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Tremont, corner Eliot, h. 23 Warren [Orange
Smith J. Mayhew, dry goods, 681 Wash, house 34
Smith James W. 28 Commercial, h. 3 Hancock av.
Smith James Y. machinist, h. Suffolk, n. Canton
Smith Jane, milliner, 93 Camb'ge, h. 17 N. Russell
Smith Jane, widow, house 23 Second
Smith Jane M. dress maker, h. 7 Church
Smith Jeremiah, laborer, 10 India, house Beverly
Smith Jeremiah, carpenter, foot Mt. Vernon, h. do.
Smith J. V. C. physician, house 12 Bowdoin
Smith Joel H. clerk, 105 Milk



Smith John, grocer, 172 Fourth, house 170 do.

Smith John, stone layer, house 14 Second

Smith John, tailor, boards 55 Atkinson

Smith John, stevedore, house 6 Clark

Smith John, butler, house 21 Hamilton

Smith John, laborer, boards 7 Sweetser

Smith John, mason, house 13 South Margin

Smith John, engineer B. & L. R. R. h. 49 Brighton

Smith John, house 7 Lancaster

Smith John, house rear Cottage, near Webster

Smith John, house 6 Battery

Smith John, carpenter, house rear 38 Prince

Smith John, laborer, house Commercial, n. Charter

Smith John, teamster, house 22 Endicot

Smith John, housewright, house 253 Tremont

Smith John, house 488 Commercial

Smith John C. mason, boards 1 Alden

Smith John C. shoe maker, h. rear 21 E. Orange

Smitli John Cutts, 93 Water, house 8 Albion

Smith John E. boards 54 Harvard

Smith John G. R. 170 Tremont, b. Wash. House

Smith J. Hampden, clerk, boards 65 Allen

Smith John Harris {Henry Smith S^ Son)

Smith John H. house Bradford

Smith John Hogan, painter, house 6 N. Russell

Smith John J. hair dresser, Staniford, cor. Green

Smith John L. captain, house Fifth, near F

Smith (J. Lyon) & Wheaton {A. F.), clothing, 23

and 25 Ann, boards 161 Court
Smith J. R. artist, house 46 Orange
Smith John T. (Hudson S; S.), Exch. News room
Smith John T. carpenter, house 4 Clifton place
Smith {John T.) & Gould {Charles H.), carpenters,

15 Harvard place [ington, h. 15 Oxford

Smith John AV. fancy goods and threads, 231 Wash-
Smith John W. professor of music, h. 50 Marion
Smith Jonas G. bread, cake, &c. 538 Washington,

house 605 do.
Smith Jonathan L. & Co. {H. Peavey), provisions,

20 School, house 3 Cruft place
Smith Jos. teamster, h. Silver, n. F [Charlestown
Smith Joseph {Holbrook, Smiths, &; Co.), house at
Smith (Joseph) & Tarbell (£.), lamps & camphene,

19 Washington, h. 77 Broadway
Smith Joseph, spar maker, h. r. Havre, n. Sumner
Smith Joseph B. clerk, h. 4 Poplar place
Smith Joseph B. carpenter, boards 27 Sea
Smith Joseph C. ship keeper, h. 25 Commercial
Smith Joseph G. (C. S. & J. G. Smith), 19 Ferry,

h. 1 Alba ct. [ries, 325 Wash. h. at Roxbury
Smith {Joseph M.) & Melvin {James S.), apotheca-
Smith Joseph P. baker, h. 22 May
Smith Joshua B. caterer, 16 Brattle, h. Butolph,

corner Southac [New, E. B.

Smith Joshua R. grocer, h. and store Sumner, cor.
Smith Josiah, house Milldam
Smith Josiah A. house Fort av.
Smitli Judith, widow, h. 77 A, n. Third
Smith Julius M. mariner, h. Saratoga, E. B.
Smith Justus H. clerk, 161 Milk, bds. 59 Federal
Smith J. W. B. porter, h. 17 May
Smith Lebbeus W. broker, 31 State, h. 8 Suffolk pi.
Smith Leonard M. last maker, h. 10 E. Orange
Smith Lewis, cook, h. 29 Bridge
Smith Lewis, machinist, bds. 4 Broadway
Smith Lewis, truckman and wood dealer, 2 Com'l

wf. (north side), h. 4 Cleveland pi.
Smith Lewis, jr. 2 Commercial wf. (north side), h.

4 Cleveland place [29 Bridge

Smith Lewis F. hair dresser, 7 Devonshire, house
Smith Lois, milliner, h. 5 Suffolk place
Smith Lorenzo G. tailor, 21 Ann & 51 N. Market,

h. Eutaw, E. B. [Summer

Smith Lucius E. editor Republican, 5 Water, b. 64
Smith Luther, steam planer, h. 2 Billerica
Smith Marcia L. physician, 56 Prince
Smith Maria P. widow, h. 26 Castle
Smith Marshall, h. 20 Poplar [coin

Smith Marston C. {E. T. Milliken ^ Co.), b. 6 Lin-
Smith Martha, dress maker, bds. 1 Jefferson

Smith Martha G. widow, h. 5 N. Bennet

Smith Martin, h. 15 Prospect

Smith Martin, carpenter, h. Monmouth, E. B.

Smitli Mary, seamstress, h. 44 Hudson

Smith Mary, stay maker, 102 Tremont

Smith Mary, widow, h. 7 W. Canton

Smith Mary, nurse, h. 7 Eaton

Smith Mary Ann, boarding, h. 5 Kellam pi.

Smith Mary Ann, widow, h. 20 W. Castle

Smith Mary Ann, dress maker, h. 40 Kingston

Smith Matthew Hale Rev. 42 Boylston

Smith {Melancthon), Sumner (T. A.), & Co. {Thos.

T. Ordway Sf J. B. Prince), importers, 35 Milk,

h. at Jamaica Plain
Smith Michael H. moulder, h. Third, n. B [Poplar
Smith Mighill, restorator, 45 N. Market, house 6
Smith Moses, h. 8 Tileston
Smith Moses, penny postman, h. 3 Salutation
Smith Moses, watchman, h. 33 London, E. B.
Smith {Moses M.) & Shaw {Earl), com. merch. 44

Kneeland, h. at Jamaica Plain
Smith Nancy, widow, h. 8 Fayette ct.
Smith Nath'l {Warden &; S.), Portland, c. Deacon
Smith Nath. Mrs. h. 761 Wash. [Cambridgeport
Smith Nelson, baker, order box 134 Court, house at
Smith {Oliver) & Hopkins {Franklin), lumber, In-

gersoU's wf. h. at Charlestown
Smith Orlando, machinist, h. Suffolk, n. Ger. ch.
Smith Pardon, stone cutter, h. r. Athens, n. A
Smith P. A. druggist, 159 Bread, h. c. Richmond

and Salem
Smith Peter, tailor, h. 54 Union
Smith Peter, laborer, h. Smith ct.
Smith Perez, house 1 Hancock
Smith Philip, jr. trunk maker, bds. 26 Ann
Smith Pliny, h. 52 B, near Broadway
Smith Rachael, house Smith court
Smith Ralph & Co. {Samuel Parker), merchants,

20 Exchange, h. 65 Allen
Smith Ralph, jr. 20 Exchange
Smith Richard, laborer, h. 9 Oxford pi.
Smith Richard, laborer, h. 18 Southac
Smith Richard, stone layer, h. 14 Second
Smith Robert, weaver, house r. 17 N. Russell
Smith Robert, slater, h. Albany, opp. Erie
Smith Robert (C. H. Butler S; Co.), h. 6 N. Bennet
Smith Rob't M. B. coppersmith, h. I Cooper st. ct.
Smith Robert S., Custom House
Smith R. R. laborer, h. 5 Holmes' alley
Smith Rufus, clerk, 231 Washington, b. 15 Oxford
Smith Samuel, watchman, h. r. 38 Charter [st. ct.
Smith Samuel, collector, 10 Congress, h. 1 Fruit
Smith Samuel, mariner, h. 4 1-2 Unity
Smith Samuel, painter, b. 17 Butolph
Smith Samuel, 132 State [bridgeport

Smith Samuel Conant, 3 Chatham row, n. at Cam-
Smith Samuel, penny post, bds. 1 Minot
Smith Samuel, truckman, h. 19 Oliver
Smith Samuel, h. 22 Rowe
Smith Samuel {Pearl, S. ^ Co.), 62 Hanover
Smith Samuel, victualling, 7 Belknap
Smith Samuel A. tailor, 32 Congress, h. 265 Trem't
Smith Samuel Bloomfield, boot and shoe maker, h.

10 Federal ct.
Smith Samuel C, Exchange Bank, bds. 57 High
Smith Sam'l R. book keeper, 133 Milk, h. 20 Tyler
Smith Samuel S. hatter, bds. 66 Dover [Leveret
Smith S. J. H. pocketbook maker, 215 Wash. h. 42
Smith Sarah, widow, h. 140 Cambridge
Smith Sarah, widow, h. 2 Suffolk pi.
Smith Sarah, widow of Richard R. h. 50 Orange
Smith Sarah, house 127 Essex
Smith Sarah Mrs. house r. 16 Leveret
Smith Sarah M. h. 6 Cottage pi.
Smith Simeon, mariner, h. 16 N. Margin
Smith Simeon, mason, 14 Sudbury, h. 12 do.
Smith Sophia P. dress maker, 124 Charles
Smith Stephen, plumber, bds. 17 Brattle
Smith Stephen, cabinet maker, 44 Cornhill, house

Suffolk, n. Dedham



Smith Stephen, 10 Market square
Smith Theodore M. (Torrey ^ S.), h. 15 Zone
Smith Theophilus H. mason, h. 23 Lyman pi.
Smith Thomas, tailor, h. 3 Wendell
Smith Thomas, hackman, 49 Prince
Smith Thomas, porter, h. 35 Grove
Smith (Thomas), Ober [R. H.), & Co. (D. B. Mo-
rey), glass and britannia ware, 3 Haverhill, h.
at Maiden [63 Myrtle

Smith Thomas, boot maker, 84 Cambridge, house
Smith Thomas, hair dresser, 21 1-2 Union, house 211

Smith Thomas B. 53 Blackstone, h. at Roxbury
Smith Thomas C. merchant, 2 Lewis wharf, house
35 Mount Vernon [Newton

Smith Thomas D. teller Savings Bank, house at
Smith Thomas D. painter, h. 2 Almont pi.
Smith Thos. F. tailor, 32 Congress, h. 278 Trem't
Smith Thomas H. h. 1 Mason
Smith T. H. physician, Richmond, c. Salem
Smith Thomas L. {Sortwell &: Co.),h. 27 Vernon
Smith Thos. M. constable, 13 Ct. sq. h. Silver, n. B.
Smith Thos. P. clothing, 38 Brattle, h. 9 Second
Smith Timothy, jr. clerk, 6 Elm, bds. 138 Court
Smith Warren J. tin plater, h. 38 Vine
Smith Willard W. wagoner, h. 20 Causeway
Smith Wm. ( Wright, Priest, &: Co.), h. 46 Tyler
Smith William, w'aterman, h. 40 C, n. Fifth
Smith Wm. ship^vright, h. Liverpool, n. Maverick
Smith Wm. plasterer, bds. 2 Orange
Smith {Wm.) & Walden (J.), shipping office, 87

Commercial, h. 466 do.
Smith Wm. wines, 5 Chatham, h. 11 Carver
Smith Wm. boot maker, h. 42 Billerica
Smith Wm. boiler maker, h. Maverick, E. B.
Smith Wm. housewright, h. May, n. Grove [mond
Smith ( W7n.) & Jacobs ( Thos. R.), oysters, 4 Rich-
Smith Wm. grocer, 182 Fourth, h. C, n. Fifth
Smith Wm. messenger Savings Bank, house Third,

n. Dorchester
Smith Wm. machinist, h. 48 Tyler
Smith Wm. seaman, h. r. 192 Hanover
Smith Wm. machinist, h. r. 123 Turnpike
Smith Wm. seaman, h. 9 Belknap
Smith Wm. A. cooper, h. Lamson ct.
Smith Wm. B. oysters, 197 Ann
Smith Wm. C. h." Havre, n. Maverick. E. B.
Smith Wm. E. clerk, 37 Milk, h. 25 Sheafe
Smith Wm. E. varnisher, bds. 8 Albany
Smith Wm. F. clerk, bds. 26 W. Castle
Smith Wm. H. salesman, 52 Wash. h. at Chelsea
Smith Wm. H. 11 Tremont row,bds. 4 Derne
Smith William H. die sinker, 1 Court avenue, h.

at Charlestown
Smith Wm. H. 8 Court, house 17 Bond
Smith Wm. H. L. counsellor, 47 Court, boards

Washington Coffee House
Smith W. H. Sedley, Boston Museum, b. 44 Beach
Smith Wm. 0. machinist, boards 798 Washington
Smith W. Sidney, clerk, 87 Milk, boards B, near

Smith Zenas E. house 36 Porter
Smoot Wm. H. oysters, 4 North square, house do.
Smyth Michael, laborer, house rear 10 Charlestown
Smythe Henry A. (F. Skinner S; Co.), 91 Milk
Smythe Wm. F. printer, house 18 Milton
Smytherman Samuel, laborer, house 42 Vine
Smytherman Wm. fruit, &c. Cambridge, on the

bridge, house Charles, near May
Snapp Jacob, confectioner, house 5 Sudbury
Snell Charles, carpenter, house Suffolk, n. Dedham
Snell Lorenzo D. painter, house 142 Hudson
Snelling Angeline H. widow, boarding, 37 Salem
Snelling Anna Mary, house 8 Hull
Snelling Edward A. clerk Land Office, State House,

house 1 High
Snelling E. H. silk dyer, 3 Hanover, ;h. 108 Salem
Snelling Enoch H. & Son (E. H. Snelling, jr.),
plumbers and glaziers, Richmond, c. Hanover,
house 108 Salem

Snelling Enoch H. jr. (£. H. Snelling ^ Son), h. 4

Snelling George H. counsellor, boards 3 Otis place
Snelling (John) & Hopkins (Z. IF.), tailors, 60

Ann, house at Chelsea
Snelling Joseph (Holmes &; S.), h. Saratoga, E. B.
Snelling Josiah, house 93 Purchase
Snelling Lucy, widow of Wm. J. house 2 Hull
Snelling Nathaniel G. house 6 Hull
Snelling (Nathaniel G. 2d) & Seaver (F.), wines, 86

Fulton, boards 108 Salem
Snelling Sam'l G. (Appleton &; S.), h. at Brookline
Snelling Washington, clerk, 3 Maverick block
Snelling Wm. W. 2 Long wf. h. at W. Cambridge
Snow Allen B. captain, house 24 South
Snow Alonzo, daguerreotypist, b. 2 Newbury place
Snow Asa B. physician, house 20 Harrison avenue
Snow Azel, physician, house 103 Pinckney
Snow Barnabas (/. i^ B. Snow), h. at E. Cambridge
Snow Benjamin F. boards 25 Oxford
Snow Betsey, widow, house 34 Allen
Snow C. & L. E. electricians at Robinson & Co.'s,

Snow Daniel E. book keeper, Boylston Bank
Snow Daniel F. & Co. (B. E. Deland), 18 Mer-
chants' row, house 15 Sheafe
Snow (David) & Rich (Isaac), flour and fish, 3

City wharf, house at Charlestown
Snow Davis, jr. 3 City wharf, house at Charlestown
Snow Eben, teller Shawmut Bank, house at Cam-

bridgeport [E. B.

Snow Ebenezer (Snow, Dunn S; Co.), h. 5 Wesley,
Snow Edmund, house 16 Sumner
Snow Eli N. 61 F. H. Market, house 55 Brighton
Snow Eliza, widow, house 49 Spring
Snow Emily, nurse, house 43 Myrtle
Snow Franklin, clerk, 3 City wf. bds. 148 Hanover
Snow Francis W. 91 Wash, boards 31 Pinckney
Snow George, 3 India wharf, house 5 Medford ct.
Snow George K. & Co. publishers Path Finder, 5

Washington, bds. 137 1-2 Hanover
Snow George W. housewright, house 20 Orange
Snow Henry A. (Geo. Blackburn 1$ Co.), house at

Newton Corner
Snow H. L. clerk, 25 Water
Snow Henry S. provisions, 460 Wash, boards 22

Snow Horatio W. upholsterer, h. 25 Indiana place
Snow Isaac, carpenter, house 45 Utica
Snow Isaac & Co. vrines, 8 Merchants' row, boards

71 Atkinson
Snow James, painter, house Havre, near Sumner
Snow James, captain, house 2 Wesley, E. B.
Snow Jesse K. carpenter, house 6 Foster
Snow J. & B. carpenters, 136 Leveret, house 77

Snow John F. book stand, 1 Lewis, h. 51 Salem
Snow Joshua, mason, house 52 Nashua
Snow Jude & Co. (S. Shumicay, C. O. Wardtoell iSf

/. S. Campbell), dry goods, 64 Hanover, house

8 AUston
Snow L. midwife, house Saratoga, E. B.
Snow Lucy, widow of P. Snow, h. 13 Crescent pi.
Snow Lucy H. house 22 Rochester
Snow Nathaniel, merchant, 76 State, h. at Roxbury
Snow Nathaniel H. clerk, 206 Hanover [House
Snow Reuben H. (JVheelwright Sj S.), b. Ricnmond
Snow Samuel S. Mrs. house 8 Prospect
Snow Samuel T. clerk, 97 State, house at Chelsea
Snow Sarah, widow, house 54 Belknap
Snow Seymour B. clerk, 71 Water, bds. 61 Federal
Snow Solon L. teamster, h. Paris, c. Sumner, E. B.
Snow Thomas, house 15 Bowdoin
Snow Thomas R. clerk, house 6 Bond
Snow William, Custom House, house at Chelsea
Snow William, mariner, house rear 13 Commercial
Snow William, 14 Commercial, bds. Central House
Snow William, watchman, house 23 Andover
Snow (Zenas) & Lombard (Israel, jr.), ship chand-
lers, 83 Commercial, house at Chelsea



Snow & Co. grocers, 16 Sumner, e. Havre, E. B.
Snow (Thomas), Dunn {John), & Co. (E. Stiow),
boiler manufacturers, Lewis, E. B. h. Wesley
Snowden Samuel Rev. house 5 Southac
Snowdeu I. H. printer, boards 5 Southac
Soaller George, raarketman, house Gold, near C
Sohier (Edward D.) & Welch (C.A.), counsellors,

19 Court
Sohier William (Wm. D. Sg W.), 40 State
Sohier Wm. D. & Wm. counsellors, 40 State, house

8 Franklin place
Sohier (Wm.) k. Lowell (John), counsellors, 40

State, house 21 Pemberton square
Soley J. J. broker, 48 State, house at Roxbury
Soil Matthew, carpenter, house 135 Fourth
Soller George, 33 F. H. Market, house Gold, c. P
Solomon Morris (C. E. Jacobs S; Co.), 2^ Hanover
Solomons W. S. house 7 McLean court
Somerby Frederick T. fancy painter, 50 Cornhill,

house 1 Staniford place
Somerby Hiram, baker, Princeton, n. Marion, E. B.
Somerby John P. cabinet maker, boards Maverick,
near Maverick square [Arnold

Somerby Joseph C. cabinet maker, house Wash. c.
Somerby Lorenzo, painter, house 5 Pembroke
Somerby Richard, boot maker, house 7 Bridge
Somerby Robert, organ builder, boards 23 Lynde
Somerby Robert, books and stationery, 107 Hano-
ver, house at Dorchester
Somerby Thomas, house 8 West Canton
Somers George, 17 Norfolk place
Somers George, house 14 East Orange
Somerville Moses, hair dresser, house 1 Providence
Somerville Richard E. shoemaker, h. 5 Sullivan pi.
Somerville Robert, lighterman, house Jasper place
Somerville Wm. boot maker, house Old Road
Somes Abigail, widow, rear 96 Purchase
Somes Joseph, clerk, boards 2 Crescent place
Soper Amos, cabinet maker, house Broadway, be-
tween I and K
Soper Mary F. house 36 High FRoxbury

Soren John J. cashier Boylston Bank, house at
Soren Thomas J. painter, house 10 Kentle
Sortwell & Co. (D. R. Sortwell, T. L. Smith l^ J.
Gunnison), commission merchants, 11 and 12
North Market, house 179 Hanover
Soule Andrew, house Maiden, opposite Maiden pi.
Soule Charles, jr. (Winsor ^ S.), house 16 Allen
Soule (C'/ias. //) & Arrington (G. £).), sail makers,

119 Commercial, house Liverpool
Soule Geo. M. (Sprafftte, S. &; Co.), h. at Hingham
Soule Henry, coppersmith, boards 6 Pitts
Soule Henry B. cabinet maker, boards 23 Hudson
Soule Horace H. 134 State, bds. 17 Crescent place
Soule Horatio S. shipwright, house Maverick, E. B.
Soule Richard, agent Boston sugar refinery, 134

State, house 17 Crescent place
Soule Richard, jr. superintendent Boston sugar re-
finery, house 7 Sumner, E. B.
Soule Wm. coachman, house 22 South Russell
Soule (William N.) & Richards (IF. C), tin plate

workers, 15 Lewis, E. B. house Meridian
Sourwine Frederick, silversmith, rear 301 Wash. h.

West Canton
South Charles, teamster, house 8 North Russell
Southac Cyprian, cabinet maker, h. 22 W. Castle
Southard Alba, physician, 130 Fourth
Southard Lucien H. teacher of music, h. 50 Carver
Southard Madison, clerk, boards 151 Pleasant
Southard Zibeon & Co. (Louis Motito), manufac-
turers sperm oil and candles, 27 Broad, house
306 Broadway
Souther Emery, apothecary. Green, c. Lyman pi.
Souther Isaiah F. clerk Tremont Insurance Co.

house 40 Spring
Souther James, tailor, house 3 Pleasant street ct.
Souther James, police officer, house 8 McLean ct.
Souther Job T. machinist, house 200 Third, near F
Souther John (Lyynan &; S.), h. Third, betw. A & B
Souther Joseph, clerk, 14 Dock sq. bds. 38 Green

Souther Joseph, 30 N. Market, h. at Charlestown
Souther Joseph, jr. & Co. morocco leather, 30 N.

Market, house at Charlestown
Souther Rachel, widow, house Third, near G
Souther Rebecca, widow, house 40 Spring
Southerland James C. eating house, 136 Turnpike
Southland Silas E. (Vose ^ S.), boards 16 Tyler
Southwell Timothy, laborer, house 9 South May
South wick Amos W. (J. J. Beak Sj Co.), house

Porter, near Pleasant
Southwick Henry J. clock maker, h. 2 N. Margin
Southwick J. M., City Express, 7 State, h. 3 Porter
Southwick Phcebe, widow of Henry, house Porter,

near Pleasant
Southwick John, apothecary, 85 Tremont, opp.

Foster place
Southwick Joseph, 8 old State House, h. 4 High
Southwick Philip R. leather, 48 & 50 Fulton, h. 15

Hudson [reotype miniatures, 5i Trem. row
Southworth (Albert S.) & Hawes (J. J.), daguer-
Southworth Asa, boards 10 Crescent place
Southworth Constant, house 3 Marion
Southworth N. artist, 228 Washington, c. Summer
Sowden John, house 69 Dover
Sowden Mary A. dress maker, 15 Friend
Sowden Philip, house 8 Canal [Cambridge

Sowden Richard, mer. tailor, 91 Wash. h. at W.
Sowden William, clerk, boards 69 Dover
Sowdon Charlotte H. house 16 High
Sowerley Wm. A. machinist, boards 13 Broadway
Sowle (John) & Shaw (Albert), pictures and frames,

43 Cornhill, boards Adams House [Pinckney
Spalding Benjamin, grocer, 37 Hanover, house 20
Spalding James, moulder, house 6 Curve
Spallar William, tailor, house 96 Endicot
Spare James B. carpenter, h. Highland pi. E. B.
Sparhawk David H. book keeper, 13 Liberty sq.
Sparhawk Geo. counsellor, 4 Court, h. at Newbury
Sparks Charles, teamster, house 7 Blanche court
Sparrell Geo. P. hair dresser, 32 Bromfield, house

96 Leveret
Sparrell John T. house 14 Myrtle
Sparrell William, architect, 4 State, house 7 Minot
Sparrow John, pile driver, h. Everett, c. Jeffries
Sparrow Joseph L. carpenter, h. 66 Middlesex
Sparrow Mary, tailoress, house 52 Tremont
Spaulding B. P. & Co. (H. B. Alde7i, jr.), shoes &

leather, 53 Pearl, house at Randolph
Spaulding Bridget, house 9 Osborn place
Spaulding Eliza, widow, house 61 Leveret
Spaulding George B. treas. Beach st. Museum, b.

102 Hudson
Spaulding Rufus H. clerk, boards 53 Portland
Spaulding Samuel, cordwainer, h. 60 Middlesex
Spaulding Samuel W. restorator, 58 Commercial,

house at Charlestown
Spaulding Solomon Mrs. h. 2 Meridian ct. E. B.
Spaulding (Solomon R.) & Bryant (H. C), leather

and hides, 19 & 20 Blackstone, h. at Roxbury
Spaulding Wm. A. (Healey ^ S.), bds. 2 Kuhn pi.
Spear Aaron, watchman, h. Athens, near D
Spear Benj. A. house Chelsea, E. B.
Spear Charles Rev. ed. and pub. Prisoner's Friend,

11 Cornhill, h. 24 London
Spear Charles W. printer, 11 Cornhill, b. 24 London
Spear Christiana, nurse, h. r. 660 Washington
Spear Daniel S. boards 4 Milton place
Spear George G. actor, 8 Franklin
Spear Geo. M. hats, 18^ Com'l, h. London, near

Maverick, E. B.
Spear Hannah, widow, house Athens, near D
Spear Hannah, widow, house 7 Orange lane
Spear Henry T. (W. P. Mackay ^ Co.), h. 29 Sea
Spear James E. police officer, house 7 Tileston
Spear Jason, clerk, 30 High
Spear John A. spar maker, h. Princeton, E. B.
Spear John, clerk, 438 Wash, house r. 9 Bennet
Spear John I. broker, 3 State, house 117 Hudson
Spear John M. Rev. prison missionary, house 2^

Central court



Spear Jesse S. Mrs. midwife, h. 570 Washington
Spear Joseph S. { TVi/io^, Spear ^ Newell), h. at

Spear Mary, widow, house 82 Charles
Spear Rebecca, dress maker, h. r. 660 Wash.
Spear Robert, tailor, house Old Harbor
Spear Ruth Mrs. h. Dorchester, c. First
Spear Sam'l A. pump & block maker, h. 11 Tilest'n
Spear {Samuel B.) & Pool {Geo. F.), ship painters,

183 Com'l, h. 2 Dillaway place
Spear Thomas, dentist, h. 97 Essex [pi.

Spear Thos. T. artist, 38 Trem. row, h. 2 Chauncy
Spear ( Warren) & BufFura {ErasUis), W. 1. goods,

4 Railroad block
Spear William, carpenter, h. Silver, n. Dorchester
Spear William H. o Commercial, h. 1 Allen
Speare Alden, salesman, 29 Federal '

Spellman Michael, laborer, house 18 Curve
Spence Andrew, jr. carpenter, h. 9 Lowell place
Spence George, painter, h. 4 Utica [h. do.

Spence John {M. Pond Sf Co.), h. 2 Baldwin place,
Spence John, jr. physician, 2 Baldwin pi. h. do.
Spence Robert, laborer, h. 2 Moon [1 Vernon

Spence Wm. P. boots and shoes, 182 Hanover, h.
Spencer A. W. (.7. W. Clark c^ Co.), h. at Roxbury
Spencer Betsey H. Mrs. h. 50 Orange
Spencer Charles, painter, bds. 30 Marion
Spencer Ebenezer, jr. paver, h. 5 Wesley place
Spencer Edward, 239 Ann, boards 241 do.
Spencer James, shipwright, h. Cooper, c. Salem
Spencer Job, coach maker, h. 30 Marion
Spencer John, harness and collar maker, Broadw'y,

near D, h. Third, near C
Spencer John A. boards 10 Morton place
Spencer Warren, truckman, h. Bolton, near E
Spencer Warren B. job wagon, Maverick sq. house

Cottage, c. Maverick, E. B. [76 Tyler

Spencer W. H. {Thomas W. Seaverns ^ Co.), h.
Spencer Wm. V. clerk, 16 State, h. 14 London
Sperry Miles, cook, 64 Blackstone
Spiller John, laborer, 1 Utica place
Spiller Moses, wharfinger, h. 247 Third
Spink Warren, h. 51 Federal
Spinney Geo. carpenter, Com'l, h. 10 N. Bennet
Spinney James W. & Co. {Baxter- J. H.), shoe

store, 57 Broadway, boards 204 do.
Spinney Lydia F. tailoress, b. Sumner, e. Cottage
Spinney Samuel R. 28 State, h. 52 C, n. Fourth
Spinney Thomas, h. C, near Fourth
Spinny Harriet, h. 2 Oxford place
Spitz Julius, hair dresser, 154 Wash. h. 8 Indiana
Spitz Peter, caps, 4 Washington, h. 15 Ash
Splane Honora, widow, h. 1 Pond st. place
SpofFord Caleb W. at Adams House
Spofford Chas. W., Custom House bl'k. Long wf.
SpofFord George, machinist, bds. 228 Harrison av.
Spofford Henry, machinist, bds. 16 Genesee
SpofFord Nathan H. machinist, bds. 30 Oswego
SpofFord Wm. W. machinist, h. S. Williams
Spofford's Express, 8 Court
Spokesfield Furnald D. watchman, h. Arnold
Spooner Allen C. counsellor, 23 Court, house 61

Chambers [9 Franklin place

Spooner Daniel N. merchant, 34 Central wf. house
Spooner Hannah 0. Mrs. h. 46 Bedford
Spooner {John S.) & Botefur {J. D.), printer, 116

Wash. h. 12 W. Centre [h. Old Road

Spooner Richard H. grocer, Broadw'y, c. Old Road,
Spooner S. broker, 60 Blackstone, h. at Newton
Spooner Wm. B. leather and hides, 79 Pearl, h. 13

W. Cedar [place

Spoor E. K. constable. City Hall, bds. 8 Hartford
Sprague Anthony, clerk, h. 2 May
Sprague Eliza, seamstress, h. 2 Leveret
Sprague Charles, cash'r Globe Bank, h. 502 Wash.
Sprague Charles J. dist. clerk Globe B'k, h. HoUis
Sprague Franklin H. provisions, 138 Pleasant, b.

3 Marion
Sprague Geo. {Barnard (S, S.), bds. D, cor. Third
Sprague Horatio N. comedian, h. rear 92 Federal

Sprague Isaac, jr. {Brazier, S. Sg Co.), h. 5 Fruit

Sprague James, laborer, h. foot May

Sprague Joanna, h. 517 Washington

Sprague J. B. C. {Homer ^ S.), bds. Tremont H.

Sprague Joseph, h. 46 Essex

Sprague Joseph {Loring <Sf S.), h. at Hingham

Sprague Mary, seamstress, h. 2 Leveret

Sprague Mary C. teacher, b. 1 Province House ct.

Sprague Matthew, h. G, near Third

Sprague Miles, watchman, h. 23 Fayette

Sprague Miles, jr. bds. 23 Fayette

Sprague Moses, trunk maker, h. 3 Spring st. pi.

Sprague Peleg, Judge U. S. Dist. Ct. h. 124 Trem't

Sprague Philo, mason, h. 3 Fayette court

Sprague Phineas & Co. {E. S. Tobey), merchants,

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