottage, E. B.
Rice Wm. (/. C. i^ W. Rice ^ Co.), h. 49 Hancock
Rice Wm. A. {Vituil &; R.), Causeway, cor. Ando-
ver, house 2 Andover
Rice William B. house 62 Beacon
Rice {Wm. D.) & Jenkins (A''.), coppersmiths, 32

Meirimac, cor. Travers, h. at Roxbury [E. B.
Rich Adoniram, housewright, h. Lexington place,
Rich Benj., Am. Ins. Co. 54 State, b. 1 Winthrop

Rich Benjamin S. steam planing, b. 163 Fourth
Rich Charles H. oysters. 99 Hanover
Rich Edward R. collector, h. Dorchester, c. B'way
Rich George B. grocer, house 4 Billings court
Rich George B. clerk, house 26 Cross
Rich Isaac {Snow &; R.), house at Brookline
Rich Isaac B., Plymouth Express, 7 State
Rich Isaac B. {Freeborn &; Rich), b. 79 Brighton
Rich Isaiah A. fish packer, house 1 Revere place
Rich Jane S. widow, house rear 525 Washington
Rich John L. house 55 Prince
Rich Josiah, laborer, house 7 Chessman place
Rich Lydia, house 1 Bulfinch place
Rich Matthias, jr. grocer. Friend, corner Travers,

house 4 Snowhill court
Rich {Michael) & Wendell {Benjamiti), fish and

oysters, 2 Green, house at Charlestown
Rich Nelson, mason, house 29 Porter
Rich Obediah, silversmith, 7 Chapman place, house

Broadway, near K
Rich Otis, 45 Pearl, house 7 Edinboro'
Rich Peter S. carpenter, h. Third, corner D
Rich Richard, provisions. Central sq. house Ben-
nington, E. B.
Rich Richard, jr. trunk maker, 62 Blackstone
Rich Samuel ('7'. ,Sr .S. Rich), boards 2 Fleet
Rich Sanmel H. Mrs. h. Suffolk, corner Brookline
Rich Shebnah, clothing, &c. 3 Mercantile wf. h. 16

Rich Sylvanus, fish, 92 Federal, h. 14 Sullivan pi.
Rich Thomas & Samuel, fish. Fleet, n. Hanover,

boards 40 Fleet
Rich Thomas P. 45 and 47 Pearl
Rich Timothv, collector, 1 1-2 Water, h. atMedford
Rich Wm. W. tailor, 3 1-2 Lindall
Richards Ambrose, 42 Milk, house at Roxbury
Richards Augustus, boots & shoes, 58 Blackstone,

h. at Quincy [32 Carver

Richards Calvin A. (/. D. Richards S; Son), house
Richards Calvin, painter, boards 33 Porter
Richards Charles H. laborer, h. 3 Sigourney place
Richards Charles W. 107 Milk, boards 21 Somerset
Richards David, painter, house B, near Fifth
Richards Dexter N. {H. Ammidowu iSf Co.), boards

50 Harrison avenue
Richards Ephraim, bojirds 50 Harrison avenue
Richards E. B. house 25 London [Wash. House
Richards Edward, harness maker, h. Wash. opp.
Richards {Francis) & Noyes {Hosea), painters, 42

School, house 12 Osborn place
Richards George Rev. house 44 Bedford
Richards Geo. H. 25 Ann, boards 12 Howard
Richards George H. & H. iron and steel, 109 State,

house at Jamaica Plain [h. 47 Billerica

Richards Geo. O. restorator, Lowell, c. Brighton,



Richards Henry, laborer, house 17 Norfolk pi.
Richards Henry, machinist, boards 2 Sears' pi.
Richards Henry {George H. Sg H. Richards), house

at Jamaica Plain
Richards Henry W. 22 Long wf. h. at Dedham
Richards Isaiah D. & Son (C. A. Richards), wines,

porter, &c. 2-5 Elm, house 32 Carver
Richards James B. superintendent Institution for

Idiots, at South Boston
Richards Joel, 51 Central wharf, h. 65 Tremont
Richards John, piano-forte maker, h. Brookline, n.

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