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13 Com'l wf. h. 21 Chesnut [n. Dedham

Sprague Reuben O. stair builder, Albany, h. Suftblk,
Sprague Sam'l C. {John King A Co.), h. 23 Fayette
Sprague Samuel F. clerk, 75 tJnion
Sprague Samuel S. grocer, boards 1 North square
Sprague S. E. clerk Dist. Court, house 20 Ashbur-

ton place [Friend, h. 27 Pitts

Sprague Thomas, chaise trimmer. Deacon, corner
Sprague {Win.), Soule (Geo. M.), & Co. {Edward

Whitney), plaster and grindstones, 7 T wharf,

bds. U. S. Hotel
Sprague Wm. W. book binder, house 40 Poplar
Sprinder John S. bonnets, 22 Hanover, house do.
Spring Arthur, baker, 181 Fourth, house do.
Spring Edward, baker, Gouch, c. Merrimac, house

6 Prospect
Spring Francis L. baker, h. 222 Fourth, near D
Spring Isaac H. fancy goods, 52 Kilby, house at

Spring John, baker, house and store 16 East
Spring John, apothecary, 100 Sea, h. do.
Springall George, harness maker, 5 Merrimac, h.

49 Southac
Springer Benjamin H. 1 Change avenue
Springfield Nathaniel, blacksmith, bds. 10 Fruit
Sproul Emeline, boarding, h. 9 New Prince
Sproul John, carpenter, h. Third, n. Dorchester
Sproul Patrick, laborer, house 19 Hamilton
Spruhan Patrick, cooper, house 3 Belmont
Spruhn James, 38 Long wharf
Spry Elizabeth, widow of John, h. Robinson lane
Spurgin Wm. clerk, house 27 May
Spurr Edward T. shipsmith, h. Princeton, E. B.
Spurr George W. moulder, house 9 Clark
Spurr John B. caulker, house 4 Salutation
Spurr Oliver H. police officer, h. Havre, n. Sumnex
Spurr Wm. caulker, house rear 9 Bartlett
Spurr Wm. house 68 Leveret
Spurr Wm. A. tinsmith, house 73 Nashua
Squier Roswell, teamster, house Swan
Squire Henry C. hair dresser, b. 9 Province H. ct.
Squire Jas. C. 29 F. H. Mark. h. 15 Green [Camb.
Squire John P. 23 & 25 F. H. Market, h. at W.
Squire Joseph, 20 F. H. Market
Squire Moses P. 18 F. H. Market, b. 61 Lowell
Sreenen Peter, tailor, house 7 Charlestown
Staab Charles, boot crimper, h. Everett, n. Cottage
Stabbs Wm. laborer, house 59 Charter
Stack Garrett, laborer, house 62 Atkinson
Stack Garrett, laborer, house 5 Battery [Portland
Stackhouse Isaac N. proprietor Branch Hotel, 47
Stackpole David D. {Deshon ^ Co.), b. 1 Chauncy

place [Roxbury

Stackpole Reuben M. leather, 47 Fulton, house at
Stackpole Stephen A. clerk, house 84 Fourth
Stacey M. P. dry goods, 34 Hanover, h. at Camb.
Stacy Bradford S. (Z). Hersey <Sf Co.), h. 7 Cotting
Stacy Horace, physician, boards U. S. Hotel
Stacy Joseph H. sexton, house 72 Charles
Stacy (^Philemon), Richardson {W.), & Co. (Chas.

IV. Slack), printers, 11 Milk, up stairs, house

Tremont, second door above Dover
Stacy Samuel, blacksmith, boards 5 Nashua
Stacy Wm. R. captain night watsh. Custom H. h.

5 Norfolk avenue



Stafford Charles F. painter, 14 Carver, h. 6 Taylor
Stafford George L. painter, house 9 La Grange pi.
Stafford James, grocer, 46 Suffolk, house do.
Stafford John {Bowkers, Torrey, § Stafford), h. at

Stafford Michael, house 96 Fourth, near A
Staigg R. M. miniature painter, 4 Amory Hall, b.

Winthrop House
Stainer Charles, tinsmith, boards 51 Federal
Stallad Enoch L. hair dresser, house 13 Suffolk
Standin Francis, house 16 Second [116 Hudson
Standish Francis, carpenter, Albany, c. Curve, h.
Standish James, mason, house 20 Carver
Standish J. O. house 13 Porter
Standish Lemuel M. mason, house 48 Carver
Standish Morton, machinist, b. Orleans, n. Webster
Standish Moses, housewright, Tremont, house 14

Standish Warren T. musician, house 30 Grove
Stanfield {M. M.) & Wentworth {P. H.), comrais.

merchs. 8 & 10 Pearl, house 39 Chesnut
Stanford Joanna A. widow of Joseph A. house foot

Mount Vernon
Staniels Carpenter, grain, 31 Commercial, house at

N. Chelsea [Friend

Staniels Emery T. marble polisher, h. Travers, c.
Staniels James, police officer, h. 38 Fayette
Staniels John S. 31 Commercial, b. at N. Chelsea
Staniels J. P. house Blossom, c. McLean
Staniford Daniel, 1 Bath, house at Roxbury
Stanley Andrew W. 29 Long wf. h. at Beverly
Stanley John, cutlery, Faneuil Hall, h. 156 Fourth
Stanley John, cutter, boards 30 Portland [mont
Stanley Jonath'n, boot maker, 102 Tyler, h. 15 Pied-
Stanley Lucinda M. tailoress, h. 2 Salem pi. [Fruit
Stanley Otis, foreman W. B. Iron Foundry, h. 4
Stanley Timothy, job wagon, house 39 Friend
Stanley Thomas, 22 1-2 Water
Stanley Walter, brass finisher, h. 17 Nashua
Stanley Wm. glass cutter, house Third, near F
Stanwood Albert, overseer Cochituate Water Wks,

house 131 Pleasant
Stanwood Eben C. {Manning & S.), h. 9 Otis pi.
Stanwood George E. restorator, Clinton, c. Fulton,

house 2 Snowhill [Wash. h. at Roxbury

Stanwood Henry B. silver ware, lamps, &c. 253
Stanwood (Jacob) & Reed (J. B.), wines & liquors,

9 N. Market, house 16 Garland
Stanwood James D. 253 Washington [Hudson

Stanwood Joseph E. silversmith, 20 Hawley, b. 16
Stanwood Joshua L. b. 11 Channing [nut

Stanwood Lemuel, merchant, 71 Milk, h. 49 Ches-
Stanwood Solomon, piano-forte maker, house 13

Stanwood Theodore, house 26 Myrtle
Stanyan Newell, machinist, bds. 3 Russell court
Staples George, mason, house 5 Maiden place
Staples George, spring maker, b. 196 Harrison av.
Staples George, house 24 Temple
Staples Isaac, house 107 Mt. Vernon
Staples James N. house 8 Gridley
Staples Thomas A. house 20 Portland [town

Starbird Asa T. tailor, 10 Market sq. h. at Charles-
Starbird Fanny, h. Arnold, n. Washington
Starbird N. W. {Allen &; S.), house at Maiden
Starbird S. H. tailor, 10 Market sq. h. 5 Curve
Stark John H. 43 1-2 Congress
Stark Joseph, tailor, 43 1-2 Congress
Starkey George L. job wagon, house 36 Lowell
Starkey Wm. laborer, house 425 Commercial
Starkweather Archibald, paper hanger, 4 Bennet,

boards 1 Jackson place [2 Chapman pi.

Starkweather {A.) & Avery (W.), paper hangers.
Starkweather {E. C.) & Eaton {S. J.), paper

hangers, 3 Chapman place [Carlton pi.

Starkweather James, piano-forte maker, house 5
Starkweather Josiah, paper hanger, b. 1 Jackson pi.
Starr Josiah, clerk, 84 Fourth
Starratt John, joiner, house Meridian, n. Liverpool
Starrett Henry, moulder, house 58 Pinckney |

Starrett Stark, b. 6 Adams

Staton Richard W. stone cutter, W. Cedar, cor.

Cambridge, house 56 W. Cedar
Stearnburg Thomas W. barber, b. 16 Belknap
Stearns Amos F. paper stock, 52 Brattle, house at

E. Cambridge
Stearns Amos O. locksmith, 27 Dock square
Stearns Asa, housewright, house 58 Marion
Stearns Charles, printer, house 30 Charles
Stearns Charles H. grocer, 410 Commercial, house

209 Hanover
Stearns Charles J. com. mer. 7 India wf. h. 2 Gouch
Stearns Davis, house 6 Nashua
Stearns E. patent commission agent, 30 Wash.
Stearns Edward, Sec. State's office, h. 35 Oak
Stearns Elijah, W. I. goods, 98 Salem, c. Prince,

house 96 Salem
Stearns George, 369 Washington, b. 47 Oswego
Stearns George A. {Simon Stearns ^ So7i), house at

Watertown [Plain

Stearns George C. clerk, 147 Milk, h. at Jamaica
Stearns (Geor(/e Z,.) & Collins {BenJ.), lead pipe

manufacturers, 26 Water, house at Medford
Stearns Jacob, house 2 Gouch

Stearns John, 56 Water, h. 44 Chesnut [Chesnut
Stearns John, jr. {Diitton, Lamb, &; S.), house 44
Stearns Josiah A. principal Mather School, boards

21 Franklin place
Stearns J. W. clerk, 78 Washington, b. 2 Suffolk pL
Stearns Marshall, clerk, 19 Brattle, h. at Camb'ge
Stearns Moses, Custom House, h. at Cambridge
Stearns Nath. C. {Ballard &; S.), house 2 Gouch
Stearns Oliver, manufacturer artists' materials, 9

Amory Hall [boards 2 Kneeland place

Stearns Richard H. thread store, 369 Washington,
Stearns Robert E. C. painter, 130 Washington
Stearns Samuel F. dentist, 5 Montgomery place
Stearns Simon & Son {George A.), pot and pearl

ashes, 8 India, house at Watertown
Stearns Theresa, teacher, 3 Central court
Stearns Thomas, house 266 Tremont [House

Stearns Thomas C. clerk, 249 Wash. b. Pemberton
Stearns Timothy D. laborer, house 6 Nashua
Stearns Warren, boards 3 Russell court
Stearns William & Co. {J. S. Ri/an &; J. D. Hutch-
inson), W. I. goods, 9 and 10 Chatham, house

15 Staniford
Stearns William, mason, house 54 High
Stearns William, jr. 114 Fulton, h. at Somerville
Stearns William H. book keeper, boards 54 High
Stearns Ziba, grocer, Albany, corner Kneeland
Stebbins C. F. caulker and graver, h. r. 34 Charter
Stebbins Edward M. 224 Wash. [31 Chambers

Stebbins {Judah) & Gardner {J. G.), physicians,
Stebbins Mary Ann, house rear 315 Broadway
Stebbins Thomas H. pump maker, house 41 South
Stebbins William, teamster, house Ontario
Stedman Albert {Chickerimj ^ Co.), house Canton
Stedman Augustus, waterman, 1 Fleet, house do.
Stedman Charles H. physician, superintendent

Boston Lunatic Hospital, South Boston
Stedman Daniel B. {Atkins, S. &; Co.), b. U. S. Hotel
Stedman Francis D. boards 4 Warren [Hotel

Stedman George {Atkins, Stedmaii S^ Co.), b. U. S.
Stedman James S. piano-forte maker, 416 Wash.
Stedman John, blacksmith, house 14 Morton
Stedman Josiah, house 83 Harrison avenue
Stedman Josiah, jr. h. 83 Harr. av. [W. Dedham
Stedman Perley, piano-forte maker, 416 Wash, h 5.
Stedman Verdant R. piano-forte maker, h. Canton
Stedman ( IFw,. M.) & Co. (/. A. ]V/iife),W. I.

goods, 3 Central wharf, house 3-5 Edinboro'
Steel Rob't, stone cutter, h. 32 Harvard [Strong pi.
Steele Azel E. housewright, 18 Harvard place, h. 2
Steele EleazerF. piano-forte maker, h. 11 Groton
Steele Francis A. window shades, &c. 361 Wash-
ington, boards 3 High
Steele Jacob T. 50 Water, bds. City Hotel [st. ct.
Steele James, book keeper, 226 Wash. h. 3 Garden
Steele Julius C. house 5 Nassau



Steele Mary, widow, house 9 Fruit
Steele Robert, house 99 Chambers
Steele Samuel, boards 138 Court
Steele Wm. M. provisions, 65 Endicot, h. 20 Prince
Steiger Charles R. moulder, boards 113 Broadway
Steiger John J. machinist, boards 113 Broadway
Steiger Mary Ann, boarding, 113 Broadway
Stein Joseph, shoe maker, house 3 Oxford place
Stemler Peter, works Lead Factory, h. Silver, n. C
Stephens John H. jr. printer, h. Gold, n. Dorchester
Stephens Marianne, teacher, house 1 Fayette
Stephenson Benj. T. clerk, 192 Wash. h. 4 Bradford
Stephenson Geo. A. {Wm. A. Brown S; Co.), house

at Newton [Margin

Stephenson James E. baker, 72 Salem, h. 32 North
Stephenson John H. {J. W. Plimpton ^ Co.), h.

West Newton
Stephenson J. jr. {L. Stephenson ^ Co.), 72 Water
Stephenson L. & Co. {J. Stephenson, jr.), balance

factory, 72 Water, house at Hingham
Stephenson Luther, jr. clerk, 72 Water, h. 3 Fayette
Stephenson Martin, shoe maker, house 254 Athens
Stephenson Peter, cameo cutter, and sculptor, 5 1-2

Tremont row, boards Pemberton House
Sterling D. L. teamster, h. Gardner pi. n. Broadway
Sterns Hiram, sexton at Pine st. Church, house 2

May place
Sterns Warren, clerk, boards 3 Russell court
Sterret Jane, widow, house 15 Charter
Sterrick John, blacksmith, boards 66 Nashua
Sterrick Josi'h, b. 66 Nashua [Dorch'ter, n. Br'dw'y
Stetson Alpheus, wood and lumber, First and I, h.
Stetson Alpheus M. h. Dorchester, n. Broadway
Stetson A. Warren, 25 Broad, house at Braintree
Stetson A. Wm. {S. Atherton iS, Co.), b. 2 Kneel'd pi.
Stetson Caleb (S. Atherton &:'Co.), h. at Braintree
Stetson Calvin M. iron founiery, house Dove, near

Stetson Charles P. housewright, W. Cedar, house

116 Leveret [Roxbury

Stetson Cushing, com. merch. 27 India wf. h. at
Stetson James A. agent, boards 7 Winter
Stetson John, 53 Milk, boards Adams House
Stetson Joseph W. restorator, 25 Sudbury, boards

Pemberton House [House

Stetson Joshua {Wilkinson, S. <St Co.), b. Revere
Stetson Laureston, ferryman, h. Meridian ct. E. B.
Stetson Lebbeus, h. 43 Chambers [at Somerville
Stetson Lebbeus, jr. {Joseph, Schoff, ^ Co.), house
Stetson Melzar, shipwright, h. Third, n. Dorchester
Stetson Nahum, ag't Weymouth Iron Co. 134 Milk
Stetson Sydney A. 333 Washington, h. 28 Beach
Stetson Winslow, painter, boards 151 Court
Stetson Wm. J. mason, house 1 Standish place
Stevens Abel Rev. editor Zion's Herald, 7 Cornhill,

house at Roxbury
Stevens Abigail, widow, house rear 2 Plymouth pi.
Stevens Alvin, clerk, house Athens, n. Dorchester
Stevens {A.) & Perkins {J. M.), commission mer-
chants, 15 Broad [Roxbury
Stevens Amos, balance factory, 15 Broad, house at
Stevens Andrew J. house 62 Harrison avenue
Stevens Benjamin, Sergeant at Arms, Massachu-
setts Legislature, house 12 Hancock
Stevens Benjamin F. 28 State, house 12 Hancock
Stevens Benjamin M. machinist, h. 5 Maiden pi.
Stevens Calvin, physician, house 20 Winter
Stevens C. A. clerk, 226 Washington, h. Pinckney
Stevens Charles H. painter, 48 1-2 Mt. Vernon,

house 68 Pinckney
Stevens Charles S. 196 1-2 Washington
Stevens Charles T. provisions, 9 Sun ct. house do.
Stevens Collins, last manufacturer, 21 Blackstone,

& 7 Albany Block, h. 117 Hudson [Dorchester
Stevens Daniel C. expressman, boards Third, near
Stevens David ( West <Sf S.), boards 1 Oxford place
Stevens Ebenezer, physician, house 83 Broadway
Stevens Edw. C. carpets, 239 Wash. h. 82 Temple
Stevens Edward L. 18 Central wf. h. at Somerville
Stevens Edward O. clerk, 8 Hanover, b. 17 Lynde

Stevens Edwin, 4 F. H. Market (cellar), b. 5 Hull
Stevens Eliza, nurse, house 11 Southac
Stevens George, cordwainer, h. Lucas, near Village
Stevens Geo. J. S. house 12 Hancock [Tremont
Stevens George W. upholsterer, 515 Wash. h. 76
Stevens Gilbert, machinist, h. Maverick, n. Border
Stevens Grenville, dry goods, 34 Kilby, corner Cen-
tral, house 61 Allen
Stevens Henry, clerk, boards 22 South Russell
Stevens Henry, seaman, house 1 Henchman lane
Stevens Henry K. {Farwell <Sr S.), h. at Chelsea
Stevens Hiram, cane dealer, h. Meridian, E. B.
Stevens Hiram A. 84 Hanover, h. London, E. B.
Stevens James, plane and rule manufactory, 5

Merrimac, house 6 do.
Stevens James M., Custom House, h. at Somerville
Stevens Jeremiah S. carpenter, h. 62 S. Margin
Stevens {Jesse) & Temple {T. G), W. I. goods, 378

Commercial, house at Charlestown
Stevens Jonathan, blacksmith, boards 39 Purchase
Stevens John, physician and druggist, 73 Merrimac,

and 38 Causeway, house 2 Howard
Stevens John, 5 Exchange, h. 683 Washington
Stevens John A. physician, b. 103 Broadway, n. B
Stevens John B. truckman, h. Lancaster, opposite

school [Eaton

Stevens John F. (Brewers, S. S; dishing), house 4
Stevens John J. dry goods, 208 Wash, house 268

Stevens John S. {Tripp >S,- S.), house 18 Tileston
Stevens John W. refreshment cellar, 13 Water
Stevens Joseph, blacksmith, boards 9 Nashua
Stevens Joseph F. horse shoer, rear 14 Boylston,

house at Roxbury
Stevens Justin E. physician, house 2 Howard
Stevens Levi F. {Pearl, Smith ^ Co.), boards 148

Hanover [Mt. Vernon av.

Stevens Luther, plate printer, 186 Wash, house 2
Stevens Mary, widow, house 683 Washington
Stevens Mary, widow, house 60 Marion [Newton
Stevens Merrick R. {liitfus Dodge ^ Co.), house at
Stevens Moses E. h. Church, n. Boylston [Oxford
Stevens Moses {Matheios, S. ^ Co.), 12 School, h. 6
Stevens Nathaniel F. job wagon, house 7 Nashua
Stevens Norma C. physician, 6 Brookline
Stevens Paran, proprietor Revere H., Bowdoin sq.
Stevens Sally Mrs. hovise 135 Tremont
Stevens Sally W. widow, b. London, n. Maverick
Stevens Sam'l B. 38 Bowdoin, h. 159 Court [cock
Stevens Samuel S. teller Globe Bank, h. 12 Han-
Stevens Sarah A. nurse, house 17 Ash
Stevens Seriah, chemist, Second, h. G, c. Third
Stevens Susan, nurse, house 22 South Russell
Stevens S. M. carpenter, house I, near Broadway
Stevens Sylvester, machinist, h. Gold, n. Dorches'r
Stevens Thomas, clerk, boards 73 Nashua
Stevens Wait, mason, house 7 Quincy
Stevens Willard W. house 135 Tremont
Stevens (>F/«.), Iroti {Charles E.),& Darling {E.),

drugs, &c. 16 India, house at Lexington
Stevens Wm. stone cutter, house 3 Ivers
Stevens Wm. B. 113 Milk, bds. American House
Stevens Wm. B. teller Globe Bank, h. 10 Pinckney
Stevens Wm. H. 16 North Market, h. at Lexington
Stevens Wm. H. clerk, boards 96 Leveret
Stevens & Robinson's Express, R. R. Exchange
Stevenson Henry, blacksmith, boards 2 E. Orange
Stevenson Joanna, widow, house 276 Tremont
Stevenson J. T. treasurer Lowell Railroad, 11^

Tremont row, house 63 Hancock
Stevenson Martha Ann, widow, house 57 Belknap
Stevenson Sarah, widow, house 224 Harrison av.
Steward Charles, fish, house 4 Battery
Steward James, laborer, house Fifth, near C
Stewart Alexander, upholsterer, house 30 Common
Stewart Alonzo, clerk, 15 Merrimac, h. 27 Auburn
Stewart Calvin, grocer, Nashua, cor. Minot, house

26 Nashua
Stewart Charles, rigger, h. r. gun house, Fort Hill
Stewart Chas., S. U. S. Army, bds. 79 Mt. Vernon



Stewart D. Wm. 46 Federal, bds. 10 Crescent place
Stewart Edson, painter, house 2 Myrtle court
Stewart Elijah W. engineer, h. Sumner, n. Lamson
Stewart Eliza Mrs. foreign leeches, 51 Cambridf^e
Stewart Geo. blacksmitli, house 8 Friend st. place
Stewart Henry, laborer, house Colony
Stewart Henry L. & Co. (II. Fitz(/erald), painters,

62i Cornhill, house 26 Marion
Stewart James, plumber, house 9 Albion
Stewart John, handcartman, house 14 Kingston
Stewart John Mrs. house 2 Meridian, E. B.
Stewart Lemuel H. truckman, h. Saratoga, E. B.
Stewart Lyman, jr. boards 22 Lynde
Stewart Mary, widow, boards 8 Suffolk
Stewart Nathaniel, barber, house 18 Southac
Stewart Paton, jr. gymnasium, 4 Franklin [Albion
Stewart Stephen B. plumber, 169 Tremont, house 9
Stewart Thomas, shoe maker, house ol Cambridge
Stewart Wra. upholsterer, boards 30 Common
Stewart Wm. laborer, house o60 Wash.
Stewart Wm. James, mason, boards 8 Suffolk
Stickney Elizabeth, tailoress, house 3 Oliver place
Stickney Henry & I. com. merch. 8 and 9 Chatham

row, house at Cambridge
Stickney Isaac {H. ^- 1. Stickney), bds. 11 Lincoln
Stickney John, brass founder, house 1 North Grove
Stickney John B. carpenter, Dorchester, cor. Fifth
Stickney Jos. E. (Brown, Laivi-enceS; S.), h. 5 Tyler
Stickney Josiah, president Market Bank, house at

Watertown [134 State

Stickney Josiah, agent Boston Sugar Ilefinery,
Stickney Josiah H. (Cutler S^ S.), 1 India
Stickney N. H. clerk, boardis 32 South Russell
Stickney Rufus B. mustard manufactory, A, corner

Second, boards 22-5 Fourth
Stickney R. L. 19 Sudbury, house at Lexington
Stickney (Wm.) & Parks' (John A.), produce, 99

State, house at Cambridge
Stiemans Henry, musician, house 42 Billerica
Stiernefeldt Frederick A. tailor, house 5 Albion
Stiff William, sailor, house 27 Belknap
Stiles Augustus, book keeper, 74 F. H. Market, h.

at Maiden
Stiles Edwin, printer, boards 51 Federal
Stiles John, tea dealer, 9 Doane, house at Chelsea
Stiles (J. Milton) & Chapin (Horace E.), merchant

tailors, junction Union and Marshall
Stiles Moses B. carpenter, h. 46 Cross [Federal
Stiles Reuben & Co. printers, 9 Doane, house 51
Still John, confectionery, 155 Broadway, house do.
Still Joseph, mason, house F, near Fourth
Stillings Benjamin G. teamster, house 6 Middlesex
Stillings Daniel, stone mason, house 9 Maiden
Stillman Samuel, clerk, 32 Water, h. 528 Wash.
Stimely Matthew, shoe maker, house 23 Atkinson
Stimpson Charles, bookseller and stationer, 106

Washington, house at Dorchester
Stimpson (Charles M.) & Story (Epes,jr.), toys and

wooden ware, 593 Wash, boards 244 Tremont
Stimpson F. H. (H. S<; F. Sti»ipson), h. 45 Chesnut
Stimpson George, jr. 28 State, h. at Charlestown
Stimpson H. & F. (Herbert H. S; Frederick H.),

stoves, furnaces, ranges, &c. Congress, corner

Water, H. H's house at Cambridge
Stimpson James C. leather, 58 Fulton, h. at Salem
Stimpson John, house 7 Burroughs place
Stimpson John M. tinsmith, boards 3^ Cooper
Stimpson Joseph L. machinist, boards 13 Broadway
Stimpson Robert W. clerk, 102 Hanover
Stimpson Sarah, widow, house 93 Purchase [mont
Stimpson William B. 4 Faneuil Hall, h. 244 Tre-
Stimpson ( lV7n. C.) & Reed (Georc/e IL), druggists,

26 Merchants' row, house 46 Pinckney
Stimson Alexander L. secretary Mass. Health Ins.

Co. 4 Museum bl'k, Tremont, h. r. 60 Tremont
Stimson (Augustine G.) & Whiting (Caleb), paints

and oils, 55 Broad, house 45 Allen
Stimson Charles, laborer, house 96 Turnpike
Stimson Henry M. printer, 22 School, h. at Newton
Stimson H. II. W. laborer, house Maverick square


Stimson Jeremiah & Co. (A^. //o/wies), building ma-
terials, Deacon street, house at Medford
Stimson John, blacksmith, house 24 Snowhill
Stimson John N. (Drew if S.), boards 1 Bowdoin
Stinchcomb John, moulder, boards 20 Bridge
Stinson Jackson L. 5 Exchange, boards 246 Third
Stinson Martha, seamstress, house 26 Minot
Stinson Nathan, artist, house 11 South Margin
Stinson Rufus, house 189 Ann
Stinson Sam'l, painter, h. and shop New, c. Sumner
Stinson Stephen, painter, house New, E. B.
Stockbridge Rachael W. widow, boards 51 High
Stockbridge Wales R. (Holt & .S'.), boards 51 High
Stocker Alfred A. clerk, boards 3 Crescent court
Stocker Anthony F. litliographer, house 71 Tyler
Stocker Henry, sail ra;iker, house rear 61 ComT
Stocker Mary, widow, house Lime alley
Stocker Matilda, house 44 Bedford
Stocker Sarah, house 4* Bedford [li Kneeland

Stockfleth F. A. (Wieck S< S.), 46 Federal, boards
Stocking S. dentist, house 266 Washington
Stockman Henry Rev. house 5 Snowhill court
Stockman John'B. clerk, 201 Wash. h. 17 Tyler
Stockwell Alvin W. hatter, h. Lancaster, opposite

Stockwell Amy, widow, house 8 Mechanic
Stockwell Edward, watchman, h. 5 N. Chapel pi.
Stockwell Emmons R. 53 Cambridge, boards 32 do.
Stockwell James, pump and block maker, house

Hooton court, E. B.
Stockwell Solomon, watchman, h. 5 N. Chapel pi.
Stockwell Stephen N. printer, h. Princeton, E. B.
Stoddard Albert, mason, house 6 May
Stoddard Albert M. upholsterer, 1 Mahan place
Stoddard Alfred, coach trimmer, 90 Portland, bds.
at Charlestov\'n [S. Braintree

Stoddard Ansel, calf boots, 32 N. Market, house at
Stoddard Betsey, seamstress, house 2 May
Stoddard Charles & J. S. Lovering, importers of
dry goods, 84 Milk, house 59 Hancock [Cedar
Stoddard David, com. mer. 6 S. Market, bds. 30 W.
Stoddard Edward, laborer, house 6 Norfolk place
Stoddard Elizabeth H. music teacher, b. 1 Mahan pi.
Stoddard Erastus, blacksmith, house 72 Kneeland
Stoddard Gridley, house^vright, h. 7 Pleasant st. ct.
Stoddard Henry, ornamental painter, bds. 2 May
Stoddard Isaiah, carpenter, h. 1 Mahan pi. [Orange
Stoddard James A. piano-forte maker, bds. 20 W.
Stoddard Jeremiah Rev. house 20 Orange
Stoddard Lincoln, laborer, house 2 Wheeler's court
Stoddard L. T. broker, 21 State, h. at Brookline
Stoddard Nichols, ship carver, boards 2 Prospect
Stoddard Samuel, piano-forte maker, b. Whitney's

Stoddard Stephen, mason, house 2 May
Stoddard Thomas C. captain, h. 329 Broadway
Stoddard Thomas G. h. 2 Milton [157 Hanover
Stoddard Thos. J. boots and shoes, 266 Com'l, h.
Stoddard Wm. coach builder, r. 46 Hanover, boards

116 Court
Stoddard Wm. H. (Shales 3$ S.), b. 7 Kneeland pi.
Stoddard William S. watchman State House, h. r.

1 Mahan place
Stodder Asa A. (Nassati &; S.), h. at Roxbnry
Stodder Charles, com. mer, 75 Kilby, h. 25 Fayette
Stodder Hannah, widow, h. 1 Causeway
Stodder Henry F. 82 State, bds. Adams House
Stodder Jeremiah, clerk, h. 104 Charles
Stodder John L. tailor, 141 Wash. h. 28 Auburn
Stodder John W. T. tin ware & stoves, 625 Wash.

bds. 25 Fayette
Stodder Jonathan, clerk, 226 Wash. h. 104 Charles
Stodder L. Mrs. house 25 Fayette
Stodder Mary, widow, house 29 Auburn
Stodder Samuel, stereotype finisher, h. 29 Auburn
Stokell John, butcher, house 10 Garden [n. C

Stokes Benj. S. file manuf. First, n. A, h. Silver,
Stokes John A. rigger, house 366 Commercial
Stone Abigail, seamstress, house 1 Lindall place
Stone Abby, boarding, house 30 Federal place



Stone Allen, painter, house 30 Grove

Stoiie Andrew L. Rev. house 5 Burroughs place

Stone Artemas (Ihiggles, JVourse, Mason 4f Co.),

house 2 Arch
Stone Chas. clerk, Ann, c. Union, h. at Charlest'n
Stone Charles, clerk, boards 49 Essex
Stone Daniel, fumer, house 6 Charlestown
atone {Daniel P.) SiV no e {Philip S.), importers

dry goods, 60 Kilby, boards U. S. Hotel
Stone David ( Wm. Adams ^ Co.), house 30 Charter
Stone Dorus L. stair builder, 21 Portland
Stone E. K. shoes, 13 Shoe and Leather
Stone Ebenezer, baker, 42 Prince, bds. 38 Green
Stone Edwin B. machinist, house Silver, near B
Stone Elisha, 1 Cornhill, bds. Adams House

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