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Stone Eliza S. widow, h. 3 Lovett place
Stone Elmer, baker, house Camden [House

Stone Enos J. ( Wetherell, S. S^ Wood), bds. Am.
Stone Ephraim, physician, bds. 136 Cambridge
Stone & Simpson {Ebenezer W. Stone), druggists,

1 Long wf. house at Jamaica Plain
Stone George, housewright, house 77 Cambridge
Stone George B. hair dresser, 46 Merchants' row
Stone George H. clerk, 41 Hanover
Stone Geo. W. medicines and periodicals, Pleasant,

e. Tremont, house 1 Townsend place
Stone Henry (/. Stone &; Co.), house at S. Woburn
Stone Henry, piano-forte maker, bds. 62 Tyler
Stone Henry B. pres. Suffolk Bank, h. 2 Trem. pi.
Stone H. L. & Co. merchants, 103 State [Bedford
Stone Henry N. music teacher, 339 Wash. h. 67
Stone H. Osgood, physician, 12 Essex
Stone Henry W. clotiiing, Haymarket sq. junction

of Blackstone and Union, h. at Brookline
Stone Horatio {Ayer A- .S. ), house 4 Snowhill
Stone Jacob T. polisher, house 9 Grove place
Stone James, Dook binder, house 14 Henchman 1.
Stone James {Geori/e &: S.), h. 61 Myrtle [E. B.
Stone Jas. L. {AI. P. ^ J. L. Stone), h. Chelsea,
Stone James S. shoes and leather, 13 Shoe and

Leather, house at Medford
Stone James W. physician, 6 Bowdoin sq. h. do.
Stone John, 1 Market sq. boards at Cambridge
Stone J. M. at U. S. Warehouse, Union wharf
Stone Joseph & Co. {H. Stone), hats, 37 Court, h.

at S. Woburn
Stone Jos. A. shoe maker, 22 Sea, house 20 East
Stone Joseph C. 94 Fulton, house at Charlestown
Stone Joseph L. book keeper, 8 Court, bds. 128

Harrison avenue
Stone Joseph W. {Baldicin &; S.), h. at Newton
Stone Joshua, piano-forte maker, h. 62 Tyler
Stone Josiah, carpenter, boards 6o Leveret
Stone Josiah F. cl'k, h. 124 Leveret [atoga, E. B.
Stone M. P. & J. L. wheelwrights, Decatur, h. Sar-
Stone M. S. Mrs. milliner ^: dress maker, 5 Bennet
Stone Marshall, boards 45 Hudson
Stone {Marshall S.) & Barker {A.), carpenters,

104 Harrison av. h. 5 Bennet
Stone Mary, widow, h. 9 S. Cedar
Stone Milton J. bds. 4 Bowdoin
Stone Nahum, 431 Wash. b. r. 2 Plymouth place
Stone Nancy W. carpet maker, h. 3 Barre place
Stone Nathaniel, bds. E. Canton
Stone Nathaniel, painter, 75 Union, h. at Chelsea
Stone Nemiah H. h. rear 93 Eliot [Crescent pi.
Stone Phineas A. builder, Charlestown, house 15
Stone (P. R. L.), Bradford {R. B.), & Co. {Wm.
Macomher), W. India goods, 132 State, h. at
Cambridge "[6 Pearl, h. 9 Kingston

Stone Robert, jr. &вАҐ Co. {G. Doiv), importers, 4 &
Stone Sardine, 25 Elm, h. at Charlestown
Stone Sawyer S. house 82 Atkinson
Stone Silas {Brigham S^ S.), h. at Sherburne
Stone S. Henry, clerk, 7 Central
Stone Stephen S. 28 State, bds. 26 Bulfinch
Stone Sylvester, job wagon, h. 31 Tyler
Stone Sylvester S. paper carrier, h. 123 Leveret
Stone Thaddeus, painter, h. 28 Grove
Stone Waldo, machinist, h. 7 N. Russell

Stone William, bds. 49 Essex

Stone Wm. restorator, 94 Fulton, h. at Charlestown
Stone William C. h. 112 Hudson
Stone AVilliam H. bonnets & fancy goods, 7 Trem-
ont row, opp. Hanover, h. at Chelsea
Stone William H. T. pedler, bds. Mass. Hotel
Stone {Wm. P.) & Dunklee {Nathan S.), wheel-
wrights, Beverly, h. 1 Livingston
Stone Wm. R. clerk, Quincy Hall
Stone Wm. W. {Lawrence, Stone, S; Co.)
Storer D. Humphreys, physician, 14 Winter
Storer Robert B. mer. 47 India wf. h. 85 Pinckney
Storey Chas. W. at State House, h. at Roxbury
Storms Wm. R. dry goods, 315 Washington, house

11 Rochester
Storrow Charles S. treas. Essex Co. 47 State
Storrs Amariah, agent Mann's cards and papers,

25 Cornhill, boards 42 Green
Storrs Nathaniel, h. 17 North Bennet
Storrs William, house 42 Chambers
Story Epes, jr. {Stimpson &: S.), bds. 244 Tremont
Story Francis W. at Post Office, h. at Cambridge
Story Franklin H. 28 State, house 20 Chesnut
Story Franklin H. jr. h. 20 Chesnut
Story Isaac, house 123 Hudson
Storv Isaac, jr. counsellor, 10 Court, h. at Beverly
Story Jacob, jr. counsel'r, 19 O. S. H. h. 23 Bedford
Story Joseph, 57 Milk, house 123 Hudson
Story Joseph W. stoves, &c. E, cor. Broadway,

house Fifth, near G
Story Sarah W. widow, h. 8 Rowe
Story Wm. {McKinnerjif S.), bds. .39 Brattle
Story Wm. glass blower, h. Bolton, n. Dorchester
Story Wm. F. 203 Washington, b. 19 La Grange pi.
Stott John, seal engraver, 9 State
Stover Sylvester, clerk, bds. 7 Franklin
Stover Theophilus, carpenter, h. G, c. Broadway
Stow Baron Rev. h. 24 Harrison avenue
Stow John P. book binder, h. Fifth, corner E
Stowe Charles F. 56 Com'l, boards 12 N. Russell
Stowe Freeman, dry goods, 33 Kilby
Stowe Orville {Gould S; S.), house 25 Pinckney
Stowe Phineas Rev. house 8 Baldwin place
Stowe Wm. agent Am. Net and Twine Manuf. Co.
56 Com'l, h. 87 Salem [Charlestown

Stowcll Alex, jewelrv, 76 Hanover, c. Union, h. at
Stowell Austin C. 67 Milk, h. at Chelsea
Stowell Caleb, mason, house 78 Chesnut
Stowell Charles, mason, h. 4 Myrtle court
Stowell E. H. clerk, 10 Milk, boards 25 Lynde
Stowell Hersey, jr. {Milton, Cushman, 8^ Co.) bds.

25 Lynde
Stowell Lydia A. dress maker, h. 4 Myrtle court
Stowell Otis, newsman, bds Oneida, c. Albany
Stowell Svlvester {Otis E. Bowen Sg Co.), house

126 Tyler
Stowers Benjamin, clerk, h. 211 Hanover
Stowers Benjamin, laborer, h. Chelsea, E. B.
Stowers James, house Chelsea, E. B. [Garden

St Pierre John, clothes dresser, 5 West, house 5
Straight AVilliam P. miller steam flour mill, h. Paris
Strand Thomas D. {Fernald S^ S.), 8 Charlestown,

house 10 Wall
Strane Andrew, cabman, house 96 Endicot
Strange Abiel, housewright, h. 28 N. Russell
Strann Hervey, painter, h. Silver, n. B
Stratch John, shoe maker, h. Second, n. Turnpike
Stratch Patrick, laborer, house 123 Fourth
Strater Herman, coppersmith. 57 Union, h. 8 Wall
Stratton Charles E. {Gay ^ S.), h. 14 South
Stratton Elizabeth, widow, boarding, 11 Howard
Stratton Elvira, seamstress, bds. 51 Oak
Stratton Frederick, h. 83 W. Cedar
Stratton {Ira), Sherriff {J. L.), & Co. {Wm. W.
Eastham ^ J. H. Felloios), brushes, 22 Ex-
change, house at Cambridge
Stratton J. B. clerk, 7 State, boards 40 Lincoln
Stratton {John) & Ayers {David), W. I. goods, 50

Central, house at Charlestown
Stratton J. H. hair dresser, 364 Commercial, h. do.



Stratton Jonas, constable, Court H. h. 18 Friend
Stratton Levi, teamster, boards 36 Sea
Stratton Mary, tailoress, 432 Washington
Stratton Mary F. tailoress, 436 Washington
Straw Ezra J. shoe maker, house 14 Merrimac
Straw Milton A. (2). Cummimjs 4- Co.), house at

Chelsea [ette

Street John, painter, 30 Tremont, house 56 Fay-
^Xxeetex {ISiathan II.) & Parker {Charles Hanson),

stable, Bromfield, h. 78 Tremont [b. 9 Purchase
Streeter Oscar, broker, 1 Lyceum building, Sudbury,
Streeter Sebastian Rev. house 198 Hanover
Strickland Emma, widow, house 9 Sutfolk
Sti-ickland Isaac, 6 Tremont Temple, b. Jamaica PI.
Strong Alexander, shoes and leather, 30 and 32

Central, house 16 Crescent place
Strong {Charles D.) & Brodhead (J. A.), booksel-
lers and publishers, 1 Cornhill, h. 304 Broad'y
Strong George O. shoes, 619 Wash. h. 23 Warren
Strong Jonathan, shoes, 477 Wash. h. 58 Tyler
Strong Ijouisa P. house 2 Harrison avenue
Strong William, baker, boards 1 Groton
Strong Wra. C. counsellor, 20 Court, h. at Newton
Strong Woodbridge, physician, h. 5 Cambridge
Strouse Alexander, pedler, house 82 Eliot
Strout Charles H. house Bolton, near F
Strout James F. boards 15 Salem
Stuart Arthur, house 10 Fayette
Stuart Charles {Bayley ^ S.), b. 26 Hancock
Stuart John & Hazen, Empire House, Eastern av.
Stuart Joseph, cooper, house E. Dedham
Stuart Patrick, laborer, house 25 Morton
Stuart Robert, laborer, b. Sumner, near Havre
Stubbs John, mariner, house Lamson court
Stubbs Moses, boarding, house 222 Ann
Stubbs Samuel, carpenter, house 31 London
Studley Alex. C. piano-forte maker, h. 1 Emerald
Studley Amasa, boards 50 Portland
Studley Edward A. tailor, boards Adams House
Studley E. B. mason, house 57 Pinckney
Studley Frederick G. house 20 Gouch
Studley Mary, widow, house 9 Billerica
Studley Robert P. printer. 5 Water, b. Adams H.
Studley Saniuel G., Tremont, corner Court
Studley Wm. F. cooper, h. Maverick, n. Havre
Stuffle Wm. tailor, house 30 Atkinson
Stukell Jacob, boarding, rear 533 Washington
Sturgis Charles R. lightermaii, h. Webster, E. B.
Stui'gis Elizabeth, widow, house 33 Beach
Sturgis Henry P. 06 State, house 24 Peniberton sq.
Sturgis James {Crocker & S.), h. at Roxbury
Sturgis Joseph, boot maker, Green, c. Lynde, h. 38

Auburn [on board

Sturgis Josiah, capt. U. S. Revenue cutter, resides
Sturgis Wm. {Bryant &: S.), 1 CoraT, h. 52 Summer
Sturtevant Alvan C. agent painted carpets, 25 1-2

Milk, house 12 Tillage
Sturtevant {G.), Edwards (T.). & Co. {G. Cannon),

oil manufacturers, 20 Broad, h. Meridian, E. B.
Sturtevant Lewis {Neioell, Sturtevant &; Co.), 1 City

wharf [com. mer. 1 City wf. h. 4 Hollis

Sturtevant Newell & Co. {Lewis S; Noah Sturtevant),
Sturtevant Noah {Neioell Sturtevant Sg Co.), house

Meridian, E. B. [House

Sturtevant Sam'l A. 1 Tremont row, b. Peraberton
Sturtevant Stephen M. cabinet maker, boards 3 E.

Sturtevant Wm. broker, 9 Niles' building
Stutson John, watchman, house 3 Moon
Sullivan Catherine, widow, house 11 Sullivan place
Sullivan Catherine, widow, house 119 Purchase
Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, house Paris ct. E. B.
Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, h. 48 Kneeland
Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, house rear 90 Sea
Sullivan Cornelius, oysters, 217 Ann
Sullivan Daniel & Co. {J. P. Gordon), stable, 8

Arch, boards 35 Kingston
Sullivan I)aniel, architect, over 30 School
Sullivan Daniel, grocer. Second, n. Turnpike
Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h. 5 Livingston place


Daniel, laborer, h. Prentice's wharf
Daniel, laborer, house 142 Commercial
Daniel, laborer, house 10 Hanover av.
Daniel, laborer, h. South, n. Harvard
Daniel, tailor, house 49 Salem
Daniel, laborer. Creek square
David, b. Everett, n. Orleans, E. B.
Dennis, laborer, house 80 Kneeland
Dennis, laborer, house 37 Oneida
Bennis, tailor, h. 7 Sullivan place
Edward, shoe maker, house 21 Sea
Ellen, widow, h. Kneeland, c. Tyler
Eugene, fruiterer, h. 27 Oliver
Eugene, laborer, house 3 Williams
Florence, brass founder, h. 1 Stillman pi.
Fyler, laborer, house 6 S. Margin
George, laborer, house 8 South st. court
Gerritt, glass blower, h. Second, n. E
Henry, mariner, h. 7 1-2 Clark
J. laborer, house 49 Porter
James, blacksmith, h. Fifth, near B
James, clerk, h. 29 1-2 Wash. sq.
James, handcartman, h. 314 Ann
James, laborer, house 19 Oliver
James, laborer, house 2 Columbia
James, laborer, h. Albany, opp. Erie
James, laborer, house 164 Purchase
James, laborer, house 2 Williams ct.
Jas. W. cigars, 53 Broadway, h. Fifth, n. E
Jeremiah, blacksmith, h. Athens, near C
Jeremiah, house 83 Sea
Jeremiah, laborer, h. r. Havre, n. Maverick
Jeremiah, laborer, h. 3 Warren place
Jeremiah, ostler, boards 8 Franklin
Jeremiah, slater, house 80 South
Jeremiah, tailor, h. 60 Atkinson
Joanna, widow, h. Albany, opp. Erie
John, baker, house 78 Esse.x
John, laborer, house 11 South st. court
John, laborer, house Barber's alley, Ann
John, laborer, house 33 Oliver
John, laborer, house 19 Hamburg
John, laborer, house 84 South
John, laborer, house 68 Atkinson
John, laborer, house 106 Endicot
John, shoe maker, h. r. 117 Pleasant
John, slater, house 56 Kneeland
John, tailor, house 25 Prince
John, tailor, house 14 Pearl place
John B. puddler, house Milldam
ifohn J. pilot, house 2 Unity
John L. laborer, h. Lexington, E. B.
John W. broker, 23 Long wharf
Lawi-ence, tailor, h. 9 Thacher court
Margaret Mrs. h. Everett, E. B.
Margaret, milliner, 38 Prince
Mary, widow, house 41 Oneida
Mary, widow, house Half Moon place
Mary Ann, house 20 Suifolk
Michael, coachman, 8 Arch
Michael, gardener, h. Bennington, E. B.
Michael, laborer, house rear 20 Sea
Michael, laborer, house 18 Hamilton
Michael, laborer, h. Beach, near Sea
Michael, laborer, h. 1 Livingston place
Michael, laborer, house 109 Broad
Michael, laborer, h. 3 Hamilton court
Michael, laborer, h. 18 Washington av.
Michael, laborer, house 84 Broad
Michael, laborer, house 4 Jackson avenue
Michael, laborer, house Jasper place
Michael, tailor, h. Sea, near Beach
Murtuough, house 86 Broad
Murty, laborer, house rear Maverick
Nash, laborer, house 26 Butolph
Owen, laborer, house 122 Purchase
Owen, laborer, 88 Eliot
P. teacher dancing, 339 Wash. b. 1 Albany
Patrick, blacksmith, h. 54 N. Margin
Patrick, carpenter, h. 97 Nashua



Sullivan Patrick, grocer, 1.5 Pearl place, house do.
Sullivan Patrick, laborer, house i Brighton
Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h. rear 18 N. Margin
Sullivan Patrick, laborer, house 6 Cove
Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h. 11 South st. court
Sullivan Peter, laborer, house Humphrey place
Sullivan Philip, b. Everett, n. Orleans, E. B.
Sullivan Richard, house 1 Hancock avenue
Sullivan Richard, jr. {S. C. Thwing S^ Co.), house

101 Mount Vernon
Sullivan Robert, laborer, house 227 Broad
Sullivan Simon, sawyer, house 20 Williams
Sullivan {Simon, jr.) & Wilson (/.), curriers, 65

Fulton, house 20 AVilliams
Sullivan Thomas, marble polisher, h. r. 7 Milton
Sullivan Thomas, tailor, house rear 182 Fourth
Sullivan Thomas, tailor, house 10 Oliver
Sullivan Thomas, trader, house Silver, near C
Sullivan Thomas V. marine missionary, 8 Long wf.

house 3 Sevvall place [h. 713 Washington

Sullivan T. R. teacher, under Park Street Church,
Sullivan Timothy, carpenter, h. 11 Sullivan place
Sullivan Timothy, slater, house 66 South
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, house lo Livingston
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, house Foundry
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, house 63 Atkinson
Sullivan Timothy, shoe maker. South, n. Kneeland
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h. Cove, n. Cove place
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, house 104 Warren
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h. First, near Turnpike
Sullivan Timothy, printer, h. 49 Atkinson
Sullivan William, seaman, house 49 South
Sullivan William, laborer, h. r. 80 Purchase
Sullivan William, laborer, h. 4 Powars court
Sumfieth John, rigger, house 13 Unity
Summers James, sailor, house May st. court
Summers Samuel F. machinist, Fulton, c. Cross
Summers Thomas, brass worker, 24 Water
Sumner Andrew, 37 F. H. Mkt. h. at Dorchester
Sumner Abigail S. widow, house 134 Purchase
Sumner Alfred H. (TF. R. ^ A. H. Sutnner), h. at

Sumner Amos, tailor, house 5 Emerald
Sumner {Austin), Brewer {J. R.), & Co. {J. R.

Kimball), importers dry goods, 113 Milk, h. at

Sumner Benjamin, 676 Washington [av.

Sumner Bradford, counsellor, 20 Court, h. 54 Harr.
Sumner Charles, counsellor, 4 Court, h. 20 Hancock
Sumner Charles H. provisions, 35 Bromfield, h. 4

Sumner Charles P. Mrs. house 20 Hancock
Sumner Davis, mason, 64 Harr. av. h. Gold, n. F
Sumner Ebenezer & J. H. 37 & 39 F. H. Market,

house at Dorchester
Sumner Elizabeth, nurse, house 2 W. Dedham
Sumner Frederick A. physician, 4 Alden
Sumner Frederick A. {Gregerson i^ S.), house 24

Sumner George E. house 54 Harrison av.
Sumner Horace, house 20 Hancock
Sumner James, 9 Court, house 4 May place
Sumner John, h. Sumner, n. Orleans, E. B.
Sumner John H. {E. (S, J. H. Samner), house at

Sumner Samuel B. 137 Wash. h. at Brookline
Sumner Timothy A. {Smith, S. cS- Co.), 35 Milk
Sumner W. R. & A. H. crockery, 137 Washington,

house at Dedham
Sunderland James, tailor, h. r. Fifth, near C
Surette Louis A. & Co. {II. L. Shatiuck), commis.

merchs. 12 City wf. house at Concord
Suten James, pedler, h. Silver, near C
Suter John, captain, house o Avon place [Friend
Sutherland George, jeweller, 144 Hanover, h. 17
Sutherland James C. house 7 Fifth
Sutherland Robert, laborer, house 4 Thacher ct.
Sutton Andi-ew, mason, house 2 W. Centre
Sutton Charles, rigger, house 3 Vernon place
Sutton Enoch, watch maker, 377 AVash. h, 310 do.

Sutton John, mason, house 5 Carney place
Sutton John, saddler, 17 Carver, h. 2 Chesnut pi.
Sutton John, carver, 8 Wilson lane, h. at Charlest'n
Sutton John, jr. 54 Chatham, bds. 2 Kneeland pi.
Sutton Louisa, h. Pembroke, n. Suffolk
Sutton Wm. teamster, house 25 Snowhill
Swain John H. oil and candles, 84 Water, house at

Jamaica Plain
Swain Mehitable L. dress maker, house 2 Gouch pi.
Swain Stephen, shoe maker, Broadway, n. Dorches-
ter, house Seventh, near E
Swallow A. Morton, clerk, 15 Elm
Swallow Asa, mason, house 7 Stamford
Swallow Calvin, provisions, Charlestown, comer

Thacher, house 38 Thacher
Swallow Daniel W. house 7 Bromfield
Swallow Joseph, house 40 Thacher
Swallow Silas 0. music teacher, 19 Tremont Temple
Swan Charles F. clerk N. E. Bank, h. at Dorchest'r
Swan Daniel, stoves and tin ware, 68 Cambridge,

house 14 South Russell [Dorchester

Swan James, book keeper N. E. Bank, house at
Swan James, 86 Milk, bds. 20 Winter
Swan James G. 96 Com'l, boards 6 AUston place
Swan Martha, widow, house 70 Church [Winter
Swan Reuben {Dutton, Richardson <Sf Co.), b. 20
Swan Reuben, jr. writing master Wells School
Swan Samuel, teacher Phillips School
Swan Wm. D. teacher Mayhew School
Swan Wm. H. Mrs. house 43 Summer
Swan Wm. H. usher Wells School
Swan Vv'm. O., Lard Oil Works, h. 228 Broadway
Swaney Charles, laborer, house 13 S. Margin
Swanton Thomas, tailor, house 66 Atkinson
Swarts Michael, laborer, house Fourth, n. R. R.
Swasey Alexander, baker, boards 27 Blossom
Swasey Charles S. clerk, 8 Market sq. b. 138 Court
Swasey George B. & Co. {Samuel IF. Robinson),

grocers. Prince, c. Causeway, h. 2 Snelling pi.
Swasey John H. 25 State, house 14 Temple
Swasey James, carriage trimmer, h. 64 Essex
Swasev Joseph L. messenger B. & P. R. R. bds. 4

Swasey John S. tinsmith, boards 3 Allen court
Swatkins Thomas, button maker, h. Second, c. K
Swayne Hugh, tailor, 56 Atkinson
Swazey George B. clerk, 23 Long wf. h. at Chelsea
Swazey Edward ( T. H. Swazey 6^ Co.), boards at

Chelsea [21 ComT, h. at Chelsea

Swazey Thomas H. & Co. {E. Swazey), com. mer.
Swazey Zina, machinist, boards 11 Albany
Sweatt Benj. h. London, n. Maverick, E. B.
Sweeney Bartholomew, rigger, h. 440 Commercial
Sweeney Brian, boarding house, 167 Broad
Sweeney Charles, laborer, house r. 40 Endicot
Sweeney Charles, laborer, house 41 Prince
Sweeney Daniel, stone cutter, h. South, n. Harvard
Sweeney Daniel, laborer, house 114 Broad
Sweeney Daniel, laborer, house rear 324 Ann
Sweeney Daniel, laborer, h. Bolton, n. Dorchester
Sweeney Daniel, tailor, house 62 Atkinson
Sweeney Dennis, laborer, house 17 Washington av.
Sweeney Edmund, laborer, house A, n. Broadway
Sweeney Edward, laborer, house Clark alley
Sweeney Edward, laborer, house 8 Cyprus
Sweeney Edward, laborer, house 5 Wendell
Sweeney Henry, laborer, house 97 Nashua
Sweeney Jeremiah, blacksmith, house 5 Suffolk
Sweeney Jeremiah, laborer, h. Barber's alley, Ann
Sweeney John, laborer, house 2 Williams court
Sweeney John laborer, house Creek square
Sweeney John, laborer, house 2 Powars court
Sweeney John, laborer, house 135 Broad
Sweeney John, laborer, house 2 Suffolk
Sweeney John, tailor, house 74 Broad
Sweeney Julia Mrs. house 6 Washington square
Sweeney Lawrence, lighterman, h. 202 Hanover
Sweeney Michael, laborer, house 34 High
Sweeney Miles, lighterman, house 4 Boylston sq.
Sweeney Morgan, laborer, house 5 Wendell



Sweeney Nathaniel, laborer, house 2 Powars coui-t
Sweeney Patrick, laborer, h. r. Everett, E. B.
Sweeney Roger, carpenter, house 1 Kentle
Sweeney Terence, tailor, house 43 Federal
Sweeney Thomas, catholic book store, 3 U. S.

Hotel, boards 17 Hudson [h. do. E. B.

Sweeney Thomas, grocer, c. Marginal and Lewis,
Sweeny Cornelius, cooper, h. Bumstead court
Sweeny Elizabeth, widow, house 19 Spring
Sweeny John, tailor, house 20 Washington sq. [ct.
Sweeny John D. sheet iron worker, h. 8 Wheeler's
Sweeny Wm. teamster, house 128 Purchase
Sweet Aaron (Clark, Stceet, ^- Co.), h. at Camb'ge
Sweet Charles A. 36 State, boards 1 Lincoln
Sweet Cyrell S., B. & F. R. R. h. 1 S. Cedar st. pi.
Sweet Daniel, carpenter, house o Quincy
Sweet Francis C. music printer, h. Lexingt'n, E. B.
Sweet Jabez, tailor, house Parkman place
Sweet James S. (S/iunier &; S.), house 6o Leveret
Sweet John D. Rev. h. Webster, n. Sumner
Sweet John H. jeweller, 8 Court avenue
Sweet Nathaniel, Custom House, h. 6 Poplar
Sweetraan Mary, widow, h. 4 Leveret, n. the bridge
Sweetser Almira, milliner and dress maker, 458

Washington, house do.
Sweetser Atkins, wagoner, h. 5 Lancaster
Sweetser Benjamin, boards 11 Fayette [Fayette
Sweetser Benj. G. agent brewery, 69 Broad, h. 11
Sweetser Fred. {S. Parsons &; Co.), h. 24Edinboro'
Sweetser {Geo. H.) & Shumway {B. S.), provisions,

69-5 Washington, house 1 Blake's court
Sweetser Isaac (Whittier i-S-S.), b. 14 Lincoln
Sweetser Isaac, secretary Washington Insurance

Co. 42 State, house at Charlestown
Sweetser Isaac K. boards Dedham, c. Suffolk
Sweetser James, treas. Portland, Saco and Ports-
mouth R. R. 85 State, house at Salem
Sweetser John, boards 11 Fayette
Sweetser Kendall P. 32 N. Market, b. 11 Howard
Sweetser Laura, milliner, 49J Hanover, boards 8

Sweetser Martha C. widow, h. 36 Leveret [bridge
Sweetser Sam'l, morocco, 32 N. Market, h. at Cam-
Sweetser Seth K. clerk, 291 Wash. b. II Fayette
Sweetser Wm. H. {Norton, Dlllaway, ^ Co.), bds.

Eastern Exchange
Sweetsir James, carpenter, house Marion, E. B.
Swett Caroline, tailoress, house 4o Myrtle
Swett Cyrus A. engraver, 251 Washington, house

Pembroke, cor. Suffolk
Swett Edmund (U. Baileij, S; Co.), h. Franklin sq.
Swett Edmund H., Franklin square
Swett Frederick P. housewright, house Bolton, n.

Dorchester [galia, 22 Bromfield, h. Walnut
Swett Hubbard W. ik Co., Sons of Temperance Re-
Swett Mary B. teacher, boards 30 Oak
Swett Natlianiel H. 4 Lewis wf. b. Mansion House
Swett Samuel, house 24 Hancock
Swett Samuel, mason, boards 10 May
Swett Samuel, 3d, joiner, house Havre, n. Sumner
Swett Samuel W. president National Insurance Co.

66 State, house at Roxbury
Swett Silas, shoe store, 372 Wash. h. 27 Fayette
Swett S. A. millinery, 428^ Wash. b. 27 Fayette
Swett T. H. Mrs. house 63 Beacon
Swett Wm. truckman, boards 7 Washington sq.
Swift Chas. E. clerk, 395 Wash.b. 19 La Grange pi.
Swift Daniel, printer, boards 11 Channing
Swift Elizabeth, boarding, 7 Sears' place
Swift Erdix T. com. mer. 31 State, h. at Charlest'n
Swift J. book keeper, boards 29 Essex
Swift John J. merchant, 17 Long wf. h. 28 Charter
Swift John L. 11 Tremont row, house 253 Tremont
Swift John S. laborer, house rear 1 Ivers
Swift Joseph, 98 Milk, house Essex
Swift Joseph P. carpenter, house 253 Tremont
Swift Wm. A. carpenter, Milldam, house 25 Tyler
Swift Wm C. 31 Long wharf, boards 78 Pinckney
Swim James E. restorator, foot Sumner, E. B.
Swinburne Wm. J. broker, 3 Congress

Swindell Ann, widow, house 38 Turnpike
Swindell James, watch maker, 115 Court
Swindell John C. grocer, 36 Turnpike, house 38 do.
Swindleton George, tinsmith, boards 6 Lewis, E. B.
Swinson Peter, wood wf. Har. av. h. 8 Cottage pi.
Smnson Wm. wood wf. Harr. avel h. 8 Cottage pi.
Swinton William, machinist, house 22 Canton
Swords William, 21 Brattle, house at Roxbury
Swyney John, civil engineer, house 12 Madison pi.
Sylveira Ruth, widow, house 15 West Castle
Sylveira Vincent P. mason, house 15 West Castle
Sylvester Adam, clerk, house Northampton
Sylvester Benjamin F. boards 142 Hudson
Sylvester Charles T. 387 Wash. b. at Cambridge
Sylvester Chester, umbrella manuf. b. 2 Bennet
Sylvester Chester B. boards 7 Bedford
Sylvester Edwin H. 191 Washington, b. 19 Albany
Sylvester Geo. D. express, 8 Court, b. Central House
Sylvester James H. painter, house Canton
Sylvester Nathaniel, W. I. goods, 13 Railroad block,

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