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Lincoln, house at Dorchester
Sylvester Perry A. blacksmith, house 63 Lowell
Sylvester Wm. tailor, boards 9 Brattle square
Sylvester Winslow C. cutter, 6 Court
Symes Charles, tinman, house 77 A, near Third
Symmes {John) & Eaton {C. F.), W. I. goods, 5

T wharf, house at Woburn
Symmes Margaret, widow, tailoress, h. 1 Second
Symmes Reny, widow, house 1 Boylston square
Symmes Thomas, 8 State, boards 1 Boylston sq.
Symmes AVm. {Coombs ^ S.), boards 1 Boylston sq.
Symmes Wm. B. clothing, Blackstone, c. Cross, b.

14 Kneeland
Symonds Charles W. {Sewall §• StjmoncJs), 10 and

12 the South Market, house 31 High
Symonds George D. clerk B. & W. R. R. boards 6

Quincy place [Seventh

Symonds Joseph, jeweller, 1 Bromfield, h. 18 E, n.
S)-monds Stillman L. house 12 Chambers
Symons Robert, blacksmith, b. Sumner, n. Havre
Synett Wm. J. carpenter, h. New, near Sumner

TABB AMERICA, porter, house 5 Middlesex

Taber Albert, restorator, 8 Long wharf

Taber {Allen) Sz Willard (Lyman), carpeting, 84

Washington, house at Lynn
Taber Wm. H. carpenter, house Meridian, E. B.
Taff Richard, laborer, house Lincoln, near Essex
Taft Alanson (Adams ix T.), house 64 Essex
Taft Augustine C. physician, 21 Bromfield, house

AVash. St. Roxbury, near Boston line
Taft Charles M., Cornhill Coffee House, Court av.
Taft George C. 60 Fulton, bds. Staniford, c. Green
Taft Mary, widow, house Gold, near B
Taft Nicholas, grocer, 30 Atkinson, house do.
Taft Samuel J. boarding, 17 Franklin place
Taft (Timothy S.) & Wheelock (Joseph B.), com-
mission merch. 8 Water, h. 30 Hudson [hill
Taggard Chas. H. & Co. boot crimpers, 17 Haver-
Taggard Cyrus H. (Edwards Sj- T.), b. 43 Southac
Taggard John (Crane cV T.), house at Somerville
Taggard Sam'l (C'/mw. Packer ^ Co.),h. at Danvers
Taggart Lydia, house 41 Prince
Taller L. Chas. jr. painter, Tremont, n. R. R. bridge
Tainter Albert, paper hanger, h. 460 Commercial
Tainter's Express, R. R. Exchange
Tainter A\''illiam C. house 2 Foster
Talbot Abby Mrs. house 1 Bumstead place
Talbot /Vristides, machinist, house 13 Maiden
Talbot Benjamin F. clerk, house rear 730 AVash.
Talbot Conner, laborer, house Spring, rear Poplar
Talbot Edward T. mason, house 3 Pembroke
Talbot George, housewright, h. rear 730 AA'ash.
Talbot George B., AV. I. goods, 96 AVater [bury
Talbot Gilbert L. (G. Brownell ^ Co.), h. at Rox-
Talbot John, carpenter, h. 164 Harrison avenue
Talbot Josiah H. (Foster <Sr T.), house at Roxbury
Talbot Newton, Custom House
Talbot Oliver M. mason, house rear 190 Fourth
Talbot Patrick, laborer, house 69 A



Talbot Samuel, jr. {Burgess &; T.), h. 28^ Portland
Talbot {Samuel D.), Spear (j. S.), & Newell (G.

A.), dry goods, 62 Milk,h. 64 Hudson [Beach
Talbot Win. H. {Kendall, Whitwell Sf Co.), b. 28
Tallant Jacob C. constable, Court House, house

Beach, near Sea
Tallon James, carpenter, house 2 Orange lane
Talon Patrick, laborer, house 8 Genesee
Talpey Daniel M. chain maker, h. Eighth, near E
Tamon Conrad, teamster, house 8 Boylston square
Tank James, house 258 Hanover
Tanner. John, laborer, h. South, near Kneeland
Tansy Timothy, tailor, house 12 Tileston
Tape Andrew, melter, house 4 Adams place
Tapley Amos P. & Co. ( IF. N. Messinger), boots

and shoes, 15 and 17 Central, house at Lynn
Tapley Philip P. {Allttj, T. &; Co.), house at Lynn
Tapley Warren, 6 Long whf. house at Charlestown
Tapley Wm. G. carpenter, boards 12 Pitts
Taplin Lowell G. carpenter, house London, E. B.
Tappan {Charles), AVhittemore {J. M.), & Mason

{D. G.), stationery and books, 114 Washing-
ton, boards LTnited States Hotel
Tappan [Eben) ik Bradford {L. II.), engravers and

lithographers, 221 Washington, b. 64 Summer
Tappan Edward S. 6 Congress, h. 35 Dover
Tappan John, 50 Milk, h. 30 Summer [Boylston pi.
Tappan John G.. Boston Belting Co. 37 Milk, h. 2
Tappan John H. A. 76 State
Tappan Josiah S. 37 Milk, house 30 Summer
Tappan J. Salisbury, boards 30 Summer
Tappan Lewis W. {Sampson <Sf T.), h. 70 Mt. Vernon
Tappan Sewell {Wuinwriyld i^ Zl), h. 38 Chesnut
Tappan Wm. B. Rev. agent of American Sabbath

School "Union, 9 Cornhill, house at Grantville
Tarbell Calvin, carpenter, house 31 Tvler
Tarbell Eben (Smith S; T.), h. 754 Washington
Tarbel). Edmund, watch maker, 70 Turnpike, near

Broadwav, house Quincy, near C
Tarbell ( Gc'O/y/e G.) & Rice"(Z,. B.), W. I. goods,

5 and 6 North Market, boards Adams House
Tarbell John, watch maker, 121 AVash. h. 44 Beach
Tarbell John, house 63 Chambers
Tarbell John A. physician, house 7 Crescent place
Tarbell John P. {Trull, Brothers, iS- Co.), house

Chambers, opposite Green
Tarbell Jos. H. clerk, h. 7 Crescent pi. [bridgeport
Tarbell Luther L. painter, 21 Brattle, h. at Cam-
Tarbell Silas P. deputy sheriff, 8 Court square, h.

7 Crescent place
Tarbell Stephen H. aqueduct, house 31 Tyler
Tarbell Thomas & Co. {Charles Faulkner &; R.

C. Billings), dry goods, 55 and 57 Water, h.

11 Avon place
Tarbell Thomas A. blacksmith, h. 3 Spring st. ct.
Tarbox Benjamin, house rear 183 Hanover
Tarbox Esther, h. Meridian, third section, E. B.
Tarbox H. G. dress maker, 210 Washington
Tarbox Jos. K. {Bownum 4" T.), h. at Cambridgep't
Tarbox Walter S. house 9 Oliver place
Tarbox William, shipwright, house 19 Andover
Tarbox William F. carpenter, house 17 Spring
Tareene Edward, laborer, house 6 Pearl place
Tarp Edward, tailor, house 32 Stillman
Tarr Betsey, widow, house 759 Washington
TaiT {David S.) & Hall {Arden), housewrights.

Creek square, house 21 Blossom
Tarr Jacob, Custom House block. Long wharf
Tarratt Joseph & Son, 13 Liberty square
Tasker Ebenezer, grocer, Hanover, corner Charter,

house 3 Bennet place [E. B.

Tasker James F. truckman, house Lexington pi.
Tasker John T. counsellor, 21 Court square, house

Athens, near B
Tasker Joseph, truckman, h. Maverick, c. London
Tasker Lyman H. 92 Milk, house 3 Bennet place
Tasker Mary D. nurse, boards 20 Oxford
Tate Mark W. carpenter, house 16 Albion
Tate Geo. H. job wagon, house 32 Billerica
Tate James, printer, boards 8 Kneeland place

Tates Hannah, dress maker, house 8 Porter
Tates Susan, tailoress, house 8 Porter
Tates William, mason, house 71 Pleasant
Tavers Joseph, job wagon, house 5 Battery [E. B.
Tavner Thomas, piano-forte maker, h. Saratoga,
Ta)' Rufus L. & A. Hammond, coal, Cross, near

Fulton, house at Charlestown
Tav R. L. ( William Fletcher &; Co.)
Taylor Albert D. tailor, 178 Wash. b. Central House
Taylor Albert H. dry goods, 6 Maverick block, h.

Maverick, corner Paris
Taylor Gustavus, physician, boards 42 Green
Taylor Bartholomew, tailor, house 201 Ann
Taylor Benjamin, carpenter, house Woodward, n. E
Taylor Charles, mariner, house 10 Bridge
Taylor Charles, cabinet maker, h. 39 Charlestovm
Taylor Charles, hatter, 103 Washington
Taylor Charles T. paper carrier, house 123 Leveret
Taylor Cyrus W. house 7 Sturgis place
Taylor Daniel, piano-forte maker, bds. 25 Kneeland
Taylor Daniel, house rear 74 Atkinson
Taylor {Daniel) & Wi\\{!ixo\\ {Samuel IT.), crockery

and glass ware, 59 Broad, corner Milk, house

14 Bulfineh
Taylor D. U. clerk, boards rear 74 Atkinson
Tavlor Eben, caulker, house Bennington, E. B.
Taylor Eber, house 36 West Cedar
Taylor Edward T. Rev. house 1 New Prince [court
Taylor Emery, fruit, 5 Dock square, b. 4 Spring St.
Taylor Fernando C. clerk, 164 Wash. b. 67 Myrtle
Taylor Frances, widow, house 9 Columbia
Taylor Frederick, boards 1 Linwood place
Taylor George, piano-forte maker, li. 212 Har. av.
Taylor George, laborer, house 51 Prince
Taylor George, 71 Cornhill, house at Cambridge
Taylor George A. clerk, boards 212 Harrison av.
Taylor George F. daguerrean artist, 98 Broadway,

house Third, near B [6 Pine

Taylor George M. visor and cap manuf. 5 Wash. h.
Taylor {George R.) & Shales (Jo7i«), coffee factory,

Haverhill, cor. Charlestown, h. at Charlestown
Taylor G. W. B. 62 Kilby
Taylor Harriet, widow, house 20 Bulfineh
Taylor Henry, constable, 13 court sq. h. 11 Nassau
Taylor {Henry) & Harris {George B.), saddlery

hardware, 13 Kilby, house 6 Beacon
Taylor Henry C. 127 State
Taylor Horace, porter, boards 45 Atkinson
Taylor Horace B. {Foster <Sr T.), house 21 Lowell
Taylor Horace E. 102 Milk

Taylor Isaac {Seccomb, T. cf Co.), h. at Brookline
Taylor James, painter, house 56.^ Endicot
Taylor James, laborer, liouse 10 Bridge st. court
Taylor James, laborer, house Fifth, near D
Taylor James H. caulker, boards 123 Purchase
Taylor James M. laborer, house 1 Gray place
Taylor John, laborer, house rear 18 Stillman
Taylor John, baker, 134 Pleasant, house do.
Taylor John, paper stainer, boards 52.^ Cambridge
Taylor John F. blacksmith, house Athens, near C
Taylor John & Sons, ale, 74 Commercial
Taylor John R., Temperance House, 5 Southac
Taylor Jos. G. coach painter, b. Maverick, n. New
Taylor Julius, boots and shoes, 122 Broadway, h.

Silver, near Dorchester
Taylor Lewis, paper hanger, 12 Union, h. 1 Com'l
Taylor Lydia A. W. 135 Hudson
Taylor Lydia B. dress maker, h. 4 Spring st. ct.
Taylor Maria, widow of Frederick, house 37 Friend
Taylor Mary, leeches, 27 School, house do.
Taylor Mary A. Mrs. house 2 Bartlett
Taylor Mary E. teacher, h. rear 527 Wash. No. 2
Taylor Melinda C. boarding, Sumner, cor. Bremen
Taylor Milo A. proprietor St. Charles Hotel, Beach,

corner Lincoln
Taylor N. D. V. fruit, 15 Mer. row, house 39 High
Taylor Orange T. dry goods, 158 Hanover
Taylor Owen, watchman, h. Suffolk, corner Canton
Taylor Patrick, laborer, house 7 Bridge street ct.
Taylor Philip, carpenter, h. Silver, near Dorchester



Taylor Philip, jr. clerk, house 5 West Centre
Taylor Ralph, rigger, house 1 Commercial
Taylor Robert, police officer, house 19 Charter
Taylor R. R., Custom House, h. Webster, n. Jeffries
Taylor Sarah, house 1 South street court
Taylor Sarah, widow, house 222 Broadway, near D
Taylor Simeon, tin plate worker, h. o Warren sq.
Taylor Simeon, jr. 400 Wash, house at Brookline
Taylor Simeon P. ins. agent, 17 State, h. 23 Pitts
Taylor T. D. boards Winthrop House
Taylor Timothy, laborer, house opposite 88 Fulton
Taylor {Thomas) & Anderson (/?.), grocers, Knee-
land, corner Cove, house do.
Taylor T. K. botanic and patent medicines, 3 Han-
over, up stairs, house at Chelsea
Taylor T. M. purser, boards 3 Hayward place [pi.
Taylor Walter R. designer, 141 Milk, b. 1 Linwood
Taylor William, boards 67 Myrtle
Taylor William, tailor, boards 32 Derne
Taylor William, laborer, house Sumner, n. Cottage
Taylor William D. cutter, 5 Gerrish block, Ann, b.

National House
Taylor William G. clerk, 70 Hanover, b. Central H.
Taylor William H. carpenter, house 11 Emerald
Taylor Wm. J. paper hanger, house 5 W. Dedham
Taylor William P. 102 Milk
Tead Edward L. clerk Shoe and Leather Dealers'

Bank, house 52 Tyler
Tead Hannah Mrs. house 52 Tyler
Tead Sarah E. teacher, h. 52 Tyler
Teague Barney, laborer, house A, near Fourth
Teague John R. wagoner, house 49 Prince
Teague Mary Ann, nurse, house 49 Sea
Tearnan Michael, tailor, house 21 Fleet
Teasland George, rigger, house 188 Hanover
Teatrich Lewis, porter, house 7 Kellam place
Tebbetts Allen C. grocer. Meridian, c. Lexington
Tebbetts James U'^{Jewett, T. &; Co.), b. Revere H.
Tebbetts William, clerk. 33 Water, b. Franklin H.
Tebbetts Wm. C. 78 Milk, house 48 Temple
Teblad Israel T. boarding, house 376 Commercial
Teel Benjamin F. bookkeeper, Market Bank, house
at Charlestown [at Carabridgeport

Teel George S. produce, 32 Merchants' row, house
Teel Henry T. clerk Concord R. R. depot, house at

Teevin John, laborer, house 45 Tyler
Teif Ann, widow, house 11 South Margin
Telford Andrew, barber, house 3 Smith court
Temple {C. E.) & Perry [D. l'F.),restorators, rear

26 Congress
Temple Henry, house 97^ Chambers
Temple Henry A. house 38 Bowdoin
Temple Horace L. messenger, 66 State, h. 11 May
Temple James L. driver, Warren place
Temple Jason, stage driver, 7 Elm, h. 13 Sudbury
Temple John H. math. inst. maker, 51 Court, house

233 Tremont
Temple Joshua, 51 Court

Temple T. G. (Stevens &: T.), house at Charlestown
Templeton James, ward tender Mass. Hospital
Templeton John, marble manufacturer, Charles, c.

Cambridge, house at Cambridge
Templeton William, laborer, h. Meridian, E. B.
Tenney {Amos) & Cowles {W. W.), cotton manu-
facturers, 26 Milk, house at Newtonville
Tenney A. G. house 8 Village [Dover

Tenney Benjamin F. broker, 78 State, house 9
Tenney, Brothers {Wm. I). B. ^ J. J. M. Tenney),

straw and silk goods, 9 Milk
Tenney F. V. Rev. house 8 Erie
Tenney Henry B. 13 Dock square, house at Chelsea
Tenney John, housewright, h. Swan, opp. Ontario
Tenney {John H.) & Rice {Ed. E.), ship chandlers,

6 Central wharf, house 63 Carver
Tenney J. J. M. {Tenney, Brothers), h. 20 McLean
Tenney Leonard, carpenter, house rear 10 Hawkins
Tenney Moses, leather, 50 Fulton, h. at Danvers
Tenney {X. F.) & Ballister (/. F.), dry goods, 81
Kilby, house at Roxbury

Tennev Sam'l, Mer. Ins. Co. 38 State, h. 128 Salem
Tenney Samuel N. h. 23 Hull [Tyler, n. Oak

Tenney Sylvanus F., W. R. R. freight depot, house
Tenney Thomas P. 11^ Tremont row, h. 61 Carver
Tenney Truman H. coachman, 11 Elm, house 3

Tileston place [McLean

Tenney Wm. D. B. {Tenney, Brothers), house 20
Tenny Edwin A. clerk, 450 Wash. bds. 3 Taylor
Tenny Edwin A. ass't House of Correction, S. B.
Tenny Marshall, merchant, 4 Central wharf, house

1 Province House court [46 Water

Tenny {Oliver) & Goddard(7?. /J. ), cotton dealers,
Tenny Solon H. ass't House of Correction, S. B.
Tenny William P. carpet warehouse, 102 Hanover,

and Maine R. R. depot, house 48 Charles
Tent James, house 89 Essex
Teran Michael, tailor, house 6 Fleet
Tereelan Michael, laborer, h. 28 Jefferson block
Teressy Thomas, stone mason, h. 29 Middlesex
Tcrhorst Gerard, Coffee House, Lewis, c. Fulton
Terrace Ezra F. tailor, 90 Ann, h. 9 Thacher ct.
Terrey Patrick, laborer, 212 Broad
Terry J. William, house 2 Bartlett
Terry William D. engraver, house 47 Hancock
Terrill Charles F. {trull. Brothers § Co.), boards

U. S. Hotel [Sumner

Teschemaoher James E. 134 State, h. Webster, n.
Teschemacher Stephen E. b. Webster, n. Sumner
Teulin Thomas, laborer, h. r. 170 Ann [N. Russell
Teulon Edward A. engraver, 186 Wash, boards 12
Teulon George, boards Harrison av. corner Beach
Tewksbury Abijah R. shipping office, 89 Commer-
cial, house Princeton. E. B.
Tewksbury Carlos, physician, h. 1 Almont place
Tewksbury Cyrus, teamster, h. Sumner pi. E. B.
Tewksbury Daniel M. 6 F. H. Market, h. Ontario
Tewksbury E. G. clerk, boards 28 Essex
Tewksbury George P. harbor master, office S. side

Eastern depot, h. 2 Phipps place
Tewksbury H. A. boatman, h. Sumner, E. B.
Tewksbury Josiah G. toll house, Chelsea ferry, h.

239 Hanover
Tewksbury Mary, widow, h. 22 May [h. Princeton
Tewksbury R. A. shipping office, 90 Commercial,
Tewksbury Wm. house Princeton, E. B.
Tewksbury Wm. jr. lighterman, h. Webster, E. B.
Tewksbury Wm. F. pilot, b. Webster, n. Orleans
Tewksbury Wm. P. book store, 362 Washington,

house at Roxbury
Thacher {Barnabas) & Sears {Paul, jr.), salt, 31

Long wharf, house 282 Broadway
Thacher Charles, house 40 Chesnut
Thacher Charlotte, wid. of Peter O. h. 10 Chesnut
Thacher George C, Fulton Iron Foundry Co. 20

Long wf h. at Dorchester [Chesnut

Thacher Geo. M., Danish Consul, 66 State, h 10
Thacher Geo. T., Fulton Iron Foundry Co. boards

at Dorchester
Thacher Isaac, merch. 31 Long wf. h. 8 Bussey pi.
Thacher M. N. porter at Fulton House
Thacher Samuel C, Sec. State's office, State House,

boards 47 Mt. Vernon
Thacher Samuel G. moulder, h. Athens, n. Second
Thacher {Thomas), Bascom {J. T. S.), & Co. {Wm.

11. Richards), dry goods, 43 Milk, h. 52 Charles
Thacher ( Tyiowas) i!<: Billings {William G.), mer-
chants, 20 Long wf. h. 8 Milton pi. [Milton pi.
Thacher Thomas, jr. Fulton Iron Foundry, h. 8
Thacher Wm. S. (IF. Thomas &: Co.), h. 282 Fourth
Thacker Henry, waiter, house 3 Southac
Thacker Henry, jr. house 14 Belknap
Thatcher David, Custom House, h. 7 Albion
Thatcher Edward H. boards 7 AJbiou
Thatcher Fanny Mrs. 19 Hudson
Thatcher George, jr. 28 Long wf. b. Eastern Exch.
Thatcher George L. 36 Broad, h. 7 Albion [Vern'n
Thatcher Peter, dry goods, 57 Kilby, house 40 Mt.
Thaxter Adam W. pres. Mec. Ins. Co. h. 13 Allen
Thaxter Adam W. jr. {Bates S^ Co.), h. 59 Mouat




Thaxter Adam W. 3d {W. H. Hlll^ Co.). house 27

Thaxter Benj. {Rice &; T.), h. 7 Hamilton place
Thaxter {Daniel) & Brother (./. B.j'r.), opticians,

162 Wash. h. at Somerville
Thaxter David, locksmith, 4 Harr. av. h. 5 Ohio pi.
Thaxter David, counsellor, 16 Court
Thaxter Duncan McBean, 97 1-2 State
Thaxter Edward, carpenter, Tyler, near Quincy

School, house 1 Newbern place
Thaxter George W. teamster, b. 2 Unity
Thaxter Jacob, painter, 4 Harr. av. h. 34 Harvard
Thaxter Jonathan, house 79 Leveret [Hingham
Thaxter Joseph B. jr. {Thaxter &; Brother), h. at
Thaxter .Joshua, pocket-book maker, Devonshire,

corner Water, h. 58 Marion [McLean

Thaxter Samuel {Ward, Jackson S<; Co.), house 12
Thaxter Sam'l & Son (.S*. T. Cuskinr/), math. inst.

makers, 12o State, Cushing's h. 16 Hudson
Thaxter Seth, surveyor, house S3 Warren
Thaxter Seth, jr. carpenter, house 83 Warren
Thaxter Theodore, stable, r. 641 Wash, house 11

Wheeler's court [South

Thaxter Warren, cabinet maker, 32 Sea, house 51
Thaxter Warren, jr. slater, house 11 Emerald
Thaxter Wm. V. carpenter, h. 11 Wheeler's court
Thayer Abigail C. house 7 Hudson
Thayer Abiram, driver, house 108 Hudson
Thayer Alfred S. clerk, 3 Dock square [State

Thayer Andrew Eliot, 9 Mer. Bank building, 28
Thayer Ann, laundress, house Fayette
Thayer Benjamin H. clerk, boards 57 High
Thayer Bezer {Mann &; T.), h. at Chelsea
Thayer C. & N. com. merchants, 32 India
Thayer Charles, daguerreotypist, 115 Court, house

at Charlestown
Thayer Charles, shoe maker, house 37 Myrtle
Thayer Chas. E. brush maker, h. 117 Broadway
Thayer Chas. E., Old Custom House
Thayer {Charles G.) & Merrill {T. C), ship stores

and chandlery, 65 Com'l, h. at Chelsea
Thayer Charles L. (C. c^ N. Thayer), h. at Roxb'y
Thayer Chas. R. com. liier. 17 Central wf. house 2

Rowe place
Thayer David, physician, boards 34 Oxford
Thayer Eli, apothecary, boards 6 Fleet
Thayer Elias B. shoes, 21 Central, h. 62 Warren
Thayer Elijah {Eaton, Thayer iSr Co.), h. 101 Salem
Thayer Elizabeth F. dress maker, h. 37 Myrtle
Thayer Francis J. house 84 Atkinson
Thayer Franklin, laborer, h. 96 Turnpike
Thayer Frederic F. dye wood liquors, Old Custom

House, h. at Watertown
Thayer Fred. W. {E. Train ix Co.)
Thayer George A. 9 & 11 E. R. R. wharf [place
Thayer G. Francis, Grocers' Bank, b. 15 Hayward
Thayer George L. boots and shoes, 40 Central, h.

48 Harr. avenue [11 Staniford

Thayer George W. president Exchange Bank, h.
Thayer Gideon F. school Chauncy pi. h. at Quincy
Thayer Hannah V. dress maker, 92 Tremont [lane
Thayer Henry P. brass founder, h. 2 Henchman
Thayer Henry V. printer, h. 49 Billerica
Thayer Hollis & Co. {J. E. Thayer), com. merch.

24 India wharf, house 27 Somerset
Thayer (Jason) l<: Hastings {B. A.), butter, cheese,

&c. 30 & 31 the South Market, h. at Milton
Thayer J. H. clerk, boards 11 Staniford
Thayer Joel, house 84 Atkinson
Thayer John E. boatman, 50 Long wf. h. 6 Cross
Thayer John E. & Brother {N.), brokers, 28 State,

house 58 1-2 Mt. Vernon [place

Thayer John P. clerk, 433 Wash. b. 13 La Grange
Thayer John S. clerk, 34 Water [set

Thayer Joseph E. {H. Thayer .^ Co.), h. 27 Somer-
Thayer Joseph H. house 9 Wash, square
Thayer Moses, 24 Com'l, house 3 Livingston
Thayer Nathaniel {J. E. Thayer !^ Brother), house

58 1-2 Mount Vernon
Thayer Rebecca, house rear 16 Bennet

Thayer Robert H. {Gardner Sg T.), h. at Roxbury
Thayer R. R. teacher, boards 36 High
Thayer Sally, house 7 1-2 Eliot
Thayer Sereno T. salesman, b. 6 Channing
Thayer Solon C. J. clerk, boards 7 Hudson
Thayer Sophronia, house 1 Fruit
Thayer Stephen, cigars, matches, 19 Haverhill
Thayer Stephen S. apothecary, 1 Revere House
Thayer Sullivan, Custom House, h. at Chelsea
Thayer Susan T. widow of N. F. h. HI Harr. av.
Thayer Sylvanus, U. S. engineer, 75 State
Thayer Thomas A. sail maker, 21 Commercial, h.

E, corner Athens [44 Utica

Thayer Warren, tin plate worker, Kneeland, house
Thayer William, clerk, 8 Liberty square
Thayer William B. house 3 Livingston
Thayer Wm. H. {Eaton, Thayer i^ Co.)
Tliayer Wm. Henry, physician, house 24 Harr. av.
Thayer Zebah, coachman, boards 10 Pitts
Thiery Charles L. watch case maker, cor. Har. av.

and Orange, h. 15 W. Orange
Thing Charles H. 9 Tremont row, b. 67 Myrtle
Thing Jerome L. salesman, b. 2 Fayette
Thing Joseph, house E, corner Gold
Thing Mary L. widow, house 2 Fayette [bridge
Thiriwall William, dry goods, 19 Milk, h. at Cam-
Thom George S. machinist, h. Athens, near A
Thomas Abraham, tailor, 12 Franklin, house do.
Thomas Charles, laborer, h. 6 Madison place
Thomas {Charles A.*) & Merriam (£.), grocers, 330

Wash. h. 4 Avery place [Cambridge

Thomas Charles G. counsellor, 20 Court, house at
Thomas Chas. R. dentist, 38 Trem't row, b. 30 Essex
Thomas Cornelius, jobber, Change av. b. 5 Southac
Thomas Edward, burnisher, b. 38 Lowell
Thomas Edward D. captain, house 3 Ohio place
Thomas Elizabeth, widow, house 134 Cambridge
Thomas Ezra, 7 Boylston Market, h. 48 Tremont
Thomas Geo. carpenter, h. Havre, cor. Sumner
Thomas George, ir. carpenter, h. Havre, n. Mav"k
Thomas George P. broker, 29^ State, h. 239 Fourth
Thomas Harrison, carpenter, boards 30 Portland
Thomas Henry, laborer, house 9 Southac place
Thomas James, boarding, h. 1 Linwood place
Thomas James, trader, house 1 Melrose place
Thomas Jane, widow, house 8 Fayette court
Thomas John, laborer, house 30 Southac
Thomas John, tailor, 76 Washington, h. 13 Butolph
Thomas John, seaman, house 15 W. Centre
Thomas John, painter, 103^ Hanover, house at N.

Maiden [Vine

Thomas John B. clerk, 11 Tremont row, house 6
Thomas John B. boards 58 Federal
Thomas John H. house Meridian, E. B.
Thomas Luke, 7 Boylston Market, h. 48 Tremont
Thomas Richard, boarding, house 398 Commercial
Thomas Spencer, turner, house 64 Nashua [do.
Thomas Spencer, paper hanger, 76 Camb'ge, h. 57
Thomas Sylvanus, butter, cheese, &c. 32 the S.

Market, boards Western Exchange
Thomas Waldo W. carriage maker. Turnpike, near

Fifth, house at Dorchester [5 Emerald

Thomas Washington, provisions, 659 Wash, house
Thomas Wm. & Co. ( IVm. S. Thacher), commis.

merchants, and agents Old Colony Iron Co. 79

State, house 43 Hancock
Thomas William, carpenter, boards 8 Cotting
Thomas William, teamster, house 2 Commercial
Thomas Wm. coachman, h. Ncwland, c. Brookline
Thomas William E. house Unitv, c. Unity court
Thomas Wm. H. house 2 Paris pi. E. B.
Thomas Zattu, painter, house 42 Rochester
Thomas Zephaniah H. jr. clerk, 77 Blackstone,

boards 39 Friend
Thompson & Co., Western Express, 8 Court
Thompson Aaron, carpenter, bds. r. 7 Greenough 1.
Thompson Abigail F. Mrs. h. 211 Hanover
Thompson Abigail, widow, house 10 Bulfinch pi.
Thompson Abij ah & Co. {S. DowSjH. Co«/t), hides

& leather, 5 & 7 Shoe & Leather, h. at Woburn



Thompson Abijah, 3d {B. F. Thompson § Son),

house at S. Woburn
Thompson Albert {Johnson &; T.), house 42 Tyler
Thompson Albert {Wood S; T.), house at Woburn
Thompson Albert T. book keeper, 47 Ann
Thompson Alonzo, ale manufacturer, 798 "Wash.

house do. cor. Northampton
Thompson Araasa T. pump maker, house 64 Sea
Thompson Amos, blacksmith, house 11 Travers
Thompson Amos G. (J/. ,S. Lincoln S^ Co.), boards

Adams House
Thompson Andrew, boarding, house 1 Powars court
Thompson Augustus J. 9 Trem. row, h. at Chelsea
Thompson Belinda, widow, house 4 Snowhill
Thompson Benjamin (Geo. W. Torrey ^ Co.), h.

31 Pleasant
Thompson Beniamin C. house 50 Oak
Thompson Benj. F. & Son {Abijah, 3rf), leather, 31

Shoe and Leather, house at S. Woburn
Thompson Benjamin L. 16 City wharf
Thompson Caleb, housewright, house 157 Tyler
Thompson Calvin M. 63 Pearl, house at Dorchester
Thompson {Charles) 8c Lapham {Luther), iron, 50

Broad, house at Charlestown
Thompson {Charles, jr.) & Davidson (D. jP.), com-
mission merchants, 30 India, h. at Roxbury
Thompson Charles A. truckman, house 50 Oak
Thompson Charles G. artist, 257 Wash. h. 48 Eliot
Thompson Charles H. stone cutter, h. 75 Tyler

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