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Robinson John R. broker, 31 State
Robinson John S. freight agent E. R. R. 17 Mer-
chants' row, boards Maverick House, E. B.
Robinson John W. {Sedylcy & R.), h. r. 33 Poplar
Robinson John W. stevedore, house 28 Hull
Robinson Jos. laborer, h. r. 41 Prince [at Dorch.
Robinson Joseph D. ( ]Vare, Deniond, If Co.), bds.
Robinson Joseph W. stone cutter, bds. 79 Albany
Robinson {Josiah S.) & Holbrook {Jesse), W. I.
goods, 3 and 4 Canal block, Blackstoi«c, h. 17
Richmond [Ilichborn block), h. 29 Charles
Robinson J. P. Rev. missionary to seamen, (church
Robinson J. P. com. mer. 1 Commercial wf. house

Highlands, Roxbury
Robinson Lutlier, teaclier English High School
Robinson Lyman, boarding, 144 Hanover
Robinson Marcus T. house 36 Tremont
Robinson Mary A. widow, house 106 Salem
Robinson Mary A. vest maker, 1 Salem place
Robinson Nathan, house Meridian, E. B. [Poplar
Robinson Nelson, provisions, 20 !Merrimac, h. 61
Robinson Orren, 36 F. H Market, h. at W. Camb.
Robinson Rufus Iv. house 3 Gi-oton [ryport

Robinson R. & R. shoes, 19 Fulton, h. at Newbu-
Robinson lieuben T. painter and glazier, 7 Rich-
mond, house 17 Cooper [Grove
Robinson Seth, housewright, 20 Harvard pi. h. 13
Robinson Shadrach, flour, 6 and 7 City wf. house
53 Chambers [h. 60 Charles
Robinson Silvanus W. counsellor, 18 Mass. block,
Robinson Thomas, shipwright, h. Princeton, E. B.
Robinson Tliomas,5 Long wf. h. at E. Cambridge
Robinson Thomas W. {S. Q. Cochran Sj Co.), h.

9 Cottage place
Robinson Tilon, carrier, house 2 Morton court
Robinson T. L. & Co. (/•'. //. Lewis,) com. merchs.

1 Commercial wf. house at Roxbury
Robinson Walter C. shoes and leather, 57 Fulton
Robinson AValter S. housewright, bds. 16 Albion
Robinson Wm confectioner, h. 3 Livingston pi.
Robinson Wm. house 90 Chambers
Robinson Wm. clerk, house 7 Curve
Robinson Wm. blacksmith, h. c. Third and D
Robinson Wm. tender, 3 Lindall, h. 22 Belknap
Robinson AVm. baker, Clark, c. Ann, h. do.
Robinson AVm. A. mariner, h. r. 2 Vine [Central
Robinson Wm. B. (T. B. Wales c^r Co.), Broad, c.
Robinson Wm. /. book keeper, h. 55 Brighton
Roby Dexter .^- Co. (S. C. Chandler .Sf .V. Carr),

wood and lime, Goodnow's wf. h. 9 Leveret
Roche Christopher, cooper, h. A, cor. Third
Roche Daniel, shoe maker, 227 Broad, house do.
Roche David, tailor, house 30 Washington sq.
Roche Edward, grocer, 42 Salem, house do.
Roche Sarah F. tailoress, h. Essex, c. Lincoln
Rocheford Henry, cook, 4 Court square



Rochford Elizabeth, groceries, 20 East, house do.
Rochlord Thomas, carpenter, bds. 16 Williams
Rock Barney, printer, house 19 Garden
Rockwell Lawton, house 111 Hudson [Boylston
Rockwood Aaron W. stable, Boylston sq. h. 27
Rockwood Calvin P. painter, h. Fourth, near E
Rockwood Edward O. 8 Court
Rockwood N. T. 41 Broad, boards 27 Howard
Roddan Elizabeth, widow, house 12 Federal court
Roddon Patrick, laborer, house 45 Causeway
Roden Patrick, 4G Ann, bds. Franklin House
Rodgers Joseph {Wm. J. Rodney i^ Co.), h. Bor-
der, E. B. [ter, h. do.
Rodman Andrew J. fruit and refreshments, 1 Char-
Rodman Chas. G. shoe maker, h. 2 Brighton st. av.
Rodney Wm. J. & Co. {J. Blunt, J. Rodyers § /.

Fisher), riggers, Sumner, E. B.
Roe McDermot, laborer, h. r. 10 Andover [S. Hotel
Roelker Bernard, counsellor, 39 Court, boards U.
Roers R. blacksmith, house Fifth, near B
Roessle John, house W. Canton, n. Tremont
Roffe Matthew, boots and shoes, 294 1-2 Wash. h.

at Roxbury
Rogan Edward, laborer, house 30 Thacher
Rogan Matthew, laborer, house 21 Atkinson
Rogers A. B. painter, house 2 Auburn court [bl'k
Rogers Albert (Lum, Rogers, S^ Co.), 4 Blanchard's
Rogers Albert C. grocer, Hudson, c. Curve, house

160 Hudson
Rogers Alvan, house 9 Tyler
Rogers Ann Mrs. dress maker, 166 Hanover
Rogers Artemas & Sons (Saninel F. &; Chas. H.),
varnish manufacturers, 5 Haymarket sq. house
at Chelsea [Court av. h. 30 Pearl

Rogers Augustus, manufacturer of silver ware, 1
Rogers Benjamin, flour and grain, 34 & 36 E. R. R.

wf. house 42 West Cedar
Rogers Benjamin H. spring maker, h. 8 Lathrop pi.
Rogers Charles H. (A. Rogers is Sons), h. at Chelsea
Rogers Charles J. house rear 10 Hawkins [son
Rogers Charles M. {John Rogers ^ Son,), h 81 Hud-
Rogers Charles O. clerk, 12 State, h. 1 Franklin
Rogers Daniel, laborer, house 3 Portland place
Rogers Edward, boards 30 Lincoln
Rogers Edward, laborer, house 482 Commercial
Rogers Elizabeth, widow, h. Second, n. Dorchester
Rogers George, treas. Douglass Axe Co. 19 Bat-
terymarch, house 6 Garland [land

Rogers George B. com. mer. 13 India, h. 10 Gar-
Rogers G. F. clothing, 560 Washington, house 12
Second [Hudson

Rogers George M. furniture, 1 and 2 Salem, b. 81
Rogers Harvev, land agent, Maverick sq. h. Paris,

opp. Hotel, E. B.
Rogers Henry, printer, house 58 Bedford
Rogers Henry, proprietor Eagle Hotel, 24 Ann
Rogers Henry, jr. {Sleeper ^ R.), house at Milton
Rogers Henry B. counsellor, 39 Court, h. 5 Joy pi.
Rogers Hiram P. fruit and produce, 8 Charlestown,

house at Somerville
Rogers James, mariner, house 4 Powars court
Rogers James, Post Office, house 104 Tremont
Rogers James H. agent N. York Tremont Line

Packets, City wf. boards Pavilion
Rogers James S. boards 24 Cooper
Rogers Jane, widow, house rear 4 Plymouth place
Rogers John & Son {C. M.), furniture, 1 and 2

Salem, house 81 Hudson
Rogers John, treas. Vermont & Mass. Railroad

Co. 11 Railroad Exchange, house at Roxbury
Rogers John, tailor, boards 6 X. Russell
Rogers John, clothing, 12 Brattle, h. 3 Poplar ct.
Rogers John Gorham, 21 Court sq. h. 27 W. Orange
Rogers John Gray, b. 8 Bowdoin
Rogers John Gray, Justice Police Court and coun-
sellor, 19 Court [row, h. 89 Summer
Rogers John H. shoes and leather, 11 Tremont
Rogers John L. chair painter, h. Webster, E. B.
Rogers JohnK. book keeper, b. 28 Carver
Rogers John 0. teamster, b. Liverpool, n. Sumner

Rogers John P. 42 Pearl, house at Maiden
Rogers John S. dry goods, 509 Wash. h. 53 Marion
Rogers John W. com. mer. 70 State, h. at Roxbury
Rogers John AV. clerk, 18 Milk, b. Amer. House
Rogers John W. H. painter, 6 Wash. h. at Chelsea
Rogers Joseph A. housewright, h. Lexington, E. B.
Rogers Joseph S. boards 24 Charter
Rogers Joseph S. clerk, h. 52 Billerica [c. Charter
Rogers Joseph S. cooper. Battery wf. house Unity,
Rogers Joshua, h. Everett, n. Jeffries [Brookline
Rogers Lawrence, planing mill, Groton, house 5
Rogers Lewis B. mason, house 2 ^Etna place
Rogers Louisa Mrs. nurse, 39 Carver
Rogers Luther, captain, house London, E. B.
Rogers Lydia A. boarding, 58 Federal
Rogers Mary Mrs. house 24 Charter
Rogers Moses, trader, house 39 Ann
Rogers Oliver, express wagon, house 10 Lowell
Rogers Patrick, waiter Trcm. House, h. 104 Trem.
Rogers Patrick, blacksmith, Maverick, c. Havre
Rogers Patrick, jr. house 55 Marion
Rogers Robert B. 38 Union, house 31 Poplar
Rogers Samuel, gilder, 18 Court, h. at Charlestown
Rogers Samuel F. (^1. Rogers S; Sons), h. at Chelsea
Rogers Sarah, widow of Wm. h. 2 Nashua
Rogers Sarah P. house 60 Beacon
Rogers Shubael G. jr. secretary Firemen's Ins. Co.

house Lambert av. at Roxbury
Rogers Smith M. laborer, bds 8 Nashua
Rogers Stephen J. 10 Union, b. 190 Washington
Rogers Thomas, captain, h. 2 Terrace pi. E. B.
Rogers Thomas B. mariner, h. 2 Terrace pi. E. B.
Rogers Tim. A. carpenter, h. 54 Friend [Bedford
Rogers Warren A. printer, 7 Cornhill, house 71
Rogers Wra. counsellor, 4 Court, h. at W. Newton
Rogers Wm. clerk, 67 Pearl, house 22 Beacon
Rogers Wm. H. stoves and tin ware, 4 U. S. Hotel,

Lincoln, h. 21 Spring
Rogers Wm. S. boards 21 Franklin place
Rogerson Robert, house 5 Dover
Rohan Edward, broker, 12 Brattle sq. h. 12 Carver
Rohan Martin, laborer, house 56 Atkinson
Rohan Michael, laborer, house 27 Sea
Roland Charity, widow, house 1 Pleasant st. court
Roland John, currier, boards r. Maverick, E. B.
Rolar Michael, laborer, house 2 Mechanic
Rolfe Charles C. carpenter, boards 228 Har. av.
Rolfe Edward, painter, house 5 Genesee [bridge
Rolfe E. C. physician, 12 Franklin, h. at W. Cam-
Rolfe Parker, machinist, boards 62 Friend
Rolin Frederic, carpenter, boards 19 Garden
Rolland John H. painter, 17 Blossom, h. 15 Garden
Rollins {Charles) & Demeritt {John), carpenters,

Tyler, n. Oak, h. 2 Burroughs pi. [lem, h. 58 do.
Rollins (Benj.) & Blodget {Bela), prov'ns, 112 Sa-
Rollins Eben Mrs. house 18 Beacon
Rollins Elizabeth, widow of M. W. h. 1 Almont pi.
Rollins E. W. {AtJdnson, R. §• Co.), h. 18 Beacon
Rollins John li. ticket master Fitchburg R. R.

depot, boards 11 Elm
Rollins Joseph, h. Chelsea, near Bennington
Rollins N. F. housewright, 340 Commercial, house

at Cambridgeport
Rollins Sumner, h. 36 Marion

Rollins S. W. carpenter, h. 36 Marion [throp

Rollins Theodore F. housewriglit, boards 3 Win-
Rollins Wm. (Atkinson, R. lJ Co.), h. 162 Tremont
Rollins' Express, 7 State
Rollock John, laborer, house 3 Butolph
Rolls Paikman, clerk, boards 8 Cooper
Rolls William, hackman, boards 8 Cooper [pi.

Roncati Paul, watch maker, 34 Wash. h. 8 Norfolk
Roney Michael, laborer, house 4 Carney place
Ronimus John, confectioner, h. 42 Charlestown
Room Peter, harness maker, boards 27 Billerica
Rooncy Barney, laborer, h. Suffolk, near Lenox
Rooney Bartholomew, slater, boards 53 Atkinson
Rooney Charles, glass blower, h. Athens, near D
Rooney John, tailor, 23 Morton
Rooney John, cordwainer, house rear 90 Federal



Rooney Margaret Mrs. house 2 Hamilton alley

Rooney ^Michael, laborer, house ol Atkinson

Rooney Patrick, pedler, house 7 Brimmer place

Rooney Patrick, laborer, house 77 Albany

Rooney Peter, shoe maker, 8 Pleasant

Roop Christopher, blacksmith, h. Liverpool, E. B.

Roop Isaac, blacksmith, house Liverpool, E. B.

Roop Joseph, laborer, house 6 Cyprus

Root Frederick T. book binder, house 11 Billerica

Root Horace B. laborer, boards 79 Albany

Root John, machinist, house 23 May

Roper Barnard, rope maker, h. Woodward, near D

Roper James, rope maker, bds. Woodward, near D

Roper John B. confectionery, 672 Wash, house do.

Ropes Hardy {William Mopes ^ Co.), house at

Cambridge [throp House

Ropes Jos. S. (William Ropes Sf Co.), boards Win-
Ropes Samuel W. (Ropes Sf R.), house 41 Harvard
Ropes Wra. & Co. (Hardy, Wm. H. iSf Jos. S.

Ropes), merchants, 36 India wf. h. 33 Chesnut
Ropes Wm. H. ( Wm. Ropes .%■ Co ), 36 India wf.
Ropp Lewis, baker, house 22 Suffolk
Rosbak Hammond, laborer, house Sumner, E. B.
Rose Alvin (John Simmons Sf 6'o.),h. L5 Temple
Rose Chas. hair dresser, 142 Hanover, h. 2 Southae
Rose GeoYge, boards U. S. Hotel
Rose George, paver, boards 4 Newbury place
Rose (Horace C.) & Ropes {Samuel W.), painters,

54 Federal, near Channing, house 51 Warren
Rose James, cab driver, house 148 Fourth
Rose Joseph, rigger, house 3 Thacher avenue
Rose Lydia, dress maker, boards 94 Tremont
Rose Russell, carriage smith, house Plymouth pi.
Rosemeyer Henry, machinist, bds. Harrison ave.

near South May
Rosenfeld C. W. grocer, 106 Warren, house do.
Rosengarten D. H. tailor, house 87 Warren
Rosier Charles, sailor, house 17 IMay
Roskell Gilbert, cabinet maker, house 4 Arnold
Ross Andrew, 4 and G Pearl, bds. 8 Central court
Ross Caroline, dressmaker, house 1 Chardon st. ct.
Ross Charles, laborer, house opposite 54 Kneeland
Ross Daniel, watchman, h. opposite 54 Kneeland
Ross Eliza, dress maker, 106 Purchase
Ross E. Mrs. dress maker, house 82 C, near Silver
Ross Francis, carpenter, 6 Oliver, house 12 Sea
Ross Geo. mill stone maker, boards E. Dedham, c.

Harrison avenue [Wash. h. 15 Wheeler's ct.
Ross (George) & Hatchman (John), gilders, 398
Ross Geo. F. bonnets and straw goods, 322 Wash.

bds. 28 Essex
Ross Isaac, stoves, 21^ Milk, bds. 5 High st. place
Ross Isaac N. laborer, boards 119 Hudson
Ross James, boards 4 Dover place
Ross Jere. mer. tailor, 42 Wash. h. 1 Lowell place
Ross John, teamster, house 21 East Orange
Ross John, plasterer, house 6 Endicot court
Ross John, machinist, house 119 Fourth
Ross Jonathan, cabinet maker, house 75 W. Cedar
Ross Joseph, plasterer, house 6 Endicot court
Ross Joseph L. school furniture manuf. Hawkins,

corner Ivers, house 9 Bulfinch
Ross Joseph W. boards 9 Bulfinch
Ross Michael, laborer, house 2 Andover
Ross Philip W. mason, house 21 E. Dedham
Ross Robert, umbrella maker, h. 2 Spring st. ct.
Ross Samuel E. housewright, house 23 W. Canton
Ross Thomas, 82 Milk, boards Pavilion
Ross Thomas, plasterer, boards 2 Endicot court
Ross William F. bds. 9 Medford ct. [25 Brighton
Ross Wm. W. merchant tailor, 42 Washington, h.
Ross Willis, clerk, house foot May
Rossiter Patrick, laborer, house 96 Nashua
Roswell Charles, clerk, h. 10 Williams [Beacon
Rotch Beiij. S. (Aim;/, Patterson, ^ Co.), house 47
Rotch Wm. Mrs. house 4 Bulfinchplace
Roulston James, laborer, house rear 52 Prince
Roulstone Charles H. trunk maker, h. 61 Poplar
Roulstone Edward A. G. trunks, 9 Hanover, house

Auburn, corner Livingston

Roulstone Harriet Mrs. house 10 Gouch
Roulstone Michael, glazier, house 61 Poplar
Rounds Benj. T. mason, house 63 May
Rounds George, 74 Milk, boards N. E. House
Rounds (Thomas G.), mason, 12 Belknap
Roundy Alvan, jr. 29 S. Market, house 39 High
Roundy Charles A. 107 Wash, boards 23 Blossom
Roundy William H. jeweller, boards 39 Brattle
Rountry Daniel, laborer, house Erin alley, E. B.
Rourke Lawrence, laborer, house 23 Vine
Rourke John, laborer, house 9 Bridge
Rourke John, house 8 Blanche court
Rouse Joseph A. car manuf. h. 23 S. Cedar
Rousmaniere John E. printer, 8 Congress
Rowan James, laborer, house 247 Ann
Rowan John, laborer, house 8 Sister
Rowan Michael, laborer, house rear 251 Ann
Rowe Adaline, widow, house 9 Merrimac
Rowe Allen & Son, shoe manuf. 29 N. Market
Rowe Abram F. boards 11 Channing
Rowe Ann, dress maker, 472 Washington
Rowe Daniel B. carpenter, house 1 Norwich
Rowe Esther, widow, Suffolk, corner Concord
Rowe Isaac F. house 7 Snowhill
Rowe J. 31 Court, house at Milton
Rowe James, teamster, house Silver, near B
Rowe James S. 10 Tremont row, bo.ards 15 Brattle
Rowe (John W.) & Allen (Wm. H.) clothing and

furnishing goods, 3 Sea, house 1 Gridley
Rowe Joseph, broker, house 60 W. Orange
Rowe Josiah, stone cutter, 22 Andover
Rowe Mary, widow, house Margaret, corner Prince
Rowe Philip C. plumber, house 23 Hanover
Rowe Rebecca, seamstress, 8 East street place
Rowe Ruth, vest maker, 2 Lovett place
Rowe Samuel, clerk, Fulton, corner Lewis
Rowe Sherburn, broker, 6 Mass. block
Rowe Wm. D. 78 Ann, house at Roxbury [h. do.
Rowean Thomas, naturalization office, 47 Federal,
Rowell Henry T. blacksmith, 56 Fifth
Rowell Jesse C. clerk, 31 Prince, boards 38 Charter
Rowell John P. musician, h. 63 A [n. Turnpike
Rowell M. A. agent. First, cor. A, house Broadway,
Rowell Oliver P. coach painter, house 88 Turnpike
Rowell Rufus, wheelwright, house 88 Turnpike
Rowell Trueworthy, pattern maker, house 65 A
Rowell William H. wheelwright, h. 88 Turnpike
Rowin Thomas (Sarc/ent &: R.), house 31 Fayette
Rowland Daniel G. soda manuf. W. side Court sq.

boards Washington House
Rowland David F. 33 Cornhill, bds. r. 74 Atkinson
Rowland David S. medicines, &c. 188 Washington
Rowland Eleanor, widow, house rear 74 Atkinson
Rowland Jas. S. plate printer, bds. rear 74 Atkinson
Rowley Charles, cabman, house 111 Chambers
Rowse Samuel W. designer, 5A Tremont row
Rowson Wm. Mrs. house 5 Hollis place
Rowson Wm. S. engineer, house 5 Hollis place
Roy Marks, laborer, house Middlesex, opp. 23
Royal Joseph F. cabman, h. 98 Endicot [Corner
Royce Augustus E. clerk, 46 Milk, h. at Newton
Royce Bradley, provisions, Carver, cor. Eliot, h.

17 Carver'
Royce John J. grocer, 14 Lowell, boards 26 do.
Roylance (Thomas H.) & Briggs (H. C), import-
ers dry goods, 44 Federal, b. 6 High
Ruby Conrad, 85 1-2 Eliot, house 25 Canton
Ruby Isaiah B. job wagon, house r. 110 Cambridge
Ruby Jacob, 12 Beach, house Pembroke court
Ruddle Robert J. painter, house 7 Foster
Ruff" Peter, assistant ward tender Mass. Hospital
Ruffin Thomas, laborer, house 8 Southae place
Rugg Asa W. piano-forte maker, h. 1 Concord
Rugg Erastus, deputy sheriff, 5 Court sq. house at

Rugg Josiah N. book binder, h. 2 Lynde place
Ruggles Alfred, wagoner, house 64 Myrtle
Ruggles Charles, book keeper, h. 2 Chardon st. pi.
Ruggles Daniel, cabinet maker, 101 Charles, house
at Newtonville



Rugbies (Draper), Nourse (Joel), Mason (J. C),
& Co. (A. Stone ^ J. M. C. Armshy), agricul-
tural warehouse and seed store, Quincy Hall
Ruggles E. D. clerk, 44 Broad, b. 18 High
Ruggles Eliza, house 8 Morton
Ruggles George F. house 56 Pinckney [Sewall pi.
Ruggles George H. isinglass, 31 Union, boards 3
Ruggles Henry B. 55 Cornhill, h. 56 Pinckney
Ruggles John, painter, house 26 Derne
Ruggles John, boards 17 I'ranklin place
Ruggles John, cabinet maker, house 1 W. Centre
Ruggles Joseph, house rear 37 Garden
Ruggles Levi, cabinet maker, 101 Charles, house 1
West Centre [W. Centre

Ruggles Levi, jr. cabinet maker, 101 Cnarles, h. 1
Ruggles Simon, clerk, cor. Canton and Suffolk,

house Suffolk, near Canton
Ruggles S. P. power press builder, 152 "Wash.
Ruggles William, cabinet maker, 101 Charles, h. 1

West Centre
Ruhler Ed. Charles, laborer, house r. 27 Belknap
Rule John C. mariner, h. 116 E. Dedham
Rumney Elizabeth, nurse, h. 70 Prince [Leveret
Rumney Elizabeth A. dress maker, bds. Green, c.
Rumney Martha B. widow, h. Green, c. Leveret
Rumney Richard W. (Bjrtzier, Sjjragtie ^ Co.), h.

2 Battery
Rumrill Mary, widow, house 3 Suffolk
Rumsby William, laborer, house Smith court
Runisey John, counsellor, 63 Court
Rundlet Taylor M. 65 Broad, h. 4 Oxford [Marion
Rundlett Daniel T. provisions, 110 Pleasant, h. 44
Runey Michael, tailor, house 1 Hancock row
Runey Samuel S. (Adams S^- B.), h. at Somerville
Rupert Margaret, dress maker, 157 Hanover, h. do.
Rupp Adam H. boot treer, boards 6 Quincy place
Rupp D. C. M. printer, house 58 Federal
Rupp John, clerk, Boylston Market, h. at Roxb'y
Rupp Joseph, boot treer, house 5 Nashua place
Rupp Martha, nurse, house 40 Auburn
Rush Jacob, confectioner, boards 5 Sudburj'
Rush John J. mariner, house rear 4 Bartlett
Rushchert George, lamp maker. Concord, n. Wash.

house Rutland, near Suffolk
Rusley Mary, washing, honse 4 Hancock row
Russ Augustus, 37 Pearl, boards 3 Oliver
Russ Daniel, shoe maker, 4 R. R. block, Lincoln,
house 3 Oliver place [h. 1 Warren sq.

Russ Daniel H. wood and hay. Canal, c. Market,
Russ Robert, house 6 Fruit St. ct. [8 Oxford pi.
Russ Samuel B. sofa springs, 7 Derby Range, h.
Russ Wm. H. book binder, house 19 S. Russell
Russell Amos (Colcord S; E.), h. Sumner, E. B.
Russell Benjamin, housewright, h. 10 Osborn pi.
Russell Benjamin, cooper, h. Meridian, E. B.
Russell B. Ci. builder and contractor, h. 96 Pleasant
Russell Bushrod W. Mrs. h. 32 Essex
Russell Chas. Theo. & T. H. & Bigelow, counsel-
lors, 23 Brazer's building, 27 State, house 17
Edinboro' [Hudson

Russell Charles V. agt. for Geo. Virtue, office 97
Russell C. Shepard, Atlas office, h. 25 Pitts
Russell Daniel, books, boards 30 High
Russell David, clerk, 120 Washington
Russell Ebenezcr, housewright, h. Saratoga, E. B.
Russell Edward, 25 Kilby, h. at Dorchester
Russell Edward, carpenter, h. 11 Pearl place
Russell Edward T. 50 X. Market, h. 23 Oak
Russell (Edward T. jr.) & Tilton (Wm. S.), com.

mer. 9 T wharf, 33 Long wharf, h. 23 Oak
Russell Eli R. clerk Suffolk^Bank, h. 23 Porter
Russell Elizabeth, widow, house 6 Church
Russell Elizabeth, widow, house 40 Temple
Russell Elizabeth H. house 5 Blanche court
Russell Fisk, superintendent plough factory, Fifth,

boards 151 Broadway
Russell George, boards 1 Allston place [do.

Russell Geo. homoeopathic physician, 2 Lynde, h.
Russell Georc;e C. ( T. J. S^ G. C. Riissell), house
at West Cambridge

Russell Geo. D. (Geo. P. Reed &; Co.), b. Pavilion
Russell George E. painter. 7 Richmond, house 6

Greenough avenue [8 Sheafe

Russell Geo. W. sail maker, head Union wharf, h.
Russell Harris, boards 9 Elm
Russell Henry, boarding, house 207 1-2 Ann
Russell Henry, house 8 Fruit
Russell Henry, cabinet maker, h. Gold, near F
Russell H. H. house 1 Martjaret avenue
Russell (Ira) & Baker (D. A.), furniture, 72 Com-
mercial and 129 Fulton, h. at Dedham
Russell Isaac H. (B. ^- E. Jacobs 4,- Co.), house 64

Russell Israel D. joiner, house Cottage, n. Everett
Russell James, shoe maker, house 62 Atkinson
Russell James, Atlas Bank, 60 State, h. at Roxb'y
Russell James Dutton, 5 Court, h. 132 Tremont
Russell James W. wheelwright, 25 Causeway, b.

Merrimac House
Russell Jeremiah (Bobbins &: R.), h. at Watertown
Russell Jesse, 1 F. PI. Market
Russell John, gas pipe maker, h. Gardner place
Russell John, mason, hovise 48 Spring
Russell John, housewright, h. 7 Stillman
Russell John, laborer, h. Havre, near Maverick
Russell John J. counsellor, 23 Court
Russell John W. sail maker, b. 224 Harrison av.
Russell Joseph, laborer, house 24 Belknap
Russell Joseph G. 1 & 2 Dock sq. h. 7 Temple
Russell (Joseph M.) & Pollard (Walter), carpen-
ters and pattern makers, r. 17 Hawley, boards

5 Mason
Russell Joseph P. machinist, h. Murray ct. E. B.
Russell Lawrence, job wagon, 51 CornMll, house

corner Fabin and Tremont
Russell Le Baron, physician, house 1 Otis place
Russell Levi F. shoes and leather, 6 Blackstone,

house at Cambridge
Russell Lewis B. clerk, 385 Wash. b. 31 W. Orange
Russell Luther, glass maker, house Second, near

Dorchester [Dorchester

Russell Luther, jr. glass blower, house Second, near
Russell Margaret, widow, h. Second, n. Dorchester
Russell M. B. miniature painter, house 81 Eliot
Russell Martin, clerk, house 27 E. Orange
Russell Mary, widow, house 15 South Margin
Russell Mary S. widow, house 2 Willow
Russell Michael, laborer, h. Lehigh, cor. Albany
Russell Michael, laborer, h. Erin alley, E. B.
Russell Nathaniel P. Mrs. house 2 Allston
Russell Patrick, laborer, h. Harr. av. n. S. May
Russell Philip, 8 1-2 Court avenue, h. Havre, E. B.
Russell S. Hammond (Tracy 6^ R.), h. Boylston
Russell Samuel, tailor, rear 45 Washington
Russell Sarah Ann, nurse, boards 23 Oak
Russell Solomon P. book keeper, h. 107 W. Cedar
Russell Thomas, copper plate printer, h. 18 Salem
Russell Thomas, carpenter, h. c. Fabin & Tremont
Russell Thomas, clerk, office Register Deeds, h.

at Roxbury
Russell Thomas B. machinist, h. 8 Lexington
Russell Thos. H. (C. T. .\ T. H. Russell 6i BUjeloic)
Russell Thomas J. & G. C. dve woods and di-ugs,

5 Merchants' row, h. at W. Cambridge [row
Russell Warren E. proprietor Pavilion, 41 Tremont
Russell William, laborer, house Hamilton alley
Russell Wm. G. counsellor, 35 Court, b. 1 Otis pi.
Russell Wm. James, M. C. Railroad, 9 Merchants'

Exchange, boards U. S. Hotel [sq.

Rust George (J. A. Holden iSf Co.), bds. 9 Brattle
Rust Wm. P. A. housewright, 126 Endicot, house

127 do.
Rutherford Ann, bonnet maker, h. 49 Warren
Rutherford Charles B. (Dearborn §- R.), house rear

4 Plymouth place
Rutherford Francis A. painter, house 47 Harr. av.
Rutherford Robert, stone cutter, h. 76 Charles
Rutherford Sidney R. clerk at 9 Elm
Ruthven Henry, machinist, house 7 Rochester
Ruthven Margaret, house Oliver, near High



Rutlcdge George, cabinet maker, b. 7 Kneeland pi.
Rutlcdge Geo. cabinet maker, h. 24 Merrimac
Rutledge James, laborer, house 24 Merrimac
Rutledge James S. tailor, 39 Ann, h. 3 Sturgis pi.
Rutter Wm. & Co. {X. Newcomb), iunk store, 221

Broad, h. at S. Reading
R3'all Louis, laborer, h. Plymouth, n. Northampton
Ryan Dennis, laborer, h. 2 Newton
Ryan Dennis, laborer, h. 3 Sweetserct.
Ryan Denny, laborer, h. 31 Merrimac
Ryan Edward, laborer, h. 38 S. Margin
Ryan Edward, stair builder, h. 8 Curve
Ryan Edward, grocer, GO Essex, h. do.
Ryan Elizabeth, widow, h. 21 Lincoln
Ryan Ellen, widow, h. r. Second, n. Tvirnpike
Ryan Isaac, carpenter, h. rear 194 Hanover
Ryan Jabez S. ( If. Sfcanis is Co.), h. at Dorchester
Ryan James, trader, h. 11 Williams
Ryan James, grocer. 111 Ann, h. do.
Ryan James, laborer, h. 98 Sea
Ryan Jeremiah, laborer, h. 46 Cove
Ryan Jeremiah, h. 9 Kingston st. court
Ryan John, laborer, h. 39 Porter, E. B.
Ryan John, founder, h. Athens,. near D
Ryan John, laborer, h. 3 Salt lane
Ryan John, laborer, h. 7 Williams
Ryan John, laborer, h. 3 Humphrey place
Ryan John S. whip maker, h. 70 High
Ryan Joseph, handcartman, h. Second, near A
Ryan Joseph, hatter, h. Arnold, n. Suffolk
Ryan Mary, widow, h. Carney place
Ryan Michael, porter, h. 28 South

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