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Thompson Charles 0. shoes, 74 Hanover
Thompson David, laborer, house 4 Wendell
Thompson David T. express wagon, h. Marginal
Thompson Dorothy, dry goods, 155 Fourth, h. do.
Thompson Ebenezer, house 5 Norfolk place
Thompson Edw'd T. clerk P. O. house 17 Prospect
Thompson Francis, cl'k, 50 Broad, h. at Charlest'n
Thompson Franklin, 19 North Russell
Thompson George, laborer, house 17 Essex place
Thompson George, designer, house E, c. Seventh
Thompson George, 25 Exchange, h. 19 N. Russell
Thompson George M. {Hai/ne.s^&; T.), h. 237 Trem't
Thompson G. W. boards Harr. av. c. Beach
Thompson Henry, house 54 Mt. Vernon
Thompson Henry, painter, house Gardner place
Thompson Henry, joiner, 278 Com'l, h. at Chelsea
Thompson Isaiah P. truckman, house 22 Sea
Thompson James, laborer, house 90 Fourth
Thompson James, house Sixth, near E
Thompson James G. (/. H. JVard 4,- Co.), 31 Kilby
Thompson James M. house 3 Norwich
Thompson John, gilder, house Colony [Fulton

Thompson {John) & Warner {B. F.), grocers, 98
Thompson John, cook, h. r. 27 Belknap
Thompson John, boot maker, 10 Oliver, house do.
Thompson John, hatter, boards 39 Brattle
Thompson John, cigar maker, house 19 May
Thompson John, pile driver, h. Silver, near B
Thompson John, machinist, bds. 10 Maverick bl'k
Thompson John B. blacksmith, Beverly, n. Cause-
way, bds. 4 Vernon [17 Franklin place
Thompson John H. cl'k at S. Adams & Co.'s, bds.
Thompson John L. grocer, 4.50 Commercial, h. do.
Thompson John P. caulker, bds. 4 Bennet avenue
Thompson John T. caulker, bds. 4 Webster place
Thompson Joseph, engineer, h. Everett, n. Lamson
Thompson Joseph M. 273 Wash. bds. 163 Hanover
Thompson Joshua P. paper stock, 6 Water, h. at
Dedham [house 68 Carver
Thompson Lewis, straw bonnet presser, 375 Wash.
Thompson Luther W. lighterman, h. Meridian
Thompson Margaret Mrs. boarding, h. Second, n.

Thompson Mary, widow, house 4 Bennet avenue
Thompson ^Liry C. tailoress, 4 Bennet avenue
Thompson Moses, mason, house 7 Curve
Thompson Nathaniel, truckman, b. 6 Sturgis place
Thompson N. A. auctioneer, old State House, h.

60 Boylston, opp. public garden
Thompson Peter, laborer, house Marion, E. B.
Thompson Robert, painter, house 17 Cooper I


Thompson Samuel, musician, h. 4 Harmony court
Thompson Samuel, h. Southac, c. Butolph
Thompson Samuel N. grocer, Washington, corner
Arnold, house 853 Wash. [Medford

Thompson Samuel T. teller N. E. Bank, house at
Thompson Sarah J. nurse, h. 2 Gouch place
Thompson S. B. laborer, h. rear 14 May
Thompson Susan H. widow of John, h. 66Billerica
Thompson Thomas, 32 Kingston
Thompson Thomas, bds. Tremont House
Thompson Thomas, mariner, h. rear 2 Clark
Thompson Thomas, h. 4 S. Cedar
Thompson Thos. mariner, h. Sumner, n. Cottage
Thompson William, h. 54 Mt. Vernon
Thompson William, cook, h. N. Margin, c. Thacher
Thompson William, machinist, h. Meridian, E. B.
Thompson Wm. engineer, bds. r. 47 Sea [Canton
Thompson Wm. pump and block maker, bds. 1 E.
Thompson William, cook, 46 North Market
Thompson Wm. jr. h. 54 Mt. Vernon
Thompson Wm. L. type founder, h. 14 Williams
Thompson Wm. R. truckman, bds. 7 Wash. sq.
Thompson Wm. T. clerk, Broad, c. Fort Hill wf.

boards 30 High
Thompson Willis A. h. 35 Pinckney [Charlestown
Thomson David, carver, 7 Hichborn bl'k, house at
Thomson G. N. physician, 286 Washington
Thomson {John) ^ Walker ( Wm.), paper hangings,

5 Merrimac, h. 7 West Centre
Thomson Robert H. clerk Stackpole House
Thorn Edgcomb, teamster, h. Fifth, near A
Thorndike Eben B. oil, 786 Wash. h. 1 Concord
Thorndike Ebenezer, h. Newton, n. Suffolk
Thorndike Eckford A. bds. 2 Newton
Thorndike Francis H. boards 2 Newton
Thorndike James P. hides and leather, 14 Black-
stone, h. 14 Kingston
Thorndike J. F. architect, h. 673 Wash.
Thorndike John, bds. 33 Lowell
Thorndike John H. architect, h. 29 Edinboro'
Thorndike John P. house 50 Boylston
Thorndike Larkin, counsellor, Sumner, n. Havre
Thorndike Nathaniel R. oil manufacturer, house

Suffolk, near Concord
Thorne Charles R. house 34 Vine
Thornton Albert, boards 56 Federal
Thornton Barney, laborer, h. 17 Adams [Hancock
Thornton C. C. G., Suffolk County Mills, bds. 15
Thornton Charles J. boards 1 Franklin place
Thornton Edward, piano-forte tuner and regulator,

416 Washington, boards 17 Hudson
Thornton Elizabeth B. h. 10 Essex [113 Hudson
Thornton George, clerk. Fall River R. R. boards
Thornton George W. job wagon, h. 2 Kennard av.
Thornton J. Wingate, counsellor, 20 Court, house

2 Bumstead place
Thornton Julia, widow, house Athens, near A
Thornton Martin, laborer, house 366 Commercial
Thornton Nicholas, laborer, house A, near Third
Thornton Orson H. clerk at New England House
Thornton Wm. laborer, h. Canton st. pi. [Spring
Thornton Solon, book keeper, 30 Dock sq. h. 24
Thorp Ezekiel, carpenter, 77 Warren
Thorp Sophia, house 3 Foster place
Thorup Andreas T. music teacher, h. 105 Tremont
Thrasher Lewis B. carpenter, h. 18 Wheeler's ct.
Thresher James M. dentist, 132 Court
Thresher Mary, widow, house 33 Fayette
Thurlow Ann, widow, house 36 South Russell
Thurston Caleb, lumber. Foundry, h. 211 Fourth
Thurston Charles C. mason, house 4 Taylor
Thurston Edwin, machinist, h. Belmont sq. E. B.
Thurston Horace, physician, h. 697 Wash. [port
Thurston John C. 50 Blackstone, h. at Cambridge-
Thurston Lcland, mason, house 4 Taylor
Thurston (Ly/wflH), Torrey {Wm.), & Co. {F. B.
Emerson), printers, 31 Devonshire, house at
Thurston ISIargaret, widow, house Meridian
Thurston P. laborer, house 59 Myrtle



1 Thurston Thomas, machinist, house Fort avenue
Thwing Joseph, W. I. goods, 45 and 47 E. R. R.

wharf, house 195 Silver, near D
Thwing S. C. & Co. {R. Sullivan, jr.), commission

merchants, 8 Kilby, house at Roxbury
Thwing Thomas, 21 Cornhill, house 4 Salem ct.
Thwing William & Co. {D. Cooky), W. I. goods,

14 Central wharf, house 6 Winthrop place
Thwitz John, mariner, house 37^ Prince
Tibbetts (Israel) & Hill (Charles II.), soap manu-
facturers, 22 Long wharf, house at Charlcstown
Tibbetts John, turner, boards 6 Billerica [Tileston
Tibbetts Nathaniel, provisions, 112 Salem, house 18
Tibbetts Timothy, 12 Franklin avenue
Tibbitts Wm. C. clerk, boards 48 Temple
Ticknor Baldwin, boards rear 60 Myrtle
Ticknor George, house 8 Park
Ticknor Wm. D. & Co. (J. Reed, jr. ^ J. T. Fields),

booksellers, 135 Wash. h. at Jamaica Plain
Tidd Alanson L. boards 54 Harvard
Tidd Dudley, laborer, h. 2d door from W. Cedar
Tidd Mary Ann, nurse, boards 54 Harvard
Tidd Squire, currier, 5 Market sq. h. 4 S. Margin
Tiernan Bridget, widow, 63 Prince
Tierney Morris, tailor, house 25 Williams
Tierney Patrick, fruit dealer, house r. 11 Kingston
Tighe Anthony, laborer, house rear Orleans
Tighe Edw. blacksmith, h. Lancaster, n. Causeway
Tighe John, carpenter, Summer st. wf. house do.
Tighe John, house rear 71 Eliot
Tighe John, machinist, h. Canton, near Tremont
Tighe Neale, laborer, house 12 Hawkins
Tighe Terrence, laborer, house 30 North Russell
Tighe Thomas, house rear 71 Eliot
Tighe William, engineer, h. Lancaster, n. Causeway
Tilden (A. IF.) & Smith (James), stair builders,

Tilden (Benj. F.) & Gane (Henr^j A.), book bind-
ers, 31 Cornhill, b. Purchase, opposite Gridley
Tilden David, house 64 Marion [Gold

Tilden Edwin, dry goods, 141 Broadway, h. F, cor.
Tilden Francis, 12 Beach, house at Walpole
Tilden Joseph, house 21 Franklin place
Tilden Joseph, mason, house 110 Charles
Tilden Mary, widow, house 57 Lowell
Tilden Narrissa, widow, house F, near Fifth
Tilden Nathan, housewright, house Fourth, c. P
Tilden (iVe/AW» //.) & Locke (W?n. F.), grocers,

Third, corner Dorchester, h. F, near Fourth
Tilden Walter H. dry goods & carpets, 254 Broad-
way, corner E, house F, near Fourth
Tileston Amelia, house 21 Purchase
Tileston Benjamin L. boards 75 Harrison avenue
Tileston Edward H. housewright, h. 855 Wash.
Tileston Harvey Mrs. confectionery, 49 Hanover,

house ditto
Tileston James, 17 Doane, house 17 Ash
Tileston James C. (LordS; Tileston), h. 23 Purchase
Tileston John, grocer. Second, n. Dorchester, h. do.
Tileston Pamelia, widow of Timothy, jr. h. 17 Ash
Tileston Sarah, widow of Wm. house 5 Derne
Tileston Thomas, reporter, 24 Railroad Exchange,

house 23 Purchase
Tileston Thomas, jr. reporter, boards 23 Purchase
Tileston Timothy, plane maker, 73 Harrison ave-
nue, house 75 do. [Temple
Tileston Wm. varnisher, 4 & 8 Somerset, house 33
Tileston Wm. H. plumber, house rear 47 Sea
Tileston Wm. M. druggist, 462 Wash. h. 30 Albany
Tilghman J. A. C. waiter, house 3 Southac
Tilley James A. & Co. coffee factory, 15 Hawley,
house at Charlestown [ville
Tillson Apollos J. salesman, 19 Milk, h. at Somer-
Tillson David, slater, 67 Friend, house at Woburn
Tillson Isaiah, machinist, h. Harrison av. n. S. May
Tillson John & Co. (Wm. Tro^/p), leather and find-
ings, 23 North Market & 23 Clinton, house
289 Broadway
Tillson (Josia/i), Chandler (A. F.), & Co. (J. II.
Sears), manuf. stocks, &c. 19 Milk, h. at Camb.

Tilt B. B. & Co. (A. Dexter &; S. Edcjerly), fringe

and trimmings, 147 & 267" Wash, and'42 Milk
Tilton Asa P. teamster, house 78 Albany
Tilton Benjamin, pattern maker, h. 124 D, n. Third
Tilton Benj. com. merch. 7 Central, h. at Cambridge
Tilton Charles T. flour, 74 Utica, h. 95 Harrison av.
Tilton Daniel L. coachman, boards 37 Lowell
Tilton Ebenezer, carpenter, house Gardner place
Tilton Edmund, boards 20 Church
Tilton Geo. H. house 95 Harrison av. [Harrison av.
Tilton John (Dutton, Richardson ^ Co.), house 89
Tilton John, captain, house Old Harbor
Tilton John L. coachman, boards 47 Portland
Tilton J. P. Mrs. house 272 Third, n. Dorchester
Tilton Jos. B. (S. Tilton &; Co.), h. 141 Harrison av.
Tilton Luther, confectionery, 11 Winter, house do.
Tilton Luther Mrs. millinery, 11 Winter
Tilton Samuel, dry goods, 647 Wash, boards do.
Tilton Samuel, jr. grocer, Harrison avenue, corner

Dedham, house 4 Maiden
Tilton Stephen & Co. (S.jr. S; J. B. Tilton), com-
mission merch. 30 Com'l wf. h. 95 Harrison av.
Tilton Stephen, jr. (S. Tilton S^ Co.), h. 29 Dover
Tilton Thomas, turner, boards 93 Hudson [ave.
Tilton Warren, counsellor, 46 Court, b. 95 Harrison
Tilton William, boards 20 Church
Tilton William S. (Russell A- T.), 95 Harrison ave.
Tilyou Peter V. house 62 Marion
Timing James, founder, house Swan
Timmeman Henry, laborer, house 195 Hanover
Timmins Grace, widow, house 12 Essex place
Timmins Henry, house 11 Mount Vernon
Timmins James, rear 92 Tremont
Timmins Patrick, laborer, h. 30 Bridge [Purchase
Timmins Wm. boots and shoes, 164 Broad, h. 115
Timney Charles, grocer, house 4 Cove street place
Timney Michael, boarding house, 108 Ann
Timson Elizabeth C. tailoress, house Meridian
Timson John, laborer, house 7 Piedmont
Tinson Lewis C. clerk, house 40 South Margin
Tinkham David W. carpenter, house 79 Lowell
Tinkham Jeremiah, jr. carpenter, h. 7 Purchase
Tinkham John W. carpenter, h. 90 D, c. Silver
Tinkham Spencer & Co. com. merchants, 17 Broad,

house 10 Asylum
Tirrell Albert (/ * A. TirreU),h.. at S. Weymouth
Tirrell (Alfred) & Bates (L.), shoes, 8 Blackstone,

house at South Weymouth
Tirrell Edward C. shoes, 26 Ann, h. 13 Cooper
Tirrell Edward Q. 26 Ann, boards 13 Cooper
Tirrell James & Albert, leather, &c. 8 Blackstone,

house at South Weymouth
Tirrell Jesse, jr. coal, (V'c. 102 Sea, house 52 Oak
Tirrell John (Emery & T), house 3 Nassau
Tirrell John, oysters, 21 Cross, house 4 Spring
Tirrell John G. 134 Sea, house 3 Nassau
Tirrell Susan, house 9 Billings court
Tirrell Thos. A. shoes, 349 Wash. h. 10 Groton
Tirrill Isaac, Ir-. Maiden, n. Washington
Tirrill Isaac, jr. bds. Maiden, n. Washington
Tirrill Oakes, h. 5 Franklin square [lin square

Tirrill Willard, 11 Massachusetts bl'k, b. 5 Frank-
Tisdale Asa, gilder, 10 Trem'trow, h. 18 N. Margin
Tisdale B. W. (Humphrey, Bartlett, ^ Co.), boards

97 Salem
Tisdale James, 63 State, boards Albion
Tisdale Mace, 5 Chatham row, h. 15 Rowe
Tisdale Wm. jr. trunks, Haymarket sq. h. Sumner
Titcomb Charles, S. clerk, bds. 1 Sister
Titcomb Chas. W. junk, 114 Cambridge, h. 166 do.
Titcomb David A. restorator, foot Sumner, h. New,

near Sumner
Titcomb Edward E. 5 Market sq. h. at Dedham
Titcomb Ephraim, bds. 5 Nassau
Titcomb George, trader, h. 3 Wells pi. [Oak pi.
Titcomb J. Henry, accountant, 141 Milk, house 5
Titcomb John H.clerk, 25 India wf. h. at Somerville
Titcomb Lowell L. bds. 5 E. Dedham
Titcomb (Robert) iSr Ormsby (Wm.), stair builders,
First, n. E, h. Silver, n. A



Titcomb Samuel B. h. 87 Tyler

Titcomb Samuel C. h. 7 Madison pi.

Titcomb Stephen, h. F, near Fifth

Titcomb Stephen H. mason, bds. F, n. Fifth

Titus Lyman, mason, bds. 51 Leveret

Titus Phineas, h. 20 Church [st. ct.

Titus Sylva, children's clothes maker, h. 5 Fruit

Tivlan Patrick, laborer, h. Baker's alley, Ann

Tivnon James, h. Jasper place

Tivnon John, cooper, bds. r. 18 S. Margin

Tivnon Patrick, laborer, h. 13 Hamburg

Tivnon Peter, laborer, h. r. 18 S. Margin

Tobey Edward S. (P. Sprague ^ Co.), vice consul

Uruguay, 13 Commercial wf. h. 19 Chesnut
Tobey Heman, bds. 91 Summer
Tobey J. B. & Co. nails, 9 City wf.
Tobey Joseph, housewright, E, h. Bolton, n. C
Tobey Joshua, bds. 17 I'ranklin place
Tobey Moses S. F. 9 City wf. b. 17 Franklin pi.
Tobey Seth, Court House, bds. 91 Summer
Tobey Wm. blacksmith, h. London, E. B.
Tobey Wm. W. salesman, 59 Kilby, h. 688 Wash.
Tobias Marks, clothing, 88 1-2 Cambridge, h. 476

Tobias Samuel, clerk, 88 1-2 Cambridge
Tobie Ira W. physician, 28 Salem, h. do.
Tobin James, laborer, h. 6 Boylston sq.
Tobin Joanna, widow, house r. 40 Endicot
Tobin Moses, laborer, h. 30 Stillman
Tobin Thomas, laborer, h. A, n. Third
Tobin Thomas, laborer, h. r. Springfield, n. Wash.
Tobin Timothy, junk dealer, h. Fulton, n. Lewis
Tobine Eben. truckman, h. 4 Greenough av.
Todd Benj. D. painter andglazier, 20 Union
Todd Benj. H. mason, h. 3 Lawrence place
Todd Catherine, widow of Jacob, h. Gold, n. C
Todd Charles, oysters, 47 Causeway, b. 47 Billerica
Todd Fanny Mrs. h. Fifth, n. C
Todd Jacob, bds. 5 Hartford place
Todd Jehiel, clerk, 4 Milk, h. at Somerville
Todd Josephine, widow, h. 2 Pitts
Todd Joshua, grocer. Broad, h. 4 Cotton pi.
Todd Reuben J. 92 State, h. 43 Summer
Todd Thos. printer, h. 5 S. Russell [Madison pi.
Todd Thomas, eating room, 150 Pleasant, house 1
Tolen, widow of John, h. 89 Broad
Toler Joseph H. engraver, h. 92 Warren
Tolan John, laborer, house 19 Cross
Toler William, laborer, h. Commercial, c. Charter
Tollan Hugh, machinist, h. Swan
Tollock Robert N. silversmith, h. 48 Spring
Tolman Adeline, dress maker, h. r. 583 Wash.
Tolman Alexander, painter, bds. 8 Mason
Tolman Benjamin, bds. 9 Bratttle sq.
Tolman Cahill, com. mer. 5 Canal, h. at Fitchburg
Tolman Edward, machinist, h. 1 Oswego
Tolman Elliot, fancy dry goods, 2 Tremont row,

opp. Hanover, h. 94 Pinckney
Tolman George S. musical instruments, 213 Wash-
ington, bds. 1 Bedford place
Tolman Henry, musical instruments and umbrel-
las, 153 Washington, h. 258 Tremont
Tolman James, merchant tailor, 13 Congress, h.

Gore av. at Roxbury
Tolman James C. bds. 14 Kneeland
Tolman James N. carpenter, h. 2 Bay
Tolman James P. gold beater, 2 Water, h. 19 Myrtle
Tolman Joseph A. h. 8 Chilson place
Tolman Lucius A. 475 Washington, bds. 8 Bennet
Tolman Samuel, office 21 Court sq. h. 9 Orange
Tolman S. P. stucco worker, rear 22 Kingston
Tolman Thos. counsellor, 21 Court sq.h. 20 Bulfinch
Tomblcson Isaac, mariner, h. 14 Cyprus
Tombs Augustus H. 99 F. H. Market, b. 20 Temple
Tombs Edw. H. {M. Tombs 4,- Co.), h. 75 Brighton
Tombs Jona. H. grocer, 58 Fourth, h. 244 do.
Tombs Michael & Co. (E. H. Tombs &J. Jones, jr.),

99 F. II. Market, h. 20 Temple
Tombs Richard, tailor, 76 Wash. b. American H.
Tomlinsou Henry, tailor, h. 44 Piedmont

Tomlinson James, jr. boot maker, 532 Wash. h. 23

Tomlinson John G. baker, h. 4 Lovett pi.
Tomlinson John H., Missionary House, Pemberton

square, h. Sumner, E. B.
Tomlinson John H. jr. clerk, 8 Broad
Tompkins Abel, bookseller, 38 Cornhill, h. 86 Dover
Tompkins Dexter A. music teacher, h. 41 Salem
Tompkins Elisha B. painter, h. 63 Piedmont
Tompkins Isaac, h. 41 Salem [Salem

Tompkins Isaac S. coppersmith, 21 Union, h. 41
Tompkins Lemuel, jr. clerk, h. D, n. Fourth
Tompkins Mary, h. 66 Dover [b. 9 Winter

Tompkins Orlando, apothecary. Wash; c. Winter,
Tompkins Wm. paper hanger, h. 43 Southac
Tompkins Wm. O. painter, 21 Union, h. at Chelsea
Tonipson John A. {Learned, T. t^f Co.), house at

Tong William, h. 6 Kellam place
Toniere Gaetano, figure maker, h. 14 Bridge
Toohey John, gardener, h. 3 Spear place
Tooley John, laborer, h. 1 Henchman lane
Toomey Daniel, blacksmith, house r. 251 Ann
Toomey David, mason, h. Silver, n. B
Toomey Edward, laborer, h. 209 Ann
Toomey Edward, laborer, h. 21 Third, c. A
Toomey Humphrey, laborer, h. 126 Sea
Toomey Patrick, laborer, h. 209 Ann
Toomey Thomas, dry goods, 105 Sea, h. do.
Toomey Timothy, laborer, h. 7 Cove pi.
Toomy John, laborer, house 249 Ann
Topham M. A. dress maker, h. ill Broadway
Topham William, shoe maker, h. Ill Broadway
Topliff"Benj. (S. S. Jackson S^ C'o.),h. atDorchest'r
Topliff Samuel, h. 32 Washington sq.
Toppan Albert P. clerk, Blackstone, c. Union
Toppan Caroline C. h. 30 Essex
Toppan, Carpenter, & Co. 66 State
Toppan Wm. 0. harness maker, h. 290 Fourth
Torence Robert, tin, bds. 9 Brattle sq.
Torney George, clerk, 43 S. Market
Torrey C. inspector Custom House
Torrey Calvin, bds. 29 Essex
Torrey Charles, broker, 3 Mer. Exc. h. 2 High
Torrey Charles {Bowkers, T. § Stafford), boards at

Charles toivn
Torrey Frances, teacher primary sch'l. East st. pi.
Torrey Francis H. {Ilaswell Si T.), b. 10 Auburn ct.
Torrey Geo. W. &. Co. (B. thomjjson), grocers, 25

S. Market, h. 21 Green
Torrey {Havilen) & Smith {T. 31.), brokers, 10

Brattle sq. h. 84 Charles
Torrey Henry W. teacher, h. 5 Hamilton pi.
Torrey John G. president Columbian Bank, house

11 Franklin place
Torrey Joseph, bds. 29 Essex [Roxbury

Torrey Joseph G. printer, 23 Devonshire, house at
Torrey Samuel, merchant, 15 Congress, house 8

Hamilton place
Torrey Stephen, 21 Green, bds. City Hotel
Torrey Wm. [Thurston, Torrey, &; 6'o.),h. at Camb.
Torrey Wm. caulker, h. Cottage, n. Sumner
Torrin David H. housewright, h. 2 Channing
TorslefT John, variety store, 341 Commercial, h.

Havre, n. Sumner, E. B.
Totman Isaac, carpenter, bds. 6 Pinckney
Touret Benj. soda maker, h. 3 Blanche ct.
Tourtellout A. V. clerk, 34 Ann, bds. 11 Elm
Toury Wm. shoe maker, h. Kneeland, n. Utica
Toutain Victor, clerk, 298 Washington, bds. do.
Tower Andrew, book keeper, 19 Milk. b. 103 Salem
Tower Benj. harness maker, h. 15 Kneeland
Tower Charles H. coppersmith, b. Bessom ct.
Tower David B. teacher. Park, bds. 9 AUston
Tower Elisha, gilder, 123 Wash. h. 53 Belknap
Tower George, physician, 707 Washington
Tower George F. clerk, 50 Hanover, b. 19 Hancock
Tower Isaac {Woodworth S^ T.), house 4 Erie
Tower Job, salesman, house 5 Myrtle court
Tower Job, jr. mason, house 5 Myrtle court



Tower Jonathan, trackman, h. Bessoni ct. E. B.
Tower Levi, house 707 Washington
Tower Luke B. house 26 Derne [place

Tower Reuben, jr. carriage trimmer, h. 6 Melrose
Tower Samuel, button maker, b. 16 Albany
Tower Samuel, teamster, h. South, n. Harvard
Tower Samuel G. pattern maker, Haverhill, corner

Charlestown, house 6 Strong place
Tower Wm. R. 237 Wash, house 220 Harr. avenue
Towle Archibald E. police, rear 44 Essex
Towle Cyrus, carpenter, h. Havre, E. B. [depot
Towle Ebenezer, refreshments, Fitchburg R. R.
Towle Elbridge A. b. Maverick H. [21 Congress
Towle (Frank G.) & Lawrence {S. C), wines, &c.
Towle George S. 159 Milk [do.

Towle Henry, provisions, 190 Harr. av. boards 196
Towle Joanna C. widow, h. 6 Sheafe [Newton Cen.
Towle John D. architect, 11 Joy's building, h. at
Towle Lyman & Co. {B. T. Nijman ^ George N.

Bigelow), hat store, Hanover, cor. Elm, house

22 Portland [House
Towle Orel (.S. Emmes iS, Co.), b. Exchange Coffee
Towle Robert H. clerk, ^Court, corner Hanover, b.

17 Butolph
Towle Susan, h. 7 Medford court [N. Chelsea

Towle Wm. R. city despatch post, 7 State, house at
Town George, rigger, house 3 Powars court
Town George E. book binder, h. 14 W. Centre
Towne Abiel K. clerk, <50 Congress, b. Pemberton
House [and furs, 33 and 34 Elm, b. Citv Hotel
Towne (Ebenezer B.) & Kendrick (TFw. n'.),hats
Towne George A. slater, house Gold, near D
Towne John, 34 Ann, house 4o Lowell
Towne John, painter, house 23 Nashua
Towne Leonard, ostler, house 10 Fleet
Towne Orr N. 33 & 34 Elm, house at Somerville
Towne S. Mrs. house 8 Cherry
Towne Wm. B., Kilby, c. Water, h. at Brookline
Towner B. W. fruit, ttc. Blackstone, c. Hanover
Townes Simeon, boarding, 220 Hanover
Townley Sarah H. widow, h. 224 Harr. avenue
Townsend Charles B. painter, Hawes, rear 48 Con-
gress, b. 12 Hanover [30 Arnold
Townsend Christopher F. piano-forte maker, house
Townsend C. T. S. (T. B. Toicnsend cS- Son), house
at Dorchester [and h. 5 Bulfinch pi.
Townsend David S. paymaster U. S. Army, office
Townsend Edwin A. truckman, h. 4 N. Margin pi.
Townsend Eliza and Mary P. h. 5 Hawkins
Townsend Elizabeth T. milliner, b. 48 Harvard
Townsend Elmer, 45 Pearl, h. 83 Pinckney
Townsend Frederic, boards Tremont House
Townsend Geo. O. carpenter, b. Avery, c. Mason
Townsend Geo. W. shoe maker, b. r. 14 S. Margin
Townsend Henry, book keeper, 58 Milk
Townsend Henry, clerk, boards 12 Crescent place
Townsend Hiram J. 460 Washington, house 16
Newton place [bury
Townsend J. P. (7. P. Toicnsend & Co.),h. at Rox-
ToAvnsend Judith B. teacher, h. 2 Winslow place
Townsend I. P. & Co. [A. Wi7isor &; J. P. Town-
send), flour and gram, 23 Com'! wf.
Townsend S. D. physician, 18 Somerset [Avery
Townsend Thomas, carpenter, Avery, h. Mason, c.
Townsend Thomas B. & Son (C. T. S,), wool store,

23 Central, boards Merchants' Exchange
Townsend Thos. D. 48 Central wf. h. 18 Somerset
Townsend William E. physician, h. 10 Hancock
Toy John, W. I. goods, Fifth, near A, h. do.
Tozier Andrew S. 2 Long wf b. 7 Bowdoin square
Tracy Charles W. parcel post express, house 7

Washington court
Tracy Charles Sirs, house 58 Chesnut
Tracy Daniel, clothing, 222 Ann, b. 1 North sq.
Tracy (Frederick U.) & Russell (S. H.), merchants,

3 Long wharf, h. 58 Chesnut
Tracy John, laborer, house rear Lancaster
Tracy Joseph Rev. sec. Mass. Col. Society, 26

joy's building, house at Beverly
Tracy Mary, widow, house 56 High

Tracy Patrick, groceries, 112 Broad, h. do.
Tracy Patrick, laborer, house 59 Pitts
Tracy Patrick, shoe maker, 159Endicot
Tracy Thomas, tailor, h. 69 A, n. Broadway
Tracy Uri, stone cutter, house 126 Tyler
Tracy Warren, mason, house 6 Paris place
Tracy Wm. ostler, h. r. First, n. Dorchester
Tracy Wm. laborer, house 62 Atkinson
Trafton Charles D. clerk, 54 Hanover
Trafton Chas. T. (Philbrick^ T.), h. 45 High [way
Trafton Joel H. turner. Second, c. A, h. 52 Broad-
Trafton Zaccheus, machinist, h. 7 Purchase
Train Enoch & Co. (Frederick W. Thayer), mer-
chants, 37 & 38 Lewis wharf, h. at Dorchester
Train Samuel, 5 Commercial wharf
Train Samuel F. (Flint &; T), h. at Roxbury
Train Samuel H. coachman, h. r. 1 Lancaster
Train William G. (Whiton, T. &; Co.), h.atRoxb'y
Trainer Francis, tailor, house 5 Chardon
Trainer James, laborer, house 58 Portland
Trainer John, carpenter, Suffolk, c. Lenox
Trainer John, laborer, house 46 Suffolk
Trainer John, marble polisher, h. 582 Wash.
Trainer Wm. plumber, house 50 Essex
Trainer Wm. jr. (Maraliom & T.), h. 3 Taylor
Traip Robert W. house 506 Washington [do.

Trant Peter, groceries, 157 Ann, c. Richmond, h.
Trant William, grocer, 159 Ann, h. do. [11 Albany
Tranter Richard, piano-forte maker, 416 Wash. b.
Trask Benjamin, cooper, h. 475 Commercial
Trask Benjamin, mason, house 32 Porter
Trask Elijah, house 80 Prince
Trask Henry P. trunk and harness manufacturer,

69 Cambridge, house 8 Spring
Trask Sarah, widow, house 3 Fruit st. court
Travers (Calvin) & Davis (Anselm), carpenters, 13

Causeway, h. at Charlestown
Travers Henry, sail maker, h. r. 17 Friend
Travers (Sabin) & Weston (D. M.), machinists,

Second, c. A, house 173 Second
Traverse Charles, painter, b. 9 Lowell place
Traverse Eliza, widow, house 7 Fruit st. court
Traverse George, carpenter, h. 87 Chambers

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