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mercial wharf, house at Newton [3 Franklin
Scudder Henry A. counsellor, 1 Devonshire, boards
Scudder Horace & Co. (B. Daois), merchants, 1

Mercantile wharf, h. at Dorchester
Scudder Marshall S. com. mer. 145 Milk
Scudder P. W. boards U. S. Hotel
Scudder Sarah Mrs. house 66 Essex
Seaber Frederic, rigger, house 440 Commercial
Seabury Jeremiah, locks & knobs, over 32 Dock sq.
Seager Edw. artist, 11 1-2 Trem. row, h. 8 Seaver pi.
Seagrave John, tailor, house 49 Salem [Nashua
Sealey Wm. shipping office, 119 Comm'l, house 64
Seaman Eliza A. widow, house 7 Greenough lane
Seaman John (J. Read <Sf Co.), b. 2 Fleet [sea

Seaman Sylvanus P. printer, 144 Wash. h. atChel-
Seamans (Benj. W.) & Jones (C), grocers, 5 & 6

Holmes' bl'k, Haymarket sq. h. 100 Third
Searle George, house 2 Barre place
Searle George & Co. (S. Avery, jr.), merchandise
, brokers, 56 Water, h. at Brookline [b. Pa\-ilion
Searle George W. counsellor, 23 old State House,
Sears David, house 42 Beacon
Sears David, jr. house 42 Beacon
Sears Eben, captain, 287 Fourth
Sears Eben, housewright, Hudson, h. 5 Rowe pi.
Sears Eben, jr. (Hill lS^ S.), house 5 Rowe place
Sears Edward. G. publisher, 33 Somerset, house at

Sears Eliza A. widow, house 32 Fourth
Sears John, jr. wax statuary, b. 44 Portland [pi.
Sears John A. locksmith, 108 Court, h. 8 Madison
Sears Joseph H. (Tillson, Chandler S; Co.), house
at Salem [at Brookline

Sears Joshua, W. I. goods, 14 Long wharf, house
Sears Judah, carpenter, house D, near Broadway
Sears Nathan N. at Alger's, boards 53 B
Sears Paul, jr. (Thacher ^ S.), h. at Roxbury



Sears Susan, widow of George, h. 3 Rowe place

Sears Thomas, laborer, 7 Hamilton

Sears Thomas E. 69 Kilby

Sears Uriah, boards 60 Federal

Sears { Willard) & Fitch (Jonas), carpenters, opp.

42 Bedford, h. at Brookline [1 Joy's building
Sears Willard, pres. R. E. Mutual Insurance Co.
Sears Wm. B. 22 Milk, house at Newton
Seavar Samuel, truckman, boards 2 Spear alley
Seaver Benjamin, restorator, 12 Franklin avenue
Seaver Benjamin {Whitwells iSf S.), b. Revere H.
Seaver Benj. C. caulker, h. Orleans, n. Webster
Seaver C. tailor, boards 9 Brattle square
Seaver {Ebenezer) & Knowlton (John B.), commis.

merchants, 65 Milk, h. 127 Hanover
Seaver Ebenezer, h. 857 Wash. [Robinson alley
Seaver Freeman (Snellinc/ iSf Seave)-), h. Unity, cor.
Seaver Geo. cotton broker, 61 Water, h. 10 Bennet
Seaver George AV. boards 10 Bennet
Seaver Hammond, laborer, house Everett, E. B.
Seaver Hannah Mrs. house 6 Carver
Seaver Henry W. mason, house 69 Nashua
Seaver Horace Rev. agent Am. & F. Bible Society,

79 Cornhill, h. at Chelsea [6 Carver

Seaver Horace, editor Investigator, 35 Wash. h.
Seaver Jacob W. com. mer. 17 Commercial wharf,

house at Jamaica Plain
Seaver James W. house 65 Summer [place

Seaver John, stable, 97 & 99 Fulton, h. 2 Bartlett
Seaver Joseph, laborer, house Bolton, near F
Seaver Nancy, laundress, house 25 Boylston
Seaver Nathaniel & Co. (C. M. A. Twitchell), W.

I. goods, Maverick sq. house Hotel st.
Seaver Rachael B. Mrs. house 15 Wash, square
Seaver Thomas, baker, h. 6 Lovis, cor. Fifth
Seaver William, polisher, boards 6 Carver
Seaver Wm. J. coppersmith, h. 20 E. Canton
Seaverns Abijah & Co. {Sylvester ^ Francis Sea-

verns), provisions, 26 School, h. at Jamaica P.
Seaverns (Daniel) & Sanderson (Geo. W.), 14

Boylston Market, boards 14 Boylston
Seaverns Francis (A. Seaverns S; Co.), house 17

Province House court
Seaverns George, piano-forte maker, b. 306 Wash.
Seaverns Granville S. grocer, 8 Boylston, boards 1

Bumstead court
Seaverns Henry, shoe maker, 3 Chapman place
Seaverns Lucius, clerk, 8 Boylston [Federal

Seaverns Sylvester (A. Seaverns S; Co.), house 59
Seaverns Thomas {Whiting, Dana S; Co.), house at

Seaverns Thomas W. & Co. (W. H. Spencer), W.

I. goods, 611 Wash, house at Jamaica Plain
Seavey Alonzo. brush maker, boards 19 Cross
Seavey Amos W. clerk, 48 Hanover
Seavy Eli, house Fifth, near A
Seavey John, shipwright, h. Sumner, E. B.
Seavey Jotham, mariner, house 1 Crescent court
Seavey Julia, dress maker, boards 1 Village
Seavey Theodore H. grocer. Spring, c. Poplar
Seavey Wm. carpenter, h. Lamson, E. B.
Seavy Levi J. medicines, h. 570 Washington
Seaward Geo. W. clerk, house 18 Billerica
Seaward Henry H. clerk, house 6 Nashua
Seaward Nath'l, handcartman, h. 16 N. Bennet
Sebiae John, stove maker, h. 5 Haymarket place
Seccomb (E. E.), Taylor (Isaac), & Co. (S. R.

Griggs), commission merchants, 31 Commer-
cial wharf, house at Brookline
Sedgley (Samuel) & Robinson (/. W.), cigars, 3

Lewis, house 1 Webster place
Seely Martin, carpenter, h. Woodward, n. E
Seiberlich Ferdinand, carpenter, Tremont road, h.

8 Suffolk
Seiberlich Jos. h. 5 Plymouth pi. [h. 3 Lowell ct.
Seiberlich Lorenz, confectioner, 423 Washington,
Seidensticker Jerome, Boston Athenaeum, Beacon
Seiders Maria A. dress maker, h. 2 Standish pi.
Seigler Michael, laborer, h. Plymouth [h. 10 May
Seipp John C. piano and guitar maker, 475 Wash.

Seipp J. H. musician, house 2 May

Seisbuttel Sarah J. widow, h. 2 Lane place

Selby Henry, laborer, h. 18 Southac

Selden Carter, carpenter, h. 19 Southac '

Sellers John, tailor, h. Chelsea, E. B.

Sellers Lucy L. h. 11.^ Lincoln

Sellers William B. oysters, 85 Cambridge, h. do.

Sellew Amos, stair builder, 13 Causeway, h. 135

Selling Henry Rev. h. 55 Warren [h. at Roxbury
Sellinger Clemens, piano-forte maker, 334 Wash.
Sennet James, carpenter, h. 84 Prince
Sennet Thomas, house r. 6 Canal
Senter Warren, gilder, 43 Cornhill
Serrat Wm. F. 33 Exchange, h. at Melrose
Serrington Wm. B. Rev. house 9 North Grove
Setchell Wm. cooper, h. Ill Salem
Seubert Charles, bds. Brookline, n. Tremont
Seuler Henry, butcher, h. Silver, n. C
Severance Charles W. restorator, 6 Lindall
Severance E. H. 28 State, house at Roxbury
Severance Jonathan B. provisions, h. 1 Billings ct.
Severance Rufus 0. (Broion & S.), h. 2 Byron [ct.
Severance Wm. H. omnibus driver, h. 11 Medford
Severence Samuel, stone cutter, h. 75 Tyler
Severens Harriet, dress maker, h. 5 Dover
Severens Levi, carpenter, h. 5 Dover
Severens Sarah Ann, dress maker, h. 5 Dover
Severson Wm. boarding, 404 Commercial [Hotel
Severy Moses, broker, 5 Devonshire, b. Marlboro'
Severy Solomon, book keeper, bds. 127 Hanover
Sevey Amos, whalebone factory, r. 47 Congress, h.

6 High street place
Sevey James A. whalebone, 18 Water, h. 24 Sea
Sevey Sarah C. seamstress, h. 24 Sea
Sevrens David, teamster, h. 20 Andover
Sewall (Benj.), Day (Moses), & Co. (Moses Sewall),

cordage, 20 Commercial, h. 103 Harrison av.
Sewall John, h. 45 Harrison av.
Sewall John S. 78 Ann, bds. 10 Sturgis pi.
Sewall Joseph, h. 10 Milton place [E. B.

Sewall Joseph L. engineer foundry, h. Trenton,
Sewall Hiram, blacksmith, h. 10 Fruit
Sewall Moses (Seioall,Day, &; Co.), h. 24 Tyler
Sewall Moses B. kid and morocco, 7 Blackstone,

h. at Charlestown
Sewall Samuel, surveyor, 10 Dock sq. b. 25 Elm
Sewall Sam'l E. counsellor, 46 Wash. h. at Melrose
Sewall (Sam'l G.) & Munroe (Jas. S.), hardware,

48 Kilby, h. at Woburn
Sewall Thomas R. broker, 59 State, h. 98 Chesnut
Seward Joshua, livery stable, 44 School, house 12

Seward Thomas, assis't sup 't House of Industry
Seward Thomas, 4 Court, h. at Chelsea
Sexton Cornelius, laborer, h. 7 Cove pi.
Sexton Dennis, laborer, house r. 80 W. Cedar
Sexton John, laborer, h. 18 East [Cedar

Sexton John M. painter, 40 Congress, house 16 S.
Sexton Patrick, tailor, bds. 7 Sullivan pi.
Seymour Abner, laborer, h. Holden pi.
Seymour Edward, h. 157 Hanover
Seymour Friend, carpenter, Charlestown, c. Bev-
erly, h. 13 Prospect
Seymour George, house 20 Fleet
Seymour Thomas, captain, bds. 7 Gouch
Seymour Wm. clock maker, bds. 55 Hanover
Shackford Abner R. carpenter, house Tyler, cor.

Newton court [Maiden

Shackford Amaziah G. (George 3; S.), house at
Shackford John E. dry goods, 52 Hanover, house

at Roxbury
Shackford Richard, pile driver, h. Lexington, E. B.
Shackford Sam'l Q. carpenter, h. 4 Lamson ct. E. B.
Shackford William B. tailor, h. r. 74 Atkinson
Shaddick Thomas P. 66 Milk, bds. 1 Chauncy pi.
Shafenburg Mary Ann, widow, h. 4 Border, E. B,
Shales Edward, cooper, h. 74 Pleasant
Shales Edward W. bds. 74 Pleasant
Shales John, laborer, h. 48 S. Margin



Shales John {Taylor &; S.), Charlestown, c. Haver-
hill, h. at Charlestown
Shales (John) & Stoddard {Wm. H.), fiirniture,

431 Washington, h. 10 S. Cedar
Shanahan Daniel, laborer, h. 7i Wharf
Shanahan Dennis, laborer, h. 1.5 Pearl place
Shanahan Edward, laborer, h. 10 Hamilton
Shanahan Edward, laborer, 3 Hamilton ct.
Shanahan Jere. laborer, h. 281 Third, n. Dorches'r
Shanahan Thomas, laborer, h. Half Moon pi.
Shanahan Timothy, laborer, h. 24 Hamilton
Shannessey Joh"n, laborer, h. r. 106 Ann [Lincoln
Shannon Edwin, prov'ns, 37 the S. Market, bds. 38
Shannon Horatio, h. 5 Gridley
Shannon John, laborer, h. 407 Washington
Shannon John L. clerk, 37 the S. Market, boards

Whitney's Hotel, Lincoln
Shannon R.'C. 2 Milk

Shannon Thomas R. h. 3 Snowhill [pi.

Shapleigh John H. clerk, 20 India, bds. 4 Crescent
Shapleigh {Richard W.) & Kelsey {J. II.), W. I.

goods, 19 & 20 India, h. 74 Chesnut
Shapley F. A. 234 Washington, bds. 2 Bowdoin
Shapley Henry, mariner, h. 437 Commercial
Sharkey James M. physician. Federal, c. Purchase
Sharkey John P. druggist. Broad, c. Purchase
Sharland John, piano-forte maker, h. 14 Kneeland
Sharon Charles, carpenter, h. 113 Cambridge
Sharon Mary A. C. Mrs. nurse, h. 49 Sea
Sharp Daniel Rev. h. 20 W. Cedar
Sharp Daniel, jr. & Co. (//. Bradlee), merch. 39 &

40 Com'l wf. h. 2 Spruce, c. Chesnut
Sharp Harriet Mrs. h. 34 Thacher
Sharp John C. physician, h. 20 W. Cedar
Sharp William, h. 10 Charlestown
Sharp Wm. lithographer and drawing school, 228

Washington, h. at Dorchester
Sharp Wm. {J. Kittredije S; Co.), h. 34 Thacher
Sharp Wm. C. lithographer, 251 Washington, h. at

Sharpe Wm. {Morton Sf S.), bds. 3 Bridge ct.
Sharry James, tailor, h. 76 Charles
Shary James, teamster, h. 45 Salem
Shattuck Abel B. boarding, II Channing
Shattuck And'w B. pile driver, h. Telegraph, S. B.
Shattuck Charles P. fish, F. H. Market, house 10

Shattuck Clarissa H. nurse, h. 24 Allen
Shattuck George {Baker & S.), h. 11 Endicot
Shattuck Geo. C. physician, Staniford, c. Cambridge
Shattuck Henry L. {Louis A. Surette & Co.), house

at Concord
Shattuck Isaac & Co. (Andrews Howe Sg Charles R.

Gassett), W. I. goods, 5 & 6 Canal block, h. at

W. Cambridge
Shattuck Jas. B. chair painter, h. r. Havre, E. B.
Shattuck James P. carrier, bds. 88 Albany
Shattuck John, machinist, bds. 101 Cambridge
Shattuck John H. ( Whiton, Train, ^f Co.), house at

East Cambridge
Shattuck John H. caulker, h. Sumner, n. Border
Shattuck John H. jeweller, bds. oo Hanover
Shattuck Lemuel, h. 79 Harrison av.
Shattuck Milo H. bds. 31 Brattle
Shattuck Rachael, nurse, h. 2 N. Russell
Shattuck Samuel, 5 Water, h. r. 30 Prince
Shattuck Thomas, bds. 1 Chauncy pi.
Shattuck Wm. broker, 5 Exchange, h. 95 Leveret
Shattuck Wm. G. chair painter, 80 Commercial, h.

Webster, n. Jeffries, E. B.
Shatwell Geo. brush maker, 13 R. R. bl'k, Lincoln
Shaughnessy John, laborer, h. 7 Lime alley
Shaw Albert (Sowle ^ Shaw), h. at New Bedford
Shaw Anthony S. blacksmith, b. Arnold, n. Wash.
Shaw Augusta, dress maker, bds. 129 Hudson
Shaw Benj. D. blacksmith, h. Paris, n. Maverick
Shaw Benj. S. bds. 13 Bowdoin [at Abington

Shaw Brackley, 3d (A. ^ A. S. Reed ^ Co.), house
Shaw Charles, painter, b. Bradford, n. Medford ct.
Shaw Charles E. carpenter, h. 48 W. Orange

Shaw Clement, clerk, bds. 27 Sea

Shaw Cyrus K. truckman, h. 5^ Nashua

Shaw Earl (Smith ^ S), h. Broadway, c. G

Shaw Edward, architect, h. 27 Grove

Shaw Edward B. clerk, 91 Court, h. 85 Tremont

Shaw Elizabeth, widow, h. 5 Lovis

Shaw Geo. A. (Farnsworth Sj S.), h. Beach, n. Tyler

Shaw George F. lamp lighter, h. 38 Orange [pi.

Shaw G. H. (R. G. Shaw ^ Co.), h. 8 Mt. Vernon

Shaw George K. clerk, bds. 127 Hanover

Shaw George N. (H. Harris &: Co.), b. 51 Summer

Shaw Geo. W. com. mer. 145 Milk, h. at Grantville

Shaw Henry, 11^ Exchange

Shaw Henry, mariner, h. 4 Hamilton alley

Shaw Henry A. harness maker, h. 33 Chambers

Shaw Henry B. 327 Wash. bds. 11 Hudson

Shaw Hilon, watchman, h. 7 Spring st. pi.

Shaw Ira B. laborer, h. 1 Carlton place

Shaw Isaac J. musician, h. 3 Osborn place

Shaw James, bds. 129 Hudson

Shaw James, bonnet pressor, bds. 8 Kneeland

Shaw James, bds. 42 Harrison av.

Shaw James H. bonnet presser, 375 Washington

Shaw James M. clerk, 145 Milk [59 Chesnut

Shaw Jesse, housewriglit, Charles, c. Pinckney, h.

Shaw Joel & Co. ( IF. I). Martin), successors to Dr.

Gordak, South, c. East, h. 8 Oliver place
Shaw John, grocer, 133 Hanover, h. 127 do. [ford
Shaw John W. & Co. com. mer. 145 Milk, h. 19 Ox-
Shaw J. O. clerk, Custom House, h. at Milton
Shaw Joseph, lamplighter, h. 38 Orange
Shaw Joseph B. 134 State, h. at Roxbury
Shaw Joshua, bds. 19 Albany [non

Shaw Lemuel, Ch. Just. Sup. J. Ct. h. 49 Mt. Ver-
Shaw Moses, housewright, h. Havre, n. Sumner
Shaw Nancy Mrs. h. Sixth, between G and H
Shaw Nathaniel & Co. shoes, 12 Blackstone, h. at

Weym'th [hats, &c. 2 M'c'tile wf. h. 7 Stillman
Shaw (Nathaniel B.) & Edmands (R. B.), clothing,
Shaw Oliver, carpenter, b. 10 Maverick bl'k, E. B.
Shaw Oren R. clerk, h. 73 South Suffolk
Shaw Quincy A. (Robert G. Shaw Sj Co.), house

Beacon, cor. Belknap
Shaw Robert G. & Co. (R. G. Jr., G. H. ^ Q. A.

Shaio), merchants, 51 Commercial wf. house

Belknap, cor. Beacon [mer

Shaw Robert G. jr. (R. G. Shaw S; Co.), h. 46 Sum-
Shaw Samuel S. carpenter, h. 81 Essex
Shaw Southworth, treas. Cape Cod Branch R. R.

16 Merchants' Exc. h. 13 Bowdoin
Shaw Stephen, ice dealer, h. Ontario
Shaw Thomas, teamster, h. rear Ontario
Shaw Thomas, 33 Somerset, h. 64 Pinckney
Shaw Thomas B. painter, h. Concord, n. Suffolk
Shaw William, h. 129 Hudson
Shaw William A. h. 38 Orange
Shaw Wm. F. solar lamps, 270 Wash. h. 29 Carver
Shay Michael, laborer. Purchase, c. Broad
Shay Patrick, laborer, h. Second, near B
Shay Richard, tailor, h. Belmont, c. Lane place
Shay W. H. baker, h. Cottage, c. Sumner, E. B.
Shea Daniel, tailor, h. 128 Purchase
Shea Edmond, carpenter, h. Meridian
Shea Jeremiah, laborer, h. 8 Kingston
Shea John, laborer, house Wright's court
Shea John, laborer, h. Chelsea, E. B.
Shea Margaret, dress maker, 3 Fleet
Shea Michael, laborer, 142 Purchase
Shea Michael, laborer, 201 Ann
Shea Patrick, laborer, h. Chelsea, E. B.
Shea Patrick, laborer, h. 115 Broad
Shea William, rigger, h. 1 Robinson alley
Sheafe Chas. C. broker, r. 48 State, h. 15 West
Sheafe D. R. merchant, 1 Commercial wharf
Sheafe Sarah Mrs. h. 4 Arch place
Shean David, laborer, h. 90 Broad
Shean Jeremiah, laborer, h. Suffolk, opp. church
Shean John, laborer, h. E, cor. Seventh
Shearer Eliza A. teacher prim'y school, b. 42 Huds'n
Shearer James W. bds. 42 Hudson



Shearer John H. civil engineer, h. 44 Hudson
Shearer Leonard B. furniture, Id & 83 Blackstone,

h. 42 Hudson
Shed James A. ieweller, bds. 1 Pitts court
Shedd Calvin, 449 Wash. h. 1 Pitts court
Shedd Christopher F. h. 41 Poplar
Shedd Franklin C. coachman, h. 121 Hudson
Shedd Henry S. h. 28 Lowell
Shedd Heury S. insurance agent, 66 Cornhill
Shedd Hosea P. furniture wagon. Court, c. Trem-

ont, bds. 59 Spring
Shedd Imla, h. 59 Spring

Shedd John H. millinery, 4. Trem. row, h. 29 May
Shedlin John, shoe maker, h. 52 Eliot
Shee Richard, laborer, h. 106 Purchase
Slieedy John, laborer, house 15 E'-sex place
Sheehan Daniel, laborer, h. 15 Bartlett
Sheehan Daniel, waterman, h. 20 Wash, square
Sheehan Dan'l, laborer, h. Plymouth, cor. North-
Sheehan Dennis, laborer, h. 131 Broad
Sheehan Dennis, laborer, h. rear 324 Ann
Sheehan James, carpenter, Cove, n. Beach
Sheehan Jeremiah, laborer, h. 42 Jefferson block
Sheehan Jeremiah, laborer, h. Sea, n. the bridge
Sheehan John, shoe maker, h. 6 Sullivan place
Sheehan John, boatman, h. 14 AVashington square
Sheehan John, waterman, h. 20 Wash, square
Sheehan Joseph, laborer, h. 10 Wash, square
Sheehan Thomas, laborer, h. n. 14 Batterymarch
Sheehan Timothy, laborer, h. Kneeland, c. Sea
Sheehan William, laborer, h. 41 Jefferson block
Sheehey Patrick, laborer, h. 104 Broad
Sheehy Michael, boarding, Sumner, near Border
Sheen Catherine, h. 3 Paris place
Sheen Jeremiah, laborer, h. 2 E. Orange, c. Lehigh
Sheen John, tailor, 49 Charter
Sheen Owen, laborer, h. 3 Paris place
Sheen Peter, laborer, h. 6 Charter
Sheen Wm. laborer, h. Suffolk, opp. church
Sheeran James, tailor, h. 25 Morton
Sheerin Mary Mrs. h. Gold, near A
Sheffield Edmund, bds. 84 Albany
Sheffield Wm. truckman, h. Gold, near C
Sheils Henry, job wagon, h. 52 W. Orange
Sheldon Benjamin, laborer, bds. 79 Albany
Sheldon Francis {Ranstead, Dearborn, ^ Co.),

nails and junk, 304 Com'l, h. Charter
Sheldon J. H. physician, bds. National House
Shelhamer Andrew, carpenter, h. Silver, n. D
Shelhamer John, laborer, h. D, near Athens
Shell Peter, baker, h. 102 W. Cedar
Shelton Fanny, widow, h. Dover, e. Village
Shelton (John) & Cheever (S. G.), saddlers, 7

Washington, h. at Melrose
Shelton Patrick, waiter, h. Ill Charles
Shelton Philo S. mer. 44 India wf. h. 11 Beacon
Shelton Stephen, house 17 Pine
Shelton Thomas J. pump and block maker. Broad,

head of Liverpool wf. h. 1 Hartford place
Shelton Wm. shipwright, h. 108 Sea
Shennen John, laborer, h. Gold, near B [Camden
Shepard Augustus S. omnibus driver, b. Suffolk, c.
Shepard Benj. {Shepard, Chapin & Co.), stoves, &c.

23 Water, bds. 143 Court
Shepard Calvin, paper, 35 Devonshire
Shepard Charles {Wakefield^ S.), h. at Dorchester
Shepard Charles, printer, bds. 51 Federal
Shepard Charles A. B. clerk, b. 4 Crescent place
Shepard David, clerk, bds. 26 Ann
Shepard Eliza, laundress, h. r. First, n. Dorchester
Shepard Emeline, h. 35 Fayette
Shepard E. E. chaser, h. Fifth, near E
Shepard Franklin C. bds. 6 Oxford
Shepard Isaac F. teacher Otis School
Shepard John F. boarding, h. 31 Portland [den
Shepard John M. wire worker, h. Suffolk, c. Cam-
Shepard Lucy, widow, h. 51 Leveret
Shepard Samuel, piano-forte maker, h. 17 Porter
Shepard Sarah Mrs. h. 4 South st. court

Shepard Wm. blacksmith, Charlestown, cor. Med-

ford, h. 48 Lowell
Shepard Wm. A. writing master. Brimmer School
Shepherd Edwin H. tinsmith, Maverick, E. B.
Shepherd Elizabeth Mrs. vest maker, h. foot of

Bartlett place [line

Shepherd John, dry goods, 28 Kilby, h. at Brook-
Shepherd AValter B. clerk, bds. Winthrop House
Shepherd Wm. N. 269 AVash. bds. 124 Harr. ave.
Shcple Joseph, clerk, bds. 10 Tyler
Sheple Samuel, boards 10 Tyler
Sheple Salmon L. clerk, bds. 10 Tyler
Sheppard John H. counsellor, 20 Court
Sheppard William J. house 23 Friend
Shepperd Norman A. 88 Milk
Sherburne Augustus, hatter, h. London, E. B.
Sherburne {Charles) & Bursley {Henry), hat man-

ufac. 23 Elm, h. 15 Nashua
Sherburne Charles B. bds. 11 Elm
Sherburne C. L. Mrs. h. 8 Hayward place
Sherburne David, grocer, 25 Sea, h. 12 do.
Sherburne (Geo/Y/e IF.) & Son {S. R.), ale, 114

Blackstone, h. 55 Chambers
Sherburne John, cabinet maker, h. 55 Belknap
Sherburne John, hats, 9 Lewis, E. B. h. Meridian
Sherburne Jos. M. hats, furs, &c. 24 Elm, h. 7 Oak
Sherburne Lewis O. merchant tailor, 265 AVash. h.

8 Hayward place
Sherburne Reuben B master transportation C. R.

R. foot Lowell, h. 93 Leveret [foot Lowell

Sherburne Reuben, clerk. Concord freight office,
Sherburne Samuel R. {Sherburne S; Son), h. 105

Sherburne Susan, widow, h. 69 Brighton
Sherburne AVm. cl'k. Concord R. R. h. 69 Brighton
Sheridan Bernard, 62 C, cor. Fourth
Sheridan Edward, printer, h. 9 Sullivan place
Sheridan Ellen Mrs. boarding, 456 AVashington
Sheridan Hugh, grocer, S. Margin, c. Gouch
Sheridan James, laborer, h. 2 Canton
Sheridan Peter, laborer, h. rear 68 Eliot
Sheridan Peter, boot maker, 10 Andover, h. do.
Sheridan Thomas, laborer, house 16 Hamilton
Sheridan AVm. laborer, h. rear 63 Eliot
Sherman Amos, cabinet maker, bds. 6 Billerica
Sherman Asa, h. 10 S. Margin [House

Sherman Chas. 13 & 15 theS. Market, b. Fountain
Sherman Chas. B. 80 AVash. h. 120 Trem. [Charter
Sherman Clias. J. F. watch maker, 77 Ann, h. 6
Sherman Cyrus, shipwright, h. 10 E, n. Eighth
Sherman Elisha, jr. {Blanchwrd, S. % Co.), house

at Chelsea
Sherman Franklin, bds. 9 Brattle square
Sherman H. P. shipping office, 52 Commercial
Sherman Jacob, cabinet and pulpit maker, house

and shop 268 Broadway
Sherman Jacob B. caulker, house Havre
Sherman Jerusha, widow, h. 234 Broadway, near E
Sherman John, stevedore, house 5 Battery
Sherman Luther, shipwright, bds. Liverpool, E. B.
Sherman M. B. dress maker, house 4 Indiana
Sherman Miranda, teacher, boards 3 Merrimac
Sherman Nathaniel, house-ivright, house 26 Prince
Sherman Sally, widow, house 6 Charter
Sherman Serena, dress maker, house 18 Spring
Sherman Stephen E. 50 Milk, house at Mansfield
Sherman Thomas, housewright, house 25 May
Sherman AVm. H. book keeper, 34 Milk, boards 12

La Grange place
Sherman Zoith A. clerk, house 5 Dupee place
Sherrar Henry, house 80 Warren [Cambridge

Sherriff John L. {Stratton, S. &; Co.), house at East
Sherriffs Wm. D. engineer E. B. Ferry, house

Sumner, E. B.
Sherry John, tailor, house 68 Atkinson
Sherry John S. machinist, house Silver, near A
Sherry Thomas, teamster, house 62 C, cor. Fourth
Sherry AVm. tailor, boards 48 Union [121 Endicot
Sherwin Alfred AV. fruit, &c. head City wf. house
Sherwin George, housewright, house 1 Kennard ct.



Sherwin Joseph. 60 F. H. Market
Sherwin Richard, printer, house 4 N. Russell
Sherwin Sarah, tailoress, h. Dorchester, c. Dove
Sherwin Thomas, master English High School
Shew Wm. daguerreotypist, 123 Wash, house at

Shields Ann, widow, house 13 Adams
Shields Henry, job wagon, house 52 W. Orange
Shillaber Benj. P. printer, house 656 Washington
Shillaber D. B. clerk, 61 Court [place

Shillaber J. G. dry goods, 61 Court, b. 12 Crescent
Shiloh Wra. H. hair di-esser, 456 Washington, h.

15 W. Centre [Mt.'Vernon

Shimmin Charles F. counsellor, 30 Court, house 93
Shimmin Thomas D. boards Revere House [House
Shimmin Wm. merchant, 20 Long wf. bds. Revere
Shimmins Frederick, barber, house Fifth, near C
Shimmins Robert, grocer, 203 Hanover, h. 205 do.
Shine Philip, laborer, house 6 Spear alley
Shinner James, laborer, house 1 Hamilton
Shinners Patrick, puddler, house Milldam
Shipley Horatio, counsellor, 21 Court square
Shipley James B. machinist, house Trumbull
Shipley Simon G. baker, Union, near Hanover, h.

at Charlesto\vn
Shipley Thomas, teamster, house 238 Ann
Shipman Daniel B. agent, 138 Washington
Shippee David G. 36 Portland, corner ISIerrimac
Shirley Abner, shoe maker, 79 Charles, h. 13 Zone
Shirley Daniel H. piano-forte tuner, h. 22 Oxford
Shirley Warren, house 29 Piedmont
Shirley Wm. W. lamplighter, house Silver, near C
Shisk Patrick, laborer, house Half Moon pi.
Shiverick Geo. Albany ale, 24 Broad, h. 9 Lincoln
Shoaltz Charles, cooper, boards 5 Clark
Sholes Charles H. clerk, boards 71 Pleasant
Shoppe Augustus, baker, house Colony
Shorey {John) & Co. {John Fussel ^ F. Guild),

dry goods, 168 Washington, house at Dedham
Shorey John, boards 9 New Cross
Shorey John F. cutter, 53 Ann
Short Cornelius, sawyer, house 31 Billerica
Short Dennis, music teacher, house 32 Cross
Short George, blacksmith, house Liverpool, E. B.
Short James, 28 Pearl

Short John, laborer, house 6 Henchman lane
Short John, laborer, house 2 La Fayette avenue
Short Scott, waiter, boards 24 Belknap
Short Timothy W. machinist, house Pembroke
Shorter Mary, widow, house Milldam
Shortridge George E. 49 Water, bds. 7 Franklin
Shortwell Richard, mariner, h. 5 Henchman lane
Shultyze James, h. 18 Beach [Wash. h. 85 Dover
Shumway Benj. S. {Sweetser & S.), provisions, 695
Shumway Nelson, house Dover, cor. Washington
Shumway Sam'l {Jude Snmo S^ Co.), b. 19 McLean
Shurtleff Nath'l B. physician, h. 2 Beacon [bury
Shurtletf S. A. {Bowers, Pratt & Co.), h. at Rox-
Shute Abigail E. widow, house rear 125 Pleasant
Shute Benj. A. barber, boards 11 Ohio place
Shute Daniel, laborer, house 11 Ohio place
Shute David, carpenter, house Saratoga, E. B.
Shute Ebenezer, constable, house 6 Cotting
Shute Ebenezer, jr. police officer, h. 5 Baldwin pi.

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