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Travis Abigail, widow, b. 2 Russell court
Treadway Edward, carpenter, h. 2 Wells place
Treadweil A. G. (J. E. Farwell ^ Co.), house 43

Treadweil Geo. (Erickson & Treadweil), h. at Salem
Treadweil John, cabinet maker, 29 1-2 Atkinson, h.

11 Gridley
Treadweil John, laborer, house 5 S. Russell
Treadweil John W. at Erickson & Treadwell's, 54

Pearl, house at Salem
Treadweil Joseph L. L. 8 Court, b. U. S. Hotel
Treadweil J. P., Custom House, b. Eastern Exch.
Treadweil Leonard L. (Carter .S,- T.), 46 Kilby
Treadweil Moses (Locke &; T.), b. American House
Treadweil Samuel, cabinet maker, Lewis, house

Centre, E. Boston
Treadweil Wm. B. mahogany, h. Saratoga, E. B.
Treadweil Wm. H. H. M. carriage smith, Foster
place, house 1 Plarvard [ga, E. B.

Treadweil W. Pepperell, 6 Canal block, h. Sarato-
Treat (Attios B.), Pierce (Silas F.), & Co. (/. Gil-
more), ship chandlery and stores, 113 Commer-
cial, boards Eastern Exchange
Treat Nathaniel. I Hichborn block, b. 5 Moon
Treat Selah B. Rev. sec'y A. B. C. F. M. 33 Pem-
berton sq. h. 3 Boylston place
Trefethen Benj. laborer, h. 78 1-2 Prince [do.

Trefethen Nath'l, dry goods, 32 Prince, bds. 78 1-2
Tremere Benjamin B. pilot, house 33 Salem
Tremere Francis H. clerk, 104 Hanover, b. 189 do.
Tremere John B. wharfinger, Sargent's wharf, h.
189 Hanover [277 Ann.'^h. 189 Hanover

Tremere John B. & Co. (B. Bitrroios), grocers,
Tremere John S. wharfinger, Sargent's wharf, bds.

189 Hanover
Tremlett Ann, widow, h. 456 Wash. [Dorchester
Tremlett Frank E. 28 Foster's wharf, house at



Tremlett Robert B. clerk, h. 456 Wash. [Dorchest'r
Tremlett Thomas, merchant, 28 Foster's wf. h. at
Trench George, captain, house 55 Sea
Trench Hannah, widow, house 10 Henchman lane
Trench William, boards 10 Henchman lane
Trenholm George W. truckman, house 17 Grove
Trescott Ebcnezer, constable, house 233 Broadway
Trescott Elijah, jr. shoes, 389 Wash. h. at Roxbury
Trescott William, 7 the S. Market, b. 52 Knceland
Tribble Augustus, mercantile agency, 25 Kilby, b.

3 La Grange place
Trickey George' W. 427 Wash, boards 5 Minot
Trider William {Whippen £f T.), house 9 Auburn
Triggs George W. 22 North Market, boards 7

Suffolk place
Trilighan William, blacksmith, h. Cottage, E. B.
Trim Hiram, boards 11 Morton
Trim Mary, dress maker, house Gold, near A
Tripp Abuer L. carpenter, house Atlantic
Tripp Hannah, dress maker, 2 Crescent place
Tripp James, house 18 Church
Tripp Porter D. boarding, house 18 Fleet
Tripp (Timothy K.) & Stevens {J. S.), carpenters,

10 Haverhill, boards 17 Cross
Troffitter Edward T. machinist, house 4 Maiden
Tromey Jeremiah, stabler, boards 2 Byron
Trost Herman, agent, 14 Kilby, bds 21 Purchase
Trott Charles E. {Stevens, Trott i^ Darling), house

at Cambridge
Trott Elizabeth, widow, house 14 Bennet
Trott George, house 32 Winter
Trott J. F. widow, house 5 Jefferson place
Trott Peter (Currier l^ T.), house 258 Tremont
Trott Sarah R. boarding, 29 Myrtle
Trotter Jane, dress maker, boards 4 Dover place
Troup William (John Tillson ^ Co.), house Char-
don, near Hawkins
Trout Robert, baker, house rear 47 Sea
Trow Israel C. boards Central House [Charlestown
Trowbridge A. book keeper. Union Bank, house at
Trowbridge Edmund, carpenter, h. 113 Chambers
Trowbridge Henry E. 50 Water, h. at Cambridge
Trowbridge Isaac C. carpenter, b. 8 Hayward pi.
Trowbridge James, laborer, house 16 Bridge
Trowbridge Joseph C. 42 Prince
Troy Michael, laborer, house 25 Gouch
Troy Robert, laborer. South, near Harvard
True Henry, captain, house Third, between E & D
True Joseph G. caulker, house Maverick, E. B.
True Joseph M. 1 Boylston Market, house 1 Village
Trueman Robert, merchant, house 3 W. Cedar
Trufant Benj. F. 66 Hanover, boards 30 Pearl
Trufant John H. painter, house 75 Albany
Trull Alvah, stable, 45 Belknap, house 2 Myrtle ct.
Trull, Brothers (Charles ix Ezra Trull, jr.), Sz Co.

(J. P. Tarbell ^ C. F. Terr ill), distillers, 30

Trull Charles {Trull, Brothers, ^ Co.), h. 8 Alden
Trull Ezra, house 1 Alden [Watertown

Trull Ezra, jr. (Trull, Brothers, <Sf Co.), house at
Trull Frederick, dresser, N. E. Tvpe Foundry, h.

25 Hull [Distil-House sq. h. 32 Temple

Trull John & Co. (A. H. Bowman), distillers,
Trull John F. house 22 Bulfinch
Trull John W. house 29 Beacon
Trull Sam'el, physician and druggist, Merrimac, c.

Portland, house 63 Chambers [at Somerville
Trull Samuel, W. I. goods, 92 & 94 Blackstone, h.
Trull Silas & Co. (Sylvester Trull), grocers, Lowell,

corner Causewav, house 88 Charter
Trull Sylvester (S. Trull ^- Co.), house 88 Charter
Trull Willard, grocer, 5 Lancaster, b. Merrimac H.
Truman AVilliam, tailor, boards 1 Alden
Trumbull James, laborer, house 4 Second
Trumbull AVilliam, dry goods, 114 Broadway
Truss James, mariner, house 19 Washington av.
Tubbs Alfred L. 136 State, boards National House
Tubbs Edward, boards rear 34 South Margin
Tubbs Elias A. machinist, house 5 Dover place
Tubbs Eliza M. house 67 Bedford

Tubbs Hiram, proprietor National House, Black-
stone, c. Cross
Tuck William R. house 15 Liverpool, E. B.
Tuck & Co.'s Express, R. R. Exchange
Tucker Alanson, jr. (Dodge &; T), house 31 Chesnut
Tucker Benjamin E. (Tucker ^ Brothers), hoaida

19 Hudson
Tucker Chandler, mason, house rear 660 Wash.
Tucker Charles A. messenger Suffolk Bank, house

23 Auburn
Tucker Charles T. clerk, boards 22 Lynde
Tucker Charles W. carpenter, h. Princeton, E. B.
Tucker Daniel, clerk, 163 Wash. bds. 43 Bedford
Tucker (Dexter M.) & Brothers (O. IF. (Sf B. E.

Tucker), dry goods, 211 AVash. h. Silver, n. E
Tucker David, piano-forte maker, Newton, house at

Dorchester [coin

Tucker David, clerk, 25 Foster's whf. bds. 40 Lin-
Tucker Ebenezer, boots, 27 Shoe and Leather
Tucker Elisha G. dentist, 4 Hamilton place, house

at Jamaica Plain
Tucker Eliza, house rear 56 Portland
Tucker Frances M. widow, house rear Fifth, n. B
Tucker Gilbert R. com. mer. h. rear Third, near E
Tucker Henry, teamster, house Milldam
Tucker Jacob L. carpenter, house 47 Hudson
Tucker Jehiel, trunks, 30 Portland
Tucker James (W. Tucker &; Co.), h. at Stoughton
Tucker James, slater, house 7 Curve [Dorchester
Tucker James, jr. shoes and leather, 50 Pearl, h. at
Tucker James I. 263 AA'ashington, house 5 Temple
Tucker J. 0. clerk, boards 9 Brattle square
Tucker John, boards Arnold
Tucker John C. cooper, house 48 Merrimac
Tucker John E. boot crimper, 17 Haverhill, house

21 Andover [Tremont House, Tremont

Tucker (John L.) & Parker (Wm. II.), proprietors
Tucker John M. ship carpenter, h. London, E. B.
Tucker Jonathan, painter, house 8 McLean court
Tucker Joseph, clerk, 46 Cambridge
Tucker Joseph C. house Arnold
Tucker Joseph AV. carpenter, house Quincy, n. D
Tucker Joshua, dentist, 4 Hamilton pi. house do.
Tucker Levi Rev. house 21 Sheafe [100

Tucker Lewis, sec'y South Mutual Ins. Co. house
Tucker Lewis L. handcartraan, h. rear 250 Hanover
Tucker Lyman, house 58 Dover
Tucker Matilda Mrs. house rear Fifth, near B
Tucker Mehitable, widow, house 3 Morton court
Tucker Nancy, house Middlesex, near AV. Castle
Tucker Nathan, wagoner, boards 10 Haymarket pi.
Tucker Nathaniel, 45 Fulton

Tucker Nathaniel M. baker, house 846 AVashington
Tucker Otis W. ( Tucker <Sf Brothers,) boards Beach,

corner Hudson
Tucker R. D. Mrs. boards Albion Hotel
Tucker Peter, teamster, house 10 Haymarket place
Tucker Samuel N. mason, house 12 Dover place
Tucker Samuel L. printer, house 39 Hudson
Tucker Stephen, sup't Public £ands, office City

Hall, house 807 AVashington
Tucker Thomas, carpenter, house rear 68 Friend
Tucker Thomas J. clerk, house rear 37 Garden
Tucker Thomas O. painter, house 123 Leveret
Tucker Thomas AV., R. R. Exchange, Court square
Tucker AVoodbury A. painter, 320 Commercial, h.

11 SnowhiU
Tucker AVales & Co. (/. Tiw^er), boots, shoes, and

leather, 45 Fulton, house at Stoughton
Tucker AVm. com. mer. 37 Central wf. h. 17 Rowe
Tucker AVilliam, sail maker, house 85 Purchase
Tucker AVilliam F. clerk at City Hotel
Tucker AVilliam K. driver, 11 Marion
Tucker AVm. T. coach trimmer, boards 6 Fleet
Tucker AVilliam AV. (Upham, Apjjleton, S; Co.), h.

69 Beacon
Tucker Zephaniah, wagoner, 4.35 AA'ash. h. 6 Bennet
Tuckerman Edward Mrs. house 33 Beacon
Tuckerman George AV. locksmith and cast steel

worker. Sea, on the bridge, h. at Dorchester



Tuckerman Gustavus, hardware, 83 State, house 3

Milton place [3 Milton pi.

Tuckerman Gustavus, jr. 48 Central wharf, house
Tuckerman John, 56 Chatham, house 58 Charles
Tuckerman Samuel P. house 33 Beacon [ton pi.
Tuckerman Samuel S. 33 Com'l wf. boards 3 Mil-
Tuckerman Wm., Custom H. h. 165 Broadway
Tuckerman William F. coppersmith, 37 Black-
stone, house 2 Eaton [38 Temple
Tuckerman W. S. treas. E. R. R. 85 State, house
Tudhope Daniel, finisher, house Bolton, near E
Tudor Frederic, merchant, 20 Court, house Beacon,

corner Somerset
Tudor Henry J. h. 26 Summer [Lowell, c. Minot
Tufts Amos, receiving agent for Lowell factories,
Tufts Arthur W. 3 City wharf, h. at Charlestown
Tufts Benj. A. {Huntinrj <Sf T.), house 31 Purchase
Tufts Charles, 11 T wharf, house at Cambridge
Tufts Charles {Poland ^ T.), house 76 Summer
Tufts Edwin, clerk, 141 Milk, h. at Charlestown
Tufts Edwin 0. book keeper, 129 Milk, h. 22 Beacon
Tufts Eliza, carpet maker, 6 Norfolk pi. [diana pi.
Tufts Gardner G. dry goods, 34 School, h. 27 In-
Tufts Isaac, coach maker, house 39 Carver
Tufts James, 5 Commercial, house at Roxbury
Tufts John T. clerk, bds. 27 Indiana place
Tufts Nathan A. clerk, 141 Milk, h. at Charlestown
Tufts Otis, engines, boilers, &c. Webster, E. B.

office 90 State, h. 19 Crescent pi.
Tufts Quincy, hosiery & fur'shing store, 105 Wash.

boards 1 Chauncy place
Tufts Samuel F. jr. 16 Kilby, h. at Charlestown
Tufts Walter, jr. 39 Pearl, house 23 Oxford
Tufts Wm. secretary Mass. Mutual Ins. Co. house

at Charlestown [town

Tufts William, conf'ct'ner, 87 Court, h. at Charles-
Tufts William, chief clerk in Secretary of State's

office, h. 87 Leveret
Tufts Wm. F. 39 Long wf. house at Charlestown
Tukey Albert, carpenter, house 50 Marion
Tukey Charles W. clerk, 92 Hanover, b. 42 Green
Tukey Francis, City Marshal, office City Hall, h.

48 S. Russell
Tullock Robert N. silversmith, house 48 Spring
Tumack James, laborer, house 18 Washington av.
Tupper David, carpenter, boards 6 Adams
Tupper John C. carpenter, house 38 W. Orange
Turell C. AV. painter, 60.^ Court [kers, 92 State
Turell, Brothers (C Canterbury ^ G. Turd/), bro-
Turell Garland {Turell, Brothers), bds. 6 Beacon
Turell Susan Mrs. house 46 Lowell
Turish James, laborer, h. r. Second, n. Turnpike
Turck {John) & Lorin (T'.), curriers, 18 Exchange,

house 190 Hanover
Turk Eben, hair dresser, 171 Hanover
Turnbull George, merchant tailor, Sumner, E. B.

house do. near Paris
Turnbull George & Co. (D. M. Kinmonth), dry

goods, 241 Wash, boards Winthrop House
Turnbull James, house 80 Endicot
Turner Aaron, laborer, bds. 235 Harrison avenue
Turner A. E. bds. Harrison av. c. Beach
Turner Alden S. caulker, h. Havre, n. Sumner
Turner Alfred R. 12 Water, house 3 Phipps place
Turner Alfred T., Atlas office, house 59 Pinckney
Turner Alvin M . baker, house 68 Pinckney
Turner Ambrose C. caulker, h. Havre, n. Sumner
Turner Andrew, ship carpenter, h. Athens, n. C
Turner Ann, boarding, 55 Hanover [h. 59 Poplar
Turner Azro, picture frame manuf. 50 Merrimac,
Turner Bridget, widow, house 13 Adams
Turner Cephas {J. is C- Tumer &; Co.), 296 Wash.
Turner Charles, house Saratoga, E. B.
Turner Charles 0. clerk, boards 9 Brattle square
Turner Charles E. caulker, h. Havre, n. Sumner
Turner Edw'd, book keep'r, 139 Wash. h. at Quincy
Turner Elizabeth, dress maker, h. 15 Boylston sq.
Turner Elisha, cooper, boards 2 HufF place
Turner Francis A. harness maker, Harrison ave.

cor. Curve, house 1 Camden place

Turner Frederick W., Atlas office, h. 7 Norfolk pi"
Turner George, ostler, bds. 9 Hawkins [Charles
Turner George E. job wagon, 2 Sudbury, h. 1 N.
Turner George W. sail maker, h. 119 C, n. Bolton
Turner Gideon, shipwright, h. r. Havre, n. Sumner
Turner Greenleaf, car factory, Second, c. E, h. 12

Turner Henry, carpenter, boards 2 Huff place
Turner Henry, house 2 Snowhill place
Turner Henry, clerk, bds. 30 Auburn
Turner Henry A. upholsterer, house 7 Norfolk pi.
Turner Henry E. {M. Potid&; Co.), h. at Maiden
Turner Isaac W. type finisher, h. 17 N. Margin
Turner Isabella, widow, h. 1 Second St. place
Turner Israel, harness m'ker, h. Dorch. n. Bro'dw'y
Tui-ner J. & C. & Co. ( D. Doane), oysters, 294

Washington, bds. 44 Myrtle
Turner Jacob, house 10 Pitts

Turner James, {R. Tyler iSf Co.), h. at Cambridge
Turner James, shoe maker, Tremont, n. Warren,

house 6 Piedmont
Turner James, laborer, house 4 Commercial court
Turner Jas. L. shipwright, h. r. Sumner, n. Border
Turner Jas. Wm. cabinet maker, b. 6 Piedmont
Turner Jesse L. last maker, house 27 Billerica
Turner Job, house 15 N. Bennet
Turner Job A. carpenter, 122 Leveret, h. 59 Poplar
Turner John, house Third, near Dorchester
Turner John, h. Havre, n. Sumner, E. B.
Turner John, wharfinger, Gray's wf. h. 61 Charter
Turner John J. laborer, house 20 Butolph
Turner {John N.), Wilson {E. C), & Co. {Geo. H.

Browne), dry goods, 83 Milk, h. at Brookline
Turner John W. clerk at Pavilion [Sumner, E. B.
Turner Joseph W. type founder, h. Havre, near
Turner Joshua, housewright, Tyler, h. 9 Curve
Turner Levi A. leather, 11 Shoe & Leather, b. 16

Tyler [184 Wash.

Turner Margaret Mrs. millinery and fancy goods.
Turner Nancy, widow, hovise 2 HuflT place
Turner Nancv I. dress maker, h. 410 Washington
Turner Nath'l W. 102 Washington, h. at Chelsea
Turner Otis, cashier Hamilton Bank, h. 66 Charles
Turner Otis, ship joiner, house 2 Hutf place
Turner Robert, tailor, house 40 Billerica _
Turner Sarah, Mrs. house 133 Endicot
Turner Thomas, shoe maker, house 7 Norfolk pi.
Turner {Thomas) & Frye {Joseph), carriage mak'rs.

Turnpike, c. Swan, liouse Broadway, c. K
Turner Thomas J. carpenter, house Gold, near E
Turner T. Larkin, druggist, 63 Camb'ge, h. 61 do.
Turner William, bds. rear 4 Plymouth place
Turner William, truckman, bds. 2 Spear alley
Turner Wm. shipwright, b. Sumner, n. Liverpool
Turpin John P. boarding, 1 Ashburton place
Turrill Albert A. {Jones, Hill § Co.), Tremont, c.


Turrill Charles E. {Geer ^ T.), h. 23 Marion
Turrill Lydia, widow, bds. 23 Marion
Tuson Edmund, painter, h. 6 Clifton place
Tute Nicholas, grocer, 2 Belmont, h. do.
Tuteiu Frederick, stevedore, h. 19 Commercial
Tuttle Charles E. 31 Tremont row, h. at Dorchest'r
Tuttle Cornelius W. carpenter, h. r. 30 S. Cedar
Tuttle Edward W. shipwright, house Bennington
Tuttle Eliza Mrs. milliner, house 2 Cooper
Tuttle Ezra Rev. house 252 Athens, near E
Tuttle Frances A. teacher music, h. 2 Village
Tuttle Henry H. shoes, 31 Trem. row, h. at Dorch.
Tuttle {Hugh H.) & Dennett (C. B.), printers, 21
School [Warren

Tuttle James {Caleb G. Loring ^ Co.), boards 60
Tuttle J. & Co. {John Tuttle), coopers and inspec-
tors offish, Tuttle's wf. h Samner, E. B.
Tuttle John, 77 Court, bds. 7 Winter
Tuttle John, blacksmith, 15 Sudbury, h. at Camb.
Tuttle John {J. Tuttle <Sr Co.), h. Sumner, E. B.
Tuttle John D. spring maker, 14 Sudbury, h. rear

10 Hawkins
Tuttle John W. tailor, bds. 2 Cooper



Tuttle Joseph {Simpson &; T.) h. London, E. B.
Tuttle Joseph W.' (Morse ^ Tuttle), h. at Dorch.
Tuttle Martha, confectionerj', 70 Salem, h. 76 do.
Tuttle Mar)- A. dress maker, bds. lol Court
Tuttle Nancy, tailoress, bds. Sumner, n. Larason
Tuttle Samuel, sail maker, 8-5 Com'l, h. 6 Blossom
Tuttle Thomas W. h. 69 Salem
Tuttle Thomas W. {Call 4,- T.), bds. at Dorchester
Tuxbury Geo. W. counsellor, 35 Court, b. 6 Allston
Tweed B. F. teacher. Park, h. at Charlesto\\'n
Twigg Edward, laborer, h. Albany, opp. Erie
Twigg James, laborer, h. 39 Salem
Twigg Patrick, laborer, house 5^ Cross
Tmning Jona. Mrs. h. Cottage, c. Sumner
Twiss Chas. A. fruit & vegetables, 28 the S. Mar-
ket, boards 43 Tyler
Twiss George, carpenter, h. Athens, near F
Twitchell Charles M. A. {N. Seaver ^ Co.), house

Central sq. E. B.
Twitchell G. sup't B. & W. R. R. office at depot
Twitchell {Hariey) & Libby {A.), blacksmiths, 28

Causeway, h. 11 Auburn
Twitchell J. Alfred, beer, b. 22 La Grange place
Twitchell Joseph, wood and coal. Beach, c. South,

house 4 Oliver place
Twitchell Jotham, carpenter, h. 5 Oliver place
Twohig John, stone layer, h. Cove St. place
Twombly {Alexander II.) & Lamson (£.), mer-
chants, 13 & 14 Custom House st. h. 65 Boyls-
ton, opp. public garden
Twombly Charles, h. 7 Oliver place
Twombly Charles, coachsmith, h. 132 Hanover
Twombly Christopher, laborer, h. rear 47 Sea
Twombly John, laborer, h. Albany, opp. Erie
Twombly William J. baker, 683 Washington
Twomey Thomas, blacksmith, bds. 2 Tremont bl'k
Tyge Patrick, stone cutter, h. 19 E. Orange
Tyge Peter, blacksmith, h. 173 Ann
Tyler Alexander S. boat dealer, Broad, opp. Fos-
ter's whf. h. 134 Purchase
Tj'ler Asa, shoes, 192 Tremont, h. 6 Yernon
Tyler Charles M. 49 Pearl, h. at Cambridge
Tyler David, book keeper, Prov. R. R. house at

Jamaica Plain
Tyler Edward, Suffolk Bank, h. at Charlestown
Tyler Frederick L. painter, 2 S. B. Old Bridge
Tyler George E. h. Third, near F
Tyler Geo. W. ed. Herald, 19 State, b. Ex. Coffee H.
Tyler Hannah, widow, h. W. Dedham, n. Wash.
Tyler Henry, clothing, 5 Richmond, h. 7 W. Cent.
Tyler Jerome W. {J. C. Tyler ^ Co.),h. 22 Beacon
Tyler John, merchant, 9 Central wf. h. 5 Rowe
Tyler John, watchman, house 10 Curve
Tyler John, jr. auctioneer, 9 Central wf. h. Castle,

near Washington
Tyler John M. house 77 Lowell
Tyler Jonathan, house Sumner, near Cottage
Tyler J. C. & Co. {J. W. Tyler), fruit, 54 Chatham,
house 1 Ashburton place [h. 84 Dover

Tyler J. S. & W. C. brokers, 1 & 2 Suffolk build'g,
Tyler Patience W. C. widow, h. South, n. Harvard
Tyler R. & Co. (./. Turner), clothing, 44 Blackst'e
Tyler {Simon H.) & Gates {!!.), coffee manufac-
tory, 3 Haverhill, house at Charlestown
Tyler Thompson, Winthrop House, Tremont, cor.

Tyler W. C. (/. S. <Sf W. C. Tyler), b. 6 Sewall pi.
Tyler Wm. F. house rear 660"Washington
Tyler Wm. G. silversmith, r. 301 Washington, h.
2 Dedham [av. cor. Dover

Tyler Wm. N. twine and line manufactory, Harr.
Tyler Wm. S. engineer, house 10 Curve
Tylor Charles H. messenger Grocers' Bank, h. 226

Tylor Sally, boarding house, 226 Hanover

UART JOHN, hair dresser. Causeway, c. Charles-
town, house do.
Ulman Jacob, housewright, house 120 Pleasant
Ulman Maria, widow, house 30 Piedmont

Ulman Wm. book binder, 1 Franklin av. hoiise 7

Fayette [Sumner, h. Sumner, E. B.

Ulmar Wm. shipsmith, r. 252 Com'l, & Lewis and
Ulmer George, boards 4 Beach
Una Herman, boards 3 Bumstead pi.
Underbill Abigail, 12 Essex
Underbill G. E. teacher, 12 Essex
Underbill James, ostler, house r. First, near K
Underbill Joseph P. 4 & 6 Pearl, b. 93 Summer
Underbill Orlando H. leather, 4^ Blackstone, h. at

Underbill {Smmiel G.) & Leighton {Daniel K.),

edge tools, 17 Haverhill, and r. 35 Causeway,

house at Charlestown
Underwood Charles, b. 4 Bowdoin
Underwood Charles J. ( Wm. Underwood ^ Co.)
Underwood Joseph, mason, house Ontario
Underwood Loammi, aqueduct, b. 29 Tyler
Underwood Mary, boards 1 Franklin place
Underwood Nathan, aqueduct, house 35 Albany
Underwood Sophronia, house 44 Nashua
Underwood Wm. & Co. {W. H. Davis 4, C. J.

Underioood), pickles, &c. 67 Broad, house 23

Underwood Wm. A. engraver, boards 42 Pearl
Unke Joseph, ink maker, house Canton st. pi.
Unruh {Joseph B.) & Havens {Simeon), silver

platers, 5 Bromfield, h. 27 Liverpool
Upham Edward, clerk, house 37 Fayette
Upham Emily, nurse, house 2 Fayette court
Upham George P. ( Upfiavi, Ap^iletoti, ^ Co.), h.

23 Mt. Vernon
Upham {Hejiry), Appleton (R.), & Co. {W. W.

Tucker &; G. P. Upka>7i), commission merchs.

15 Pearl, h. 20 Mt. Vernon [Salutation

Upham Henry {Nichols, U. & Ford), house 10
Upham Jabez B. physician, bds. 79 Mt. Vernon
Upham Phineas house 23 Mt. Vernon
Upham S. O. hatter, bds. 9 Brattle square
Upham Thomas, grocer, 433 Wash. b. 32 Pleasant
Upton {Elisha) & Murray {R. F.), provisions, 16

Leveret [Exchange, h. 7G Chesnut

Upton George B. treas. M. C. R. R. 9 Merchants'
Upton Hiram, laborer, house 20 Southac
Upton James, boards 38 Green
Upton James, laborer, house 9 Charlestown
Upton J. M. & Co. {W. C. ZT/jtow), fruit & produce,

41 N. Market
Upton John P. printer, house Everett ct. E. B.
Upton John W. hatter, bds. Central House
Upton T. C. clerk, 12 Clinton, b. 6 Eaton [Market
Upton Warren C. (/. M. Upton ^ Co.), 41 North
Urann Ferdinand, 5 Museum build, h. at Dorchest.
Urann Joseph, cooper, 336 Com'l, h. 236 Hanover
Usher Ambrose, tailor, house rear First, near K
Usher Hannah, widow, house 4 Broadway
Usher Henry W. 269 Wash. bds. 13 Lynde
Usher James M. publisher, 37 Cornhill, h. at Lynn
Usher Leonard B. 1 Ilichborn block, h. at Lynn
Utley John, clerk, boards 14 Boylston
Utley Rhoda, widow of Parley, house 6 Pitts

VAHL F. W. physician, 513 Washington, h. do.
Vail (Gyo.) & Locke {Wm.), hatters, 17 Wilson

lane, house at Chelsea
Vail John, laborer, house 11 Kingston st. ct.
Vail Lawrence, stone cutter, h. Monmouth, E. B.
Valentine Charles & Co. {A. Chamherlain), pro-
visions, 4 S. Market, h. at Cambridge [Dover
Valentine Charles E. teacher, Quincy School, b. 1
Valentine C. H. ( Wheeler ^ Co.), 8 Court
Valentine David M. lace goods, Court, c. Sudbury,

house 4 Melrose place
Valentine John D. rigger, house 69 Friend
Valentine John S. sfiiipsmith, 23 Foster's wf. h. at

Valentine Samuel, boards Sumner, c. Bremen
Van Benthuysen E. G. boards 11 Morton place
Van Brunt J. G. capt. U. S. Nayj", h. [2 Wash. sq.
Van Dusen Ann, widow, b. 23 W' Cedar


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Vt'iifli' tii'iiiuti' A, tlini'i, |.'(n Ifiiniivin-, It. iii (!|it>|-

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